March 21, 2020

Overusing Tagalog in public affairs is dog+cat manure - Correct Movement

Correct Movement tell us what a Tagalogista looks like and smells like


Anti-KWF law proposal?

H.B. 6280 Commission on Filipino Languages Act by Cagayan de Oro Representative Rufus B. Rodriguez is ostensibly aimed at decentralizing the Commission on Filipino Language. But we all know the miserable record posted by the Philippines in "decentralization" acts. Instead of anything being decentralized, control by Manila over the provinces is further entrenched. I'd like to give it the benefit of the doubt but its premise is flawed by the same "justification" for the "evolving" "Filipino" "lingua franca" concocted back in 1986 by the warlocks of UP.

“Establish mechanisms for the continuing enrichment of the national language with the vocabulary from Philippine and other relevant languages, by advocating for increased representation and inclusion of such languages in Filipino language courses, dictionaries, media, technology and other sectors, by recognizing, researching, and taking inspiration from syncretic Filipino varieties that have originally developed (e.g. Davao, Zamboanga, Masbate) and promoting such variety.”

Robotically regurgitated is the non sequitur about "the declining languages in Visayas and Mindanao (are) being replaced mostly by Cebuano, Hiligaynon or Tagalog depending on the area.” Many are still complaining the imposition of Tagalog to non-Tagalogs is unconstitutional. This is a tired and confused mindset that does nothing to counter Tagalog Imperialism. In truth Tagalog Imperialism is the very essence of the 1987 Cory Constitution, the unchanging albatross of our country. We cannot defeat the enemy without first destroying this constitution. It is so much better if all laws pertaining to language are discarded. The best language policy is no language policy.


As seen above, the centralist-fascist national government is prioritizing the safe containment of Tagalog Manila and its immediate region against massive penetration by the latest China coronavirus. I don't know if they know what they are doing and can only hope that it is not too much of the wrong thing. Again the National Telecom Commission is Tagalog texting everyone relentlessly: "DOH COVID19 Advisory: Itinaas na sa Code Red Level 2 ang Alert System para sa COVID-19. Sundin ang mga gabay ukol dito." If they did this to save lives, then it does not include non-Tagalogs who do not understand it and NTC therefore wants non-Tagalogs to be killed by the China virus. Emergency texting is sparingly used by the American government because they want it to be taken seriously by citizens. Here it is an instrument of Tagalog superiority. We should respond intelligently to the China virus threat and not panic. The British government's response (as of March 14, 2020) is worth looking at.

Coronavirus: Eleven of your most popular questions, answered

BBC News, 12 March 2020

1. What is the incubation period for the coronavirus?

It takes five days on average to start showing the symptoms, scientists have said, but some people will get symptoms much later than this. The incubation period lasts up to 14 days, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. But some researchers say it may be up to 24 days. Knowing and understanding the incubation period is very important. It allows doctors and health authorities to introduce more effective ways to control the spread of the virus.

2. If you recover from coronavirus are you immune?

Well, it is too soon to tell. This virus has only been around since the end of December, but from experience with other viruses and coronaviruses you should have antibodies to the virus which will protect you. With Sars and other coronaviruses we tended not to see reinfection. Now there are some reports from China of people who are released from hospital subsequently testing positive but we're not sure about those tests. However, the key thing was those people were no longer infectious.

3. What are the differences between coronavirus and flu?

Coronavirus and flu share many similar symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose without a test. The main coronavirus symptoms to look out for are fever and a cough. Flu often has other symptoms too, such as a sore throat, while people with coronavirus may feel short of breath. People who think they may be affected by coronavirus need to call the NHS 111 phone service for further advice. They should not go to their GP, or A&E.

4. What does self-isolation involve?

Self-isolation means staying at home for 14 days, not going to work, school or other public places, and avoiding public transport or taxis. You should also stay separate from other people in your home. Ask for help if you need groceries, other shopping or medication dropped off - you can have doorstep deliveries, but you shouldn't have any visitors. You should even try to stay away from your pets - if that isn't possible, wash your hands before and after touching them.

5. How dangerous is coronavirus for people with asthma?

Respiratory infections, such as coronavirus, can trigger the symptoms of asthma. Asthma UK advises those who are concerned about the virus to follow a series of steps to manage their asthma. These include taking a preventer inhaler daily as prescribed. This helps cut the risk of an asthma attack being triggered by any respiratory virus, including coronavirus.

6. If schools are closed will there be financial help available for parents?

Employers have to give you time off to deal with a domestic emergency, but they don't have to pay you. The time you take has to be a reasonable amount. You can apply for some unpaid leave as well. And the government has relaxed the rules for applying for benefits if you have coronavirus.

7. Can coronavirus be transmitted by door handles and how long does it survive?

If someone infected with the virus coughs on to their hand and then touches something, that surface may become contaminated. Door handles are a good example of a surface that might pose a risk. Experts think that coronavirus can survive on surfaces, possibly for days. So it is best to wash your hands regularly to help reduce the risk of infection and spread of the virus.

8. Is it safe to swim in a public pool?

The water in most swimming pools contains chlorine, a chemical which can kill viruses. So it should be safe to use a swimming pool as long as it is properly chlorinated. However, you could still catch the virus from an infected person in a changing-room or building if they contaminate surfaces, such as door handles. And someone with the virus could also spread it to others through coughs and sneezes if they come into close contact.

9. Should I start wearing a mask to limit my chance of spreading or contracting the virus?

Although doctors and surgeons often wear face masks, there is little evidence that wearing face masks by the public makes a difference. Public Health England has said it does not "recommend the use of face masks as a means of protection from coronavirus". It says there is very little evidence of widespread benefit from their use outside of clinical settings. Experts say good hygiene - such as regularly washing your hands and certainly before touching your face - is vastly more effective.

10. What is the risk to children?

In general, children appear to be relatively unaffected by coronavirus, according to data from China. This may be because they are able to shake off the infection or have either no symptoms, or only very mild ones similar to a cold. However, children with underlying lung problems, such as asthma, may have to be more careful, as the virus could trigger an attack. For most children, though, it will be a respiratory infection like any other and no cause for alarm. The UK government would have the power to close schools to prevent the spread of the virus, if it wanted. Schools in 14 countries have already been shut, while another 13 have closed some schools.

11. Can you catch the virus from food prepared by an infected individual?

Someone infected with coronavirus could potentially pass it on to someone else if the food they prepare has not been handled hygienically. Coronavirus can be spread by cough droplets on hands. Washing your hands before touching and eating food is good advice for anyone, to stop the spread of germs.


Departments of hypocrisy and corny overacting pretentiousness

It stunned me that the first thing I saw on entering the premises of a private sectarian school was a sign declaring English to be the language of exclusivity therein. I asked the nearest person if this meant that students were discouraged from communicating in the Cebuano vernacular and that the intent was for them to become competent in English. Yea was the response.

It's curious because the administrators obviously are aware of the Mother Tongue Multilingual Education program resorted to by the academically unsuccessful central authority in desperate conformity to Tagalog national language and English official language constitutional imposition. Yet schools are openly disregarding it and are not held responsible. And I'm still trying to find a school where the enrollees read, write and speak passable English.

Earlier it was demanded here that the Department of Education be abolished. I withdraw that and now am merely insisting on a rename to Department of Hypocrisy. They persist on doing things that conflict with each other while continuing to squander enormous budgets for scholastic Tagalogization even though ABSCBN has always been much more proficient than them in the business of Tagalogizing the non-Tagalog. The bigger the government, the bigger the blunders.

Last but not least, tell me if there is anything more hilarious than this one so far this year:

Russian pranksters say they fooled Bernie Sanders by posing as Greta Thunberg _ Fox News

This last, last one though is chillingly scary.

Philippines ranks 91st out of 128 countries in 2020 rule of law index —World Justice Project _ News _ GMA News Online

Burma, China, Congo, Cambodia and Venezuela are some of the lawless countries kept in the company of the Philippines. The worst laws and the worst officials are to be found in such countries. 3 days after the President shut down Manila, the governor of one certain province performed the same stroke of power. Barred all air and sea travel to the island province from just about everywhere near, far, wherever you are. My heart will go on and on but I have absolutely no idea who granted her that power, certainly it's not our fucking constitution which happens to exclude the provincial capital city from her jurisdiction. I say stop all this hypocrisy and let's just stop having laws in this country. For the record, confirmed cases of the China virus inside our 300,000 square kilometer country as of March 15, 2020 are one hundred and forty PERIOD


March 11, 2020

The Wayward Shepherd of the Catholic Church

Not all serious Catholics approve of the current Pope's actions. In the eyes of many, Francis Bertoglio bent backwards to appease commie-fascist China, kowtowing to the lust of its "patriotic" totalitarianism to control all Christians in the communist mainland.

Francis is comfortable with only two languages which practically speaking are his native languages. He is unsympathetic to American conservatives while curiously being less than hostile to jihadists, communists and gender-race revolutionaries. I do not fault him for that because I consider the individual right to choose to be non-negotiable and that knowing many languages does not necesarily make someone a better person. But he is leader of one of the two greatest institutions in the world. Obama made America weak. The Catholic Church is not stronger today. Tomorrow it is in danger of becoming just another agency of the almighty state.

Pinoy Tagalog runs us down like an overspeeding cargo truck because no one has deterrence against it. The next line says plainly what happens to the undefended.

Before we kicked out the American bases, no one messed with our territorial seas. - Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) February 13, 2020

As has been oft repeated, Tagalogism only started affecting us detrimentally after Marcos armed it with all sorts of weaponry. But even before that, the playbook for Tagalog supremacism would never have been more than a matinee sideshow had Cebuano politicians not flaunted the softness that Osmena and Davide displayed at the slighest stirring of Tagalog nationalist fascist aggression. Nobody fears and respects a Catholic Church held back by weak leadership either. Feel free to badmouth the Catholic Church but you are going to be punished for whatever it is that is insulting to the religion of jihadists, Tagalogists and Chinese communists.

It is a church consigned by local publications to the lifestyle section. They tout forgiveness of sins as a prime benefit of getting infected by the China virus. The same Tagalogista Tagle who's been shameless in advancing Tagalog supremacy over non-Tagalogs has been put in charge of evangelization of peoples by Francis. Doubtful that he has the courage to do some real evangelizing in China though I expect Tagle to echo recent praise of the Chinese Communist Party's progressive social domination.

As resilient as our Church has been throughout millennia, there better be another Benedict coming its way rather than a disaster with the face of Tagle. We do not want it further eroded by contemporary proclivity to relativism or soft nihilism. At least there are better Catholics around such as Cardinal Robert Sarah.

Modernization of the Church began with Leo 13, few know that. His purpose in engagement with the modernizing 19th century world was not to change the Church in accordance to wordly trends but to regain the ability to transform the world according to the faith of the Church. One has to know what to believe in otherwise faith is not good for anything. Stop pretending the Church is the mother of all NGOs. It's no NGO. The Saudis also respected totalitarianism elsewhere and the persecution elsewhere of the very religion it safekeeps, namely in states such as the Soviet Union and China. You know who disrespected totalitarianism in Europe and fought forcefully enough to defeat it (alongside Reagan and Thatcher)? Karol Wojtyla, JP2. Never been the friend of Orwellian dictatorships nor those of the Marcos and Sandinista varieties.

It is bad enough that the government rededicated elementary schools to be the Auschwitz death camps for our non-Tagalog cultures. Too many of us have converted our TV-centered living rooms into chemical chambers for gassing non-Tagalog family members. A priest who lectured a small group I attended this year had expressed concern about some of the suicidal snowflakes in today's young generation. He could not place how their minds have been enfeebled by the mainstream cultural pathogens that promote psychological ambiguation.

ABSCBN has been parent and teacher to the children and the name of its curriculum is immorality. But wait, there's more, add to their growing years the injustice we are daily witnesses to. Cardinal Pell has spent a long period inside a high security Australian prison after conviction of sex charges backed by flimsy evidence. How about the prominent officials and Chinese businessmen tied by our president to the narcotic drugs trade back in 2016? They move around freely. _ Sweden refused to let two Christian nurses work as midwives since they refused to perform abortions.

This is a world wherein Planned Parenthood kills ten times more human beings in America in one hour than the total number of Philippine residents who have so far died in the first hundred days of the China virus outbreak. A Christian should know that political correctness often is anathema to true Christianity. Hollywood and Academy-approved politically correct movie "The Two Popes" idealizes our Church as some sort of sentimentalitarian humanistic NGO. After they cleanse the Judeo-Christian tradition from our Western civilization, everyone will be clones of China, North Korea and Al Qaeda.

Now assume that parishes will be closed to massgoers as a consequence of the China virus infestation scare. Assume then that priests will offer to stream Sunday mass on a certain scheduled hour. On Facebook where presumably the parish has its own page. The overwhelming majority will individually be on their cellphones rather than on computers and connected smart televisions. Assume that a mid-sized parish is served by four cell sites. The available bandwidth supplied in this scenario can barely cope with a hundred concurrent streamers of rich audio-video. Besides, Facebook is a worse infection afflicting the soul than even the filthiest porn, so I do not understand why any church would promote it. Or ABSCBN.



Is there anyone who can tell me that not one Visayan achool prohibits students from communicating in their locality's own language?


Cebuano shame on you (says Tagalog media)

According to this,

the millions of Cebuano entries stored in the WikiMedia repository can only be worthy of dismissal.

Please take time to read the article. GMA News had publicized this I suppose to mock us. I did warn long ago about raising our expectations for what the "creation" of vernacular materials approach can do in terms of maintaining our non-Tagalog languages. My fear was that it would end up fruitless if we neglect the urgent task of banning Tagalog. Let's examine what is happening.

It's only been in the past few decades that Tagalogs have outnumbered Cebuanos who by nature used to be the most numerous ethnic group overall. Officially in 1990, before the recent series of fishy-smelling censuses, native Cebuano count stood at 14.7 million. Cebuano held steady at a quarter of the countrywide population for centuries until that year. 30 years later, Britannica says only 16 million know how to speak Cebuano. I don't know how far Ethnologue will dare to bare confidence in their "statistics" but I more than expect them to state that Tagalogs are now more than double Cebuanos. More Tagalogs, less Cebuanos, which obviously means less non-Tagalogs.

So what does this have to do with the Cebuano Wiki articles (of which I've made some comments in the past years in DILA) being the Trumpian equivalent of fake news? Uncurated single paragraph affairs mass produced through third-party machine translation? I regret to note that this was actually a tremendous effort undertaken by handful of hardworking Visayan cyberwarriors. I regret as well that in the end it is our Tagalogista enemies who point out the futility of this enterprise as well as of parallel attempts to match Tagalog output in vain. I do not know of a single child enrolled in school who ever pulled up a Cebuano Wiki article to research homework or other stuff.

At the same time, I do not know of any student of a Cebu school that has "English policy" pretensions who can veritably communicate in good English. The price for our failing to correctly confront the Tagalogista threat is the imminent death of our languages.


February 29, 2020


That was quite a mouthful there, LSP, thank you for the tongue service. More dramatic than lip service because it goes deeper as in french kissing. Seriously though, if you "linguists" of the republic are truly serious, at least acknowledge that DepEd is responsible for the miseducation of all our students in this prolonged Marcos-Cory era and that the imposition of Tagalog as national language has by now irreversibly damaged the political, cultural and economic standing of the Philippines. BTW this is sufficient proof for the prediction that MTBMLE will soon be assassinated by its own mother, the state. Scapegoat was how it was foreseen to turn out. The reason government should be hands off in education is that it can wreck it in one stroke with mindless one-size-fits-all centralized national impositions like academic Tagalogization. LSP never opposes the state's Tagalog policy, LSP only wants to seem like it is not very pro-Tagalog, just a little. And it recommends efforts of the government to be intensified, for the role of government to be raised to a really terrifying height. National socialists do not lack in affectionate care for the status quo here.


Cory was as evil as Marcos and Quezon; No read no write country

Antipinoy was my favorite url until it ceased operation some years before Yahoo shut the DILA public email group. Site owner Bong V wrote with uncommonly harsh objectivity about what has been happening to the Philippines and one of his best pieces elucidated just how bad Cory Aquino really was. If you are not unaware of how close your cultural heritage is to death, call her responsible.

cory_oligarchyplunderfraud 2013.pdf

MTBMLE is dead, I consider myself convinced.

70,000 Bicol pupils can’t read – DepEd _ Philippine Daily Inquirer February 17, 2020   More than 70,000 elementary students in Bicol cannot read in both English and Filipino, according to the Department of Education (DepEd), citing initial results of a 2019 study. Of this number, 18,143 are pupils in Grades 3 to 6...

We have not forgotten how earnestly Ric Nolasco had fought for vernacular retention even during his shortlived KWF chairmanship. As language authority of the Bicol nation who marshalled the mother tongue for elementary campaign, we would presume to see the brightest results of MTBMLE in his own homeland. Not so.

The official statistic for literacy in the Philippines is supposedly 98% of the population. The Bicol report belies this. It tells us the people there are incompetent in the primary official language, "Filipino" Tagalog, and the less important official language, English. The reports omits it but we can safely say that the Bicol tongues are also subject to the general illiteracy in Bicolandia. I don't think this was the objective of Nolasco when they fought hard for the mother tongue to be the bridge to proper learning. DepEd self-sabotaged the program so Tagalog would remain dominant and continue to become even more so.

The regional report did not even mention the status of Naga-Bicol as if it no longer even exists. DepEd's aim of obliterating the non-Tagalog vernaculars is about to culminate in conclusive success albeit it is not their effort but that of ABSCBN that made this possible. Illiteracy in both English and the vernaculars ail all our provinces. I have shown the very simple Himaya short story to midgraders in Cebu and everyone of them flunked simple queries on the English and Cebuano versions. We are in a  hopeless situation because of the government's malice. DepEd is committed to genocide. What else are they up to with Bawat Batang Bicolano Bihasang Bumasa?


February 20, 2020

Rodrigo Duterte, some good

With Almario and Ocampo retired from their official posts, I guess Tagle, the anti-Visayan bishop of Manila, is now the most prominent Tagalogista of executive rank. NCCA and NHI will likely ride contentedly in lower relevance. The new head of genocide agency Komisyon Wikang Filipino is said to hail from south of Tagalogland but that he had last been a professional expert of Tagalog studies at a university that pretends to not be Tagalogista, Sto. Tomas. Briones and Quisumbing had been Central Visayas residents but faithful service to the centralized national Tagalog education system has been their accomplice-ment in the department of education. This is a government bent on destruction, hope is misplaced.
 Duterte: Gov’t won’t tolerate abuse of broadcast privilege - GMA News February 13, 2020

At a time when the as usual made-in-China coronavirus outbreak is about to breach the hundred thousand mark, maybe we should pause for a moment of silence to produce some positive thoughts about a China apologist, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. It was last year when political philosopher Alex Magno stated that the president who erased Abnoy from our life had just about one unequivocal accomplishment. Duterte has struck fear into the private and public sector in the coastal Megapolitan Manila area, enough to force everyone to reduce effluent discharge of the foulest sewage variety into Manila Bay. I agree that the bay is somewhat cleaner because of his decisive leadership in this one regard but this is 2020 and I'm looking at another good point.
Referring to the plot to quo warranto ABS-CBN to death, I am. We should fervently pray for the president's success in this endeavor. Easier to justly decapitate the Tagalog network if only the legal scholars of the Supreme Court were to handle this but it is the low-life-infested senate that will do this. Also appreciated are the efforts of the president to add more jail time to the punishment Trillanes deserves to get.

Widodo also came to power even earlier on the heels of reform promises but several years later his country has regressed much. Indonesia is now swept by unprecedented rise in Sunni fundamentalism and China control. It is a dangerous part of the world we live in and the only reason the flames have not consumed us yet is that we still have America and Japan as our friends. Widodo like our president is a quitter, now his country has even less freedom and more intolerance. But the failure to actualize reforms is not their fault. They were elected regardless of their lack of ability.


February 14, 2020

Fear of God

Criminality and populism are allies in the bankrupt culture... -Alex Magno, August 3, 2019

Our country is rotten. It used to be a good country before Marcos and Cory. Behold the NTC or the telecom commission. It strives each year to match the brainlessness and pervasively overreaching molestation of the citizenry exercised with religious fervor by the top national government agencies.

It's not just those nonsensical Tagalog text blasts, we also have their facilitation of fascist-commie Chinese intrusion into our online transition. Senseless messaging just like those tarpaulin notifications about coronavirus that they posterized last week inside Cebu public elementary schools. Since these are also in Tagalog, I presume they do not care if you understand not a word and die as a result. Only Tagalogs should live, I believe they believe.

NTC, DepEd, all of them, they do these things because they do not fear God. Behind the lies they howl and roar for the benefit of the ignorant is a commitment to the status quo they love so dearly. This is why the crimes of Dengvaxia and Mamasapano had non-punishment for their final resolution. And why less consequential offenders as DeLima and the Ampatuans become convenient showcases. If one has fear of God, one does not become a jihadist or a Tagalogista.

If only Duterts feared God. Then he would have persevered in his prior notions of reforming the system rather than abandoning our struggle to prevent completion of the destruction of a once good country. Read what is going on in this country run by knuckleheads.

 Pinoys having coronavirus symptoms must see doctor at once –DOH GMA News January 22, 2020

 DEATH TOLL RISES TO 132  China confirms 5,974 virus cases, exceeding nation's SARS total  January 29, 2020

 538 PINOYS AMONG SHIP PASSENGERS _ GMA News February 8, 2020 China nCoV death toll hits 717 as cruise ship faces two-week quarantine

 ‘Foreign-looking’ man collapses in Manila; no help arrives  GMANews February 3, 2020

 Hong Kong hospital strike over virus border fears__BBC February 3, 2020  Workers want the border with mainland China completely shut - but authorities insist it stays open.

 Gordon Chang-'Overwhelmed' Chinese authorities are deliberately falsifying coronavirus death toll _ Fox News Febrauary 4, 2020

 Lighter na may QR Code, high-tech na gamit sa isang Chinese prostitution den sa Makati  GMA News 013120

 Philippines begins process of terminating VFA with US –Palace  GMA News January 2020

 Duterte's high satisfaction ratings may be tied to herd behavior, disinformation —Ateneo study  GMA News 013120

 Manila is world’s second most traffic-congested city — index  GMA News 013120

 Sandiganbayan acquits Purisima, Napeñas over Mamasapano clash  GMA News January 2020

 Gordon-  Albayalde must be charged for violating Dangerous Drugs Law  GMA News January 2020

Our president once had such great potential but he has now resigned himself to being kneejerk reactive in his hapless role as temporary potentate serving the colonial republic. Duterts enables the provincialization by China of this country where you have Manila lording as the infernal master of slave provinces. Cebu is a province of the Philippines which is a province of China therefore Cebu is the province of a province. And China, the imperial capital of viruses, is our new master.

In the span of a decade, two deadly viral strains have been produced by China. From Africa we recall that HIV and Ebola slowly emerged from animal sources, a natural process beyond our control. But China? Nobody knows what other killer viruses are brewing in that country known to be one gigantic laboratory of irresponsible and reckless biomedical adventurism. Tagalogism is a threat. Islamic jihadist terror is a threat. So is commie fascist China.

For a Christian, loss of the fear of God is fatal. But for others like the Tagalogista nationalist supremacists, they've never had it. One who fears God does not harm others and the stronger your fear of God, the stronger your will to stop others from harming others.


Pinoy is a sick joke.

The word pinoy is basura. Stop using it you pathetic racists.



February 3, 2020

DepEd, the enemy

The Department of Education in the Philippines is practically just one superbig government union comprised of teaching staff and administrative and ancillary personnel. This present-day behemoth used to be bifurcated into private and public school segments that responded to the control of appointed executives until early into the Marcos era. That was when it started evolving or mutating into a gigantic self-serving national syndicate, a greedy bureaucracy answerable only unto itself.
Teachers' unions have similarly grown as a problem in America, a major cause for their not as terrible decline in education attainment standards (compared to the Philippines). But at least their existence as visible organizations makes it possible to directly observe the harm they've done to American education.
They have activist progressives in top positions enforcing gimmicks like Diversity Equity Inclusiveness. Dei in short or you can just say it is a clever tribute to their presumptive secular god. Rearrange those three words more properly and the result you get is DIE.
Death is also how you sum up the results of PISA. Death would have been the penalty automatically meted to DepEd if this was a sane country. The 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment survey conducted in 79 countries by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development was cited by Bobit Avila in his December 19, 2019 column. Last place for the country where "education" is handled by DepEd. One way of looking at the result is that our young students are the worst in the world. Another way of looking at it is that DepEd is the absolute worst in the world. We'd be better off if it stops existing pronto.
But DepEd has the most important job entrusted to any agency by the Marcos-Aquino constitution. The conversion of the Philippines to Tagalog. It would be dishonest for me to say that DepEd has failed to do its job as well as can be expected from its job description (consult the current constitution which has not been amended since its creation in 1986). Even when forced by circumstances and consequences of its own incompetence to do stuff like MTBMLE, the DepEd still manages to pursue Tagalogization without missing a beat. The purpose of DepEd is not to educate. It is to destroy us.
Just to be clear, not all of American education is bad although we have copied its worst elements. American charter schools and districts ran by non-radicals produce good students. They enjoy the advantage of having a decentralized education system there. If they were like the overcentralized Philippines, then total crap would totally apply to one and all. We need conservative American principles to guide us out of our infernal mess.


(If you are still among the undecided, this article will aid you in determining your rejection or acceptance of the Tagalog imperialism of the 48-year-old centralist-nationalsocialist Manila republic.)

Austronesians of Taiwan defy the evil of commie-fascist China

title: Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan to President Xi Jinping of China

Joint Declaration by the Representatives of the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan serving on the Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee

### Mr. Xi Jinping, you do not know us, so you do not know Taiwan.

We are the indigenous peoples of Taiwan, and we've lived in Taiwan, our motherland, for more than 6,000 years. We are not the so-called "ethnic minorities" within the "Chinese nation".

The stories our ancestors tell of the mountains of Jade, Alishan, Dabajian, Kavulungan, Beinan and Dulan, forests, grasslands, valleys, rivers, islands, and oceans of Taiwan testify that Taiwan is — and has always been — the traditional territory of the indigenous peoples on this land.

Taiwan is the sacred land where generations of our ancestors lived and protected with their lives. It doesn't belong to China.

We the indigenous peoples of Taiwan have witnessed the deeds and words of those who came to this island, including the Spanish, the Dutch, the Koxinga Kingdom, the Qing Empire, the Japanese, and the Republic of China.

We signed treaties with the Dutch and peace agreements with the Americans. We have fought against imperialism and every foreign intruder of our land. We have suffered military suppression from colonial and authoritarian regimes.

Once called "barbarians", we are now recognized as the original owners of Taiwan.

We the indigenous peoples of Taiwan have pushed this nation forward towards respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom. After thousands of years, we are still here.

We have never given up our rightful claim to the sovereignty of Taiwan.

### Mr. Xi Jinping, you do not understand dignity, so you misunderstand greatness.

Indeed, we are not content with the current state of Taiwan, the sovereign state that has been built upon our motherland. The state has just started paying attention to historical and transitional justice for the indigenous peoples. It has just begun to recognize its own ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as different understandings of history within its diverse peoples.

Nevertheless, Taiwan is also a nation that we are striving to build together with other peoples who recognize the distinct identity of this land. Taiwan is a nation accommodating diverse peoples trying to understand each other's painful pasts, as well as a nation in which we can tell our own stories in our own languages, loudly.

Together we decide what kind of country Taiwan should be, and we work hard to improve its current state. This is dignity.

Whether it is the Kanakanavu people with some 300 members, or the Amis with a population more than 210,000, each of us indigenous peoples have equal rights to self-determination. This is dignity.

We do not share the mono-culturalism, unification, and hegemony promoted by you, Mr. Xi, on behalf of the government of China. It is far from greatness. It is of nothing that we desire.

Being humble to the land, respecting other lives, to co-exist with other groups of people in pursuit of common good — these are values that we believe in.

### Mr. Xi Jinping, people should not harm each other, no matter their differences.

In the speech you presented on behalf of the government of China, Mr. Xi, you have insisted on unifying Taiwan with the implementation of "One Country, Two Systems", backed by China's military force. You also stated that no harm will come to those who are "Chinese".

However, any violence is wrong, and no one should be harmed for their identity or beliefs, Chinese or otherwise.

We have witnessed in the "autonomous regions" the Tibetans and the Uyghurs being driven into cultural, linguistic, and religious extinction after they became "Chinese".

We have witnessed the people of Hong Kong quickly losing freedom and democracy under "One Country, Two Systems".

We have witnessed how China's own people cannot even speak out for or defend their fundamental human rights.

Mr. Xi, force does not lead to peace. As the old saying of *Sakizaya* goes, *Misawacu hanizaay masasu takid* — those who bully others will have the same brought back to them.

We urge you to bring true greatness to your country, to stop threatening the people of Taiwan with force, and to strive to bring human rights and freedom to the people of China.

### Mr. Xi Jinping, we the Taiwanese indigenous peoples will not be threatened and will make no concessions.

The national future of Taiwan will be decided by self-determination of the Taiwanese indigenous peoples and all the people who live on our motherland.

No government, political party, or organization has the right to negotiate with any foreign power in an attempt to surrender the control of the traditional territory of ours, the indigenous peoples of Taiwan.

We are the determined guardians of our motherland, as we have been for thousands of years, and will continue to be.

If one day China abandons its distorted understanding of history, nationality, and statehood;

If one day China becomes our friendly neighbor and stops claiming its forceful "parenthood" upon us;

Only then will we propose a toast to China, our neighbor, with a cup of millet wine in all our sincerity.

*Pasola xmnx na mansonsou!* (May every time you breathe, you breathe smoothly; *Tsou*)



Hopeless this country is

December 31, 2019

When did corruption become part of the public system? Today corruption is materially the same thing as government. I believe that as of today the Philippines is beyond redemption and I point to Duterts as the proof for this assertion. He was our last and final hope for reform and then he just gave up. Pfffft.

Exactly what is this "nation" Duterts is talking about? As I see it, here goes. Nation worship. State worship. Worship the Tagalog Republic which is what the country formerly known as the Philippines has been transmogrified into by Marcos and Aquino per the scheme of Quezon. A government run like hell by Tagalogistas sounds like a line uttered by Lucifer in Paradise Lost. Worse still, the inspiration that inspired Duterts' proposed Nazi-Jacobinist idolatrous exercise was China and Winnie the Pooh Xin Ping. How close to zero is the possibility that the president elected in 2022 will possess the qualities of Gloria or earlier version Duterts rather than outright Tagalogistas such as Cayetano, Robredo, Marcos, Binay, Poe or Roxas?

If you are one of those who believe that Aquino rejected Marcos, please stop. Aquino continued Marcos and so did the others who followed the housewife president. The Tagalogistas moved heaven and earth to demolish Gloria because she was the only one to ever possess the capability to reconstruct our perverted and corrupted system. The presidents loved or tolerated by the Tagalogistas were all mediocre individuals.

This government is not the friend of our languages. The Philippine government is the enemy whose purpose is to destroy our languages and replace them all with the only likable language it has ever liked to like for the sake of liking. The text messages bombarded by NTC-NDRRMC to you amount to just another way of saying that this government is all about making Tagalog the present and future of our homeland. The Tagalogista tribalist racist nationalist fascist will pursue this at all costs even if it brings down the country. They seek to win against us without honor and if they lose, it will have been a war without dignity they lost.

This has been a painful statement to make. We have done everything under the sun to salvage what had been as recently as fifty years ago a promising country. The Tagalogistas, Pekinese commie-fascists and the jihadists have made this an impossible task such that if we care for our own survival there might be no other recourse but for the Philippines to cease to exist. That you might still have your language and not that jejemon national "language". has other stuff that will spike the coronavirus nightmares of our Tagalog Government


Note: DILA messages on Yahoo Groups from 1 to 29232 are inaccessible as of December 2019. Yahoo terminated all Group functionalities for no good reason yet still I'd like to say I'm grateful for the two decades they'd hosted the contra-Tagalogista forum started by Cabalern.