August 11, 2020

Criminal syndicate or Government?

Syndicate is only another word for an organized association or institutional body. Certain business or work entities call themselves a syndication. Syndics or associates are the members of this entity similar to that in a law firm. A Catholic organization made up of a class of tradesmen dedicated to church and community service is by literal definition a syndicate although our contemporary misusage smears syndicate with negative connotation. Syndicate ain't necessarily bad or good, it all depends on what it does in day to day operation.

It has been said that government is never good but that since we need it nonetheless, we should ensure it is less bad than it tends to become. What you do not want are governments that have become criminal syndicates (Philippines, Venezuela) or both criminal syndicate and totalitarian (China, Pyongyang).

Charles CW Cooke, in the July 30 NationalReview editorial podcast highlighted essentials of classical liberalism in the conservative movement:
• tiny government
• low taxes, low spending
• robust federalism
• constitutional originalism
• few laws (leave me alone).

The more we continue distancing from all the above the greater the difficulty in recovering the traditional liberal and democratic systems granted by America to us on the actual day of our independence. If you listened to Duterte's recent national address bearing in mind that he ran for president as the candidate of total reform, it is very clear the only way he has reformed the government is into becoming more bigger, more intrusiver and more worser in overcentralizing the unitaristic political system controlled by Imperial Manila.

Magno of Philippine Star wrote on August 1 "The President’s Tagalog is poor and his English is stilted. That has been a barrier preventing him from communicating effectively with his people. Someone around him ought to have suggested a bold work-around that disability: having him deliver the most prominent speech of the year in Cebuano. The delivery would have been a thousand times more fluid."

If you consider that insulting to the Cebu nation then I invite you to read the Freeman column of Atty. Oaminal last July asking what happened to the pride of Cebuanos who accepted the insults hurled by Duterte against them more meekly than castrated sheep would.
Tycoon Andrew Tan-led liquor firm Emperador Inc. grew its second quarter net profit by 24 percent year-on-year to P1.9 billion. Emperador’s Q2 profit up 24%
Jollibee Foods Corp., the Filipino-owned Asian food conglomerate, will continue to be on the lookout for new companies to acquire despite the difficult business environment brought about by the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic. Jollibee still on lookout for new acquisitions

In that quarterly period affected most by total liquor bans this Chinese company raised its revenues and profits? Now I know what the sin taxes or who rather it is meant to favor and how much Chinamen have control over officials. And there's no need to dig deep to have an idea who controls these Chinamen.

3 billion pesos in funds released by PhilHealth weekly ‘exposed to corruption’ — PACC
Davao City hospital got lion’s share of reimbursement for COVID-19 patients — PhilHealth
No more funds; let Filipinos return to work – Duterte to doctors seeking longer lock
Duterte says he might tap military if public won’t comply with quarantine rules
Philippines’ COVID-19 tally breaches 139,000 with 2,987 new cases

There is a country somewhere out there called the Philippines where the Local Government Secretary yesterday ordered social distancing to be observed inside your homes because there were now over 122,000 confirmed infections. That bad, huh, looks hopeless there, they should just let everyone be responsible for himself now that nothing the state has imposed since March has in any way been helpful. A totally useless government. Disaster doubling from July 11 to August 11. The silver lining still though is that at this rate it doesn't look like the number of Covid millionaires will be surpassed by the count of Covid dead. Even with the pace of China virus infections carrying on to the magical one million figure.

Duterte's monkey for the Visayas is still there, immune to the whiff of corruption that Lacson reminded Duterte he so very loudly boasted he'd never ever tolerate in the slightest. He seemingly has become forgetful of his many threats directed against corrupt officials, mobilizations of the military for China virus interventions and the responsibility of government for our poor telecom system.

In the beginning when only a few dozen were infected, the almighty Philippine state shut down for the longest time an entire economy that was still comparatively healthy. And now that the hypochondriacs are incoherently demanding further quarantining, Duterte pleads for economic reopening of the sort he can't even elaborate given its hobbled condition. Hard to believe how irrational we have been in comparison to South Dakota, a state in the median range of China virus deaths and infections across America. No coercion and no corruption, just people and government working together to survive the enemy from China.

Unless he is abnormal, a person cannot be two things at the same time. One cannot be Cebuano and at the same time Tagalog. In these Kung Flu pandemic times, a high official cannot both be a true public servant and a creature of corruption. All of the ranking local officials who have flunked in their pandemic duty will plead that they are honest politicians. Granting that this is true, the fact of the matter is that all of them were elected or appointed to their positions regardless of their shortage of capability, of their only being adept in the vote-buying patronage system and nothing else.

Political whoredom deserves one final butterfly flight to Partido Harakiri. Amend the basic charter and civil service code such that anyone who is in government payroll is obligated to commit ritual suicide after any failure or blunder or negligence or demonstration of venality. What if no one will want to join the government anymore because of this voluntary death penalty? Let's just say that the right person will not want to be part of the wrong government. And that in tune with our scamdemic moments, something is off key when the song promises to make government better. Always it ends up a bigger monstrosity. Those who suffer less tribulations are those who have less government.

- - - * * * - - -
Newly installed Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay wants to use the Anti-Terrorism Law and its implementing rules and regulations to regulate social media. New AFP chief: Terror law to regulate social media August 4

Somebody said in his state of the nation mindtrip last July that the big state or fat government is adding a sports academy and Boracay department among many other additional things for bloating the bureaucracy and to further inflate public spending. And now the new military chief is going for excessive exercise of state power seen only in places as totalitarian as China. Indeed the Philippines is a province. Four years have passed and only now has the president bothered to "expedite" the installation of cellular telecommunication sites. If this is the quality of your government, you might want to contemplate if it would be better for us if there was none. I don't know if there is a sane person who gives his approval for the "republic" banning liquor during elections but allowing vote selling-buying and banning liquor again whenever the "republic" enhances its quarantines even as it allows Chinese to peddle coronavirus and meth-shabu.


August 4, 2020

The assassination of MTBMLE by chinaman Mark Go
Legislators want mother tongue-based teaching in Grades 1 to 3 abolished By: Daphne Galvez - July 14, 2020
Two lawmakers have expressed their desire to abolish the mother tongue-based teaching on Grade levels 1 to 3 that is being implemented by the DepEd. Baguio City Rep. Mark Go raised the Philippines’ dismal performance in reading, math, and science in an assessment by an international agency. He was referring to the results of the Pisa by the OECD, which showed that Filipino students fared worst among 79 countries in reading comprehension and second-lowest in both mathematical and scientific literacy. He said he wants the mother tongue-based teaching to be abolished in Grades 1 to 3, especially when there are areas in the country that use multiple languages. “Ang dami nating tinuturo sa ating mga anak pero ito ba ay nakakatulong para iangat natin ang performance ng ating bansa sa reading, math at science?” he said. Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero agreed with Go’s remarks, adding that the mother tongue-based teaching is where the country “get stunted” in terms of learning. “We should just go back to where we had before kasi hindi naman tayo ganito dati, since we started the mother tongue-based teaching in the elementary grades 1, 2, and 3, that is where it all started.” DepEd Director III Joyce Andaya said the government has already conducted consultations on the matter and will recommend to Congress whether it should be abolished.

I told you so. More than ten years ago. Bro Andy Goonz of Atinew (or Lasalsal?) made the education department restrain by a small amount its hostility to mother tongue initiatives in primary schooling in part because nationwide scholastic standards have been deteriorating since the Cory years. We had fallen behind in quality to the other Asian countries twenty years ago as we continue to fall even farther today. MTBMLE was inevitable because Tagalog-heavy bilingual education policy would soon get the full blame it deserves and a diversionary detour was desperately required. I saw this even before Gunigundo officially sponsored it in Congress and I warned DILA that the vernacular would later on be made the scapegoat for the hopeless systemic incompetence of DepEd in all matters education. This was their plan all along, to restore full Tagalogism.

It turns out that there is a myth among proponents of Tagalog regionalism/supremacism/imperialism. According to them, only Tagalog has an established formal grammar! -Eugene Carmelo > Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago

The supremacist Tagalogistas have adhered to their script and are moving on to the new normal or rather old normal now that they have discredited and scapegoated MTBMLE, as I prophetically predicted with prescient precision.

The voodoo governors, by Segundo Eclar Romero July 27,2020

If you enjoy light-hearted humor, look this one up and let your face be filled with smiles. Bohol governor and his motorbike midframe barrier, Cebu governor and her tuob steam cure, and the best one is saved for last. Gasoline-freshened facemasks by the governor of China province, Philippines. As a bonus, try to sample the Agot Isidro revision of the asinine We Heal As One motto of the coronavirus fascists. The song title is We Heal Aswang.

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Trump wants TikTok banned in his country to protect Americans from Chinese espionage yet here the telcos promote its wastefully mindless usage. Same telcos exclusively using compromised electronics supplied by China were recently threatened ABS-CBN-style expropriation by the president for being the crappy utilities they have always been. He of course knows this is mainly because of too few installed cell sites yet he belatedly pretends to order them to reveal who are the corrupt officials hindering local installation works (our site total is only a fraction of Vietnam's total). TikTok added to the heaviest social media consumption worldwide equals very little bandwidth for "blended" learning and productive business.

We turn to an assessment of law enforcement now. As you can glean from the unchanged illicit drug ecosystem, the status is non-enforcement. The centralized national police are also the enforcers charged with apprehending victims of the China Virus yet they themselves have a severe rate of infection. Is it FIVE THOUSAND PESOS now for a swab test? Lots of fake made in China stuff out there for a market made very lucrative by _CQ. Bet that false positive housewife infected by false negative PNP who arrested her will never become a headline.

The PNP is set to destroy some 1.4 tons of shabu they seized in three major operations in Bulacan, Cavite and Makati in the past few months.
The PNP has started crafting guidelines on the implementation of the barangay-level enforcement of the mandatory wearing of face masks and other quarantine rules as part of the government strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The number of PNP personnel with COVID-19 climbed to 2,084 by Wednesday, after 36 more police officers tested positive the disease. COVID-19 cases at PNP climb to 2,084
Fixers near the Batangas seaport charge P10,000 for every RT-PCR test, about twice the cost of the standard swab test offered by the PRC and other institutions. COVID-19 test ‘fixers’ prey on stranded passengers in Batangas port July 30, 2020

Next we assess the exercise of health authority by the wannabe authoritarian government. Even before the China Virus crisis the government had declared itself the overlord of our health whether we like it or not. More so now although in reality the government does not really know what it wants to do except to be seen as doing something even if these somethings amount to nothing.

The Freeman
Those in isolation for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases do not have to undergo retesting once the symptoms disappear as early as the 10th day since the signs showed, a new study revealed. The reason for this, according to the World Health Organization... Retest not needed for patients who get well after 10 days July 29, 2020
Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri on Monday tested positive for the coronavirus after he recovered from the disease in April. Zubiri tests positive for coronavirus anew July 27, 2020
Philippine Star
The Department of Health on Tuesday clarified that a patient who has recovered from COVID-19 can still test positive in RT-PCR test because it could detect even remnants of the virus. Citing WHO, Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire also said there is no concrete evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. July 29, 2020
DOH: “Our basis for us to be able to determine the community quarantine of an area... is we see that our health system capacity is improving.”

Careful reading of the above revelation is instructive as to why government reacts to the Chinavirus pandemic in the shifting ways that it does. No one in government is capable of understanding observed fact and from thence process objective policy formulation. They say you don't get re-infected by the China Virus but Zubiri did. DOH can't even hire nurses anymore and now they're telling us quarantine policy is dependent on how they perceive their own organizational strength instead of the actual threat posed by the China Virus on us. In short, impose strong quarantines in proportion to the incompetence of official bodies. Vanish into thin air DOH, it wouldn't make the smallest difference to us.

Back to the death penalty -Ana Marie Pamintuan (The Philippine Star) July 31, 2020
PDEA agents asked the foreigners why they picked the Philippines for their operations. One is the rampant corruption in the Philippines that allows illegal activities to thrive. Another is the absence of the death penalty.

There is only one logical path for Death Penalty given the two reasons Chinese have for hanging on to their decades-long (Cory-Rody) shabu meth trade. Apply it only if the criminal is a Chinaman. Tell them how lucky they are to be eligible for this wonderful legal device. The human righters might even look the other way.

BBC News
The country had spent three months without any new infections before an outbreak in Da Nang city. Vietnam records first Covid-19 death August 1, 2020

It's simply astounding how Vietnam has suffered only one death from the China Virus compared to two thousand for us when the overall intensity of their quarantine lockdown actions has been maybe one hundred times less overboard than ours in the Philippines, shamefully embarassing as the most heavy-handed in the visible world. Perhaps for us it was and is crazy inconsistency in quarantine impositions and dissemination of misleading information about the China Virus from "official" sources. And thanks to our compassionate and merciful government, we had yet another Muslim holiday this 2020 for the almost 100 million non-Muslims to endure. It's not all bad in our time. I spotted one act of heroism in the venal NBA.


July 26, 2020

When your gov't is low IQ, the Kung Flu pandemic gets high

Read this document first to understand how incompetents rise to positions. You'll agree that the Peter Principle has found no better home than the Philippines.

Why people become incompetent at work - BBC (100kb pdf)
ICYMI: Motorcycle owners have one more week to install physical barriers approved by the government to allow riding in tandem. Motorcycle riders given one more week to place barriers

Only an insane government will nationblast text messages in the middle of dawn to wake up everyone with nonsense in Tagalog. How about recklessly haphazard extended lockdowns that spread infections and economically cripple the citizens who after five months remain mostly ignorant about the basics of China Virus contagion? They're told to drink plenty of water so they can run faster to the hospital. About the barrier thing, nuff said, this country is nuts.
The military has confirmed the statement of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana that there are no more foreign terrorists in the country AFP: No more foreign terrorists in Philippines July 24, 2020

If there is no threat of Islamic Jihad Terrorism here anymore then they should reveal to us what shit reason they have for making a new Anti-Terror law. A government that unlawfully uses violent intimidation on the populace does not have the right to lecture us on terrorism and law and order. Nor should one who expands and abuses central government imperialism lecture us on reform and federalism.

It was rather inappropriate for Archbishop Pabillo to cite separation of church and state in explaining his right to oppose the Terror Law. He should just say he is being commonsensical. He should instead cite separation as the egregious violation by government in its spending for a Muslim cemetery in his Manila archdiocese. Get well!

President Duterte has ordered an investigation into the alleged anomalies surrounding the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, spokesman Roque says. July 24, 2020
The Palace and congressional investigations were triggered by the resignation of Thorrsson Montes Keith, an antifraud legal officer for PhilHealth, who cited “widespread corruption” in the agency. Antifraud exec’s resignation sparks new PhilHealth probe
Government auditors have found that a proposed P2.1-billion IT project of PhilHealth, supposedly designed to stem fraud and scams devised by some corrupt personnel, was itself fraught with irregularities.
Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said the resolution he and his colleagues in the 24-member Senate would be filing on Monday would show that the COVID-19 pandemic has created more opportunities for systemic corruption to flourish.
CDN Digital
The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday logged an additional 2,103 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections, bringing the total number of cases in the Philippines to 76,444.
Roque said Filipinos should know by now when the President is serious and when he’s not. ‘Gasoline to disinfect face masks? Joke only’

In the country that is number 33 in officially counted China Virus deaths (BBC pandemic tracker 23 July 2020) there is a president who suggests you dip your cloth facemask in gasoline right before putting it on. Lockdowns and other extremist radical assaults on the general public have almost never harmed the Chinese coronavirus though it might have been partially understandable if our number was at least 30 places greater. Nothing's changed after Noynoy, the name of the game is still kickbacks.

National Review
They’ve switched up their tactics to outsmart their oppressors, whose tyranny is clearer by the day. Hong Kong Protesters Are Still Fighting the Good Fight online comment July 25, 2020 Corrina Pool Bring them here, make them US citizens, and in exchange we'll send them our whiny, useless, un-american socialist protesters. That way, everyone's happy.

Now tell me if you think America is a racist country.
A foreigner went amuck and destroyed P30,000 worth of equipment at an isolation facility for coronavirus disease or COVID-19 cases in this city on Sunday. Foreigner destroys quarantine equipment online comment Appah Tahil dapat patayin na yan

Now tell me if you think the Philippines is a racist country.

US arrests three Chinese nationals for visa fraud
The US justice department says the researchers lied about their membership of China's armed forces.

Hong Kong’s sudden spike in coronavirus cases may have stemmed from its willingness to let seafarers skip quarantine while changing ships in the city, a leading health expert said. Sea crew quarantine let-off 'may have caused Hong Kong spike' -

South Korea to let fans watch sports live again July 25, 2020
LOOK: Thousands of locally stranded individuals wait at the baseball stadium of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in Manila on July 24, 2020 for the 2nd batch of ‘Hatid Tulong program’ of the national government that will take them back to their home provinces. The LSIs were previously housed at a temporary shelter at the Philippine Army Gymnasium.
The Department of Health sees nothing wrong with tapping the neighborhood “chismoso” and “chismosa” to do contact tracing of people who could have interacted with individuals infected with COVID-19. Nothing wrong with employing chismosos — DOH

Seoul in the beginning was among the scariest early outbreaks of the China Virus. They turned it aound and are even commencing regular public pro baseball sports. Here in the Philippines it is still all acronyms and communist lockdowns. Communism is also the ideological inspiration for the chismis tracing kempetai.

Carefully note that Chinese are still illegally being let in by government agencies. China is also behind the deliberate spread of their virus right now in Hongkong. In theory this makes the puppets of Winnie the Pooh in HK and Ph more powerful.
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo disbanded 18 state agencies on Monday, but this may only be the beginning of a renewed drive to trim down the Indonesian bureaucracy. Indonesia may disband more agencies to slash red tape July 23, 2020
BBC News
The US has accused Maikel Moreno of participating in transnational organised crime, an allegation he denies. US offers $5m reward for Venezuela's chief justice
Biden Says Trump is America’s First ‘Racist’ President
“Dapat ang constitutional change, from the bottom up, doon nanggagaling ang demand. If there’s no demand from the people. Why touch it? Why fix something that is not broken?” Moreno said. Isko Moreno: Clamor to amend Constitution must come from the people July 25, 2020

Consti amendment dramas have for some time been nothing more than diversionary gimmicks of the ones in power to distract us. Appreciated though is the Tagalog Manila mayor's honesty in his deranged pronouncement of the unamended Cory Consti as the most perfect in the entire universe. Indonesia shames us by trying to reduce their own bloated government, Venezuela whose supreme judge is a crime lord is instead the one we are trying hard to match. Democrat candidate Biden is not only a plagiarist but also a liar. If you take a look at the painting of the American Declaration of Independence, most of the founding leaders were slaveowners. Trump has never owned a Negro slave, Joe.

For once it would be a tremendous relief if and when we could finally get a reasonably intelligent government that is committed to life, property and liberty. The Desiderata counsels the acceptance of the things you cannot change and the resolute determination to proceed from there. America has learned the dangers of fighting the China Virus with berserk communist-like methods. Better to concentrate on the ways to make it not become worse. Possible only if governments possess competence and integrity.


July 20, 2020

Department of Defense Against Chinese Diseases

Taiwan and Vietnam apparently had something built into their governments that functioned as a Department of Defense Against Chinese Diseases that throughout this 2020 produced the world's most successful results. They correctly anticipated not just what the real threat is but who it is.

In our now highly restricted Sunday masses, the reading was about the field of wheat infested by weeds. The master holds back from uprooting the unwanted intruders and makes his people wait until the grain can be harvested. Only then do the weeds burn, in fire without mercy nor forgiveness. Several months has the Oratio Imperata for the misleadingly named "COVID" infestation been a futile mass prayer. Perhaps because it has not been invoked against the real enemy. I do not care if Francis is scared of offending communist fascist China. To borrow the terminology of the silly progressivist wokes, Cancel China.

I feel so ashamed when I look at the above and see how we are the opposite of Taiwan, that we are probably one of the dumbest countries in the world. Authorities don't have anything here that fights against China virus, all they have are acronym gimmicks dealing uselessly against a disease for whom our priority at the start should have been to prevent its entry to the Philippines. But they did not want to offend Winnie the Pooh, we had to bow down and take his communist country's virus. As a result what was easy to control in the beginning has spiralled beyond the control of the grossly incompetent who are in power. This is a local example that explains why the virus proliferates in localities where it is seeded by Chinese agents.

Telling you that your life depends on not touching animals, on cooking food stringently, drinking plenty of water and running to the hospital when you suspect a fever. They don't tell you about being ready with clean masks and the circumstances where these retard exhalatory transmission of the China virus. They don't even tell you that improper mask use leads to accumulation of pathogens other than the China virus in your nose-mouth area. You are directed to the places where infections transmit--hospitals and gov health offices.
“It’s working. Because if we didn’t take steps, then millions would have fallen sick from COVID-19 like what UP initially predicted. It’s working, because only a small number died from the disease,” Roque said ‘It’s working:’ Palace defends virus response as cases hit 63K
online comments
Instead of taking the blame they say were winning, winning what? If we close the borders earlier and let nobody in it could been a diff story
I wonder if DOH cares to learn from their neighbors. Their neighbors have very high recoveries, very low casualty of health workers which is opposite to the Philippines. How long will they allow this to happen?
Show us the metrics to prove that all actions taken have indeed met the objectives!

Make no mistake about it, Europe is much more susceptible to the China virus than us. Sweden was as intensively exposed to China's virus as the worst affected countries there but they expertly relied on correct information and reciprocal public trust to minimize its kill toll. Here the Pinoy braggers shame themselves. And congratulate themselves for the mistakes they habitually repeat again for the nth time.
The PNP insisted on keeping Metro Manila police chief Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas in his post pending the investigation of the criminal charges filed against him and 18 other policemen. PNP insists on keeping ‘mañanita’ general in his post
Police in Kidapawan City moved a Spanish national, who was on quarantine, from an isolation facility to a jail cell after the foreigner went berserk, destroying facilities in his isolation room. Spaniard to finish quarantine in jail after destructive streak in isolation facility
Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III branded the legal action taken against him for breaching COVID-19 quarantine protocols as a "baseless case." Pimentel calls complaint over quarantine breach ‘baseless case’

As you can see folks, in this Gestapo country the Gestapo does not forcibly quarantine Pimentel to neither isolation facility nor jail cell. They've this aversion to acting arbitrarily to strip him of liberty and thereafter expose him to further infection risk in a government pigsty. Who is the sane human person who would not relish the idea of being dragged from home to an isolation cell? Though I could be wrong and these actually are concentration camps copyrighted by China. Note that in the civilized country below that is the worst affected in the world, they're prudent enough to deploy only federal military medics. Please don't call our public servants corny and overacting. Look up more unpleasant pejoratives.
Miami area authorities began stepping up enforcement of a mask requirement — echoing efforts in many parts of the world to contain surging infections. Military medics deploy in California, Texas as virus surges
Año ordered the BFP to join the PNP in assisting health workers in the transfer of COVID-19 patients from their houses to government isolation facilities. Search for the infected: Firemen also tapped
online comment Eamon Edward Scott
Philippines 2018 :
Influenza and Pneumonia deaths 75,843 or 12.45% of total deaths. No lockdown.
Philippines 2020 :
Covid-19 deaths 1,653. World’s longest and strictest lockdown.

Rep. Arlene Brosas said Duterte destroyed oligarchy in PH? Oligarchs thriving in his admin – lawmaker
House Deputy Speaker Luis Villafuerte Jr. who voted to deny ABS-CBN's franchise bid due to alleged tax violations, which were already debunked, called on the Lopez family to sell ABS-CBN instead. Solon echoes Duterte advice to Lopez family: Sell ABS-CBN if you love your 11,000 employees
San Miguel withdraws Holcim takeover _ GMA News Online May 11, 2020
Dennis Uy No plans for Udenna to acquire ABS-CBN _ GMA News Online

Why is Noynoy the worst president in Philippine history? Because he is the one who made it possible for Duterte to become the Manchurian President of the Philippines. Back in May there was an attempt by two of the most prominent China dummies to swallow the cement industry and Tagalog showbiz. Don't ever think that there is no one who considers there to be no prestige in becoming Philippines province of China.
The country’s 1,488 municipal mayors are pushing for two constitutional reforms in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s call to amend the Constitution, the DILG said. DILG: Mayors pushing 2 Charter amendments

Pure zarzuela. It's been more than a year since the president you elected declared (prior to his midterm) that constitution change is no longer going to work. Occasionally there have been stirrings like the latest one above. Realistically the time this could have still been pulled off was right at day one but if they can wands out a constitutional miracle this late in the day, it might be a last minute sleight of hand to put us under China control.


July 15, 2020

The worst government is the best argument for no government

What nice words can you say about a government that sends the entire population a text message at 4am (dawn, the time in between midnight and sunrise) of July 9, 2020 telling everyone to hurry open a certain Facebook page of the health department and click LIKE? Is it a respectful government? How about next day another blast at 2am ordering you if you are a sleeping businessman to open the finance page online? Is it a normal government? A government made up of desirable officials and bureaucrats?

DOF and NTC have repeat blasted it on four separate dates so far (one morning, three dawn) but at least it is in English instead of the usual Tagalog and it does not command you to click LIKE inside so that Facebook can capture more data from your personal device. Curious how loaded gov pages are with Google and FB spyware. This is the year of the China virus yet government is still living in the AIDS era hooked forever to the AIDS technique, As If Doing Something. Gaining knowledge from an online survey, who do they think they are, Cambridge Analytica?
The Commission on Human Rights would conduct an investigation on an incident involving a barangay kagawad in Manila who ordered a man to strip as punishment for violating curfew. July 12 CHR probes stripping of curfew violator
CBCP commission calls for conscience vote on ABS-CBN franchise bid

Aside from keeping silent on abuses, where pray tell was the conscience of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines when the state started the total shutdown of municipalities and suspended worship? Copping out to a conscience vote is tacit admission the constitution they cherish and the national laws emanating from it are sinisterly vague on this matter as they are with other vital matters. David French lamented last June 21 on The Dispatch "I’m afraid that while the church has been consistently religious, it has not been consistently moral. And in its political witness it seems to grow less moral by the day." Applies less to America than it does to our country of misfortune.
Community transmission is now primarily driving the increase in coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 cases in the country, the Department of Health said COVID spike due to community transmission – DOH July 9, 2020
ICYMI: The Department of Health is closely evaluating the long-term effects of coronavirus disease 2019 on those who got infected, already numbering over 41,000 individuals as of July 4. DOH to monitor long-term effects on COVID infected
The Department of Education (DepEd) will provide mental health and psychosocial support services for learners, teachers and other personnel before classes formally start on August 24.

There has to be a reckoning of accountability for the evil lockdowns. Aircon vans were reactivated more than a month ago but only a handful of open-air jeepneys recently. Our bright government can't determine which one of the two has safer air circulation for riders and also intends to make motorcycles more unsafe with a tall vertical seatbuffer.

Earthshaking revelation ladies and gentlemen: Communities are now the carriers transmitting the virus to you. The hell with it, their newest ambition is to start 24/7 close monitoring for years. How is that even physically possible to execute? With uncountable thousands of paid staff assigned to every municipality checking on computerized receiver systems the forever-powered electronic strap-ons worn by everyone infected by coronavirus? These are all lies they come up with daily. Don't give us bullshit about widespread psychological counseling when there is hardly anyone qualified to do that.

Stop the lockdowns and you let people die but if you maintain the lockdowns you make people die.

National Review
Mayor Bill de Blasio has canceled all large events in New York City through September, but will continue to allow Black Lives Matter protests in the city. De Blasio: Black Lives Matter Protests Exempt from Large-Event Ban
WHO urges aggressive COVID-19 measures as flare-ups spark new closures July 11

Tell me if you know of another country that has been more aggressive than the Philippines in attacking the phantoms of Covid and tell me if the Philippines has been successful. Who sucks more than WHO? The US was on its way to recovery after being misled by China and WHO, and then Black Lives Matter happened.

Many did not expected Gorsuch to join the sex discrimination ruling that "favored" transsexual employees but his explanation for deciding differently from fellow conservatives or textual originalists in the court sounds sensible. Discrimination of a transgender is also discrimination against the natural sex of that human. If a company rejects the job application of unemployed entertainers Vice Ganda and Ressa out of discriminatory intent, it has actually discriminated against a person with a male dick and a person with a female vagina. Nuance of law at least is respected there. Here we classify terrorists based on the mood of whoever is in power.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: The council likewise requested Labella to study and consider the distribution of healthy and nutritious food items in the food packs distributed by the city as relief assistance and provision of Vitamin C and free flu vaccination, especially to the poor and vulnerable. Labella urged: Provide Vitamin C, vaccine

They misuse nutrition in the same way they misuse health as an avenue for politicking. If they take nutrition seriously they wouldn't be talking about these not very beneficial multivitamins nor those usually health-negative commercial food products. Lousy nutrition is the reason why most people here are prone to disease and are low in intelligence quotient. Government policy was responsible for lowered availability of affordable healthy food varieties in the decades before the pandemic and has further diminished it with arbitrary extreme quarantine shutdowns. Healthy people eat healthy food and that is stymied by an unfree economic environment tampered by an itchingly interventionist government.

Look at how they present themselves to the people. As some sort of super heroes. Since this is how they want to be perceived as then let us be harsh in punishing them for their shortcomings. We do not deserve the leadership of quack politicians who prescribe steam inhalation as the miracle cure for the China coronavirus. I take it back, you do because you elected them, the rest of us who did not, do not.

Bobit's columns June 2020 in a small 85 kb pdf file

The Philstar and Freeman listing of Bobit Avila's columns back in June 2020 demonstrate his clear eyesight in catching the ways government has mishandled China coronavirus at the local and national levels. One header speaks loudest. IATF rules increase chances of infection. This government attacks the people instead of attacking China's virus.


July 9, 2020

Beat the China Plague
The DOH on Sunday, July 5, reported a record-high 2,434 additional coronavirus infections, pushing the nationwide total to 44,254.
As countries ease their lockdowns, authorities need to recognize the coronavirus can spread through the air far beyond the two meters (six feet) urged in social distancing guidelines, an international group of 239 scientists said Monday.
ICYMI: Only about 15 percent of funds given to local government units to support their measures against the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has been liquidated as of June 25, President Duterte said. Only 15% of anti-COVID funds liquidated by LGUs
While the country faces the COVID-19 crisis, people have noticed President Rodrigo Duterte's seemingly weak appearance.

Maybe those mad scientists are right and then there will be at least one million dead from the China coronavirus in the archipelago of the Philippines before All Souls Day 2020. If they're saying its modal volume of airborne transmission is now aerosol form rather than the commonly observed larger droplet mode, then let's all stop wearing conventional masks because those give zero aerosol protection. Perhaps those mad scientists are the reason why our president is looking so dispirited and morally weakened. He doesn't comprehend why the many things he has done has not made our situation better.

The Department of Education (DepEd) assured that the hiring of teachers for this year will continue despite the current public health crisis. Hiring of teachers ongoing amid COVID-19 pandemic

After the failure of the health department to hire more emergency field staff, the certain success of our educators should cheer him up. Certainly many medical professionals would even want to be hired by DepEd instead of risking life and lung in you know where. Besides, the hazard-free employment offered by DepEd involves no actual work given the remote facets of virtual schooling yet you get paid a lot for theoretically performing the illusion of pedagogy. Good job. The trillion pesos consumed by DepEd this year is worth every peso, money well spent.

Sarah Isgur of The Dispatch is among the few who've noticed that even at the peak of the China coronavirus scare Trump never invoked the Defense Production Act that American industry is normally supposed to be subjected to in times of war. Credit is due to Trump and the Republican Party and a few Democrat governors for not panicking the way that many have around the world and most especially so in the Philippines.

Remember slavery? It was practiced in the Philippines before Magellan and Legazpi came. Marcos and Aquino restored it. Lincoln resorted to certain creative tactics near the end of the Civil War to get Congress to pass the fourteenth amendment. He knew that he could simply defeat the Confederate South and then confiscate the Negro slaves from owners and free them by the use of his war power. Doing so would however rest on the legal basis that Negro slaves are property and not full human beings created by God to be free men. Their law needed to be changed and Lincoln did it the proper way. There is no proper way to change our excrementally fragrant constitution. The abusers of Philippine state power have even more reason to love it now.

As usual we do not fix our problems, we create more of them. In responding to the real-time epidemiologic impact of China's virus on different populations, constant calibration and recalibration cannot be overemphasized. Errors are made and the steps that prove effective are not immune to improvement. Here we've seen them contravene extreme quarantining with the unhindered entry of Chinamen bringing in who knows what new strains of their virus to infect with more virulent effect. (G4 New swine flu with 'pandemic potential' discovered in China

"We are proud of the fact that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles"
- President Donald J. Trump, 2020 4th of July
BBC News
The US is on its way to a "tremendous victory" over the "terrible plague from China," President Trump has said, despite a surge in cases. Trump's 4 July message: We're beating 'China plague'

God bless America. I can't think of anything more to say. With China around and (simbako!) America woke-brainfreezed, imagine how bad it would be now, how much worse it could get for us.

This is the same NBA that gagged Daryl Morey for defending Hongkong against China in one brief tweet. And this is a online comment from Joseph Smith that begs to be shared. Just wear a BLM shirt and you're immune from the Covid. The CANCEL mania in America that has deranged ultraliberal progressivistics should inspire Cebuanos to do some canceling of their own. Cancel the virus. Cancel Tagalog. Cancel Pinoy mentality. Cancel backwardness. Cancel DepEd. Keep on trying though. Your country deserves one last chance to be taken out from the bottom of the pit Marcos and Aquino dug it into. But know when hopeless is hopeless and with regret proceed to do the right thing. Cancel the Philippines from Cebu.

Nobody can say that conservative pro-Christian president Bolsonaro did nothing in Brazil. His critics might say the measures he took at the federal level were too small, although this ignores the divergent directions taken at the autonomous local levels. These critics are in effect saying he should have taken the communist measures enforced in Cebu since March and halved the dead and halved the infected. I say the opposite since we have seen the conditions in Brazil to be conducive to China's virus and not any of that would have mattered. Same deaths there. But not for insanely deranged Cebu where they would have less of a problem today if they did a Brazil and did not quarantinistically confine the China virus to ideal spaces where it can comfortably shoot from human nose to human nose on the exhaled droplets it rides on.

The Men of 2020, the world leaders who have proven themselves this year of the China Plague, they are Johnson, Bolsonaro and Pence. Aren't their countries the three worst affected in the world? Only because of how much China's plague found their demographic and environmental factors to be favorable to it. More harm was averted while avoiding excessively insane lockdown/shutdowns which only serve the virus more helpfully once it is already there. Take note that Bolsonaro has taken a test four times these past few months. Take note that it took months of open public exposure for him to get infected by the most frighteningly dangerous virus in the history of the universe. Bolsonaro is a brave man. I personally know of nobody in my region who has been tested with swab, something more sophisticated or even with fake stuff from China. Anyway it's only 800,000 who've been reported to have been "tested" here since March. And those include tests using defective local and China kits.

Countries who select low quality leaders suffer more from the China virus regardless if their environment is, like ours, intrinsically less hospitable to its proliferation. Combine here that low quality with the much more conducive virulence US-Brazil-UK experienced and more than half a percent of us might be dead before Un Dia de los Muertos or undas in the Pinoy dialect.

France rules out ‘total lockdown’ in case of new COVID-19 spike July 8

Two months ago they learned the hard way their lesson about how pointless it is to do this thing that we here are mindlessly still overdoing. My favorite game today is going to adjacent establishments where there are guards who scan your forehead and announce wildly varying temps. Reminds me of my metabolism running hot and cold when several decades ago I was still a horny very young man.


CDN Digital
The Department of Health here (DOH – 7) reported on Sunday evening, July 5, that they had recorded a total of 10,273 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the region. Region 7 breaches 10K mark in COVID-19 cases

What if the number above was not the cumulative infection reported for March to July but the direct death toll on the last weekend of March? How would authorities of the province cope with massive deaths and enforcement of total quarantine shutdown at the same time? In other words what if there had really been an actual serious contagion right at the start, the kind they could not worsen no matter how hard they try again? There is nothing worse I can think of.


The black plague of China virus and the feast that followed (winner of the 2020 DILA short competition)

We are the collective mind of the central province's bureaucracy and officialdom, not that province you malicious you. The inconsequential yet highly self-important bunch of islands it is constitutionally part of has not yet been annexed by the country most admired by radical far left magazine Economist. We don't know yet what we will be called once that happens but for now we are a province tightly under direct central control by an imperial capital that has for so long a time vigilantly ruled its most prized possession.
No one saw coronavid coming but the hysteria had been stirred just enough in mid-March for us to intervene once the grand opportunity to serve the people opened. It wasn't too hard in the beginning as our people still seemed as amenable to military governance that they haven't formally had in forty years. The icing on the cake was not the solidarity at all levels of the politicians in their financial greed but the compliant demeanor of Catholic hierarchs. Our job is made easier when you have Church ministered by sheep, perhaps that other country might not even find it necessary to convert it to Patriotic Church when we do become their province.
It all went smoothly for two days, everyone was quarantined be it home, village, municipality or metropolis. And then people started dying like flies, it was a total nightmare. We promptly received advise that in the past month Wuhan went into a 24-hour crematorium frenzy, a large contributor to efforts in containing this new, defense-proof contagion. But the worst of it all was that apparently this one was something our people here were more susceptible to than anybody else elsewhere.
We did not need ventilators to sustain the hopeless sick, we needed cremation ovens for the infected dying we were obliged to triage ahead of their time. Our entire province by the worst possible stroke of luck only had three such furnaces working, all of them in the urban core. Each one with a capacity of one in the morning and one late in the afternoon.
All body bags were exhausted by the third evening. We were in a Zoom conference sponsored by TikTok when one of our participants who is shy enough to want to remain anonymous and not take credit, lit up our night of despair with the ultimate solution. To underscore the seriousness of our pow-wow back then, we controlled our laughter after one of the small town boys alerted us to the article “We had to make face masks from sanitary pads.”
Then came a snide remark about the present severe scarcity of masks, you couldn't buy one anywhere as with many other things on the shelves, and that we'd better first ask some gent who's held one to his mouth and nostrils if that's a good idea. The truth is at that point we were all really scared of the disease as a result of its unprecedented explosion and we might just as soon be desperate enough to request the ladies to donate their used pads. For face mask materials.
The quarantine junta approved the foregoing as a provisional measure just before the real solution to the real problem came up for deliberation. Two or three ovens for the thousand or thousands dying daily will simply not work out. In a week those are going to be several thousands who are going to remain capable of infecting the living unless thoroughly incinerated. So simple, so elegant, the suggestor's suggestment that followed. We are a province where no barrio that fancies itself self-respecting will not boast of having at least one master roaster. We are after all the province known for the best delicacy in the world.

It was settled, the good plan was well-taken by all. On the first day and the next we nodded gladly to each other as ashes no longer infectious to us collected on charred grounds. But right then another problem of utmost severity presented itself, consequence to the shutdown of every single productive activity as decreed by the quarantine regime. We needed food, and for the second time we knew where to look, and this time what not to overcook.
The people love nobody more than the one who feeds them. We knew we had to host a grand celebration to showcase to the world our culinary ingenuity. Our special invited guests had to be the ones from the majestic country we want the Philippines to be a province of someday. And so the ambassador came together with other dignitaries of their communist party to our lechon party.
In our province there is but one thought running inside our minds, that we are proud Pinoys, proud to have saved our people with cannibalism.
[end of the award winning short story]


July 3, 2020

Can we strike back against their coronavirus abuse?

I worry about the words quoted by Star. If our president has forgotten his native Cebuano language as a result of some internal things that have deteriorated, has turned his back on his fellow native Bisaya, then all is lost and we should expect the next actions of government to keep worsening what they had worsened.

BUANG is a descriptive word that has not yet been used here for the March-July lockdowns, it is a word that means fixation to contemplating and doing the wrong things over and over again. No need to say more about the crazy instances below.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: More than 16,000 barangay health workers (BHW) in the Cebu Province will be made to undergo training on traditional and alternative health care. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is set to institutionalize this in compliance with Republic Act 8423 or the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act. Gwen pushes for traditional, alternative medicine in Cebu June 30, 2020
The implementation of the ECQ should continue in Cebu City due to continued rise in confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the area, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said. ECQ should continue in Cebu City — Cimatu online comment - GCastro Only in the Philippines! Secretary DENR retiradong heneral abiso sa isyu pandemya HAHAHA

Their follow up solution after "quarantine" is alternative healing, in other words, Chinese chemical and herbal-animal toxins. As Jim Geraghty says in the June 19 National Review Editors podcast: "Symbolism is easy, fixing real problems is hard." One of the best example of symbolism is lockdown-shutdown. It is useless against the virus but governments use it to symbolize their "response" to China's virus.

China coronavirus cannot be the dreadful killer that they still advertise it to be if only 26 died in Singapore out of 43,661 infected Singaporeans (June 29, Visual and Data Journalism Team BBC News). Our place is a place where China's virus does not feel at home. But by their fanaticism for lockdown have they instead embraced the virus with hospitality. Perhaps the healthy food Singaporeans eat is to blame for their low death incidence, one excellent result of the extreme shutdown policies here has been diminished affordability and availability of healthy food varieties.

Enough is enough! Militarization of dense urban centers is playing with fire. Over here the virus only kills a few, I can't believe they aim to add more to the dead by using bullets.
The PNP said it will improve communication and coordination efforts with military forces following the recent misencounter in Jolo, Sulu, which led to the death of four soldiers. PNP to heighten coordination with AFP to prevent misencounter July 1, 2020
The AFP said not only did the military lose four accomplished intelligence operatives, but it also lost the trail of two suspected bombers in Jolo.
The acceleration of the Philippine Identification System is seen to unlock the country’s digital economy’s potential and aid in the transition to the “new normal,” the chief of the National Economic and Development Authority said. National ID system a boost to digital economy — NEDA June 28 online comment J Pag-a Seryoso? The registration procedure itself will destroy the concept of lockdowns and quarantine regime as it requires physical presence for biometrics registration in the national database. Not to mention the trustworthiness of data privacy in our country. Sigh

In the GMA News article "OFWs’ privacy: Dead in the water" by Jamael Jacob of the Ateneo Data Protection Office last May 31, it was disclosed that the government's IATFMEID uploaded its master list of test results to Google Drive. Expect that since they do not operate their own data hosting server machines, the national identification details of several tens of millions will be handed to China, not different from what happened with Comelec PCOS.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella yesterday clarified that the 353 new cases of coronavirus recorded in the city last Tuesday were actually cumulative results over a nine-day period ending June 30, 2020. 353 cases on Tuesday actually ‘a 9-day total’

Scare tactics again, that's what it is again and they will do it again. You can stick every single quarantine pass ever issued up the ass of whoever masterminded this particular nonsense, it would not change the fact that all they have done has thus far been unnecessary, wasteful and vexatious.

The Freeman/Philippine Star
WHO country representative Rabindra Abeyasinghe said the Philippine government’s quarantine measures have been instrumental in achieving gains in the fight against the pandemic.
The Freeman/Philippine Star
President Duterte expressed dismay over the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in Cebu and blamed Cebuanos who did not follow quarantine protocols. July 1, 2020
Philippine Star
ONE News: The Department of Health has approved 8,553 slots for emergency hiring in 286 health facilities of the government. However, only less than half or 47 percent of the slots have been filled. Public Health Sector Not Attracting Enough Applicants Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – Duterte | OneNews.PH
CDN Digital
Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu, the overseer of the Interagency Task Force (IATF) in Cebu, said that the NOAH Complex at the SRP is a viable space with over 350 cubicles for isolation of asymptomatic patients. He said more cubicles will be added to accommodate more asymptomatic patients and they will no longer remain at the barangays.

WHO told us in January and February that it was safe for the Chinese to come to the Philippines, that an infected Chinaman would not transmit their country's virus to anyone of us through close range airborne droplet exhalation resulting in respiratory reception. Vietnam and Taiwan ignored corrupt WHO and did everything to prevent Chinamen from entering and contaminating their territory. Hongkong people of course could not but they avoided these persons and took individual measures to protect themselves as any informed, intelligent and responsible human being would.

Liquor bans lasted from March to May and then there was Duque shrieking for more restrictive cigarette taxation as if these would magically help in the containment of China's coronavirus. There should be a sort of war crimes tribunal later where the WHO heads will stand trial. Next up our local and national officials.

To simplify the Singapore situation the ratio is 20 dead to 40,000 infected. The factor is 2,000 and it is fair to presume the numbers in Singapore are accurate and not so in the Philippines. Now I don't know if every age 10+ Singaporean has been tested at least once, just take note that their infection growth has been downward or stable. True coronavirus death in the Philippines is likely substantially below the reported 1,686 but even if 200 is the factor assumed instead of 2,000 then there must be a minimum of 337,200 infections here already. Maximize it further and you're looking at 3.4 million.

If you hear officials of the state blabbering about isolation-quarantine facilities and medical hiring to handle these 337k to 3.4m infecteds please counsel these officials to go to hell. A mere 350 cubicles is proof they actually look at the problem as a minor problem only. They also know there are hardly any willing qualified medical recruits. By "magnifying" the problem, they actually magnified the problem, they created more problems.

The sane approach would be to make it less problematic for the unidentified infectious to test and thereafter be instructed and aided as to how they can prevent the China Virus from making the 2-foot jump from them to other people's noses and mouths. Months ago pooled testing was suggested in DILA. The technique is being adopted in America to maximize test coverage.

Philippine Star
Due to strong opposition from physicians, the Department of Health said Tuesday that the redeployment of some "Doctors to the Barrios" to Cebu City will just be on a voluntary basis. “The move of DOH to deploy DTTB (is) because we are trying to exhaust our resources,” DOH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.
By Analou De Vera The Department of Health (DOH) said that the reassignment of members of the 'Doctors to the Barrios' (DTTBs) to Cebu City will now be voluntary following opposition from the rural physicians. They said that the DOH failed “to provide clear protocols to safeguard and protect” those who are supposed to be deployed. July 1, 2020

The heading of this post asks how we are going to get back at lockdowners responsible for this intolerable madness. They'll excuse themselves by boasting that they had the guts to do what was "necessary" but they'll never volunteer to face the consequences for failure and gross failure to calibrate for errors and corrections this has been.

Was it a shutdown or quarantine or lockdown or all of the above or just insanity? The incompetent amateurs who jointly handled Cebu City were under direct orders from Imperial Manila therefore none of them had reason to fear accountability to their constituents for all errant impositions. This 33-year government should have long stopped existing. The physicians in the Star and Bulletin reports had the right idea, they told the government the one right thing to say to it. Fuck you motherfucker. I refuse.

One of these days I will paint a black plague scenario so you all can metricate some sense to our "emergency" situation being that by color China's plague is a yellow plague. Pale too.

Let the “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong” tweet of Daryl Morey last October 2019 live on. May it be their courage that infect us, sets free our minds from coronavirus.

- - -
"I fear hunger - coronavirus won't kill us"
"Most social policies constructed during the crisis were based on fear and not on science," according to the president of the Philippine Sociological Society. [SPECIAL REPORT] June 22, 2020 Coping in quarantine: Top-down policies leave little space for public input

An infected person is not a murder weapon. The scare language spoken by government and media smeared the stigma of infection on affected individuals who would as a result find it in their best interest to hide from everyone else the presence of the China virus in their exhalation and tears. Scare propaganda employed by the state has produced more harm than the virus would have by itself. At some point some of us will suspect that we might have come in close proximity to infection. It is important that it is very easy for you to submit to voluntary and confidential testing right away to make certain that you do not harm yourself and others. But you need to be confident that government and community does not punish you with discriminatory maltreatment if you test positively. That everyone is aware of the observable fact that you can proceed with your life as normally as possible with reasonable precautionary adjustments as long as your respiratory organs are not among the less than one in one hundred that the chinavirus ravages with incurable severity. Being infected is not the end of the world for you. Do not believe the government.

June 29, 2020. This is the first time in four months of the martial law lockdown power tripping mania that anyone of them has been heard mentioning comparison of the Philippine situation to other countries. If they only used their tiny coconuts back then when coronavirus was still practically nonexistent, barred virus carriers traveling from China and did nothing else drastic or crazily overboard, then we'd be as better off as Taiwan was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow. These countries are #1 #11 #21 and #31, all higher than us in China virus death and positivity, a mere 11 days ago. None of them had lockdowns even just half as crazy as our lockdowns nor are they crazy enough to do the crazy things that happen only in the Philippines.
US - 117,674 -- 2,162,038 dead and positive
Germany - 8,869 -- 189,512
Pakistan - 3,093 -- 160,118
Saudi Arabia - 1,139 -- 145,991 by The Visual and Data Journalism Team BBC News

Are Cebuanos terrorists? SAF or Special Action Forces of the military/police were mobilized by Aquino (per US advisory) to capture a true terrorist visiting Mamasapano. The operation was botched after the MILF private army responded in aid of their imam guest. Prosecution of the former authorities angling for American reward money instead of single-minded anti-terror responsiveness was similarly botched in the time of Duterte most likely because he was satisfied with how much Aquino and Roxas have already been publicly discredited. Present day a national security "threat" surpassing Mamasapano and Marawi combined has materialized in the center of our geography ergo SAF elite combat commandos are deployed in a battle mission to suppress enemy forces.

It will be in vain. Again. They'll crow about armed to the teeth soldiers regaining the obedient compliance of Cebu's recidivist outlaws. Surely whatever errors the simians in charge of Cebu these past months may have blundered into that which enhanced the epidemiologic potency of the virus can very easily be replicated to reproduce hell elsewhere. Question is does the government have enough special anti-terrorist forces to militarily harass the millions of dangerous civilians in the other places who like the Cebuanos are a terorrist threat to the Republic of the Philippines?

Wasn't that unclean repatriation of chinavirus-infected individuals an Act of the Bayanihan Government and not the act of hardheaded provinciano residents living martial law lives forced on their province?
The number of suspected COVID-19 carriers in Quezon province that have been cleared and discharged from hospital confinement has increased to 1,803, the Quezon public information office reported. 1,803 suspected COVID-19 carriers in Quezon ‘cleared’, ‘discharged’
SunStar Cebu
To decongest hospitals, local officials in Cebu and some private benefactors worked together to put up not only one, but three community quarantine centers in Cebu City that will cater to mildly symptomatic Covid-19 patients in Cebu. June 26, 2020
Gov't said Filipinos are 'pasaway' and violate quarantine, but data show otherwise

What this government has practiced since March was to admit to over-capacity congested crowded hospitals half (I'm guessing) of those tested positive. The rest of the positives get forcibly barricaded inside their communities together with the uninfected residents. I don't know if hospital transmissions account for at least half of infections because no one is talking. Tell me that this was not the reason coronavirus positivity skyrocketed in specific locations. Tell me that it was hard headed ordinary citizens who formulated this policy and should now be blamed. Tell me that this unmatchably brilliant policy did not worsen the overall effect of a virus that in reality has not really been very harmful under Philippine conditions until the excessive interventions of government eventually blew up in their faces.

There's a clever one-line online comment right below. But before that I'd like to apologize to the lovely virus sent here deliberately by the Chinese, you are not as bad as they pretend you are.
Another Bayanihan law may have to be enacted to sustain COVID-19 efforts and its impact on livelihood, palace spokesman Roque said.
Despite Pres. Duterte's special powers, COVID-19 cases continue to rise and thousands have been left jobless.
June 26, 2020 online comment-Normally...if a movie was a flop the first time....there won't be any Sequel

Deep into the night has it kept mystifying us why the agalon in Imperial Manila sent his ex-army generalissisimo to take over from his worthless minions the coronavirus administration of Cebu.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said he is confident that the signing into law of the Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) and Values Education Act or Republic Act (RA) No. 11476 would still bolster learners’ character development and morals even amid restrictions on face-to-face classes this coming school year. June 26, 2020

What the hell does the resurrection of the Tagalog manners and conduct brainwashing scheme of DepEd for innocent provinciano children have to do with our China virus and Cebu Martial Law topic? It is there to help explain why Big Government seeks all the time to become even bigger in terms of controlling our lives and sucking the blood from our bodies. Consider this and conclude as you wish. In America, coronavirus is worse than government. It is more harmful to people.

I have a hard time remembering the last time they did something right and we commended them for it yet DILA is not against government. Check our past and the truth will out, an intelligent man whose loyalty is to God will neither be against government nor will he be for government. The best government lives up to the caveat that government is a necessary evil. The worst government tries to be everything. To be the biggest government, to suppress all propositions for limited government. Hitler, the communists, absolute monarchs and caliphates, the heirs of French revolutionary Jacobinist nationalists, those are the ones.

Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Quezon and Aguinaldo bequeathed nothing to us that would be practical for our modern political recovery. They produced nothing compared to Jefferson and Madison who rationalized the modern independence cause and constitutionally framed it. Or Hamilton who programmed into the kernel of democracy a robust operating system capable of withstanding ideological viruses. Or Washington who proved the existence of men whose only interest in power is that it remain with the people and never in the monopoly of one man or a gang. Without America the world is doomed to the armageddon of China fascist communism and Islamic jihadism. A world where government/caliph is god.


June 24, 2020

Insane text broadcasts

NTC DSWD: Ikaw ba benepisyaryo ng SAP? Mag-rehistro ng iyong SAC form sa mula 12-16, June 2020. (02)8424-2828 para sa katanungan.
NTC DSWD: Ikaw ba ay may SAC form? Maari pang mag-rehistro sa hanggang June 19, 2020. Tumawag sa 16545 para sa katanungan.

The first obscene text from the telecom and social jesters was morning of June 15 while the next came 1:00 after midnight June 20 which was past their deadline so it's not even last minute of the world famous Filipino time. Let me start with the contact numbers. They suppose I am so rich that I am calling up those strange and unknown numbers for whatever cellular rates might be charged per minute, during which I don't know how long I will be on hold? If I am so rich, why would I even need their "social amelioration" payout? Why would I waste the time I am on my expensive computer and internet connection on anything other than my personal amusement? Why are they pretending to help the poor?

Wait I forgot to tell you that I am not Tagalog therefore these retards have uselessly communicated to me about a "service" that is not intended to benefit me because I am not Tagalog. Since these are agencies officially responsible for communication and social welfare, I can only conclude that the logic behind their occupational doctrine is the presumption that non-Tagalogs shouldn't exist in the Philippines.

Federal Emergency Management Agency in good old America sparingly uses its National Wireless Emergency Alert System for good reason. The boy who cries wolf is low in the credibility ladder. Maybe they are just better educated over there and less cavalier about substandard hiring qualification. This local non-gov org has somehow managed to blast us a couple of texts but I've never heard anything about whether the app they're offering is trustworthy though AFAIAC it's no Apple and no Android apps for me. Few remain to have faith in so I hope Red Cross does not let us down. Bolton : Trump sought Xi’s help in reelection bid
BBC News Trump sought China's help with election - Bolton Details from the new book by the president's ex-national security adviser include damning accusations.

Unfit for office is something not just a few conservatives rate Trump but overall he has not been unbearable as a result of his fidelity to Republican Party values. It was childish to ask Peking for showcase trade moves for the sake of opinion poll vanity. Still they have self-correcting mechanisms that function. I envy America and pity Cebu. If only our nations in the Philippines each had their own moral leader who has the wisdom of contemporary philosophical thinker Barkley.

Riding the wagon of the mob is almost always unwise but often is short-lived fun. Ultraliberals tend to ignore what was good in the past, their opposites look to conserve heritage and tradition. The Cebu I see today is not conservative, it has turned destructive, mired in self-made coronavirus hell and about to be consumed in fires stoked by unaccountable leaders.

Enes Kanter is not a Catholic bigshot who sidelines on climate change and other political fads while looking the other way as governments curtail church activities. Kanter is a Muslim who does not keep silent about political tyranny in his Muslim country.

I wouldn't blame you if you have been scared out of your wits this past four months of the shutdown, it's what they want. I have wondered this past month what is the purpose of those secret clinics operated in Manila's environs by the Chinese specifically for Chinamen infected with the China virus? It can't just be out of altruism for the Chinamen illegally deployed by Peking here. It could be that a number of Chinaman deep penetration circulators are tasked to spread the China virus to locals and when they are finished with their duty they recuperate in these "clinics". If so, are there clinics of this sort in Cebu and what is the number of Chinamen performing this patriotic service to China?

Fox News
On "Fox News Sunday," Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University, warned that events such as President Donald J. Trump's campaign rally and ongoing protests over George Floyd's death could bring about an increase in coronavirus cases, but noted that he does not believe that lockdowns are necessary to combat spikes.

Assuming that the number of bad cops in the Philippines is equal to the number of bad cops in America, this would mean they have so much more good cops compared to us since their localized police forces total a bigger head count than our nationally-reporting police. We can deride Americans for being overacting in their overreaction to cases of police abuse, the agitation stirred almost always on racial grounds. Police matters are local there so I readily view their situation much more favorably.

Officially released death index from infection by the Peking virus as of June 18 was 36 for America and 1 for Philippines. The Philippines if you do not know what that means has a coronavirus problem THIRTY-SIX times less deadly than in America. The Americans should deride us for overacting overreaction by way of sustained municipal shutdowns and other arbitrarily punitive measures that clearly have no effect on China's coronavirus. Lockdowns are neutral in the manner by which China's virus maneuvers to thrive as a killer of populations. Lockdowns hurt humans THIRTY-SIX times more than it does the virus raised and hawked by China.

It is the nature of a country and the informed intelligence of its peoples that determine how lethal chinavirus can become or not become. Small Singapore has 41,473 infection case counts, bit more than large Philippines does but ONLY 26 dead there. Singapore is almost just twice Cebu's population.

How many restaurants did virus-supervigilant Hongkong close for quarantine purposes between January and June? I don't know of any. Cebu City and its restaurants have been shutdown for four months and the magic number so far is 4,479 cases of chinavirus infection, which is worse than other places nearby but far better than those far away, say Belgium. This indicates graver local ineptitude or incompetence than the nearby places so what does Duterte do with his minions who ran one of the most maniacal lockdown theaters in the archipelago?

Cimatu to serve as Duterte’s eyes and ears in Cebu City—Palace _ June 23, 2020 Duterte to Cebuanos amid COVID-19 crisis: Ang titigas ng ulo n'yo Cebu City logs 30 new COVID-19 cases, total up to 4,479 Cimatu eyes lockdown of certain areas in Cebu amid ECQ

First he berates in Tagalog their constituents and then sends in an ex-military guy to be the conductor of a special martial law symphony. To escalate quarantine shutdown confinements that never once worked. If you think we are hard headed then leave us alone and let us die if die we must. To be honest, I believe more of us will survive if they did just that. Lockdowns exacerbate chinavirus infection.


June 19, 2020

Correct is wrong

I am not disagreeing with the Correct Movement, a group whose materials we have featured. They believe we all deserve to have a better country, and only the villainous who cling to the Tagalogista centralist system of Marcos-Aquino will ever oppose betterment. The system remainers however comprise the majority and most are utterly clueless while the rest are the political-economic parasites who stand to lose something. Correct thinks we can change the rotten system by playing under the rules of this system. First to attempt this was Sonny Osmena with his Pilipinas 92 or something initiative. Others followed with their own in later years. It cannot be done. Correct is wrong. When the system is rigged to Remain, you weigh all the options, no matter how difficult, to Leave.

By July 2020 this paragraph should link to a pdf document that will explain in more detail why we think Correct is unrealistic in both its presumptions and aspirations.

There is too much going on that is Incorrect in this country and I don't know where to begin so we'll keep it very short and very brief.

BBC June 10, 2020 Asymptomatic Covid transmission an 'open question'__The WHO's head of emerging diseases said evidence from 'two or three' studies suggested people with symptoms should be the main focus. Senators urge gov't intervention for unemployed workers

Wait, wasn't it intervention by the government in the first place that got them unemployed? They should just let us be, if we die, then we die. It is true that few have died. It is not true that their "efforts" are the reason that not many have died. The truth is that this virus is less of a killer here than it has been in other locations. Don't ask me how come because I am not the one who has billions at hand for research. WHO's clearly as useless an international agency as the DOH is locally if neither of them has the slightest information in regard to the who, when, where and hows of chinavirus infection.

Daily Tribune
A 48-year old patient who tested positive for COVID-19 via rapid testing committed suicide just as he was admitted to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. ‘Corona’ patient commits suicide

Multiply the actual per capita death rate in the Philippines thirty times. Divide thirty times the intelligence of America's mostly balanced response to the China disease. One of these two countries is insane and it is not America. Poor guy above probably had better than 99 in 100 chance of surviving this coronavirus which has never proven itself to be a strong killer disease in the Philippine climatological and demographic setting. But he was aware that Government Policy is going to make life unbearable for him. Like in Japan, the death rate per capita from chinavirus in this country is way below the world average. It did not take them long in Japan to understand the problem, here everyone is still panicking out of their mind. Stigmatizing instead of informing. Repetitively repeating and not learning from mistakes. House leaders who voted against Anti-Terror bill urged to resign from post
A police station in Butuan City drew flak after it put out an infographic that pictured activists as terrorists.

Insofar as they responded wrongly to the actual level of COVID chinacoronavirus threat to the Philippines, you cannot expect me to optimistically have faith in their ability to assess genuine threats from the only non-imaginary terrorists in the planet, the jihadist. Their brilliant solution is to mix up terror, crime and dissent all together. Recently, protest actions have been maliciously prosecuted with Batas Pambansa 880 (Public Assembly Act 1985) and Republic Act No. 11332 (communicable diseases).

National Review
The city of Beijing closed all K-12 schools on Tuesday following the onset of a new coronavirus outbreak.Beijing authorities reported that the new outbreak began in the Xinfadi market, which covers 277 acres and contains over 2,000 stalls selling produce and various meats. Beijing Shuts All Schools to Stem New Coronavirus Outbreak Xi tells Duterte PH to be given ‘priority’ once China develops vaccine vs COVID-19

Do you want a taste of what happens to those who let China rule them? Find out what they did to Indonesian fishing crew. PDF OF BBC REPORT
Once we become an official province of China, boy oh boy.
Returning Cebu City’s status to a strict ECQ is not a punishment but to address the surge of coronavirus disease cases in the city, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said. Placing Cebu under ECQ not a punishment — Año
A Bureau of Fire Protection employee, who went to Boracay Island for a government meeting, tests positive for COVID-19. Virus case spoils Boracay reopening

I've heard that local officials are pulling their hair over their negative progress in March, April, May and June. Still they don't want to give up irregardless again of the double repetition redundancy of their pathetic failure. Other officials have the time of their life at all-expense government meetings in pricey resorts. The best proof that coronavirus never was a super serious problem here is that these same pathetic failures are still out there continuing to pretend that they are doing some kind of job. Zero competents and experts where they are supposed to be needed in this superhyperoverhyped crisis. How many more will commit suicide as a direct result of coronavirus running government policy?
With the coronavirus pandemic exposing the “faults” in the Philippines’ current health system, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said it was “critical” to “fast track” the country’s transition to universal health care.
The PhilHealth called for a postponement on the expansion of primary care benefits as it saw a significant drop in contribution collections amid the coronavirus pandemic. With funds depleting, PhilHealth seeks to defer expansion of care benefits
Philippine Star
Sen. Bong Go on Sunday renewed his call for the passage of a bill that aims to provide additional benefits and privileges to 14 million solo parents in the country, helping them ease the burden of single-handedly raising their children. Go wants greater benefits for single parents

Japan is giving us a few billion dollar soft loan this year without communist Chinese strings attached. A large part of that will be wasted on wasteful socialist entitlements such as the above. Weakens the economy and social fabric for better enhancement of Chinese control.

Daily Tribune
The City of Manila will be providing one tablet computer to each family of all students who are registered with the city’s schools under the plan to purchase P994 million worth of educational gadgets. One tablet per Manila family
“I would look for the money to buy transistor radios to be distributed all throughout the country,” President Rody Duterte said. Students to be given radios if TV, online classes not doable, says Duterte
If you have students in your family (or are one) your school may be considering Microsoft Teams for distance learning. If they are, here's what you can expect when classes resume this fall. Microsoft Teams for Education preps for fall with 7x7 speaker grid, deeper analytics
The Wall Street Journal
“Hectic and stressful.” Students, teachers and parents all think the nation's big experiment in remote learning was a failure. The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work

No wonder this country is rated among the worst educated in the world. That tiny tablet even if loaded with the choicest materials would never cut it, even if there were no distractions that are popped up by Google Android. Nor would cramped internet rental shops nor radio or TV which can't handle anything above simple cooking lessons.
Most consumers are unaware of the weird costing of online connection, of how telcos here prioritize Google and FB video streams that give them a cut of advertising commissions. Weird because they don't allocate this fully to data and leave the choice of content to users and especially since the telcos in the first place are constrained by limited system bandwidth which gets consumed fast, fast, fast on LTE and soon 5G. And of course their insufficient cell tower infrastructure would only serve a handful of concurrent top-rate users anyway, therefore online education can only be an additional burden to telecommunication capacity.
Publicly funded Wi-Fi is also not the answer because it further reduces cell site availability while "serving" favored locations with only limited signal range, etc. Online-cost-free is nothing but a socialist gimmick where in the few select areas they make it available only a handful get served on moderate consumption levels.
The two lousy providers, Globe and PLDT, offer overpriced bundles and time based rates as illustrated by the sample pictured below. Example, you get the 200 peso package for seven days, six gigabytes is for data meaning you gotta control your daily average usage to less that 900 megabytes otherwise if you carelessly use it all up in two hours, the next six days will only be good for time-wasting videos. To incentivize them to lower their predatory pricing, NTC can simply hold back the operation of the third telco competitor from communist pirate China in exchange for good behavior.
Online learning even under ideal conditions does not work for most. Microsoft is on the right track if they are indeed enabling secure multi-peer capabilities for instructional interaction at the operating system level but the potential stumbling block there is Windows 10. Finally everyone will see that no one needs the prohibitively expensive and useless DepEd.

Fox News
Vice President Mike Pence argued Tuesday that “panic is overblown” surrounding the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 despite fears of a resurgence of the virus that shuttered the economy and killed more than 100,000 Americans. Pence dismisses ‘grim predictions of a second wave’ of coronavirus June 17, 2020 Trump claims on black jobs, poverty and crime fact-checked

I may not be pro-Trump but I do not have the anti-Trump bias of Google or sometimes BBC. A federal district court judge in Trump's country opined that the constitution bill of rights is the equivalent of a suicide pact if he allows Sunday religious gatherings to continue. Obviously the judge has not read the Philippine constitution so I don't think he knows a thing or two about what makes an obvious suicide pact. This thing that has destroyed the Philippines for the past 34 years.

As an occasional listener to the conservative Radio Free California podcast, here's a thought I'd like to share about who has the right to criticize whom. Those who riot, and those who blindly support them, do not have the right to speak against police brutality. Those who let criminal actions of police pass similarly have no right to invoke law and order against protesters.

Blacks are obviously disadvantaged in many aspects of American life but there are no American laws specifically intended to discriminate against them. Somehow it might even be the laws meant to "affirmatively" help them that are pushing them down. I had no idea that the NFL is nearly as much monopolized by black professional athletes as the NBA. Ingrates Kaepernick and Lebron should see firsthand the official policy of the Philippine government that not only encourages but also rewards discrimination against Cebuanos. Against non-Tagalogs. White privilege? It's nothing compared to Tagalog privilege. Progressivistics are acting like they consider blacks to be their pets which is what I am reminded of by the Biden campaign statement that you ain't black if you ain't voting him.

Affirmative action intended to improve living conditions for black Americans or nationalist Philippine policy that supremacitize the Tagalog have both ended up impoverishing those who would otherwise have managed to fare fairly under the normal conditions of life. From somewhere in FB-BBC commentary I found these remarks by Ian Deal & Jo Di. "Ultimately they have the most to lose if the black community prospers as with increased wealth generally comes increased conservatism due to favourable taxation and business policies. Identity politics have painted Democrats as the saviours of the black community, making small public gestures but doing very little."

Minneapolis has since a long time had a Democrat-only mayor and council yet that ostensibly pro-black reputation did not prevent the death of George Floyd. In the US, police who are unionized give financial support to winning parties. Together with their qualified immunity protection, this has made it hard to reform departments that are abusive or corrupt. It is a regime of conflict of interest not too different from our PNP and DepEd who are unionized practically-speaking but unlike Americans are national instead of local. Even the BBC has joined the trend of misrepresenting US police misconduct. Legal expert Andrew McCarthy of NR debunks the perception that less white men than black men are shot to death by police.

Year _ White _ Black

Hispanic fatalities are not a far third while the rest as lumped as other races. Definitely lots of bad cops there just like here but at least over there they do foot patrols and anticipate calls for assistance. Many have no memory of the four hundred men of the New York City police and fire departments who died in the line of duty during the 9/11 Islamic jihad terror suicide attack.


June 18, 2020

Somebody proclaimed on PhilStar last year that Tagalog is the rightful language of the Philippines

Certainly this moved many of us to unfriend Sionil and ignore him thence but his unpopular denunciation of oligarch media was a not too recent controversy that raised my curiosity. The few columns I've read even suggested to me that the Philippines is reaping GABA or punishment for what happened to Renato Corona and Angelo Reyes. He wrote this about our favorite Tagalog-only station.

The oligarchy and ABS-CBN: Don’t give them your ‘balls’
ABS-CBN is not crucial to this nation’s survival nor does its closure mark the end of press freedom. Hundreds of TV and radio stations and broadsheets will continue to purvey news and views. And there is the omnipresent social media wide open to both idiot and intellectual. In fact, the removal of this media giant will contribute to the levelling of the playing field and the strengthening of democracy.

By the way, I've always considered her one of them Tagalogista nationalist supremacists but this very, very belated pronouncement hints a smidgen of realization of how much they have been wrong and done wrong to us. Why couldn't she say this in the long, long years ABS-CBN was all-powerful? Pia Cayetano to TV stations: Show cartoons in original English

I consider Tagalogization to be the bigger problem besetting the country, a more impressive killer than China's vaunted virus harvested from the bat meat market stalls of Wuhan. On FB I saved this reasonably correct explanation of federalism. In it you will find a commenter recommending Tagalog as the best possible language of success for the federal movers. Yikes!



June 11, 2020


DILA has an old blog and a young blog. The younger has a gazillion posts on meth brought and sold here by Chinamen who bribed their way here to illegally conduct a livelihood. Maybe the China communist government granted them these as some sort of balon or baon so they can later on engage in selling less illicit China products. This premiere episode of criminality also serves the purpose of ensuring the future accountability of these individuals to their masters in Peking.

The Chinese government, through its Embassy and Consulate in the Philippines, has donated 20,000 packs of “Friendship Rice” to several provinces and cities in Northern Luzon as part of the COVID-19 pandemic relief and in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of the Philippines-China diplomatic relations.

A beautiful modus by our new friend for smuggling more China shabu to the Philippines. If plans do not miscarry for our great leap forward, the Philippines will one day own the distinction of being the best province China has ever had. They even tried back in March to enhance the business environment for the Chinese merchants of shabu meth. By intensifying liquor and cigarette bans.

BBC News 8 June 2020 Coronavirus: Lockdowns in Europe saved millions of lives
The Wall Street Journal
Moscow, which has been at the center of Russia's novel coronavirus pandemic, is ending its strict coronavirus lockdown, even as infections remain high. Moscow, Center of Russia’s Coronavirus Crisis, Emerges from Lockdown

Did the Russians learn that lockdowns don't work? Did lockdowns save lives everywhere all the time? If so I would like to be shown the proof and proof does not mean blanket statements claiming more people would have died. The counterclaim is that the same number would have died anyway in the locations where it was unnecessary. Lockdown works? China had it but their virus spread like bushfires in a drought after they deliberately allowed their infected to bring it to other countries. Research: One Group Spread 65 Percent of All COVID-19 Cases across US
Thousands of travelers carried the coronavirus from New York around the United States in early March, triggering most of the new cases that erupted nationwide.

I would admire Trump even less if not for the sake of Republican Party principles and I would be the last person to say the hundred thousand Americans who've died is his fault. Trump has his limits, he is not a dictator nor can he be even if he wanted to. Erratic but faithful by and large to conservative values, so imagine in his place Clinton whose family finances have been sponsored by Peking since 1992. China allowed thousands upon thousands of coronavirus carriers to fly from their ports to Italy and everywhere else while lying about the disease. You know what would have worked for us non-Chinese a thousand times better than any lockdown? A travel blockade of China back in January up to today. Operating under the assumption that every single Chinese is infected with the Wuhan coronavirus would have allowed us to go ahead with our NORMAL life.

Singapore is my favorite lockdown example with so few infection cases right at the beginning but exploding to 30,000 in April after the sealing of foreign laborer dormitories backfired. In reparation they have vendo machines distributing free masks. Now it is the turn of the Balik-Probinsya Bagong Pag-asa Program Council to have the coronavirus from China make more Filipino friends. You lock it down it has nowhere to go but other human hosts, and then give a travel pass plus pocket money to those who have gotten infected. I can't think of anything crazier than the enforcement of lockdowns while at the same time letting Chinese come here freely. Now we are about to relate this to the improper use of anti-terrorism.

China reports 3 new COVID-19 cases, 2 asymptomatic cases; total cases 83,030 The new national anthem bill is in part reactionary to anti-government protests last year, but Beijing's grip over Hong Kong continues to tighten.

So what is it that they are up to? This is a tyrannical imperial state desperate to remake itself as the global hero of the coronavirus tragedy. In the foreseeable future, China's troops are sent to confront Hongkong demonstrators. The communist army plays on tank-mounted loudspeakers the China anthem but the demonstrators go about their business and do not freeze into worshipful silence. Tiananmen showed the world long ago what the machinegunners of Peking will do to those they've judged "disrespectful" terrorists.

Terrorism clearly is wrong. What I mean is that it is wrong to wrongly define terrorism to suit your ideological agenda. Hutus slaughtering Tutsis was not terrorism, it was tribal nationalist genocide. IRA, ETA, PFLP and Red Brigade committed acts they themselves might have admitted to be terrorism but technically these were war crimes of combatants trying to put up a different political state in lieu of the present one. And they wouldn't be prosecuted if their "revolution" was victorious. There are many kinds of criminals but there is only one terrorist.

BBC News June 10, 2020 Dozens killed in attack in northern Nigeria__At least 59 people are reported to have been killed in the raid by jihadist militants on Tuesday.
At least four local terrorist groups in the country are affiliated with the ISIS even before the 2017 siege of Marawi City, the Philippine Army said. Philippine Army says at least 4 local terror groups in PH affiliated with ISIS

New laws and new definitions for terrorists and terrorism are as unnecessary as lockdowns are unless your intention is to abuse these according to your personal whims. There is only one honest way to be serious about fighting the true terrorists. Work closely with the Americans and their most reliable allies. We are not done yet with an ism putting itself on standby as coronavirus kills many Christians across Europe and the Americas. But I am done with a president pretending to take responsibility while evading it. His way of saying end of discussion. Duterte defends Duque amid alleged overpriced PPE procurement Austrian president 'sorry' for breaking lockdown President Van der Bellen stayed at a Vienna restaurant beyond the mandated closing time of 23:00.

It's not just for the police mananita in violation of laws they themselves implement and DOH overpriced procurement that we've heard him "take" responsibility to bury as a closed matter. This was how Marcos and Noynoy behaved. In the longest of times have our branches of government been among the worst in the world. Asinine. National Youth Day Bill House panels OK bill allowing president to revise school opening schedule Inquirer May 31, 2020
GMA Network June 9, 2020
Philippines eyeing Avigan doses for 100 COVID-19 patients in tests -Duterte
Grace period for payment of loans, credit card dues no longer in effect - Duterte
Duterte says no to ‘back ride’ _
UN report: Pattern in police reports suggests cops planted evidence in drug war ops

Even if he was a much smarter person, no president should be allowed to micromanage every possible thing that catches his attention. Oh I'm sorry I made a blunder there, I take responsibility, you know I was just distracted having so many things to do. And so the "drug war" was just a farce, we just do not know yet how many of the puppet strings Peking is pulling. They all want the power to make you live your life in the way that is the most suitable to them. I almost forgot the term for this sort of thing. It's communism.


June 5, 2020

How racist is America?

Less than the Philippines if I judge it from the typical coverage by our highly-civilized perfectly objective superbly ethical local media of deadly events involving foreign human beings.

Never will you read on their papers anything like a story on a simultaneous supertyphoon, mega-earthquake and jihad detonation blasting several thousands to their death in Manila, after which it then gleefully proceeds to dispense reassurances that no white Americans were hurt according to the State Department (the American equivalent of the DFA). I probably wouldn't observe racial discrimination in America if I were a neutral visitor and in fact the only indication of this being some huge brouhaha is their government's Affirmative Action quota policy for occupations and education. So why the spasms of rioting even now in the midst of an uneven pandemic?
The Wall Street Journal June 3, 2020
Much of the looting in U.S. cities appears to have been perpetrated by organized groups who saw the protests as a low-risk chance to commit crimes. Looters Damage Businesses, Anger Protesters

Politically motivated, that's what it is behind all the agitation and protest violence subscribing to the mainstream media and other progessivistics' hype of racial killing when it is primarily a criminal justice matter. Black Americans comprise the largest mass of the African race in the entire world enjoying the highest standard of living anywhere. Never disregard the conditions of life suffered by native Africans. First assignment, try reading about genital mutilation of girls' vaginas by Shariah quack doctors using razor blades. Sudan banned FGM - what happens next?

Pitching the racism ball back to our country, tell me what comes to your mind when you see the propaganda pictured a few posts below showing Mabuhay ang Pilipino in tobacco tax stamps or the many other daily things similar to it? Marcos ordered schoolchildren to sing before the Tagalog flag Isigaw natin sa buong mundo, Mabuhay ang Pilipino every afternoon. In his religion of state worship the Pilipino was the chosen race out of all mankind and we were lucky to have him as father of the nation. Makoy, airball, here comes the transition to American basketball.

Colin Kaepernick offering legal help to Minneapolis protesters: 'In fighting for liberation there's always retaliation' Fox News May 29, 2020 Former Antifa member on radical group planning anti-government insurgency
Daily Tribune
Former US president Barack Obama on Wednesday applauded the “profound” protests by Americans demanding racial justice and said demonstrations over last week’s killing of a black man in police custody could spark nationwide reforms. Obama voices support for young US protesters

China lover Lebron of the NBA whined the accusation that blacks today are being hunted down. Remember that many of his colleagues either praised China after the Hongkong crackdown mired the NBA in controversy or refused to comment on what they said is a complicated political issue. Same guys who openly admired the now unwanted knee-bending football quarterback. So to them race and transgender issues are not complicated matters requiring analysis by sophisticated brains therefore they instinctively take the conveniently trendy position. Progessivistic political operators also see artificial racial tensions as their opportunity to gain advantage over their conservative rivals in this election year.

Back when I was a fan, the pros I liked best played power positions, Barkley if I have to name one. Long-retired but always the social philosopher, the round mound coolly dismissed the not so recent Confederate statue ruckus as an inconsequential question of stones that do not concern him and other blacks looking out for their self-betterment. I've never been impressed with artifically inseminated protesters like Antifa, Black Lives Matter or Pinoy Lives Matter whose message is that other humans do not matter.

MJ I do not remember being a fan of until the second time he stopped playing and became an executive. I greatly admired his work as general manager and, two teams later, as proprietor. Even before The Last Dance I knew he was the product of a husband and wife union. His father was his best friend, the man he took with him gambling at casinos to momentarily get distracted from the pressure of pivotal matches.

The biggest surprise the documentary had for me was a screen caption identifying one white guy as also his best friend. No better model for racial relations if you ask me than MJ. The one political statement MJ is known for was back in 1990 when he remarked to teammates that Republicans buy sneakers too and which years later he revisited as a testament to his being apolitical in public. The docu betrays some political preferences though with way too many Obama and Clinton appearances but no big deal that.

Loyalty and fair play are two traits I don't recall seeing MJ discard for convenience. Few black American kids today are raised by married fathers and mothers (the big majority of Philippine births are now illegit as well). Credit this to America's shift to welfarism and even in cash-poor Philippines has this doleout mania weakened the social fabric. Progressivist socialism always succeeds in stunting the individual and robbing communities of their vitality. It is the ideology of losers.

Once upon a time there was an uberathlete who lived to win with the world as his witness that there is no one better than him. Yes for someone to win another has to lose. MJ wanted to be better than the best athletes in his professional sport. Not only did he have more physical and mental gifts, he was also willing to work harder. Yet nothing good comes out of this though when applied to racial and nationalist politics. Society thrives on equilibrium and not on the conquest and defeat of the other human members of society. The Tagalogistas know only one thing and that is to be the championship winner of the Philippines first they have to make Cebuanos the losers.

There is no better example of meritocracy working for blacks than basketball, a pro game they have dominated the last few decades. They are not second class citizens in the way that Cebuanos are lower class in the Philippines. It is not difficult to be misled by the lies of the mainstream media, simply just do not doubt anything they say. You always hear that America is a sexist and racist country because it was founded in 1776 to be that sort of country. That it is among the worst countries in terms of discrimination based on sex and race.

My biggest problem with that brand of thinking is that I know for a fact that in America the worst criticism a politician or public personality can receive is the accusation of being racist or sexist. And I know for a fact there are up to a hundred countries out there where racism or sexism are never brought up as issues because they are part of their normal daily life. I mean why is it that the only place where anyone can damn the state or any church is a country that has true freedom of religion?

Jonathan Tobin writes on NationalReview "In New York Protests Must Go On But Religious Services May Not." Meaning rioters are privileged to do as they please while law-abiding Christians who do not know how to invoke social justice as an excuse to attack private property deserve suppression by the state or government. The looting mentality is also what powers the lockdown-quarantine-shutdown scam of national and local governments in the Philippines. It's not very true that the lockdowners love power, they love money more, "Heal As One" is the brand of their trillion-peso-plus aphrodisiac.

COVID-19 cases breakdown (PH) (as of June 3, 2020 - 4:00 PM)
Confirmed Cases: 19,748
Recovered: 4,153
Deaths: 974

The year is 2020 and the most masterful practice of discrimination I have seen so far has been by the virus that came from China. It has been extremely picky in terms of Race, Sex, Age and Physiology of the human beings it chooses to sicken. As a proud Filipino, I am sad the China virus has snubbed my extraspecial country's divinely chosen race of Homo sapiens.


May 31, 2020

House Bill 5313

You can read the bill for ethnolinguistic flags and signages through the heading's link. The image below it is there to show why there's no reason for this congressional bill, neither practicality nor principle. But before we discuss this pretty picture, let me offer my preliminary dismissal of this proposal for not even detailing how it will deal with the many areas it is irreconcilable with the preceding flag herald republic act or as to who can and cannot initiate flags and signages at the regional level before the NHI or KWF or the senate or the courts step in. Why is it even aiming for singularized national culture? Ask if it is equally useless as bill 6280 which purports to retool the national language commission. If a lawmaker thinks an existing law is bad then it deserves excision but instead they attempt to supplement these legal cancers.

If you have seen inside groceries the Chinese sign pictured above limiting you to only 5 essential Lucky Me high sodium noodles in tiny packs, try understanding how pointless it is to add laws when the trade department itself arbitrarily operates outside the law in the same manner that our substandard schools are encouraged to teach Mandarin and Korean. It demonstrates just how contemptible MTB-MLE is to the education department who is in charge of it. ABS-CBN had been the perfect assassin for killing the non-Tagalog languages since the late 1980s. So enough of that KWF and flag-herald bullshit, work on repelling the enemies of our languages, understand that only by being anti-Tagalog will you help your language avoid death.

The Charter change drive is not a government priority for now as the country deals with the coronavirus pandemic, Malacañang declared on Monday.
GMA NEWS Zubiri files bill extending Bayanihan law until September 30
INQUIRER Senate moves to extend Bayanihan law, expand Duterte powers

Coronavirus from China and constitution made for Manila and Tagalogs are the same. They are the curse our people bear day to day. Duterts, the Congs and senaturds have decided to make us live with these two for as long as they can. They might pick a guy like the local undersecretary to blabber fancifully on microsurgical constitutional amendment and related fantasy tales but everything remains headed back to the bog of Marcos-Aquino autarky we've marched in circles around for five decades. The 2016 campaign promise of Duterts was a less burdensome constitution and less bureaucratic garbage (regs and pers). What we got in 2020 is more Pinoy Bayanihan shit all over the place.


Are we all going to die?

COVID-19 cases breakdown (PH) (as of May 26, 2020 - 4:00 PM)
Confirmed Cases: 14,669
Recovered: 3,412
Deaths: 886

BBC News US coronavirus deaths top 100,000 The US has seen more deaths (currently 100,047) and infections (1.69 million) than any other country.

Innumeracy is a lot more common here than you are probably aware of. Most people's minds become cloudy or mucked up when dealing with numbers that are bigger than 1-2-3. Many still fall for pyramiding scams because of this prevalent mental deficiency. If you can compute that America has over a hundred times more coronavirus problems than we have then you are more or less an educated person. If the additional knowledge that the United States is at least three times bigger than the Philippines leads you to conclude that we face a chinavirus situation roughly 40 times less severe than America's then you're a normal person. If you realize your lockdown mistakes early enough and lift these then you are an ideal political leader. How many politicians in this country have normal minds and proper education?

Being good at politics requires a certain kind of mental illness. No sensible normal person wants this job, no emotionally healthy, well-adjusted human being will... (Kevin Williamson in a recent NR podcast)

Historical odds for winning the ultimate coronavirus mega-lotto grand prize: 1 over 100,000 Philippines; 1 over 1,000 New York. We give thanks to the generous heart of our sponsor CHINA.

Governor of Florida was maliciously criticized for loosening their lockdown on the day that 500 new cases were reported. Actually there were 75,000 test results opened by the famed retirement state on that day and the positivity percentage was much less than one percent. Based on that statistic alone I would castigate him for having started a moderate (compared to the insane Philippines) lockdown in the first place but the sensible Repulican governor did not know yet about the low severity of epidemiologic infection the China virus had on his state therefore he was only being prudent.

At the time leading to lockdowns in most American states, their contagion statistics might have been 1,000 times worse than our tiny fatality count back in March 15, 2020. The excessive Philippine response since that date has been a baseless we are all going to die hysteria over something that they have never shown to be more than an insignificant threat here. Don't tell me that Floridian lives are less precious than Philippine lives.

inquirer_chinavirus_hospitals_illegal.pdf (for the many, many infected Chinamen working illegally in the Philippines thru bribery)

The BBC chart tells you that all things being equal and having been initially allowed unhindered entry, the virus thrives best in select countries. As unexceptional a country as we clearly are, there'd be even less cases if we stopped China from persistently sending viruses here. And even fewer if only the coercive microquarantines enforced by local dimwits did not recklessly spread infections among the forcibly confined into close quarters. Instead of isolating the vectors of Chinavirus contagion through cooperative and voluntary options, their lust for coercion aided and abetted its proliferation.

Sweden teaches us the uselessness of arbitrary quarantining, how much better mutual trust and discipline is with a correctly informed citizenry. Salute not only the Swedes but the brave and freedom-loving people of Hongkong too. 104 COVID-19 test kits now available for commercial use in PH May 27, 2020
Health Undersecretary admitted inaccuracy
• Lack of disease surveillance officers
• Possibility of duplication cases based on similar names
• Possibility of duplication based on retesting of individual

None of them bothered to reflect two weeks after the lockdown&shutdown mania began whether the actual situation is bad or unremarkable. They added to the problem by mostly using defective test kits bought from China by DOH at the usual overpriced rates. The test results pile up daily but these include the cumulative false negatives and positives recorded. Of the several hundred dead we don't know how many were attributed through post-mortem guesswork. They can't just redo everything knowing how they squander limited resources. And if you harbor China's virus, scare tactics and stigmatization by government and media will likely convince you to conceal what you don't want them to know. What's most scary to me though is that there are 104 different kinds of test kits they have their hands on and I am completely ignorant as to whether they are doing any quality control.

The first lesson to be learned from the 2020 Quarantine is that the only lockdown Cebu ever needed is the kind that shuts out the Tagalog national language from all of its communities. Something that no government official in Cebu has done. The Tagalog word gilas best describes this, the itch to show off regardless of one's lack of ability. The dragon (word that hints Chinese creature) lady who started this insane lockdown because she "knows" what is best for us is suddenly refusing responsibility for whatever it is that has anything to do with the "health of workers" adversely affected by her economic shutdown. Anyway with fruits and vegetables becoming not only scarcer but more expensive, expect more unhealthy victims of Miss Government.

It maybe is too unfair to state that just about their only achievement is the abolition of accountability in public service. What is the difference between impudence and being prudent? Prudence you should know but there is nothing really negative about impudence until you attach reckless before it. Which is something you can say about government policy in general and their testing shenanigans in particular. Some politicians are even using it to buy votes in advance.

Philippine Star
A House panel on Tuesday approved the proposed P1.3-trillion economic stimulus measure to address the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis. House panel OKs stimulus package

Arithmetic lesson: One trillion is one million times one million. (Ten thousand pesoses per citizen of the Philippines or ONE BILLION for each of the top 1000 government officials, which do you like better?) The perks are still coming so don't expect them to stop what they are doing until their coronavirus appetites are satiated. But wait there's more, a brighter side. You don't have to worry a lot about your life because the growth rate here of the virus from China is even lower than that of our economy before Imperial Tagalog Manila and its lapdogs stopped it (the economy and not China's corona thing).


May 23, 2020

Where is the virus from China?
(let's start our adventure with these headline stories) ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGQ, new normal: How they differ from one another AFP, PNP, not LGUs, to distribute 2nd tranche of social amelioration aid Duterte on Sinas amid mananita controversy: Ako yung ayaw na malipat siya Duterte declares May 25 holiday for Eid’l Fitr; reminds observance of social distancing At least 160 personnel of the Presidential Security Group have tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) based on the mandatory rapid testing implemented by the PSG to ensure that no infected personnel will be detailed to President Duterte and members of the first family.

Don't ask about the money diverted for those homo-sounding quarantine initials because you know whose hands grabbed it, whose pockets bulge with it, ask something less obvious. We've seen lockdowns and shutdowns everywhere but where's the coronavirus? They might say it's because of the splendorously efficacious quarantines arbitrarily set by the local officials of Cebu in coordination with the monkey appointed by Duterte to the Visayas. They might try to frighten you with the hundred plus Duterte bodyguards infected this month or the thousand plus healthworkers who were last month. But it is all very fishy. Why do the bodyguards of Duterte have so much face to face interaction with the Chinamen who brought the virus here? It's the same level of senselessness as cigarette and liquor banning. You have no right to oppose them, they have every right to be exempt. And why in this time of "crisis emergency" is a Muslim holiday in a country where Muslims are less than 5% considered topmost national priority by the president?

Dominguez- Liquor, cigarette restrictions to stay as health top priority amid pandemic _ April 27, 2020

As of the same date above, 1,245 healthcare workers were counted in the 7,777 cases here of the virus from China. As far as I can see from where I stand, the few cases of infection that we had would have been even fewer if not for the mishandling of subjects and non-subjects by government personnel. Truth was they never knew what to do that's why they took action against tobacco and alcoholic beverage sales just for the sake of taking action. I do not doubt how much better our situation will be today if the government took no action or had rather locked-down and shutdown itself. The people of Hongkong never for a moment had any use for their China-puppet government. It makes all the difference if you have the sort of people who know how to use their head and deal with a problem sensibly. Terrible would the Hongkongers' fate be once the Communist-Fascist Chinese fully take over. China security law 'could be end of Hong Kong'

The New York Times
The coronavirus has been slower to take hold in Africa than on other continents, according to the numbers released daily by the WHO, and testing in some places has been lacking. But hot spots are beginning to emerge. Covid-19 Outbreak in Nigeria Is Just One of Africa’s Alarming Hot Spots

COVID-19 cases breakdown (PH) (as of May 21, 2020 - 4:00 PM)
Confirmed Cases: 13,434
Recovered: 3,000
Deaths: 846

I think it is reasonable to posit that there had been a thousand daily deaths that are partly or wholly attributable to infectious diseases since the dengue president came to power in 2010. Out of the million plus that die annually. How worrisome are those 846 deaths in five months of the grand coronavirus superepidemic that visited us from China? If the vastly more sophisticated and well-governed USA has a hundred times plus more infection cases than our backward country's 13,434, I would conclude that this habitually meddlesome government has successfully fused its bayanihan genome onto the virus to secure for us what already is the worst possible outcome. Meaning government and virus in habalhabal tandem have already done their worst, so smile everyone.

Wrong information and lousy advice given by WHO makes the situation worse both in countries like Italy which had a real contagion and in others like the Philippines which has a small-time epidemic. Theoretical question, what if on the day the virus came here from its home in China the central and local governments of the Philippines all vanish mysteriously? What would then be the results? Almost exactly the same virus infection numbers and attributable fatalities? Alarms here and alarms there for the past four months yet coronavirus has been a bust in Africa as it has been here. Duque’s ‘second wave’ revelation proves admin’s incompetence in fighting COVID-19 May 20, 2020 WHO has no proof yet that asymptomatic COVID-19 cases are contagious – Duque

These bozos ought to have seen by the second week of the quarantine shutdown they started mid-March that despite the seemingly unquestionably ideal conditionalities for the virus to thrive here, we had nowhere near the high R transmission waves that hit the northern Italy and New York regions. This week Orion of CorrectMovement posted: "The Philippines is UNIQUE in the ASEAN region of having so many POLITICIANS, LEGISLATORS, PUNDITS, JOURNALISTS, TV HOSTS, NEWS ANCHORS, and other opinionated talking heads who are so pathetically STUPID, IGNORANT, and LAZY-TO-LEARN Low IQ." This more than explains why the coronavirus officials upped the ante on their scare propaganda based on fake science and genuine greed. The power trip was so overpowering they just could not stop.

For all their pompous talk of massive testing, I haven't seen it done anywhere and do not know of a single person who has undergone it, much less the quality certification of the test itself because maybe half these testing products are not quite reliably reliable. Made in China you know.

Best outcome in my opinion of any principality vis the unleashed virus is not Vietnam regardless of their remarkably low, low incidence. Circumstances environmental and demographic favored the Vietnamese, they were spared high influx of China-origin spreaders. Taiwan gets the second highest marks for avoiding the zarzuela of a fake lockdown wherein China disease carriers are given the mananita exemption. If that wasn't so clear, Taiwan no lockdown, Taiwan no China virus either.

Hongkong is it because in spite of their physical vulnerability, intelligent public awareness self-distanced from the China-puppet local government made it possible to control the virus threat. Government played no role in Hongkong because the people wouldn't let it. Lyman Stone in an April interview with Jonah Goldberg on The Dispatch underscored the supreme importance of quality information held by the public in a contagion scenario. You should know what you need to avoid. But what good is this if your incompetent government intervenes with a heavy hand imposing dubious quarantines but allows Chinese movement in and out of the country, how will you be able to avoid the should be avoided? But if it turns out that I am right and they are wrong, the media and the government will not find it easy to explain to the public just how strongly the virus of China finds the Pinoy unattractive.


The defeat of the Cebuano language

First let us start with a short history of the subdialect, the Filipino subdialect national non-language. I mentioned to Jason almost 20 years ago that the same number of years before that, a Bicolano friend wrongly informed me that the Bicol dialect had a number of subdialects. Jason L. pointed out to me that subdialect is a real actual thing, a lower variant of a dialect. Below Tagalog is its Bulacan-Manila dialect and lower than that is its subdialect Filipino, a Nobel Prize-winning invention created out of thin air in UP, something we would laud as a novel virus if only it knew how to evolve or mutate. This was at the height of oratorical ejaculations in the still unsurpassed DILA forum about the importance of our languages not being mistaken as dialects. It never had been of great importance to me though inasmuch as what really felt important in my mind was the prevention of Cebuano from becoming the murder victim of Tagalog, something that the Bicolano languages have apparently become at this point.

When do I say was it defeated? The language of Cebu and most of Visayas-Mindanao was never really beaten in straight combat but rather bamboozled in a game of conspiracy and connivance it didn't even know it was playing in. The first time I felt Cebuano was a lost cause was when the lady governor who had to step down two terms to congresswoman because of the yellowturds, gave Tagalog special showbiz effects a try while on national television during the de Lima witch trial hoping to get a promotion to senator or higher in the next election. Inspired no doubt by the Tagalog Cebuano diglossia of Duterte. But there is room for only one Bisaya provinciano hick at the top rungs.

Moving backward 30 years earlier, maybe it was the time constitution commissioner Davide enabled the continuation of Tagalog as national language of our ultracentralized Imperial Manila oligarchy, prolonging the agony of this Marcos-Aquino national-socialist dystopia we're under. (More than 91.19% of those handpicked commissioners in 1986 were said to reside and scrounge for their livelihood in or around Manila.) But perhaps it was even more than 50 years before that when Osmena dropped his pants, bent over and let Quezon sodomize him.


May 16, 2020

Foolishness ruins the Cebuano nation

NBI nabs teacher who offered P50M to anyone who will kill Duterte
NCR, Laguna, Cebu City placed under modified ECQ until May 31

I have only one thing to say. Public school teachers are so very overpaid that they can afford Jason Bourne-grade triggermen. I looked up the official figures at the time of the latest shutdown-lockdown re-extension announcement.

COVID-19 cases breakdown (PH) (as of May 12, 2020 - 4:00 PM)
Confirmed Cases: 11,350
Recovered: 2,106
Deaths: 751

Going down into their long regional-municipal tally, I noted there were quite a lot of single case municipalities. Bohol, a locked-shut province, in fact has only one infection, no deaths. Four months of monitoring the virus from China and that's their overall total. There I suspect is a quota for some municipalities in many provinces to have one case report and I can't pretend to know why they would doctor their reporting. I only know that this was advertised as a very deadly virus and that makes me frown as to why a single infected person would be unsuccessful in sharing his infection to at least one more in that municipality whether deliberately or inadvertently. These "heroic frontliners" must be so fast that they can instantaneously respond with zero hour isolation and 24/7 detention.

After badmouthing the Pinoy team, I now give due credit to epidemiologist Anders Tegnell for leading the calm and balanced handling of the China virus problem by Sweden. I am so jealous of that country (not China) and am so bitter over the fact that the leaders of Cebu stink to hell. A few thousand more than the few hundred in our Philippines have been killed in Sweden by China's virus but they have never lost their mind. They use science right.

APCs seal Cebu village as virus cases surge _ Inquirer News Gwen says ‘enough’ with the suffering from COVID-19

Half a month ago there were not even 400 cases in Cebu's entire Region 7, now the provincial capital city itself has suddenly matched the Quezon City stats. Blame you governor and mayor as the direct cause of these thousand plus infections by the disease China sent here. You have caused unnecessary suffering but as expected you now bleed your hearts in the public stage.

You are Marcos disciples, all of you there. The kleptodictator declared martial rule at a time when we had overwhelming military superiority over weak insurgencies. What happens when sheep give wolves the benefit of the doubt? Lips are sealed when an entire community of urban poor living under congested conditions is shut inside by armored military trucks, allowing a handful of China virus infections to multiply to a thousand more. Maoist and Moro banditry only became worse in the 1970s and so in 2020 has this one now that we still have the wrong kind of government.

What was accomplished after this entire barrio was locked in by Army tanks and police? The 161 infections that Cebu City had back in April 18 is now times ten. This virus from China had a hard time multiplying here since that day in January when China first deployed it here. The local government gave the virus a helping hand in Barrio Luz but under the guidance of the national government will stand by for additional opportunities to blunder some more.

In short, Quarantine 2020 and Martial Law 1972 both have self-inflicted disaster as their result. The scare tactics used by Marcos blew up in his lupus face. It makes no difference to them how much of a non-necessity or nuisance their excessive measures are to the public but they'll keep on conjuring the excuses to maintain the profitability of this nonsensical charade. If the time of a true crisis comes and these incompetent Aquino-like fools are still around, the ensuing death toll might not be less than one hundred percent.


I predict there will be more Covid millionaires than Covid dead in the Philippines when this is over. One way or the other you can't help becoming skeptical when you thoughtfully consider official data. If I am to believe in the fearsome virulence of China's virus, there is no way that the inconsistently improvised "preventive measures" I've witnessed locally would not have failed under natural conditions to stop hundreds of thousands of infectious transmissions by close range oral nasal droplet exchange. And yet the total infections in the whole of Northern Mindanao can be counted with your fingers and toes. Its proliferation in Philippine settings has only happened so far when "help" was blindly provided.

There might even be a mystical aspect in that slaughterhouses, wetmarkets, hospitals, hospices, places of death are where the newly arrived China virus gets most active. Some have observed it ride the cold air. Why would the virus of death be born in China, the world's Mecca of single bullet executions and of official persecution of Christianity and commercial slaughter of endangered animal species and etc., etc.?

The items below need no commentary though I just have to point out that the Muntinlupa mayor would have gotten a commendation from me had he done this maskmaking thing as early as February and not four months too late. Salesman in Agusan arrested for ‘libelous’ post vs. Duterte
Several prospective whistleblowers wanted to be assured of their safety when reporting government officials who violated enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) protocols. Whistleblowers concerned about safety if they report gov’t officials who violate quarantine protocols
Daily Tribune
#Muntinlupa Mayor Jaime Fresnedi has hired more than a hundred seamstresses displaced by the pandemic to produce face masks for city residents. #tribunecovid19watch
Displaced seamstresses make face masks | Metro | Daily Tribune
Agents of the #NBI arrested a businesswoman for large-scale sale of adulterated alcohol in Manila. #tribunecovid19watch
NBI stops large-scale adulterated alcohol sale | Metro | Daily Tribune
Philippine Star
ONE News: Netizens wonder why Radyo Pilipinas came up with a program about China, which has been asserting ownership over South China Sea areas that are also being claimed by the Philippines. State-run Radio Won't Budge On 'Wow China' Despite Backlash | OneNews.PH

Briefly these lumped GMA News headlines will generate a tongue lashing.

Duterte puts NCR, other 'high-risk' areas under modified ECQ
Duterte approves 5M more families for cash aid program
Teacher arrested for allegedly offering P50M to person who could kill Duterte
Are OFWs the only PhilHealth contributors affected by the rate hike to 3%?
Heat index of 49°C in Dagupan, Sangley Point is day's hottest
Hailstones rain down in Nueva Ecija, Baguio City

Well it is a risk that was of their creation but 5 million making it now 20 million families perhaps that the mighty state will be giving sustento to? Wow China! (the name of a program serialized on government radio). All this time I thought I was living in a cash-poor country. And suppose if their next declaration of emergency is Climate Change, what are they going to do now that we've seen all that this forced miniminaliztion of industrial and transport activity has failed in reining in the surface temperament of hailstones? The fools are in charge of foolishness.


May 11, 2020

Duterte should fear God, not China

Has it occurred to the government that their prolonged shutdown-lockdown has in reality saved zero lives? Or to whoever in hell those UP professors are?

It is said that as of May 8 there are 10,463 cases of Chinavirus infections in the entire 300,000 square kilometer 7,000 island Philippines. 696 dead. Contrast that to 30,000 plus each in Britain and Italy and 70,000 in America. The total shutdown-lockdown of this "country" never dealt with the Chinese threat, it instead treats us as if we the citizens who reside here are the threat.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Do lockdowns save many lives? In most places, data say no_April 27, 2020

Two locations in Cebu account for most of its infected cases, Barrio Luz and the provincial jail. As with European hospitals where intially the virus from China spread uncontrollably, confined spaces are very ideal for the contagion to contaminate the unprepared. And boy, were the Italians, Spaniards, French and English, and the Americans, lacking in preparation unlike the Hongkongers and Taiwanese who'd been tragically familiarized with the killer viruses grown in China. Spain and Philippines imposed emergency measures at the same time in March. Spain dealt with a real problem and if they somehow overreacted at least they are now rectifying an abnormal situation. Unlike in our miserable republic.
DSWD already distributing advanced 6-month pension for indigent senior citizens —spokesperson

Planeloads and shiploads of coronavirus from China have been arriving duty-free since January. It's nothing short of a miracle that we are not the worst affected country in the world, but what are we, number 20? Number 30? The only thing clear to me so far is that the addictiveness of lockdown powers is the latest vice ensnaring our abusive officialdom. There is no libertarian tradition or classical liberalism in this "country", even Pimentel was in fact the same big government nationalist as the others are. Big governments produce zombie countries. The bigger a government is, the less life the population living inside it has. Sweden has this sort of big government but one that stays out of the way. Just like with the OS of any computing device you are using, you want it to stay out, to let you do your stuff and not annoy you with irritating notifications and messy updates. Wait a minute, who's paying for all that billions in doleouts? Mandaue City has 5 new COVID-19 cases, 17 overall APRIL 29, 2020 Pentagon looking to provide up to 100,000 body bags for civilians in coronavirus outbreak

So once more I ask an honest question, is there an actual serious emergency here? Because if there is then I demand to know where are the half million body bags we would need in that scenario to even begin disposing the dead in our towns and cities. Regardless that there's no uniformity of test and counting methodologies, of the verifiable global death toll much less than half of one percent is in the Philippines. China's virus is here but for some reason it is encountering a hard time here and it has nothing to do with the government's panicked hypernannying.

China’s UN envoy: Beat virus before probing its origins, China will not invite international experts to investigate the source of COVID-19 until the “final victory” over the virus, Beijing’s UN ambassador in

Since they hide the most critical facts about their virus we have only one sane choice, to act under the assumption that China's official decisions between December and February brought about the global dispersal of their deadly disease. Countries caught by surprise by the China disease have suffered in two different ways: lethal contagion or unnecessary total lockdowns. The ones who had been prepared for this will not allow China to harm them. Back in the source country we know not what terrible things have transpired as in did they use respiratory ventilators to deal with their homegrown virus contagion or, in keeping with the Amnesty International tag as the execution mecca of the world, was it machine guns?

I cry for the Philippines, a land crippled by a hopelessly malignant system of government for the last fifty years. If you still do not know how low the quality of its local officials is, judge by the bright decision of one city in Cebu to construct a virus patient isolation facility in the premises of its largest public elementary school. On the bright side, the young children enrolled there will be learning first hand about China CoViD. If the ambassador of China can command the greatest Tagalog singer of our country to sing One Sea, does that not insinuate that our country is not really a country but a province of China? PNP chief on Duterte's 'shoot them dead' order: He's just overemphasizing the law

Assuming that this has at any point become a truly lethal outbreak and one infected resident of a municipality manages to slip past the barricade to the next town or city where he infects somebody, will the mayor of the offending town be punished with death by firing squad?

CHR: NTC closure order on ABS-CBN aggravates tough life amid COVID-19 crisis

Tagalog product hawked by Tagalog media

This was my favorite event of the week even though the station's likely replacement is a Tagalog clone. Grieving over them though is the human rights commission. Yeah. Forcibly shutting down provinces seems to be nothing to be concerned about for the rights gang. You are all the same scum.

It was a long time ago, the other year's Sinulog, when PLDT-Smart text blasted Cebuanos with something in Cebuano rather than their usual Tagalog garbage. Maybe it's so rare because they summarily terminate whoever is the employee who dares.


May 5, 2020

Francis lavishes Tagle the Tagalogista supremacist bigot with an undeserved promotion

Told you he is the wrong pope for our Church but not only that, he also wants to ensure that wrong remains with us long after he is no longer around.


April 30, 2020

Consequences of the China virus

Louis Casiano of Fox News provided this death toll back in mid March:

Spanish flu 1918 -- 50 million, 670,000 Americans
HIV/AIDS -- 32 million
Asian flu H2N2 1957 -- 1.1 million
Hong Kong flu 1968 -- 1 million people, 100,000 Americans
Swine flu H1N1 2009 -- 575,000 people

These mortalities help bring the right kind of perspective needed to assess the different kinds of harm done to us by the Chinese coronavirus. What would happen if we did nothing excessively drastic and just allow it to survive/thrive/dissipate the way things do in the natural world? Perhaps a million will have died globally before societies spontaneously make their own natural adjustments to cope with it and in the process hasten the natural development of immunological resiliency. The one thing you need is the right information, the one thing you don't need is baseless fear. At the end of the day, the offer of millions of pesos to the creator of a vaccine will turn out just as laughable as the extreme disruptions forced by government these past months. Compare and recognize. Only then will you understand why all this must be doing wonders for their personal interests.
Duterte to lift lockdown once COVID-19 vaccine is found _ Philippine Daily Inquirer April 25, 2020
Philippines' COVID-19 recoveries continue to widen lead over deaths as infections reach 6,087

Back in mid-April, take careful note that of the global toll, one fourth are American while one thousandth only are Philippine. This excludes the secret death tolls of China, Iran and Pyongyang. To further inform on the significance of the situation in the Philippines, the much smaller England has one tenth of the worldwide dead caused by the coronavirus exported by China. Now as to the extraordinarily extreme measures undertaken here, there are only two possible explanations for our having been barely affected thus far in dire comparison. One is that they prevented a horrific outbreak and the other is that the problem they panickingly overreacted to hardly even existed here. The first possibility is believable only if we had a competent and non-corrupt government.

Considering the rarity of competence, public or private, in the Philippines, it is puzzling why the better countries have so many more victims of the China virus. Taiwan being an outstanding exception can be explained by their having long anticipated this threat. Clearly this contagion thrived in the first month of deployment by China to the US and westernmost Europe but not here or Indonesia or India, same ingress yet no contagion in the real sense of the word. Again why? None of us had the public knowledge the Taiwanese and Hongkongers were armed with. Conventional wisdom would make you think the slum environments of Philippine-like countries are ideal for proliferating a killer virus like this one. But instead of us having hundreds of thousands dead, it is the better countries where China's virus has killed tens of thousands. Are we less hospitable to China's virus? Waste no time, try the staysafeph spyware app on your smartphone through Google or Apple and be traced, tracked and tagged by government for the rest of your lifetime.

The aggressive mode of infection is clearly not aerosol which is fortunate because such would require wearing of top-grade masks whereas a manageable mode like droplet exchange means that infected noses and mouths need be covered with cheap masks. Not all experts declare mutual masking to be compulsory though it's probably a good option when within blowing distance from someone potentially capable of face to face transmission. You don't see in Sweden the sort of excessively punitive and prolonged overreaction we're forced to endure here. I can't remember the time when that country had an abusive government. Cool calm collected.

small time tyrants of the coronavirus republic/province of China

Others, even India, now ease their health hazard emergency but over here they escalate ours. It's utterly senseless to send militia to patrol viruses inside a superexclusive gated and fenced subdivision village. For them to barge into a private home in Villa Dasmarinas and deny its Spaniard owner the right to be arrogant inside his property. But sometimes I forget that we are now a province of Communist Fascist China. No matter how minor our virus situation has remained, those in big bad government will consistently overstep their legal functions.

BBC News, 29 April 2020: US Vice-President Mike Pence has visited a top US hospital without wearing a mask. If you don't know yet, Pence is the one in charge of coronavirus control measures in America therefore the guy is the top authority in the world in this crisis. He can do what he wants and I will listen to him before anyone else. France is lifting most of its lockdown in early May if new daily cases do not exceed 3,000 infections. I cannot say if the metric they are using is the right one but at least they are using one while here we never had one. Humanity has survived killer virus outbreaks for thousands of generations because as the time of exposure passes a population becomes stronger while the enemy always becomes weaker.

What the FUCK! All this time airliners and ships from China have been bringing in here virus superspreaders all the while that this shutdown lockdown shit has barred me from even walking into the next town or boarding a domestic trip. It's also taken me until the first week of May to realize that none of our leaders had pleaded with those "frontliners" to please tone down a small notch their abusive impulses. As for obeying the law, the ones that we have you can always choose to obey them in whatever manner you like best and as for employees of the Marcos-Aquino republic using common sense, too hopeless for me to even say good luck.

Instead of freaking out the way they now are and then enhancing tyranny and national socialism in this country, what would I do differently in their place? I won't do an indiscriminate shutdown and lockdown for no good reason. You'll have the opposite of what they are doing to us:
-PLDT and Globe sends text blasts only in the language understood by the target regions. They'll provide browser links to free-data websites containing credible and useful information
-Preemptive mandatory order to local companies for production of affordable facemasks using available materials and provisionary expropriation of Chinese residential commercial projects to be reserved as isolation and recuperation facilities
-Educational TV and radio programming for the benefit of children and poorly-informed adults. Instead of Tagalog garbage from private and government morons
-Prioritize the testing of China prostitutes working illegally in Cebu
-If test kits are so scarce then improvise by batching maybe 20 individual samples from one section of the community. Identify the positive neighborhood clusters first and after having conserved these testing resources, test thoroughly only where needed
-Set boundaries for what local government personnel are not allowed to do with their itchy fingers
-Imprisonment of anyone who suggests smartphone tracking app deployment
-Catholic homilies will focus on the gaba reserved in hell for profiteers and China virus exploiters
-Finally I will request our president to give his solemnly respectful national language a more proper name. Putanghua subdialect.



The just-departed Pekingese "assistance" and "observation" team which toured several COVID-19 facilities in the Philippines recommended the use of "alternative medicine" in dealing with the crisis. So we'll use Chinese medicine? Considering the use of Pekingese medicine, which is leading to the extinction of the Yangtze dolphin, the rhinoceros, sharks, pangolins (in Palawan), etc., I don't know what to say.


(translated from Cebuano) It is basically the same situation. Actually it is rather favorable to the barrio captains and their cronies.

In reaction to the above messages received this third week of April, once more I bring up the early condemnation of these elected barrio officials by the president between 2016-2017 for being participants in the narco drug trade, at least the majority of them. Inexplicably the president kept postponing the proximate barrio election therefore effectively extending the term of officials he accused of being criminals and even gave them more to do and gain in the expanding socialist dole-out regime while enhanching their own reelection. Nothing at all has moved. China alleged to the world on March 18 its unverifiable claim that it had stopped dead in its tracks all virus infections there. Two days before that, the president lifted the few-days-old travel ban to mainland China and welcomed Chinese personnel alleged by China to have expertise along with their defective test kits. In this the president obeyed his Peking master whose agenda should not be a mystery to anyone who knows how to think. I mean if you are brainless, you'd be amazed by the brilliant minds of the Peking "experts" and their exceptionally stellar recommendations:

Correct viewpoint on China asslicking


April 15, 2020

Constitutionalism in the age of criminals against humanity

What is in a name? Everything. The knight sage of DILA once posted that misappropriation of Filipino as the name for the Tagalog national language officially puts on it the mask of legitimacy for being the alleged representation of everything Philippine. Give it the wrong name in order to mislead people. Instance, Covid-19 is not a real word in English. Sounding much more proper is China virus. Translates in Cebuano as veerus sa Insik nga comunista.

A constitution was made in 1986 and at that time they called it Freedom Constitution regardless of it functionally retaining all too many Marcos things. If you opposed it then you are against freedom. The other year in yet another failed attempt to replace this shit constitution, the crazy name they used was Bayanihan Constitution. Had it succeeded, the Tagalogism stamped on government by Cory and Marcos wouldn't have changed one tiny bit. Fake reformists were put in charge of drafting it, that's why.

Mention constitutionalist and Hilario Davide or some other unworthy name would float in the air. Only someone capable of turning a critical eye on constitutional law deserves to be called constitutionalist and perhaps Miriam Santiago was the only such rare bird. Without delving into the textualism versus activist revisionism controversy, observe that no one has bothered to point out that our shit constitution has not been the guiding beacon in the response of national and local officials to the China virus. They might just as well discard this toilet paper (in the words of the president) since they choose not to follow it presently but then again in normal times nothing like it is friendlier to the corrupt oligarchy.

The perfect constitution is very succinct and not wordy such that if it dreams of being a human rights constitution then all it has to say is everyone shall have full human rights and stop there. Because if it goes on and on the consequence is that there will be more and more exceptions stipulated against those human rights and then the individual ends up with less than half or maybe even just one percent of man's natural human rights. As we know both Cory and Bayanihan are very, very long.

Carmen Pedrosa wrote back in March 8, 2020 "If by revolution we mean a sudden change or changes in the way we are governed the EDSA people power did not do anything like that. The crowds that gathered in EDSA precipitated the removal of Marcos but nothing much changed in government or society. We were back in the same hole." She is totally wrong though in thinking that Duterte 2016-2022 is the magical arrival of change. Come 2023 let us ask with open eyes and ears if there is any real difference from 2015. Centralism and Tagalogism will still be as bad as ever and even more tightly entrenched because reform has for the nth time failed to run beyond first base. You can say that Duterts has unintentionally scored a homerun for the Tagalogista team.

83% of over 19,000 people tested were negative for COVID-19 –DOH _ News _ GMA News Online April 6, 2020

Philippines’ COVID-19 death toll rises to 182, cases now 3,870 GMAnews April 9, 2020

American legal expert Andrew McCarthy wrote recently "A court is for telling us what the law is, as opposed to what the judges wish it were...If a court does its job properly, and the people and their representatives do not like the result, they can try to change the law democratically." Caveat there is only in a country that has lawful justice and working democracy does the above apply. The Philippines has not had a system of law and democracy in the last 49 years. It also does not have a sensible mechanism for correcting faulty laws unlike in America whereby the physical components of the republic exercise that power while the central authority does not. The individual states own the American constitution.

Now we are going to connect that to the largely negative results that as of the dates above account for the extent of China virus infestation inside the Philippines. This country has the most number of laws in the world yet not one of those can instruct our not really very intelligent officials on whether they should keep on locking down the country even more restrictively than the countries whose severity of infection by the virus China exported to them is numbingly unbelievable. Our laws are as dumb as our officials who at the end of this sorry episode will absolve China of committing the crime it committed against humanity.

The junior Pimentel is among the top 20 highest officials, why have so many of them been infected while there are so few of the general population by scale of relative comparison? Because of the extent of Chinese meetings at the highest level. Multiple thousands of virus carriers flew uncontrolled to yet unprotected destinations all over the world right after the Chinese new year vacation holiday. We luckily did not undergo the same pattern of virus dispersal that Italy, Spain, France, Britain, America and Iran got as a result of China's willingness to start a global epidemic.

Taiwan acted swiftly and smartly back in January. They escaped harm. Hongkong, thanks to the courageous protesters of 2019, vigilantly applied the practical lessons of novel coronavirus and influenza importations from the mainland. Having identified China as the source of a new problem they are historically familiar with, they preempted the influx of China disease carriers. We are lucky so far to have been spared that kind of influx out of the half a million Chinamen who have come and gone here since December.

Taiwan, Hongkong and Sweden show us that there is nothing more effective against this than freely disseminated clear information and the social promotion of intelligent awareness. If it cannot be proven by the conduct of scientifically sound statistical sampling that there exists a potential for province to province infection then there is no sane reason to restrictively isolate Cebu from Leyte, Negros, Bohol and the other Cebuano principalities in the south. Makes it absurd that they are needlessly quarantining municipalities from each other. It would also be equally insane if in the aftermath we do not take the precaution of maintaining a trade embargo of China. Don't you dismiss that as economic suicide after what the authorities have done to our local economies since March.

Tribalism 26 years ago decimated Rwanda. Supremacist nationalism possessed one of two African Catholic ethnic groups to genocide the other. This same supremacist nationalism is the reason why communist China allowed its virus to be unleashed on the world. If you remain unconvinced of the evil of nationalism, I don't know what will.

Addendum: Based on their responses, Chinese-owned grocery chain SM store staff were issued only one face mask each (trainees got none) at the start of the crisis which they have either reused daily or replaced with their own same low quality mask (semi-droplet and not full-aerosol grade). Beneath all their malarkey about frontliners, etc., this is all just a joke to them. No one has been selling these fairly easy to mass produce things anyway since the first week of the crisis. Oh, and this wonderful, wonderful antinganting-inspired nationalism delusion. Embroider the Tagalog flag on whichever mask and be invulnerable to coronavirus forever.



The following NTC announcement is a tacit admission of the intensity of the suffering they have caused by the relentless and unrelieved Luzon-wide lockdown. Question - How come NTC manifests itself only in Smart phones and almost never in Globe phones aside from the fact that apart from the use of the subdialect in the message itself, Globe alway prefaces its NTC missives in English? Remember my DILA YahooGroup post many years back on Globe's use of local languages in Luzon.


NTC April 11, 2020 BABALA: Huwag pong maniwala sa text na magkaloob ng libreng Netflix sa loob ng 2 buwan dahil sa Quarantine, ito po ay isang SCAM.


April 6, 2020

Chinacoronavirus and Tagalog national language

Manila’s CCTV cameras now have facial recognition capability _ News _ GMA News Online

Gordon urges Duterte to shut down AMLC, file raps vs. officials _ News _ GMA News Online

These are two headlines prior to the chain of quarantine shutdowns initiated in the imperial capital and imitated elsewhere. Both are very much China-related. China supplies and controls the invasive surveillance tech our officials are so hot to use on us here. The one regarding corrupt collusion in money laundering also involves China companies. I am to understand that in regard to the virus China gave to us, we will deal with it using materials that they provide and that which our corrupt government officialdom which Duterte has failed to clean will handle using increased powers without accountability. I am also supposed to brim with confidence over this providential situation we are in.

When they escalated all this into what they now call Enhanced Community Quarantine, there wasn't anyone who questioned what exactly is it in this "enhanced" imposition that enhances our survivability against the virus they call with an irrelevant name. If it is so deadly then don't give it an inoffensive generic name. If it is so deadly then there should be preparations done before anything else for the mass disposal of thousands upon thousands of infected dead. Before even examining the situation intelligently they jump right away to total and arbitrary disruptions. Absent statistically significant information specifically applicable to our location.

If the reason is that they know something but are not telling us then I should be doubly alarmed. The first thing China did last year was to hide the facts and they continue to cover it up. Double my alarm once more if they are mimicking the China solution here.

Philippines reports 29 new COVID-19 deaths; cases breach 3,000 _ News _ GMA News Online April 3, 2020

Since it is improbable that they know something the Americans and western Europeans don't, I conclude that to "authorities" here it is all a matter of power without responsibility. The normal Koreans were hit hard at first yet no terrifying news has come from there for long weeks. Here in the Philippines it is one confirmed case as of today for every one hundred square kilometers with a corresponding mortality rate of not even five percent of that. Somebody tell me that we have an emergency situation that absolutely requires the strictest prohibition of sale of alcoholic beverages in all stores who by the way are tossing coins to determine if you are allowed entry with or without a face mask.

The Tagalog text messages forced by the telecom agency on us also says a mouthful about the quality of government we have. We also do not have a supply of protective masks of the quantity and quality called for in an aerosol-borne epidemiologic event though the political health experts themselves are unaware if the viral vector is droplet in form and the fine mask above is a known suffocater. So it's kinda like the situation with the Tagalog national language. They do not provide the full reason why it is necessary, they only say that in their great wisdom this is a necessity that cannot be denied. Well I hope that if this necessity is indeed necessary they will insist for their personal use only the defective medical products China had reportedly donated or sold.

My question is that if these elected "leaders" in Cebu (and other non-T provinces) are so eager to reach beyond their constitutionally defined authority in order to "serve" the "people" how come no one before has moved to stop Tagalog from killing Cebuano? How come so many streets are named after Quezon the father of all Tagalogistas? It's no different from that instruction to informal sector workers in this China virus hour to send an email to the labor department for something monetary. As for the affected prostitutes, I cannot imagine how much money they have budgeted for them but the email will need be satisfactorily convincing reading. Subsidies and doleouts are nothing but parcel to the damaged culture of inexhaustible political campaigning under our corrupt system. It's not about life, it's about profit during this politically-induced coma to our economy. As JFK once joked, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what it has been doing with China and you'll know what to blame for the mother of virus plagues.


March 31, 2020

The month of Magellan

Will the true father of the Philippines be given the honor due him next year, five centuries past 16 March 1521?


Bayanihan to Heal as One Act?

Why do they keep on naming every lousy law Bayanihan? Bayanihan is the Tagalog word for something that appears to indicate communal togetherness. But we know that the initial "solution" to the China virus outbreak was isolation or inactivity, something that is the opposite of faking unity by pressuring individuals to participate in a "community" spectacle. It also contradicts genuine federalism and classical liberalism. It's all hindsight now but they could have avoided this mysterious epidemic if at the start steps were taken to bar disease carriers coming from China instead of receiving bribes from them left and right to grease their entry to the Philippines.

These same geniuses likely also applauded the weird identity politics-driven Democratic Party caucuses that saw the introduction of Tagalog printouts in balloting by radicalized states like Nevada. They are more than pleased that NTC text messages you before dawn in Tagalog and that the health department cares so much about protecting you from the China virus, they give you instructions only in Tagalog.

The antichrist revealed in the testament takes the shape of a virus. It is something that changes to another or back to something previous over time. Today it is the China virus, before that it was jihad terror, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, the plague. It chooses to be whatever has the best potential to wipe out humanity. Local and national officials alike do not know what they are dealing with, it's all arbitrary and self-serving. Trump so far has gotten it right. "We can't have the cure be worse than the problem."

The 1973 Constitution is often dismissively derided as constitution of the Marcos kleptodictatorship even though it was relatively thoughtfully crafted by freely elected delegates prior to martial law. Even though Marcos never really followed it the way you do a strict constitution rather than a cafeteria. Marcos also amended it using tricks those in the criminal trade are familiar with.

The 1987 Constitution can be described in two words. Cory constitution. It's the opposite of the 1973 Constitution. Cory has never been amended, not even one letter or punctuation. Cory is the codification of socio-economic-political-cultural practices the Marcos government practiced. Marcos largely ignored the constitution of his time and did his own thing. Cory is all about doing that same thing and the governments that changed seats in six year intervals after the expulsion of Marcos liked this abominable constitutional arrangement, exceedingly so. So much that they've moved heaven and earth to make it the only country constitution to have not one single change in the past forty years.

Small Hungary has over 200 Olympic gold medalists and Nobel prize winners. Philippines, how many does this supposedly very special country have? Let them explain why the worst students in the world are in the Philippines, an embarassing fact revealed to us last year. Enough of your hambug, you worthless Tagalogistas.


Overusing Tagalog in public affairs is dog+cat manure - Correct Movement

Correct Movement tell us what a Tagalogista looks like and smells like has other stuff that will spike the coronavirus nightmares of our Tagalog Government

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