Locking down the country into suffering and backwardness with Tagalog filipino National Language - a compendium of messages sent to DILA by E starting March 2020

Tell me what you think of the Pekingese virus suspicions. They and their sympathizers are turning the tables and pinning the blame on the US. It's significant that countries with close links to Beijing are the hardest hit.

Ex-MI6 boss says coronavirus likely engineered in Wuhan lab _ Fox News June 4, 2020

I couldn't find any open Internet shops ever since the extension of the enhanced community quarantine caused the closure of all shops other than those selling food and medicines (and banks) the other day.

What language does Waze use in Cebu? It turns out that the subdialect has become the default medium of Waze, so all rented vehicles in the Metro use that.

Now it's not just NTC but DOLE which releases infernal/diabolical messages, like this: Tulong mula sa DOLE para sa displaced workers (CAMP). Mag-email sa camp.doleble@gmail.com o tumawag sa hotline 1349.

Another infernal text from NTC. They should have versions in languages other than the subdialect; otherwise only subdialectals and Tagalogs will reply and they get a biased sample. Or perhaps it's deliberate?: PAKI FILL OUT po itong survey upang mas maintindihan ng gobyerno ang pangangailangan ng mga konsyumer at maliliit na negosyo ngayong panahon ng COVID-19.

Looks like the infernal NTC messages are getting more and more sinister. Now they're expecting their audience to have (to paraphrase Joey) the China-made virus. Meanwhile, the voice clip of the prez announcing the extended lockdown is prefaced w/ the words 'tanda ng pagmamalasakit ng pamahalaan.' The diabolical NTC post I'm referring to: Tandaan, tawagan ang lokal na BHERT kung may karamdaman. Pwede rin tawagan ang libreng nationwide hotline ng DOH: 02-894-COVID(26843) & 1555(All networks).

Am looking at a February 16 column of Joey de Leon in Star. Looks like he agrees with the Pekingese theory: 'Lilipas din sya/ Sapagkat ang virus/ Lang ay made in China!'


ChinaVIR-20 or Viru-20(Peking)? - we dissect the most gripping language politics pathologies of the year

BBC News - President Trump calls Covid-19 the "Chinese virus"


Three more weeks of lockdown! That's according to last night's Duterte speech. In effect, 3 more weeks of virtual imprisonment (you can't go out unless to buy food, buy medicine or go to the hospital), plus the inevitable infernal texts. I just hope this Pekingese-engineered pandemic ends soon. Note that a medical team sent by Beijing is now in the diabolical metropolis to 'help.'

wsj.com/articles/u-s-officials-say-huawei-can-covertly-access-telecom-networks-11581452256 February 2020

About the solution being mass testing (then quarantine), cheaper kits have been bought or made (some by UP). Testing will avert the vast economic costs because it'll allow pinpointng and isolation of infected ones. With so much money spent by government to deal with the disease it'll be worth it.

The just-departed Pekingese "assistance" and "observation" team which toured several COVID-19 facilities in the Philippines recommended the use of "alternative medicine" in dealing with the crisis. So we'll use Chinese medicine? Considering the use of Pekingese medicine, which is leading to the extinction of the Yangtze dolphin, the rhinoceros, sharks, pangolins (in Palawan), etc., I don't know what to say.

Strangely there was a made in China COVID medicine much acclaimed as a possible cure and given prominence by pro-Pekingese WHO but turned out to be a failure. The hype suddenly stopped. According to local radio, this happened after those Pekingese med (that's "medical" not "mad") experts had left.

Galvez says if extended, enhanced community quarantine may be for additional 15 days _ GMA News Online April 04, 2020

The lockdown has been extended for another 15 days in many provinces aside from the national capital region. Infuriating. Meanwhile they are proposing that POGO (offshore gaming which is dominated by Pekingese) resume since it will bring additional earnings. That gives an idea of their priorities.

Following a report on an illegal clinic frequented by Chinese POGO players selling fake Pekingese COVID medicines, it was admitted by the chair of the National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea (Sec. Lorenzana) that China has incorporated the Paracels and Spratlys (including disputed areas) as Pekingese provinces. Provocations in the midst of the China virus points to exploiting the pandemic and their questionable motives in manufacturing the virus. Did you hear of the AFP general who, while Philippine ships were being confronted by Pekingese in the West Philippine Sea, wrote to the Pekingese ambassador asking for unregistered China virus meds made in his country for his friends? Meanwhile Taiwan refused to deport the OFW who lambasted the Philippine prez, saying they have freedom of press in their country. Kudos to Taiwan, which by its action highlighted the undemocratic nature of both the Philippines and of Taiwan's totalitarian Pekingese rival.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/735949 Taiwan OFW deportation demanded

gmanetwork.com/news/story/736595 Duterte admin sees POGO operations as 'very essential' —Bato

The decision of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease of Pekingese Origin - oops! - to resume Pekingese-patronized POGO was confirmed. According to an interview of PAGCOR Chairman Andrea Domingo, POGO will resume this May. Therefore those Pekingese (lucky ones!) clients, who never left, and who may have spread the China virus in the first place, will continue with their activities even before lotto resumes. Backlash by senators (Villanueva, Hontiveros, etc.) over POGO return and IATF approval, saying it favors a non-essential sector over essential ones, that it benefits the Pekingese and underscores their great influence. Senators warn it can spread China virus infection among PAGCOR Filipino workers and the public.

Senator Risa Hontiveros called on China to pay reparations to the Philippines and other countries for COVID-19. Does she know something that the administration doesn't?

This NTC text message in English is a pleasant shock. Either they heard us or COVID-19 is affecting their mental processes, though positively: DICT April 24, 2020 IATF-TWG-RPS Advisory: All Local Government Units, National Government Agencies and check point personnel should still honor all issued IATF-IDs

They're pushing the national ID which they say will help in identifying beneficiaries of the state's COVID program. The worrisome thing is that it contains biometrics and other personal information which will be available to those in power. Let's hope someone is not trying to imitate his idol Xi Jinping who has access to nearly everything, even the most intimate personal details of his involuntary constituents. Chilling if we're headed that way.

It was reported that Tagalog singer Imelda Papin's singing of "One Sea" (the China Sea which the Philippines "shares" with China and which China claims in its entirety) along with a Pekingese counterpart got 100,000 dislikes on Twitter vs 8,500 likes. "One Sea" has figured prominently in recent days in Pekingese and pro-Pekingese websites, a reiteration of their claim at a time when the world is reeling from the catastrophic Pekingese virus. Papin was interviewed (due to the bashing) re her controversial video where she sang "One Sea" in the subdialect while a Pekingese singer did the same in put*****a. She said she was chosen by the Chinese ambassador, wasn't paid, and was under the impression that she was only contributing to the fight against COVID.

They have put some Luzon provinces on GCC, but only the more distant ones - (definitely) not Metro Manila, Calabarzon or Central Luzon. They should buy cheaper, quicker, more available rapid test kits and test as widely as possible. They're turning the heat on the Spaniard in Dasmarinas Makati while ignoring Pekingese doing all sorts of things, not to mention the Pekingese government exploiting preoccupation with their virus to step up aggression in the 'One Sea.'

Why is the worst English in the Philippines spoken in Manila? Because they expect everyone to speak the diabolical subdialect Manila Tagalog. Southern Tagalogs from Batangas, Laguna, Marinduque, Cavite, etc. are our allies because they're also ridiculed by Manilans for their accent. I've seen FB debates between those from Laguna and Batangas who are proud of their distinct Tagalog variety (some want it taught in MTBMLE) and Bulakenyos who support the Manila position.

Human Rights Watch report on prisoners indicate numerous unreported prisoner positive cases as well as possible deaths since March, though these were uncertain because untested. Also hunger among various sectors including jeepney drivers due to lockdown (with reported social amelioration of only 20%) which caused suicides, among them a farmer in Pangasinan. Farmer killed himself because he was unable to feed his family since he couldn't sell his vegetables because of the lockdown, yet he did not receive anything from the social amelioration fund.


Remember the soldier shot dead by a policeman and the Quezon City vendor beaten up by "tanods" which went viral? If they're going all the way to Taiwan to prosecute, think of the areas under their noses. Let's just hope for the best. Finally good news though from abroad: reports on a human trial of a potential vaccine in the UK. Mass production planned in India in September. Therefore cheap but quality (note that this was not projected in that other unmentionable center of cheap production). Oxford Vaccine against the China Virus is now undergoing clinical trials in the UK.

bbc.com/news/live/world-52495737 US approves drug for coronavirus treatment

From the news: WHO refutes Trump charge that COVID-19 came from a laboratory in China. Nothing surprising from an international organization under the thumb of the Pekingese. They maintain that it came from animals, perpetuating an old story. The Trump charge is supported by reports from other sources.

How is "social distancing" pronounced? On the radio they keep saying "social disTANcing" - the Tagalog pronunciation? Most irritating. Add to this the NTC spam which is back in the diabolical subdialect. Another factor that needlessly raises the blood pressure in this crisis situation. Smart-PLDT infernal garbage. In fairness to Globe, they spewed subdialectal NTC trash only once - and prefaced it with English. Note the English introduction of Globe before the StaySafe blast, in contrast to the other network which is all subdialectal spam: This is a public advisory brought to you by the Natonal Telecommunications Commission, Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) and Globe: Ang StaySafe.ph ang opisyal na social distancing health condition reporting at contact tracing system na tutulong sa ating gobyerno laban sa COVID-19. Mag-register na sa StaySafe.ph.

From the news, an American senator has accused TikTok of being a vehicle for Pekingese spying. Which echoes what has been said here before. With Philippine politicians and their families inundating TikTok, they'd have a field day. Except that the Pekingese already have the Philippines in their pocket. Though having them under your thumb is something else. You can plant cookies, and all sorts of advanced 5G (which the Pekingese are expert in) and AI software in their devices, and they can blissfully monitor their satellites/lackeys in their "One Sea" from their headquarters in Beijing.

Josh Hawley Criticizes Apple and TikTok For Data-Security Policies toward China _ National Review November 5, 2019 Sen. Hawley Calls Apple, TikTok Two Sides of the Same Coin in Tech Groveling to China

News report: P32 million shabu seized from courier in Metro Manila. Announcer asks: "Where does all this shabu come from?" Answer: From the same source of COVID-19.

Isn't Hanlin a Pekingese company? Three employees based at NAIA were reported to have died of the China virus, and at least eight others, including a foreign (Pekingese?) flight instructor. Outrageous! They're spreading their virus all around right under our noses. If all of those were expelled or not allowed in, we would not be having this hell of a problem.

Pekingese-related news: China-made medicines for the China virus intercepted at Customs, mislabeled plastic resins for handicrafts. Also members of Congress oppose resumption of POGO to raise funds to fight the China virus, saying that all that is needed to raise funds is for POGO operators to pay back taxes which they have not been doing, and which resumption of POGO will not assure. POGO resumption will only expose Filipino PAGCOR employees to infection by the China virus.

POGOs, service providers should’ve paid taxes before reopening –BIR

Radio news report (translated from the imperial/infernal subdialect): 63 Pekingese (the Philippines is crawling with Pekingese, including many POGO operators) and 17 Filipino illegal POGO operators arrested in a subdivision in Metro Manila (Makati). While the rest of the country struggles with a China virus and with threats to press freedom, the Pekingese and their Filipino lackeys are gambling, and spreading the China virus!

A bill has been filed in Congress declaring the Philippines a no-POGO zone, explaining that POGO is making a mockery of immigration, tax and labor laws, and encouraging corruption (not to mention spreading disease in particular the China virus aka COVID-19).

Smuggled Pekingese-made anti-COVID-19 medicine intended for "improvised Chinese clinics." (Do they exist?) Are there that many Pekingese vendors (in Divisoria, etc.), restaurant workers (they serve Beijing siopao in some Chinatown restaurants), laborers, POGO players, Pekingese company employees, etc., in the country? But a Pekingese clinic was indeed featured in the news.

It was reported in the news that mortality from COVID-19 aka China virus is significantly higher in black people than the rest of the population. That means that countries in Africa who are heavily penetrated by Pekingese investments, "technical people" and labor in a new colonization are also most vulnerable to the virus brought by the Pekingese. The findings on black people were based on a study in the UK.

ABS-CBN ceased broadcasting last night, May 4. Despite the subdialectal nature of their telecasts, the closure by equally subdialectal NTC, in the context of the health crisis, taken against the context of the resumption of POGO (and its health implications and clear favoring of Pekingese), the economic and job loss effects, underscore the sympathies of certain people up there.

San Miguel withdraws Holcim takeover _ GMA News Online May 11, 2020
Dennis Uy No plans for Udenna to acquire ABS-CBN _ GMA News Online

Cement company? What do they need it for? To reinforce their military outposts and reef replacements to replace those they destroyed in the West Philippine Sea? The same reason they're dredging up Bataan and Palawan? Nothing new.

Regarding the view on being a China province, did you know about the new (three years ago?) Chinatown arch donated by the Pekingese government which replaced the old one? This offended the Chinoys because it says (in Chinese characters) "town of China." To make things worse, the McDonald's next to it has, beside their English "McDonald's" sign, the name of the chain in simplified Chinese characters used by Pekingese, NOT the traditional characters favored by Chinoys and used in their newspapers.

Subdialectal weather reports from NDRRMC, again courtesy of Smart, all over the country. It joins the NTC in its infernalization derangement. In contrast to Globe, whose subdialect texts are at least prefaced in English: NDRRMC 12:30AM 15May2020 Signal # 2 sa Aurora at Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan, Cavite, Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Rizal at Romblon. That's an infernal calamity bigger than the typhoon they are reporting, perpetrated by Infernal Manila, and disturbing our lives along with the China virus introduced and maintained by Pekingese.

According to a radio news alert, 180,000.00 worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) was seized in a Manila apartment. This comes days after arrest of people with millions worth of the same drug. 100.4 million pesos worth of shabu seized in Caloocan in a buy-bust operation. And a report that since the enforcement of enhanced community quarantine aka lockdown, 80% of arrests involve it. If you couple that with the fact that the country that is the source of the virus that caused the lockdown is also the source of the drugs, draw your conclusions. And the fact that the same country also confronted Philippine ships in waters disputed by that same country. Clearly even while the China virus rampages in the country, drugs from the land controlled by Pekingese does the same. And needless to say, its troops use the health emergency created by the country to reinforce its control over the islands, reef and waters it occupies. Infuriating and most nauseating.

COVID, shabu and Spratlys, what do these have in common? Warfare/Subversion on three different levels as the lockdown continues past May 16?

Three Pekingese nationals arrested in Caloocan for violation of the liquor ban. Only one of them had a quarantine pass. Violation of the laws of a friendly government in times of crisis. But come to think of it, in view of the much graver violations they have been committing, this is a minor thing. As minor as their compatriots defecating at the SM Mall of Asia fountain and in Boracay beaches!

bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52656656 US accuses China of hacking coronavirus research

It was reported that the US has charged that China is hacking US research websites, amidst reports on progress towards a vaccine. What? Chinese medicine is unable to produce this when 1) it was Pekingese who produced the virus; 2) when a China med team visited the Philippines they recommended the use of alternative/Chinese medicine! In any case, the Pekingese are concerned that their enemies are succeeding against their virus, so they're responding. In defense of their baby, a mutant SARS coronavirus created in Wuhan?

There are persistent reports of fake COVID-19 medicines, with names indicating origin in China, seized, with corresponding arrests, and FDA warnings. But should we be surprised about these things originating in the land of fakes?

gmanetwork.com/news/story/740448 Customs seizes 180 kilos of Chinese medicines with no FDA clearance worth P700k

Apart from fake or unauthorized medicines that were made in China, other fakes discovered included fake COVID-19 test kits, though those kits were already publicized earlier. Breaking news include WHO warnings that spraying disinfectant on roads is not only ineffective against the virus, but bad for health. This practice has become common in the Philippines and was copied from China.

It was reported in Radyo Pilipinas, quoting an infectious disease specialist, that the Philippines has the lowest recovery rate and highest fatality rate in Southeast Asia. Not encouraging at all. Nor is the reported arrival of a batch of test kits from China. As for a Facebook geotag that the Philippines is a province of China, the actions mentioned in past entries in this blog speak for themselves.

Warehouse of illegal China-made China virus/COVID-19 medicines searched by police in Bacoor, Cavite; 2 China nationals arrested. It was reported that the medicines are sold not just to Pekingese, but to Filipinos as well.

In an interview, a doctor who is also a hospital administrator, reviewing test kits, said that China-made China virus test kits test kits are cheaper, but far inferior to test kits made in the US, Europe or Korea. According to him, the same can be said of China-made hospital equipment.

video.foxnews.com/v/6152168914001 foxnews.com/tech/us-accuses-huawei-of-spying-on-mobile-phone-users

The US has required foreign firms exploiting US technology to make semiconductors for China's Huawei to get licenses, a requirement previously imposed on US firms. The US considers Huawei, shown to spy on users, a security risk. Earlier, Philippine groups have protested Huawei's participation in an upgrade to the Philippine ITC system, calling it a security risk that gives China access to the most sensitive Philippine security information.

It has also been said that telecoms firms with ties to China are also engaged in spying on foreign users of their equipment, so Huawei is not allowed. Other reports, unconfirmed, put the Pekingese threat many steps further, saying that the China virus aka COVID-19, has been manipulated by nanotechnology, not just to cause disease but to spy. That is not necessarily farfetched but assumes a very high level of Pekingese technology.

News Reports - 268 NOGO (non-authorized gaming operators) - all Pekingese nationals - arrested in Paranaque. Engaged in illegal gambling - and incidentally (???) - in the spread of the China virus.
Two Pekingese nationals arrested in Pasay for being pushers of shabu. The two are also POGO operators. Other China nationals are also being investigated. Illegal gambling, possibly spreading the China virus... Didn't they introduce the pandemic into the Philippines (and cause shabu addiction to explode here) in the first place?
Three Pekingese nationals arrested in Paranaque and caught with P100,000 worth of shabu.
P200,000.00 worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Munoz, Nueva Ecija. Suspect arrested is a resident of Cabanatuan. Investigation still ongoing, no proof yet of Pekingese involvement...
Drug dealer arrested in buy/bust operation in Muntinlupa, with over a hundred thousand pesos of suspected shabu. It has previously been reported that since the lockdown, most arrests have been over drugs. Two Pekingese blights (the China virus and methamphetamine hydrochloride smuggled from China) manifesting themselves?


Making jokes or spreading fake news, about the China virus aka COVID-19, are now illegal in Valenzuela (Metro Manila). These offenses, whether orally or in social media, are punishable by a fine of P5,000.00, six months imprisonment or community service. Correction: The China virus/COVID-19 joke ban is punishable by imprisonment of one year, according to an interview with Mayor Gatchalian. I wonder, though, if saying the truth about it is punishable, such as saying that it is indeed from China.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/738919 Cops raid underground hospital for Chinese COVID-19 patients in Pampanga

An illegal Pekingese COVID-19 clinic has been discovered at Fontana Leisure Park in Clark Field, Pampanga. The government is questioning Chinese nationals who patronized the China virus clinic. The underground Pekingese operation has been put under lockdown. It was found to be littered with discarded syringes and medical waste. An investigation is under way.

An area of Paranaque, the area around Baclaran, has been locked down because of a high number of COVID-19 cases. The area "coincides" with the residence of many Pekingese nationals, many of them POGO players. Should we then hesitate to call COVID-19 the China virus, the way the pandemic which caused millions of deaths after World War I was called the Spanish flu?


The Department of Trade and Industry said that the Philippines will be competing with other Asian countries to host US and Japanese manufacturers which have left Wuhan and China in the wake of the China virus outbreak. It said LGU policies and power rates will determine if most will move to the Philippines. Meanwhile a total of P5 million worth of shabu was seized and five people arrested in separate buy-bust operations in Bohol. No evidence yet of Pekingese involvement. However, the extremely high incidence of drug-related arrests should be noted - as well as the source of the shabu.

News Report: The Bureau of Immigration has declared Spaniard Javier Salvador Parra, who was almost arrested by Makati police for violation of ECQ policies, subject to deportation. Question: Is he being picked on because he is not from a favored country, unlike so many Pekingese nationals accused of much more serious crimes like murder and drug trafficking?

This isn't new but it gives context to later actions by the US and other countries (including the Philippines, where statements by Senator Risa Hontiveros have been cited here). It was reported that the US state of Missouri through Attorney General Eric Schmitt, sued China for lying to the world about the danger and contagious nature of COVID-19 and did little to stop the spread of the disease, so that Missouri lost millions of dollars in damage, and seeks cash compensation. The Missouri lawsuit mentioned the China authorities' early deception on the disease by silencing whistleblowers, and pointed out that China exacerbated the problem by hoarding face masks and personal protective equipment.

The government should immediately deport and blacklist Chinese nationals involved in underground clinics in the country, Senator Risa Hontiveros said on Thursday. news.mb.com.ph/2020/05/28/hontiveros-urges-deportation-for-chinese-nationals-running-underground-medical-clinics
gmanetwork.com/news/story/740133 Hontiveros wants deportation for Chinese nationals involved in underground hospitals

News Report: Illegal Pekingese clinic for China virus in Makati. A Pekingese doctor was arrested after police raided an Illegal COVID-19 clinic in San Antonio, Makati along with his nurses. Used syringes and unregistered medicines with Chinese characters were found in the clinic. Question: Why are so many China virus clinics found in the country?
Two of them, one of these in Clark, have been mentioned in this blog. Is it an indication of the number of Pekingese residents, or the number of Pekingese carrying the China virus? Either way, the picture is chilling. Faced with a pandemic originating in that country, we face an additional complication as the Philippines is crawling with multitudes of Pekingese spreading the disease. Additionally, the Pekingese China virus clinic had been operating illegally for three months before the raid. Among the patients found, one was even in bed with a dextrose bottle.
Radio announcer's comment in the infernal subdialect: Pekingese think they are above Philippine law. Was the arrested Pekingese doctor even authorized to practice in the Philippines?
Police have raided an illegal Pekingese clinic in Anunas, Angeles City. Two Pekingese, a doctor and a pharmacist, were arrested. Meanwhile, Senator Risa Hontiveros has denounced the double standard on Pekingese lawbreakers, who are favored over Filipinos and foreigners from other countries.

The WHO has expressed concern over the massive increase in COVID-19 cases in Africa. They have climbed to 100,000 in 60 days, doubling in 10 countries and tripling in 5 countries over a two week period. Most of these countries are allies or neocolonies of China (which have surrendered portions of their territory as bases in exchange for debt) and are dictated on by China, the likely source of infection.

Steep fall in support for China in wake of pandemic. A survey by MacLaughlin & Associates in countries including the UK, Germany and India has shown that the behavior of China's leadership has caused various countries to support economic sanctions, countering the Pekingese drive for global dominance.

on.wsj.com/3c0neiv The Wall Street Journal With his plan to impose antisedition laws on Hong Kong, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has revealed a willingness to alter the city’s special status. China’s Xi Moves to Tighten Grip on Hong Kong With New Laws
m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1283385 Trump to pull out funding from WHO; hits China over virus, Hong Kong

Last week, China enacted national security legislation, forbidding subversive and secessionist activity. It was condemned by pro-democracy activists, as well as by Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hongkong, as a violation of the 1997 Joint Declaration, which guaranteed autonomy. Prominent Filipinos have expressed fears that it will bring a massive influx of OFWs back to the Philippines. More troubles in times of crisis by the Pekingese.

Does a Nostradamus prediction implicate the Pekingese? The onslaught of the China virus aka COVID-19 has brought to light, in social media, a supposed Nostradamus prediction pointing to China as the source. Here it is; it is for you to decide: "There will be twin year (2020) from which will arise a queen (corona) who will come from the east (China) and who will spread a plague (virus) in the darkness of night, on a country with seven hills (Italy) and will transform the twilight of men into dust (death), to destroy and ruin the world. It will be the end of the world economy as you know it."
Hoax or not (Reuters and various authorities claim that it is), the 'prediction' is coming true in so many ways. The widespread death and economic devastation on a global scale are certainly taking place due to the pandemic, and so is the ruin, on so many levels, that China is visiting upon the world. In the Philippines alone, the China virus, the ever-present threat of shabu (contemporaneous with the pandemic), and escalating military threats (reinforcement of constructions of occupied islands and military provocations, again at a time of pandemic), are a microcosm of the ruin Pekingese are bringing on the world.


An article of Gatestone Institute narrates how China blackmails other countries during this time of pandemic. Focusing on Europe, it gives examples for different countries. In Italy, edited videos show Italians at rallies thanking China when no demos took place. France was outraged when China's embassy accused careworkers of abandoning their posts, while Germany complained that Pekingese diplomats pressured officials to praise China's handling of the pandemic. China's ambassadors in Western capitals, Gatestone says, resort to blackmail, threatening to withhold key medical supplies if governments do not follow Beijing.
In the Philippines, of course, Pekingese behavior is infinitely more arrogant, reprehensible and loathsome, dwarfing by far their behavior in Europe. They treat the Philippines as a colony, behavior encouraged by the slavish attitude of Philippine officials towards them. Yes, loathsome, with Pekingese doing at the SM Mall of Asia fountain and Boracay beaches something done inside restrooms.

newsinfo.inquirer.net/1279216/over-30000-ncr-folk-enlist-in-balik-probinsya-program Over 30,000 NCR folk enlist in Balik Probinsya program

The China virus pandemic is a crisis with no parallels in Philippine history. Government responses to it should therefore elicit sympathy and tolerance. One program to respond to it, however, is so ill-advised that it can only be condemned, as its results show. The Balik-Probinsya program caused non-essential movement between different parts of the country, and has resulted in the transmission of COVID-19 from Metro Manila to Leyte.
An interview with the mayor of Tanauan, Leyte revealed that several participants were moved from the Metro without COVID screening. This caused the first case of the virus in Tanauan. Earlier reports revealed that two other people in the same bus convoy were also positive, bringing the disease to another part of Leyte (Baybay?), though it's not clear if they were with the Balik-Probinsya program.

Trump announces US terminating relationship with WHO _ Fox News May 29, 2020
Gen. Jack Keane: China weaponized coronavirus to destroy Western democracies' economies _ Fox News

'China virus' name came from China? Surprisingly, and giving credibility to the terminology used by dila.ph, Gatestone Institute says that retired Beijing University of Science and Technology Chen Zhaozhi, posted online that "Wuhan pneumonia is not a Chinese virus but Chinese Communist Party virus." He was arrested in April. At about the same time, a Chinese human rights lawyer who ended his four-year sentence, was placed under 'quarantine,' meaning under arrest (ah, Orwellian 1984 doublespeak). By the way, 'COVID-19' is an invention of the Pekingese-controlled WHO.
The same Gatestone article cites instances of Pekingese influence in the West, such as the Bloomberg News censoring articles that expose Xi's personal wealth, and University of Queensland in Australia taking steps against a student known for anti-Beijing views. In another article, Gatestone notes how WHO is serving Pekingese interests, and moves to create a new global health body that is not a China puppet.
China virus is from China. In its June 1, 2020 article by Gordon G. Chang, China: What We Must Do, What We Must Not Do, Gatestone Institute has declared, "China has attacked America with the coronavirus. At this moment, more than 100,000 Americans have been killed. We must brace ourselves for the deaths to come."

newsinfo.inquirer.net/1284049/chinese-workers-tested-in-bf-homes-violated-rules Parañaque gov’t to probe Chinese workers tested for COVID-19 in BF Homes

Three Pekingese arrested in illegal POGO hub in Cavite, for illegal gambling and nonreporting of communicable disease (What the ***! - They're also sick of the China virus!). They could spark the second wave of (China or Chinese Communist Party) virus aka COVID-19.
92 Pekingese arrested at Tonichi Apartelle in Bacoor, Cavite for violation of quarantine protocols. Many were without face masks and some were half-naked from the waist up. Computer terminals could be found. Most were involved in online gaming (illegal POGO) but none had work permits. The place seems to be a haven of illegal gambling and of illegal aliens in general

gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/739739/duterte-no-opening-of-classes-without-vaccine-vs-covid-19 DUTERTE SAYS No classes without vaccine vs. COVID-19
gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/739723/deped-doesn-t-have-enough-computers-for-online-education-says-official Not enough computers DepEd appeals
gmanetwork.com/news/story/741229 June 5, 2020 Heart Evangelista to give away mobile tablets to students who don’t have one at home
(Hurry get one from her and Chiz Escudero now! Make sure it's the latest iPad or Samsung.)

The first day of virtual enrollment began June 1, 2020, in response to the China virus. Teachers contact enrollees/parents by text and ask them to answer the DepEd Facebook page. In some areas, questionnaires are dropped in schools. Teachers complained of spending much on internet service and on texts, though the DepEd provided a subsidy for load.

The President said that classes won't resume till a vaccine is ready. The DepEd has readied virtual learning packages, though it has said 25% of students have no gadgets, internet service is bad, and many remote areas have no Net service. With so many students lacking Net access, alternatives like printed modules, use of radio and television, and home study, with parents taking active participation, have been brought up. Calls have been made to subsidize purchase of gadgets, though Net access is bad, among the worst in Asia, and inaccessible in so many areas.

Organizations representing private schools say they are left out of the picture in government planning for the China virus "new normal." They say that they are badly affected and yet are ignored, when they need subsidies. Students from middle class families can study there, as public schools are exceeding capacity. Some officials agree, saying smaller private schools without other income sources are in danger of closing, leaving a huge gap in the educational system.

Student caught in Navotas pushing shabu, arrested. Announcer reiterates that 80% of cases in this time of pandemic are drug-related. Two Pekingese-related forms of warfare?

inquirer_chinavirus_hospitals_illegal.pdf (Such impunity, May 29 editorial)

News Report: Underground Pekingese China virus clinic found in Multinational Village, Paranaque. Masks, dextrose bottles, medical equipment and illegal China virus medicines found, along with condoms and sexually transmitted disease (STD) medicines. Four Pekingese were arrested in the raid. Comment of announcer: What, are they spreading STD, too, along with COVID-19?
(June 6, 2020 update) Illegal Pekingese clinic in Paranaque raided yesterday. Two hundred boxes of unregistered medicines with Chinese characters were found. The medicines were against China virus/COVID-19 and STD (sexually transmitted diseases). The Illegal Pekingese clinics cater to mainly to POGO workers in the vicinity. Comment: If China virus and STD are prevalent among Pekingese, the authorities should be alarmed and take action.
A total of six illegal Pekingese China virus/COVID-19 clinics have been discovered and closed. They were located in several cities including Paranaque, Las Pinas and Angeles. They cater mainly to Pekingese. One of those in Paranaque mentioned previously, served as a sex den. It was therefore also a factor in STD, explaining the STD medicines accompanying China virus medicines in the clincs.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/737460 Dutch watchdog to investigate TikTok's use of children's data

Could TikTok Be Spying on You?
A Popular Mechanics article dated March 7, 2020 by Kristina Libby carries this title and says, among others, "TikTok has your children's home addresses...Apps like the wildly popular TikTok are particularly vulnerable. Owned by a Chinese company, TikTok uses an algorithm that sways public opinion - a form of comm control that has proven societal impact. And China's 2017 national intelligence law contains language that compels companies to comply with intelligence gathering operations if required...Given China's history of data interference and its faulty human rights record, Americans should be concerned about data weaponization...You might remember that in February, TikTok was fined for its data privacy usage."

Anti-terror bill passage shows administration’s ‘misplaced priorities’ – Hontiveros _ INQUIRER.net June 03, 2020

Two significant developments on the government front this week, one positive, the other negative. First the positive one, the assurance from the President that the VFA will not be junked. It's an assurance that the country will not fall completely into the (crushing, fatal) embrace of China. The other is the assurance that the Anti-Terror Bill will become law as Senate President Sotto assures its passage. Opponents in Congress say economic measures should take priority and this belies the assurance that martial law will not be declared.

Daily Tribune
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday he would offer millions of Hong Kongers visas and a possible route to UK citizenship if China persists with its national security law. UK's Johnson offers visas for millions in Hong Kong tribune.net.ph

Education News: The University of the Philippines was included among the top 65 universities in Asia. The top 10 included universities from the most powerful and technologically advanced countries in the region: China, Japan, South Korea. So what has not been given attention is that three universities in the top 10 are in an area where beginning schooling is in a non-dominant language: Hong Kong. HK University of Science and Technology, #5, Chinese University of HK, #8, Hong Kong University, #9.
Despite being a Special Administrative Region of China with autonomy until 2047, (though Beijing is now illegally overturning this autonomy), the main language in primary school in Hong Kong is still Cantonese. Championing the non-dominant languages of the Philippines is the main advocacy of DILA.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/741267 P5-B worth of suspected shabu seized in Bulacan raid, 3 arrested

News Report: 756 kilos of shabu with a street value of billions of pesos seized in a buy-bust operation in Marilao, Bulacan of the PNP Drug Enforcement Group. Question: Who has the resources to produce this amount of shabu in this time of health emergency? The minions of those who produced this health emergency in the first place?
Our latest information from the police indicated that they raided a house and a warehouse in Marilao where one Pekingese and two Filipinas were arrested.

News Report: Attempt to smuggle shabu inside NBP failed. Two suspects tried to smuggle shabu with an estimated street value of P2 million by throwing a small sack of rice containing shabu. No proof yet of Pekingese involvement. But note that prisons, including the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa, have a number of Pekingese guests inside.

News Report: Two Pekingese were arrested in Pasay City for being members of a kidnap-for-ransom gang preying on fellow Pekingese. Authorities are searching for other Pekingese gang members. Comment: If less favored foreigners like the Spaniard in Dasmarinas Village, Makati are slated for deportation, why is the Philippines allowing so many Pekingese criminals to stay (and often, to spread their virus)?

Philippine Daily Inquirer Pampanga shootout: 2 Chinese slain 2020-06-12 Two Chinese suspected of kidnapping three of their countrymen were killed on Thursday morning in a reported shootout with members of the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group in Angeles City.

News Report: An English male and an Australian female were arrested on a Boracay beach, after being caught having sex. Filipinos could be seen around the couple, many taking pictures. Comment: We don't want to sound racist, but why are certain nationalities so fond of engaging in certain practices? In the case of Pekingese, they have been caught in Boracay defecating. They have also been caught, and photographed doing the same in other places, like Intramuros.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/741509 OFWs who tested negative for COVID-19 in NCR, test positive in province
gmanetwork.com/news/balitambayan/promdi/742008 lanao-del-sur-gov-adiong-balik-probinsya-covid-19-cases-19-na

Reaction to government's Balik Probinsya program in the media: The amount of money spent on this should have been spent on fighting COVID-19, or solving the massive transport crisis following the return to work. All it did was bring the Chine virus to previously COVID-free Leyte. Now they're doing the same to Bicol. It should be renamed Pasyal Probinsya, since the grantees will return to Manila as soon as they have the opportunity.
News Report: Lanao del Sur governor asked that the Balik Probinsya Program be suspended, since it has led to an increase in the number of COVID-19/China virus cases. The number of cases in Lanao del Sur has risen to 19. Ormoc mayor Richard Gomez has expressed apprehension about the program for the same reasons. Other parts of Leyte, previously negative, are now positive after the arrival of Balik Probinsya participants.

Caritas Philippines, the social action arm of the Catholic Church, has expressed concern over the new anti-terrorism bill, as it cited the legislation as “unjust and unlawful.” Catholic church groups oppose anti-terrorism bill June 9, 2020 news.mb.com.ph

On the Anti-Terror Bill, which has been passed by Congress and needs only the President's signature to become law: Anyone suspected of being a terrorist by the Anti-terrorism Council can be detained without a warrant for 14 days, a period that can be extended indefinitely. Significantly, Representative Ruffy Biazon, one of the bill's principal proponents, withdrew his support at the last moment.

nationalreview.com/photos/tiananmen-square-protests-beijing-china 1989:Tiananmen

Despite a prohibition on public gatherings, thousands of protesters took to the streets to commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. Police tried to make arrests, but the sheer number deterred them. This year's demos, on the 31st anniversary, took on added meaning as Beijing's security measures make a mockery of Hong Kong autonomy.

News Report: Police arrested three people in an exclusive village in General Trias, Cavite. Two-story house yields billions worth of shabu; police say they are investigating connection with a syndicate and the operation in Marilao, Bulacan which also yielded billions worth of shabu. Comment: A Pekingese headed the drug venture in Bulacan; could the entire multibillion-peso syndicate, be directed by Pekingese, here or abroad?
(June 12, 2020 update) Shabu discovered in General Trias was worth P2.6 billion. Person arrested (apart from security guards) said he was only a caretaker.

News Report: P1.4 million worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Malabon. Four people arrested. Shabu was in boxes with Chinese characters. Comment: There are three possibilities.
1) The real perpetrators used boxes with such characters to put the blame on Pekingese
2) The Pekingese, or their Filipino lackeys (those arrested) were stupid, or careless enough, to use such boxes
3) The Filipinos and their Pekingese masters didn't care, since everyone knows that the Pekingese are behind such operations anyway, so it's useless to hide.
It's up to the reader to choose the most plausible reason.

Comment of a caller in a radio program: Here in our subdivision (Bulacan), there are so many people who seem high on drugs. There should be mandatory drug testing of suspicious people in checkpoints.
Comment: Does this have anything to do with the fact that the billion-peso drug Pekingese-run warehouse discovered is in Marilao, Bulacan? It certainly tallies with the statistic that in this time of pandemic, 80% of arrests are drug-related. It's significant that the caller asked for drug testing but not COVID testing. Two Pekingese strategies for domination coming together?

This raises concerns that those being sent home to the provinces were carriers of the virus. Rise in COVID-19 cases in regions linked to returnees June 17, 2020 newsinfo.inquirer.net

On the Balik-Probinsya program: A radio station featured a 'success story' of Balik-Probinsya, in San Jose, Camarines Sur. Significantly, a key requirement of the program in the municipality for those availing of it is a medical certificate that they are free of the China virus. But an interview with a family revealed one thing: they left because of the virus, and may consider return to Manila if a vaccine is found. Pasyal Probinsya indeed!

Commentary on the news: The filing of a bill to tax online businesses has led to charges that this is most inappropriate at a time when the health emergency has closed down businesses and brought joblessness and loss of income. The opinion of many is that what should be taxed is POGO, or rather billions in back taxes collected from it. POGO operators, mainly Pekingese remain in the country, unlike many foreigners who have left.

m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1293523 Chinese dredger runs aground off Zambales; PCG monitoring situation June 18, 2020

Citizens standing up to Pekingese. One instance held up as a model to citizens fed up with Pekingese domination of the country is the public action, through demonstrations by the people of Looc, Batangas, against the dredging of their silt and sand by Pekingese. The Pekingese dredgers retreated and left Batangas (though they have transferred their destruction to other provinces). If some people in power act slavishly to Pekingese, we citizens can unite and show our opposition. And succeed.

Beleaguered veteran journalist Maria Ressa has branded as “misleading at best” and a “lie at worst” the claim of presidential spokesperson Harry Roque that President Rodrigo Duterte supports press freedom in the country. inq.news/Ressaonroqueclaim

News Report: Court finds Maria Ressa of Rappler and a writer guilty of cyber-libel. Comment: This decision, the ABS-CBN closure, and the Anti-Terror Bill about to become law should send chills down the spines of critics. Even as the China virus and shabu stalk the islands, is this another totalitarian influence from the land of Xi? Will Pekingese influence, in thought and deed, never cease?

newsinfo.inquirer.net/1285323/crisis-seen-in-absence-of-jeepneys Crisis seen in absence of jeepneys in Metro Manila
Jeepney drivers want dignity back, ask they be allowed to work
Workers allot 4 hours for commute under the new normal

With the current transport shortage resulting from non-operation of most bus companies and jeepneys, many are turning to walking and bicycles. It turns out (on reliable information) that the biggest supplier of e-bikes is a Pekingese, acting through a Filipino dummy. (They're into everything!)

News Report: Jeepney drivers begging at Rizal Avenue. Jeepney drivers, who have been out of work for three months, have been found in portions of Avenida asking for help from passersby. They have been left out of the central government's social amelioration and received only help from the city government. To make things worse, they have no assurance if/when they can ply their routes despite the classification of the NCR to GCQ. Meanwhile, other sectors are also experiencing problems. Hotel workers, in a radio interview, have been thrown out of work or are in an uncertain state. Most have been converted to quarantine centers, and others are served by skeleton staff, so only about 1% are working. Many have turned to online selling to survive, but are threatened by planned taxes.

News Report: Israel invents one-minute China virus breath test. The device developed at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, using frequency to detect the virus, has had a 90% success rate in the tests and is waiting for US FDA approval. It could revolutionize rapid testing, lead to efficient isolation of positives, and facilitate the fight against the disease. Check website of ajn.timesofisrael.com or haaretz.com/science-and-health/.premium-israeli-scientist-invents-one-minute-coronavirus-breath-test-1.8845769

m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1293874 Student group warns of more drop-outs over lack of distance learning devices
gmanetwork.com/news/lite/story/743196 Possible closure of private schools to affect over 400k employees -COCOPEA
- While Luzon was under enhanced community quarantine, private schools had warned that deferring the school opening to August would mean revenue losses of P55.2 billion for the sector.

Education News: About 400 private schools are in danger of closing due to greatly reduced enrollment, according to the COCOPEA (Coordinating Committee for Private Educational Assistance). Most employees are now working on reduced pay or are on no-work-no-pay status. Most of these institutions have reached the end of the line financially and no longer have the resources to continue. This echoes concerns earlier voiced by officials and educators about private schools and mentioned in earlier entries of dila.ph. With the burgeoning number of students and the trials brought by the China virus pandemic, this massive closure would be catastrophic. The 400 schools in danger of closing represent 80% of the membership of COCOPEA.

Local officials in Eastern Visayas complained that the government’s Balik Probinsya and Hatid Tulong initiatives ferried infected people to their areas. Gov’t urged to review Balik Probinsya screening

News Report: Congressmen from Eastern Visayas, led by House Majority leader Martin Romualdez, signed a joint resolution calling for more careful implementation of the Balik Probinsya program, with full health and safety measures. This comes after the increase in positive cases to over 300. The first case in Eastern Visayas came from a San Juan, Metro Manila resident who returned to Samar. Subsequently, previously negative areas in Leyte turned positive due to Balik Probinsya.

Education News: Albay student commits suicide because of online classes. A Grade 8 student about to enter Grade 9 did so because he was worried about the cost of network load or internet fees for online classes, which according to DepEd will be held in the coming school year. Earlier, in the first week of June, he saved a friend from commiting suicide.
Update: Following the suicide of the student in Albay, the DepEd clarified that classes are not limited to online ones but include printed modules, radio and television - as if to give the lie to the concerns of the student who committed suicide. In fact, according to the report, his class at the Sto. Domingo National High School in Albay was among those chosen for online class. And his worries that he could not afford the load for Internet triggered his suicide.
Update: A survey of parents by a radio station in Sta. Cruz, Manila revealed difficulties with virtual learning. A mother with four children said she could not afford four tablets for her children since she could barely afford food. Others expressed similar difficulties. Even attempts by the Manila government to provide gadgets were grossly inadequate. This comes on the heels of the suicide of a student in Albay over virtual learning.
More News: Assistance for 85,000 public school students in Makati. OTG plus modules (gadgets) plus face masks and five hours of Internet load. Excellent, though what of the families with several children (as in Manila)? And this is only Makati, one of the richest LGUs. What about other parts of the Metro, not to mention more distant areas? The suicide in Albay continues to loom.

"Most social policies constructed during the crisis were based on fear and not on science," according to the president of the Philippine Sociological Society. [SPECIAL REPORT] June 22, 2020 Coping in quarantine: Top-down policies leave little space for public input

News Report: Victory Liner, one of the biggest bus companies, which serves Northern Luzon, Central Luzon and Metro Manila, will lay off 1,000 employees, including drivers and conductors, because it has not been earning any revenues for the past three months, since the lockdown. The number does not include janitors and security guards.

News Report: The authorities are studying the possible operation of 1,500 (out of 200,000) jeepneys in Metro Manila by the end of June. Comment: They're already starving, to the extent of begging. So the government is taking its sweet time, after three months of depriving them of income, whether it will allow a few of the many to survive, or... We are at a loss for words.

Another illegal establishment allegedly operating as a medical facility and catering to Chinese patients believed to be infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 was raided in Parañaque City on Saturday. Another illegal Chinese COVID clinic raided
A second underground clinic catering exclusively to Chinese nationals suspected to have contracted the COVID-19 has been found at Multinational Village in Parañaque City. Illegal Chinese clinic in Parañaque raided. June 22, 2020

News Report: Warehouse in Paranaque with unregistered Pekingese COVID-19 medicines, dextrose bottles and PPEs. Pekingese arrested. Comment: We hate to be repetitive, but for the nth time, the authorities should take action! Pekingese are all around, spreading the China virus - and other diseases too.

Police Col. Joy Tomboc, WCPC spokesperson, said there were 2,246 belated reports of violence against women and 2,172 complaints of child abuse. Belated crime reports surge after lockdown June 22, 2020

News Report: 200,000 babies expected this year because of the lockdown and unavailability of family planning devices.

On the Anti-Terror Bill: The bill removes judicial safeguards, allowing suspects to be held without a warrant for 24 days. It marginalizes the Commission on Human Rights, excluding it from the Anti-Terror Council. It reduces requirement for a legislative human rights report from semi-annual to annual. Mere intent to commit an act and suspicion by the Anti-Terror Council is good enough for detention. Major universities and leading poltical science professors have warned against it.

Human rights advocates welcome US President Trump’s EO defining international religious freedom as a ‘foreign policy priority.’ China is ‘world’s foremost violator of human rights and religious freedom’ –US report June 22, 2020
The United States is enjoining its allies, including the Philippines, to consider alternatives offered by firms not influenced by China’s government. US warns PH, allies vs Huawei over security issues business.inquirer.net
philstar.com/opinion/2020/06/24/2023044/beware-tiktok-zoom-51-other-risky-china-apps Beware of Tiktok, Zoom, 51 other risky China apps

So many radio programs chatter to their listeners about that vile TikTok - as a benign entity. Loathsome, Pekingese - loathsome. They should all read dila.ph and see Tiktok's diabolical side, spying and all.

Agents of the PDEA seized crystal meth, firearm, and bomb-making materials in a buy-bust operation on Sunday in Novaliches. PDEA agents nab 3 suspects, seize drugs, firearms and bomb-making items in QC newsinfo.inquirer.net June 22, 2020

News Report: P27 million worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Malabon. Pekingese national arrested. No comment.
P300,000.00 worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Navotas, 3 arrested. Comment: No Pekingese involvement seen so far. But then, 300k is peanuts compared to billions elsewhere. Besides, most arrests since the pandemic have been drug-related. Mostly shabu-related.
Raid on shabu 'tiangge' in Muntinlupa. One killed, eight arrested. Buy-bust operation in Quiapo, Manila. One half kilogram high grade shabu worth over P5 million confiscated and arrests made. Comment: No need to play the broken record on drug-related cases being 80% of arrests in this time of China virus pandemic. Just an appeal to the reader to think about such a well-funded effort, and the ultimate (powerful) perpetrators.

ICYMI: Economic recovery in the Philippines will likely be among the slowest in Asia because of prolonged lockdowns and the continued rise in the number of cases of the coronavirus disease 2019, according to London-based Capital Economics. ‘Recovery slowest in Philippines’

News Report: Over 2,000 firms are in danger of closing this year as a result of the pandemic. Four million Filipinos are in danger of losing their jobs, constituting 10-15% of the country's workforce.
News Report: 90,000 have lost their jobs since the pandemic, says the National Statistics Office. China virus cases in the Philippines exceed 32,000. Third highest figure in ASEAN after Indonesia and Singapore, though with the second highest number of deaths, after Indonesia.

News Report (June 21, 2020): Number of China virus cases in the Philippines exceeds 30,000. COVID-19 positives are now 30,052.
(June 24, 2020 update) Record number of new cases for a single day, 1,150 cases. This exceeds the 1,146 record for May 29.
(June 26, 2020 update) China virus cases in the Philippines climb to 33,069.


News Report: More Filipinos expect lives to worsen. In a mobile phone survey among over 4,000 respondents, SWS found that 43% expect their lives to worsen in the next 12 months, while 24% expect to remain the same, and 24% expect it to improve. According to SWS, this is the highest percentage of negative thinkers/pessimists, breaking the previous record of 34% set in March 2005, making it the worst in the 37-year history of SWS surveys.

philstar.com/lifestyle/on-the-radar/2020/06/26/2023703/bill-seeking-rename-naia-topapapi-draws-mixed-reactions A proposal by presidential son Paolo Duterte, among others, has been the subject of much discussion and laugh trip on social media.

News Report: Deputy Speaker Paolo Duterte filed a bill changing the name of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas. According to him, the name of the country's premier airport should not be colored by politics, but reflect its being a global destination, and showcase the 'national' language.
Social media comment on proposed name change of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to PPP (Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas): This will change the abbreviation (when read in Tagalog) to PaPaPi - moniker of Piolo Pascual!
Intimately Related News Report: Most Filipinos now have a positive view of homosexuality. A survey revealed that 75% of Filipinos believe gays and lesbians should be accepted in society. Seriously aside, this, more than anything else, underscores that the country is indeed ruled by a Tagalog government. And while the bill is supposed to eliminate politics, it institutionalizes domination by the diabolocal subdialect of Manila over a multinational, multilingual and multicultural country. Political suppression at its worst.

Listen to Diabolical Filipino Tagalog sampled in the 2005 horror movie Constantine, 1 megabyte video

News Report: House Committee Chair Eric Yap defends bill to rename NAIA. Yap replied to opposition criticism by Senators Risa Hontiveros, Franklin Drilon and others that they should concentrate on fighting the pandemic, saying that they are working on various concerns such as the budget and that fighting the pandemic is not the sole concern. Besides, there's a public clamor for the change.
Comment: Is the clamor to rename it in Tagalog? And to downgrade the status of all other languages as well?


News Reports: The Philippines has the most rapid rate of infection in Southeast Asia, surpassing Singapore and Indonesia. It tallied 8,000 new cases in June. Now it has the worst China virus not just in Southeast Asia but in the Western Pacific. Singapore is #2.
China virus cases here exceed 35,000. Police raid Sky Lounge Bar in Bel-Air, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati. 110 were arrested including one matinee idol and some foreigners for violation of mass gathering ban and physical distancing. Pekingese vessel rams Philippine fishing vessel off Mindoro, sinking it. No survivors.
(July 2 update) Search and rescue operations have given way to retrieval operations for the fishing boat Liberty Singko, which was rammed by a Pekingese cargo vessel five days ago off the coast of Occidental Mindoro, with 14 missing and no known survivors. A body believed to be that of a Filipino was recovered by Taiwanese close to the waters between the Philippines and Taiwan and Taiwanese are trying to determine if it is that of the crew members.

There were no signs of life on the second day of search and rescue operations for 14 Filipinos who went missing following a sea collision in the waters off Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro on Saturday.
The Philippine Coast Guard filed on Monday charges of multiple homicide against seven Chinese crewmen of the cargo ship Vienna Wood. https://inq.news/3f6x1WI

News Report: Four Pekingese in Quiapo, Manila arrested for violation of quarantine protocols (no face mask). Upon their arrest, they were found to possess P350,000 worth shabu. They were found to be POGO players. Comment: Illegal POGO players? Still unproven. China virus positive? Same as above.

The looming closure of some Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs) in the country “should not allow them to escape accountability and justice,” Senator Risa Hontiveros stressed on Tuesday. https://inq.news/POGOscantjustleave

News Report: On the first day that traditional jeepneys, albeit to a very limited extent, were allowed back on the road, a radio station's survey in the area where they are supposed to operate turned up no jeepneys. Thus, commuters were instead chasing taxis and buses.
A radio station checked jeepney routes around Metro Manila. Contrary to expectation, the 'kings of the road' were nowhere to be found. Instead they could be found begging. They gave various reasons. Some said operators charged the same boundary despite having half the passengers because of social distancing, so all of their earnings went to the boundary payment. Others said their routes had been taken over by 'modern jeepneys' which are China-made, unaffordable to drivers of traditional jeepneys and reportedly apt to break down more rapidly than traditional jeepneys.
There have been calls not just to support jeepney drivers, but also local jeepney manufacturers, who stand to lose to Pekingese manufacturers of 'modern jeepneys.' Foreigners, albeit 'friends' of the Philippines, stand to benefit from the misfortunes of Filipino workers and manufacturers.

m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1301064 6,000 Metro jeepneys back; QR codes a must July 3, 2020

Malacañang is optimistic that the Supreme Court will dismiss the petition asking the government to conduct free mass testing for the coronavirus. mb.com.ph/2020/07/03/palace-expects-sc-to-dismiss-petition-on-free-covid-19-mass-testing

News Report: China virus cases shoot past 40,000 mark. With 1,500 new positive results for the virus, more than 40,000 are now infected in the country.

Less than 24 hours after its enactment into law, protests and denunciation deluged the Anti-Terror Act, with lawyers and civic groups petitioning the Supreme Court to have it trashed for being “oppressive and inconsistent” with the Constitution. Terror law faces first SC challenge
The 66-page petition for certiorari and prohibition was the first against the measure and filed via email a day after President Rodrigo Duterte signed the law. Critics ask SC for TRO vs anti-terrorism law, citing ‘repugnant’ provisions newsinfo.inquirer.net
“This law, with its vague and unconstitutional provisions, will provide government with fearsome legal tools to oppress and silence those who speak out and resist the injustices, the violence and the corruption of those in power,” Hontiveros said.

News Report: President Duterte signs Anti-Terror bill, which becomes law. This comes just as Philippine friend China also imposes the Security Act on Hong Kong, effectively destroying the 1997 Joint Declaration signed by the UK and China.

News Report: Malacanang dismisses arguments against newly signed Anti-Terror Law, including the non-inclusion of Commission on Human Rights (CHR). CHR is now deciding if it will join the petition in the Supreme Court against the Law.

Anti-Terror Act is itself an act of terror July 7, 2020 usa.inquirer.net

bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52033217 Coronavirus: Zoom is in everyone's living room - how safe is it?
bbc.com/news/world-asia-53003688 June 11, 2020

News Report: Forbes magazine warns against Zoom. In an article entitled "Warning: Zoom makes encryption keys in China," by Thomas Brewster, the online edition of Forbes said that "Zoom, the videoconference giant that's gained huge popularity in the work-from-home coronavirus age, handles security data in China according to researchers. The information, on occasion, also includes encryption keys, the chunks of data that can unlock conversations, the academics found in their tests of software."
It continues, "The research, handed to Forbes ahead of publication on Friday, comes after a difficult time for Zoom in which it had to apologize for various shortcomings in its policy for security. The report's authors at the University of Toronto-based Citizen Lab, say that their findings raise issues about whether US government agencies should be using it at all."
"Yesterday, Forbes revealed US agencies handling the coronavirus response had spent a collective $1.3 million in Zoom technology in just a few days of March... Zoom hadn't responded to requests for comment, but in an interview published on Forbes on Friday, (Chinese-American) Chief Executive Eric Yuan said the company was going to check on how it was routing conversations to China, but emphasized the data was protected. As Citizen Lab hadn't sent it findings to Zoom, saying it was in the public interest to release the information as soon as possible, the videoconferencing company wasn't aware of the findings. But Yuan assured that if user data was being transferred to China when users aren't even based there, 'we are willing to address that.'"
Comment: It has been previously mentioned in this blog that China's companies, and companies with branches in China, must comply with a 2017 national security law that requires them to share intelligence with the government in Beijing.

The PNP is also monitoring 1,996 police officers who manifested symptoms of the virus or interacted with COVID-19 patients. July 5, 2020 More cops test positive for COVID
Basilan gov't imposes 15-day suspension of residents' return to province July 7, 2020 philstar.com

News Report: Tawi-Tawi stricken by China virus. A locally stranded individual (LSI) and HATID Tulong beneficiary, a policeman based in QC, brought the disease to previously COVID-free Tawi-Tawi. He earlier went to Zamboanga City and Basilan, causing authorities to trace his contacts there. Earlier, the number of positives in Basilan went past the 100 mark, straining the capacity of their hospitals, causing the LGU to suspend the return of LSIs. Earlier, the Balik Probinsya program, which caused the spread of the virus around the country, was suspended.

News Report: Ten foreigners nabbed for illegal POGO operations in Makati. Ten aliens, mostly Pekingese, were arrested for engaging unlawfully in POGO in Pio del Pilar, Makati. The building had several computers used for the operation.
(July 7 update) All arrested aliens in the POGO joint were Pekingese, and one Myanmar national.
Comment: It's not often that we say positive things about them, but it's a relief that their crime wasn't accompanied by trafficking shabu, spreading the China virus, prostitution, or more serious illegal activities.

inq.news/chinesearrested0607 50 Chinese nationals busted in illegal POGO operation in Makati July 7, 2020 newsinfo.inquirer.net

News Report: Russia has warned againt hunting the marmoset, which is a carrier of bubonic plague, which caused the Black Death in the 14th century, which killed tens of millions and depopulated much of Europe. The disease has been reported in Inner Mongolia, which is controlled by China.
Comment: Isn't the marmoset used in Chinese medicine? This has been implicated in the spread of other diseases in the past, like SARS (a coronavirus like the one causing COVID-19).

G4 New swine flu with 'pandemic potential' discovered in China cnn.com

News Report: WHO considering reports of scientists and scientific organizations that China virus is airborne. According to other reports, this is a mutation of the virus. Another report, quoting epidemiologists, says that a vaccine is no longer necessary because the virus is becoming milder and more adapted to humans.

Look! An NTC text in English on Monday, July 6, 2020. Sent a second time. Are they trying to prove they are no longer subdialectal after watching the horror of the Constantine mkv clip above?

Another NTC text in English! Are they learning?

Education News: 250,000 students transfer from private to public schools. Because of economic factors due to the pandemic, a quarter of a million students have moved from private to public schools, based on enrollment figures. This can be taken in the context of the looming closure of most private schools because of financial difficulties, and the catastrophic effects on the educational system and students which will persist long after the pandemic is over.

DepEd: Over 250-K students transferred from private schools to public schools m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1303921

News Report: WHO modifies its stand, says airborne transmission can result from spraying of disinfectant against COVID-19.
Comment: Most surprising, because this practice originated in WHO's patron China, and has spread to the Philippines. Why? To accomplish credibility? Like TikTok's withdrawal from Hongkong, following Western companies, to show that it is not Beijing's puppet?

LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III said that the temporary closure from July 13 to 17 would give way for the disinfection of the central office. LTFRB Central Office closed next week after 5 employees contract COVID-19 newsinfo.inquirer.net
The mere fact that the infection rate continues to increase means that the strategy of the DOH is full of holes, Senator Panfilo M. Lacson said today. mb.com.ph/2020/07/11/lacson-blames-doh-strategy-for-continued-increase-in-covid-19-cases

News Report: Citywide lockdown ordered for Navotas. An interview with Mayor Toby Tiangco revealed that the city will be subjected to a lockdown from Wednesday as a result of a tripling of cases in the past week. He said people have become lax after a relaxation of regulations, and this has caused the situation to worsen. Only those going to work and those bringing food and essential items can leave their homes.

News Report: House Committee votes against granting franchise to ABS-CBN.
Comment: We have seen the shortcomings of the company, in its news delivery, language, and so on. But taken in context, against the new Anti-Terror Law, the court decision against Rappler, and other violations, it gives you pause. Repression, which reminds one of martial law, and of China, can only come to mind.

ICYMI: List of lawmakers who voted for and against ABS-CBN franchise renewal philstar.com/headlines/2020/07/10/2027049/list-lawmakers-who-voted-and-against-abs-cbn-franchise-renewal

News Report: IUCN sounds alarm at accelerated extinction of many species. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the danger covers more species than ever, including species like the European hamster, a common pet.
Comment: A major factor is the use in Chinese medicine. A new entry to the endangered list is the caterpillar fungus used in Chinese medicine. The endangerment has been brought to species from the rhinoceros to trees in Cambodia to pangolins and turtles in the Philippines.

BBC News
European hamster now 'critically endangered' bbc.com

News Report: Ambush in Pigkawayan, North Cotabato kills 4. A Toyota Innova was ambushed in Pigkawayan, and was said to be drug-related.
Comment: A tragic escalation of the drug trade. Now, those engaged in it, and their backers from a 'friendly' country, are upgrading (downgrading) their crimes, and making multiple murder a routine practice.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: Four were nabbed in three separate buy-bust operations conducted in Dumaguete City by the joint forces of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-7 and the PNP last Thursday. 4 persons nabbed in Negros drug ops philstar.com

News Report: Pekingese woman, high value target, nabbed in drug buy-bust operation in Pasay. A Pekingese woman was arrested by Pasay police in an operation which yielded P80,000 worth of shabu. The supplier she identified is already in jail in Pasay.
No comment. It speaks for itself. Unless later findings turn up something additional, such as spreading China virus, STD or bubonic plague.

News Report: Number of unemployed reaches 20 million. According to IBON Foundation, the unemployed are now 20 million, nearly three times the NSO figure of 7.3 million. According to IBON, government figures don't include those unable to work because of the pandemic, or the underemployed. Meanwile, Senator 'Bato' de la Rosa got brickbats for saying those rendered jobless by ABS-CBN's closure to look for work. The pandemic, they say, has made so many jobless, making this extremely difficult.

NTC has gone diabolical once again: NDRRMC: Ngayong national disaster resilience month, sama-samang isulong ang katatagan laban sa lahat ng klase ng sakuna sa gitna ng bagong normal. (July 14, 2020)

News Report: Number of enrollees reaches 20 million. According to DepEd, this is much lower than the 27 million enrollees the previous school year. (July 14, 2020)

Education News: Several colleges to close; school enrollees are far short of expected number. The Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education said that several colleges will close because many students will not be enrolled, so continuing will be unviable. Also, 'blended learning' cannot be done in many places because they have no Internet service. Then, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers said the number of enrollees is 7 million less than last year (this has been mentioned before in dila.ph).

News Report: 30% of businesses close. According to Trade Sec Mon Lopez, 30% of businesses have shut down due to the pandemic. Another 50% are back to normal operations, while 20% are partially open. Of the 30% some may reopen after the pandemic is over, while the rest have closed permanently.

News Report: 2 high value drug suspects nabbed in Pasay buy-bust operation; P3,000 worth of shabu seized. Comment: These are of course Filipinos. But this is an almost daily event, inside and outside Metro Manila, in this time of pandemic. Could some other country be involved?

At least 500 grams of a crystalline substance suspected to be shabu, estimated to be worth around P3.4 million, were seized from four individuals in Quiapo, Manila on Wednesday. P3.4M shabu seized from 4 suspects in Quiapo, Manila July 16, 2020

News Report: Drug personality arrested in buy-bust operation in Samar; suspected shabu confiscated. Drug testing centers opened in Pagalungan, Maguindanao. Drug suspect killed in raid in Iloilo City; supplier reportedly in Muntinlupa. Comment: 3 drug-related news items in a single day! Which country is responsible for all this? As for the Munti supplier, isn't this one of the Pekingese 'guest' suspects at NBP/Bilibid? All in the time of pandemic, which they too caused.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's latest statement on the South China Sea explicitly sided with Southeast Asian nations, including the Philippines. With new South China Sea policy, US now a defender of Philippines' arbitral award July 15, 2020

News Report: Most Filipinos favor pressing Philippines' claims in West Philippine Sea. An SWS survey conducted early in July and released last week revealed that 70% of Filipinos favor pressing Philippine claims on islands in the West Philippine Sea awarded to the country by the International Court of Justice and presently occupied by China. An even greater number, 80% favor an alliance by the Philippines with countries that support the Philippine claim.
More on SWS news report: 7 out of 10 said the Philippines should assert its sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea. 4 out of 5 believe the Philippines should form alliances with countries willing to defend its sovereign rights over the area. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague decided in favor of the Philippines in its claim on the area.

LOOK: A PNP-SAF trooper sits on top of an armored personnel carrier (APC) which was deployed in Navotas City on Thursday, July 16, to assist in the strict enforcement of a two-week lockdown in the city due to the growing number of cases of COVID-19. PDI
online comment MSantos Why not show this posture in the West Phil Sea or maybe in Abu Sayaf strongholds in Sulu?

News Report: PTV 4, Radyo Pilipinas stop broadcasts. The government-run television and radio stations have suspended broadcasts after an employee tested positive for the China virus. Their studios are now undergoing disinfection. Their broadcasts will resume tomorrow. (July 19, 2020)

News Report: NCR may be returned to ECQ. In a speech following the President's anouncement of the classification of the country's regions in the midst of the pandemic, Spokesman Harry Roque said Metro Manila may return to its former ECQ status if people continue violating safety protocols and the disease spreads. The past week has seen a lockdown in all of Navotas and large areas of other cities, the greatest number of deaths for a single day, unprecedented increases in infected individuals, and infection in many key government offices, including MRT3, leading to the stoppage of services.

News Report: VCO shows promise against China virus. Initial tests on virgin coconut oil, whose antiviral antiviral properties have been known for some time, showed that it has helped patients recover from mild infections of COVID-19. The tests were done in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Further tests will be done at the Philippine General Hospital.

“We are looking at several theories.” Jaybee Sebastian: COVID-19 case or murder? July 20, 2020

News Report: Global virus positives top 14-M, nearly 68,000 in the Philippines. In NBP (New Bilibid), 8 high-profile inmates dead of China virus, including JV Sebastian, Pekingese drug lords.

PH’s COVID-19 caseload surges to 74,390 with 2,200 new patients logged July 24, 2020 newsinfo.inquirer.net

News Report: China virus cases shoot past 70,000 mark, with over 1,300 new cases; 7th straight day that new cases are not below 1,300.

News Report: Free serology-based COVID-19 testing made available in Manila. Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso announced that four machines are now available in the city. It can be availed of in PGH and Tondo, and is open to residents & non-residents. Only the first 100 applicants can be entertained, and results are released in 24 hrs.

News Report: Carmona, Cavite releases digital COVID tracker app. According to the city mayor, all workers and all of those leaving home will be required to have a copy of the app, which will record all of the person's contacts and will be used in contact tracing if the person becomes COVID-positive.

SunStar Cebu
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) will now be used by local tourists in the Cebu Province as tourism reopens. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia emphasized when she issued the order. online comment by Ross Potter
When the Governor wears the RFID bracelet then I will. Until then, I will never set foot in Cebu province. You are hurting your own economy. Wake up people of Cebu and fight back against those who are hurting you.

NCR hospitals full? Transfer COVID-19 patients to provincial hospitals, says solon July 24, 2020 newsinfo.inquirer.net

News Report: St Luke's Medical Center (QC, BGC) says it has run out of beds for COVID patients. Secretary Galvez asks that four hospitals be designated for COVID patients.

A coronavirus vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca...Vaccine being developed at Oxford to be available at cost price newsinfo.inquirer.net July 24, 2020
U.S. Reaches Deal to Pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 Billion for 100 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses nationalreview.com

News Report: Oxford vaccine by Astra-Zenica shows promise against COVID-19. Initial trials in the UK have demonstrated that the Oxford vaccine against China virus has produced resistance in patients. It does so in two ways, by the production of antibodies, and by the production of T cells, white blood cells which fight infection. Further tests will be done in virus hot spots like the US, Brazil and South Africa.

News Report: On the eve of the President's SONA, number of COVID-positive gallop to 80,448, of which 52,000 are active cases. Earlier, presidential spokesman Harry Roque warned that the NCR would be reclassified as MGCQ if China virus cases there continue to rise.


News Report: Number of China virus positives in the Philippines about to exceed that of China. According the Johns Hopkins University, which monitors COVID-19 positives, the number of those afflicted with the disease, over 84,000, is close to exceeding that of China, source of the disease. (As of July 27, 2020.)

Less than 30 percent of 6,000 jeepneys allowed by the government to ply 49 routes in Metro Manila have been able to resume operations after public transport was suspended in March. Only 30% of 6,000 jeepneys resume routes – group July 15, 2020

News Report: Jeepney drivers in NCR still begging. A survey by a radio station found groups of drivers in various parts of the city still begging. According to them, they have not yet been given clearance to ply their usual routes. In the past few days, it has been observed with dismay by jeepney drivers that their terminals have been taken over by buses. Only 2,000 drivers have been permitted to ply their old routes in Metro Manila, a tiny fraction of their number.

President Rodrigo Duterte still trusts Philippine Health Insurance Corp. CEO Ricardo Morales despite allegations of widespread corruption within the agency, former special assistant and now Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said.

News Report: Senate convenes to investigate Philhealth anomalies. The Senate will convene as a committee of the whole to probe irregularities in Philhealth, following the resignation of three officials, including the one in charge of investigating fraud. Philhealth was earlier charged by private hospitals of not paying them, pushing many to the brink of bankruptcy.

NCR hospitals full? Transfer COVID-19 patients to provincial hospitals, says solon July 24, 2020 newsinfo.inquirer.net

News Report: St Luke's Medical Center (QC, BGC) says it has run out of beds for COVID patients. Secretary Galvez asks that 4 hospitals be designated for COVID patients.

A coronavirus vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca...Vaccine being developed at Oxford to be available at cost price newsinfo.inquirer.net July 24, 2020
U.S. Reaches Deal to Pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 Billion for 100 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses nationalreview.com

News Report: Oxford vaccine by Astra-Zenica shows promise against COVID-19. Initial trials in the UK have demonstrated that the Oxford vaccine against China virus has produced resistance in patients. It does so in two ways, by the production of antibodies, and by the production of T cells, white blood cells which fight infection. Further tests will be done in virus hot spots like the US, Brazil and South Africa.

News Report: On the eve of the President's SONA, number of COVID-positive gallop to 80,448, of which 52,000 are active cases. Earlier, presidential spokesman Harry Roque warned that the NCR would be reclassified as MGCQ if China virus cases there continue to rise.


News Report: Number of China virus positives in the Philippines about to exceed that of China. According the Johns Hopkins University, which monitors COVID-19 positives, the number of those afflicted with the disease, over 84,000, is close to exceeding that of China, source of the disease. (as of July 27, 2020)

Less than 30 percent of 6,000 jeepneys allowed by the government to ply 49 routes in Metro Manila have been able to resume operations after public transport was suspended in March. Only 30% of 6,000 jeepneys resume routes – group July 15, 2020

News Report: Jeepney drivers in NCR still begging. A survey by a radio station found groups of drivers in various parts of the city still begging. According to them, they have not yet been given clearance to ply their usual routes. In the past few days, it has been observed with dismay by jeepney drivers that their terminals have been taken over by buses. Only 2,000 drivers have been permitted to ply their old routes in Metro Manila, a tiny fraction of their number.

President Rodrigo Duterte still trusts Philippine Health Insurance Corp. CEO Ricardo Morales despite allegations of widespread corruption within the agency, former special assistant and now Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said.

News Report: Senate convenes to investigate Philhealth anomalies. The Senate will convene as a committee of the whole to probe irregularities in Philhealth, following the resignation of three officials, including the one in charge of investigating fraud. Philhealth was earlier charged by private hospitals of not paying them, pushing many to the brink of bankruptcy.

News Report: Largest single day increase in China virus positives yesterday, 3,954, even as country awaits presidential decision on quarantine status for various regions; many call for NCR return to ECQ.

News Report: China virus cases top 4,000 for the first time, exceeding even the previous day's record-breaking figure.

It is the poor who are suffering the most. NCR and all provinces in its vicinity are back in ECQ. Cebu has been cited for "containing" the pandemic. [This is also what the www.dila.ph/dila.html blog is raging about.]

News Report: People crowd the streets of Metro Manila waiting for rides with the suspension of public transportation as MECQ is declared for Mega Manila (NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan). Meanwhile the ECOP warns that three million jobs will be lost, and more businesses will close permanently.

Walk to work option for labor force under MECQ in Metro Manila gmanetwork.com/news/story/749730
Manila residents fear hunger, face uncertainty anew under MECQ gmanetwork.com/news/story/749696

News Report: Three shabu buy-bust operations in Caloocan, as drug lord is caught in Makati.
Comment: Shabu and the China virus seem to go together. Perhaps because the same people are behind both? Since the lockdown, we keep repeating that 80% of arrests have been drug-related.

July 30, 6 Chinese nationals, drug suspect detained for P8-M worth of shabu seized in Subic Freeport newsinfo.inquirer.net

News Report: Pekingese, Filipinos in Sta. Ana, Cagayan arrested for illegal gambling (POGO). Over a hundred laptop, desktop computers confiscated.
Comment: So they're bringing their crimes from the Metro to the provinces. Hopefully not their virus as well.

Philstar.com Seventy-three Chinese and three Filipinos were arrested for allegedly running an illegal online gambling operation at the economic zone in Sta. Ana, Cagayan on Tuesday night. 73 Chinese nabbed in illegal POGO August 6, 2020

News Report: Virgin coconut oils shows positive results against China virus (COVID-19). Two other herbal medicines, melatonin also being tested.

News Report: Doctors express concern that MECQ will not solve increasing cases. Following the reclassification of Mega Manila as MECQ after weeks of GCQ, after doctors' appeals, they said the shift should be accompanied by reliable mass testing. They added that the change should be to ECQ and not MECQ, and should be extended for months. RT PCR and rapid testing have been joined by Abbott I1000 antibody testing now used in Manila.

News Report: Philippines now 24th in number of China virus cases worldwide, second in Southeast Asia. According to the Johns Hopkins Center, the Philippines, where China virus positives have climbed to 115,000, is about to dislodge Indonesia (116,000 cases) as the region's topnotcher.

News Report: Philippines tops Indonesia as SEA COVID-19 topnotcher. As new China virus positives topped 3,000 for several consecutive days, exceeding 24,000, the country displaced Indonesia as the most affected Southeast Asian country, causing it to be labeled the newest coronavirus hot spot.
Comment: This does not speak well of the country's exceedingly close ties to China. It also highlights the Philippines being in another hot spot. It is a global language hot spot, with among th biggest number of languages in danger of extinction. By what? What else, but the default language of Gmail (Google mail), which repeatedly shifts to Tagalog even if you choose English.

Ah. They're the ones who are driving Palawan's pangolins to extinction. And wildlife around the world.

News Report: Crime down by 50% since lockdown. An interview with General Eleazar, of the PNP & IATF, revealed that crime had been reduced by half since the lockdown. According to him, this was due to the organization of control points, greater police visibility and restrictions of movement.
Comment: He should've said that drug-related crimes, especially involving shabu, constitute the vast majority of crimes.

Philippine Star
Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año urged people to observe physical distancing even at home to avoid contracting COVID-19, which has already infected over 122,000 persons in the country. ‘Practice distancing even at home’ August 10, 2020

News Report: Nearly 7,000 new cases added to China virus positives. 6,958 cases were added to COVID-19 positives, 4,000 of them in Metro Manila. 2 die of bubonic plague in Inner Mongolia, occupied by China.

News Report: CDC puts the Philippines on Alert Level 3. The US Centers for Disease Control put the Philippines on Alert Level 3 due to the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases. It now has the highest number of China virus cases in Southeast Asia. This comes after a Bangkok newspaper, Thai Rath, called the Philippines 'land of the COVID.'
Comment: This is most unfair. That name should rightly belong to China, friend of the Philippines, and the originator of the disease.

Philippine Star
The Chinese Embassy in Manila announced on Tuesday that all passengers from the Philippines going to China must test negative in a nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 conducted by designated institutions within five days before boarding, effective August 20, 2020.
Coronavirus found on frozen seafood in China gmanetwork.com/news/story/750833
Thai paper calls Philippines 'land of COVID-19', Palace says 'intindihin na lang' gmanetwork.com/news/story/750882

News Report: China bans chicken meat imports from Brazil, shrimp from Ecuador due to possible COVID-19 transmission from chilled products.
Comment: Their virus is coming back to them. Ecuador also had China's military vessels entering their territorial waters.

News Report: Nigerian arrested in Bacoor, Cavite buy-bust operation with over P6-million shabu.
Comment: It's shabu once more after Ecstasy supposedly from Europe. Long live the Pekingese.

News Report: DepEd advances class opening to Oct 5. The Secretary of the Department of Education reset the opening of classes to October 5, saying that blended learning is the norm. However, in and around the NCR, teachers will rely on paper modules. Many complain that they have to pay for photocopying from their pockets. Meanwhile private schools complain that the reschedule will cause discrepnacies between private and public schools, as some started in July, and this will affect transferees.

An ASEAN economics report by Malaysian financial giant Maybank said the Philippine’s unemployment rate is expected to hit a record 18.5% in 2020. This is higher than Thailand’s 15.9%, Malaysia’s 6.5%, Indonesia’s 5.9%, Singapore’s 4%, and Vietnam’s 3.6%. philstar.com/business/2020/08/13/2034814/philippine-jobless-rate-highest-southeast-asia

News Report: Unemployment rises to 27M. An SWS survey revealed that the jobless have increased to over 27 million. This amounts to 45.4% or around half of the workforce. It is the second highest figure for SWS surveys, next only to that of May this year.

News Report: Pekingese medicine used in China to treat COVID-19 contains a precursor to shabu. Lihua Kingwen, a Chinese medicine circulating locally and used to treat China virus, has ephedrine, used in the manufacture of shabu. One of the elements used is the psychoactive Chinese medicine ma huang. It has been cleared by the FDA, but pharmacists and doctors have expressed concern and said it should not be used as a COVID-19 medicine.

How Wuhan went from quiet streets to packed pools Images of crowds at a waterpark festival August 18, 2020 bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-53816511

News Report: Pool party held in Wuhan to celebrate end of lockdown. A pool party was held at the source of the China virus to celebrate the area's opening up. Photos show that no social distancing was observed. The report sparked criticism from around the world, where the virus from China is still spreading relentlessly and bringing death and economic destruction.

News Report: Philippines files diplomatic protest against China for attacking fishermen in Scarborough Shoal. The country filed a protest against China for driving away Filipino fishermen fishing at the shoal and confiscating their equipment.

News Report: Manila Mayor padlocks shop for seditious address. Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso closed a cosmetics store at Divisoria Mall for writing its address as Binondo, Manila, Province of China.

Education News: Sen. Christopher 'Bong' Go says he will request Educaction Secretary Briones to assure that no students will be failed in this time of pandemic.
Comment: A good, and politically attractive move, but it does not demand anything from students and may only encourage laziness and indifference. This time of crisis should be a time to cultivate proper attitudes, not reward laziness and disinterest.

News Report: Lockdown of area in Paranaque following rising cases. The Silverio Compound in San Isidro, Paranaque was placed under 'calibrated containment' after a rising number of positives, and exposure of many to them. Residents will be tested, and those positive for the virus will be isolated and given P5,000.
Comment: Most local governments are not as rich as Paranaque or the NCR, where cities like Makati, San Juan or Manila provide free testing, highlighting the disparity between the NCR and the rest of the country.

News Report: This week witnessed TV host Willie Revillame giving monetary help to jeepney drivers. Despite the return of Mega Manila (NCR and surrounding provinces) to GCQ, many drivers were still begging in different parts of the metropolis. Only a few of their routes had been restored, and others had been transferred to buses. Attempts to alleviate their plight by giving them pandemic-related jobs by some NCR LGUs benefited only a small fraction.

It happens every time the election season is approaching — the guessing game is that Willie Revillame is casting a misty-eyed look at the 2022 elections. August 23, 2020 Is Willie running in 2022?

Letter to the Philippines - emailed to Congress(140kb pdf file)

Education News: Bill filed to abolish MTB-MLE. Pasig Representative Roman Romulo has filed a bill abolishing the use of non-Tagalog languages in the education system, saying that it disadvantages urban centers where Filipino is the common medium. Filipino after all is already understood everywhere.
Comment: The bill marginalizes non-Tagalogs and their languages, institutionalizes discrimination and the advantage of the NCR over the rest of the country.

Education News: 440 private schools to close. Because of sharp drops in enrollment as a result of the pandemic, 440 private schools will close this year. It is not clear how many of these will be permanent, but many were reported to be in serious financial difficulty and planned to shut down.

Whistleblower names Duque as godfather of PhilHealth mafia MB August 18, 2020
gmanetwork.com/news/nation/752749/duterte-holds-self-responsible-for-accounting-billions-of-covid-19-funds August 25, 2020

News Report: President vows to go after corruption. In a press conference in Davao, Pres. Duterte said he will prosecute corrupt officials, including those in PhilHealth. The Ombudsman earlier suspended ranking PhilHealth officials, and senators called for their resignation.
Comment: This is a serious test on the President, who has expressed confidence in Health Sec. Duque, who has been called the godfather of erring officials in the PhilHealth mess in Senate hearings.

News Report: Following the twin suicide bombings in Jolo, Army Chief Sobejana has called for the declaration of martial law in Sulu. Senate Pres. Sotto and most senators disagreed, saying that the new Anti-Terror Law is enough.
Comment: This is a tacit comment on the repressiveness (or efficiency?) of the law. It's no longer necessary to declare martial law to cope with an emergency!

News Report: Manila mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso has begun the distribution of 36,000 laptop computers to teachers and over 11,000 tablets to students in Manila public schools.

Voice of America - VOA
Washington, New York Protesters Call for Recognition of Uighur Abuses as Genocide
nationalreview.com/news/trump-admin-may-label-chinas-treatment-of-uighurs-a-genocide-report August 26, 2020
Capitalism Didn’t Bring Democracy to China, but It’s Yoking the Rest of the World to Chinese Authoritarianism extremetech.com/internet/299996-blizzard-hearthstone-nba-capitalism-democracy-china-authoritarianism

News Report: China abolishes all use of the Mongolian language in Inner Mongolia. According to a BBC report, the Chinese government has stopped the use of Mongolian in all schools, triggering a boycott and non-enrollment in the Beijing-controlled region, and reflecting similar moves to ban the local language in Tibet, Xinjiang and non-Mandarin areas of China proper.
Comment: What is the relevance of this to the Philippines? For one, the close ties of China and the Philippines mean that Beijing's policies often find their way to Manila. A bill by Pasig's Rep. Roman Romulo already seeks to abolish MTB-MLE and the use of all non-Tagalog languages in schools, an exact application of China's policy to have Mandarin/Putonghua replace all other languages in China.

“These predatory Chinese companies must be stopped," Hontiveros said. Gov’t told: End projects with ‘predatory’ firms tied with China’s building in West PH Sea August 30, 2020

News Report: Hontiveros files resolution calling for investigation of China companies constructing islands in West Philippine Sea. Senator Riza Hontiveros said some of China's companies with projects in the Philippines are also engaged in the construction of Beijing-occupied islands in the West Philippine Sea. She said contracts with them should be terminated and Philippine officials responsible for them should be punished.

News Report: Former NBI Director Dante Gierran becomes the new PhilHealth president and CEO, regional vice presidents dismissed.

CNN Philippines
Under the Section 14 of Republic Act 11223 or Universal Health Care, the President must appoint a Filipino citizen who has at least seven years of experience in the field of public health, management, finance, and health economics. Duterte names NBI's Gierran as new PhilHealth chief
New PhilHealth chief admits he has no public health knowledge, experience September 1, 2020

News Report: COVID-19 positives now over 224,000. Those afflicted with the China virus in the country now exceed 224,000. New cases yesterday were nearly 3,500, the seventh straight day cases are over 3,000.

News Report: Philippines registers lowest number of new cases. After consecutive days of numerous new cases, yesterday, September 3, gave the least new cases, 1,987, of the China virus. According to UP scientists, this is an encouraging flattening of the curve.

The new coronavirus infection in the Philippines jumped past 232,000 on Friday. PH’s virus infection tops 232,000 as DOH logs 3,714 new cases September 4, 2020
Manila cops uncover another case of faking COVID-19 test results
ANC 24/7
National Aedes-borne Viral Diseases Prevention and Control Program of the DOH said other diseases such as leptospirosis also saw a significant decrease in cases. DOH: Dengue cases in PH drop by 76% in PH

News Report: China ambassador to the Philippines welcomes Malacanang support for China companies. China's ambassador lauded the government's desire for continuation of projects blacklisted by the US for participation in China's island construction in Pekingese-occupied islands in the West Philippine Sea.

Philippine Star
The project to give Manila Bay a makeover by pouring “white sand” on its shoreline does not have to go through the process of preparing an environmental impact study and obtaining a compliance certificate, the DENR said. No environmental impact study needed on Manila 'beach nourishment' — DENR September 5, 2020
Cebu White Sand sa Manila Bay mas makasasama sa kapaligiran bandera.inquirer.net

News Report: White sand on Manila Bay shoreline draws fire. The DENR's deposition of white sand on a section of Manila Bay close to Roxas Boulevard, part of its 320 million peso rehabilitation plan has been widely criticized as a most inappropriate action in a time of pandemic. DENR Undersecretary defended it, saying that the money was allocated prior to the pandemic. However, budgetary requirements were put in the service of the most urgently needed sectors under the Bayanihan to Heal Law.

News Report: New COVID-19 cases fall below 3,000. New China virus cases yesterday numbered 1,388, the third straight day they fell below 3,000. Experts said this is a sign of th flattening of the curve indicated by trends, and say it is a hopeful sign.

3,281 new cases push PHL's COVID-19 total to almost 242k gmanetwork.com/news/nation/754704/3-281-new-cases-bring-philippines-covid-19-tally-to-241-987 September 8, 2020

Chinese herbal drug added to Cainta COVID response Philippine Daily Inquirer 2020-08-26
The municipal government of Cainta in Rizal province purchased several capsules of a Chinese traditional medicine intended for its coronavirus-infected residents. Mayor Johnielle Keith Nieto said Lianhua Qingwen capsules would be distributed free to patients despite the warning of the Department of Health that the herbal medicine is not an anti-COVID-19 prescription drug.

News Report: 2 Pekingese nabbed for illegal sale of Chinese medicines. Two China nationals were arrested in Paranaque for the sale of Pekingese medicines unregistered with the FDA. Packages of the medicines labeled only with Chinese characters were seized.

News Reports: President grants Pemberton absolute pardon. President Duterte granted Lance Corporal Scott Pemberton, imprisoned for the killing of transsexual Jennifer Laude, absolute pardon, paving the way for his return to the US. Speculations abounded on the reasons, but official sources, quoting Harry Roque, a presidential spokesman, said he did it to be given access to COVID vaccines being developed by the US.

Convicted US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton left the country at 9:14 a.m. today, says Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval. September 13, 2020

Duterte to decide on reduced physical distancing in public transport. September 16, 2020

NTC 09-18-2020 DOH: Ang BIDA dumidistansya ng 1 metro! #BIDASolusyon sa COVID-19.

News Report: Reduced physical distancing criticized by health experts. The reduction in physical distancing in public transport has been widely criticized by doctors with expertise in COVID-19. Physical distancing reduction is to 0.75m. Abroad, countries have actually increased the distance to 2 meters in some places because of airborne transmission. They have warned of increases in COVID transmission as a result.

Almost P14 million worth of shabu (crystal meth) was seized during a buy-bust operation in San Carlos City. Nearly P14M shabu seized in Negros Occidental September 22, 2020
CDN Digital
The three men, who were caught with nearly P50 million worth of suspected shabu during a buy-bust operation in Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City on September 20, 2020, were allegedly new recruits of the drug group of Rustico Ygot.

News Report: Man arrested in Taguig for rape of mother. Found to be high on drugs.
Comment: This is an especially abominable crime, and as with many crimes, has been attributed to drugs. The government's war on drugs is laudable, but it is sad that only small players are arrested and killed. Big players remain scot-free, and extremely friendly relations are maintained with countries behind the drug problem.
We keep repeating here that despite the almost uniform reduction in crime since the pandemic, drug-related crimes are constantly on the rise and constitute the vast majority of offenses. As can be seen, they include not just drug pushing or trafficking but also other crimes like rape or murder.

News Report: PNP chief orders investigation of prisoner's continued involvement in drug operations from behind bars. He has been reportedly involved in high profile drug seizures in certain parts of the country.

News Report: Manila Bay white sand beach opened. The much-publicized artificial white sand beach near Manila Bay was opened last weekend, an occasion graced by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. Crowds and lack of physical distancing were noticeable, causing the firing of the Ermita police chief. The Cebu contractor has stopped shipping white sand, causing the DENR to look for new sources.

Longest lockdown blamed for PH economic meltdown - Manila Bulletin

News Report: Number of unemployed reaches 38% due to closure of small and medium industries. Department of Trade and Industry Sec. Lopez calls for reclassification of NCR to MGCQ. Earlier, Sec. Lopez criticized the face shield requirement saying the Philippines is unique in addition to face masks. (September 29, 2020)

Philstar.com October 3, 2020 DTI allows more businesses to operate at 100% capacity

Tinglayan, Kalinga July 20, 2020 P13.2 million marijuana plants torched
At least P17 million worth of the party drug Ecstasy were seized following a raid on a gasoline station in this town on Saturday night. August 13, 2020 P17 million party drugs seized in Pampanga

News Report: Ecstasy, marijuana cases increasing. Drug cases have been rising during the pandemic, bucking the general trend towards lower crime since lockdown. Much of ecstasy comes from Europe; much marijuana from Northern plantations. Despite Pekingese involvement in shabu, they are also engaged in ecstasy and marijuana, as a multimillion peso buy-bust operation in Pampanga shows.

News Report: Classes begin in public schools. Classes began in public schools yesterday with speeches by the President and the DepEd Secretary. It was labeled a triumph by the DepEd, despite a Usec saying only 55% of students have gadgets. Internet services are bad in much of the country. The Bohol governor said in an interview that they're bad outside Tagbilaran, prompting a response that they are bad in Metro Manila as well. Governors from some provinces asked for exemptions from blended learning, citing bad Internet and low COVID cases.

Mobile notices from Globe are usually in English: Learn from international industry leaders as they talk about how they've adapted their businesses to the new normal in the G Summit - Usapang Diskarte on September 23, 9 AM. Redeem your ticket for free via glbe.co.

Presidential survey results released. Among the first surveys for the 2022 presidential elections has come out. It was topped by an NCR mayor widely believed to be eyeing the position (to be expected, according to pundits, since he commissioned it).
He was followed by Vice President Leni Robredo, then former Sen Bongbong Marcos, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, and Sen Manny Pacquiao, who came fifth. Sen Marcos said in an interview that he is keeping his options open. He has been rumored to be seeking the presidency, but rumors put him as running mate to Sara Duterte.
Groups and officials have been calling for the candidacies of Sen Pacquiao, Mayor Duterte-Carpio (with Pres Duterte as VP) and others. A group of retired generals are pushing for the candidacy of Baguio mayor Magalong.

CNN Philippines
Maritime authorities in Malaysia say they stopped six Chinese fishing vessels in Malaysian territorial waters, as Beijing increases its presence throughout the South China Sea. October 13, 2020

News Report: 5 arrested for estafa. Five people were arrested for estafa, having convinced a Filipino-Chinese businessman to invest millions of pesos in a fictitious telecommunications company. One of the five, a Pekingese national, was slated for deportation by the BID.
Comment: This might have been superfluous. But it is most relevant to say that Pekingese mischief is directed at everyone: Filipinos, fellow Pekingese (victims of kidnapping, fake Peking virus clearances, drugs, and so on), and also, in this case, Filipino-Chinese, with whom they share the same race, if not citizenship.

‘The nerve!’ Sotto hits back at Cayetano for ‘passing blame’ on budget delay October 8, 2020
Senators warned that the gov't will likely operate on a corruption-prone budget next year due to the lack of time for Congress to pass the proposed P4.5-trillion National Expenditure Program amid the leadership squabble between Cayetano and Velasco

News Report: House intramurals may delay budget. The dispute between Speaker Alan Cayetano and Representative Lord Velasco over the speakership has caused Cayetano to declare an early recess. Senators said last year, the budget had already been transmitted to the Senate. Observers expressed concern that a reenacted budget will lead to a shortage of funds to deal with the pandemic.

MANILA BULLETIN By Genalyn D. Kabiling
'Natagam na ako' "let the best man win" Roque quoting Duterte. "In principle, the President does not want to get involved in politics."
Sara Duterte-Carpio is reportedly moving to have Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano ousted and replaced by Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco. October 12
186 lawmakers ratify Velasco’s election as speaker
Taguig Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano concedes via FB Live post. October 13
House of Representatives elected presidential son Paolo Duterte as the chairman of the House committee on accounts. October 14

News Report: Velasco elected speaker by House majority. Marinduque Representative Lord Allan Velasco was elected speaker by a majority (186) of congressmen at the Celebrity Sports Complex in Quezon City. The main parties, including known Cayetano allies, were present. In his acceptance speech, Velasco thanked Davao mayor Sara Duterte Carpio. She was also behind the ouster in a previous Congress of Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez and replacement as speaker by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

News Report: Pulse Asia survey topped by Poe, Pacquiao. A survey by Pulse Asia of 2022 presidential hopefuls put Senators Grace Poe, Manny Pacquiao and Bong Go at the top, followed by VP Leni Robredo and Ping Lacson. For the vice presidential race, Manila mayor Domagoso led in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Senate President Tito Sotto came in second.
Checking all the top presidentiables/VPs, all except possibly Robrebo are of Visayan descent. Poe (adopted, a foundling from Iloilo), Pacquiao, Go, Domagoso (Manileno of Visayan parents). Even Senator Lacson, while from Cavite, may originally be from the South (Negros?).

"I'm planning to file a bill which will limit the entrance of foreign construction companies in the country," Zubiri said. Bill limiting foreign contractors in PH projects sought. October 15, 2020
Gordon furious: What? Gov’t allows 35-yr-old Chinese to stay in PH as retirees? m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/1349919 October 19, 2020
Gordon berates PRA chief for allowing 35-year-old Chinese nationals ‘retire’ in Philippines gmanetwork.com/news/story/760532

News Report: 30-40% of workers in government construction projects from China. An article published in the Manila Standard revealed that 30% to 40% of workers in DPWH projects were Pekingese. This comes at a time when a pandemic, itself caused by China, has caused unprecedented levels of unemployment and closure of businesses.

News Report: Hontiveros asks for more funds for cybersecurity. Senator Risa Hontiveros called for an increase in funds for cybersecurity. She said in addition to escalated aggression by China in the West Philippine Sea, there were also many instances of hacking of Philippine government websites from China, some of it bearing Chinese script. China is also known to be doing the same to US websites.

Philippine Star
Sen. Richard Gordon thinks the matter is a national security concern because the young Chinese retirees could serve as a fifth column or a clandestine force that could be mobilized against the Philippines. October 21, 2020
Palace: Give China ‘flexibility’ to hire workers for China-funded bridge projects
P40B kickback through ‘pastillas’ scheme, VUA issuances bared 2020-10-20
Around 3.8 million of these four million Chinese nationals were non-VUA applicants according to Hontiveros. She said the non-VUA applicants are believed to have paid the P10,000 service fee.

News Report: BID officials reveal 'pastillas gang' crimes. Two officials of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation said that the 'pastillas gang' has collected P40 billion from illegal Chinese, Indian, Korean and other aliens and allowed them to go free. According to them, the number of illegal Pekingese is now 4 million, which is bigger than the population of Quezon City. By proportion of the population, this is much bigger than the number of Japanese in the Philippines on the eve of Japan's invasion in 1941. China now occupies Philippine islands and waters in the West Philippine Sea.

News Report: DepEd asks media, public to respect privacy of those involved in suicide. The Department of Education appealed that privacy be respected in cases of suicide, saying that it is a sensitive issue, This comes after several suicides of students and teachers unable to cope with blended learning for economic reasons and due to poor internet connections.

News Report: Attempted coup against House Speaker Velasco. Barely a month after taking office, sources revealed a coup planned against Lord Allan Velasco. The plotter was said to be a frustrated Speaker who figured in recent machinations against Speaker Velasco's taking office.
Meanwhile, former Speaker Potenciano Alvarez revealed that he is resigning from the PDP-Laban. In an interview, he denied joining the opposition, but will move to the party Reporma.



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