ChinaVIR-20 or Viru-20(Peking)? - we dissect the most gripping language politics pathologies of the year


BBC News - President Trump calls Covid-19 the "Chinese virus" Beware of Tiktok, Zoom, 51 other risky China apps

So many radio programs chatter to their listeners about that vile TikTok - as a benign entity. Loathsome, Pekingese - loathsome. They should all read and see Tiktok's diabolical side, spying and all.
Agents of the PDEA seized crystal meth, firearm, and bomb-making materials in a buy-bust operation on Sunday in Novaliches. PDEA agents nab 3 suspects, seize drugs, firearms and bomb-making items in QC June 22, 2020

News Report: P27 million worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Malabon. Pekingese national arrested. No comment.
P300,000.00 worth of shabu seized in buy-bust operation in Navotas, 3 arrested. Comment: No Pekingese involvement seen so far. But then, 300k is peanuts compared to billions elsewhere. Besides, most arrests since the pandemic have been drug-related. Mostly shabu-related.
Raid on shabu 'tiangge' in Muntinlupa. One killed, eight arrested. Buy-bust operation in Quiapo, Manila. One half kilogram high grade shabu worth over P5 million confiscated and arrests made. Comment: No need to play the broken record on drug-related cases being 80% of arrests in this time of China virus pandemic. Just an appeal to the reader to think about such a well-funded effort, and the ultimate (powerful) perpetrators.
ICYMI: Economic recovery in the Philippines will likely be among the slowest in Asia because of prolonged lockdowns and the continued rise in the number of cases of the coronavirus disease 2019, according to London-based Capital Economics. ‘Recovery slowest in Philippines’

News Report: Over 2,000 firms are in danger of closing this year as a result of the pandemic. Four million Filipinos are in danger of losing their jobs, constituting 10-15% of the country's workforce.
News Report: 90,000 have lost their jobs since the pandemic, says the National Statistics Office. China virus cases in the Philippines exceed 32,000. Third highest figure in ASEAN after Indonesia and Singapore, though with the second highest number of deaths, after Indonesia.

News Report (June 21, 2020): Number of China virus cases in the Philippines exceeds 30,000. COVID-19 positives are now 30,052.
(June 24, 2020 update) Record number of new cases for a single day, 1,150 cases. This exceeds the 1,146 record for May 29.
(June 26, 2020 update) China virus cases in the Philippines climb to 33,069.

News Report: More Filipinos expect lives to worsen. In a mobile phone survey among over 4,000 respondents, SWS found that 43% expect their lives to worsen in the next 12 months, while 24% expect to remain the same, and 24% expect it to improve. According to SWS, this is the highest percentage of negative thinkers/pessimists, breaking the previous record of 34% set in March 2005, making it the worst in the 37-year history of SWS surveys. A proposal by presidential son Paolo Duterte, among others, has been the subject of much discussion and laugh trip on social media.

News Report: Deputy Speaker Paolo Duterte filed a bill changing the name of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas. According to him, the name of the country's premier airport should not be colored by politics, but reflect its being a global destination, and showcase the 'national' language.
Social media comment on proposed name change of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to PPP (Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas): This will change the abbreviation (when read in Tagalog) to PaPaPi - moniker of Piolo Pascual!
Intimately Related News Report: Most Filipinos now have a positive view of homosexuality. A survey revealed that 75% of Filipinos believe gays and lesbians should be accepted in society. Seriously aside, this, more than anything else, underscores that the country is indeed ruled by a Tagalog government. And while the bill is supposed to eliminate politics, it institutionalizes domination by the diabolocal subdialect of Manila over a multinational, multilingual and multicultural country. Political suppression at its worst.

Listen to Diabolical Filipino Tagalog sampled in the 2005 horror movie Constantine, 1 megabyte video

News Report: House Committee Chair Eric Yap defend bills to rename NAIA. Yap replied to opposition criticiam by Senators Risa Hontiveros, Franklin Drilon and others that they should concentrate on fighting the pandemic, saying that they are working on various concerns such as the budget and that fighting the pandemic is not the sole concern. Besides, there's a public clamor for the change. Comment: Is the clamor to rename it in Tagalog? And to downgrade the status of all other languages as well?

News Reports: The Philippines has the most rapid rate of infection in Southeast Asia, surpassing Singapore and Indonesia. It tallied 8,000 new cases in June. Now it has the worst China virus not just in Southeast Asia but in the Western Pacific. Singapore is #2.
China virus cases here exceed 35,000. Police raid Sky Lounge Bar in Bel-Air, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati. 110 were arrested including one matinee idol and some foreigners for violation of mass gathering ban and physical distancing. Pekingese vessel rams Philippine fishing vessel off Mindoro, sinking it. No survivors.
(July 2 update) Search and rescue operations have given way to retrieval operations for the fishing boat Liberty Singko, which was rammed by a Pekingese cargo vessel five days ago off the coast of Occidental Mindoro, with 14 missing and no known survivors. A body believed to be that of a Filipino was recovered by Taiwanese close to the waters between the Philippines and Taiwan and Taiwanese are trying to determine if it is that of the crew members.
There were no signs of life on the second day of search and rescue operations for 14 Filipinos who went missing following a sea collision in the waters off Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro on Saturday.

News Report: Four Pekingese in Quiapo, Manila arrested for violation of quarantine protocols (no face mask). Upon their arrest, they were found to possess P350,000 worth shabu. They were found to be POGO players. Comment: Illegal POGO players? Still unproven. China virus positive? Same as above.
The looming closure of some Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs) in the country “should not allow them to escape accountability and justice,” Senator Risa Hontiveros stressed on Tuesday.

News Report: On the first day that traditional jeepneys, albeit to a very limited extent, were allowed back on the road, a radio station's survey in the area where they are supposed to operate turned up no jeepneys. Thus, commuters were instead chasing taxis and buses.
A radio station checked jeepney routes around Metro Manila. Contrary to expectation, the 'kings of the road' were nowhere to be found. Instead they could be found begging. They gave various reasons. Some said operators charged the same boundary despite having half the passengers because of social distancing, so all of their earnings went to the boundary payment. Others said their routes had been taken over by 'modern jeepneys' which are China-made, unaffordable to drivers of traditional jeepneys and reportedly apt to break down more rapidly than traditional jeepneys.
There have been calls not just to support jeepney drivers, but also local jeepney manufacturers, who stand to lose to Pekingese manufacturers of 'modern jeepneys.' Foreigners, albeit 'friends' of the Philippines, stand to benefit from the misfortunes of Filipino workers and manufacturers. 6,000 Metro jeepneys back; QR codes a must July 3, 2020