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BBC News - President Trump calls Covid-19 the "Chinese virus"


News Report: Number of unemployed reaches 20 million. According to IBON Foundation, the unemployed are now 20 million, nearly three times the NSO figure of 7.3 million. According to IBON, government figures don't include those unable to work because of the pandemic, or the underemployed. Meanwile, Senator 'Bato' de la Rosa got brickbats for saying those rendered jobless by ABS-CBN's closure to look for work. The pandemic, they say, has made so many jobless, making this extremely difficult.

NTC has gone diabolical once again: NDRRMC: Ngayong national disaster resilience month, sama-samang isulong ang katatagan laban sa lahat ng klase ng sakuna sa gitna ng bagong normal. (July 14, 2020)

News Report: Number of enrollees reaches 20 million. According to DepEd, this is much lower than the 27 million enrollees the previous school year. (July 14, 2020)

Education News: Several colleges to close; school enrollees are far short of expected number. The Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education said that several colleges will close because many students will not be enrolled, so continuing will be unviable. Also, 'blended learning' cannot be done in many places because they have no Internet service. Then, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers said the number of enrollees is 7 million less than last year (this has been mentioned before in

News Report: 30% of businesses close. According to Trade Sec Mon Lopez, 30% of businesses have shut down due to the pandemic. Another 50% are back to normal operations, while 20% are partially open. Of the 30% some may reopen after the pandemic is over, while the rest have closed permanently.

News Report: 2 high value drug suspects nabbed in Pasay buy-bust operation; P3,000 worth of shabu seized. Comment: These are of course Filipinos. But this is an almost daily event, inside and outside Metro Manila, in this time of pandemic. Could some other country be involved?
At least 500 grams of a crystalline substance suspected to be shabu, estimated to be worth around P3.4 million, were seized from four individuals in Quiapo, Manila on Wednesday. P3.4M shabu seized from 4 suspects in Quiapo, Manila July 16, 2020

News Report: Drug personality arrested in buy-bust operation in Samar; suspected shabu confiscated. Drug testing centers opened in Pagalungan, Maguindanao. Drug suspect killed in raid in Iloilo City; supplier reportedly in Muntinlupa. Comment: 3 drug-related news items in a single day! Which country is responsible for all this? As for the Munti supplier, isn't this one of the Pekingese 'guest' suspects at NBP/Bilibid? All in the time of pandemic, which they too caused.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's latest statement on the South China Sea explicitly sided with Southeast Asian nations, including the Philippines. With new South China Sea policy, US now a defender of Philippines' arbitral award July 15, 2020

News Report: Most Filipinos favor pressing Philippines' claims in West Philippine Sea. An SWS survey conducted early in July and released last week revealed that 70% of Filipinos favor pressing Philippine claims on islands in the West Philippine Sea awarded to the country by the International Court of Justice and presently occupied by China. An even greater number, 80% favor an alliance by the Philippines with countries that support the Philippine claim.
More on SWS news report: 7 out of 10 said the Philippines should assert its sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea. 4 out of 5 believe the Philippines should form alliances with countries willing to defend its sovereign rights over the area. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague decided in favor of the Philippines in its claim on the area.
LOOK: A PNP-SAF trooper sits on top of an armored personnel carrier (APC) which was deployed in Navotas City on Thursday, July 16, to assist in the strict enforcement of a two-week lockdown in the city due to the growing number of cases of COVID-19. PDI
online comment MSantos Why not show this posture in the West Phil Sea or maybe in Abu Sayaf strongholds in Sulu?

News Report: PTV 4, Radyo Pilipinas stop broadcasts. The government-run television and radio stations have suspended broadcasts after an employee tested positive for the China virus. Their studios are now undergoing disinfection. Their broadcasts will resume tomorrow. (July 19, 2020)

News Report: NCR may be returned to ECQ. In a speech following the President's anouncement of the classification of the country's regions in the midst of the pandemic, Spokesman Harry Roque said Metro Manila may return to its former ECQ status if people continue violating safety protocols and the disease spreads. The past week has seen a lockdown in all of Navotas and large areas of other cities, the greatest number of deaths for a single day, unprecedented increases in infected individuals, and infection in many key government offices, including MRT3, leading to the stoppage of services.

News Report: VCO shows promise against China virus. Initial tests on virgin coconut oil, whose antiviral antiviral properties have been known for some time, showed that it has helped patients recover from mild infections of COVID-19. The tests were done in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Further tests will be done at the Philippine General Hospital. “We are looking at several theories.” Jaybee Sebastian: COVID-19 case or murder? July 20, 2020

News Report: Global virus positives top 14-M, nearly 68,000 in Ph. In NBP (New Bilibid), 8 high-profile inmates dead of China virus, including JV Sebastian, Pekingese drug lords.

PH’s COVID-19 caseload surges to 74,390 with 2,200 new patients logged July 24, 2020

News Report: China virus cases shoot past 70,000 mark, with over 1,300 new cases; 7th straight day that new cases are not below 1,300.

News Report: Free serology-based COVID-19 testing made available in Manila. Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso announced that four machines are now available in the city. It can be availed of in PGH and Tondo, and is open to residents & non-residents. Only the first 100 applicants can be entertained, and results are released in 24 hrs.

News Report: Carmona, Cavite releases digital COVID tracker app. According to the city mayor, all workers and all of those leaving home will be required to have a copy of the app, which will record all of the person's contacts and will be used in contact tracing if the person becomes COVID-positive.

SunStar Cebu
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) will now be used by local tourists in the Cebu Province as tourism reopens. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia emphasized when she issued the order. online comment by Ross Potter
When the Governor wears the RFID bracelet then I will. Until then, I will never set foot in Cebu province. You are hurting your own economy. Wake up people of Cebu and fight back against those who are hurting you.
NCR hospitals full? Transfer COVID-19 patients to provincial hospitals, says solon July 24, 2020

News Report: St Luke's Medical Center (QC, BGC) says it has run out of beds for COVID patients. Sec Galvez asks that 4 hospitals be designated for COVID patients.
A coronavirus vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca...Vaccine being developed at Oxford to be available at cost price July 24, 2020
U.S. Reaches Deal to Pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 Billion for 100 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses

News Report: Oxford vaccine by Astra-Zenica shows promise against COVID-19. Initial trials in the UK have demonstrated that the Oxford vaccine against China virus has produced resistance in patients. It does so in two ways, by the production of antibodies, and by the production of T cells, white blood cells which fight infection. Further tests will be done in virus hot spots like the US, Brazil and South Africa.

News Report: On the eve of the President's SONA, number of COVID-positive gallop to 80,448, of which 52,000 are active cases. Earlier, presidential spokesman Harry Roque warned that the NCR would be reclassified as MGCQ if China virus cases there continue to rise.

News Report: Number of China virus positives in the Philippines about to exceed that of China. According the Johns Hopkins University, which monitors COVID-19 positives, the number of those afflicted with the disease, over 84,000, is close to exceeding that of China, source of the disease. (as of July 27, 2020)
Less than 30 percent of 6,000 jeepneys allowed by the government to ply 49 routes in Metro Manila have been able to resume operations after public transport was suspended in March. Only 30% of 6,000 jeepneys resume routes – group July 15, 2020

News Report: Jeepney drivers in NCR still begging. A survey by a radio station found groups of drivers in various parts of the city still begging. According to them, they have not yet been given clearance to ply their usual routes. In the past few days, it has been observed with dismay by jeepney drivers that their terminals have been taken over by buses. Only 2,000 drivers have been permitted to ply their old routes in Metro Manila, a tiny fraction of their number.
President Rodrigo Duterte still trusts Philippine Health Insurance Corp. CEO Ricardo Morales despite allegations of widespread corruption within the agency, former special assistant and now Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said.

News Report: Senate convenes to investigate Philhealth anomalies. The Senate will convene as a committee of the whole to probe irregularities in Philhealth, following the resignation of three officials, including the one in charge of investigating fraud. Philhealth was earlier charged by private hospitals of not paying them, pushing many to the brink of bankruptcy.

News Report: Largest single day increase in China virus positives yesterday, 3,954, even as country awaits presidential decision on quarantine status for various regions; many call for NCR return to ECQ.

News Report: China virus cases top 4,000 for the first time, exceeding even the previous day's record-breaking figure.

It is the poor who are suffering the most. NCR and all provinces in its vicinity are back in ECQ. Cebu has been cited for "containing" the pandemic. [This is also what the blog is raging about.]

News Report: People crowd the streets of Metro Manila waiting for rides with the suspension of public transportation as MECQ is declared for Mega Manila (NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan). Meanwhile the ECOP warns that three million jobs will be lost, and more businesses will close permanently.
Walk to work option for labor force under MECQ in Metro Manila
Manila residents fear hunger, face uncertainty anew under MECQ

News Report: Three shabu buy-bust operations in Caloocan, as drug lord is caught in Makati.
Comment: Shabu and the China virus seem to go together. Perhaps because the same people are behind both? Since the lockdown, we keep repeating that 80% of arrests have been drug-related.

July 30, 6 Chinese nationals, drug suspect detained for P8-M worth of shabu seized in Subic Freeport

News Report: Pekingese, Filipinos in Sta. Ana, Cagayan arrested for illegal gambling (POGO). Over a hundred laptop, desktop computers confiscated.
Comment: So they're bringing their crimes from the Metro to the provinces. Hopefully not their virus as well. Seventy-three Chinese and three Filipinos were arrested for allegedly running an illegal online gambling operation at the economic zone in Sta. Ana, Cagayan on Tuesday night. 73 Chinese nabbed in illegal POGO August 6, 2020

News Report: Virgin coconut oils shows positive results against China virus (COVID-19). Two other herbal medicines, melatonin also being tested.

News Report: Doctors express concern that MECQ will not solve increasing cases. Following the reclassification of Mega Manila as MECQ after weeks of GCQ, after doctors' appeals, they said the shift should be accompanied by reliable mass testing. They added that the change should be to ECQ and not MECQ, and should be extended for months. RT PCR and rapid testing have been joined by Abbott I1000 antibody testing now used in Manila.

News Report: Philippines now 24th in number of China virus cases worldwide, second in Southeast Asia. According to the Johns Hopkins Center, the Philippines, where China virus positives have climbed to 115,000, is about to dislodge Indonesia (116,000 cases) as the region's topnotcher.

News Report: Philippines tops Indonesia as SEA COVID-19 topnotcher. As new China virus positives topped 3,000 for several consecutive days, exceeding 24,000, the country displaced Indonesia as the most affected Southeast Asian country, causing it to be labeled the newest coronavirus hot spot.
Comment: This does not speak well of the country's exceedingly close ties to China. It also highlights the Philippines being in another hot spot. It is a global language hot spot, with among th biggest number of languages in danger of extinction. By what? What else, but the default language of Gmail (Google mail), which repeatedly shifts to Tagalog even if you choose English.

Ah. They're the ones who are driving Palawan's pangolins to extinction. And wildlife around the world.

News Report: Crime down by 50% since lockdown. An interview with General Eleazar, of the PNP & IATF, revealed that crime had been reduced by half since the lockdown. According to him, this was due to the organization of control points, greater police visibility and restrictions of movement.
Comment: He should've said that drug-related crimes, especially involving shabu, constitute the vast majority of crimes.

Philippine Star
Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año urged people to observe physical distancing even at home to avoid contracting COVID-19, which has already infected over 122,000 persons in the country. ‘Practice distancing even at home’ August 10, 2020

News Report: Nearly 7,000 new cases added to China virus positives. 6,958 cases were added to COVID-19 positives, 4,000 of them in Metro Manila. 2 die of bubonic plague in Inner Mongolia, occupied by China.



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