This page contains some materials contributed by Manny Faelnar to the DILA Yahoo Group when it still existed as well as to the other Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago online assets that came after


Filipino was not intended to be Tagalog. KWF, mass media, the government have simply renamed Tagalog as Filipino. - June 2, 2019


Before its permanent deletion in December 2020, a portion of our old Yahoo Group page...


On is the podcast interview of Manny by Philip Fairbanks...

Manny explains DILA to a Tagalog TV reporter...


  Farce is when the bayanihan "federal" constitution proposal sanctifies nationalism and national language (as if nothing on earth is more essential to life itself) but its drafters wrote it in English because they couldn't do it in unintellectual Tagalog. This piece by Manny Faelnar absolutely demolishes the myth that national language has even the slightest reason to exist anywhere.


The DILA book features nuggets of language wisdom from Atty. Faelnar. filipino is not our language

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Listen to Diabolical Filipino Tagalog sampled in the 2005 horror movie Constantine, 1 megabyte video

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