Bye. Yahoo is Cebuano, Google is Tagalog but Facebook also wants to be national language.

In a user forum some years back I accused Yahoo of letting its India-based technicians run things in the Groups section and of doing nothing while Google and Facebook sabotaged it from the inside. Yahoo used to be so big and deservingly popular yet today it has shrunk so small.

As of today, Yahoo is heading to the same fate as Cebuano and the non-Tagalog languages. It was announced that Yahoo Groups essentially halts its existence hours after this message posts. We've been here since November 2001 and although our observable acivity has dived afer mass migrations to the disparate social media islands of Facebook, we've persevered with the thought that our materials would stay accessible and locatable on and DILA Yahoo Group. Not anymore on the Yahoo side. Like Duterte, Yahoo has given up on life that is worth living.

My understanding is that we won't be posting anything anymore and even if they do not erase our approximately 29,214 messages and the uploaded contents (pic, docs, etc.), I don't really know whether can still be opened publicly or privately after the October 28 and December 14 deadlines set by Yahoo on its suicide watch. is not going away we promise.

To cap what might very well be the last and final post in our 19-year DILA Yahoo Group, here is a prayer for our protection against Imperial Tagalog Manila.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,

my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

for he has looked with favor on his humble servant.

From this day all generations will call me blessed,

the Almighty has done great things for me,

and holy is his Name.

He has mercy on those who fear Him

in every generation.

He has shown the strength of his arm,

he has scattered the proud in their conceit.

He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,

and has lifted up the humble.

He has filled the hungry with good things,

and the rich he has sent away empty.

He has come to the help of his servant Israel

for he has remembered his promise of mercy,

the promise he made to our fathers,

to Abraham and his children for ever.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever.

Cebu is doing its worst in the time of greatest danger.

I remember when Gwen Garcia furiously snapped back at Manny with words like barbaric or something after he lambasted the penalties and fines meted to pupils in the old and still contemporary practice of punishing those caught talking in Cebuano. Small is how the leaders of Cebu think of Cebuano. Government properties and infrastructure works there are named in honor of the tyrants of fascist-commie China or after Tagalogs. Its police academy is directed by Tagalogs while the topmost police officials in the Cebuano regions are, as you will know from their media interviews, Tagalog speakers. You hear it everywhere you go, Tagalog.

High criminality index aside in the principal areas of Cebu, you got KAPA pyramiding scammers sprouting like mushrooms and Bombay Pinoy usury maintaing its Gangnam Style popularity. I pray your district, province or region is spared the misfortune we Cebuanos have been hit with. I fear it is only a matter of days the Cebuano of the Cebu-Visayan-Mindanao nation is going overrun by the Tagalog of the Philippine government.

I'd just like to mention these two frequently misunderstood parables in the Gospel. One is about two sons, first is righteous and the next prodigal. Second parable is about two worshipers in the temple, a Pharisee and a taxman. Too many take these to be something that reduces our faith to forgiveness and unquestioning acceptance. I believe these to be reference points Jesus left us for the Judeo-Christian world we are meant to build on. Tagalogism goes against all that.

GMA News had two items that ring my danger alarm.

US should look at its own problems, China says after Pence speech

US Senators call for intelligence probe into Chinese-owned app TikTok

Indeed one ought to look at one's own problem and in our case that problem is Tagalogism. Common to the Philippines and America though are the threats of jihadicized Islamism and the China menace. Veep Pence was castigating the NBA for sheepishly kowtowing to China over the HongKongers courageous resistance to commie-fascist suppression. All the while the NBA has been arrogantly meddlesome in domestic issues that are nothing but vastly intellectually complicated. Police violence, gender hopping, race tribalization and anything that has anything to do with Trump they raise earsplitting hell. But they will silence you if it upsets the NBA's China business. China happens to be one bad motherfucker and China is the one and only thing NBA will shut up its mouth on. Pence and Paul Ryan, I wish America and the Philippines had presidents who are as good as those two traditional conservative politicians.

It would make the world a better place, also and more so, if Google and Facebook are gone. Most people are unaware of the flood of social justice hypocrisies circulated by mainstream media and social media. UP is the laboratory of these hypocrisies, wikang pambansa not excluded. From what I have observed throughout the Anno Domini centuries, only societies guided by conservative Judeo-Christianity are able to sustain development and creativity. These free societies are what stand in the way of China's tech/economy/military supremacy ambition and the jihadists' world caliphate.

It is not so obvious to lesser educated persons but DILA has always fought against tribalism.

Tribalism essentially means I want my tribe to dominate and subjugate yours. Don't necessarily want yours eliminated just that it be below mine. Several months ago a Pakistani boy cut off his arm and offered it to the god of his majority tribe, an act praised by the imam and worshipers. Long before that, Bibi was attacked by a Christian-hating mob and imprisoned on false charges in a women's jail. Of course I am opposed to the tribalism of Tagalog supremacists. Because as an anti-nationalist I am their opposite.

On September 20, 2019 was written a line that is meant for all decent humans. "The question of what is worth fighting for sometimes is distinct from the question of what is worth fighting against." Kevin Williamson had earlier stated in his "Inching Back toward the Rule of Law" NR article: "If you have ever had the experience of, say, registering a car in person, it is obvious enough that the procedures and requirements involved have nothing to do with providing any benefit at all to owners of vehicles but rather are optimized for the convenience of the bureaucrats. Our current legislators have abandoned regular order and instead lurch from crisis to crisis and artificial emergency to artificial emergency, steadily ceding power to the power-hungry presidency and to the bureaucracies reporting to it. What conservatives want is the rule of law, rather than imperial bureaucracy."

The legislature is faking it. They are supposed to be our direct representatives yet they became as useless and self-serving as the red tape bureaucrats. The health department got all that cigarette money and now it is quarreling with the hospitals about disbursements. Government abuse is proportional to your silence.

"Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano recently suggested the review of the effectiveness of the education system in terms of improving the employability of the graduates," quotes a certain report. Employability defined as Tagalog proficiency. In the way I see it, this is the cue for DepEd to terminate MTBMLE which they had rigged to fail in the first place and had only tolerated it so they can buy time in covering up their responsibility for the precipitous decline in Philippine education attainment/quality and pin the blame later on MTBMLE for the difficult "problems" surmounted by this most important of all departments, and for which they are of course by all means going to require a bigger budget. Lengths like that make you run out of breath but it's so satisfying.

Why solfed is wrong for everyone.

There is in truth only one point I should raise when I criticize the concept behind save our languages through federalism. This point is that if and when we fail to bring about some sort of federalism to the republic then the death of all our non-Tagalog nations follows as a consequence. Without federalism no survival? I think not.

Resistance to Tagalogization is the only course that prevents our deaths. If we know how to resist and attack and rebuild then we have a chance of surviving. On the other hand, Federalization and Tagalogization can actually work together hand in hand. Just look at the Bayanihan Proposed Federal Constitution of Puno Pimentel. It's all about Tagalog nationalism dressed in decorative elements of "federalism" that hide the retention of one of the world's most heavily overcentralized political systems.

Forget federalism for now. Create your own autonomy and be yourself again. Maybe true federalization will follow spontaneously after we do that. You'll find this funny but I've actually spoken to a number who fervently believe in "federalism" but vehemently want to avoid autonomy at all costs. As you will behold on, Autonomy is our Friend. Also I'd like to say to our other friends that sex is better than federalism. Provided of course that the products of sex are raised by you and your heterosexual spouse as proper non-Tagalog children. Be saved. Sex and love for the vernacular. Love and sex for the vernacular are all that it takes. Federalism will just disappoint you. Sex and survival are more satisfying.

Sionil and Tagalogism for the last and final time.

Yahoo time is running out so here goes the Sionil smackdown bare knuckle. Not long ago he exploded the bomb that his national language was Tagalog. Later on, last June 8 Sionil extolled the nationalism of Ho Chi Minh and socialism of Fidel Castro while regretting the corrupt side of Marcos whom he considers a fine national leader. I think all that explains why he finally departed his closet and declared Tagalog the love of his life. He's a national socialist.

Then his June 24 PhilStar column sermonized:

"All through history man has striven for liberty as the basis of happiness. Liberty, truth, justice are bound together and striving for these is a continuing struggle to this very day. Some years back, an American scholar postulated that with the end of the cold war, the major conflict of the future will be between civilizations. If we look at this theory very closely and straddle it with fanatic jihadism and the rise of Muslim fundamentalism, we may see some truth in this forecast. The deeper reality, however, is not so obvious. This continuing struggle is not between civilizations but humankind’s deep longing for liberty. And, therefore, the conflict will be as it had always been – between the oppressors and the oppressed, between those who crave liberty and those who refuse to give it. But do you really want liberty?"

Well Sionil if liberty means Tagalog to you, no thanks. Tho I dare say Sionil is the foremost authority on Philippine languages regardless of the question about his senility quotient at age 95. At some points prior to his infamous declaration for the House of Tagalog, Sionil had encouraging words for multiculturalism exponents who unfailingly looked up to him. But in the end you yield to what you have become from whence you were something else. An expert in recognizing Tagalog as the victorious language strutting atop the carcasses of the languages DILA is fighting for.

And so in his context of Tagalog enviousness "the Russians have composers like Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, the likes of which we still have to have. But I am sure Ryan and the Filipino songwriters and musical artists he is inspiring are working hard to make and promote a distinctively beautiful and unique Filipino sound." Sorry to disappoint him but former Cebuano and full-time Tagalog composer Cayabyab is way past creative age and there has been zero Tagalog music worthy of international stature. Not the Freddie song please. Opening the curtains now for Sionil's last bow, backdropped by non-existent Filipino sound.

The new imperialism and slavery - F. Sionil Jose (The Philippine Star) - September 9, 2019

"70 percent of our economy in the hands of ethnic Chinese. China has a professed policy of using overseas Chinese to support their hegemony."

-nice to be reminded

Memories of Hong Kong - F. Sionil Jose (The Philippine Star) - August 19, 2019

-offers sympathy Hong Kong. nice

Learning from Japan - F. Sionil Jose (The Philippine Star) - July 22, 2019

-recounts the Japanese to Tagalog translation project he ran

Why PEN - F. Sionil Jose (The Philippine Star) - September 30, 2019

-exhorts regional writers "uphold freedom" but I interpret that to be the "freedom" inside the prison of Tagalog imperialism

The joy of teaching - F. Sionil Jose (The Philippine Star) - September 23, 2019

-talks about culture change and confesses "I told him I did not even finish college."

As a final tribute to great writer Sionil the Tagalogista, here's a hurriedly written short, short story.

Ballot mining and harvesting.

My dear friends let me introduce myself, one of the most corrupt and powerful oligarchs in the Philippines. I'm planning to run for high office in 2022 and I'm going to let you in on a tiny secret that will let me win. You know about the electronic computerized voting system that started in the 2010 Noynoy election? The one that uses China equipment ordered by a Venezuelan company that also hired Chinese hackers to rig up the programming algorithm?

My money has bought a summary database of the Smartmatic servers' electronic tally of votes cast by individual voters in 2013, 2016 and 2019. My IT team is going to know who you voted for and this will help us a lot in planning what to do to you. It is money well spent because we can target specific areas in 2022 for advertisement bombardment and budget with precision the cash outlay for vote buying in the precincts where the vote sellers will be falling in line begging for it.

So stop wondering why it is impossibly hard to change this corrupt country for the better. The system in place guarantees to people like me that that will never happen.

Born to be exploited in the Philippines by the creepiest Filipinos.

The overall quality of journalism and of law enforcement in national socialist Philippines in one word stinks.

Boy, 16, charged for ‘raping’ girl, 14 (The Freeman) - June 22, 2019

CEBU, Philippines — A 16-year-old boy is facing charges before the court for allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year old girl, whom he met last Independence Day. The victim said that while she was online, she saw her friend live in social media. She was allegedly forced to drink alcoholic drinks mixed with some drugs.

Either law enforcers, reporters and editors are the born yesterday type or they think we are. How on earth do teenage boys gain expertise in date rape drug acquisition and dispensation on the way to forcing young nymphs who willingly go out with them to do sex things that presumably are the very same reasons they voluntarily went out for?

Exploitation is one skill the Tagalogistas are very good at but I can find no good reason why we allow ourselves to be exploited in the first place. I mean what difference is there between the convicted cult operator of Nxivm and Mark Sucker or the Google spywareboys who exploit the worshipers of their internet cults? In China the state's version of Facebook is WeChat but that is another horror story.

Perhaps people long to be exploited. Perhaps that is the reason why underage girls are promoted internationally by the tourism guys here. Perhaps but if so then they should not selectively prosecute pedophile tourists and instead what they should do is award them return vacation tickets to Cebu. This government's nationalist socialist secularist progressivist culture thrust has transformed municipalities and barrios into marketplaces of Binibining female meat and Miss Gay vulgarities. They ought to be consistent with the national program by advertising the Philippines as a destination for cheap sex with Tagalog speakers but then some room for hypocrisy is called for by official policy.

As a technology adviser I am on rare occasions approached by Cebu prostitutes to whom I dispense the recommendation for the Facebook dating service as a surefire freely available platform to ramp up their sex sales numbers. On a more serious note, we know that laptops and smartphones are the most handy porno recorders or online streamers for profit and non-profit purposes. Those in it for prurient pursuits have it mostly confined to private correspondence even if the telecom, Google and FB can snoop anytime on the X-rated visuals. But as for the webcam profiteers I have yet to see investigative reports on how client prospecting and payment protocols are facilitated. How do the criminals behind the criminals orchestrate this and how is it that they have operated with impunity for 15 years now?

This so called online sex pay per view plague and the pedo sex tourism it stimulates are not unrelated to the unsavory "cultural shows" regurgitated on and on in community stages and television sets. Show your gratitude to ABSCBN and Vice Ganda.

Nxivm: Sex cult leader Raniere found guilty in New York 19 June 2019 BBC

Keith Raniere, a self-help guru accused of leading a sex cult that enslaved women, has been found guilty of all charges against him. During the trial, the court heard how female recruits in the group were branded with his initials and coerced into having sex with Raniere. His defence team said the alleged sexual relationships were consensual. According to Nxivm's tagline, Raniere and his organisation were "working to build a better world". Every August, Nxivm members - called "Nixians" - would dole out $2,000 (£1,575) or more to gather in Silver Bay, New York to celebrate Raniere's birthday week, according to court documents.

Westerners 'fuelling Philippine child sex video rise' by Mike Thomson BBC Victoria Derbyshire 26 June 2019

Two-thirds of children forced into online sex abuse videos in the Philippines are exploited by their own parent or family member, it is claimed. "I asked the foreigner, 'You like the age 12 to 13?' He said he's OK with that," she explained. Reports of suspected cases of online child sex abuse across the world have soared from just over 100,000 five years ago to more than 18 million last year, figures from the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children suggest. The Philippines is considered to be at the epicentre of the problem. He described it as "sickening" that parents were "involved in prostituting their child on camera", and dismissed claims by some that they had no other option because they were poor.

American charged for trafficking, abuse Mylen P. Manto (The Freeman) - June 20, 2019

The Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office has charged an American national before the court for allegedly hiring a 15-year-old girl for purposes of sexual exploitation in exchange for money. The Women and Children’s Protection Center-Visayas Field Unit (WCPC-VFU), in their complaint, alleged they have been closely monitoring the presence of Levin in Cebu City in view of the referral from the FBI to the Philippine National Police that the latter was reported to be engaged in sexual exploitation of minors.

Woman who sold four girls meted life sentence By Mylen P. Manto | May 8, 2019

The Supreme Court has sentenced a woman to life imprisonment for maintaining or hiring girls to engage in prostitution and offering them for sexual exploitation by customers.

Search for Miss Teen Tourism Philippines 2019 begins (The Freeman) - May 8, 2019

The search is on for the newest teen tourism ambassadress to represent the country in the forthcoming Miss Teen Tourism 2019 to be hosted by our country. The kick-off event was held Thursday, May 2, at the Nix Institute of Beauty in West Insular Building, West Avenue, Quezon City.

Bb. Cebu Tourism 2018 Kimberly Covert auditions for Darna (The Freeman) - May 13, 2019

Star Cinema, Star Magic, and Star Hunt joined forces to screen aspirants for the iconic Pinoy character at the ABS-CBN headquarters in Quezon City. The chosen actress will replace Liza Soberano who backed out from playing Darna due to a finger injury. Qualifications listed in the announcement were 20-26 years old, at least 5’5” in height, with acting experience, fluent in Tagalog and physically fit. For the next round, Kim said they had to memorize a script and act in front of a camera. “I speak fluent Tagalog but I’ve been away from Manila long enough to lose the accent. They asked me why I pronounced some words differently. I said ‘Bisaya man gud ko Kuya’,” said Kim, who spent a few years in Dumaguete City. “We laughed about it and they told me to practice my Tagalog more.”

Cebu wins back-to-back Teen Princess of the World title Karla Rule (The Freeman) - June 26, 2019

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu still holds claim to the Teen Princess of the World title, thanks to __ The 13-year-old’s outstanding performance caps off the international journey of our trio of Cebuana bets, which include __ who was crowned Pre-Teen Miss Universe, and __ who placed first runner-up in Teen Miss Universe – both in Georgia last month.

Inside one of the world's largest licensed brothels__BBC News video 25 September 2019

The BBC finds children as young as seven at risk of being forced into prostitution in Bangladesh.

Progressive garbage is tired stinking dung.

I am effin tired of blabbermouths blabbering about how democratic contextualization defines all discussion of reforming corrupt old Philippines. Liberty and country should be all there is to it. Not even the slightest mention of nationalism should be allowed to enter that discussion. When America was founded by patriots, the rhetoric never was polluted by nationalism and "democracy". The aspiration was liberty of citizen and welfare of country. Democracy is the product. When misused as the means for transforming rotten countries, you end up with Arab Springs and EDSAs that either prolong or bring forth new tyrannies. This explains why I am a conservative. The reason why we were more or less democratic in the post-war and pre-Marcos years is that the Philippines had just been ruled by America.

Objective of the identity politics mania is to confuse you about who you are and your place in society. Tagalog and Cebuano living together in the same house results in mongrelized progeny. It is this sort of thing that led to what the Bohol Chronicle article on Intellectualized Binisaya calls a colloquial pidgin being used (in the least serious possible way) as the third medium of instruction in Cebuano MTBMLE.

I have never heard of a conservative who ran for president to become the commissar of nationalism.

NationalReview's Jay Nordlinger says "I believe that to be a conservative is to be for limited government. Personal freedom. The rule of law. The Constitution, and adherence to it. Federalism. Equality under the law. Equality of opportunity. Relatively light taxation. Relatively light regulation. Free enterprise. Property rights. Free trade. Civil society. The right to work. A strong defense. National security. National sovereignty. Human rights. A sound, non-flaky educational curriculum. School choice. A sensible stewardship over the land, as opposed to extreme environmentalism. Pluralism. Colorblindness. Toleration. E pluribus unum. Patriotism. Our Judeo-Christian heritage. Western civilization. I want to throw in, too, the right to life."

David French who is joining Jonah Goldberg in the newest conservative house adds "With no God over the state, the state then becomes not the defender of liberty but the definer of liberty. You have no freedoms except those bestowed by the state, and those freedoms are defined entirely by the various branches of government. There is no inherent right to life. There is only the justice the state gives according to the standards the state dictates. Marry statism to utopianism, and you create an alluring vision that empowers a host of self-righteous evils, centralization and authoritarianism chief among them. If government defines the good, then where is the room for dissent?"

And when I read author Jonathan Morrow lament "we bubble wrap our kids and create Disney World–like environments for them in our churches, and then wonder why they have no resilience in faith or life," I correlated it to the smartphone addiction symptomatic of our sick society infested by Tagalogism. One time there was a family that brought their little girls to Sunday mass and these two enjoyed playing with their own handheld phone while seated, standing or kneeling. There also was an even younger boy but since he was provisioned for bottlefeeding I suppose the parents considered him too immature to be in possession of a smartphone. Once upon a time this would have been unthinkable as is the now common sight of massgoers refreshing themselves with plain or soft drinks, gorging on Jollibee, and taking it as an hour-long opportunity for enjoyable private conversations.

Too many ignore the fact that jihadists who bombed churches filled with massgoers in Sulu and Sri Lanka welcomed the possibility of reprisals against the numerically few minority Muslims in the countries involved. Those probing attacks were planned with intent to agitate an escalating sequence of overreactions. Looking at the delusional peace process for Israel-Palestine, this has gone on interminably with the naive encouragement of Western progressivists yet they disregard its utter lack of results. Better that you choose whose side you're on and make it loud and clear you are more than happy to tolerate if all parties stick to non-aggression.

As for me, I do not consider the mentality of indicriminate acceptance of everything from everyone everywhere to be one of enlightenment backed up by the absolute assurance of peace, prosperity and universal happiness. It is a dangerous world we live in where you cannot just pretend that there are no jihadists and Tagalogistas.

Growing up both Muslim and Catholic in the Philippines May 29, 2019 Inquirer

I've always said that my feet step in two worlds. In one world, I inherited the Catholic heritage of my father, a native of Zamboanga, a former seminarian, and the person who had always reminded me to keep, in Chavacano, el temor de dios. Fear of God. In another world, I wear this hijab in a tradition passed down from generations from my mom, my grandmother, my grandmother's mother. In the small town of Siasi, Sulu where my mom grew up, Islam commingled with Tausug customs to create a culture that respected faith, bravery, and compassion.

Because my parents wanted to keep their religion, they decided to start a family that identified with both, respected both, and lived with both. As a result, I had a very odd childhood growing up in Zamboanga then in Manila. On one side of the family, I had Catholic relatives who strictly observed Lent and did not even allow us to laugh during Good Friday; grandparents who welcomed their parish priests frequently to their homes for merienda; and aunts and uncles who would pull out all stops for noche buena.

On another side, I had cousins bringing in delicious Tausug delicacies during Muslim holidays; tall uncles who, in their Eid outfits, looked like dashing Arabs with their beards and tall noses; and aunts and lolas I would silently observe as they would lay down their mat in our house and get ready for Salat (prayer) five times a day. As for our my own family, we did not have any religious symbols because our home was a neutral ground. No one was allowed to eat pork - except my dad. And, when I get into big trouble, I would sometimes have two lectures from my parents - one based on what Jesus taught and another on what is written in the Quran.

But what I loved the most growing up in these two worlds was the fact that I saw more of the common humanity across these two religions rather than their differences. In both sides, I had cousins studying, graduating then taking boards, attending interviews, and toiling in hopes of getting a job in Manila or abroad. I had aunts who got pregnant relatively young. Some had to raise a child or children mostly on their own.

I had relatives from both sides Skype-ing us from Dubai, Qatar, California, London, bringing chocolates when they stay in Manila, and becoming teary-eyed when they talk about being away from their kids. I've been to countless hospital visits to old relatives stricken with diabetes or a heart condition, young cousins with dengue, and dying loved ones. In sickness and in death, in any island in the Philippines, the family comes together to support and keep each other strong.

So, this week, as the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close, I write these words as an appeal to peace, an appeal to empathy. Every Filipino can do a better job at remembering that the Philippines is a country of many faiths and cultures - each one as vibrant and worthy of admiration as the rest. The next time we think of stereotypes, belittle or ostracize, or label a person because of what we see in the media, I hope we can think twice.

My feet stepped in two worlds, and I know am a better person because of that. Because of the way I grew up, I learned that, Muslim or Christian, the same stories - stories of poverty, success, failure, sadness, happiness, hope - bound us together. And this makes us only stronger as a country.

Arizza Nocum is a youth leader who heads the Kristiyano-Islam Peace (KRIS) Library. A magna cum laude graduate of UP Diliman College of Engineering, she also represented the country in Geneva as one of the 10 peace ambassadors of the Kofi Annan Foundation in 2016.

Progressivism and Marxism.

A classless, stateless, humane society based on common ownership and the underlying principle: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

Above comes directly from the Marx and Engels school of political science. Kinda like a Hegelian evolutionary dynamic driving across thousands of years the morphing of Neanderthal communalism into the rudimentary capitalism that the German duo lived through at its apex. They were confident it would immediately be followed by the final phase of society's political and economic configuration, an egalitarian nirvana.

Closest among those that still survive with paradigm unscathed is (poverty-stricken) Cuba per the Castro vision of socialist paradise. Pol Pot is everyone's poster boy of communist genocide but hardly anything is said about the many scores of millions more killed by Mao or the Kims in the fields of Peking and Pyongyang. Soviet socialism, dictatorship of the peasantry, so many Marxist doctrines to fill a long litany to recite soothingly to an Uighur led to the execution chamber that doubly serves as surgical section for cutting up his internal organs, prelisted in the database of the Chinese medical market. The current occupants of the Vatican mentioned nothing at their conference with the communist party so perhaps this is kosher.

Long ago, Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky shared two communist jokes to Reagan: A man stands in line for buying a car. He puts down the money for his new car. He's told to come and pick it up on a particular date, ten years away. "Morning or afternoon?" he says. "What difference does it make?" says the person in charge. "Well, I'm expecting the plumber in the morning."

In the morning, Brezhnev goes out on his balcony and says, "Good morning, sun!" The sun says, "Good morning, Comrade Brezhnev, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of the Glorious Soviet Union!" After lunch, Brezhnev goes out on the balcony and says, "Good afternoon, sun!" The sun replies, "Good afternoon, Comrade Brezhnev, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of the Great, Historic Soviet Union!" Later, as the sun is setting, Brezhnev says, "Good evening, sun!" The sun says, "*** you, Leonid. I'm in the West now."

Taken from Wikipedia, Khrushchev reflected on Stalin in his memoirs:

Stalin called everyone who didn't agree with him an "enemy of the people." He said that they wanted to restore the old order, and for this purpose, "the enemies of the people" had linked up with the forces of reaction internationally. As a result, several hundred thousand honest people perished. Everyone lived in fear in those days. Everyone expected that at any moment there would be a knock on the door in the middle of the night and that knock on the door would prove fatal ... [P]eople not to Stalin's liking were annihilated, honest party members, irreproachable people, loyal and hard workers for our cause who had gone through the school of revolutionary struggle under Lenin's leadership. This was utter and complete arbitrariness. And now is all this to be forgiven and forgotten? Never! (secret speech) It is here that Stalin showed in a whole series of cases his intolerance, his brutality, and his abuse of power ... he often chose the path of repression and physical annihilation, not only against actual enemies, but also against individuals who had not committed any crimes against the party or the Soviet Government.


Krushchev generously lavished technology transfer and material gifts to China to the tune of 7% of the Soviet gross income. Krushchev had a scheme for vocational and college preparatory assignment similar to DepEd K-12 that looked good to him in theory but did not work in practice. I have no idea what the proposed legislative review of K-12 will lead to, if anything.

In a memorable podcast discussing the right to smoke tobacco and the finale of Game of Thrones, Kevin Williamson of NationalReview disses governments who presume their role to be to "improve" the people. He also wants us to reflect that leaders such as Hitler thought of themselves as the good guy. A good government does not impose its idea of the "good stuff" to the people. It also does not self-rationalize each and everyone of its actions as a blow against the enemy of the people. Serving the people never meant strangling them or killing them. Government has no reason to exist once it goes beyond guaranteeing our lives, liberties and properties.

Social activists with political agendas twist the sciences of climate and psychology. They are the loudest voices today and I associate them with national socialism in its final gasp but they are not, in the traditional sense, hardcore left. Unlimited government only whets the appetite for even more unlimited government. Look at the faces of everyone who's been in and out of the state machinery or the Philippine government and tell me if it is not national socialism you see.

(These are portions lifted from an article warning us of this hideous entente of the Vatican with Peking.)

Jesuits Rehabilitate Communism _ The American Conservative Rod Dreher • July 25, 2019

Mao emerges as one of the greatest mass murderers in history, responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million people between 1958 and 1962. It is not merely the extent of the catastrophe that dwarfs earlier estimates, but also the manner in which many people died: between two and three million victims were tortured to death or summarily killed, often for the slightest infraction. When a boy stole a handful of grain in a Hunan village, local boss Xiong Dechang forced his father to bury him alive. Destroying religion has always been at the core of Communist theory and practice. One of the Jesuit pope’s top officials praised the Communist Party of China for being the world leaders who are “best implementing the social doctrine of the Church.” Pope Francis sold out the underground Church in China by reaching a deal to allow the Communists to appoint Catholic bishops there. Earlier this month, Cardinal Joseph Zen, the retired archbishop of Hong Kong, warned once again that Beijing wants to destroy the faith, and that the Vatican is playing into the Communists’ hands.

The Tagalog way, the one imposed by tyranny, or your way?

Have you never listened to Frank Sinatra? This should be a message that you get under your skin night and day.

My Way. Not the government's way or some monolithic mind-controlling religion but your own way as defined and determined by your God-given free will.

No way that it was patriotism and nationalism that motivated Galileo, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Newton, Shakespeare and Einstein. When Steve Wozniak demonstrated in 1975 that consumer-class computers can be produced by a struggling company in a garage environment, he had zero Soviet patriotism, Chinese nationalism or shariah supremacism impulses driving him to leapfrog HP and IBM with something that marketing partner Steve Jobs later turned into the Apple behemoth.

Nazism would have eventually shriveled and withered even if England had fallen and America did not act early enough to save Europe. Reagan and John Paul II shared a hatred for the evil empire without which they could not have defeated European communism.

Language advocacy, its meaning and purpose.

Language advocacy to me, a non-Tagalog, means only one thing. The removal of Tagalog from our lives. It is not meant to be the accommodation of Tagalog in our lives, which as a first impression of MTBMLE in the mid-2000s seemed to me like language defeatism.

Let me compare it to child advocacy. No child advocate would ever compromise by conceding that a child be subjected to pedophilia and to prostitution fifty percent of the time. To advocate your non-Tagalog language is to ensure that the Philippine government's Tagalog national language is not going to be around to destroy it. Unfortunately for us the Philippine government is bound by unchangeable law to prevent non-Tagalog language advocacy from standing in the way of Tagalog supremacy. As long as the 1987 Constitution exists, only Tagalog language advocacy and nothing else can there be.

Ideally there will be no DepEd and school districts will decide on the kind of MTBMLE they want. I've hardly ever heard of school district boards here but you can bet they are a joke compared to the ones in America.


School board exec steps down from post (The Freeman) September 26, 2019

Provincial School Board co-chairperson...who is Cebu Schools Division Superintendent, is resigning from her post in the board... the President of the League of Municipalities Cebu (LMP) Chapter, expressed her dismay at DepEd’s action of not consulting the local government units in the appointment of DepEd District Heads in cities and municipalities.


Maybe we can ask sympathetic governors and mayors to work on these boards and see if it results in any positive influence. They could just be white elephants though and that we cannot expect them to have a impact at the provincial, division and district levels.

Consider change carefully because it can be bad or good.

Change leading to either dystopia or improvement is unavoidable in government systems. The 1973 constitution was democratically and competently crafted by elected delegates from all over the country. It was not perfect but made corrections to certain problems our then reasonably progressing country had. It was our best chance and it would have worked if not for Marcos who perversely twisted its application. Cory threw away the constitution that Marcos ignored and instead made a much worse one in 1986. Marcos and Cory made changes to the system that were bad for us.

Martial law had multiple advantages to the kleptodictator because he could use the emergency situation he fabricated as an excuse for selectively bypassing the inevitable new constitution. And he could plead for leeway because martial law simultaneous with a new constitution taxes the ability of a great dictator. Cory was plain and simple bad luck. The threesome of evil, her, Marcos and Quezon.

Duterts promised change and has delivered nothing. Can that be the worst thing? Yes because in our situation remaining the same and because of the failure of his highly touted decentralization and debureaucratization to materialize, a lot of people will now move on to demand other things, likely the wrong things, to be changed. Even doing nothing affects how things turn out. By his failure, Duterts has rendered an impossibility the change for the better I thought the Philippines had deserved. Now it is time to compile a list of the wrongs committed against us.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

Pinay and pinoy porno habits undressed.

Whoopi Goldberg said this this year to a former Disney child starlet who's recently directed a porno movie. "If you're famous, I don't care how old you are. You don't take nude pictures of yourself. Once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud and it's available to any hacker who wants it, and if you don't know that in 2019 that this is an issue, I'm sorry."

It takes a lot of effort on my part to restrain myself from haranguing my wife about the grave importance of preventing our children from foolishly uploading smartphone selfie shots of their bare private body parts. Just think what headlines like this portend. DICT exec: Free public WiFi to cover 104,000 areas nationwide by 2022 _ October 2, 2019 GMA News. More individuals will have the opportunity to view your daughter in her naked glory and it will be free of charge.

Let them eat cake and free Wi-Fi might just as well be the mantra hummed along by this headless chicken lame duck government. Partying along with the Ninja government are the local telecoms with their YouTube promotions and ABSCBN tie-ups, inviting us to indulge in bandwidth wastefulness. Perpetuating the bondage of society to poverty and criminality which I suppose is the gist of this Tagalog report.

Ginang na nagbebenta raw ng malalaswang video ng kanyang mga anak at pamangkin, arestado_May 3, 2019 GMA News

Arestado ang isang ginang sa Iligan City na nagbebenta umano ng malalaswang larawan ng kanyang mga anak at pamangkin, ayon sa ulat sa Unang Balita nitong Biyernes. Kinukunan daw ng suspek ng malalaswang video at larawan ang kanyang tatlong anak at isang pamangkin gamit ang kanyang smartphone at pagkatapos ay ibinibenta ito sa mga contact niyang foreigners. Nakuha mula sa suspek, na hindi nagbigay ng pahayag, ang kanyang smartphone at mga resibo ng remittance mula sa mga dayuhan niyang customer.


In Amsterdam there are these window hookers who wait like mannequins behind glass panes for the patrons of street prostitution to purchase the fleshly merchandise they display. But at least they still have some sense of dignity left in that when passing tourists try to pose in front of them for a selfie shoot to post on Facebook, they instinctively move aside. These prosties have a more intelligent assessment of the internet's creepy nature than most Philippine citizens do.


Filipinos spend most time on internet, social media —study_January 31, 2019

Filipinos spend the most time on the internet and social media, a worldwide study by Hootsuite and We Are Social shows. According to their 2019 Global Digital Report, Filipinos spend an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes a day using the internet via any device. This is a slight increase from last year's report, which said that the average time Filipinos spent on the internet was 9 hours and 29 minutes. Mobile users now spend an average of 4 hours and 58 minutes accessing the internet per day, while the daily time spent using the internet on computer is an average of 5 hours and 4 minutes. This is despite the low average fixed internet connection speed in the Philippines, which was found to be 19.0 mbps. The fastest average internet connection is Singapore, which is 190.9 mbps. The average mobile internet connection speed in the Philippines is also low, falling at 15.1 mbps, compared to Canada's 63.1 mbps. The Philippines also topped the list of countries that spend time using social media, the study said. Filipinos were found to spend an average of 4 hours and 12 minutes on social media every day. Brazil follows with an average of 3 hours and 34 hours spent on social media per day. Last year, the Philippines had an average of 3 hours and 57 minutes spent on social media daily.LDF, GMA News

Filipino women among the top 20 female visitors of PornHub worldwide_March 12, 2019

In a PornHub study that summarized the viewing patterns of female visitors worldwide, Filipinas landed in the top 20 viewers of the the adult video streaming site. For the "Most Viewed Categories By Women," Filipinas mostly view Japanese porn, and outrank other viewers in the "Romantic" category with 233% of viewership. Filipinas also prefer "Behind The Scenes" with a rate of 204% and "Verified Couples" — or real couples copulating — with 160%. Other categories that are predominantly viewed by female visitors include lesbian, hentai, ebony, anal, Indian, Japanese, mature, and MILF. In Pornhub's 2018 Year in Review, it revealed that visitors from the Philippines spent the most time in the website.LA, GMA News


Kevin Williamson of NationalReview: "In 2019, our political discourse is about as intellectually sophisticated as our pornography. The public discourse of our time is marked by language that is: 1. emotionally charged; 2. imbued with an air of moral urgency; 3. illiterate." Williamson wrote that in regard to certain Democrats' labelling the Knights of Columbus a right wing extremist organization but since he mentions pornography, let me digress. Everyone, including the China fascist communists, keep harping about moral compass but all that is subjected to the progressivist inclination for relativisticizing on the moral and ethical options for the contentious issues confronting our time.

In India the BBC reports on the worsening sexual crisis there made more harmful by out of control mobile media distribution. Some of us still remember the klepto Macoy era where his government would dangle and withdraw bomba magazines and pene Tagalog movies whenever distressing economic and political situations emerged. Social media is where I have observed smartphone users share porno recommendations. One day we will be spending the entire day glued to phones playing pronography transmitted by the telecoms at 5G (an unnecessary tech in nearly all day to day cases).

11-year-old South Carolina boy drove three hours by himself to live with man he met on Snapchat, police say | Fox News Sept. 24, 2019

Dog dies after being gang-raped, mutilated by 4 alleged drug addicts_ 2018-11-25

Image: Facebook/Animals Matter To Me (Mumbai) A male dog in Mumbai, India succumbed to the injuries he sustained after being gang-raped and mutilated by four unidentified men under the influence of drugs.

Are men the main target of sexual harassment in Iraq? - BBC World Service 11 July 2019

A BBC survey of the Arab world turned up an unexpected result in Iraq - more men than women reported having experienced verbal sexual harassment and physical sexual assault.

Buntis na baboy, ginahasa umano ng isang lalaki sa Aklan_August 22, 2019 —GMA News


The future is here, if you let the Ninja government and its Chinese sponsor have their way. Big Governmentism led us to economic downfall and into the pit of the downtrodden dug by Tagalogism.

Why abortion and divorce are wrong advocacies/ideas that persist.

Bobit Avila predictably tore into pieces the divorce bill of Hontiveros which was floated in the senate's sea of pollution alongside this omnibus gender merry-mix-up legislation. Disregarding their demerits, I'd oppose them anyway just for the reason that big government is already way too much and it simply has to stop making every aspect of our lives its business. Especially a government of shallow quality that happily interferes in everything with utter disregard for cause and effect.

53.3% illegitimate according to the Stats office are the births this year or before. So few marry nowadays and a factor herein is the escalation of the price of marriage by the Catholic church. Married couples having fewer babies while illegitimate mothers deliver more of the unfathered. Asuuming they succeed in streamlining the government's revenues from marriage dissolution services, we're looking at a situation where in future years divorces outnumber marriages. My observation is that in America divorce is like drugs legalized. Actually it is the undesirable role played by big government in our society that led to this undesirable effect. If I am to interview young adults who their preferred sex partner is I expect to hear the names Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and Apple.

Only 1 out of 10 sexually active Pinoys use protection — study _ GMA News September 25, 2019

Only one out of ten sexually active Filipinos consistently uses protection during intercourse, an independent study conducted this year by a health maintenance organization showed. Of the 1,350 respondents surveyed for the 2nd Philcare Wellness Index...

Very much higher rates of contraceptiveless sex but at the same time lowered population growth. Abortion? Infertility? What's going on? Anyway it has never been true that the Philippines had a population explosion problem and the next crazy census in 2020 will proove me to be even more righter about that. Somebody should ask some of the many Tagalogistas who do sideline on the sly about how low the sperm count of males has declined and whether they'd be kind enough to set aside part of the humongous Tagalogista budget for a study on the prevalence of underground abortions.

I also have a small suggestion for this third world government that is so envious of woke progressivist countries. Offer for sale certificates of civil unions and divorces if you are so keen on bottomless fund raising. At a cost of 1 million pesos per. But it should remove itself from the institution of marriage. It is a traditional institution that rightfully belongs to responsible church organizations. If it is a same sex union or divorce you want then pay the government. Proper annulments have always been a church option. It's the only institution we have that is less corrupt than the government. I just don't know if they even remember the role Pope Leo XIII had in mind for the modern church in modern society.

The BBC had an article criticizing child unfriendly cities that have little or no grounds for children to play in and it also noted how governments have made it expensive for parents to produce offspring ironically because of taxes piled up by welfare extravaganzas. The non-Tagalog's only friend in the national media took this up at an earlier time.

Will we really get new parks and playgrounds SHOOTING STRAIGHT - Valeriano Avila (The Freeman) - September 18, 2019


We desperately need parents to produce non-Tagalog children and to raise them in a stable non-Tagalog family environment. Local governments and local parents have to have this as their objective. Parents taking reproductive sex is the hope for salvation of our languages. Sex is the answer. Not trees.

House bill requiring students to plant trees passes second reading_GMA News December 23, 2018

Completing an academic degree in the Philippines may also require participation in a reforestation program as the House of Representatives approved on its second reading a bill requiring all the graduating students to plant at least 10 trees before they earn their diplomas. House Bill 8728 or the proposed Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act, principally authored by Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano, aims to inculcate the importance of environmental protection in the educational system in order to produce socially responsible citizens.


Their concept is that government has the duty to shape the individuals who comprise the public instead of us shaping government in accordance to the best of our common interest. Marcos also commanded millions of my fellow students to "plant" trees that wouldn't survive anyway where we planted them. To some, government is always the solution but as far as my eyes can see, it's cast many dark shadows. In the hometown of a top five Democrat presidential aspirant, thousands of fetuses were stored in the garage of a now deceased doctor who hid once from police the abortion he performed on a 10-year-old rape victim. There is no point in having a government whose wrongs we cannot do anything to undo.

Winter is coming, this seems to be the right conservative outlook in life. Kevin Williamson of NationalReview considers "Winter is coming" to be the most conservative meme to come out of popular media. Those who are familiar with 2019 Emmy winner Game of Thrones would never mistake Cersei and Dany to be the show's representatives of conservative ideals. One-man rule or one-party or one-religion, none of that is conservative nor adherent to its attachment to classical liberalism. To say that winter is coming is to come to grips with the gathering of threats converging to destroy your world and that it is your duty to protect your society. As first of all a matter of self-preservation.

As the Coast Guard motto "Semper paratus" says, so should we be ready to drive away threatening intruders. Kick back Tagalogista supremacism to the native Tagalog region where it should be confined with a high wall.

Who comes after Duterte will be worse for everyone.

"About the president’s state of health" is the column of Bobit Avila today. If Duterte dies who succeeds him as president? Robredo/Marcos then Sotto then Cayetano or even Peralta if it is more or less the constitutional order that is followed. All of whom are Tagalog. That is if you do not ignore the fact that all of them were brought up by their parents as Tagalog speaking children. If you think the increase in Tagalogness of the Philippines under this Cebuano president is terrible, wait until another Noynoy reassumes the imperial presidency.

Before martial law this was a much better country. We barely felt the presence of the Chinese and Tagalog in our provinces and I'd say the smaller part Chinese businesses played back then amounted to a balanced and healthy contribution to the economy. At the risk of sounding like a bumiputra Malay racist here is what I have observed about national government policies pretending to favor Philippine businesses and indigenous languages. First is that never has a Filipino first policy produced positive results. Never has it boosted the entrepreneurship of indigenous Filipinos. On the other hand there's local Chinese business domination (to the tune of 90%+) and China import saturation.

Second is the government's lip service on upholding the locality as the domain of the local indigenous native language. Nope. It's Tagalog "Filipino" national language all the way. The latter is credited to the Tagalogistas infesting government while the former is the work of moles financed since the 1980s by the People's Republic of communist fascists. (BIR padlocks unregistered POGO with up to 1,000 ‘mostly Chinese’ workers_GMA News)

Conservative philosopher George Will observed that "China's national anthem celebrates millions of hearts with one mind. Hong Kong's protesters are defending a society comfortable with many different minds." We shouldn't be going in the direction of China but our Tagalogista government is up to no good. Bobit, bless him, can be counted on to keep pressing for two changes for the better that have long been denied to the Philippines. Language balance. Political balance. Both of these require a new constitution, a better one.

Having looked before at the American amendment process, it's not hard to see what's terribly wrong with ours. It is a system designed to stop change. Forcing an underperforming country to remain a bottom feeder. Understand the deprivation you have suffered decades under tyrannical regimes. East Germans in 1989 finally rose up fight the monsters just as the valiant HongKongers are doing today. "We are the people!" "Wir sind das Volk!"

Ana Pamintuan described in PhilStar last January the "Racketeers’ paradise" that the current crop of oligarchical politicians cannot get enough of. That's why there'll be no change in our lifetime. Why do they even bother to apprehend drug traders when the contraband is just going to change hands the ninja way?

PDEA-7 has no facility to destroy seized drugs (The Freeman) - October 23, 2019

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-7 Director Wardley Getalla said “The problem is the destruction itself, because under the law, it is the offender that should shoulder the cost of destroying the illegal drugs,” Getalla told members of the Cebu City Council in Tagalog.


Tagalog, gentlemen and ladies. The bureaucrat spoke to the Cebu council in Tagalog. It's some sort of sickness. What did Lito Atienza have in mind when he described the place he works in as Department of Congress? They're now adding an OFW department so clearly big government is becoming bigger or at least the executive branch is. The legislature and judiciary are not doing meaningful work, they're either scratching their belly contemplating their backlogs or "fundraising" for the next vote-buying event or election.


House approves P4.1-T budget for 2020 on 3rd reading__September 20, 2019 GMA News

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (P70.6 billion)

Department of Education, P673 billion


I have long forgotten the reason why the Philippines needs a government. Commie boy Satur Ocampo was dead on accurate in observing that Duterts is coasting along in his final two years. Duterts is understandably frustrated at how the system resists all changes and how it easily forestalls all weak attempts to change it. The system is stronger than him.

Using intellectualized Sugboanon Binisayâ? How? Show me.

Let's get technical, technical. I can show you two samples of technical writing in Cebuano, one written originally in Cebuano before translation to English and the other, the other way around. Other than that I know of no other examples that do not artificially employ made up terms like PITLAW just because somebody does not want to use SEMANA for WEEK.

These two,

are in the catogories of science fiction and cyberspace social media. Some more samples, something minimally technical and an explanation of word choice and spelling preference.

Standards are absent at this point but you can write in "intellectualized" or what I call technical Cebuano using the way you know best. But the question is where is the intellectual who will read these? Perhaps if the public is able to see that there is a standard of writing worthy of Cebuano's dignity as a language.


Using intellectualized Sugboanon Binisayâ

Bohol Chronicle Daily April 20, 2018

Sugboanon Binisayâ is already a well developed language. It has already a sophisticated grammar and the vocabulary is already extensive. However today only very few can use Binisayâ in an intellectualized discussion. Binisayâ is now used only in colloquial conversation and communication. As a colloquial language it now tends to be pidgin. It combines the grammar and vocabulary of Binisayâ, Spanish, Tagalog, and English. Our colloquial Binisayâ, which unfortunately is the language used in our MTB (Mother Tongue Based) instruction, could not be intellectual because it is confusing as to meaning and intention of the speaker. We are no longer a colony of the United States of America in terms of the political situation but our minds and intellect are still very much colonized by the Americans. English language bias...

29207 Re: [DILA] Using intellectualized Sugboanon Binisayâ? How? Show me.

Lino Gerona

If the children are taught the technical vocabulary in MTB MLE it will work. Otherwise Cebuano will remain a primitive language not worth learning or teaching. Might as well abandon Cebuano for some other language. Forget Cebuano and put it in the dustbin of history - a failed language

Lessons of the Tagalogista illuminati mafia syndicate

When I came upon the Yahoo headline "Men 'high-fived' each other after filming rape" the first thing that entered my mind was Tagalogistas. If you don't visualize them celebrating, you must be different from me.

Tagalogistas do not engage in a straightforward way when a language matter is at stake as with anything else involving Tagalog dominance. I realized this to be their operandi ad eternum when Almario bragged to Manny that they were orchestrating senate decisions behind the scenes. This goes way back to the Quezon Recto conspiracy for the Tagalog national language in the 1930s and Diliman jesters playing around with the 1986 appointees for Cory's constitution, the details of which you can read on Diversity Shock. (

The Tagalogista illuminati can be counted on to act sneakily whenever and wherever their expertise in skullduggery especially in potentially paradigm-changing events like the backbreaking MTBMLE advocacy process, here they maneuver for bamboozlement. And boy they absolutely know how to bamboozle language policy. They have done so many things they should be paying dearly for yet it is either we refuse or do not know how to collect.

Be yourself. If you are convinced that you are as you should be and not who you should not be, there is not the slightest reason government should act in any way to change who you are. The parliament of Britain never had valid cause to keep the British peoples shackled to an EU they found distasteful. Tagalogistas have this deranged notion that defeating and converting Cebuanos equals fulfillment of some anal manifest destiny for Tagalog and the Philippines.

Pimentel was without the shadow of a doubt a most sincere human being. Political empowerment of Mindanao was in his heart, a desire that never stopped beating. Yet his enslavement to nationalism caused him to side with Cory Aquino instead of Doy Laurel who was much more receptive to political decentralization. Pimentel's Jeckyl-Hyde embodiment of federalism-nationalism rendered his work vulnerable to Tagalogista metastasisation whereupon cancerous provisions in laws as in the one best attributed to him fester to morbidity.

"Section 29 (a), Chapter 3 of the Local Government Code states that “the vice-governor shall be the presiding officer of the sangguniang panlalawigan; the city vice-mayor, of the sangguniang panlungsod; the municipal vice-mayor, of the sangguniang bayan; and the punong barangay, of the sangguniang barangay."

Our sick country has countless feckless bureaucrats hailing the high heavens whenever tragic events abroad no matter how remote from where our migrant workers are, do not include "Pinoys" (detestable word) in the casualty list. Yet here we have headlines blaring like this one Super Typhoon Hagibis gives new wind to Philippine disco band _ Showbiz _ GMA News Online. They feel like dancing over the death of many Japanese citizens and the billions in property damage sustained by Japan.

Behavior that is not so uncommon considering that hazing in this country has never ceased ever since masonic secret societies passed this on to school frats and the armed forces. It is in the nature of humans to beat up or put down other humans but the purpose of the our living civilized lives is to put these often harmful impulses under control. Frat killings and language/culture suppression orchestrated by the Tagalogistas in this country measure how uncivilized we've become.

Hero teachers and godlike government, I mean these are BS like no other. Teachers are not heroes but if they are mythologized as such you must be living in a screwball society. In other words, when a comparatively overpaid public school teacher is asked to be a hero, that can only mean she or he is working in a substandard school in a country where substandard education is institutionalized, in other words, a screwed-up white elephant education system. In other words it is shit education they are engaged in.

Similarly, the existence of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) or the Conditional Cash Transfer as well as the proliferation of Malasakit Centers in every which setting the nanny government imposes itself in, bounces back to the detriment this super-regulatory and super-centralized government has brought upon our society and economy. We should not want to become like China. Yet they've made this a country with a Tagalog government, Tagalog media, Tagalog corporations, Tagalog schools and Tagalog national language.

It's all about socialist populist nationalist posturing in a corruptocracy that serves only the Tagalogista oligarchy. If you complicate the fare tariff for a specific route the result is a disrupted payment process. The jeepney driver becomes more distracted by stuff like correct discounted fares and change in hard to recognize coins instead of concentrating more on the road. Or the long pile ups in grocery counters due to senior discount processing. A discount for the left hand always means a heavier price for the right hand. Subsidies only serve to whitewash economic failure and the inability of a regime to recover economic success. Big government is big time blunder.

House OKs bill giving students fare discount on all public transportation _ February 1, 2019 GMA News

Students will soon permanently enjoy the 20 percent discount on fares every time they use public transportation, even on holidays and weekends. The House of Representatives recently approved on second reading House Bill 8885, which provides for a 20-percent student discount for regular domestic fares of all kinds of public transportation utilities such as public utility buses, public utility jeepneys, taxis and other similar vehicles-for-hire, tricycles, passenger trains, aircraft and marine vessels for the entire time that they are enrolled. The student discount currently covers only land public transportation vehicles.

Plastic pollution and Cebu movies, a mother tongue bridge?

BINISAYA Film Fest 2019 pushed through its three day run. Free screenings of Cebu-made short and long features as well as long and short Tagalog and Asian guest entries shown non-stop in one standard Ayala theater. I went in for less than an hour so I only got to see Basura and portions of two films that thematically fixated on insurgency. Though it is now the 21st century, some of them are still focused on these quaint relics. Basura was all about the plastics that make their way from the streets to the dump though the only really memorable detail I noticed was the discarded polyethylene packaging of products made by Manila-based companies.


BBC headline: 'Only big changes' will tackle climate change...The experts tell us that small, easy changes alone will not be enough to combat climate change.

Why Greeks question this role model's credentials_BBC News 20 September 2019


Who are those experts who have incontrovertible solutions to a verified scientific rendering of the climate warming phenomenon? I'll sleep better if none of them are like Eleni Antoniadou, the hoax scientist who was exposed in Greece. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, never mind, it's all about the money. Plastics, if ever they are meant to be only used once, that seems to be a good policy as well for plastic politicians like Legarda.

Stunning information that I came across in the article "How to solve the plastic packaging paradox" (by Tim Harford BBC World Service 10 April 2019) is that one reusable grocery bag made from organic cotton needs to be used 20,000 times to justify its production cost. Another article I came upon later on with an interesting revelation was "Plastic or paper: Which bag is greener?"

Nicholas Kerr of NationalReview wrote earlier this year: "Danish Environmental Protection Agency study found that an organic cotton bag uses more than 150 times as much energy and causes over 600 times as much water pollution when compared with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) grocery-store bags. A University of Arizona study found that 97 percent of users of reusable grocery bags never wash or bleach them. The research found bacteria levels in bags "significant enough to cause a wide range of serious health problems and even lead to death." Paper bags have their own drawbacks vs. LDPE ones. These are even more pronounced when one considers how much more frequently supermarkets double up paper bags in an effort to match how remarkably strong LDPE is for its weight. Cheering on politicians who propose and implement token bans on plastic encourages them to avoid doing the hard work required to solve the real problem."

Petrosynthetic superthin bags presently take too long a time to decompose. The ones touted biodegradable by ignorant local governments and mindless retailers actually are inferior materials that tear unpredictably later into pieces so tiny they're even messier to dispose. Also they're not reusable and should be the kind of plastic that is banned. Hope is held in the future for potential solutions from real scientists as in "the fungi Aspergillus tubingensis can rapidly break down polyurethane plastic. These plastics, which used to make a wide range of products including furniture foams, electronics cases, adhesives and films, can hang around in soil and sea water for years. The fungi, however, was found to break it down within a matter of weeks. Hasan and her team are now investigating how to use the fungi for large-scale degradation of plastic waste. Other fungi, such as Pestalotiopsis microspore, which normally grows on rotting ivy leaves, have also been found to have a prodigious appetite for plastic, raising hopes they could be..."

The science of using "science" to fool the public, bad enough as bad science is, it is frequently exploited for monetary gain. - Per the National Institutes of Health "It’s the concentrated herbal supplements that may have been the culprit of liver damage in several cases." I suspect half the radio ads in Cebu are for those kind of products but I could be wrong because it is probably more. Are there no scientists employed in the Department of Health? Next is environmentalistically overzealous regulation and the resulting tragic building fire in England.


Preventable deaths? The story of Grenfell Tower flat 113__25 March 2019 BBC

It had begun as an ordinary house fire but only 20 minutes after the first 999 call, flames were rising quickly up the outside wall of the tower block. New cladding, fitted during the building's refurbishment, turned out to be highly flammable. Once the fire was in the cladding, it moved upwards in a straight line, soon moving beyond the range of the firefighters' hoses, which could only reach as far as the 10th floor. The building's aluminium and polyethylene rainscreen didn't help. Designed to prevent water entering the cladding, it also repelled water from the firefighters' hoses. But in any case, no firefighter had been trained to recognise and fight a cladding fire on the outside of a high-rise building.


Public safety is a foreign language in the Philippines though I noticed a few of these guys excited at the thought that a haze crisis would let them corner the market for face masks. Solar racket of Legarda Leviste is not unique, out there is 2.2 million for the replacement of Sarao-type diesel jeepneys which smells like stuff rigged by somebody in government expecting fat commissions from the assembler. I haven't heard recently about the electric jeep scam which similarly is priced at a few million pesos, same with e-trikes costing a few hundred thousand, I have a feeling the bill of materials do not amount to more than a fraction of that. It's as if the bureaucrats are singing to hell with the market, I care only about my pocket.

Much earlier this year Prof. Magno told an amusing environmental tale about some of the companies that as of today are finding it even harder to supply us with water. Don't laugh too hard because your province has more or less the same problem.


Alexander Magno-PhilStar

When he served as DENR Secretary, Atienza was dragged to the Supreme Court by a network of environmental groups seeking a continuing mandamus against the national government to force the latter to clean up the bay. He surprised both the court and the petitioners by siding with the petition. Part of the continuing mandamus was the imposition of a fine of P100,000 per day against the two water concessionaires until they treat the water drained into the bay. No one has tried collecting that fine to this day. For decades, when government controlled water distribution in the metropolis, it failed to build a water treatment facility. When water distribution was privatized in 1998, the contract called for the two concessionaires to treat sewerage. The concession contracts are due to expire in 2022. Manila Water has submitted a plan for the treatment of sewerage that will be completed in 2037. Maynilad, when the Lopezes controlled it, volunteered to purchase trucks that would suck up the muck from septic tanks without any indication about where the waste will be drained. Meanwhile, both concessionaries charge consumers an “environmental charge” every month. This is now the time to ask the concessionaires, who took out hefty loans with sovereign guarantees, what they have done with the “environmental charges.”


Another PhilStar columnist who happens to be an all-out supporter of climate activism borrowed the song line "I believe the children are the future." If they are, then they should not be used as pawns exploited by adult social woketivists and politicians the way Greta Thunberg was auditioned and then flown from Scandinavia by way of fuel-spewing jetliner travel to world venues. If they truly believed in their advocacy they ought to have used a rowboat. And avoided adding burnt kerosene to global atmospheric carbon emissions.

Ambeth and his Tagalog markers for historical fraud.

"Sometime around 2010, I gathered Rizal’s little-known Tagalog translations of five Hans Christian Andersen tales and proposed that my publisher print a small book, complete with his delightful drawings and a historical introduction by me. National Artist Virgilio Almario reviewed Rizal’s 19th-century Tagalog and suggested a more contemporary orthography and style."

Ambeth Ocampo used to be a balanced scholar of culture and history such that his old columns had been quoted in DILA and in "A Country of Our Own" by our hero David Martinez. Along the way, this Jesuit-educated former monk was seduced by the dark side. He's also admitted to being influenced by Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, the doyenne of Tagalogistas. Goes to show that it doesn't take much for one to abruptly embrace the Tagalogism (short for Tagalog supremacism) of Almario. Quezon they make proud, deep down there in his hole in hell is the ama of wikangpilipino burning with pride.

Ambeth rules (or rather ruled) the Historical Institute whose biggest ongoing accomplishment is the defacement of our most important churches with Tagalog markers or "historical" plaques. By this Ambeth proclaims ownership by the Tagalogs of the churches we have worshiped in since ancient times. Ambeth thus declares the Roman Catholic church in the Philippines to be Tagalog.

NHI was started as Philippine Historical Research and Markers Committee by the Americans who took on the responsibility for our Hispanic structural antiquities and landmarks. Ambeth's chairmanship of the National Historical Institute in 2002 did not take long to evolve (ha, evolve in the correct sense of the word without the constitution skulduggery) into chief vandal of the nation. In recent years they have undertaken to "instill pride" in our most important landmarks and since the plaques they are hammering into these are in Tagalog it must be Tagalog pride that they want to mark.

Almario never fails to carry a smile on his face when he attends regional confabs that ostensibly celebrate the multilingualist aspirations of vernacular institutions. Almario is doing his job. Which is to see to it that none of the regional orgs are concocting anything that will halt the nationalist-driven ascencion of Tagalog to uncontested supremacy. He smiles because the trite clichés he hears consistently in all such venues steer away from resistance to steadily entrenched Tagalog dominance. Almario is pleased with himself and with what the regionals all fail to do in defense of the vernaculars he is sworn to obliterate with full government support and backing.

Ambeth Ocampo and Virgilio Almario are the two most important Tagalogistas of our time. Ambeth is a relative newcomer whose mission for Tagalog imperialism focuses on religion even as Almario has been at it in the sociocultural arena for at least a generation ever since the Imeldific business boost he got. Every now so often they beguile us with platitudes on giving something to non-Tagalogs and playing a role in their survival. When did we allow murderers the platform to lecture us on language endangerment?

The curse of Barangay started in 1972.

PHL falls 8 notches in global competitiveness —WEF report _ GMA News Online October 9, 2019

As bad as Aquino. Year four of Duterts, the situation is as unacceptable. Ninja is the new word for government personnel earning drug money. Transportation, economic indicators, the Philippine-Vietnam sea lane, Islamic terror, education backwardness, bad government, Tagalogism?

I've said it many times before, Duterts was the only choice in 2016, all the rest were just going to make all of the above worse. Duterts has not made us better. He spends too much time with Russia, a most useless economic partner if you ask its former clients in Africa. And China, if it were really the strongest economy in the world, you'd marvel at the irony of the communist central bank harboring their trade surplus in safe American dollars and bonds. Duterts can't even change the toilet paper constitution which is what he calls Cory's cherished legacy.

Our problems started with Marcos. He was the one who brought into reality the Quezonian curse of a government run like hell by Filipinos. And using Tagalog too. This was also the birth of the "barangay" which is the officially appropriated word from this former dialect of Waray that became the substitute for barrio, formerly an informal unit of the municipality. Changed by Marcos into a direct unit of the national government.

It is time we talk about the equally low capability of Duterte and Davide. The former has been reduced to dismissing his failure to pursue his promises with the excuse that there's no crisis therefore no need do anything anymore. Davide was the one who presumed in 1986 he could be the hero who would provision the end of Tagalog national language domination but in the end he capitulated ergo we still have the same thing masquerading as Filipino. To both Duterte and Davide their slavelike sense of nationalism shields them from guilt.


Senate OKs on 2nd reading bill postponing Barangay, SK polls - GMA News September 24, 2019

The Senate approved on second reading Tuesday a bill postponing the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections originally scheduled in May 2020 and rescheduling it to December 5, 2022. The Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation, chaired by Senator Imee Marcos...


Local government units are meant to be run the way former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani saw it, a function that is not slavishly dependent on the central authorities' authority. Giuliani knew his duty and his responsibility. You have no reason to be mayor if you don't. "When I see a city with homeless people, I see a city with a mayor who doesn't give a damn about people, because if you give a damn about people, you don't let them lay on the street. I had a rule that streets were not for living."

So here we are, almost back to the darker point in our history when the Marcoses were in power. Duterts is about to provide their family a second chance to abuse the Philippine patrimony. And what happens after they have worsened the Philippine system some more? China will take over but not directly. It will be a robot government supported by the tentacles they already have in place here. Huawei, ChinaTelecom Islamic, the metamphetamine syndicate, Smartmatic, and most importantly, the "Tsinoy" oligarchs.


Half dead and half alive is what Yahoo intends with Groups.

"Tagalog is not the only language in the Philippines" is a Facebook group that Facebook says has 2,035 members. From the name you'd suspect it is similar to DILA but you would never know for certain unless you have taken a look inside because it is a private group like United Ethnic something. And if I had the rare privilege as a member of taking a peek, I'd have a hell of an ordeal digging up the most important postings out of a few thousand in there. It is a social media thing.

I found out that this is the direction Yahoo is going and is what the DILA Yahoo Group will become beginning December 14. I was surprised that as of today it is still possible to post. Attachments will be erased (no big deal to us) and our nearly thirty thousand postings against the Philippine government's genocidal language policy will still be visible, to a select few instead of seven billion human beings.

We are now on our nineteenth year, going twenty, Cabalern founded United Non-Tagalogs/Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago on All Saints Day 2001. Through Ernie Turla the non-Tagalog gained for the first time a real voice against Tagalog supremacism-fascism, a Philippine-wide voice. Nearing the end of 2019 I'd have to say voices, to be honest. But DILA is the standard and if Yahoo DILA is degraded by Yahoo to less than useful, be not afraid, will remain.


Elcano and Magellan, The First Voyage Around the World

There is not one important Cebuano personality who defies Tagalog supremacist nationalism except for Bobit Avila. He also happens to be the only journalist of nationwide circulation who speaks out in defense of the political and cultural rights of non-Tagalogs as these are persistently transgressed by a hostile and maleficient nationalist govenment centered in Imperial Manila. (Over 2 decades of PhilStar and Freeman columns.) or presents a short clip of Elcano and Magellan, The First Voyage Around the World a speechless animation from Mother Spain depicting Lapulapu's villainy. I don't know how many there are other than me who consider the villain part truthful. Magellan lost his life fighting for the peoples of Spain and the Cebuano nation. I know of no other hero who died in the line of duty and service to the Cebuano. He was the discoverer who introduced our Austronesian country to the world. We hardly know anything about his killer. Probably this was someone who'd just recently "discovered" near-barren Mactan and threatened the Cebuano natives. A killer I do not look up to. Who like the Tagalogistas blocked our path to a good future.

Better than nothing but columnist Pamintuan regurgitates notions cultivated by the ignorant crowd about how bad Spain was and how great their "hero" Lapulapu was though no one even knows his personal details. Next figment of fiction is the advanced stage of pre-Hispanic Philippine civilization, their awesome sophistication in technology and literature among other marvelous achievements. In ignorance do we invent. Somehow this reminds me of the Freeman Top 100 Cebuano Personalities series this year wherein dozens were Chinese or Philippine residents whose mother tongue is not Cebuano.

Victory and humanity SKETCHES - Ana Marie Pamintuan (The Philippine Star) - September 18, 2019

What do you remember about the “discovery” of the Philippines? From my history lessons, I learned that Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, on a trip sponsored by the Spanish crown, landed in Homonhon on March 16, 1521. His team of Spanish conquistadores celebrated the first Catholic mass on March 31, 1521 in Limasawa, Southern Leyte. He must have displeased his Creator nevertheless; weeks later, in a battle on April 27 near the shores of Mactan, Cebu, he was killed by Lapu-Lapu, now hailed as the first Filipino freedom fighter. The brave conquistadores turned tail and left our shores. In 1542, another expedition led by the Spaniard Ruy Lopez de Villalobos arrived and named the islands of Samar and Leyte Felipinas, after then Prince of Asturias Felipe, who would become King Philip II.

It took many more years, in 1565, before Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived in Cebu and founded the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. He began moving northward, eventually reaching Manila where his conquistadores deposed Muslim Rajah Sulayman in 1571, built San Agustin church and a walled fortress, and began spreading the Christian faith and western civilization across Luzon.

What happened in those “lost years” between Magellan’s death and the arrival of Legazpi was left to our imagination. As that meant several decades less of events to remember for our class recitation and exams, we didn’t really bother about the missing pieces of history. Today, with the 500th anniversary of Magellan’s arrival approaching, historians are working not just to find the missing pieces but also correcting many details of what we were taught in school. They are scouring libraries, museums and private collections for records, personal accounts, illustrations – anything that may provide glimpses of what life was like in pre-colonial times.

* * *

From what is emerging, from 80 to 90 percent of our history lessons about those times may have to be unlearned. This is according to Ian Alfonso, head of the secretariat of the National Quincentennial Commission, which is preparing for celebrations to mark 500 years of Christianity in this country. A key point is that our people were not uncivilized heathens who needed subjugation and education by foreign colonizers.

Alfonso, who faced “The Chiefs” last Monday on Cignal TV’s One News, said our ancestors were already cosmopolitan when Magellan arrived, with autonomous kingdoms governed by set rules. Our ancestors had political systems in place. Hindu-Buddhist influence was strong, with a mishmash of folk-animist beliefs tossed in. Arabs and Turks would also bring Islam through the south.

There are indications that Lapu-Lapu himself, according to Alfonso, might have been Hindu-Buddhist. Lapu-Lapu’s depiction at his shrine in Mactan will have to be changed: Alfonso told us that the real Lapu-Lapu was not a muscular young man but in his 60s, with a body heavily tattooed as Visayan warriors were at the time. The Magellan expedition arrived on March 16, 1521, but docked in Homonhon (in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, where Super Typhoon Yolanda first made landfall) only on March 17. When they finally set foot on the island on March 19, Alfonso said, they were so famished and weary, but they were fed and given a hospitable welcome by the local community.

Alfonso said Magellan made the mistake of becoming embroiled in a power struggle between Lapu-Lapu and rival Cebu King or Rajah Humabon. After learning that the foreigners were supporting Humabon in the power struggle, Lapu-Lapu led a team that attacked the Spanish forces and killed Magellan. Historians have not yet established whether Magellan was beheaded or had his face smashed, Alfonso said. But his forces left the country, passing through Palawan, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi before exiting through Sarangani.

What is clear is that Magellan left a Sto. Niño image in Cebu, which was found by Legazpi’s group packed in a box together with images of anitos or nature spirits in the ruins of a burned house. Historians have not yet established where the first Catholic mass was held in the Philippines. Alfonso said experts are expected to submit their report on this to the committee this November.

* * *

This Dec. 14, the 500-day countdown to the 2021 quincentennial will start. What exactly are we celebrating? Our islands already had a thriving civilization when the conquistadores arrived, trading with Asian neighbors including China, Japan, Thailand and of course the Malay peninsula, and on to India, Europe and the Arabian peninsula.

Our people at the time wore ornate gold jewelry, Alfonso said, indicating a bustling economy, arts and skilled craftsmanship. President Duterte has said he does not want to take part in any celebration of the colonization of the country. Historians have described it as Spanish colonization by the Cross and the Sword.

Duterte, however, was the one who created the quincentennial commission, which Alfonso stressed is not celebrating colonization. Instead it is celebrating “victory (Lapu-Lapu vs Magellan) and humanity (islanders welcoming the hungry Spanish expedition)” as well as the fact that with the arrival in our islands, Magellan completed his circumnavigation of the globe, proving that the planet is round.

Alfonso noted that Venetian scholar Antonio Pigafetta, who accompanied Magellan to Mactan, reported meeting a local rajah in Butuan who was a polyglot – they could converse with each other. It indicated to Pigafetta that they had indeed circumnavigated the planet, Alfonso pointed out.

Butuan, incidentally, will be the site of the first museum dedicated to early Philippine history. This is because Butuan is where the largest number of items from that period has been discovered, Alfonso explained. And of course the quincentennial will be a celebration of Christianity in this country. Whatever Duterte says, “we should be grateful about the arrival of Christianity, because it has done a lot of good for the country,” Msgr. Pedro Quitorio of the media affairs office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines told The Chiefs.

The quincentennial is meant to raise public awareness of national identity, of the events and forces that shaped the Filipino nation. Like it or not, the Cross and the Sword played a key role in gathering together all the autonomous kingdoms across the archipelago and creating a land called Felipinas. The revolution against Spain, Alfonso points out, led to the creation of the first nation, the first republic and the first democracy in Asia.

Today politicians continue to control their fiefdoms across the archipelago, but the state called the Philippines has endured. And so has Christianity – with over 80 percent of the population still followers of the faith, hybrid as it might be. Come 2021, Filipinos will find cause for celebration in 500 years of the Christian faith.


Lastly, I just can't resist commenting on this news item:

Dakilang Lahi What happens when guys inject their manhood with oil-based ‘enhancers’ _ Lifestyle _ GMA News Online

It's from that pro-Tagalog peddler whose online reports validate again and again the utter stupidity of media-entertainment and politics in the country. Caveat. Use this Tagalog product on your thing and lose the virile aspect of your masculinity for the rest of your impotent existence.

Then look at these two other GMA-7 headlines:

BOC urges oil companies to comply with fuel marking

DOH wants ban on sale of cigarettes per stick

A fascist government is a heavy handed tyrant on the individual citizen and is namby pamby with oligarch companies. If a government plays no sensible role in your life, it is obviously something you do not need.


Assessing whether FB is a waste or a wise use of our time.

From the public facegroup Multilingual Philippines Network (which is meant for plurilingual advocacy while Multilingual Philippines is for call center recruiters) I've picked up this portion of a new posting by Napoleon Imperial which is sort of related to an earlier comment of mine. You post an earthshaking opinion on the Philippine's genocidal language policy in a number of your facegroups. What happens after that? Do your thoughts and the reactions thereto blast off from the Facebook planet to strike ground zero of your target? FB was falsely credited for Arab Spring and other uprisings where it never really was a primary channel for mobilization. The heroes of Hongkong (over a million citizens there) never needed FB to sustain their months-long resistance to Pekinese tyranny. FB might be good for visibility but it's wrong to bask in it as your comfortable solution.


The amount of postings generated by Facebook in the forms of comments, suggestions, position papers and other informative and advocacy materials are simply staggering and overwhelming. This is not to include the likes and other reactions by emoticons. Opinion surveys will be more credible with such sampling level. BUT I WONDER if those well and openly articulated sentiments especially the concrete suggestions and disapprovals ever reach the targeted audience so that they will be pressured to act. Or those likes and dislikes, can they be processed, quantified and properly analyzed as virtual public pulse indicators for policy formulation and governance purposes. Otherwise, kung tayo-tayo din lamang, barking at each other, baka nagsasayang lang tayo ng oras, pagod at emotional and intellectual energies. Can we instead really convert the FB generated swaps of nice ideas into concrete policy position that will definitely reach those in the position and power to effect change. We rail so much against the kind of politicians who run and win by landslide no matter how unqualified, incompetent, undeserving and perpetuating themselves, whose incumbency is fraught with dangers and risks. Can the FB netizens serve as the critical mass and endorsers/supporters and public mobilizers for a comprehensive legislation to amend existing loopholes-laden electoral laws which are now cast-in-stones sources of public office corruption, political dynasties and unethical governance. Come on folks, let's maximize the use of our Facebook real times. Can somebody rise up and orchestrate and coordinate? God be with us!


FB is not my friend. But there is so much anti-Tagalog Imperialist Supremacism materials we have circulating over there that are variably inaccessible across whatever online circumstances you are sitting in. It has been useful but only up to a point. And one has to remember this is an environment as creepy as Google (the thief of personal medical records) is. And you have no assurance FB will not do a Yahoo and forcibly make all groups private. Imagine living on an island with a high wall erected to enclose its shores.

Facebook users continue to grow despite privacy scandals _ BBC 30 January 2019

Facebook users have continued to rise despite a series of data privacy scandals and criticism over its attempt to stem toxic content. The social media giant said the number of people who logged into its site at least once a month jumped 9% last year to 2.32 billion people. Fears the firm's scandals could put off advertisers also proved unfounded with annual revenues up 30% on last year.

The rise came despite campaigns which urged people to shun the tech giant. Founder Mark Zuckerberg said the firm had "fundamentally changed how we run the company to focus on the biggest social issues".

The strong financial performance comes amid continuing concerns over how the social media firm handles users' personal data and privacy after t he Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal and fears the network has been used as a political tool.

Facebook paid teens to mine device data

Facebook 'less popular with UK children'

The company's shares have lost almost a third of their value since July when it warned about slowing revenue growth and they remain near a two-year low.

But they jumped over 9% in after-hours trading after profit and revenue beat analyst forecasts.

Facebook's total profit for 2018 was $22.1bn (£16.9bn), up 39% on 2017.

User growth was particularly strong in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, but flat in the US and Canada.

The mind boggles. In 2018 Facebook saw the Cambridge Analytica scandal, political manipulation, fake news, data breaches and accusations of deeply unethical behaviour.

Despite this, profits are up by almost 40%. Facebook isn't just surviving, it's thriving. In the face of severe turbulence, Mark Zuckerberg's company has proven to be resilient. But while users appear to be turning a blind eye, the same won't be said for regulators - Facebook knows huge fines are likely coming its way.

The question is how damaging those fines will be, and what other measures might be put in place that might clip the wings of a company that many lawmakers feel is too powerful.

George Salmon, analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said Facebook's revenue growth in the final three months of the year was its weakest since the firm listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2012, but said the figures were still "reassuring".

"Only time will tell if Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious plans to revolutionise Facebook pay off, but these results will go a long way towards regaining the trust of Wall Street - analysts had been jittery after a tumultuous 2018 which included the trials and tribulations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a reset on strategy," he added.

29220 29221

The more action oriented groups use Messenger rather than Facebook as such. Messenger is used for calling meetings, refining ideas, drafting proposals, strategizing. I am in two of these - New Talaytayan Officers and Phil Languages.


Because of the admittedly limited reach of FB groups, I crosspost significant posts, articles, videos to as many FB groups I am a member of, subject of course to the purpose of the group. If the material has something to do with higher education, I share it in Napoleon Imperial’s higher education group as well. Otherwise, he blocks off-topic posts. Same with other groups. If it is a Catholic religious group I can share materials on say how Spanish missionaries saved and used our languages and materials on language in liturgy. Otherwise the post is off-topic.

So, I crosspost to as many FB groups as I can to reach a wider audience. It is tedious but necessary. Part of the advocacy work. Missionary work in a manner of speaking.



Robredo Marcos Cayetano other Tagalogistas should not replace Duterts.

Duterte's health: 'Work from home' raises questions in Philippines by Howard Johnson BBC News, Manila 14 November 2019


But rumours about President Duterte's health have swirled since he took office in June 2016, driven by his reputation for occasionally skipping official events and meetings. Last year it was revealed that doctors had found a suspicious growth inside Mr Duterte during an endoscopy. During a visit to Russia in early October, the president told a gathering of Filipino expatriates that he was suffering from myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune disease that, according to the president, causes one of his eyelids to droop. Weeks later Mr Duterte fell from a motorcycle and hurt his back following a late-night ride around the palace grounds in Manila. "Unbearable pain" from the accident forced him to cut short an official trip to Japan, according to his most-trusted aide, Senator Bong Go. But videos circulated on social media of the president appearing uneven on his feet before the accident.

During his third "State of the Nation" address in 2018, I noticed that Mr Duterte appeared more frail than usual, and his speech was less bellicose than in previous years. He mostly stuck to the script, rather than unleashing his usual fiery ad-libs, and when he finished the speech he appeared to hold onto the wall as he left the stage.

Mr Duterte's inner-circle have regularly rebutted claims that he skips meetings because of ill health. The Philippine constitution stipulates that the public must be informed of the state of the president's health in case he has a "serious illness". If a serving president becomes incapacitated by an illness, power would pass to the vice president. That would mean Leni Robredo - a Liberal Party politician and a fierce critic of the president's rule - would take over.


Consider this to be another potentially final public post on Yahoo DILA since we still don't know how much Yahoo will cripple its 20-year message boards come December 14. Duterts gave us hope in 2016 that he would finish reforms Gloria Macapagal started. His admitted failure means we have to look for our own solutions to combat Tagalog Imperial Manila supremacist nationalist fascism. There is no constitutional path to revising the Tagalogista constitution of Cory that retained everything of the Marcos klepto-oligarchical legacy. The firewall is way too thick. Convention, constituent assembly or plebiscite are always going to be thwarted.

I direct you instead to the autonomy agenda proposed by Manny for the regions. By this I do not refer to the "autonomy" arranged by Imelda in the privacy of a desert tent with Muammar Khadafy for appeasement of the gun-wielding Bangsamoro. Waiting in the wings to be the successor of Duterts are Tagalogista politician oligarchists Robredo, Marcos, Cayetano and more. Bring your own autonomy to your own region to protect your motherland from them. And don't forget the Pekinese and the jihadists.


Corruption and or Filipino-Tagalogism. Worst is yet to come.

Anyone who has an educated brain will tell you that corruption in government and the corporate sector cannot be eliminated baldly as in a Brazilian wax job. Evil is an inherent aspect of human nature that you just cannot excise with a surgical laser. Or you could try something like extreme chemotheraphy but that is like granting additional absolute powers to a central government to stamp out the malignancy of graft and corruption. Absolute power absolutely corrupts so the "cure" is actually worse.

Does this mean then that Filipino-Tagalogism is something we just have to learn to live with? No, absolutely not. Corruption can be minimized although big government approaches to the problem consistently exacerbate the problem. Filipino-Tagalogism is a product of corruption and big government. To show you that Filipino-Tagalogism is the cause of our Philippines having become Asia's laggard way down from being a top country, you'd have to be brought back to before 1972.

Marcos had already been president for six years but the one thing he needed to permanently damage the Philippine economy and its cultural equilibrium was martial law. Remember the admission of Enrile that they had fabricated the conditions that softened the public mind into accepting authoritarian takeover. Marcos orchestrated a crisis situation for which a major component of his "solution" was Tagalog supremacy.

And so we became a corrupt country that worsened as government grew bigger and bigger. It is a problem that will only become smaller if there will be less of Filipino-Tagalogism. We will never become a good country again if we do not look at the past to see what is wrong with the present. It will be clear that obligation to self requires us to remove all Marcos and Aquino things from our life. Make the Quezon thing useless, harmless and irrelevant once more.

BTW, I asked someone who works in the industry about the Cebuano language symposium sponsored by Ade Sitoy with the participation of lecturer Jes Tirol for frontline DepEd personnel in this city on November 23. She said no one in her office has heard about it which makes me think it has either not pushed through in Cebu province or the staff of DepEd in Cebu personally equate the value of mother tongue instruction to no higher than goat droppings. Have yet to meet a parent or grandparent here who is even slightly enthusiastic about it. The government that has brainwashed them is the one we have to consider our enemy. Come 2022 do not expect that same kind of change foolishly hoped for in 2016 but had never materialized. Cayetano, Marcos and Robredo are all candidates of the Tagalog national language.


Hail the freedom fighters of HongKong, may they prevail!

The communist takeover of HongKong at the turn of the century may be likened to the Tagalog takeover of the Philippines facilitated by Marcos and Aquino. In these two places apathy had weakened public resolve for defending liberty yet HongKong's awakening over the past half year has been nothing short of admirable. Mind you these are not rioters but freedom fighters who absolutely reject the death prescription of Pekinese commie-fascism. This is the sort of bravery the unchallenged Tagalogistas of our imperial national socialist republic fear most.

Data leak reveals how China 'brainwashes' Uighurs in prison camps


'Did Lapu-Lapu die for Manila?' Sara Duterte

As to the question posed by the president's child, I think the man could have died for Manila less than 5 centuries ago if it so happened that the enemy of King Humabon was neither Cebuano nor Visayan but a native of someplace else, Manila being one of many possibilities. There is only one person I know of who died for the Cebuano and his name is Ferdinand Magallanes. I also am appalled by Tagalog supremacist racist nationalist fascist imperialism but you will not hear me use Tagalog pidgin to express my disgust. There are many others like Sara who behave in this split-personality manner and it all meets the approval of Tagalogista Kagalanggalangan Klan archmeister Almario. I do not know of anything Sara's Hugpong Ng Pagbabago has done that has not strengthened Imperial Manila.


'Did Lapu-Lapu die for Manila?' Sara Duterte slams SEA Games opening song choice _ GMA News December 01, 2019 11:33

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on Sunday criticized the use of the Hotdog song ‘Manila’ during the opening ceremony of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games on Saturday.

In an Instagram post, Sara said that inclusivity should be considered while noting it is the Philippine flag that is being represented.

Why would you play the song Manila? Did Lapu-Lapu die for Manila? Wag po natin gawing excuse ang upbeat danceable song. Kami nagimbento ng budots. Kaloko man oie. We should be inclusive when we want to encourage our countrymen to cheer,” Sara wrote.

She also explained her ‘negativity’ about the matter by highlighting her heritage that is far from being Tagalog.

Yes, nega ako, bakit? I am a Filipino but I don't have one drop of Tagalog blood in me. Pure Vismin by birth and Ilocos by marriage. #bastabisayahilas add na natin German American for the glam,” she added. "Sara’s father President Rodrigo Duterte was seen swaying to "Manila" while waving his hands as Filipino athletes were called to the stage for the parade of athletes during the ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the 30th SEA Games, held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, highlighted remarkable Philippine culture, music.

Joviland Rita JST


Progress or conserve, which way would you rather go?

Preserve is different from conserve insofar as one DILA knight so many years back had dismissed preservation of languages if such a concept is no different from the display of dead mummified artifacts in museums. Conserve I relate to the conservative socio-political philosophy. Gratitude is the emotional driver of conservatism. You are grateful for the bounty gracefully received from God. You look back with gratitude at the goodness left behind in the past by individuals, communities and institutions you have a historical connection to. You are grateful for these and if they are being wiped out you want to conserve them as much as you can.

Progress as in anything that anyone at any moment may declare to be the progressive thing to do? I'd be careful about that. In the 1990s and in the several decades before that, new age and communism-Marxism were the raging fads that drove the trendy people and the "forwardness" they lusted for. A progressive-sounding project that is started with very high hopes collapses in due time which is when its managers realize they are on a tunnel to failure. Postpone and prevaricate though they will as the perks and benefits of their officialdom motivate holding on to the end.

Look around you and spot the dead end cultures that had to mutate per elements stolen from the one thing in this world that escaped becoming yet another dead ender. Judeo-Christian civilization is what I am talking about. I marvel that Magellan, Leonardo and Michelangelo lived in the same era. We should want to continue being part of that civilization, one that surmounted all threats and probably will not reach its limits the way Orientals and Mohamedans had. Communist civilization and the Third Reich, these had nowhere to go as well. They did impress as startups but you can only do so much with innovation and reinvention, they were incapable of the sustained creation that has powered Judeo-Christian civilization for two millennia.

On November 11, 2019 Jerry Tundag of The Freeman commented on the Cebu City mayor's joyful ejaculation on the 2 million new jobs that the SM-Ayala collaboration in the newly reclaimed southern shore will create. This is self-injuring progressive mentality. The Cebu metropolis is choking in road traffic and its local officials try their best to add to vehicular congestion and overpopulation. Big government. Any good conservative is against that.



K-12 not to blame for Pinoys’ poor test score – DepEd |

PHL ranks lowest out of 79 countries in reading comprehension—global survey _ GMA News Online December 4, 2019

DepEd to parents: Guide students to use the internet for learning _ GMA News Online December 8, 2019


It is hard to count the number of useless agencies the government of the Republic of the Philippines maintains at tremendous expense. Departments, commissions, bureaus and red tape bodegas that we'd be better off if they were all to stop existing. DepEd is one of them. It equally deserves abolition as the senate does. If this 2020 the Democrats will succeed in bringing in a gay president then I suppose it's not something far out as they had brought in a mulatto president earlier. Both of student council president caliber if you ask me. Or it might be a geriatric socialist, one who thinks it is the federal government's duty to provide high speed broadband to all. I personally like free stuff but I also know that freebies are things that cost something to certain somebodies. All of this is big government ideology. Remember that our languages became smaller the moment the Philippine government started growing bigger. Duterte promised change in 2016 but as of the end of 2019 there's no denying that by his failures Duterte has killed reform, now the Philippine government and our country will never be reformed. Breaking away is your only choice if you refuse to live in a worsening corrupt Tagalog country.

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