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	Genocide in the Philippines, an abbreviated chronology
The 1935 Constitution is ratified. It calls for a "common national language" 1937-1940 President Quezon created the Institute of National Language The Institute recommended the adoption of Tagalog as the national language President Quezon proclaimed Tagalog as the Philippine national language President Quezon ordered that Tagalog be taught as a subject in schools 1956 The national anthem, Lupang Hinirang, was first sung in Pilipino-Tagalog 1962-1969 Stamps shift from English to Tagalog Coins shift from English to Tagalog Bills shift from English to Tagalog 1974 Bilingual education policy using Pilipino-Tagalog and English was imposed 1986-1989 ABS-CBN is returned to the Lopezes and changes its primetime news to Tagalog The present Constitution slyly retains Tagalog Public Forum, hosted by Randolf David, begins a trend for Tagalog public affairs Executive Order No. 335 (August 25, 1988) Enjoining All Departments to be Tagalog 1998 Republic Act 8491, The Flag and Heraldic Code, punishes by fines or imprisonment 2004 Google becomes Tagalog default for the Philippines in the next seven years 2010 President Benigno S. Aquino III delivers his State of the Nation address in all-Tagalog 2011-2021 Blogger, the blogging service of Google, becomes Tagalog default Waze becomes Tagalog default in the Philippines Gmail, YouTube and other Google products gradually reinject Tagalog Facebook intermittently switches from your chosen language to Tagalog Government announcements are sent via cellphone text messages, in Tagalog.

September 24, 2021

Sect goes for Bongbong Marcos.
A highly influential religious sect known for bloc voting has chosen to support former Sen. Bongbong Marcos, according to a well-connected radio commentator. According to the broadcaster, his mother and sister visited the sect's leader before the former senator himself did. With the known closeness of the former senator to the president, the withdrawal of his daughter from the presidential race, and the reluctance of Sen. Bong Go, his chosen running mate, to run for the highest office, he may yet team up with the former senator. This, plus the support of a certain religious sect, makes former Sen. Marcos the man to beat in 2022 - a friendly Duterte successor.
2022 presidential candidates named
A radio commentator with many contacts in the different sectors and political camps has named the probable presidential contenders in 2022. One contender, Sen. Ping Lacson, who has chosen Senate President Tito Sotto as running mate, has selected former Rep. Ronnnie Puno of the National Unity Party to be campaign manager.
The NUP was earlier behind Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio for president, but sinced she decided not to run, it has thrown its support behind Lacson. Another contender, vice president Leni Robredo, will be running because the absence of a candidate from the Liberal Party will marginalize the party. Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos will be running, and he is assembling the political party or coalition which will back him.
Sen. Manny Pacquiao will also be running. He heads the Pimentel faction of the PDP-Laban. However, he has been offered the vice presidency, as a running mate of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos.
Manila mayor Isko Moreno is supposed to still be deciding whether to run for president. He has had talks with vice president Leni Robredo and other political leaders.
Davao City mayor Duterte-Carpio said she will not run, since as Pres. Duterte has said only one from their family will run for a Philippine-wide ('national') position, and she asks people to support her father for vice president. The Hugpong para sa Pagbabago is still trying to convince her to run for president ('hugpong' Cebuano for bunch, 'pagbabago' Tagalog for mutation).
Pacquiao, Domagoso to run for president
Sen. Manny Pacquiao has accepted the nomination of the Pimentel faction of the PDP-Laban to be its presidential candidate in 2022. Manila mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso will also run for president, under the Aksyon Demokratiko party. His running mate will be cardiologist and health advocate Dr. Willie Ong.
In Davao City, mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, who has declined to run for the presidency, has asked the IATF to stop sending Sinovac and Sinopharm to Davao City because of "low acceptability of the people" of these China-made COVID-19 vaccines.
Marcos lauds KBL nomination
Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos applauded his nomination by the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan and praised the party for its adherence to his father's principles. However, he stopped short of accepting it. This has led to speculation about his teaming up with Pres. Duterte under a wing of the splintered PDP-Laban.
This would be a monumental irony, since the PDP-Laban was created to oppose the dictatorship of the former senator's father Ferdinand Marcos ('laban' Tagalog for rumble).

Vaccinees shun Sinovac, wait for other brands
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Sara Duterte to IATF: Buy more Western COVID jabs, September 20
Mayor Sara asks IATF to stop sending Sinovac and SInopharm
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno will run for president in 2022 alongside Dr. Willie Ong, a doctor who has a large following on social media
An executive of Pharmally Pharmaceutical applied to work as an assistant to Michael Yang when he was still economic adviser to President Rodrigo Duterte.
8,000 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) test kits worth around P550 million and purchased by the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and management (DBM) from embattled Pharmally Pharmaceuticals Inc. were put to waste due to expiration.
Lithuania says throw away Chinese phones due to censorship concerns

September 7, 2021

COVID-19 new cases set new record.
New China virus cases announced last August 30 reached 22,366, the highest since the pandemic. Hospitals are exceeding full capacity, as health officials predict further escalation with the highly transmissible delta variant.
Meanwhile, India has approved a new corona vaccine, ZyCoV-D. It is administered not by needle but by a high-pressure jet spray, does not require ultra-low temperatures but can be stored at room temperature, and can be used on children below 18 years old.
Politics heats up.
A day before his arrival from the US, Sen. Manny Pacquio's wing of the PDP-Laban replaced Pres. Duterte as chairman, replacing him with Sen. Koko Pimentel.
Meanwhile, Sen. Bong Go declined his nomination as presidential candidate by the party's Cusi wing, saying he was unworthy of the post. Pundits point to another reason - the involvement of a former aide, a budget undersecretary in pandemic fund irregularities amounting to hundreds of billions of pesos. In the meantime, political advertisements and announcements by various personalities are filling the mass media and cyberspace.
4 Chinese citizens killed in anti-drug operations in Zambales.
Four citizens of China were killed in an encounter with the PNP and the PDEA in Candelaria, Zambales on September 7. Around four billion pesos worth of shabu were recovered. One of the suspects wore a blue PSG shirt, though the Presidential Security Group denied having anything to do with him.
Record set for new COVID-19 new cases.
Yet another was set on Thursday, 22,820. This breaks the record established last Monday, 22,415, and brings up the week's average to 20,000. The crisis in the health sector deepens with more hospitals reaching full capacity, the latest being St. Luke's Medical Center. At the Philippine General Hospital, 13 doctors and other medical personnel resigned because they are exhausted and sick.
The Senate continues its probe of overpriced pandemic deals, which Pres. Duterte has called politically motivated and for the benefit of Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chair Richard Gordon.


• Could China become the Taliban’s new benefactor?
Afghanistan: Taliban to rely on Chinese funds, spokesperson says
• India hits a vaccination milestone, giving at least one shot to more than half of its eligible population>
• Sinovac vaccine's efficacy vs Delta 'wanes' after 6 months — expert
• China's Huawei steals trade secrets, spies on Pakistan nationals: Report
14 Chinese men face illegal gambling raps in Angeles City
Special Report: Money trail from Daphne murder probe stretches to China
China suppression of non-Mandarin languages under Xi Jinping
Ethnic Groups Fear More Repression After Chinese President’s Speech on Minorities
China’s Plans to Dilute Southern Xinjiang’s Uyghur Population Could Constitute Genocide, Scholar Says
China Signals Roll-Back on Minority Languages
China Imposes Mandarin-Language Teaching on Kindergartens in Ethnic Minority, Rural Areas
After destroying Tech and EduTech, Jinping is going after English to stop a revolt in China
Banning Mongolian From Kindergartens Part of China's 'Cultural Genocide': Activists


FDA Fully Approves Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine
Denmark Lifts All COVID Curbs After Successful Vaccination Drive
Record-high 26,303 new Philippine COVID-19 infections push active cases over 185,000 September 11
PNP reports 224 new COVID-19 cases; total now 36,916
Doctors' group president says Roque's apology not sincere
Duterte defends Pharmally, Michael Yang, says he will resign if graft is proven
Gordon: Duterte should have resigned ahead of 'PPE exposé'


August 27, 2021

COVID-19 record new cases tallied.
August 20 registered a China virus count of 17,231. The highest since the beginning of the pandemic. Many hospitals, from Northern Luzon to Southern Mindanao, are running out of space to accommodate new patients. This comes at a time when the country has millions of doses of vaccines.
Former speaker Allan Peter Cayetano has called for a third booster shot for medical frontliners. The question is, a booster of which vaccine? Sinovac, which has been shown to be ineffective against the delta variant here and abroad?
Duterte to run for veep in 2022.
Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has accepted the PDP-Laban nomination as vice-presidential candidate in 2022. This was announced by Cabinet Sec. Karlo Nograles. Senatorial candidates were also announced: Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta, DICT Sec. Gringo Honasan, chief presidential legal counsel Sal Panelo, Department of Transportation Sec. Art Tugade, and DPWH Sec. Mark Villar.
Sen. Richard Gordon said that the president's decision is unconstitutional.
Duterte backs Go for president - Sara.
Presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio says that her father called her to tell her that he supports the PDP-Laban nomination of Sen. Bong Go for the presidency. She did not say if she will do the same, or if she will run for the same post. An interview with Go on his candidacy revealed that his decision will depend on the Dutertes.

China will soon surpass Russia as a nuclear threat – senior US military official
Palace: Duterte, Xi discuss vaccine development, production amid COVID-19 pandemic - Former DBM exec: 'No explanation’ for buying face masks for P27, shields for P120
Gordon raises Lao's ties to Duterte, Go; Ping cites access to PTV. Drilon asks Lao: How did small firm bag P8.68-billion deal for PPEs, test kits?
Bong Go tells Duque: You can make 'supreme sacrifice'
Philippines logs record-high 19,441 new COVID-19 cases, August 29
The Wall Street Journal
The Sinopharm vaccine showed three times the death rate from breakthrough infections than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, a Bahrain Study showed. Sinopharm Covid Vaccine Seen as Less Effective in Bahrain Study
ZyCoV-D vaccine safe and effective for adolescents


August 16, 2021

COVID-19 surge continues.
New China virus cases have exceeded 12,000 for consecutive days, registering a steady increase. This coincides with the entry of the Delta variant, which DOH officials say has spread thoughout the NCR. Despite increased vaccination, the surge has increased concern, especially with many hospitals close to exceeding capacity. The OCTA Research Group says that a two-week ECQ is insufficient to reduce transmission rates.
Manila mayor tests positive for COVID-19.
Manila mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso announced in his social media account that he has tested positive for the China virus. He said that he has mild symptoms and will continue to perform his duties remotely. Mayor Domagoso has been the target of attacks from Pres. Duterte in recent days, for his sexy pictures (from his early acting career), which Duterte said were unbecoming of a public official.
Domagoso was deprived of the power to distribute funds for pandemic victims. Attacks on him follow those on Sen Pacquiao and VP Robredo, prompting some to ask if they are aimed at presidential rivals of Duterte's daughter. At least three congressmen and other public figures have said they will support the mayor if he runs for the presidency.
Presidential advice on vaccination.
In a media briefing, Pres. Duterte said everyone should be vaccinated in order to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic, which he predicts will last for years. He did not say that the most common vaccine, Sinovac, millions of doses of which his government has ordered, has been shown to be ineffective against the China virus here and abroad. This has brought a renewed surge and lockdowns even in China.
Among the most glaring demonstrations of the lack of efficacy of Sinovac is the COVID-19 positive diagnosis of the Manila mayor, who had received two jabs of Sinovac.

•They Relied on Chinese Vaccines. Now They’re Battling Outbreaks
•Ravaged by delta outbreak, Southeast Asia shifts away from China’s vaccines
•China Refuses to Cooperate on WHO Plan to Trace COVID Origins
•China: Delta variant steps up infection rates - CNN reports that the “vast majority” of people with a SARS-CoV-2 infection in the outbreak in Nanjing had already received their vaccination.
•How China Uses TikTok To Spy On You
•Duterte to Isko Moreno -- call boy na mayor - YouTube
•‘Garapalan’: Duterte abusing powers for political agenda vs Isko Moreno – analyst
•14,749 new cases -August 16
•Philippines records 14,610 new COVID-19 cases; active tally climbs to 106,672 -August 17
•Delta now dominant coronavirus variant, says Genome Center head
•NCR’s 7-day average in new COVID-19 cases up 51% –OCTA
•AstraZeneca vaccine shows longest protection vs. severe COVID-19 infection
• - Manila Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who tested positive for COVID-19 on August 8, was discharged from the Sta. Ana Hospital on Thursday while Mayor Isko Moreno “continues to show signs of improvement.” Isko health condition 'improving'
•China says it’s ready for ‘friendly relations’ with the Taliban


August 7, 2021

Politics in time of pandemic.
Despite the worsening health situation as a result of the Delta variant, politics is in the air. The Cusi faction of the PDP-Laban, having gotten rid of Sen. Manny Pacquiao, plans a Go-Duterte tandem. Meanwhile, Sen. Wynn Gatchalian says he'll run for veep if Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio seeks the presidency. Their tandem is supported by Albay Rep. Joey Salceda.
The Lacson-Sotto team canceled its rally because of health restrictions, though Lacson ads blanket cyberspace. If surveys are to be believed, despite being in separate tickets, the two Dutertes will be occupying the top two offices of the land.
Moreno leaves NUP, joins Aksyon Demokratiko.
Manila mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso has resigned from the National Unity Party, and joined Aksyon Demokratiko, the party of the late Sen. Raul Roco. He joins Pasig mayor Vico Sotto, who ran for office under that party.

•Cusi: Go-Duterte nominated by PDP-Laban council for Eleksyon 2022
• -- Vice President Leni Robredo on Sunday said she rejected Sen. Panfilo Lacson's "unification" plan in the 2022 elections because it involved all aspirants filing their candidacies and then withdrawing to support those with good survey numbers. Robredo on supposed Lacson unification proposal: I can't run and then withdraw
•China pledges 2 billion vaccine doses to world - Xi Jinping
•Why the Chinese and Russian Vaccines Haven't Been the Geopolitical Wins They Were Hoping For
•Delta variant challenges China's zero Covid strategy — and raises questions over its vaccine efficacy
•China sees highest daily figure of COVID-19 patients in current outbreak
•Museum of Science’s Body Works Exhibit used Chinese Torture Victims


August 1, 2021

DOH recommends booster shots against Delta variant.
Based on advice from experts in China, the Department of Health advised those who have had two shots of Sinovac an additional booster shot. This comes as evidence accumulates on the ineffectivity of Sinovac against the Delta variant. As a result, neighboring Southeast Asian countries, which are experiencing corona infection and even death from those fully vaccinated with Sinovac, as in Malaysia and Thailand, are making the switch.
Singapore has removed Sinovac from its vaccine program without offending China. The latter is important as China has threatened to bar entry to those not vaccinated with Chinese vaccines.
Vaccine anxieties.
In the second part of the second year of the pandemic, despite vaccines, concerns increase as the Delta variant spreads. This is why the restricted GCQ over NCR has not been relaxed. In China, where the percentage of vaccinated exceeds the US, a surge in five provinces and 13 cities has called into question the effectiveness of China's vaccines. Another million doses of Sinovac just arrived this week.
Female local execs top survey.
Results of a survey by an independent group had lady local officials leading it. Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, Quezon City mayor Joy Belmonte, and Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia topped the list. The two mayors were followed by Calamba mayor Justin Chipeco, Arnan Panaligan of Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, Oscar Moreno of Cagayan de Oro, and Benjamin Magalong of Baguio.
Among governors, Garcia was trailed by Arthur Defensor of Iloilo, Francisco Emmanuel Ortega III of La Union, Marc Douglas Cagas IV of Davao del Sur, and Dennis Pineda of Pampanga. The survey was conducted by RP Mission and Development Foundation.
P1.5-B worth of shabu seized in Bulacan; 1 killed.
A buy-bust operation in Pandi, Bulacan yielded 218 kilograms worth P1,482,200,000.00. The dealer of methamphetamine hydrochloride, a Chinese citizen, resisted arrest and was killed in a shootout. In 2020, a raid in Marilao on a warehouse of a citizen of China led to the seizure of 5.1 billion pesos. The pandemic has intensified drug trafficking, mostly Chinese-operated or of Chinese origin.

P863-M in shabu hidden inside tea packets seized, 3 Chinese nationals nabbed
Voice of America - VOA
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the delta variant of the coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox and that infections in vaccinated people may be as transmissible as in the unvaccinated.
Sinovac, the leading vaccine developer and manufacturer in China, has exported some 150 million doses to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.
China's most serious surge of coronavirus infections in months
China faces worst COVID-19 outbreak since Wuhan; surge of Delta variant in 15 cities


July 21, 2021

Looking back to a better time.
The passing yesterday of former Cebu governor Emilio 'Lito' Osmena makes us recall an era of economic development, local autonomy, and cultural and linguistic freedom. His reforms in Cebu (marketed then as "an island in the Pacific") echoed far beyond his province. It registered in the country and abroad.
Under him, the teaching of Tagalog was stopped in Cebu, and the national anthem was sung in Cebuano. He inspired other language communities to follow his example. As Manila's imperialism is supplemented by the even more insidious one of China, and the pandemic unleashed there ravages the country and the world, one looks back longingly to the better times Gov. Lito Osmena brought.

Voice of America
Thailand and Indonesia announced they would switch from doses made in China to Western vaccines

COVID cases surge as Delta variant spreads.
Despite lower counts in Mega Manila, the spread of the deadlier Delta variant has been reported in some areas. Davao City is of particular concern, with over 200 cases a day. Iloilo, General Santos and Santa Rosa, Laguna have had mounting numbers. Ormoc City mayor is the latest official to test positive, despite being vaccinated. Health authorities have issued an alert following the entry of the Delta variant.
Nothing has been said about the doubtful effectiveness of much-touted Sinovac, especially in regard to the delta variant, resulting in a surge in countries like Indonesia and Thailand where Sinovac has been dumped.
Oil exploration device found off Pangasinan.
An ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) with Chinese markings was found by fishermen from Pangasinan in the West Philippine Sea. This means that apart from driving Philippine fishermen from traditional fishing grounds, stealing, destroying and contaminating Philippine reefs, a certain country is also conducting oil exploration in waters just a short distance from the Philippine coast.
Ruling party rift intensifies.
The PDP-Laban word war, which began with an allegation of Sen. Manny Pacquiao that there is extensive corruption, has spread far beyond this. A convention called by Energy Sec. and erstwhile vice chair Al Cusi removed Pacquiao as president and put Cusi in the position.
Pres. Duterte has trained his guns beyond Pacquiao and attacked Sen. Koko Pimentel and even his late father, prompting a reaction from the Cagayan de Oro mayor. Sen. Pacquiao is now considering running under the opposition. Meanwhile the political pot boils even more, with Sen. Ping Lacson and Sen. Tito Sotto running as a tandem.
Senate President Vicente Sotto III said that the party alliances supporting his tandem with Sen. Panfilo Lacson were crafting countermeasures to stop possible meddling by another country in the 2022 elections and influence its results. Lacson-Sotto tandem wary of foreign meddling in next polls -June 23

Their arrogance will be their downfall. In FB's anti-Beijing groups, many are predicting that this overweening pride will be their downfall. Some foreign policy experts are saying that Xi Jinping's unprecedented attempts to consolidate power (including, not just the widely condemned large-scale imprisonment and total surveillance of Uyghurs in West Turkestan aka Xinjiang, and practically complete suppression of non-Mandarin/Putonghua languages - something never attempted before), are actually because of fear, and point to an impending overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party. Maps of a post-CCP China from the Internet, in which non-Mandarin-speaking parts of China had seceded, have been widely shared.
Exposure of pro-Beijing taipans, this should be the next expose. We've known about one of the biggest, who has long had malls in Red China, and is a partner (dummy?) of China in Transco, a security breach in which a seemingly friendly but actually hostile foreign country has control of the country's electrical supply, something it can turn off at will. Something that has recently been supplemented by the new mobile phone company, Dito, whose establishment is being opposed in many areas because it is a security risk.
The new willingness of Pres. Duterte to run again (with Bong Go), and the announcement by Sara that she is now willing to run for president (something she previously disavowed) points to the chilling possibility of another six years in power, and perhaps looming annexation by Beijing.


July 12, 2021

COVID-19 areas of concern.
Even as new cases taper off in the NCR Plus bubble (Mega Manila; Pasay City has had none for nearly a week), the OCTA Research Group warns that five areas in the rest of the country should cause concern because of rising rates of transmission, reduced hospital facilities and other factors. The places are Davao Cty, Iloilo Cty, Bacolod Cty, General Santos City and Baguio City. It also warned of the lambda variant from Peru which is deadlier and more transmissible than the delta variant. OCTA earlier contested the DOH position on rates flattening. Another problem is the shortage of vaccines, which has caused some Metro Manila cities to stop vaccination.
Vaccination news.
In an interview, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez said that the shortage of vaccines was due to the fact that Sinovac vaccines were scheduled to arrive later. He said that additional vaccines from Gamalaya and Johnson & Johnson are scheduled to arrive. Over 3 million doses of Johnson & Johnson donated by the US will arrive this month.
In vaccine-related news, Singapore is not including Sinovac jabs in its corona vaccination count.
Sinovac ineffective against Delta variant - Thai study.
A study by leading virologists in Thailand has concluded that Sinovac has little effect on the COVID-19 Delta variant, which was first identified in India and is rapidly spreading through Thailand. Astra-Zeneca was found to be effective against this much more contagious variant, which is expected to become dominant in Thailand by next month. Earlier, at least 10 doctors vaccinated with Sinovac in Indonesia died of COVID-19.
More developments on the political front.
Even as Pres. Duterte expresses an interest to run for VP, he says that 2022 is too early for his daughter, Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to run for the presidency (she has been endorsed by the People's Reform Party of the late Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago). Meanwhile, the president will attend the weekend convention called by PDP-Laban vice-chair Al Cusi, ignorng his expulsion by PDP prexy Pacquiao, now abroad. Expect fireworks.
On West Philippine Sea matters, the news is on reports from US experts based on satellite photos that China is dumping human waste in its occupied WPS reefs. This has courted the ire of environmentalists decrying the damage to marine life, and elicited comments of 'Baboy!' (pig) from Sen. Panfilo Lacson. Not content with defecating in mall fountains, beaches & historic sites, they are now throwing their excrement in reefs they have seized from the Philippines.

SunStar Cebu
Aside from the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, the Philippines also received 12 million doses of Sinovac, 249,600 doses of Moderna and 180,000 doses of Sputnik V. New Covax shipment brings PH vaccine supply to over 20M doses -July 10
Sinovac vaccine effective, DOH reiterates after inoculated Thai health workers catch COVID-19
Thailand’s health ministry said on Sunday more than 600 medical workers who received two doses of China’s Sinovac vaccine have been infected with COVID-19. Hundreds of Thai medical workers infected despite Sinovac vaccinations
In the U.S., the CDC reports 67.5% of adults have received at least one shot of the typical two-shot vaccination regimen and 58.7% are fully vaccinated. US Political Divide on Coronavirus Vaccinations -July 12
Fox News
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday that returning to in-person learning in schools this fall is a priority. -July 11
5 years after arbitral ruling, China presence in Philippine sea growing
China vessels dumping human waste in parts of West Philippine Sea, photos show


July 2, 2021

The end of an era.
With the passing on June 24 of former President Benigno Aquino III, flags are at half mast. The country remains deeply divided, as the government that succeeded him belongs to the other camp. Despite many criticiams, though, he and his administration had the courage to stand up to China and pursue the Philippine case at the International Court of Justice. It is to his credit that the Sinophiles and Sinomaniacs in the present administration dare not contest the awarding to the Philippines of the islands and reefs now occupied by a fascistic and imperialistic country aiming for global domination.
Administration intramurals.
The week was dominated by a word war between Sen. Manny Pacquiao on one hand and Pres. Duterte and officials on the other. The president reacted to a statement by Pacquiao about increased corruption in government, drawing the rejoinder that this has been addresed. Duterte also challenged him to name names, or he would campaign against him. Pacquiao then named the Department of Health (DOH).
Sec. Al Cusi said Sen. Pacquiao, who is party president, should resign from the PDP for fighting Duterte. Sen. Drilon commented that this word war was helping the opposition.
In other political news, Pres. Duterte said he is willing to run as vice president since there are still things which he wanted to accomplish in government. He did not say who he wanted to run with but Sec. Cusi said Sen. Bong Go was the one he trusted most.
COVID concerns.
The Department of Health has said that it is concerned, and that it will look into reports that Pfizer and AstraZeneca affects the heart and other organs. Nothing was said about Sinovac and Sinopharm, products of a friendly country. Reports from Indonesia revealed that hundreds of medical frontliners vaccinated with Sinovac have contracted the China virus. According to the Indonesian Medical Association, ten doctors given two Sinovac jabs have died of the disease.
Pacquiao in the news.
After a word war with Pres. Duterte's cabinet, Sen. Manny Pacquiao was seen in the company of Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio at a function at the US embassy. The senator continues to hog the political headlines. Sen. Ping Lacson said that he was offered the vice presidential slot in tandem with Sen. Pacquiao. Palace spokesperson Harry Roque advised Sen. Pacquiao to first mature politically before running for the presidency.
In political and pandemic-related news, VP Leni Robredo said she wanted to do COVID-19 vaccinations in Davao City, which has seen a surge in cases, but that it might be given political color. The veep has been with local officials in vaccination activities in other parts of the country, as she was the other week with Manila mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso in a vaccination center in the capital city. The VP will presumably not use Sinovac if she sponsors a vaccination activity in Davao City.
Leachon warns on DOH pandemic assessment.
Former IATF consultant Dr. Tony Leachon said people should not be lulled into complacency by the statement by the Department of Health that the COVID-19 curve is flattening. He said the transmission rate is still high, and most people have not been vaccinated. He said the DOH wanted to increase the number of guests at Pres. Duterte's last State of the Nation Address. All former presidents and former members of Congress are invited, aside from the incumbents.

Voice of America - VOA
Hundreds of Indonesian health care workers who had received the vaccine caught the disease anyway. At least 10 doctors have died despite having been fully vaccinated with two doses of Sinovac's CoronaVac vaccine, according to the Indonesian Medical Association. Little peer-reviewed data on the vaccine are available. What information is available suggests that the vaccine is less potent than others, especially against the highly contagious delta variant that was first detected in India. Indonesia is one of dozens of countries where the Chinese company's vaccine makes up a substantial part of the available doses.
Sinovac Vaccine Falls Short of Expectations

Duque: Philippines not out of the woods yet despite low-risk COVID-19 classification
Duque wants stiff penalty for illicit sale of COVID-19 vaccine
Duque: No local cases of Delta COVID-19 variant in Philippines yet
PNP COVID-19 cases reach 28,216
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Pacquiao adds DSWD, DOE, DENR to his list of ‘corrupt’ agencies


June 22, 2021

Hundreds of vaccinated medical workers get COVID-19 in Indonesia.
Doctors and medical workers vaccinated with Sinovac in the Kudus region of Central Java became positive for the China virus. Most were asymptomatic but dozens were hospitalized with respiratory symptoms and falling oxygen levels. This has caused concern in the Philippines, where there are proposals to remove swab requirements for arriving vaccinated travelers.
In corona-related news, some doctors in the NCR said that contrary to DOH pronouncements, critical COVID-19 cases are increasing, straining hospital facilities to capacity.
There are concerns that the delta variant, which is more serious and spreads more rapidly is a factor, and puts into question the effectiveness of some vaccines.
Number of vaccinated reaches 8 million.
The National Vaccination Overall Authority said the number of instances people have been vaccinated has reached eight million, even as an agreement with Pfizer to supply 40 million vaccines has been reached.
In pandemic-related news, 5,803 new cases were reported on June 20, with the biggest number from Eastern Visayas, mostly in Tacloban City.
3 officials running for the Senate under NPC.
Senate president Tito Sotto said three officials are running for the senate under the Nationalist People's Coalition. They include Antique Rep. Loren Legarda, Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero and Sen. Wyn Gatchalian.
Still in political news, former Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya said that the Sara-Gibo tandem is gathering momentum, with endorsements from Quezon City mayor Joy Belmonte and congressmen from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.
Sec. Mark Villar has also begun his campaign for the Senate with a jingle in a leading Manila radio station.
Leni-Isko tandem pushed.
Some political leaders are calling for a team-up for the 2022 elections between VP Leni Robredo and Manila mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso. This comes at a time when some Liberals are calling for a single opposition ticket to oppose the administration, and possibly include someone from outside the party in the ticket. Robredo and Domagoso were together at the CCP Complex on June 22, partnering in a vaccination event for transportation workers (pedicab, tricycle and delivery drivers). Neither mentioned political plans.
Sotto files one person one account resolution in Senate.
Senate president Tito Sotto has filed a resolution requiring that all social message account owners be linked to a single identifiable person. This, he said, would prevent trolls from giving fake news, false messages or scams. This is in line with a campaign by pro-administration mediamen with that objective.
The implication of this resolution, which some officials want to become law, are chilling. The power over social media means that the government can use its new power over social media to hunt its enemies and curb dissent.
It brings to mind a lawsuit by WhatsApp against the Indian government, saying that requiring the first person sharing a message to be identified violates privacy. A lawsuit using the new law has caused controversy, with civil libertarians saying that India is moving towards the digital totalitarianism and absence of privacy in China.
The proposed one person one account law in the Philippines makes the country resemble China more closely, demonstrating how lackeys wish to resemble their masters as closely as possible.


June 12, 2021

Reduction in cases, causes for concern.
A total of 4,077 new cases were recorded on June 8, considerably lower than in previous days. But there were many more cases in Mindanao, with those in Davao exceeding Quezon City's. New strains were blamed for the surge. Earlier, escalating cases were noted in Zamboanga City. An additional source of concern was a new variant from India, delta 1, causing deadly symptoms like gangrene.

Essential workers included among vaccination priorities.
A4 workers, workers in key industries, joined A1 to A3 categories (medical and other frontliners, those with comorbidities, etc.) in groups prioritized for vaccination. But few in priority groups have been vaccinated due to vaccination hesitancy. The WHO approval for Sinovac which Malacanang hoped would give legitimacy to China vaccination has not done so.


June 8, 2021

All roads lead to Sara.
Sen. Imee Marcos revealed that she and her brother, former Sen. Bongbong Marcos, met with Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She did not disclose the subject of their meeting. On June 3, former Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro and his wife, accompanied by former Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. visited the mayor on a private plane. The visit was followed by an FB post 'Done deal folks' by Andaya, who said they were destined to be with each other. Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, who describes the Davao City mayor as smart, strong and self-assured, sees GMA in her.
Some Manila newspapers see the Sara-Gibo tandem as the team to beat in 2022. Neither Duterte nor Teodoro, however, have disclosed their political plans.
More politics.
Political commentators commenting on the 'Sara-Gibo' tandem announced by former Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. said nothing is final, and that the Davao mayor might team up with either Teodoro or former Sen. Bongbong Marcos. Former Sec. Teodoro, they noted, has long been close to the Dutertes and was offered a cabinet post.
Other teamups are those of the Manila mayor teaming up with Sen. Grace Poe as VP and former Sen. Bongbong Marcos and Pres. Duterte. They said it is still early and that substitutions are possible at the last minute. Pres. Duterte was still running at third or fourth shortly before election day.
Teodoro confirms VP bid.
In a radio interview, former Defense Sec. Gilbert Teodoro said that events of the past year have convinced him that he can best serve the country in government service. He said Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is the most capable for the highest office, and that he has offered to serve as vice president if she runs.


June 2, 2021

PDP-Laban questions.
Sen. Manny Pacquiao, the president of PDP-Laban, asked members of the national council to boycott a meeting to select its presidential candidate called by Sec. Al Cusi. Sec. Cusi, though, said the meeting has the blessing of Pres. Duterte. He said that the group needs to select only the standard bearer since it will ask Pres. Duterte to run as VP.
In other political news, the current cabinet is espected to be reduced by half by October since many are expected to run for senator including spokesman Harry Roque and secretaries Karlo Nograles and Mark Villar.
Sotto will run only under Lacson.
Senate President Tito Sotto, a leading candidate for vice president, said that he will only run as vice president under Sen. Panfilo Lacson since he is the only presidential contender that he trusts and admires.


May 26, 2021

Fake face shields seized in Paranaque.
Substandard face shields which did not meet standards were found by authorities in a Paranaque warehouse. They had been smuggled from China. The shields were later destroyed.
Dogs trained to detect COVID-19.
Researchers in the UK have trained dogs to spot people with the disease from their characteristic odor, with 95% accuracy. This is way faster than a PCR test, and more accurate than a lateral flow test. This can be used in malls, the LRT/MRT, and other places with large numbers of people entering, and where dogs are already used to detect bombs and explosives.
Hearing on Leonen impeachment set on May 27.
The hearing on Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen was set on M at 27 after the case was referred to the House of Representatives committee on justice by the committee on rules. It stems from his non-filing of his statement of assets, liabilibilites and net worth, and stems from a complaint of Ilocos Norte representative Angelo Marcos Barba.
It will be recalled that during his electoral protest, former Sen. Bongbong Marcos asked for the exclusion of Justice Leonen from the proceedings because he was allegedly biased against him.
House panel to tackle Leonen impeachment on May 27
Lagman, Rodriguez say impeachment complaint vs. Leonen just 'hearsay'
The House of Representatives’ swift junking of the impeachment complaint speaks of the baselessness of allegations against him, Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen said. - May 27

In other political news, sources have mentioned retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio and Sen. Franklin Drilon as possible opposition presidential candidates. This follows reports that VP Leni Robredo is planning to run for a local position in Camarines Sur. The reason for hesitating to run for national office range from financial ones to the opposition of her daughters.
Panelo says Duterte can run for veep.
Presidential legal advisor Salvador Panelo says that President Rodrigo Duterte can run as vice president if there is a clamor from the Filipino people. According to Panelo, the common good has always been his object ever since he decided to run for president. If he does, he is expected to be the running mate of either his daughter Davao City mayor Sara Duterte Carpio or longtime aide Sen. Bong Go.
Sinovac rejected by employers abroad.
Radio interviews with OFWs have revealed that China-made China virus vaccines are not accepted by many countries and employers abroad. Many seamen vaccinated here have complained that their employers do not recognize the vaccine.
Similarly, a check with the Saudi Arabian embassy revealed that they recognize only four vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson.


May 21, 2021

Robredo, staff vaccinated.
Vice president Leni Robredo and 18 members of her staff have been vaccinated in Quezon City. In accordance with her attitude towards the Chinese occupation and the China-made virus and their vaccine, she selected an AstraZeneca jab.
In political news, the VP belied assertions by former Sen. Antonio Trillanes that he will be the opposition presidential candidate. She said the opposition has not yet selected a standard bearer, and that she has not yet ruled out running for the highest office or for a local position in Camarines Sur.
DILG orders non-disclosure of vaccine brands.
Secretary Eduardo Ano of the Department of Local Government ordered mayors not to reveal the vaccine brands to be used on constituents until the day of the vaccination. This was supported by most NCR mayors. This follows widespread opposition to China-made China virus vaccines and preference for the newly arrived Pfizer vaccine. Malabon Mayor Toby Tiangco registered dissent, saying that the order can only fuel suspicion and opposition to vaccines.


May 11, 2021

Duterte withdraws from debate.
President Rodrigo Duterte backed out of a debate to which he had challenged retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio regarding who brought about the current crisis with China in the West Philippine Sea. He was advised by his cabinet that it was unseeemly for a sitting president to debate with a private citizen, which the retired justice now is. Instead, he proposed Sec. Harry Roque, whom he described as being knowledgeable in international law. Sec. Roque asked Justice Carpio to name the place and time for the debate.
EcoWaste coalition urges crematorium compliance with pollution control regulations.
The order for corona deaths to be cremated has made crematoriums operate continuously. April has seen a record for daily deaths (over 400). This has led to increased pollution from the practice, leading the EcoWaste coalition to ask for monitoring of the Clean Air Act to protect the health of the living.
The pandemic has led to other health problems. The BBC has reported that divers from environmental groups have found large accumulations of used face masks in Manila Bay.
Defensor thanks FDA for granting ivermectin CPR.
Rep. Mike Defensor hailed the Food and Drug Administration for granting ivermectin a certificate of product registration. This authorization for human use (it was previously for animal deworming) is only as an antihelmintic/antiparasitic and not against COVID-19. He asked for authorization for this purpose as he, according to him, and many others, have benefited from its use.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said the DOH will submit an EUA application for Sinopharm before the Food and Drug Administration Monday after the World Health Organization approved the jab for emergency use. DOH to seek emergency use authorization for Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine


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