Locking down the country into suffering and backwardness with Tagalog filipino National Language - a compendium of messages sent to DILA by E starting March 2020

Tell me what you think of the Pekingese virus suspicions. They and their sympathizers are turning the tables and pinning the blame on the US. It's significant that countries with close links to Beijing are the hardest hit.


I couldn't find any open Internet shops ever since the extension of the enhanced community quarantine caused the closure of all shops other than those selling food and medicines (and banks) the other day.

What language does Waze use in Cebu? It turns out that the subdialect has become the default medium of Waze, so all rented vehicles in the Metro use that.

Now it's not just NTC but DOLE which releases infernal/diabolical messages, like this: Tulong mula sa DOLE para sa displaced workers (CAMP). Mag-email sa camp.doleble@gmail.com o tumawag sa hotline 1349.

Another infernal text from NTC. They should have versions in languages other than the subdialect; otherwise only subdialectals and Tagalogs will reply and they get a biased sample. Or perhaps it's deliberate?: PAKI FILL OUT po itong survey upang mas maintindihan ng gobyerno ang pangangailangan ng mga konsyumer at maliliit na negosyo ngayong panahon ng COVID-19.

Looks like the infernal NTC messages are getting more and more sinister. Now they're expecting their audience to have (to paraphrase Joey) the China-made virus. Meanwhile, the voice clip of the prez announcing the extended lockdown is prefaced w/ the words 'tanda ng pagmamalasakit ng pamahalaan.' The diabolical NTC post I'm referring to: Tandaan, tawagan ang lokal na BHERT kung may karamdaman. Pwede rin tawagan ang libreng nationwide hotline ng DOH: 02-894-COVID(26843) & 1555(All networks).

Am looking at a February 16 column of Joey de Leon in Star. Looks like he agrees with the Pekingese theory: 'Lilipas din sya/ Sapagkat ang virus/ Lang ay made in China!'

Three more weeks of lockdown! That's according to last night's Duterte speech. In effect, 3 more weeks of virtual imprisonment (you can't go out unless to buy food, buy medicine or go to the hospital), plus the inevitable infernal texts. I just hope this Pekingese-engineered pandemic ends soon. Note that a medical team sent by Beijing is now in the diabolical metropolis to 'help.'

Is your phone Huawei, or by a Pekingese subsidiary? Then it may be spying. With the lockdown they are also promoting bandwidth gluttony via Netflix, Zoom and others. China-based Tik Tok has captivated local politicians like Chiz Escudero and partner Heart who long to be the talk of the town. I won't be surprised if the Pekingese are using these to spy too.

About the solution being mass testing (then quarantne), cheaper kits have been bought or made (some by UP). Testing will avert the vast economic costs because it'll allow pinpointng and isolation of infected ones. With so much money spent by government to deal with the disease it'll be worth it.

The just-departed Pekingese "assistance" and "observation" team which toured several COVID-19 facilities in the Philippines recommended the use of "alternative medicine" in dealing with the crisis. So we'll use Chinese medicine? Considering the use of Pekingese medicine, which is leading to the extinction of the Yangtze dolphin, the rhinoceros, sharks, pangolins (in Palawan), etc., I don't know what to say.

Strangely there was a made in China COVID medicine much acclaimed as a possible cure and given prominence by pro-Pekingese WHO but turned out to be a failure. The hype suddenly stopped. According to local radio, this happened after those Pekingese med (that's "medical" not "mad") experts had left.

Galvez says if extended, enhanced community quarantine may be for additional 15 days _ GMA News Online April 04, 2020

The lockdown has been extended for another 15 days in many provinces aside from the national capital region. Infuriating. Meanwhile they are proposing that POGO (offshore gaming which is dominated by Pekingese) resume since it will bring additional earnings. That gives an idea of their priorities.

Following a report on an illegal clinic frequented by Chinese POGO players selling fake Pekingese COVID medicines, it was admitted by the chair of the National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea (Sec. Lorenzana) that China has incorporated the Paracels and Spratlys (including disputed areas) as Pekingese provinces. Provocations in the midst of the China virus points to exploiting the pandemic and their questionable motives in manufacturing the virus. Did you hear of the AFP general who, while Philippine ships were being confronted by Pekingese in the West Philippine Sea, wrote to the Pekingese ambassador asking for unregistered China virus meds made in his country for his friends? Meanwhile Taiwan refused to deport the OFW who lambasted the Philippine prez, saying they have freedom of press in their country. Kudos to Taiwan, which by its action highlighted the undemocratic nature of both the Philippines and of Taiwan's totalitarian Pekingese rival.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/735949 Taiwan OFW deportation demanded

gmanetwork.com/news/story/736595 Duterte admin sees POGO operations as 'very essential' —Bato

The decision of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease of Pekingese Origin - oops! - to resume Pekingese-patronized POGO was confirmed. According to an interview of PAGCOR Chairman Andrea Domingo, POGO will resume this May. Therefore those Pekingese (lucky ones!) clients, who never left, and who may have spread the China virus in the first place, will continue with their activities even before lotto resumes. Backlash by senators (Villanueva, Hontiveros, etc.) over POGO return and IATF approval, saying it favors a non-essential sector over essential ones, that it benefits the Pekingese and underscores their great influence. Senators warn it can spread China virus infection among PAGCOR Filipino workers and the public.

Senator Risa Hontiveros called on China to pay reparations to the Philippines and other countries for COVID-19. Does she know something that the administration doesn't?

This NTC text message in English is a pleasant shock. Either they heard us or COVID-19 is affecting their mental processes, though positively: DICT April 24, 2020 IATF-TWG-RPS Advisory: All Local Government Units, National Government Agencies and check point personnel should still honor all issued IATF-IDs

They're pushing the national ID which they say will help in identifying beneficiaries of the state's COVID program. The worrisome thing is that it contains biometrics and other personal information which will be available to those in power. Let's hope someone is not trying to imitate his idol Xi Jinping who has access to nearly everything, even the most intimate personal details of his involuntary constituents. Chilling if we're headed that way.

It was reported that Tagalog singer Imelda Papin's singing of "One Sea" (the China Sea which the Philippines "shares" with China and which China claims in its entirety) along with a Pekingese counterpart got 100,000 dislikes on Twitter vs 8,500 likes. "One Sea" has figured prominently in recent days in Pekingese and pro-Pekingese websites, a reiteration of their claim at a time when the world is reeling from the catastrophic Pekingese virus. Papin was interviewed (due to the bashing) re her controversial video where she sang "One Sea" in the subdialect while a Pekingese singer did the same in put*****a. She said she was chosen by the Chinese ambassador, wasn't paid, and was under the impression that she was only contributing to the fight against COVID.

They have put some Luzon provinces on GCC, but only the more distant ones - (definitely) not Metro Manila, Calabarzon or Central Luzon. They should buy cheaper, quicker, more available rapid test kits and test as widely as possible. They're turning the heat on the Spaniard in Dasmarinas Makati while ignoring Pekingese doing all sorts of things, not to mention the Pekingese government exploiting preoccupation with their virus to step up aggression in the 'One Sea.'

Why is the worst English in the Philippines spoken in Manila? Because they expect everyone to speak the diabolical subdialect Manila Tagalog. Southern Tagalogs from Batangas, Laguna, Marinduque, Cavite, etc. are our allies because they're also ridiculed by Manilans for their accent. I've seen FB debates between those from Laguna and Batangas who are proud of their distinct Tagalog variety (some want it taught in MTBMLE) and Bulakenyos who support the Manila position.

Human Rights Watch report on prisoners indicate numerous unreported prisoner positive cases as well as possible deaths since March, though these were uncertain because untested. Also hunger among various sectors including jeepney drivers due to lockdown (with reported social amelioration of only 20%) which caused suicides, among them a farmer in Pangasinan. Farmer killed himself because he was unable to feed his family since he couldn't sell his vegetables because of the lockdown, yet he did not receive anything from the social amelioration fund.


Remember the soldier shot dead by a policeman and the Quezon City vendor beaten up by "tanods" which went viral? If they're going all the way to Taiwan to prosecute, think of the areas under their noses. Let's just hope for the best. Finally good news though from abroad: reports on a human trial of a potential vaccine in the UK. Mass production planned in India in September. Therefore cheap but quality (note that this was not projected in that other unmentionable center of cheap production). Oxford Vaccine against the China Virus is now undergoing clinical trials in the UK.

bbc.com/news/live/world-52495737 US approves drug for coronavirus treatment

From the news: WHO refutes Trump charge that COVID-19 came from a laboratory in China. Nothing surprising from an international organization under the thumb of the Pekingese. They maintain that it came from animals, perpetuating an old story. The Trump charge is supported by reports from other sources.

How is "social distancing" pronounced? On the radio they keep saying "social disTANcing" - the Tagalog pronunciation? Most irritating. Add to this the NTC spam which is back in the diabolical subdialect. Another factor that needlessly raises the blood pressure in this crisis situation. Smart-PLDT infernal garbage. In fairness to Globe, they spewed subdialectal NTC trash only once - and prefaced it with English. Note the English introduction of Globe before the StaySafe blast, in contrast to the other network which is all subdialectal spam: This is a public advisory brought to you by the Natonal Telecommunications Commission, Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) and Globe: Ang StaySafe.ph ang opisyal na social distancing health condition reporting at contact tracing system na tutulong sa ating gobyerno laban sa COVID-19. Mag-register na sa StaySafe.ph.

From the news, an American senator has accused TikTok of being a vehicle for Pekingese spying. Which echoes what has been said here before. With Philippine politicians and their families inundating TikTok, they'd have a field day. Except that the Pekingese already have the Philippines in their pocket. Though having them under your thumb is something else. You can plant cookies, and all sorts of advanced 5G (which the Pekingese are expert in) and AI software in their devices, and they can blissfully monitor their satellites/lackeys in their "One Sea" from their headquarters in Beijing.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/737460 Dutch watchdog to investigate TikTok's use of children's data

News report: P32 million shabu seized from courier in Metro Manila. Announcer asks: "Where does all this shabu come from?" Answer: From the same source of COVID-19.

Isn't Hanlin a Pekingese company? Three employees based at NAIA were reported to have died of the China virus, and at least eight others, including a foreign (Pekingese?) flight instructor. Outrageous! They're spreading their virus all around right under our noses. If all of those were expelled or not allowed in, we would not be having this hell of a problem.

Pekingese-related news: China-made medicines for the China virus intercepted at Customs, mislabeled plastic resins for handicrafts. Also members of Congress oppose resumption of POGO to raise funds to fight the China virus, saying that all that is needed to raise funds is for POGO operators to pay back taxes which they have not been doing, and which resumption of POGO will not assure. POGO resumption will only expose Filipino PAGCOR employees to infection by the China virus.

POGOs, service providers should’ve paid taxes before reopening –BIR

Radio news report (translated from the imperial/infernal subdialect): 63 Pekingese (the Philippines is crawling with Pekingese, including many POGO operators) and 17 Filipino illegal POGO operators arrested in a subdivision in Metro Manila (Makati). While the rest of the country struggles with a China virus and with threats to press freedom, the Pekingese and their Filipino lackeys are gambling, and spreading the China virus!

A bill has been filed in Congress declaring the Philippines a no-POGO zone, explaining that POGO is making a mockery of immigration, tax and labor laws, and encouraging corruption (not to mention spreading disease in particular the China virus aka COVID-19).

Smuggled Pekingese-made anti-COVID-19 medicine intended for "improvised Chinese clinics." (Do they exist?) Are there that many Pekingese vendors (in Divisoria, etc.), restaurant workers (they serve Beijing siopao in some Chinatown restaurants), laborers, POGO players, Pekingese company employees, etc., in the country? But a Pekingese clinic was indeed featured in the news.

It was reported in the news that mortality from COVID-19 aka China virus is significantly higher in black people than the rest of the population. That means that countries in Africa who are heavily penetrated by Pekingese investments, "technical people" and labor in a new colonization are also most vulnerable to the virus brought by the Pekingese. The findings on black people were based on a study in the UK.

ABS-CBN ceased broadcasting last night, May 4. Despite the subdialectal nature of their telecasts, the closure by equally subdialectal NTC, in the context of the health crisis, taken against the context of the resumption of POGO (and its health implications and clear favoring of Pekingese), the economic and job loss effects, underscore the sympathies of certain people up there.

San Miguel withdraws Holcim takeover _ GMA News Online May 11, 2020
Dennis Uy No plans for Udenna to acquire ABS-CBN _ GMA News Online

Cement company? What do they need it for? To reinforce their military outposts and reef replacements to replace those they destroyed in the West Philippine Sea? The same reason they're dredging up Bataan and Palawan? Nothing new.

Regarding the view on being a China province, did you know about the new (three years ago?) Chinatown arch donated by the Pekingese government which replaced the old one? This offended the Chinoys because it says (in Chinese characters) "town of China." To make things worse, the McDonald's next to it has, beside their English "McDonald's" sign, the name of the chain in simplified Chinese characters used by Pekingese, NOT the traditional characters favored by Chinoys and used in their newspapers.

Subdialectal weather reports from NDRRMC, again courtesy of Smart, all over the country. It joins the NTC in its infernalization derangement. In contrast to Globe, whose subdialect texts are at least prefaced in English: NDRRMC 12:30AM 15May2020 Signal # 2 sa Aurora at Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan, Cavite, Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Rizal at Romblon. That's an infernal calamity bigger than the typhoon they are reporting, perpetrated by Infernal Manila, and disturbing our lives along with the China virus introduced and maintained by Pekingese.

According to a radio news alert, 180,000.00 worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) was seized in a Manila apartment. This comes days after arrest of people with millions worth of the same drug. 100.4 million pesos worth of shabu seized in Caloocan in a buy-bust operation. And a report that since the enforcement of enhanced community quarantine aka lockdown, 80% of arrests involve it. If you couple that with the fact that the country that is the source of the virus that caused the lockdown is also the source of the drugs, draw your conclusions. And the fact that the same country also confronted Philippine ships in waters disputed by that same country. Clearly even while the China virus rampages in the country, drugs from the land controlled by Pekingese does the same. And needless to say, its troops use the health emergency created by the country to reinforce its control over the islands, reef and waters it occupies. Infuriating and most nauseating.

COVID, shabu and Spratlys, what do these have in common? Warfare/Subversion on three different levels as the lockdown continues past May 16?

Three Pekingese nationals arrested in Caloocan for violation of the liquor ban. Only one of them had a quarantine pass. Violation of the laws of a friendly government in times of crisis. But come to think of it, in view of the much graver violations they have been committing, this is a minor thing. As minor as their compatriots defecating at the SM Mall of Asia fountain and in Boracay beaches!

bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52656656 US accuses China of hacking coronavirus research

It was reported that the US has charged that China is hacking US research websites, amidst reports on progress towards a vaccine. What? Chinese medicine is unable to produce this when 1) it was Pekingese who produced the virus; 2) when a China med team visited the Philippines they recommended the use of alternative/Chinese medicine! In any case, the Pekingese are concerned that their enemies are succeeding against their virus, so they're responding. In defense of their baby, a mutant SARS coronavirus created in Wuhan?

There are persistent reports of fake COVID-19 medicines, with names indicating origin in China, seized, with corresponding arrests, and FDA warnings. But should we be surprised about these things originating in the land of fakes?

Apart from fake or unauthorized medicines that were made in China, other fakes discovered included fake COVID-19 test kits, though those kits were already publicized earlier. Breaking news include WHO warnings that spraying disinfectant on roads is not only ineffective against the virus, but bad for health. This practice has become common in the Philippines and was copied from China.

It was reported in Radyo Pilipinas, quoting an infectious disease specialist, that the Philippines has the lowest recovery rate and highest fatality rate in Southeast Asia. Not encouraging at all. Nor is the reported arrival of a batch of test kits from China. As for a Facebook geotag that the Philippines is a province of China, the actions mentioned in past entries in this blog speak for themselves.

Warehouse of illegal China-made China virus/COVID-19 medicines searched by police in Bacoor, Cavite; 2 China nationals arrested. It was reported that the medicines are sold not just to Pekingese, but to Filipinos as well.

In an interview, a doctor who is also a hospital administrator, reviewing test kits, said that China-made China virus test kits test kits are cheaper, but far inferior to test kits made in the US, Europe or Korea. According to him, the same can be said of China-made hospital equipment.

video.foxnews.com/v/6152168914001 foxnews.com/tech/us-accuses-huawei-of-spying-on-mobile-phone-users

The US has required foreign firms exploiting US technology to make semiconductors for China's Huawei to get licenses, a requirement previously imposed on US firms. The US considers Huawei, shown to spy on users, a security risk. Earlier, Philippines groups have protested Huawei's participation in an upgrade to the Philippine ITC system, calling it a security risk that gives China access to the most sensitive Philippine security information.

It has also been said that telecoms firms with ties to China are also engaged in spying on foreign users of their equipment, so Huawei is not allowed. Other reports, unconfirmed, put the Pekingese threat many steps further, saying that the China virus aka COVID-19, has been manipulated by nanotechnology, not just to cause disease but to spy. That is not necessarily farfetched but assumes a very high level of Pekingese technology.

News Reports - 268 NOGO (non-authorized gaming operators) - all Pekingese nationals - arrested in Paranaque. Engaged in illegal gambling - and incidentally (???) - in the spread of the China virus.
Two Pekingese nationals arrested in Pasay for being pushers of shabu. The two are also POGO operators. Other China nationals are also being investigated. Illegal gambling, possibly spreading the China virus... Didn't they introduce the pandemic into the Philippines (and cause shabu addiction to explode here) in the first place?
Three Pekingese nationals arrested in Paranaque and caught with P100,000 worth of shabu.
P200,000.00 worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Munoz, Nueva Ecija. Suspect arrested is a resident of Cabanatuan. Investigation still ongoing, no proof yet of Pekingese involvement...
Drug dealer arrested in buy/bust operation in Muntinlupa, with over a hundred thousand pesos of suspected shabu. It has previously been reported that since the lockdown, most arrests have been over drugs. Two Pekingese blights (the China virus and methamphetamine hydrochloride smuggled from China) manifesting themselves?


Making jokes or spreading fake news, about the China virus aka COVID-19, are now illegal in Valenzuela (Metro Manila). These offenses, whether orally or in social media, are punishable by a fine of P5,000.00, six months imprisonment or community service. Correction: The China virus/COVID-19 joke ban is punishable by imprisonment of one year, according to an interview with Mayor Gatchalian. I wonder, though, if saying the truth about it is punishable, such as saying that it is indeed from China.

gmanetwork.com/news/story/738919 Cops raid underground hospital for Chinese COVID-19 patients in Pampanga

An illegal Pekingese COVID-19 clinic has been discovered at Fontana Leisure Park in Clark Field, Pampanga. The government is questioning Chinese nationals who patronized the China virus clinic. The underground Pekingese operation has been put under lockdown. It was found to be littered with discarded syringes and medical waste. An investigation is under way.

An area of Paranaque, the area around Baclaran, has been locked down because of a high number of COVID-19 cases. The area "coincides" with the residence of many Pekingese nationals, many of them POGO players. Should we then hesitate to call COVID-19 the China virus, the way the pandemic which caused millions of deaths after World War I was called the Spanish flu?


Local airlines still cannot fly, unless they're carrying cargo. Duterte's Davao trip was chartered (and as Harry Roque pointed out, he's exempted from the travel ban).

The Department of Trade and Industry said that the Philippines will be competing with other Asian countries to host US and Japanese manufacturers which have left Wuhan and China in the wake of the China virus outbreak. It said LGU policies and power rates will determine if most will move to the Philippines. Meanwhile a total of P5 million worth of shabu was seized and five people arrested in separate buy-bust operations in Bohol. No evidence yet of Pekingese involvement. However, the extremely high incidence of drug-related arrests should be noted - as well as the source of the shabu.

News Report: The Bureau of Immigration has declared Spaniard Javier Salvador Parra, who was almost arrested by Makati police for violation of ECQ policies, subject to deportation. Question: Is he being picked on because he is not from a favored country, unlike so many Pekingese nationals accused of much more serious crimes like murder and drug trafficking?

This isn't new but it gives context to later actions by the US and other countries (including the Philippines, where statements by Senator Risa Hontiveros have been cited here). It was reported that the US state of Missouri through Attorney General Eric Schmitt, sued China for lying to the world about the danger and contagious nature of COVID-19 and did little to stop the spread of the disease, so that Missouri lost millions of dollars in damage, and seeks cash compensation. The Missouri lawsuit mentioned the China authorities' early deception on the disease by silencing whistleblowers, and pointed out that China exacerbated the problem by hoarding face masks and personal protective equipment.

The government should immediately deport and blacklist Chinese nationals involved in underground clinics in the country, Senator Risa Hontiveros said on Thursday. news.mb.com.ph/2020/05/28/hontiveros-urges-deportation-for-chinese-nationals-running-underground-medical-clinics
gmanetwork.com/news/story/740133 Hontiveros wants deportation for Chinese nationals involved in underground hospitals

News Report: Illegal Pekingese clinic for China virus in Makati. A Pekingese doctor was arrested after police raided an Illegal COVID-19 clinic in San Antonio, Makati along with his nurses. Used syringes and unregistered medicines with Chinese characters were found in the clinic. Question: Why are so many China virus clinics found in the country?
Two of them, one of these in Clark, have been mentioned in this blog. Is it an indication of the number of Pekingese residents, or the number of Pekingese carrying the China virus? Either way, the picture is chilling. Faced with a pandemic originating in that country, we face an additional complication as the Philippines is crawling with multitudes of Pekingese spreading the disease. Additionally, the Pekingese China virus clinic had been operating illegally for three months before the raid. Among the patients found, one was even in bed with a dextrose bottle.
Radio announcer's comment in the infernal subdialect: Pekingese think they are above Philippine law. Was the arrested Pekingese doctor even authorized to practice in the Philippines?
Police have raided an illegal Pekingese clinic in Anunas, Angeles City. Two Pekingese, a doctor and a pharmacist, were arrested. Meanwhile, Senator Risa Hontiveros has denounced the double standard on Pekingese lawbreakers, who are favored over Filipinos and foreigners from other countries.

The WHO has expressed concern over the massive increase in COVID-19 cases in Africa. They have climbed to 100,000 in 60 days, doubling in 10 countries and tripling in 5 countries over a two week period. Most of these countries are allies or neocolonies of China (which have surrendered portions of their territory as bases in exchange for debt) and are dictated on by China, the likely source of infection.

Steep fall in support for China in wake of pandemic. A survey by MacLaughlin & Associates in countries including the UK, Germany and India has shown that the behavior of China's leadership has caused various countries to support economic sanctions, countering the Pekingese drive for global dominance.

on.wsj.com/3c0neiv The Wall Street Journal With his plan to impose antisedition laws on Hong Kong, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has revealed a willingness to alter the city’s special status. China’s Xi Moves to Tighten Grip on Hong Kong With New Laws

Last week, China enacted national security legislation, forbidding subversive and secessionist activity. It was condemned by pro-democracy activists, as well as by Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hongkong, as a violation of the 1997 Joint Declaration, which guaranteed autonomy. Prominent Filipinos have expressed fears that it will bring a massive influx of OFWs back to the Philippines. More troubles in times of crisis by the Pekingese.

Does a Nostradamus prediction implicate the Pekingese? The onslaught of the China virus aka COVID-19 has brought to light, in social media, a supposed Nostradamus prediction pointing to China as the source. Here it is; it is for you to decide: "There will be twin year (2020) from which will arise a queen (corona) who will come from the east (China) and who will spread a plague (virus) in the darkness of night, on a country with seven hills (Italy) and will transform the twilight of men into dust (death), to destroy and ruin the world. It will be the end of the world economy as you know it."
Hoax or not (Reuters and various authorities claim that it is), the 'prediction' is coming true in so many ways. The widespread death and economic devastation on a global scale are certainly taking place due to the pandemic, and so is the ruin, on so many levels, that China is visiting upon the world. In the Philippines alone, the China virus, the ever-present threat of shabu (contemporaneous with the pandemic), and escalating military threats (reinforcement of constructions of occupied islands and military provocations, again at a time of pandemic), are a microcosm of the ruin Pekingese are bringing on the world.


An article of Gatestone Institute narrates how China blackmails other countries during this time of pandemic. Focusing on Europe, it gives examples for different countries. In Italy, edited videos show Italians at rallies thanking China when no demos took place. France was outraged when China's embassy accused careworkers of abandoning their posts, while Germany complained that Pekingese diplomats pressured officials to praise China's handling of the pandemic. China's ambassadors in Western capitals, Gatestone says, resort to blackmail, threatening to withhold key medical supplies if governments do not follow Beijing.
In the Philippines, of course, Pekingese behavior is infinitely more arrogant, reprehensible and loathsome, dwarfing by far their behavior in Europe. They treat the Philippines as a colony, behavior encouraged by the slavish attitude of Philippine officials towards them. Yes, loathsome, with Pekingese doing at the SM Mall of Asia fountain and Boracay beaches something done inside restrooms.

newsinfo.inquirer.net/1279216/over-30000-ncr-folk-enlist-in-balik-probinsya-program Over 30,000 NCR folk enlist in Balik Probinsya program

The China virus pandemic is a crisis with no parallels in Philippine history. Government responses to it should therefore elicit sympathy and tolerance. One program to respond to it, however, is so ill-advised that it can only be condemned, as its results show. The Balik-Probinsya program caused non-essential movement between different parts of the country, and has resulted in the transmission of COVID-19 from Metro Manila to Leyte.
An interview with the mayor of Tanauan, Leyte revealed that several participants were moved from the Metro without COVID screening. This caused the first case of the virus in Tanauan. Earlier reports revealed that two other people in the same bus convoy were also positive, bringing the disease to another part of Leyte (Baybay?), though it's not clear if they were with the Balik-Probinsya program.


dila.ph has other stuff that will spike the coronavirus nightmares of our Tagalog Government