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June 2021

What the Church can do

Theater has been overused as a metaphor in this DILA blog but you can blame that on the Faucis of this world whose policy misdirections still victimize us needlessly after dispersal of the killer virus by China in January 2020 from their Wuhan lab. Theater is done best by stage magicians, even better than stage actors, it is not real but they make you believe it. How many have actually been killed by COVID in the Philippines and who are those who have really succumbed to COVID infection? We need to know how much of the government's statistics is falsified.

Transubstantiation is real otherwise if this also is just magic the implication for you is no Christ, no Christian, no you. This is why my ears hurt whenever the Oratio Imperata is recited at the end of lockdown-restricted Sunday mass. Old and new version, it is premised on lies peddled by government about the COVID of China. The conference has insisted on this for over a year, heedless that God is displeased at their incessantly asking for the same thing without thinking He has already addressed our predicament. WE ARE STILL ALIVE, God acted in the beginning to keep deaths in the Philippines from the China virus as low as possible, we are the only ones making it bad for ourselves and bringing out greater suffering. Christianity is not weakness but fidelity, courage and strength.

Our Mother warned us 104 years ago not to insult God anymore. Back then an even bigger coronavirus was killing tens of millions more, maybe even accounting for a big fraction of World War I casualties. We please God by taking care of His people. Tagalog hymns creeping back into Cebuano masses after the two years I happily stopped hearing these sung in Sunday Catholic worship, it is a different kind of coronavirus trespassing the Cebuano church. Long ago I asked them why and they said it is what they think the churchgoers want to hear them sing. Their ideal of the church experience apparently is entertainment.

Biden once called Neanderthal those who throw their masks though they already have been vaccinated. Now he bikes maskless, which goes to show one can be very wrong about the virus. France recently revised its infection stat because it became clear they were double counting since the start. Remember that they had also counted as COVID deaths everyone who died in 2020 with antibody positivity regardless of whether there's evidence the dead person was specifically killed by the virus causing irreversible damage to the system for respiration. After some time, it had also become clear that at least in the countries with the most trustworthy recordkeeping, very few individuals below age 50 are mortally affected by the killer virus from China, variants notwithstanding all the same.

America, and eventually India, has put under control the virus deployed worldwide by the Chinese Communist Party. America has a certain racial mix and so has India. Asians tally the lowest mortality percentage in America and this should even be lower if you narrow the group to Oriental Asian and Austronesian, excluding those from India and westward (whose vulnerability is higher). This virus is biased with respect to age and race, the one that killed the Marto children of Fatima in 1918 did not discriminate and killed over ten times more than COVID-Wuhan-China has in the same duration.

The gross mortality in America (600,000) is probably exaggerated on the safe side but the mortality proportions for sex, age, race and comorbidity should be accurate and this is what is useful to us in assessing fraud in our own official bookkeeping.

Department of Health (Philippines)
Our Road to Recovery: A COVID-19 Information Series
Access to accurate and timely information can prevent confusion and more harm in times of crisis and emergencies. In a pandemic, misinformation and disinformation lead to mistrust in health authorities and undermines the public health response -June 5
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mindanao outpaces Metro Manila in new COVID-19 infections -June 6
People who dropped by to get vaccinated at a pop up vaccination clinic being held at the It’s Official Barbershop in Chicago, Illinois were offered a free haircut.
The Philippines on Sunday received one million more doses of Sinovac as part of its procurement of the Chinese drugmaker's COVID-19 vaccine.
ABC News
The CDC announced that more than 300 million vaccines doses have so far been administered across the country.
US surpasses 300 million COVID-19 vaccine shots administered

Is it a race against time to inoculate the country so coronavirus will not destroy it? If so, then the government's vaccination "accomplishment" will fall far short and we are all going to die. Leo XIII and Benedict (Ratzinger) are the two Catholics who have influenced the universal church most greatly in its modernity. They are like this conservative writer who remembers prior to Harvard Law being lashed at by a professor for his monkey patriotism and decades later remains glad not to be a nationalist monkey. Conservation of what is good should be in the mind of God's people, they should cope with technological and social change, not surrender to it.

Department of Health is a misnomer, their mission is to maim the population per the social-cultural mutation agenda of central authority. They cannot be serious about protecting us in this coronavirus crisis if the "information" they disseminate is in Tagalog and if their primary task is dropping scare bombs wherever they please to keep the scamdemic alive. America's conundrum is they are running out of incentives to vaccinate Americans who increasingly feel their country returning to proper health. Their vaccines are the genuine article and we are bound to get some.

Which is why it is critical to know the real vulnerability profile in our country. The solution could be a simple mandatory inoculation (non-Sinovac) only of everyone above 65, say less than ten million individuals, twenty million doses. Everyone else who wants it, let Red Cross sell it to them, at least we know they're putting the proceeds to good use. Truth sets man free. We can end the insane lockdown if not now then next month. But not if the government continues to want what it wants.

Americans in Coronavirus Pandemic: Soft and Spoiled? | National Review By Jay Nordlinger June 7, 2021
Plague is nothing new — nothing new to mankind. Ohio has started a lottery, to induce people to get vaxxed. The governor of West Virginia has started offering people guns, trucks, and cash. I’m afraid that people of the past would consider us the softest, most spoiled people ever. Too soft to live; too spoiled to live.
A tweet, from an American embassy: “The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See celebrates #PrideMonth with the Pride flag on display during the month of June. The United States respects the dignity and equality of LGBTQI+ people. LGBTQI+ rights are human rights.”
N.Y.C. Mayor Debate Live Updates: Top Candidates Face Off for Third Time


There are many small things those who front for the church can do for us. Rare as it is that a sermon castigates parents who let children amuse themselves with smartphones at mass, rarer still is the priest who condemns the cancerous practice of politicians buying the votes of voters who sell their vote. Some do but very few. Going to the bigger things, take PPCRV as an example, their existence is supposedly founded on the importance of making people vote responsibly. That is not what they are doing. All they do is make as many individuals as possible vote in any given election no matter what. No matter that rotten elections with rotten candidates produce only rotten results.

They can instead do something useful like force the serious contenders for mayor and governor to "debate" and answer questions. Distribute the video to the locals for their viewing displeasure. That will be so much better than tarpaulins and other litterbug paraphernalia. Give them opportunities to air out their vision for the local economy and describe their administrative philosophy (assuming such exist). Most are likely to expose themselves for having the same socialist doleout mindset that permeates our not not corrupt system.

Sin erred in the 1980s by justifying the acceptance of money from rotten sources in order to help the poor. Populists often pontificate about making sure the poor will have more of the law on their side. Wrong because the law should equally apply to all regardless of wealth and power. But even if it is justly applied it would still be pointless if you have mostly bad laws. Better to have no law in that case. And similarly if you keep getting governments with mostly bad officials, better to have no government instead. If your country has the same lousy constitution for generations, it's not a country worth living in.


Irrational fear and the insanity of militarization

Top of the May 25 collage are graduating cadets of American military academies, one of them is distinctive for wearing a mask while the rest do not, including the one commander-in-chief Biden is intimately handing a diploma to. The top leaders of the European Union still mask even if vaccinated with real vaccines (not Sinovac). One important observation regarding these new members of the US armed forces is that they almost look like police personnel. So unlike the police here who dress up in military battle gear. Terrifying. But this is what the central authority intends. Especially now that they have tasted and enjoyed COVID totalitarian power for one year three months.

There are some silly Americans whose idea of progress is defunding the police and having nobody chase after criminals. Not as silly but so much more evilly nefarious is the opposite notion that police is meant to be your daddy. The blurring of the line making military and police distinct was started by Marcos who fused them to be his central private army. The result was and is qualitative decline from what had once been a top defense and enforcement capability in Asia. Marcos and successors corrupted and perverted all these.

Before anyone criticizes the smart conservative libertarian senator Rand Paul for his personal decision about the vaccine, let your friendly reminder be that he is also a smart doctor of medicine who professionally practiced the scientific treatment of sick human beings. The other picture is of progressive politician Swalwell who was cultivated by Chinese operators before he became California congressman. He was included in the batch of nominees along with Kamala and Joe for the Democrat presidential nomination. Imagine if the Communist Chinese had the same success with Swalwell as BongGo did for them with Duterte. America would have also become a province of China.

Cebu is as terrible a place as any other in the centrally locked-down Philippines, schools will continue to be closed by the dumbest education department in the world. Manila shuts down Cebu's airport anytime to show who's the master, who's the slave. Cebu's governor does not hold any real power required to serve her people, the imperial lockdowners will pick and impose their own whims in accordance to self-interest and the supremacy dictated by the constitution for Manila and Tagalog. Don't forget China's ownership of Duterte. The function of Duterte's Visayas minion is to ensure that the mandarin holding power in Manila easily bends the will of Cebuanos every which way of the mandarin's scamdemic.

Irrational fear of virus apocalypse becoming the government's chief weapon instead of enabling voluntary epidemiologic prophylaxis in all communities as Sweden has done, irrational fear only produces more self-damage. Irrational fear is what the Imperial Tagalog Manila regime administered nationwide from March 2020 to this day. But we don't have a monopoly of insane tyrants, the Philippines is not alone for many are in Africa, Middle East, outside North America, ex-Soviet, China axis. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty recently reported "Lukashenka Signs Law Allowing Belarusian Police To Use Firearms Against Demonstrators" and then a week later they hijacked a Ukraine-Lithuania flight to force its landing so they can arrest an opponent who was a passenger.

Tyranny had been growing even before the scamdemic. The lengths that national socialist regimes around the world go through to sustain tyrannical rule is simply astounding.

Elements of France's army have warned of the danger to France coming from Islamist militants, not systemic racism as claimed by Biden's admin but Islamist violence. France is a country where the practicing Christians are outnumbered by practicing Muslims (migrants), this is according to Shadi Hamid, a Muslim American intellectual featured on the Remnant podcast of Jonah Goldberg.

Syria-Iraq was a fruitful training ground for vast thousands of indoctrinated Islamic terrorists who are now elsewhere. Ignore it at your own risk. There was a gap of eight years between the two World Trade Center attacks by adherents of jihad terror. We are talking about a permanent problem that requires military and intelligence solutions. Killing jihadists before they kill you is necessity, killing drug suspects is theater. Long-term military mobilization for flu control is merely theater or playacting.

Ask first if terror is the product of criminal mindset or of ideological doctrine. The scripture of Marxist religion does not instruct beheading and genocide therefore any such acts in furtherance of Marxist expansion is a creative act of criminality rather than strict observance of ideology. They are not the same kind of enemy.

Dr. Anthony Fauci allegedly justified experimenting on contagious viruses as worth the risk of a laboratory accident, such as a global pandemic, outlining his view in an American Society for Microbiology analysis in October 2012, according to a report from The Australian. Report: Fauci Believed Experimenting on Contagious Viruses Worth Risk -May 31
National Review
‘I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion,’ a Loudon County phys-ed teacher said. Virginia Teacher Placed on Leave after Opposing District’s Proposed Transgender Policy
Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City to enact social distancing
OCTA warns of possible COVID-19 ripple effect in Visayas, Mindanao

Who ordained OCTA (led by a math teacher) as THE expert in national health? How many Philippine teachers would object to patently erroneous propaganda lessons like Tagalogistic nationalism in our provinces? Why did Vietnam fail to impose restrictive distancing etc. before and yet be the second most successful country in Asia controlling the destructiveness of China's coronavirus? Why is the Philippine government deaf to questions and why does it insist on crazy non-solutions?

In DIPLOMATIC POUCH by Anke Reiffenstuel (Philippine Star) May 11, 2021, the ambassador of the most advanced country of Europe explains that in the limited lockdown they carefully resorted to, schools were last to close and then first to open. As seen here by the German ambassador's own eyes, not a single classroom has reopened since early March 2020. Our path should not be to ever be so resilient (fatalistically accepting and adapting) but to be resistant. Closing schools and enduring the growth of ignorance is resilience. Resilient is nothing to be proud of. You are still alive today and tomorrow because to the virus you are resistant. Resistant is also what you should be to the wrong government.


May 2021

The extremist coronavirus

In competitive politics there only are the chameleon and the ideologue but no extremist. Biden, Trump and Duterte are chameleons who do not have their own intrinsic beliefs but are adaptable to whatever is expedient to their career advancement. Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Tim Scott are among the conservative ideologues. Sanders and B Johnson are set in the ideologically socialist camps.

Laden was sincere in his emulation of everything Muhammad was all about in the sixth century, that alone tells you Laden was not extremist but conventional in being an ideologue. An example of a deviant or extremist is a Christian who develops out of the blue a fervent belief that killing, terrorizing and subjugating non-Christians is fulfillment of the word of Jesus Christ our true Lord and God, who never once told us to do those things. But there is no way you can still be considered Christian if you deviate from Jesus Christ.

Merkel and Johnson represent ruling political parties carrying the label conservative but in practice they do mostly socialist governance as much as the supposedly moderate Macron. Bolsonaro is quite like Trump was in sticking to conservative restraint while the Japanese prime minister is bound to conservative pacifism in contrast to low-energy Biden who is tethered to the aggressive prog-woke agenda. Regardless that in the Philippines vote-buying and socialistic entitlement doleouting are not intrinsic manifestations of ideology, does this mean that our elected public servants are blameless performers of what everybody pretends is a sacred duty? No you are just another crook or thief if that is how you define public service.

Racist terrorists and GAGO are what Biden and Duterte think of their countrymen. Biden only has interest in nurturing transgenders while Duterte only wants to please Xiping or whatever is the name of that commie Chinaman. One president is stridently supportive of abortion which is why the bishops might excommunicate him while the other does not even pretend to be Catholic so good luck with that. And they can't get enough of playacting with masks and shields on. Fabricating narrative of January 6 excursion in DC of distraught Trump fans as an insurrection riot of murderous racists surprising the police with deadly force. Untrue but unadmitted by the gaslighter brigade. Biden showed confusion about terrorists before, he opposed the kill order that Obama hesitantly approved in 2011 for Osama.

Like the younger Bush who also had been mostly good for his country, Trump should humbly turn invisible. No longer president, his egomania deserves to be ignored. On the bright side, unintentionally under Biden the presidency becomes less politically important, this is what the American founding fathers intended, for political supremacy to reside in the peoples' direct representatives, the legislators and state governors. This is what needs to happen in the Philippines, for central authority to stop becoming bigger and to become less instead. LEAVE US ALONE. Gwen Garcia told the czars of Chinacoronavirus that she the incumbent of Cebu does not recognize their emergency authority which lapsed more than eight months ago.
E.U. Set to Let Vaccinated U.S. Tourists Visit This Summer
The Wall Street Journal
More Than 90 New Airlines Are Launching in 2021. They Say It’s the Perfect Time.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Ukraine has registered more than 2 million infections and over 44,400 deaths since the pandemic started last year. Kyiv Eases COVID-19 Restrictions Following Decrease In Infections
Cebu City is opening the month of May on a positive note in terms of COVID-19 statistics following improved numbers in April – fewer active cases, lower positivity rate, and fewer deaths. The city recorded 29 deaths in April as against 64 in March and 51 in February, according to data from the Emergency Operations Center. The April figure was the lowest since January when the city only had 13 reported COVID-19 deaths. Cebu City’s COVID-19 numbers ease in April
President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to immediately lift quarantine restrictions "once things begin to clear"
The goodness of America isn't found in government, but in its people and how they love and support their neighbors.

Inquirer reported on May 5 that only "Over 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in PH." Can't do better than only a million complete vaccinations per month for our huge population? Personally I am fearful of compulsory universal COVID vaccination insofar as individuals likely to reproduce human beings are concerned. Vaccinate the aged, priests, transgenders, prostitutes, etc., I see the good in that. But we are talking about vaccines partly derived from a virus that the Chinese government harbored in 2019. Never mind the present generation but we do not know for certain what it will do to the next ones. My attitude to unnecessary vaccinations is the same as with what has been frequently unnecessary masking and completely unnecessary face shielding. Could turn out to be self harm like lockdown.

A lot of the principalities now reopening for business did not even shut down their schools. Mild Philippines still is playacting as if it's been one of the hard hit countries. Acting worse than them is weird because anybody who is normal would think that what does not kill him makes him stronger. It is not unreasonable to ask if what they are doing is make us weaker so they can indefinitely extend their abuse of COVID power. Federico Pascual even hinted of schemes to prolong this until the May 2022 election.

Police top general Sinas was burned in the media after the Dacera case he had hyped in December turned out to be one maliciously distorted drug murder story written by Makati police. It was a successful diversionary headline for a few days until it was debunked for obvious falsehood, confirmed by the prosecutor to be a fabrication last April. What else could this government have concocted to fool us? COVID numbers maybe? Are you going to trust a government like this?
Makati prosecutors junk criminal raps filed by police over Christine Dacera’s death

Unless you are one of the gullibles who believe the yarn of Chinese Tagalog personalities "informing" us that long time ago in April 1521 spies in Cebu of the Muslim ruler of Sulu reported by satellite cellphone that Magellan and Humabon organized an illegal beach party making it necessary for Lapulapu to be dispatched by hovercraft speedboat to their secret base in Mactan to battle the arrogant violators of quarantine. Let me tell them counterfeiting Pekingese agents that Yoyoy had better knowledge of history than they ever will.


Fox News
A New Jersey school nurse was suspended for refusing to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic and argued it’s severely "harming students." NJ school nurse suspended after pushing back on mask mandate, says it's ‘child abuse'
Filipino teen reportedly punched, called racial slur in US basketball tournament
Kids locked down for 6 months more prone to nearsightedness

To spot abuse you gotta understand what is going on. The above example is not a racist attack abusing a "Filipino" child who for all you know is an American citizen involved in a youthful tussle with other Americans. It is more like our local headlines shouting that this earthquake or crash in that country killed hundreds but happily no Filipinos were hurt, that is crybaby racism on our part my friends. Child abuse is the church obediently adhering to the government ban on fifteen-year-olds from attending Sunday mass (although some parishes quietly defy the government's stupidity).

Child abuse is the permanent lockdown enforced by the national government for more than a year, something that has exceedingly harmed the over forty million under-20 who we all know from the beginning are not affected at all by the coronavirus of China. Many hundreds of billions have been wasted on salaries, equipment and broadband for almost zero learning by all students in this online travesty. Forcing masks on children is CHILD ABUSE. He becomes weaker mentally and immunologically because of the government's senseless interference with his exposure to nature.

One of the best references on how to abuse children is the Department of Health. In this "pandemic" martial law regime they use the Tagalog national language to impart useless advice. Cute though.

The chance the Tagalog health department will take seriously the task of informing the public correctly about health issues is the same as candidates for president being truthful with their campaign statements. You have to carefully recollect that Duterte in 2016 downplayed China's actions until that national telecast of the candidates when the question was asked. The jetski which had once been a favorite of the Davao-Cebu smuggling cabal was the centerpiece of his weird retort. Explicated in May 2021 with the solid logic of fentanyl bliss.

Livestock, poultry production declines drag Philippine agri output to -3.3%
‘I never promised‘ anything about West Philippine Sea during election campaign – Duterte
Duterte on jetski promise: Just a campaign joke
Duterte declares May 13 holiday for Ramadan

Was everything a lie and could it be the only outcome he was after is communist China provincializing the Philippines? Anti-federalists Sotto and Drilon cited appeasement of the five percent Muslim minority's warlord factions as reason for opposing charter amendment. Constitution, Drugs, Corruption and Gambling Revenue-funded Universalized Health/Education were nothing but words of no value to Duterte (as in toilet paper and Federalization) once you realize that nothing meaningful has been done. The system was not reformed, it was made worse. Their most significant achievement is replacing Christian holidays with Chinese.

India in crisis, Philippines in zarzuela

It is easier to see the coronavirus moromoro performed in our country after you look closely at the numbers in India. These are not artificial numbers, fifty thousand died in the two weeks following April 27. This is a country that is the outsource manufacturer of European, American and Russian vaccines against chinacoronavirus, India has no reason to be dishonest about their death toll, nobody there gains from either high or low.

In all of fifteen months I still have known personally no one who has for a fact been infected, who has gotten sick, or who died from what is called COVID. And I can't forget Gwen Garcia officially accusing the doctors at a top hospital of causing the death of her two brothers, COVID was what the hospital alleged. COVID hardly scares the Gwen Garcia of 2021 portrayed in this blog. She knows something but is prevented from spilling the beans.

What would happen if America made it illegal to wear face masks starting next week? Might be that a lot of the 30% in America who object to getting Pfizer/Moderna/Janssen will panic buy into vaccination out of concern that being maskless somewhat raises their risk. India did not fabricate their recent surge but even if this indicates the susceptibility of their population to the ravages of chinacoronavirus, no one knows the likelihood of their catching up with the worst hit places in the Americas and Europe where the death rates stand ten times higher than India.

And vaccinations in the hard hit countries look like it's put chinavirus under control therefore India is not hopeless. Starting with the hypothesis that the Philippines was not susceptible to the original chinavirus and subsequently not susceptible as well to massive variant attack, we can assess at this point that even if the officially reported case counts and death counts are truthful, these are still of an acceptable level. The lockdowns and protocols of coercion never had an effect on those numbers if you consider the level of incompetence, negligence and power-tripping abuse. If the government did nothing and we did nothing, the result would be the same. So why were we made to shut down our lives for fifteen months?

Fox News
Biden says he's enjoying his first day without masks at the White House -May 15
ABC News
Health experts told ABC News that such incentives rarely make a large, lasting impact on healthy behaviors or public health initiatives. Here's how effective vaccine incentives like free beer really are -May 15
There’s No Vaccine Against the Irrational Fear of Monsters | National Review -May 2021
MIT Technology Review
Was the covid-19 pandemic caused by a laboratory accident? A group of prominent biologists—including the world’s foremost coronavirus researcher—Top researchers are calling for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19 -May 15
The New York Times
"If the importance of aerosol transmission had been accepted early, we would have been told from the beginning that it was much safer outdoors, where these small particles disperse more easily, as long as you avoid close, prolonged contact with others," Zeynep Tufekci, writes in a guest essay. Opinion | Why Did It Take So Long to Accept the Facts About Covid? -May 8

The answer blowing in the wind my friend is social engineering. Fauci should be exiled to China, preferably the Wuhan virological lab that his agency had been sending research funds to. They took too long to recognize how much more important open air ventilation is compared to masks that are partly effective only for droplet egress, not for aerosol ingress. They put their efforts into forcibly engineering human behavior rather than serving knowledge for intelligent consumption by the public.

The most important function of the mask was to remind you that the government is in control of you and you better remember that. Seriously, lockdowns and masks did not prevent China's virus from spreading in the Americas, Europe and India. The biggest reasons are climate, density and susceptible population profiles where China dispersed its virus to. An infectious individual emits droplets. Most masks inhibit these from transiting aerially but eventually droplets and maybe some aerosol will escape from covered nose and mouth.

The mask of a nearby non-infected individual would need to be top-grade to keep out all incoming aerosol virus. It takes professional training to fit one on your face and it loses effectiveness after hours of using this uncomfortable covering. Which is why strong air ventilation is so much more helpful to you apart from the sort of spatial distancing natural where the Finns and Norwegians live. The fetish for masking is fading as shown in a subway station where the city put up a booth for passengers to get the vaccine, voluntarily.

The Freeman, May 17, OPINION: The royals of Sugbo
CEBUpedia on October 3, 2018 wrote an article on the royals of Sugbo. This is a reprint... “Glimpses in History of Early Cebu” published in 1980 written by Professor Lina Quimat, former president of the Cebu Historical Society... The ruler of the island was Hari Mangal and his wife, Rani/Hara Bauga. They had two sons, Lapu-Lapu and Malingin. The knights of Hari Mangal were Bali-alho, Sugpo-baha, and Bugto-pasan. An islet near Mat-an Island was named Olanggoh (now called Santa Rosa), ruled by Cusgan and a daughter with the name Bulacna (soon to be the love interest of Lapu-Lapu). Lapu-Lapu and Bulacna had three children, Cimangtas, Savilic, and Catahuman. The book says that Lapu-Lapu died at the age of 80 in the Island of Mat-an, a year before Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived."

So much of our published history in the Philippines is false, shameful as it is to admit that our biggest similarity to China is that we are a land of fakes and piracy. The only reason we even have a past is that the Spaniards came and took notes, neither destroying nor fabricating details.

The excerpt above from Atty. Oaminal's column in Freeman demonstrates fraud by a historian, very similar to Kalantiaw and 10 Borneo Datus of Jose Marco (Lapulapu, the Bornean Baloney, and the vacuum of history -CDN Digital November 18, 2019). Though Lina Quimat did not present incriminating forged documentary artifacts, we are aware that the only source we have pertaining to 1521 is Pigafetta. There's no other existing record of us prior to the military expedition of Legazpi 44 years later, and you can be 100% certain Pigafetta did not bring a tape recorder to interview Lapulapu about his genealogy and professional resume. But maybe China's special boy Duterte has supernatural insights about the Lapulapu nobody knows anything about beyond the little Pigafetta took note.

Cebuanos were fools to vote for Duterte and now for 2022 his Visayas minion again wants to fool us with his daughter by manipulating Gwen Garcia who already turned down the inutile but profitable senate post. It would be nice to know whether there is still one politician or two who cannot be bought.

Each modest success by Biden makes Trump fade away faster from the political stage. But Biden has to be less abnormal and more wary of social engineering which is a favorite of Nazis and Soviets. Abnormal is fetishistic addiction to lockdowns and Neanderthalization of the immunized who bid the mask good riddance, so it's good Biden has retreated. The first social engineering here was when Quezon initiated national Tagalogization but this was a dud until Marcos and Cory intensified it to a genocidal campaign. Reproductive dictation, socialistic welfarism, there are many others including the Metro Cebu order dangling commercial privileges to the few who get vaccinated. It is crazy.

Hardly anyone actually benefits and it's mostly the abusers who gain. Even if it is not just for show, the rationale is so low-IQ -- they have almost no vaccines. And the mayors, etc. are prioritized because they are frontliners in the glorious battle against COVID. That too is social engineering, redefine them as frontliners so they become your masters. Irrational fear is what they seek to maintain by means of hyped alarms. And if Sison is a terrorist who's been in the business of terrorizing the people for 50 years, what do you call a government that suddenly hands out a few COVID masks more than a year too late after arresting maskless citizens the whole time?

It was very disappointing for Pinoy supremacist social engineers that Miss Philippines was a distant placer in Miss Universe. It was diappointingly topped by five non-developed countries with serious chinavirus infestations compared to ours. Not that we should care about showbiz and pageants, it's just sometimes pathetic is amusing. But if sadness's your cup of tea, read about how badly the Philippine economy declined as of year four of Duterte, in 2019, the year before COVID. And the worst is yet to come as we enter year six of Duterte plus sinovirus.

Has the Duterte administration made us a stronger nation? THE CORNER ORACLE - Andrew J. Masigan (The Philippine Star) - April 28, 2021


April 27, 2021

More than a million

With all this talk of variants and variability of vaccine efficacy how come there has been no systematic re-evaluation of the multifangled testing products? Is it because these tests inflate positive cases to the epidemic proportion desired by czars of "health"? To put their scaremongering into context, consider that an 85 year-old subjected to infections has a 20 percent chance of dying, 80 percent he will survive the infections with no vaccination. Almost zero risk of death for you if you are still young and even less if female and non-mixed Oriental. But here they are even more shy about that kind of data, this one is the closest to relevance in all of the past fourteen months, 496 deaths reported for those above 60 years.

The Freeman
Around 60 percent of the total COVID-19 related deaths in Cebu City were seniors, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) confirmed from March 2020 to present.

Around 90% of those the American government classifies COVID deaths are 60 years and above in age. Below 50 years it doesn't even reach 5% of their 570,000 deaths. No matter how many US officials have that much perverted sociopolitical notions filling their heads, they can mostly be trusted to be truthful with statistics. None of us have seen anything but if compulsion brings it out and shows a huge proportion of Philippine "COVID dead" at 50 years and below, hold it, wait a minute. What a special country this is!

Upcasing. This is the terminology used by the Philhealth public insurer for non-COVID sicknesses and deaths fraudulently reported by agencies and hospitals as coronavirus so they get money. indicates COVID has only a tiny percentage of deaths by disease, only equal to the most common cancer in the Philippines. April 26 they said 16,853 are the dead they medically attributed to COVID. How many of these were upcased?

Biden should burn his mask on TV, this was said by Rand Paul, a senator and doctor who is the biggest critic of Fauci. What he meant was that this symbolic act would reassure Americans that vaccination is going to be worth it because normal life returns to us sooner and government recedes again to the background instead of endlessly intruding. No more (unnecessary) masks and back to more freedom of living as the conservative-ruled regions are doing in defiance of a centrally-inclined federal government hesitant to reduce its COVID power of control. However, America's enemies are pleased to see it on an LGBT-woke trance, its descent to weakness a prerequisite for provincializing failed states like the Philippines.

US waiting for Philippines to seek help over Chinese vessels in West Philippine Sea —envoy

We do not know if they will really come because we have not asked for their obligatory help from the beginning of the problem in the Ramos years. Maybe it is a problem like the communists whom the past and present regimes never really seemed to want to wipe out for one reason or another, like our unwelcome friend COVID from China. There have always been some of them authorities to whom virus and communist are useful in one way or another.

Like the drug bogey these are things that do exist, it is just that in time they become so expedient and profitable that all one does is magnify and exploit. The Cebu report makes it reasonable to suspect deliberate tampering of the local infection and mortality statistics though the sample size is small compared to Europe and Americas data. Anti-COVID measures there have been to each his own affairs but were one to have done differently there wouldn't have been much difference for it would have still been the same results for them. The strictness that was misdirected and misapplied here in the form of unending Community Quarantines could have all been done differently but the actual result would have more or less been the same for us. Health-wise only, economy et al not so.

The effect has since the beginning been significantly less in the Philippines and this is a fact of nature, not a fact of government. It took fourteen months plus to hit one million infections and we don't know how many are duplicates, false positives and falsifications from the smorgasboard of excessively expensive tests. We don't see science, we don't see information, we see propaganda, OCTA. They are forcing us to believe that China (ineffective) and Russia (effective) vaccines are the salvation of our country but those two can't even produce enough for themselves even if they had a headstart by recklessly rushing development and manufacture. America has a new problem and it is that they have more vaccines and less people who want them.

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Do you know the one thing before March 16, 2020 that would have minimized the present COVID-19 Pandemic Scamdemic Crisis instead of maximizing it? Just one rule, if it has been determined that you are infected, you are immediately permanently disqualified from all public employment or office and will automatically lose all benefits thereof. Everyone of them would have moved heaven and earth to keep out the Chinese virus.


April 20, 2021

Death of Ludabi

Old man Addy Sitoy left this world last week and to insult his memory it was announced that his life was defeated by the coronavirus of China. The truth is that we are all victims of the current Pinoy central government whom Addy served to the last of his breath with the supposition that his liaison would benefit the Cebuano. Sitoy had truly large shoes to fill in after the death of Bacalso in the dying years of the Marcos regime. I never thought the dean was the best man for the Cebuano language's most prestigious institution but I never saw any other one who was there for Ludabi and the (once but no longer) great Phil-Austronesian language it had been synonymous with. Not even his departed son (an equally good person) but if only there had been somebody else whose intellect and fire are in the league of Manny Faelnar or my hero Danny Martinez. Ludabi could have put to ignominous shame opportunistic poseurs Ako Bisaya, An Waray and Ako Bicol.

How would it have turned out if Bacalso set aside Pusyon Bisaya and used Ludabi to become the leader of the Cebuano nation of Visayas-Mindanao, challenging Marcos and his Imperial Manila? But unlike Sitoy he was not as physically durable otherwise we might have been spared Cory's continuation of Tagalogista fascist nationalism and Duterte's China-ism. The Philippines wouldn't have been damaged by corrupt socialism and the dumbest nationalism if only the regions were motivated to stand on their own. Instead of being teased now and then with fake decentralization and fake federalism.

VOA ( showed pictures this week of Israeli men, women and children maskless on the streets and seafront, able to act like normal humans. Gwen of Cebu by my impression wants us to follow Texas and Israel, as a gesture she sent mask supplies to the military police so they would stop imprisoning violators, to dispense not coercive harassment but free masks. However Gwen is just a governor, the only real power granted by the constitution is to bribe voters, she isn't even allowed to recommend the next head policeman, no institution of the province has this role because the prerogative is Imperial Manila's alone.

"Outcry as Charlie Hebdo depicts Meghan Markle as George Floyd" was an Al Jazeera story about the French magazine's recent satire featuring the wife of the late Prince Philip kneeing their mulatta granddaughter-in-law. No extremely violent reaction to the cartoon there unlike the previous instance when Hebdo offended a certain religion in the same way Hebdo offends everyone. The queen and her husband had always been paragons of dignity, royal and personal. No leader in the world is more Christian than her, no man more steadfast than him.

There are no COVID experts here, says Cito Beltran (No compassion in compassionate use, PhilStar). OCTA and DOH are obviously among those he's referring to since even in America and Europe where they have the tools and talent, expertise is not yet an undeniable fact. Chinese coronavirus became such a gigantic problem here because of the "experts" who are empowered with greater infallibility than Francis. Sort of like Anthony Fauci’s Misadventures in Fortune Telling by Kyle Smith ( By the way, the choices for the cheapest tests are 2,000 and 4,000, please stay safe while exposed in that environment spitting a glass full of saliva.

Case bulletin #401 for COVID of the health department tells you in Tagalog that 16,048 died as of April 19. We have no idea how truthful this is because they hide how many of their alleged dead are past 85 years. Their previous bulletin listed 72,000 recoveries from infection compared to 9,000 in this one so they are not even making an effort to appear credible. Granting that infection detection in all who die sick is "standard practice" for mortality inclusion, it is reasonable to suspect deliberately fouled statistical reporting if they do not present clear information as to the local dead being very heavily in the over 65 years bracket. Open air flow is several times much better than lockdown+shielding+sanitizing yet despite this being old knowledge, it is only a matter of lip service to the coronavirus dictators. Airplanes pump air in and out strongly while flying but in buses and small vehicles it is the same air circulated slowly by the aircon.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “People have rights and people have freedoms and so we respected those.” 'Corporate Media, They Are Lockdowners' -April 20
Whitmer panics! Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Expands Mask Mandate to 2-Year-Olds
Voice of America - VOA
With nearly 60% of its population receiving the first COVID-19 vaccine, Israel is lifting its requirement Sunday to wear masks outdoors. -April 19
Voice of America - VOA
More than 30% of U.S. adults, about 78.5 million, are fully vaccinated -April 17
Fox News
Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines who have been offered the coronavirus vaccine declined, according to data released last week. Marines' vaccine hesitancy -April 13
CNN Philippines
The head of the government's vaccine expert panel said there was nothing to fear from the Sinovac vaccine because it is safe across all age groups.
After a Chinese official admitted that Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccines do not have high protection rates, Malacañang insisted that the China-made shots are effective against serious illnesses.
The agency issued the call, noting the proliferation of incidents of health care providers colluding with patients to declare minor respiratory symptoms such as asthma as COVID-19 to claim higher benefits. PhilHealth to public: Report cases of upcasing
Voice of America - VOA
China said it is considering using vaccines developed in other countries “to solve the issue that efficacy rates of existing vaccines are not high,” Agence France-Presse reported.
The New York Times
There's a reason you haven't heard much about convalescent plasma lately.
Duque at house hearing: ‘Hospital capacity still critical; vaccine efficacy uncertain -April 17
The New York Times
Don’t Mistake Silent Endurance for Resilience -April 19
VP Leni Robredo said. ‘Business as usual lockdowns won’t work’
Gatchalian bats for a bank account for each Filipino to ensure prompt, graft-free distribution of cash aid
CNN Philippines
Robredo hopeful for more community pantries amid the COVID-19 crisis
Community pantries a sign of ‘desperation’ — Lacson

The above can give you indigestion but if you care about what policy does to your health be concerned about the information you get. "More than 190K Filipinos fully vaccinated vs COVID-19 — DOH" per last April 19 should give us an idea when inoculation can be satisfactorily completed. In their first 50 days they only managed to double jab that many.

Let's be generous and assume beginning next month they can reliably process full vaccination of ONE PERCENT of the population each month. And this is assuming they get two million doses of the right vaccines each month on the average for a year. Even if you double that rate, less than half of adults would have this "protection" in two years. This is suicide if the government continues everything it has already done in those next two years, becoming bigger in all things intrusive to our lives for no good purpose. Chew on that Robredo and Gatchalian.

Suicide is also what China has in mind for the Judeo-Christian and liberal democratic civilizations.

The Heritage Foundation
While the violence is of very real concern and must be addressed, the #StopAsianHate campaign itself should be approached with skepticism. -March 20
ABC News
Trump's 'Chinese Virus' tweet helped lead to rise in racist anti-Asian Twitter content
Fox News
A California mother who confessed to killing her three children in a recent jailhouse television news interview described herself as a "social justice warrior"

Killer mothers and the anti-Asian anti-hate brouhaha? What's got something to do with it is hyperactivism on the progressive social front. Biden and his fellow converts to woke political self-righteousness are familiar with this. The man who killed Asian sensual massage girls working in Georgia and the attacker in New York of an old woman from the Philippines were nutcases, one of them killed his mother. But woke mothers are also capable of killing their own small children, as many as three of them.

Laugh at Pacquiao all you want for challenging to a fistfight the Asian haters in the country most sensitive to all racial issues, be it existing or imaginary. Progressive ultralibs love to smear systemic racism on the American soul, but I simply cannot see a Gestapo in that country overseeing the sort of race and ethnic cleansing that the Communist Chinese are busy doing. What you see is China is behind all that. Employing artificial intelligence machinery and trained human trolls for trawling social media to determine the microinterventions that nudge user perception and influencer reaction. To stimulate anti-American response pre-conditioned by woke ideology.

In this story a COVID/fentanyl/meth-positive black man with diabetes, etc., dies after a policeman presses his knee on the man's neck as his police companions keep holding down against his back for too many minutes while waiting for paramedic backup. Only a court of law can judge the policeman responsible for this death but few bother to know the small detail that this was a frail policeman who had no easy way of restraining a giant of a man. Hostile onlookers were present after the man forcibly left the police car because he preferred to lie prone on the pavement. Where is the racism?

There also is the mainstream media's fake story of a DC policeman bludgeoned to death by rioters last January with a fire extinguisher. Was of natural cause after all but unacknowledged because those who hate America do not mind being manipulated by China. American local police are not saints but as locally trained and hired public servants they are held locally accountable and are nothing like the national military police we have. In a civilized country the police become responsible for the life of that someone they arrest. We are more like China.


China's virus has to date produced many more covid millionaires than either actual or alleged covid deaths. Scam is the word. Soliven's column (Wretchedness _ Philstar) ragingly thunders "While many countries have learned how to deal with the aggressive virus, we seem to be defeated by it in many ways. Why can’t we conquer the virus? Why can’t we learn to live with it?"

Friendly notice: has a brief piece on Cebuano being wrecked by the China coronavirus.
How fake are the results of coronavirus testing? As Gwen Garcia posted in February, judge for yourself the report exposing COVID falsification. This is a small pdf file.

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