How severe is the language problem faced by the Philippines?

MultiLingual Philippines presents the facts.

There are many ways the Philippine constitution can be rewritten to stop it from treating Tagalog favorably while trampling on more than a hundred other native languages. Just one example:
No law shall be passed nor any policy enacted that will harm a regional language.

The MultiLingual Philippines consortium aims to guide lawmakers and citizens alike.

Constitutions of multilingual countries that protect and promote their many languages. The Philippines should do the same.


What are signs that the Philippine languages are declining?


What factors are threatening Philippine languages? Government. Constitution. Education. Commercial. Media.


Is there any sense in making Tagalog the language of government where you live?


Is there any sense in making Tagalog the language of education where you live?


What are the benefits of protecting our many languages?


Statement of Multilingual Philippines Network about Filipino language requirement in higher education decision


Statement of Multilingual Philippines Network Against Insensitive and Disrespectful Remarks of KWF Representatives


Diversity Shock is a series of articles about the value of languages and multilingualism. It explores behaviors, attitudes, policies, and trends surrounding languages in the Philippines, from the perspective of a foreigner who came to the Philippines as a young man and fell in love with its rich yet fragile linguistic diversity. (48 parts on this 456 kB pdf)

The 37-part Diversity Shock series by Firth McEachern on yahoo_groups: