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February 2021

Trump Biden Duterte

Before anything else, let's mark out a distinction to those who criticize the president without any objective basis, to those who malign him not because of difference of opinion but because of conflict of their vested interests. Here is an example from the Tagalog ABS-CBN camp.

As happy as we should be that Tagalog broadcasting stations will find it harder to broadcast to us, it is not easy to ignore the faults of President Duterte, of the tough guy president who normalized the Tagalog cuss word putang ina. Many might find it adorable just as they did with Estrada but there is something wrong with this man, even more bizarre is like president like spokesman.
• “I’ll eat that ash, and I’ll even pee on Taal, that damned [volcano].”
• "I love beautiful women. I have so many problems. When I was in the helicopter, I was thinking about a lot of things, but when I arrived here, it disappeared."
• “If we can’t handle this fucking coronavirus, I’ve been looking for it, because I want to slap the idiot [coronavirus].”
• “Shoot them dead.”
• “I can die, even if the plane crashes, I am very happy. You know why? Without declaring martial law, I dismantled the oligarchy."
• “My day begins at two o’clock in the afternoon until the evening, with no limits. From night until 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning.”
• “I want to swim. But these soldiers wouldn't allow me.”

MANILA BULLETIN After announcing that he was under isolation due to exposure to a COVID-19 patient, Presidential spokesman Harry Roque was actually vacationing in Boracay over the weekend

The spokesman's job must be so very extremely stressful he has to unwind as many times as he can at his favorite beach in distant Antique with his companions. And we probably would be very understanding of these officials' fragile emotional state of mind if only they were performing a good job or even just a half good job. Yet these guys cry about insinuations hurting their feelings, punctuated occasionally by the Tagalog putdown word manigas ka. So very confusing as in Biden professing devout Catholicism but committing to abortion on demand and gender bending.
Agriculture Secretary William Dar. ‘That’s not fair,’ DA chief says on calls to resign over rising pork prices
ABC News
Nearly 3 million children have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic started.
Protesters started rallying across Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon on Tuesday, defying warnings from the military
Lai was arrested in August when about 200 police officers raided the newsroom of his Apple Daily tabloid newspaper. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai denied bail in national security case
The police chief of Silay, Negros Occidental on Tuesday said... quarantine violators, who were allegedly made to parade like zombies in their streets.
CDN Digital
President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive order (EO) that imposes a 60-day price ceiling on pork and chicken products in Metro Manila, Senator Bong Go announced Monday
Rappler _ "To buy a kilo of pork, for instance, could set you back P400 in some places. A kilo of chicken might cost P170." As food prices soar, Duterte allows return of ‘stagflation’
The disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have plunged the Philippine economy into the deepest recession in more than two decades.
CDN Digital
NBI-7 on February 9, 2021 announced that they filed a complaint against officials of PhilHealth - 7 and that of a private hospital that is based in Cebu City, accusing them of fraudulent activities involving COVID-19 claims.
The Police Regional Office in Central Visayas has seized a total of P5.1 million worth of shabu and arrested 142 drug personalities in just a week of buy-bust operations.
Police encourage ‘virtual dating’ on V-Day
WHO team leader says, lab leak 'very unlikely' COVID source
Fox News
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued a stark condemnation of President Joe Biden's abortion agenda on the day of his inauguration, arguing that he would advance "moral evil" on the "preeminent priority" for the faithful. Head of US bishops' conference warns Biden would 'advance moral evils and threaten human life'
Pope urges prompt release of detained Myanmar leaders
Fox News ABC News
Pope Francis urged governments on Monday, February 8, to use the coronavirus crisis as a revolutionary opportunity to create a world that is more economically and environmentally just — and where basic health care is guaranteed for all. Pope seeks 'Copernican revolution' for post-COVID economy

American children AFAIK are those not older than 17 and being about ten percent of the infected American population, at least some of us should be interested in knowing how many of those who died from China's virus are from this age bracket, or are from the middle bracket, and then the old senior bracket. Knowledge is our most powerful weapon against the China virus and now that the expected whitewash of the WHO investigation of the Wuhan origin has completed, we need to come up with the truth on our own. Just don't ask the Chinaman whisperer of the president about it.

Right here they are too busy playing their game of scamdemic overblowing coronavirus in the Philippines such that gross neglect of other killer diseases and the threadbare sufficiency of local food production bites us deeper and deeper. It is the corrupts and the incompetents who brought this spate of historically high prices of foodstuffs and they are the ones who gain from our pain. Let us envy the bravery of the Burmese and Hongkongers who rise up against totalitarian abuse by the national socialists in power.

Back here we have the police ordering cancellation of Sinulog and parading on the street the quarantine violators they arbitrarily catch. Call it Soviet, call it Maoist, Islamic State Qaeda, Khmer Rogue or North Korean gangnam style, they will call it done in good faith. Read the Valentine message of the police, their mission has been changed and it is now to control your life.

Insofar as Biden is concerned, it is in our self-interest to hope he will not fail in keeping America away from harm. As far as Europe is concerned, there isn't much we can hope for from a place where too many leaders are like Francis. The man is preoccupied with Burma's undying junta or campaigning for a Copernican (whatever that means) world ecology and sociology instead of defending us against anti-Christian terror and fighting abortion in Argentina and Biden's America. But even worse than the pope is the useless mayor of Cebu.

Why stop at two masks, why not three or four or five? I've read that many times from others. Sales and marketing is the art and science of selling stuff. Now that the vaccine racket has been cornered they want to scrape the bottom of the barrel with more mask sales, simply beautiful. Scare people, and if that does not work profitably enough, force people. Kickvac, kickback, call it anything you want, it smells sweetly all the same to the ones in government pocketing the money.

The Republican Party is the most admirable political organization in the world. In the second impeachment farce, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy allowed their legislators to do as their conscience dictated and as prescribed by their good constitution. The mob does not own them.

Gloria was our country's most worthy president and during her time it would have been inconceivable that someone like Lacson would be the voice of dignity in 2021. He is shamed by the government's ass-lick kowtowing to China and scheming to extort America. Most people here would have wanted Trump punished for the unproven charge of incitement to insurrection even if he is no longer in office. So easy to look for fault in others but not in your own self, in your own president.

Lady Gaga Robredo had this controlled classroom reopening gimmick months back but now, to demonstrate once more how equally rotten as Duterte she is, the VP is screaming alarm at the reopening of more business establishments, regardless of how long the coronavirus dictators have delayed this. They are all in for big government and big abuse. Weeks ago the Pangilinans uploaded footage of the president demoing the National ID machine which then popped up his official personal card. He held it in his hand but when it was zoomed inward, the ID was an older one belonging to a different person not named Rodrigo Duterte. They deceive you because they have all the reason to believe that you accept their lies.

Of late it has been determined in America after multilateral coordination that the most efficient distribution of the vaccine would be straightfoward targeting of the 65-year plus population as this would certainly result in the swiftest reduction of China virus deaths overall. Hopefully they remain sensible there unlike us here who are maneuvering to exploit (our less urgent) vaccination for election vote buying, etc.

“Just stab them. Do not shoot because it’s noisy and you can easily get caught,” Duterte said. Duterte tells Filipinos to stab fraudsters who use his name in corruption
The New York Times
..more than $80,000 a year.. Columbia students go on tuition strike, saying online classes aren’t worth full price.

All the frontliners who are hailed by the all-powerful state as heroes should prove their heroism by returning to regular work and not fearing to lay down their life in the line of duty. Definition of a hero, right? Not as one who is in it to take more money while "providing" dubious service. There should never have been a disruption in the first place: children in school and their parents at work except in the few places that had a frighteningly deadly pandemic. Food Jobs Education. Those are the three things the nationalist state put a lockdown on instead of the virus from China. It is as if the state considers us its enemy and China its friend or master. By Yuval Levin - ..our distorted understanding of the character of our constitutional system: We overvalue the presidency.
Harvard Business Review
Good Leadership Is About Asking Good Questions

In his February 3 podcast, Jonah Goldberg of The Dispatch demolished the pernicious mentality about the president being the daddy of a country, of being the leader whose authority is to be followed unconditionally. Congress is meant to be the superior branch of government, theoretically because your direct representative is there to stand for you. Other hand, the central-national scope of the executive branch translates to it not owing you much of anything. Leadership that does not consider every important side slithers to self-destructive tyranny. Duterte brashly takes responsibilty for anything because no one can hold him accountable anyway.

Trump's similarity to Isko and Duterte ends in their being celebrity-empowered politicos who lucked into riding one wave of populist demagoguery or another. The difference is that once elected, Trump had a real political party with him while over here in the Philippines, everything has been organized along the personality cult lines of national socialism since the time of Marcos and then Cory. This is what allows and motivates them to prolong the regime of lockdown and scam. Trump needed the Republican Party and never was it the other way around. America has strength that it needs to preserve, the Philippines only has weakness and it seems to want to become worse.


Corruption is all around

Is it a corrupt country that had imposed mask wearing on car drivers who are by themselves alone inside their vehicle from March 2020 up to January 2021? This president and the one before him advertised their anti-corruption single-mindedness but we never became better. More regulations, more power, more corruption from 2010 to 2022.
"Governance makes all the difference, and Duterte’s shambolic pandemic and economic responses are both rightly to blame for the Philippine economy’s tanking." JC Punongbayan. Duterte’s legacy: We’re the ‘sick man of Asia’ again
ABC News
Poland's economy shrank 2.8% during 2020 due to the pandemic, ending three decades of constant growth, according to preliminary figures released by the national statistical office.
Philippine Star
The economy plunged to its lowest last year since 1946 when government first started coming out with the data, contracting by 9.5 percent.
(thanks to self-inflicted Philippine lockdown harakiri)
JUST IN: No need to wear face mask when driving alone, Cabinet Sec Nograles clarifies - February 2
Hours after presidential spokesman Harry Roque touted his international law experience and told a senator to enroll in one of his classes, the country's top diplomat said he would not heed the spokesman's musings on foreign policy -
Briones: DepEd to file raps vs. persons behind erroneous - modules
While he reiterated that his resignation was irrevocable, Baguio City mayor Benjamin Magalong admitted that he “cannot refuse” should President Rodrigo Duterte ask him to stay in his post as contact tracing czar. Baguio City mayor admits he ‘cannot refuse’ if Duterte asks him to stay - February 2

In a government comprised of qualified personnel (elected and appointed), you wouldn't see one of the coronavirus czars gracing a celebrity party where the partygoers ignore every protocol of the lockdown knowing full well that one of the highest authorities was present. Because they know exceptions are made all the time in corrupt countries. Corruption is less of a problem if more government personnel possessed competent qualification, that is why corruption harmed us less during the 2001-2010 administration. Now it is back to the Marcos-Aquino stink.

Marcos and Aquino made possible a national culture for the Philippines, the culture of corruption. The corrupt prefer that children be kept away from the schools, the only places where they can be properly educated. Lockdowns as they found out quickly are a nice way to make easy money. World Health Organization abetted China in spreading the Chinese virus globally in the first two months of 2020. WHO has no right, to repeat, this corrupt organization has no right to castigate hard-hit Europe for hoarding vaccines, the same vaccines developed by and manufactured by Europeans and Americans.

Education department is corrupt, that is why the education system it has dictated since the 1970's is continuously defective and substandard, lowest worldwide. One surefire way of encouraging more corruption is when the president absolves those who blunder while holding the tremendous powers and responsibilities appointed to them. No accountability, many corruptions. Many people would rather forget Angelo Reyes. He was a man of honor, the kind of man we had more of in the past. Blessed are those who have good men and women in their government.

The New York Times
Myanmar’s leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ended up as neither after losing a power struggle with the army. Democracy Hero? Military Foil? Myanmar’s Leader Ends Up as Neither
Fox News
Friday incident where a distraught 9-year-old girl was handcuffed and pepper-sprayed. Rochester cops involved in pepper-spraying 9-year-old girl suspended - February 2
Anger after US police handcuff, pepper-spray 9-year-old girl
Texas Lawmakers File Bill to Ban Biological Males from Competing in Women's Sports

Burma and the Philippines are dystopian countries that are renowned for two world-famous widows worshiped as democracy leaders/icons. These two women had actually facilitated the transition of national socialist fascist elements in their respective countries to democratically-cloaked oligarchies. Burma has for 60 years had a panoply of generals and cohorts overseeing trades so illegal you'd think you were in the Philippines. Chinese control has never been stronger in both. The new US president had renewed American weakening as a result of his populist-proggie executive orders and consequentially Pyongyang and Iran are resuming old behavior. Women and girls and boys do not benefit from state-imposed wokeness. _ Around the world, from schools to universities, boys are trailing girls in their academic performance. BBC World Service

The NBA can celebrate every month as Black History month if it wants to, it should remind itself though that it is a sports league that has been dominated by Black athletes for decades. Left alone, nature and societies create their own balance. Boys are on the average inferior to girls bio-immunologically even if they are born with bigger brains, etc. Boys used to grow up to be productive men back when schools and megacorporations did not impose artificial limitations on them. Girls have a role that should be defended and boys should be allowed once more to carry the world. Radical genderism is destructive. So is China and its virus.

We should look up to America if we want to correct our grievous political, economic and cultural mistakes. They have leaders there who are not into crazy big government stuff. Government is not a substitute god.

Noem and SH Sanders are politically conservative women who are the opposite of interventionist progwokies Harris, Clinton and Warren. Just as Barrett is the opposite of politically motivated SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg. In national socialism, the government is the master and keeper of the livestock. Expect that from the likes of Robredo and the daughter of Duterte. It's gonna be the same same with them.


Know this before you allow them to jab you with the vaccine of death from China.

The president guarantees Sinovac, and as usual he is once again boasting he will take responsibility but the consequences of command responsibility were always evaded in the past. Marawi jihad, drug fiasco, systemic abuse, plus, plus, plus. We have gone through eleven months of scamdemic orchestrated by and supported by individuals whose incomes are not disrupted by the non-stop lockdowns. Their pockets are in fact enhanced by enhanced quarantines that exceed martial law. During that time, at least the Marcos minions pretended to give UP Diliman respectful distance.

400,000 American lives lost to China's virus since February 2020 is believable but if the figure officially released by Philippine authorities right after January 18, 2021 is 10,000 Covid-dead Filipinos, half may be true and half may be a lie. Falsified death declarations and test results are to be expected from scammers. Proof of their dishonesty is their refusal to immediately disclose the kick-vac cost of their chosen made in China poison. One in nine hundred Americans have so far been killed by that virus from China. No American will ever accept a 'vaccine' made using obsolete and dangerous technology by the source country itself and sold at an exorbitant price. And allegedly subject to non-disclosure.

January 2021

My hero is not Lapulapu

In defense of Carbon _ Freeman by Clarence Paul Oaminal Dec 17, 2020
The Carbon Public Market is a Cebuano heritage site. Its privatization to an entity foreign to Cebu is murdering Cebuano culture and soul.

DICT / DOH / HPAAC: Maligayang Pasko! Huwag kalimutan ang APAT DAPAT para ligtas sa COVID-19 ang pagdiriwang ng Pasko. Kaya natin 'to!

Atty. Oaminal does not detail exactly how the Cebuano is going to be destroyed and who are going to do it so let me be the one to enlighten you. With help from that SMS text message blasted to the Visayas-Cebu-Mindanao nation as well as to the other non-Tagalog nations. It should be obvious to you that if and when Visayas-Cebu-Mindanao no longer has the Cebuano language then the Cebuano ceases to exist. Once he dies the national language, Manila's Tagalog, takes over our land and the imperial government will have won against us.

Imperial Tagalog Manila is not unassisted in this murder conspiracy, China is helping. Our accelerating loss of true Christian faith and its being supplanted by big government materialism makes the conspirators' job easier. Putang Ina and Gago are not words used by Robredo but she is much worse than Duterte in terms of Tagalogizing all manner of speech. At least the Cebuano Duterte occasionally blurts Cebuano phrases while the "Bicolano" Robredo is exclusively Tagalog. But far from becoming better under the Duterte presidency Cebu has never been this bad and is about to become worse and worse. Corruption is many things, one of it is nationalism.

Magellan more than anyone deserves to be our guy, we'd be nothing if not for him on 16th of March fifteen-twenty-one. Plenty of believable material about our savior and hero on Wikipedia, etcetera, but when it comes to the presently much more celebrated Lapulapu, never mind. So I checked out the webinar if they came up with unexpected revelations. Found none though it was a very quick scan of the Youtube stream I had to rush. They make up a lot of things in support of the Virus Scamdemic and very much the same has been done throughout our nationalist era about Lapulapu, faked stuff because historical info was almost non-existent. Mactan has always been one of the most barren spots in Cebu, hard to be a successful warlord there for long.

Lapulapu: The Conqueror of Mactan (2018) by Rolando Borrinaga was something I ran into middle of last year. Strange title about the man the Cebuanos hated so much they asked a visitor from Spain to kill him for them. I did not get much save for references to the Conqueror name suggesting Lapulapu had lived in Leyte or elsewhere. Since he was not Cebuano, he might have not even been Visayan for all we know. He certainly left no descendants ruling Mactan when Legazpi did the actual conquering four decades later. Tupas from the line of Humabon was there in the mainland as were two important objects of Christianity left behind by Magellan, the Cross and the Holy Child of Prague.

The shocking events of January 6 are political violence of the sort that too often mars elections in young or unstable democracies. Was it a coup? No, but siege on US Capitol was the election violence of a fragile democracy

If America is a fragile democracy then what would you call the Philippines? What? Progressive wokes in media, politics and academe are absolutely silly in their insistence on ridiculous notions. I refuse to accept an America that is not strong because they are the one hope of the world. In no other country are there that many institutional conservatives who stand for liberty and Judeo-Christian life. China is bad, America is good, and Europe, they've been astray with woke ridiculousness.

FoxNews had a Facebook comment from William Torpey, "Pelosi is calling Trump a dictator, but, remember, dictators don't get silenced. Dictators are the ones who DO the silencing!" after the internet monopolists kicked out the president from social media. America is not perfect but when it veers wrong, the mechanism for self-correction activates. Trump was a media celebrity fluke (not an authentic billionaire) with disastrous leadership potential but he wisely worked cooperatively with the conservative Republican establishment and America regained some strength. Reagan was less of a celebrity, he achieved more out of being a union leader in Hollywood.

Make America Great Again is dumb, it has remained great and for our sake we can only hope the weaklings who have electorally edged the Republicans just now will not go back to making America decline while jihad and China rise. Riots beget more riots, Democrats sought profit from BLM-Antifa lawlessness, and look where this led. Certain Trump supporters who'd been frustrated with the antics of progressive wokes thought they could get away with the same but unfortunately for them, they do not have the mainstream media and Francis on their side. Be careful when you chant Power to The People that what that entails is not giving even more authority to the government so it can "give" whatever to the "people". Bigger government is always badder government. If you are in a bad situation, you need the Republican Party.

With Lapulapu, the myth-making started with the machete/sword, shield and his bahag blinging an imagined perfect macho physique. Rizal had that outstandingly excellent Tagalog mastery extolling the tongue of the Malansang whatever, yet for all his documented greatness, they were never quite satisfied and had to elevate him as the equal of Jesus Christ. You can say it's insane or is blasphemy but to them they are just stepping in line with the demands of nationalism. The bad things I lump together, nationalism socialism big government. It is your choice, to reject them or to eat their propaganda sandwiched in MaLing luncheon meat, choco chips with mayonnaise. Right below you will see "Family Planning is a Human Right." Fools!

Experts in What, Exactly? | National Review by Michael Brendan Dougherty

Expertise in scaring the public no doubt. Over in the US you have Fauci who is an expert but only in a narrow field in medicine and not the total health spectrum. I don't even think he is half as talented as the generals and presidential security guardsmen running the coronavirus show in the Philippines, endorsing China vaccines for the Chinese virus. If you know why there are several thousand of those guards, please tell us. And then we'll talk about the tomato above, the one sold for 150 pesos per kilo these past four months. Our economy is not going to go from bad to good. Blame the insane lockdowneristas.

"Heightened concern for our country’s stunted children" by Karlo Nograles (Philippine Star January 12, 2021) is an admission by somebody in the executive department that this country is going to the dogs. Shortest nationality in the world getting shorter because of worsening nutrition. Also the same reason for the poorest education test scores. Yeah, please go on feeding them the Tagalog national language.

And so the most important religious and civic festivity of the Cebuano nation was canceled; one minor official named Rama did plead for it to proceed but was ignored by the lockdown dictators. Prior to that the president's mouthboy came to Cebu to demonstrate that the rules of coronavirus tyranny are not applicable to government mandarins.

When Velasco took for himself the voting privilege of deceased congressman Raul del Mar, I couldn't believe it as several Cebu politicians expressed their gratitude to Velasco for this usurpation. The mayor of Cebu has proven time and again there are only three things occupying his brain: quarantine, lockdown and slavish devotion to unlimited government authority. It is wrong to attribute the archbishop's tepid reaction to Sinulog cancellation to his not being a Cebuano; there had never been a Cebuano bishop of Cebu so stop wondering why Cebu is weak.

And then there is the governor of Cebu, symbolically (in theory) the highest official or leader of the Visayas-Cebu-Mindanao nation. I can hear the ABBA song playing as I size up her desire to be the goddess of the Cebuano masses. Gwendolyn Garcia posted this: Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my beloved Cebu and of ways to make the Cebuanos’ lives better. And was being the first one in the Philippines to infix the lockdown mania the way to do that? She backtracked many months later after seeing its suicidal consequences especially after the senseless deaths of her brothers in our predatory hospitals but is now playing safe in the political game of self-interest.

It was non-Cebuanos who made the decision to exterminate Sinulog. Their alternative was to force us further into the exploitative world of online social media self-destruction. Does this mean we need federalism or whatever their latest constitution change gimmick is all about? Way, way too late is the hour of day. Mid-2017 it might have worked but it has to be pointed out that the "reforms" they pursue are not real, it will functionally still be the same Marcos-Cory system. Renamed Bayanihan or some other garbage name.

In America the process for modifying the constitution is reasonably hard but it is mostly up to the state-regions. Here everyone can throw a monkey wrench at it, SC, election commission, central legislature, executive flunkies - that's why not one amendment has ever gotten to first base. And it's not just that they can't do it, there is no reason that the worst government in the world will actually want to replace the worst constitution in the world. Take no part in their pretense. It's just a diversion so they can jab China poison to your arm.

“For the full year, we added a record 37 million paid memberships, achieved $25 billion in annual revenue… and grew operating profit 76% to $4.6 billion.” Netflix Surpasses 200 Million Subscribers

Online-ization of local life as promoted by the lockdown authorities pushes us down further to economic rot and autarky. Big tech companies like the international social media giants are the only ones whose businesses thrive from internet sales, we don't have anything like that. The only means for parents and children to generate cash from it is to pose nude using their connected devices and with their performance of made to order sex acts. DepEd and all participants in the scamdemic are complicit in this. And so it goes on, government gives away salary hikes to its own personnel and uses vaccination for vote buying purposes. And then they will inflict more pain on you because all that exorbitant unnecessary stuff need be paid at some point.

The month they curtailed Manila Black Nazarene and shut Cebu Sinulog

Long, long ago should they have ended the coronavirus lockdowns but it isn't something they will do right away no matter what. There are vested interests in selling face shields, masks, other paraphernalia, high cost test kits, etc. that wait for more money to be made while we suffer economic contraction. As proof of their profitable failure, I cite the Oratio Imperata of the Catholic bishops that remains unanswered by our God for one year because it is the wrong prayer. God is not going to give us the cure for a scam, one that is a made in the Philippines scam. Just so they can sell more of those not needed importations from China, the maker of viruses.

Please look up "The welcome spoiler" by Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star-January 18, 2021). It's all about the vaccine and hospital racket for robbing money and life from the public. They also charge exorbitantly in America but at least they are known to come up with novel treatments that reach the rest of the world. Our hospitals, zilch, just novel scams victimizing rich and poor, taking advantage of China's global biowarfare.

Nothing too impressive about the message of Elizabeth II (nominal head of the Anglican Church) but it was appropriately Christ-centered and did not call our Lord an outcast. Note the difference between the minority Pakistanis hearing mass last Christmas and Manilenos dressed for viral warfare with face shields plus masks, 'disinfected' hands and shoes. There are two words that begin with C. One is courage and that is a word tiny minority Catholics who are cruelly oppressed in Pakistan can proudly claim. The other C word, never mind.

If Cebu region was a European country, its size would be somewhere just below the middle. In the EU, Pakistan and Philippines would be top three. Philippine and Pakistani death and infection tallies for January 2021 are close. But both are well under the death and infection percentage rates of the EU, both their situations are concerning but not paralyzingly fearsome. To better illustrate this, try a bit of analysis on this news item. You'd be aghast and hysterically screaming Black Lives Matter if you don't take a deeper look.

US police have killed 135 unarmed Black people since 2015: report _ January 26

The non-centralized police in America have also killed unarmed White people during that time. Hundreds more in fact so while it is concerning, it should not be used to mislead political agenda. But that is what has happened, it is also what has been done with coronavirus 'statistics' in the Philippines. Assuming they have not padded the death toll and transmission incidences by a multiplication factor of times two, our overkill policies would certainly be rejected outright by even the hardest hit European countries and American states because their governments are not built for suckering the population.

How Taiwan Won 2020: By Trusting Its Citizens, and Distrusting the Chinese Communist Party

Governments not beholden to the China communists would not fake the impact of China's virus, they would not scare and mislead the population as is done in the Philippines. There were two days last month in America where the total of confirmed new positive cases for just those two days exceeded the current running total for January 24, 2021 alleged by the Philippine government for the whole country. Many times since they toned down the covid zarzuela last August have I seen the health department report zero daily deaths for Cebu region yet cities, towns and barrios still abruptly ramp up lockdown restrictions on the public. For zero deaths? For perspective, even without China coronavirus, around one and a half million in the Philippines would have died last year anyway. I believe the correct word for that is life expectancy.

No European country is behaving foolishly like it is already doomsday but if Cebu region was a country there, it would be considered the safest place to be. Cebu region official death rate of 25/100,000 (less actually because of official padding by scammer officials) is eight times less than the worst-hit European countries. Local-national officials are now hesitant to fake more scarier death figures but are still playing around with the new positive infection daily announcements depending on the scenario they wish to manipulate.

They want us to trust them blindly and to believe 'scientists' like the pro-lockdown UP Octa Research. Forget about UP Diliman being red-tagged for the moment by pro-China 'anti-communists', just take a look at their complete barricade of the entire Academic Oval, a stretch where joggers round up a couple of kilometers and where tens of thousands can occupy it while adhering to optimal 'social distancing' rules. Only unscientific minds would suppose that this barricade is needed to halt the UK-SA variants of China's virus. These are your pathetic higher educators so stop wondering why the shameful lower educators have produced the lowest international scores for pupils taught by our schools. UP used to be Asia's best. No more.

Tyrannical states like Turkey and the Philippines play magic with their virus numbers, not to mention the mother of coronavirus itself China. Burma-Myanmar officially stated a paltry one-fifth or 1/5 or just 20% of their infections and mortality from three months earlier in contrast to end of year 2020 so the hocuspocus is undeniable. Same rate-proportion now as the Philippines' although in our weirdly corrupt country everything points in the opposite direction to an overcount as result of multiple double counting and outright falsification.

Astra-Zeneca vaccine cost is less than the cheapest saliva test (if you have access to Red Cross), half actually and more than twenty times less than the China test kits that arrived when the coronavirus fad first became fashionable. Hard to say if there is even one opposition senator who is honorable but what they are saying about kickvac is the genuine article. Tests and quarantines lose usefulness in the later stage of actual pandemics, and as for vaccines, show me first that we need it more than Belgium does or even just ten percent. Someone is just after money.

Having both the highly incompetent and deviously corrupt handling what in all truth is in the Philippines a minor coronavirus situation does not portend improvement any time soon for us. They can allege all they want that those insane restrictions controlled the virus outbreak ergo our still low cumulative figures. But if those official Cebu region rates as of August were scientifically truthful, the proven incompetence of personnel in the health and bureaucracy sectors would have exacerbated our helplessness in that scenario of being about to be wiped out as a population. In. Other. Words. It's a lie.

And if there is no actual pandemic, then it is a scamdemic.

We are lucky, even if we don't deserve it, that the virus of China thrives in Europe and the Americas but not so much here. We are unlucky, even if we don't deserve it, to have too much of this kind of national and local governments.


Weird virus status of Indonesia-Philippines suggest colonization of their ultra-central governments by communist China

Voice of America - VOA
Vaccine Seen as Potentially Shoring Up China’s Image in Indonesia, the Philippines -January 2, 2021
Chinese supply of a COVID-19 vaccine to Indonesia and the Philippines is likely to strengthen Beijing’s image in those countries, despite current resentment of its expansion in the South China Sea, if the vaccines work, analysts say.
Both countries have moved to order vaccines made by Sinovac Biotech, a Beijing-based pharmaceutical company, according to Asian media reports and the company’s website. China’s official Xinhua News Agency in October had called it “crucial” to distribute vaccines “around the world, not just the wealthy nations.”
People in both countries resent Chinese expansion in the 3.5 million-square-kilometer South China Sea where sovereignty claims overlap. China, with Asia’s strongest military, has built up islands that the Philippines claims and passed ships through waters that Jakarta says fall within an Indonesian exclusive economic zone. The sea is prized for fisheries and undersea energy reserves.

It's a Chinese Coronavirus Christmas around the world -December 26

The Philippine covid crisis is a fake crisis exploited and milked by government officials. The same does not hold true for countries in Europe and the Americas. They coped with actual epidemics and did not go overboard. Any leader in the place of Trump would most likely have taken the same measures he did while if you interchange the varying policy approaches of individual states in supposedly united Europe there would scarcely be any difference in outcomes. China Virus kills who it means to kill. It's just that it does not kill as much in Asia. America knows that Mexico deserves their vaccine.


Friendly notice: has a brief piece on Cebuano being wrecked by the China coronavirus.

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