It has been observed, as the pandemic claims more victims, that the surge and spread of COVID cases actually favor Duterte. --Federico Pascual (The Philippine Star) July 30, 2020


August 11, 2020

Criminal syndicate or Government?

Syndicate is only another word for an organized association or institutional body. Certain business or work entities call themselves a syndication. Syndics or associates are the members of this entity similar to that in a law firm. A Catholic organization made up of a class of tradesmen dedicated to church and community service is by literal definition a syndicate although our contemporary misusage smears syndicate with negative connotation. Syndicate ain't necessarily bad or good, it all depends on what it does in day to day operation.

It has been said that government is never good but that since we need it nonetheless, we should ensure it is less bad than it tends to become. What you do not want are governments that have become criminal syndicates (Philippines, Venezuela) or both criminal syndicate and totalitarian (China, Pyongyang).

Charles CW Cooke, in the July 30 NationalReview editorial podcast highlighted essentials of classical liberalism in the conservative movement:
• tiny government
• low taxes, low spending
• robust federalism
• constitutional originalism
• few laws (leave me alone).

The more we continue distancing from all the above the greater the difficulty in recovering the traditional liberal and democratic systems granted by America to us on the actual day of our independence. If you listened to Duterte's recent national address bearing in mind that he ran for president as the candidate of total reform, it is very clear the only way he has reformed the government is into becoming more bigger, more intrusiver and more worser in overcentralizing the unitaristic political system controlled by Imperial Manila.

Magno of Philippine Star wrote on August 1 "The President’s Tagalog is poor and his English is stilted. That has been a barrier preventing him from communicating effectively with his people. Someone around him ought to have suggested a bold work-around that disability: having him deliver the most prominent speech of the year in Cebuano. The delivery would have been a thousand times more fluid."

If you consider that insulting to the Cebu nation then I invite you to read the Freeman column of Atty. Oaminal last July asking what happened to the pride of Cebuanos who accepted the insults of Duterte against them more humbly than castrated sheep would.
Tycoon Andrew Tan-led liquor firm Emperador Inc. grew its second quarter net profit by 24 percent year-on-year to P1.9 billion. Emperador’s Q2 profit up 24%
Jollibee Foods Corp., the Filipino-owned Asian food conglomerate, will continue to be on the lookout for new companies to acquire despite the difficult business environment brought about by the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic. Jollibee still on lookout for new acquisitions

In that quarterly period affected most by total liquor bans this Chinese company raised its revenues and profits? Now I know what the sin taxes or who rather it is meant to favor and how much Chinamen have control over officials. And there's no need to dig deep to have an idea who controls these Chinamen.

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Newly installed Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay wants to use the Anti-Terrorism Law and its implementing rules and regulations to regulate social media. New AFP chief: Terror law to regulate social media August 4

Somebody said in his state of the nation mindtrip last July that the big state or fat government is adding a sports academy and Boracay department among many other additional things for bloating the bureaucracy and to further inflate public spending. And now the new military chief is going for excessive exercise of state power seen only in places as totalitarian as China. Indeed the Philippines is a province. Four years have passed and only now has the president bothered to "expedite" the installation of cellular telecommunication sites. If this is the quality of your government, you might want to contemplate if it would be better for us if there was none. I don't know if there is a sane person who gives his approval for the "republic" banning liquor during elections but allowing vote selling-buying and banning liquor again whenever the "republic" enhances its quarantines even as it allows Chinese to peddle coronavirus and meth-shabu.


August 4, 2020

The assassination of MTBMLE by chinaman Mark Go
Legislators want mother tongue-based teaching in Grades 1 to 3 abolished By: Daphne Galvez - July 14, 2020
Two lawmakers have expressed their desire to abolish the mother tongue-based teaching on Grade levels 1 to 3 that is being implemented by the DepEd. Baguio City Rep. Mark Go raised the Philippines’ dismal performance in reading, math, and science in an assessment by an international agency. He was referring to the results of the Pisa by the OECD, which showed that Filipino students fared worst among 79 countries in reading comprehension and second-lowest in both mathematical and scientific literacy. He said he wants the mother tongue-based teaching to be abolished in Grades 1 to 3, especially when there are areas in the country that use multiple languages. “Ang dami nating tinuturo sa ating mga anak pero ito ba ay nakakatulong para iangat natin ang performance ng ating bansa sa reading, math at science?” he said. Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero agreed with Go’s remarks, adding that the mother tongue-based teaching is where the country “get stunted” in terms of learning. “We should just go back to where we had before kasi hindi naman tayo ganito dati, since we started the mother tongue-based teaching in the elementary grades 1, 2, and 3, that is where it all started.” DepEd Director III Joyce Andaya said the government has already conducted consultations on the matter and will recommend to Congress whether it should be abolished.

I told you so. More than ten years ago. Bro Andy Goonz of Atinew (or Lasalsal?) made the education department restrain by a small amount its hostility to mother tongue initiatives in primary schooling in part because nationwide scholastic standards have been deteriorating since the Cory years. We had fallen behind in quality to the other Asian countries twenty years ago as we continue to fall even farther today. MTBMLE was inevitable because Tagalog-heavy bilingual education policy would soon get the full blame it deserves and a diversionary detour was desperately required. I saw this even before Gunigundo officially sponsored it in Congress and I warned DILA that the vernacular would later on be made the scapegoat for the hopeless systemic incompetence of DepEd in all matters education. This was their plan all along, to restore full Tagalogism.

It turns out that there is a myth among proponents of Tagalog regionalism/supremacism/imperialism. According to them, only Tagalog has an established formal grammar! -Eugene Carmelo > Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago

The supremacist Tagalogistas have adhered to their script and are moving on to the new normal or rather old normal now that they have discredited and scapegoated MTBMLE, as I prophetically predicted with prescient precision.

The voodoo governors, by Segundo Eclar Romero July 27,2020

If you enjoy light-hearted humor, look this one up and let your face be filled with smiles. Bohol governor and his motorbike midframe barrier, Cebu governor and her tuob steam cure, and the best one is saved for last. Gasoline-freshened facemasks by the governor of China province, Philippines. As a bonus, try to sample the Agot Isidro revision of the asinine We Heal As One motto of the coronavirus fascists. The song title is We Heal Aswang.

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Trump wants TikTok banned in his country to protect Americans from Chinese espionage yet here the telcos promote its wastefully mindless usage. Same telcos exclusively using compromised electronics supplied by China were recently threatened ABS-CBN-style expropriation by the president for being the crappy utilities they have always been. He of course knows this is mainly because of too few installed cell sites yet he belatedly pretends to order them to reveal who are the corrupt officials hindering local installation works (our site total is only a fraction of Vietnam's total). TikTok added to the heaviest social media consumption worldwide equals very little bandwidth for "blended" learning and productive business.

We turn to an assessment of law enforcement now. As you can glean from the unchanged illicit drug ecosystem, the status is non-enforcement. The centralized national police are also the enforcers charged with apprehending victims of the China Virus yet they themselves have a severe rate of infection. Is it FIVE THOUSAND PESOS now for a swab test? Lots of fake made in China stuff out there for a market made very lucrative by _CQ. Bet that false positive housewife infected by false negative PNP who arrested her will never become a headline.

The PNP is set to destroy some 1.4 tons of shabu they seized in three major operations in Bulacan, Cavite and Makati in the past few months.
The PNP has started crafting guidelines on the implementation of the barangay-level enforcement of the mandatory wearing of face masks and other quarantine rules as part of the government strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The number of PNP personnel with COVID-19 climbed to 2,084 by Wednesday, after 36 more police officers tested positive the disease. COVID-19 cases at PNP climb to 2,084
Fixers near the Batangas seaport charge P10,000 for every RT-PCR test, about twice the cost of the standard swab test offered by the PRC and other institutions. COVID-19 test ‘fixers’ prey on stranded passengers in Batangas port July 30, 2020

Next we assess the exercise of health authority by the wannabe authoritarian government. Even before the China Virus crisis the government had declared itself the overlord of our health whether we like it or not. More so now although in reality the government does not really know what it wants to do except to be seen as doing something even if these somethings amount to nothing.

The Freeman
Those in isolation for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases do not have to undergo retesting once the symptoms disappear as early as the 10th day since the signs showed, a new study revealed. The reason for this, according to the World Health Organization... Retest not needed for patients who get well after 10 days July 29, 2020
Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri on Monday tested positive for the coronavirus after he recovered from the disease in April. Zubiri tests positive for coronavirus anew July 27, 2020
Philippine Star
The Department of Health on Tuesday clarified that a patient who has recovered from COVID-19 can still test positive in RT-PCR test because it could detect even remnants of the virus. Citing WHO, Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire also said there is no concrete evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. July 29, 2020
DOH: “Our basis for us to be able to determine the community quarantine of an area... is we see that our health system capacity is improving.”

Careful reading of the above revelation is instructive as to why government reacts to the Chinavirus pandemic in the shifting ways that it does. No one in government is capable of understanding observed fact and from thence process objective policy formulation. They say you don't get re-infected by the China Virus but Zubiri did. DOH can't even hire nurses anymore and now they're telling us quarantine policy is dependent on how they perceive their own organizational strength instead of the actual threat posed by the China Virus on us. In short, impose strong quarantines in proportion to the incompetence of official bodies. Vanish into thin air DOH, it wouldn't make the smallest difference to us.

Back to the death penalty -Ana Marie Pamintuan (The Philippine Star) July 31, 2020
PDEA agents asked the foreigners why they picked the Philippines for their operations. One is the rampant corruption in the Philippines that allows illegal activities to thrive. Another is the absence of the death penalty.

There is only one logical path for Death Penalty given the two reasons Chinese have for hanging on to their decades-long (Cory-Rody) shabu meth trade. Apply it only if the criminal is a Chinaman. Tell them how lucky they are to be eligible for this wonderful legal device. The human righters might even look the other way.

BBC News
The country had spent three months without any new infections before an outbreak in Da Nang city. Vietnam records first Covid-19 death August 1, 2020

It's simply astounding how Vietnam has suffered only one death from the China Virus compared to two thousand for us when the overall intensity of their quarantine lockdown actions has been maybe one hundred times less overboard than ours in the Philippines, shamefully embarassing as the most heavy-handed in the visible world. Perhaps for us it was and is crazy inconsistency in quarantine impositions and dissemination of misleading information about the China Virus from "official" sources. And thanks to our compassionate and merciful government, we had yet another Muslim holiday this 2020 for the almost 100 million non-Muslims to endure. It's not all bad in our time. I spotted one act of heroism in the venal NBA.