July 3, 2020

Can we strike back against their coronavirus abuse?

I worry about the words quoted by Star. If our president has forgotten his native Cebuano language as a result of some internal things that have deteriorated, has turned his back on his fellow native Bisaya, then all is lost and we should expect the next actions of government to keep worsening what they had worsened.

BUANG is a descriptive word that has not yet been used here for the March-July lockdowns, it is a word that means fixation to contemplating and doing the wrong things over and over again. No need to say more about the crazy instances below.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: More than 16,000 barangay health workers (BHW) in the Cebu Province will be made to undergo training on traditional and alternative health care. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is set to institutionalize this in compliance with Republic Act 8423 or the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act. Gwen pushes for traditional, alternative medicine in Cebu philstar.com June 30, 2020
The implementation of the ECQ should continue in Cebu City due to continued rise in confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the area, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said. ECQ should continue in Cebu City — Cimatu newsinfo.inquirer.net online comment - GCastro Only in the Philippines! Secretary DENR retiradong heneral abiso sa isyu pandemya HAHAHA

Their follow up solution after "quarantine" is alternative healing, in other words, Chinese chemical and herbal-animal toxins. As Jim Geraghty says in the June 19 National Review Editors podcast: "Symbolism is easy, fixing real problems is hard." One of the best example of symbolism is lockdown-shutdown. It is useless against the virus but governments use it to symbolize their "response" to China's virus.

China coronavirus cannot be the dreadful killer that they still advertise it to be if only 26 died in Singapore out of 43,661 infected Singaporeans (June 29, Visual and Data Journalism Team BBC News). Our place is a place where China's virus does not feel at home. But by their fanaticism for lockdown have they instead embraced the virus with hospitality. Perhaps the healthy food Singaporeans eat is to blame for their low death incidence, one excellent result of the extreme shutdown policies here has been diminished affordability and availability of healthy food varieties.

Enough is enough! Militarization of dense urban centers is playing with fire. Over here the virus only kills a few, I can't believe they aim to add more to the dead by using bullets.

The PNP said it will improve communication and coordination efforts with military forces following the recent misencounter in Jolo, Sulu, which led to the death of four soldiers. PNP to heighten coordination with AFP to prevent misencounter newsinfo.inquirer.net July 1, 2020
The AFP said not only did the military lose four accomplished intelligence operatives, but it also lost the trail of two suspected bombers in Jolo. https://bit.ly/38nFaDI

The acceleration of the Philippine Identification System is seen to unlock the country’s digital economy’s potential and aid in the transition to the “new normal,” the chief of the National Economic and Development Authority said. National ID system a boost to digital economy — NEDA philstar.com June 28 online comment J Pag-a Seryoso? The registration procedure itself will destroy the concept of lockdowns and quarantine regime as it requires physical presence for biometrics registration in the national database. Not to mention the trustworthiness of data privacy in our country. Sigh

In the GMA News article "OFWs’ privacy: Dead in the water" by Jamael Jacob of the Ateneo Data Protection Office last May 31, it was disclosed that the government's IATFMEID uploaded its master list of test results to Google Drive. Expect that since they do not operate their own data hosting server machines, the national identification details of several tens of millions will be handed to China, not different from what happened with Comelec PCOS.

The Freeman
TOP STORY: Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella yesterday clarified that the 353 new cases of coronavirus recorded in the city last Tuesday were actually cumulative results over a nine-day period ending June 30, 2020. 353 cases on Tuesday actually ‘a 9-day total’ philstar.com

Scare tactics again, that's what it is again and they will do it again. You can stick every single quarantine pass ever issued up the ass of whoever masterminded this particular nonsense, it would not change the fact that all they have done has thus far been unnecessary, wasteful and vexatious.

The Freeman/Philippine Star
WHO country representative Rabindra Abeyasinghe said the Philippine government’s quarantine measures have been instrumental in achieving gains in the fight against the pandemic. bit.ly/31Daz3H
The Freeman/Philippine Star
President Duterte expressed dismay over the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in Cebu and blamed Cebuanos who did not follow quarantine protocols. July 1, 2020
Philippine Star
ONE News: The Department of Health has approved 8,553 slots for emergency hiring in 286 health facilities of the government. However, only less than half or 47 percent of the slots have been filled. Public Health Sector Not Attracting Enough Applicants Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – Duterte | OneNews.PH
CDN Digital
Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu, the overseer of the Interagency Task Force (IATF) in Cebu, said that the NOAH Complex at the SRP is a viable space with over 350 cubicles for isolation of asymptomatic patients. He said more cubicles will be added to accommodate more asymptomatic patients and they will no longer remain at the barangays. cebudailynews.inquirer.net/323444/noah-complex-to-be-used-as-isolation-center-for-asymptomatic-covid-19-patients

WHO told us in January and February that it was safe for the Chinese to come to the Philippines, that an infected Chinaman would not transmit their country's virus to anyone of us through close range airborne droplet exhalation resulting in respiratory reception. Vietnam and Taiwan ignored corrupt WHO and did everything to prevent Chinamen from entering and contaminating their territory. Hongkong people of course could not but they avoided these persons and took individual measures to protect themselves as any informed, intelligent and responsible human being would.

Liquor bans lasted from March to May and then there was Duque shrieking for more restrictive cigarette taxation as if these would magically help in the containment of China's coronavirus. There should be a sort of war crimes tribunal later where the WHO heads will stand trial. Next up our local and national officials.

To simplify the Singapore situation the ratio is 20 dead to 40,000 infected. The factor is 2,000 and it is fair to presume the numbers in Singapore are accurate and not so in the Philippines. Now I don't know if every age 10+ Singaporean has been tested at least once, just take note that their infection growth has been downward or stable. True coronavirus death in the Philippines is likely substantially below the reported 1,686 but even if 200 is the factor assumed instead of 2,000 then there must be a minimum of 337,200 infections here already. Maximize it further and you're looking at 3.4 million.

If you hear officials of the state blabbering about isolation-quarantine facilities and medical hiring to handle these 337k to 3.4m infecteds please counsel these officials to go to hell. A mere 350 cubicles is proof they actually look at the problem as a minor problem only. They also know there are hardly any willing qualified medical recruits. By "magnifying" the problem, they actually magnified the problem, they created more problems.

The sane approach would be to make it less problematic for the unidentified infectious to test and thereafter be instructed and aided as to how they can prevent the China Virus from making the 2-foot jump from them to other people's noses and mouths. Months ago pooled testing was suggested in DILA. The technique is being adopted in America to maximize test coverage. wsj.com/articles/labs-turn-to-pooled-testing-for-more-efficient-covid-19-surveillance-11593521544

Philippine Star
Due to strong opposition from physicians, the Department of Health said Tuesday that the redeployment of some "Doctors to the Barrios" to Cebu City will just be on a voluntary basis. “The move of DOH to deploy DTTB (is) because we are trying to exhaust our resources,” DOH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.
By Analou De Vera The Department of Health (DOH) said that the reassignment of members of the 'Doctors to the Barrios' (DTTBs) to Cebu City will now be voluntary following opposition from the rural physicians. They said that the DOH failed “to provide clear protocols to safeguard and protect” those who are supposed to be deployed. July 1, 2020

The heading of this post asks how we are going to get back at lockdowners responsible for this intolerable madness. They'll excuse themselves by boasting that they had the guts to do what was "necessary" but they'll never volunteer to face the consequences for failure and gross failure to calibrate for errors and corrections this has been.

Was it a shutdown or quarantine or lockdown or all of the above or just insanity? The incompetent amateurs who jointly handled Cebu City were under direct orders from Imperial Manila therefore none of them had reason to fear accountability to their constituents for all errant impositions. This 33-year government should have long stopped existing. The physicians in the Star and Bulletin reports had the right idea, they told the government the one right thing to say to it. Fuck you motherfucker. I refuse.

One of these days I will paint a black plague scenario so you all can metricate some sense to our "emergency" situation being that by color China's plague is a yellow plague. Pale too.

Let the “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong” tweet of Daryl Morey last October 2019 live on. May it be their courage that infect us, sets free our minds from coronavirus.

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"I fear hunger - coronavirus won't kill us"

"Most social policies constructed during the crisis were based on fear and not on science," according to the president of the Philippine Sociological Society. [SPECIAL REPORT] June 22, 2020 Coping in quarantine: Top-down policies leave little space for public input

An infected person is not a murder weapon. The scare language spoken by government and media smeared the stigma of infection on affected individuals who would as a result find it in their best interest to hide from everyone else the presence of the China virus in their exhalation and tears. Scare propaganda employed by the state has produced more harm than the virus would have by itself. At some point some of us will suspect that we might have come in close proximity to infection. It is important that it is very easy for you to submit to voluntary and confidential testing right away to make certain that you do not harm yourself and others. But you need to be confident that government and community does not punish you with discriminatory maltreatment if you test positively. That everyone is aware of the observable fact that you can proceed with your life as normally as possible with reasonable precautionary adjustments as long as your respiratory organs are not among the less than one in one hundred that the chinavirus ravages with incurable severity. Being infected is not the end of the world for you. Do not believe the government.

June 29, 2020. This is the first time in four months of the martial law lockdown power tripping mania that anyone of them has been heard mentioning comparison of the Philippine situation to other countries. If they only used their tiny coconuts back then when coronavirus was still practically nonexistent, barred virus carriers traveling from China and did nothing else drastic or crazily overboard, then we'd be as better off as Taiwan was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow. These countries are #1 #11 #21 and #31, all higher than us in China virus death and positivity, a mere 11 days ago. None of them had lockdowns even just half as crazy as our lockdowns nor are they crazy enough to do the crazy things that happen only in the Philippines.
US - 117,674 -- 2,162,038 dead and positive
Germany - 8,869 -- 189,512
Pakistan - 3,093 -- 160,118
Saudi Arabia - 1,139 -- 145,991 by The Visual and Data Journalism Team BBC News

Are Cebuanos terrorists? SAF or Special Action Forces of the military/police were mobilized by Aquino (per US advisory) to capture a true terrorist visiting Mamasapano. The operation was botched after the MILF private army responded in aid of their imam guest. Prosecution of the former authorities angling for American reward money instead of single-minded anti-terror responsiveness was similarly botched in the time of Duterte most likely because he was satisfied with how much Aquino and Roxas have already been publicly discredited. Present day a national security "threat" surpassing Mamasapano and Marawi combined has materialized in the center of our geography ergo SAF elite combat commandos are deployed in a battle mission to suppress enemy forces.

It will be in vain. Again. They'll crow about armed to the teeth soldiers regaining the obedient compliance of Cebu's recidivist outlaws. Surely whatever errors the simians in charge of Cebu these past months may have blundered into that which enhanced the epidemiologic potency of the virus can very easily be replicated to reproduce hell elsewhere. Question is does the government have enough special anti-terrorist forces to militarily harass the millions of dangerous civilians in the other places who like the Cebuanos are a terorrist threat to the Republic of the Philippines?

Wasn't that unclean repatriation of chinavirus-infected individuals an Act of the Bayanihan Government and not the act of hardheaded provinciano residents living martial law lives forced on their province?

The number of suspected COVID-19 carriers in Quezon province that have been cleared and discharged from hospital confinement has increased to 1,803, the Quezon public information office reported. 1,803 suspected COVID-19 carriers in Quezon ‘cleared’, ‘discharged’ newsinfo.inquirer.net
SunStar Cebu
To decongest hospitals, local officials in Cebu and some private benefactors worked together to put up not only one, but three community quarantine centers in Cebu City that will cater to mildly symptomatic Covid-19 patients in Cebu. June 26, 2020 sunstar.com.ph
Gov't said Filipinos are 'pasaway' and violate quarantine, but data show otherwise philstar.com/business/2020/06/25/2023522/govt-said-filipinos-are-pasaway-and-violate-quarantine-data-show-otherwise

What this government has practiced since March was to admit to over-capacity congested crowded hospitals half (I'm guessing) of those tested positive. The rest of the positives get forcibly barricaded inside their communities together with the uninfected residents. I don't know if hospital transmissions account for at least half of infections because no one is talking. Tell me that this was not the reason coronavirus positivity skyrocketed in specific locations. Tell me that it was hard headed ordinary citizens who formulated this policy and should now be blamed. Tell me that this unmatchably brilliant policy did not worsen the overall effect of a virus that in reality has not really been very harmful under Philippine conditions until the excessive interventions of government eventually blew up in their faces.

There's a clever one-line online comment right below. But before that I'd like to apologize to the lovely virus sent here deliberately by the Chinese, you are not as bad as they pretend you are.

Another Bayanihan law may have to be enacted to sustain COVID-19 efforts and its impact on livelihood, palace spokesman Roque said.
Despite Pres. Duterte's special powers, COVID-19 cases continue to rise and thousands have been left jobless. philstar.com/headlines/2020/06/26/2023628/duterte-may-still-need-bayanihan-2-palace
June 26, 2020 online comment-Normally...if a movie was a flop the first time....there won't be any Sequel

Deep into the night has it kept mystifying us why the agalon in Imperial Manila sent his ex-army generalissisimo to take over from his worthless minions the coronavirus administration of Cebu.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said he is confident that the signing into law of the Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) and Values Education Act or Republic Act (RA) No. 11476 would still bolster learners’ character development and morals even amid restrictions on face-to-face classes this coming school year. June 26, 2020 news.mb.com.ph/2020/06/26/senators-welcome-signing-of-gmrc-law

What the hell does the resurrection of the Tagalog manners and conduct brainwashing scheme of DepEd for innocent provinciano children have to do with our China virus and Cebu Martial Law topic? It is there to help explain why Big Government seeks all the time to become even bigger in terms of controlling our lives and sucking the blood from our bodies. Consider this and conclude as you wish. In America, coronavirus is worse than government. It is more harmful to people.

I have a hard time remembering the last time they did something right and we commended them for it yet DILA is not against government. Check our past and the truth will out, an intelligent man whose loyalty is to God will neither be against government nor will he be for government. The best government lives up to the caveat that government is a necessary evil. The worst government tries to be everything. To be the biggest government, to suppress all propositions for limited government. Hitler, the communists, absolute monarchs and caliphates, the heirs of French revolutionary Jacobinist nationalists, those are the ones.

Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Quezon and Aguinaldo bequeathed nothing to us that would be practical for our modern political recovery. They produced nothing compared to Jefferson and Madison who rationalized the modern independence cause and constitutionally framed it. Or Hamilton who programmed for the kernel of democracy a robust operating system capable of withstanding ideological viruses. Or Washington who proved the existence of men whose only interest in power is that it remain with the people and never in the monopoly of one man or a gang. Without America the world is doomed to the armageddon of China fascist communism and Islamic jihadism. A world where government/caliph is god.


June 24, 2020

Insane text broadcasts

NTC DSWD: Ikaw ba benepisyaryo ng SAP? Mag-rehistro ng iyong SAC form sa www.ReliefAgad.ph mula 12-16, June 2020. (02)8424-2828 para sa katanungan.
NTC DSWD: Ikaw ba ay may SAC form? Maari pang mag-rehistro sa www.ReliefAgad.ph hanggang June 19, 2020. Tumawag sa 16545 para sa katanungan.

The first obscene text from the telecom and social jesters was morning of June 15 while the next came 1:00 after midnight June 20 which was past their deadline so it's not even last minute of the world famous Filipino time. Let me start with the contact numbers. They suppose I am so rich that I am calling up those strange and unknown numbers for whatever cellular rates might be charged per minute, during which I don't know how long I will be on hold? If I am so rich, why would I even need their "social amelioration" payout? Why would I waste the time I am on my expensive computer and internet connection on anything other than my personal amusement? Why are they pretending to help the poor?