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May 2021

The extremist coronavirus

In competitive politics there only are the chameleon and the ideologue but no extremist. Biden, Trump and Duterte are chameleons who do not have their own intrinsic beliefs but are adaptable to whatever is expedient to their career advancement. Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Tim Scott are among the conservative ideologues. Sanders and B Johnson are set in the ideologically socialist camps.

Laden was sincere in his emulation of everything Muhammad was all about in the sixth century, that alone tells you Laden was not extremist but conventional in being an ideologue. An example of a deviant or extremist is a Christian who develops out of the blue a fervent belief that killing, terrorizing and subjugating non-Christians is fulfillment of the word of Jesus Christ our true Lord and God, who never once told us to do those things. But there is no way you can still be considered Christian if you deviate from Jesus Christ.

Merkel and Johnson represent ruling political parties carrying the label conservative but in practice they do mostly socialist governance as much as the supposedly moderate Macron. Bolsonaro is quite like Trump was in sticking to conservative restraint while the Japanese prime minister is bound to conservative pacifism in contrast to low-energy Biden who is tethered to the aggressive prog-woke agenda. Regardless that in the Philippines vote-buying and socialistic entitlement doleouting are not intrinsic manifestations of ideology, does this mean that our elected public servants are blameless performers of what everybody pretends is a sacred duty? No you are just another crook or thief if that is how you define public service.

Racist terrorists and GAGO are what Biden and Duterte think of their countrymen. Biden only has interest in nurturing transgenders while Duterte only wants to please Xiping or whatever is the name of that commie Chinaman. One president is stridently supportive of abortion which is why the bishops might excommunicate him while the other does not even pretend to be Catholic so good luck with that. And they can't get enough of playacting with masks and shields on. Fabricating narrative of January 6 excursion in DC of distraught Trump fans as an insurrection riot of murderous racists surprising the police with deadly force. Untrue but unadmitted by the gaslighter brigade.

On the bright side, unintentionally under Biden the president becomes less politically important, this is what the American founding fathers intended, for political supremacy to reside in the peoples' direct representatives, the legislators and state governors. This is what needs to happen in the Philippines, for central authority to stop becoming bigger and to become less instead. LEAVE US ALONE. Gwen Garcia told the czars of Chinacoronavirus that she the incumbent of Cebu does not recognize their emergency authority which lapsed more than eight months ago.
E.U. Set to Let Vaccinated U.S. Tourists Visit This Summer
The Wall Street Journal
More Than 90 New Airlines Are Launching in 2021. They Say It’s the Perfect Time.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Ukraine has registered more than 2 million infections and over 44,400 deaths since the pandemic started last year. Kyiv Eases COVID-19 Restrictions Following Decrease In Infections
Cebu City is opening the month of May on a positive note in terms of COVID-19 statistics following improved numbers in April – fewer active cases, lower positivity rate, and fewer deaths. The city recorded 29 deaths in April as against 64 in March and 51 in February, according to data from the Emergency Operations Center. The April figure was the lowest since January when the city only had 13 reported COVID-19 deaths. Cebu City’s COVID-19 numbers ease in April
President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to immediately lift quarantine restrictions "once things begin to clear"
The goodness of America isn't found in government, but in its people and how they love and support their neighbors.

Inquirer reported on May 5 that only "Over 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in PH." Can't do better than only a million complete vaccinations per month for our huge population? Personally I am fearful of compulsory universal COVID vaccination insofar as individuals likely to reproduce human beings are concerned. Vaccinate the aged, priests, transgenders, prostitutes, etc., I see the good in that. But we are talking about vaccines partly derived from a virus that the Chinese government harbored in 2019. Never mind the present generation but we do not know for certain what it will do to the next ones. My attitude to unnecessary vaccinations is the same as with what has been frequently unnecessary masking and completely unnecessary face shielding. Could turn out to be self harm like lockdown.

A lot of the principalities now reopening for business did not even shut down their schools. Mild Philippines still is playacting as if it's been one of the hard hit countries. Acting worse than them is weird because anybody who is normal would think that what does not kill him makes him stronger. It is not unreasonable to ask if what they are doing is make us weaker so they can indefinitely extend their abuse of COVID power. Federico Pascual even hinted of schemes to prolong this until the May 2022 election.

Police top general Sinas was burned in the media after the Dacera case he had hyped in December turned out to be one maliciously distorted drug murder story written by Makati police. It was a successful diversionary headline for a few days until it was debunked for obvious falsehood, confirmed by the prosecutor to be a fabrication last April. What else could this government have concocted to fool us? COVID numbers maybe? Are you going to trust a government like this?
Makati prosecutors junk criminal raps filed by police over Christine Dacera’s death


April 27, 2021

More than a million

With all this talk of variants and variability of vaccine efficacy how come there has been no systematic re-evaluation of the multifangled testing products? Is it because these tests inflate positive cases to the epidemic proportion desired by czars of "health"? To put their scaremongering into context, consider that an 85 year-old subjected to infections has a 20 percent chance of dying, 80 percent he will survive the infections with no vaccination. Almost zero risk of death for you if you are still young and even less if female and non-mixed Oriental. But here they are even more shy about that kind of data, this one is the closest to relevance in all of the past fourteen months, 496 deaths reported for those above 60 years.

The Freeman
Around 60 percent of the total COVID-19 related deaths in Cebu City were seniors, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) confirmed from March 2020 to present.

Around 90% of those the American government classifies COVID deaths are 60 years and above in age. Below 50 years it doesn't even reach 5% of their 570,000 deaths. No matter how many US officials have that much perverted sociopolitical notions filling their heads, they can mostly be trusted to be truthful with statistics. None of us have seen anything but if compulsion brings it out and shows a huge proportion of Philippine "COVID dead" at 50 years and below, hold it, wait a minute. What a special country this is!

Upcasing. This is the terminology used by the Philhealth public insurer for non-COVID sicknesses and deaths fraudulently reported by agencies and hospitals as coronavirus so they get money. indicates COVID has only a tiny percentage of deaths by disease, only equal to the most common cancer in the Philippines. April 26 they said 16,853 are the dead they medically attributed to COVID. How many of these were upcased?

Biden should burn his mask on TV, this was said by Rand Paul, a senator and doctor who is the biggest critic of Fauci. What he meant was that this symbolic act would reassure Americans that vaccination is going to be worth it because normal life returns to us sooner and government recedes again to the background instead of endlessly intruding. No more (unnecessary) masks and back to more freedom of living as the conservative-ruled regions are doing in defiance of a centrally-inclined federal government hesitant to reduce its COVID power of control. However, America's enemies are pleased to see it on an LGBT-woke trance, its descent to weakness a prerequisite for provincializing failed states like the Philippines.

US waiting for Philippines to seek help over Chinese vessels in West Philippine Sea —envoy

We do not know if they will really come because we have not asked for their obligatory help from the beginning of the problem in the Ramos years. Maybe it is a problem like the communists whom the past and present regimes never really seemed to want to wipe out for one reason or another, like our unwelcome friend COVID from China. There have always been some of them authorities to whom virus and communist are useful in one way or another.

Like the drug bogey these are things that do exist, it is just that in time they become so expedient and profitable that all one does is magnify and exploit. The Cebu report makes it reasonable to suspect deliberate tampering of the local infection and mortality statistics though the sample size is small compared to Europe and Americas data. Anti-COVID measures there have been to each his own affairs but were one to have done differently there wouldn't have been much difference for it would have still been the same results for them. The strictness that was misdirected and misapplied here in the form of unending Community Quarantines could have all been done differently but the actual result would have more or less been the same for us. Health-wise only, economy et al not so.

The effect has since the beginning been significantly less in the Philippines and this is a fact of nature, not a fact of government. It took fourteen months plus to hit one million infections and we don't know how many are duplicates, false positives and falsifications from the smorgasboard of excessively expensive tests. We don't see science, we don't see information, we see propaganda, OCTA. They are forcing us to believe that China (ineffective) and Russia (effective) vaccines are the salvation of our country but those two can't even produce enough for themselves even if they had a headstart by recklessly rushing development and manufacture. America has a new problem and it is that they have more vaccines and less people who want them.

* . *

Do you know the one thing before March 16, 2020 that would have minimized the present COVID-19 Pandemic Scamdemic Crisis instead of maximizing it? Just one rule, if it has been determined that you are infected, you are immediately permanently disqualified from all public employment or office and will automatically lose all benefits thereof. Everyone of them would have moved heaven and earth to keep out the Chinese virus.


April 20, 2021

Death of Ludabi

Old man Addy Sitoy left this world last week and to insult his memory it was announced that his life was defeated by the coronavirus of China. The truth is that we are all victims of the current Pinoy central government whom Addy served to the last of his breath with the supposition that his liaison would benefit the Cebuano. Sitoy had truly large shoes to fill in after the death of Bacalso in the dying years of the Marcos regime. I never thought the dean was the best man for the Cebuano language's most prestigious institution but I never saw any other one who was there for Ludabi and the (once but no longer) great Phil-Austronesian language it had been synonymous with. Not even his departed son (an equally good person) but if only there had been somebody else whose intellect and fire are in the league of Manny Faelnar or my hero Danny Martinez. Ludabi could have put to ignominous shame opportunistic poseurs Ako Bisaya, An Waray and Ako Bicol.

How would it have turned out if Bacalso set aside Pusyon Bisaya and used Ludabi to become the leader of the Cebuano nation of Visayas-Mindanao, challenging Marcos and his Imperial Manila? But unlike Sitoy he was not as physically durable otherwise we might have been spared Cory's continuation of Tagalogista fascist nationalism and Duterte's China-ism. The Philippines wouldn't have been damaged by corrupt socialism and the dumbest nationalism if only the regions were motivated to stand on their own. Instead of being teased now and then with fake decentralization and fake federalism.

VOA ( showed pictures this week of Israeli men, women and children maskless on the streets and seafront, able to act like normal humans. Gwen of Cebu by my impression wants us to follow Texas and Israel, as a gesture she sent mask supplies to the military police so they would stop imprisoning violators, to dispense not coercive harassment but free masks. However Gwen is just a governor, the only real power granted by the constitution is to bribe voters, she isn't even allowed to recommend the next head policeman, no institution of the province has this role because the prerogative is Imperial Manila's alone.

"Outcry as Charlie Hebdo depicts Meghan Markle as George Floyd" was an Al Jazeera story about the French magazine's recent satire featuring the wife of the late Prince Philip kneeing their mulatta granddaughter-in-law. No extremely violent reaction to the cartoon there unlike the previous instance when Hebdo offended a certain religion in the same way Hebdo offends everyone. The queen and her husband had always been paragons of dignity, royal and personal. No leader in the world is more Christian than her, no man more steadfast than him.

There are no COVID experts here, says Cito Beltran (No compassion in compassionate use, PhilStar). OCTA and DOH are obviously among those he's referring to since even in America and Europe where they have the tools and talent, expertise is not yet an undeniable fact. Chinese coronavirus became such a gigantic problem here because of the "experts" who are empowered with greater infallibility than Francis. Sort of like Anthony Fauci’s Misadventures in Fortune Telling by Kyle Smith ( By the way, the choices for the cheapest tests are 2,000 and 4,000, please stay safe while exposed in that environment spitting a glass full of saliva.

Case bulletin #401 for COVID of the health department tells you in Tagalog that 16,048 died as of April 19. We have no idea how truthful this is because they hide how many of their alleged dead are past 85 years. Their previous bulletin listed 72,000 recoveries from infection compared to 9,000 in this one so they are not even making an effort to appear credible. Granting that infection detection in all who die sick is "standard practice" for mortality inclusion, it is reasonable to suspect deliberately fouled statistical reporting if they do not present clear information as to the local dead being very heavily in the over 65 years bracket. Open air flow is several times much better than lockdown+shielding+sanitizing yet despite this being old knowledge, it is only a matter of lip service to the coronavirus dictators. Airplanes pump air in and out strongly while flying but in buses and small vehicles it is the same air circulated slowly by the aircon.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “People have rights and people have freedoms and so we respected those.” 'Corporate Media, They Are Lockdowners' -April 20
Whitmer panics! Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Expands Mask Mandate to 2-Year-Olds
Voice of America - VOA
With nearly 60% of its population receiving the first COVID-19 vaccine, Israel is lifting its requirement Sunday to wear masks outdoors. -April 19
Voice of America - VOA
More than 30% of U.S. adults, about 78.5 million, are fully vaccinated -April 17
Fox News
Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines who have been offered the coronavirus vaccine declined, according to data released last week. Marines' vaccine hesitancy -April 13
CNN Philippines
The head of the government's vaccine expert panel said there was nothing to fear from the Sinovac vaccine because it is safe across all age groups.
After a Chinese official admitted that Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccines do not have high protection rates, Malacañang insisted that the China-made shots are effective against serious illnesses.
The agency issued the call, noting the proliferation of incidents of health care providers colluding with patients to declare minor respiratory symptoms such as asthma as COVID-19 to claim higher benefits. PhilHealth to public: Report cases of upcasing
Voice of America - VOA
China said it is considering using vaccines developed in other countries “to solve the issue that efficacy rates of existing vaccines are not high,” Agence France-Presse reported.
The New York Times
There's a reason you haven't heard much about convalescent plasma lately.
Duque at house hearing: ‘Hospital capacity still critical; vaccine efficacy uncertain -April 17
The New York Times
Don’t Mistake Silent Endurance for Resilience -April 19
VP Leni Robredo said. ‘Business as usual lockdowns won’t work’
Gatchalian bats for a bank account for each Filipino to ensure prompt, graft-free distribution of cash aid
CNN Philippines
Robredo hopeful for more community pantries amid the COVID-19 crisis
Community pantries a sign of ‘desperation’ — Lacson

The above can give you indigestion but if you care about what policy does to your health be concerned about the information you get. "More than 190K Filipinos fully vaccinated vs COVID-19 — DOH" per last April 19 should give us an idea when innoculation can be satisfactorily completed. In their first 50 days they only managed to double jab that many.

Let's be generous and assume beginning next month they can reliably process full vaccination of ONE PERCENT of the population each month. And this is assuming they get two million doses of the right vaccines each month on the average for a year. Even if you double that rate, less than half of adults would have this "protection" in two years. This is suicide if the government continues everything it has already done in those next two years, becoming bigger in all things intrusive to our lives for no good purpose. Chew on that Robredo and Gatchalian.

Suicide is also what China has in mind for the Judeo-Christian and liberal democratic civilizations.

The Heritage Foundation
While the violence is of very real concern and must be addressed, the #StopAsianHate campaign itself should be approached with skepticism. -March 20
ABC News
Trump's 'Chinese Virus' tweet helped lead to rise in racist anti-Asian Twitter content
Fox News
A California mother who confessed to killing her three children in a recent jailhouse television news interview described herself as a "social justice warrior"

Killer mothers and the anti-Asian anti-hate brouhaha? What's got something to do with it is hyperactivism on the progressive social front. Biden and his fellow converts to woke political self-righteousness are familiar with this. The man who killed Asian sensual massage girls working in Georgia and the attacker in New York of an old woman from the Philippines were nutcases, one of them killed his mother. But woke mothers are also capable of killing their own small children, as many as three of them.

Laugh at Pacquiao all you want for challenging to a fistfight the Asian haters in the country most sensitive to all racial issues, be it existing or imaginary. Progressive ultralibs love to smear systemic racism on the American soul, but I simply cannot see a Gestapo in that country overseeing the sort of race and ethnic cleansing that the Communist Chinese are busy doing. What you see is China is behind all that. Employing artificial intelligence machinery and trained human trolls for trawling social media to determine the microinterventions that nudge user perception and influencer reaction. To stimulate anti-American response pre-conditioned by woke ideology.

In this story a COVID/fentanyl/meth-positive black man with diabetes, etc., dies after a policeman presses his knee on the man's neck as his police companions keep holding down against his back for too many minutes while waiting for paramedic backup. Only a court of law can judge the policeman responsible for this death but few bother to know the small detail that this was a frail policeman who had no easy way of restraining a giant of a man. Hostile onlookers were present after the man forcibly left the police car because he preferred to lie prone on the pavement. Where is the racism?

There also is the mainstream media's fake story of a DC policeman bludgeoned to death by rioters last January with a fire extinguisher. Was of natural cause after all but unacknowledged because those who hate America do not mind being manipulated by China. American local police are not saints but as locally trained and hired public servants they are held locally accountable and are nothing like the national military police we have. In a civilized country the police become responsible for the life of that someone they arrest. We are more like China.


April 14, 2021

In 1986 we were betrayed. Instead of becoming the opposite of Marcos the result was continuity of his perversity of the political system. In 2016 we were betrayed. Instead of getting a federal constitution, blunders and ineptitude now assure the worst political system in the world will stay on. Noynoy Aquino did not betray us in 2010. He kept his word and made the Philippines remain lousy.

Duterte now is saying that a person who is over 70 no longer has a reason to continue living. I have a problem with that beginning with the realization that he does not seem to know anymore what he is doing. Maybe fentanyl is clouding his thoughts or maybe his Chinaman handler is now the one taking charge. If the lives of those older than 70 are worthless then what have all those lockdowns been for since those of you below that age category are not easily killed by COVID? Duterte stated very clearly last year that his regime's lockdown will continue until there is vaccination.

Even more strange is that the bishops are being bribed with Sinovac although it's awkward to call something bribery if what's involved is something undesirable. Undesirable as in holiday for a lockdowned city in a large country that should be properly celebrating 500 years of Christianization. Team Duterte has kept proving it is capable only of failure yet his confidence in the military-police supporting him to the hilt is all he requires to convince himself that he is right in everything. This makes it a regime of guns and Chinese bioweapons, not a government of civil law and democratic discernment.

Covid lockdown will make us beg for food again

Let COVID rage till close to 2022 polls? Federico D. Pascual Jr. (The Philippine Star) - April 6, 2021 - There is this theory going around that President Duterte is in no hurry to tame the raging COVID-19 pandemic before the 2022 elections. Reports are rife of administration operators fanning or allowing the spread of the coronavirus that has escalated its daily infection rate to well past the 10,000 mark. “Even if the entire country gets sick, only 5 percent will be seriously ill and less than 1 percent will die. Most Filipinos can easily forget that toll as long as they have a long fiesta from Christmas to May next year.”

Can’t afford another lockdown? Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) - April 7, 2021
Can you afford the P1,000 per hour stay at a triage tent?

New coat of dolomite sand poured over a portion of Manila Bay -April 14

If the placebo drugs that local doctors and "experts" and "scientists" push are apparently working wonders for COVID patients, it would be reasonable to suppose that based on Europe-Americas epidemiologic demographics, this Chinese virus thing is therefore not as harmful to people like us in the first place. What cannot be denied is that here the Chinese virus has been a good thing for some, for those taking advantage of public funds and medical-hospital overpricing.

The FB collage above should be our favorite for this year, fifth year of the regime's anticorruption pretense. There's the daughter of Marcos calling Duterte palpak and the vice of Cebu who was the previous governor attending an event last week with the governor of Cebu who used to be former governor, the latter walking without a mask at the capitol like a true lady of defiance. This was for their Busog program for Cebu, a dire need for the Cebuano nation along with tourism restoration given the destructiveness of national lockdown imposition. By the way, the Tagalog informational graphics of the department of health are so cute, if only we could understand what they are saying.

It isn't exactly the words from the mouth of Dr. Doom Fauci but if lockdowns and masks are still de rigueur post in toto vaccination, those Pinoys are definitely doomed. First month (and a half) they could only administer less than a million first doses, and this was limited to the government's own personnel, the glorified frontliners. Who happen to be the easiest to round up and document. The constraint is supply and competence. They panicked the other month after opinion polls trashed the vaccine from China they conspired to order in majority. Ergo surge and Wehrmacht-grade lockdown to shock and frighten to the highest level anxiety attack. Swallow Sinovac or die.

It would not have been physically possible anyway to receive and administer close to 50 million doses this year. China itself has even been reported to be scrambling for the stocks of Western manufacturers as testament to the inferiority of its own product. So where does that leave us if this emergency situation they have put on us is really that desperate an emergency to be an existential threat? Not to be cynical but in a real life and death situation they would not waste money on Manila Bay Dolomite Duterte Beach. 15,286 deaths (April 13) is not insignificant but far from the worst in the world as many smaller countries have much more than that. Countries whose mortalities ring true because they do not connive with fraudsters there. They don't have Comelec Smartmatic ballot stuffing swabbed by PhilHealth.

Don't put too much weight on the relevance of positive counts. There is something going on if it doesn't kill you. Cambodia was the killing fields of the communists. China's virus kills where it is best able to, it is not a question of who was the country who was careful and who was not careful because all throughout there has been poor correlation with restrictiveness. It chooses the victim that suits it best. There are many of us here who still have had no friend and no relative die, as a fact, of coronavirus. In my case, not even an acquaintance.

Two weeks ago the Mexican health authorities thought they had a shocking discovery about their already disastrous coronavirus mortality being short by 100,000 plus (Mexico revises coronavirus death toll up by 60% - BBC News). They were wrong about that and did not shoot up the number of dead. The indigenous, mixed race and Aryan inhabitants of all the Americas are especially susceptible to the virus exported by China. Here they need dishonest statistics to sustain the scamdemic of a corrupt government advised by OCTA. They want you to keep buying facial coverings and chemically disinfecting everything in sight in order to keep away the microbial enemies of our country's best friend, COVID-China. Preventing those microorganisms from protecting you.

In 1919 they did not do too much about the 1918 coronavirus that killed up to 100 million worldwide and it just gradually went away. Enough should be good enough. Exceed that and you are making it worse. And let me make this clear, you cannot make me enjoy pandemic theater.


April 10, 2021

Isko, Bongbong, Pacquiao, Sara, Bonggo

Duterte to choose among Isko, Bongbong, Pacquiao if Sara, Bong Go not running in 2022 —Roque
OCTA Research vouches for 2-week MECQ to sustain ECQ gains
MMDA chair Abalos bats for extension of cash aid distribution in NCR Plus

Here we go again. The other competitors in 2016 were all worse than the winner Duterte yet today our situation is far worse than the worst of the Noynoy Aquino years even if we disregard the impact of the China coronavirus. Now we are told that the president himself will be picking from celebrity mayors or senators attached to him. Spoken by a lawyer from the most prestigious university of a democratic in name only country. Shame on you. Not even the fascist dictators of China, Pyongyang and Russia publicly declare anything like that brazen nonsense.

Roque is your best example if you wish to present what is wrong with the Philippines. All these politicians know only one path to power, the corrupting ideology of populism Pinoy style which requires cash and entertainment to be dangled to the public. Can the lesser evil be chosen from the family responsible for the downward spiral of the country, from the showbiz-trapo sector or the Chinaman in charge of Duterte? In this system they proudly call multiparty system there has never been one actual party in the entire system.

SunStar Cebu
Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas (Opav) will deploy 100 nurses to assist in hospitals and medical facilities in the National Capitol Region Plus (NCR Plus).

You don't have to a genius to analyze the plot twists of the scriptwriters of the China coronavirus telenovela. The fear factor is what sells the story no matter how illogical it may be to deploy Cebuanos to Manila unless Cebu no longer has a problem which means Cebu should already be opened completely and freed from all lockdowns. And there you also have this OCTA thing agitating for more shutdown and martial law dictatorship. Cash aid is the bottom line of these gluttons.

Is bravery wearing a face mask, face shield and "anticovid" necklace purifier talisman antinganting when the nearest person is far enough? Brave people do not behave like puppies, especially not before an incompetent, corrupt and abusive government.

The economy has been going down and their response is to lockdown some more, with enthusiastic encouragement by OCTA. Same nonsense as the Easter Bunny of Biden wearing the sort of facemask that has not stopped viruschina from infecting 30 million US residents. America is a bad example for the purpose of our self-assessment because they are the best country in the world. Let's go instead to the country of the WHO puppet president, one that is by no means a model country but one comparable in size and diversity to us yet with a richer authentic historical pedigree.

One with almost five times less COVID dead than us even if their actions have been way more relaxed. A failed country like us but at least they possess a better system. Our Marcos-Cory years had been their darkest period, when Ethiopia had its equivalent of Tagalogista national socialism, of militarized supercentralism and national language derangement.

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Name in national languages
• Amharic: ye Itiyoppiya Federalaw Demokirasiyawi Ripebilik
• Oromo: Itiyoophiyaa
• Somali: Jamhuuriyadda Dimuqraadiga Federaalka Itoobiya
• Afar: ityoppiah federalih demokrasih ummuno
• Tigrinya: nayi'Itiyop'iya
Government: Ethnofederalist parliamentary constitutional republic --latest info by Wikipedia

* . *

Science and the Resurrection

What has Lapulapu done for us Cebuanos? Nothing good unlike Magellan. The only thing that can make renaming the airport to Lapulapu (in place of the world-accepted Mactan) less wrong would be to rename the country discovered by Magellan to Magellan. Everything else is fascist nationalist propaganda as in the one below.

LODESTAR - Danton Remoto (The Philippine Star) - March 20, 2021
If Magellan did not drop anchor, we would have continued to flourish as prosperous Muslim kingdoms, united by our own language and proud of our own culture, happily trading with Asia and parts beyond.

From shit nationalism promoting fake Pinoy language and culture we move on to questionable science. The fourth portion hereunder is TLDR to most but to me this is a statement coming from one of the most credible persons in America.

One year of lockdowns across the UK - BBC News
Since the first one was announced 12 months ago, we've had two further national lockdowns, and more than 120,000 people have died after testing positive for Covid-19.

Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) - March 23, 2021
Now is the time to honestly tell our people that stamping out the virus is not a realistic goal into the foreseeable future. The pandemic will resurge in waves. There are not enough vaccines available to stop those waves, only to contain their severity. It is, frankly, not our goal to achieve “herd immunity” for our people soon. There is no consensus in the scientific community about what “herd immunity” really means. The estimate that we achieve herd immunity by vaccinating 70 percent of the population is a guess unsupported by scientific evidence.

The Wall Street Journal
Something unexpected happened in South Africa: Covid-19 cases started dropping, without a large-scale vaccination campaign or stringent lockdown. The reason remains somewhat of a mystery. South Africa’s Drop in Covid-19 Cases Adds to Questions About Waves of Infections -March 17, 2021

Rand Paul
I believe in science. I spent most of my life studying it and practicing medicine. I don’t believe that’s what we are currently following in our country. And I had a few words to say about it to the patron saint of the petty tyrants - Dr. Fauci.
Some days I seem to be the only one up here standing up. Here’s what I said to Dr. Fauci in our Senate hearing:
“If people aren’t spreading the diseases, aren’t mask mandates just theater? YOU have had the vaccine, and you’re sitting here wearing TWO masks. Isn’t that just theater?”
The truth is, it is theater. Nothing else.
But it’s worse. It’s taking your freedom. The lockdown rules are still costing people jobs and businesses. The school closures are hurting our kids. And I’ve had enough.
I will stand up here in front of every official, every petty tyrant, every camera to reach the American people and tell them - you need to say you’ve had enough too. (from his FB page)
Fauci, others preaching about masks isn't about science, it's about 'submission'

Rand like father Ron is a medical doctor-politician and had also contended for president. Both fiercely defend individual liberty and will never accept in their country the house to house search announced for the Holy Week by Duterte's boy Roque for rounding the "positives" minding their own business in MegaMetroManila. I know of only one person in America who tested positive but who was given a different cause of death. George Floyd, police brutality. UK severity is significantly more than it is for the US while in comparison to both death leaders, in the Philippines it is significantly less, less, less. China's COVID does not like our country very much and apparently it dislikes its motherland even more.

The death toll would be somewhat less if Euro-Americans applied stricter criteria but their stats remain useful because of consistency and neutrality. No one really knows how it spreads and how to stop it while older deadly diseases are being ignored. But we've had over a year to study how not to make things worse. So why are the "health" commissars and generals in Imperial Manila ratcheting up the daily cases? Because worse is better insofar as der commissarenski are concerned.

In a regular basketball game you can always spot the player shooting the ball and it will almost always be obvious who gets the points. Not so in the Chinacoronavirus sporting event. You have no way of knowing if the score for the kill rightfully goes to Team Covid because the scorer is the government and its "frontliners". No audience, no referees allowed so they can score it any way they like. They don't care if you observe that for months a certain region has deaths countable by one or two fingers daily and all of a sudden they score 26 on the day they want to panic the public into wanting Sinovac. Believable data follows statistical normal distribution. Weird figures showing highs during restrictions to freedom of movement and the inverse whenever loosened only means they are bullshitting you.

Voice of America - VOA
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson receives a dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, amid the coronavirus pandemic, in London, Britain, Friday, March 19. Johnson, 56, was admitted to an intensive care unit last year and given oxygen via a tube in his nose.
Voice of America - VOA
World Health Organization’s (WHO) director for Europe Hans Kluge said Europe is averaging more than 20,000 deaths from COVID-19 per week.
Brazil surpasses 100,000 new COVID cases cases in one day March 27
The country’s mayors said the IATF approved their appeal to include local chief executives in the priority list for the national vaccination program by reclassifying them as essential workers.
The New York Times
More than a quarter of members of Congress have yet to receive their coronavirus vaccine, though they've had access since December. There is no list of which lawmakers or their party, but several Republicans have publicly rejected getting the shots. As Republicans Shun Vaccines, Congress Toils to Return to Normal -March 20, 2021

Whoever UP OPTA may be and whether science is in truth their forte, we know for a fact they have not presented a comprehensive profile of coronavirus deaths among other important facets of a so-called pandemic. Incompetence (political and academic) resides in the Philippines yet somehow we have much less deaths here. They do not want to explain this. It is so good for them they want to make it last forever.

To repeat, Americanos and Europeans are confronted by an urgent health concern whereas for our own situation it is much less urgent but the reaction here is, to say it in Tagalog druggie slang, so very PRANING. So much so that officials have been greedily grabbing China "vaccines" for their own jabs, smuggling it late last year and jumping lines today ahead of the original "frontliners" and the most vulnerable, the oldest seniors.

One of the strangest reports early last year was the infection of several dozen out of the few thousand PSG bodyguards of Duterte, the very first positive detection in a cohort. Several months later this cohort was also the first to be jabbed with smuggled China "vaccines" therefore it is safe to conclude that in March they were also the first batch of swabbing subjects. At first I thought they were constantly in breathing contact with infected Chinaman guests of the president but now I think false positive test kits were used on them. Similar kits (there are over two hundred varieties and arbitrarily set cycle thresholds) were likely responsible for staging the creation of infection hotspots in Manila and Cebu weeks later.

The global vaccination chart of BBC news/world-51235105 for March 28 indicates half a million for the Philippines, only that small after the government had spent its first month prioritizing (by making it compulsory) its own personnel and "frontliners". Who happen to be the persons easiest for it to process for double dosing. Given this inefficiency it will take many years to finish.

Burma and Philippines are not so different, both are failed states trapped in national socialist tyranny. Both have deteriorated under decades of venal misrule. After Marcos the Philippines became bad and remained bad. Next to the spokesboy of the president making faces is an elected official under arrest at a state legislature. Done properly unlike the individual in Cebu being dragged like an animal out of the house. They can't even sort out their crackpot domestic travel restrictions as the central imposition get buried by varying local impositions. "Devolution" at work in the world's most centralized country. Costume play theater in the streets and sham vaccination rollout with the wrong vaccine.

Vaccinated, wears higher-priced shield and mask, yet still gets infected. The national marketing plan of IATF for low-qual Sinovac relies too much on superlockdowns. They might want to try a different salesmanship tactic for China's vaccines because it is backfiring. If they want to earn their money from China, their sales pitch better be convincing not suspicious, and to not be scary but to be sexy. Of course a claim by Mon Tulfo that Sinovac boosts penile function better than Pfizer Viagra Sildenafil is believable for less than two seconds. 100 million Sinovac moved by IATF will be the marketing achievement of the 21st Century.

Problem is the oldest technology using live viruses to manufacture vaccines like Sinovac relies on slow and inefficient processes (unlike Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna). This explains why the world's most feared industrial titan China has insufficient cumulative production going several months now, probably still not going to be enough for even just its own population after another year. Russia is said to have a much better vaccine but hardly any manufacturing capability to boast of. So we have America, Europe and India sometime later to source the spare vaccines from. And let us have some honesty here, right now those are the places that need it much more than we do.

Upright folk in Burma and the Philippines would learn a thing or two, if they can view this.

From heroin to fentanyl, Lara investigates the deadly connections between the Mexican cartels & the Chinese Communists

Clarification to the Lapulapu airport comment. The Reps House renamed the terminal building but this whole thing remains ludicrous. The national legislature underscores its self-inflicted uselesness by messing around with names of structures in Cebu and other provinces. Corrupt third world country mired in centralized fascist national socialism is all there is to it.

You are not a Christian if you do not believe in the Resurrection of Jesus who is God. Your democracy is false if your faith is sold to Philippine elections. The Marcos-Cory legacy makes democracy in the Philippines a farce with constituencies ruled by a rotating class of oligarch politicians who buy votes mostly with cash. Offensive & insulting CTALK - Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) - March 26, 2021. Try reading it if you haven't. "Protocols" are what the coronavirus dictators prefer to call them but in the experience of Mr. and Mrs. Beltran all these are offensive insults. And try recalling the time when Sinulog was fully curtailed but Nazarene mass devotions were partially permitted in Manila. Cases did not spike massively then contrary to "expert" WARNINGS. Expensive Sinovac vaccines that people detest were also not due for delivery at that time.

It is all China everywhere you turn and it is all because weakling Noynoy and servile Duterte allowed China to make us their province. The most detrimental country in the world to us became our "friend". Our communist-fascist friends even assigned their own Chinaman to assist our president every step of the way.
President Duterte blows out a candle on a rice ‘cake’ to mark his 76th birthday; Photo shared by Sen. Go on Facebook

What the local government department person is saying is that the 23 billion pesos released first week of April to local units for lockdown ayuda will likely again be utilized for election vote buying by the officials doling it out. They're also limiting the Philhealth COVID deaths so more money can be passed to the hands of local officials. Dengvaxia was supposed to be the admin fundraiser for 2016 and now for 2022 it shall be Sinovac. Destructive policies are effectively unopposed here. Americans are fortunate to have the Republicans and Catholics+Evangelicals.

Big bad nice government. Wolves are creatures who have their place in this world, you simply do not want a particularly large one to pretend to be granny so it can devour you. Biden is that granny wolf who was asked in his first press conference if his being a very nice guy is the reason why mothers have dispatched their teenage kids to walk solo from Central America to the Texas border. No deportation, only the risk of assault or drowning along the way. We should also be glad he is generously giving away vaccines to illegals because this means the country has a surplus. Overall, America is the most humanitarian and the least racist. Biden subscribes to the Marcos-Aquino-Duterte-Xie paradigm of more bigger obtrusiver government is nicest.

Sick minds run the NBA and other sports leagues that ignore China atrocities while posturing wokeness in the arena of progressivist conceit. "Mainstream" America has been so anally fixated on being the world leader on transgender issues it might eventually lose the conservative religious values that made it the world's strongest power. Science and religion have less worth when taken for convenience and treated inconsistently.

MIT Technology Review
Jumbled-up sentences show that AIs still don’t really understand language

Are you supposed to believe in any science just because somebody, a person with limited field of expertise or an organization with an agenda, sanctimoniously calls its favored thing "science"? Not all science is science for the simple reason that not all who use the word know what it is or is not. Take the "science" of Artificial Intelligence which powers Facebook and Google translations, everything becomes stinkier garbage as you pingpong a phrase from English to Cebuano back and forth. A lot of AI on the Internet only throttles it with junk computations and surveillance.

After Failing on the Pandemic, the WHO Seeks More Power Dalibor Rohac
For most people, having just failed spectacularly at one’s job is not the best moment to ask for a pay raise and more responsibility. Not so for Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization.
The team at the Centre for Virus Research in Glasgow used a replica of the lining of our airways, made out of the same types of cells, and infected it with Sars-CoV-2 and rhinovirus, which is one of the most widespread infections in people, and a cause of the common cold. If rhinovirus and Sars-CoV-2 were released at the same time, only rhinovirus is successful. If rhinovirus had a 24-hour head start then Sars-CoV-2 does not get a look in. And even when Sars-CoV-2 had 24-hours to get started, rhinovirus boots it out. "Sars-CoV-2 never takes off, it is heavily inhibited by rhinovirus," Dr Pablo Murcia told BBC News.

The government will finally obtain the rights over, the official contact tracing program, to enhance the fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease. DICT to issue certification on turnover of rights to PH gov't
Twitter now has Fleets, a rip-off of Instagram Stories, originally copied from Snapchat. Snapchat now has Spotlight, similar to Instagram Reels, brazenly stolen from TikTok. All the Social Media Giants Are Becoming the Same -March 27, 2021

Failure that has harmed countless lives should never ever be rewarded. Honor demands that one remove himself rather than continue increasing one's power and control after having demonstrated incapability of succeeding. Duterte and Tedros prefer the China communist way of doing things. You should not even be surprised that the info and tracing online app mobilized by the government was not even owned by it. Had been most probably reporting back to mama in China the entire time with all sensitive personal information from its subscription victims.

So very few here have actually died of the COVID-19 China virus. The lockdowns they have imposed for over a year were necessary for the scam to be monetarily successful for them. Enhanced Community Quarantine is the physical equivalent to your virtual imprisonment in FB or YouTube. It is not easy to tell who abuses us more. Government or the Social Media Giants? Too few governments are actually good and too many cyberspace behemoths are rotten. They do not want you to see them bend science and technology to suit their political and social agenda.


March 16, 1521 + 500

Thank you Ferdinand Magellan.

* . *

One year has passed and these are the measures World Health Organization alleges will supposedly prevent your infection by the China virus. The ones about enclosed spaces and ventilation seem more credible than the rest but taken as a whole, these are things we can do on our own with no intervention from AUTHORITY. Information is power as demonstrated by Swedes and Taiwanese. We don't need IATF and the military-police, shut them all in the background and our coronavirus situation will be either the same or better.

Case in point, old style public utility jeepneys are many times safer than those expensive air-conditioned made in China "modern jeepneys" that occupy more road space and carry less passengers. As long as the open air jeepney is moving along the air flow retards the IATF virus. Yet they have long been forcing us to wear face shields riding enclosed buses, taxis and "modern jeepneys" while doing nothing about our cramped sidewalks, etc. Good government is competent but limited government, not all-powerful tyranny. Go Burma, Pyongyang or China if you prefer that.

20K new cases a day possible by April if surge not controlled —OCTA March 15
AP-NORC Poll: 1 in 5 in US Lost Someone Close in Pandemic

By close they mean close friendship or being a close relative to someone whom you are certain died of the China virus and for no other cause of death. You can see from that poll how serious the coronavirus situation in America is but in our case I do not know anyone who died and I do not know of anyone else who's been closely affected. That's why I do not take virus infection here seriously but what I take very seriously is the enhanced to the extreme madness of eternal lockdown.

Once again this is not to say the virus of China ought to be taken lightly. The Chinese disease can kill but curiously there isn't anyone here bothering to explain who it kills. It is all scare, scare, scare. Those graphs from Voice of America indicate that you are at the greatest risk if you are a black male over 85. This disease is racist, sexist and it spares the youngest while killing a significant percentage of the very oldest. Least affected by it are Orientals and Austronesians (like us) who are not in the far Pacific, and probably the pure Africans. Woke hypocritical polcorr proggie squeamishness blocks details as vital as this from consideration and discussion.

Labella, Rama support Duterte for VP plans, March 12, 2021
Cebu officials urge...Senator Bong Go for president and President Duterte for vice president

Biden is a much nicer personality in comparison to that other guy but don't mistake him for someone harmless. His first policy statement on the coronavirus crisis is summed up as DO AS I SAY. I remember Duterte saying that same thing to us everyday since March 2020 regarding the virus sent out by his favorite country and look where we are now. Not only do they not have the solution but they are the problem. Too much government. They like how nice the word progressive is when added to their name, never mind if the ensuing disaster is socialist and authoritarian.

Biden is a master politicker, a crafty veteran of the swamp but even if he was a credible intellectual (which he is not), Biden is older and emptier than President Reagan circa 1988. As National Review military historian Victor Davis Hanson says of this rubber stamp president under alternating control by Democrat swampers and radicals, "I don't think we have a president right now." China's guy assigned to Duterte is Bong Go and he has practically been declared a candidate to replace Duterte in 2022 who will slide down to vice president. The goal of China is to overthrow America from the global throne and henceforth dominate as it pleases. This is a country that systematically kills individuals and ethnic communities aside from polluting the sky and recklessly experimenting with dangerous viruses.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty featured a rejected pop song extolling the totalitarian regime of Belarus, "I'll teach you how to dance to the tune, I'll teach you to take the bait, I'll teach you to walk the line." Obey, obey, obey. Will Fauci lockdowns become the new Daylight Saving Time and join the immune herd of weird practices that do nothing good for the public but are done anyway for the sake of doing?

Compared to other politicians Rama has superior personal qualities but inevitably the absence of political principles in practically every single one of them will tempt him to partake in something as harmful as the Duterte for 2022 VP gimmick. The bottom line being that the Duterte VP train is a sinfully mouthwatering free ride in getting election campaign vote buying funds. The coronavirus scamdemic is also all about money, it is unprincipled but that is the only principle of politics and government where we live. And one real China's man is going to be Duterte's president.

'Shoot-to-kill' order vs IP activist already lifted, Cordillera police chief says
The Philippine National Police has bought 10 rapid deployable closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems with facial recognition features that can pick out identified terrorists and criminals from a crowd. PNP buys cameras for facial ID -March 10
Senators were again not amused with Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Debold Sinas’ reported skipping of health screening in Oriental Mindoro before learning that he was positive for COVID-19. Sotto: Everybody follows health protocols but not Sinas
PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva says he tested positive for COVID-19. "I TESTED POSITIVE. I'm sorry," he said in a Facebook post.
The New York Times
Taiwan, which has seen just 10 Covid-19 deaths and fewer than 1,000 cases, has used its success to sell something in short supply: living without fear of the coronavirus. Covid? What Covid? Taiwan Thrives as a Bubble of Normality
Fox News
Chicago decided to continue its St. Patrick’s Day tradition to dye the river green this year, fulfilling a pledge by the city in a bid to achieve some sense of normalcy during the coronavirus pandemic.
BBC News
A Great Gatsby-themed prom in Idaho had the tagline: "A little party never killed nobody". Three ways US schools are responding to the pandemic

See the kill orders are real. And about those facial ID tracking cameras the central national military-police now deploy, these are China devices using China software transmitting electronic data to China computer server systems for processing. Very convenient for them if you have had biometrics registered by government agencies or if you enrolled owner facial recognition in your Android phone. Equivalent to being in prison with a videocam trained at you inside the cell.

In that same post Villanueva had on FB right after Sinas was caught positive for coronavirus, he also included his own Chinese General Hospital swab document for the world to read. These top law enforcers disregard their own privacy so obviously they will also not hesitate to violate our joke-only laws that pretend to guard private personal information. Defund the police in America is madness. Give total power to the military-police in the Philippines is a hundred times that madness.

Open schools and businesses, they keep looking for self-serving excuses to deny us. It is not the virus they are scared of, it is normalcy. After how long they have kept this militaristic lockdown it will be hard for them relinquish the power to abuse. In the many places around the world where schools had reopened, little children cried to their parents, exulting in joy!

Is that the best they can do? I cannot believe how cheaply they think of the momentous historical turn we took when Magellan arrived and introduced the Philippine islands to Christ. Is it too much to ask a church not to violate its own religious freedom? Online almost always is garbage. Honor has been substituted with insult.

What kind of country gives the military-police the power to order all of you to stay at home just because it entered their mind that you should stay at home? A country of tyranny, a country of democracy in name only? A country where you can be killed with official sanction after a simple accusation of "communist" or "druggie" but this country is actually led by politicians allegiant to shabu-exporting Communist China.

You have two choices in 2022. The right choice is pro-American if you choose to survive as human and Christian.

* . *


Vaccine against Tagalog national language

You know what children in our non-Tagalog regions need? Protection not from the virus but from the law of our land. Your country has a constitution that is good only for Tagalogs, oligarchs and parasite politicians. Over two generations this constitution has preserved the Marcos system under which we worsen each year as it lives on as the most terrible and indestructible constitution in the world. Because of this constitution we have these politicians who deal in China drugs and China virus.

Bravo our good Archbishop but since your conference insists on praying the Oratio Propaganda, it should take a moment to ask if these same tactics the government applies on drugs and the China Virus are failing because of their same venality. Vietnam and Taiwan do not follow the commands of China therefore they are thousands of times better off than the Philippines and Indonesia. Look closer and decide if this is Crisis or Theater?

Understand human psychology as to why there are many who will be delighted at the opportunity to be rattan truncheon carrying military-police who are incentivized to strike and beat the hardheaded disobeyers of health theater protocol, many will take this job even if it is without pay. So very satisfying as in frat hazing.

Science? It depends. Rand Paul is a respected medical doctor and national politician unlike Fauci who is an expert in only one field. Quarantines and masking (never mind our ridiculous face shields) had for the year past been extremely effective worldwide against regular flu but hardly against China's virus pestilence. Theater is the correct word for those who uselessly spray disinfectant chemicals on streets, etc. Texas lifted its mask imposition and so far they remain alive.

SunStar Cebu
Wenceslao: Muted commemoration “On March 16, 1521, when Pilipins was discovered by Magellan...” The song has grammatical and factual errors but became popular for its novelty and more importantly because it reminded us of a past that was crucial in transforming the islands in this archipelago into a nation.
National Review
Just not this one. We Need a Department of Education

The 1521-2021 commemoration was deliberately forgotten by those orchestrating the lucrative covid-scamdemic but it should also be pointed out that Yoyoy Villame was a genius of the Cebuano culture. Yoyoy employed English lyrics in a way that would sound right to both discerning and tone-deaf listeners, you can't call that ungrammatical. And he has certainly imparted historical knowledge better to the young ones and the oldies who were not old once. Better than the superlousy Department of Education. Yoyoy inspired George Lucas to invent the Yoda of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. I love Yoyoy and I love Max. The Department of Education of the past 50 years I hate.

Fascist salutes while posing with the president and his Chinese puppetmaster Go, if it can be described in the mildest manner, look creepy. The governor of Cebu was obligated to do this along with some other politicians but the next picture was a surprise. Gwen intentionally without a mask makes the others look like effeminate sissies especially the president's Visayas boy. Boy by the way in some Cebuano dialects mean sulugoon, male serf. So does Gwen continue on her brave new direction or go back to the old? Pick up the whip Gwen and discipline these scamdemic lockdowner puppies.

Conflicting thoughts in Tagalog fill the mind of the president. Pandemic no big deal but impose strictest and longest lockdown in all the world. We have endured in the past worse things (like what?). Mention giving away free masks without even thinking that the best and most cost-effective time for that would have been one year ago and that masks, lockdowns and sanitizing have near zero impact at this late point. He asks us in Tagalog not be be afraid because he will stay with us. Now that makes me really scared.

Have pity on the boys and girls who live in this country governed by braggarts boasting of Department of Sports, this and that. This country of yours has the shortest kids in the planet and you braggarts own the blame for it. Food is scarce and expensive (scamdemic made it even worse and I thought it was already bad enough throughout the Marcos-Cory generations). And the Pinoy braggarts teach them Tagalog stuff that similarly stunts these dwarf kiddies' brain development, therefore the lowest school test results in the world. 1Sambayan nationalism-socialism gonna cure that disease?

* . *


March 2021

Great is God. Not is government. Corruption is our constitution

In 2021 we did not respectfully observe 500 years of the Christian journey to our islands and in 2022 our islanders will vote in an another corrupt election. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by those who exploit the China virus scamdemic to the hilt.

Miriam worsened corruption in the Philippines. By popularizing by way of her discourse a populist framework of corrupt political life, Miriam unknowingly made us numb to the corruption born on September 21, 1972. Corruption hence became an election campaign driver instead of a strict metric for evaluating individual official performance and the overall tolerability of the governing system.

Corruption sets in the first time an official goes outside the boundaries of his designated functions. To give an example that is difficult for most people to understand, the Philippines became a corrupt country the moment it moved to convert to Tagalog. In the first place this country was not created and would never have been created if the outright purpose was the creation of an all-Tagalog republic. Second there is corruption in all countries, it is unavoidable and as Gloria wisely undertook, you do what you can to moderate it. Anyone who runs with the claim to be that special someone to eliminate corruption is without exception a scammer politician.

Sen. Josh Hawley: 'Our Rights Come from God, Not Google.' This was at a conservative national conference in America. In the Philippines, your rights come from Duterte who is the government until his expiration in 2022. Jonah Goldberg of The Dispatch reminds us the job of an intellectual is to tell the truth, he always disapproves of those who game in popular front politics.

Oratio Propaganda, enough, enough, enough. Rama cried real tears back when he realized that no matter what he does as the only physically and intellectually healthy high official of Cebu City to rescue Sinulog, the police-military and government doctors will shut down or shoot down our Catholic traditions. 1521. We would have no history and no country if Magellan came not and even that would have been forgotten had the Spaniards not sent a third fleet 44 years after. Spain and Mexico we owe for who we are. Pray yes but more than that condemn the agents of Chinese coronavirus.

What differentiates conservative from progressive? If we reduce politics to black and white those are the only two kinds. Conservatives seek the good in the past and present so they can have something to guide the future. Progressives concentrate on what they consider to be bad at the moment and invent what they think will be good for everyone, including those who disagree. National socialism, Hitler and China cannot by this measure be categorized conservative, so in a black and white political world they are that other one.

What makes our oligarchic Nazi country different from the rare civilized republic which the US is? Pence pictured below on the day of the DC Capitol riot conferring with police on the street illuminates several things about the American way of life.

Like many others in America, Pence is a decent and competent politician. He went out to help in the DC streets during the January 6 commotion and spoke to officers of the peace like a normal man to normal men. Republican Pence tried to do his duty in a capital city competely under the control of Democrats who did nothing to secure it beforehand. Compare him to the ranking doctor of a major Manila medical center injecting himself gloveless with Sinovac but fully armored in biowarfare gear.

Dr. Doom Fauci acting like the high priest of the coronavirus religion is the last person I want to be in charge of my health. Conservatives prioritize controlling themselves. Progressives cannot wait to control others. Woke progressivisticism provides the reason why they coincided with their vaccination week those consecutive days of alarming daily case counts counted using the inaccurate counting thresholds of their multifangled swab tests. Vaccinate a token few more, present less counts, and voila, congratulations self!

Daily new COVID-19 cases in NCR may reach 5,000 by March 31 —OCTA
PHL so far vaccinated 44,000, says Galvez -March 9
Duterte repeats advice to use gasoline as a COVID-19 disinfectant

Cuomo deliberately undercounted aged care home deaths in NY. He had his own self serving political reasons for doing so. New York's governing harasser did not have an incentive to overcount because personally it would not profit him monetarily and the crisis environment itself was all too real. In 2020 the carbon and road death counts (CO2-climate change, traffic accidents) did not budge in spite of severe economic curtailment forced by the China virus. China pollution output even increased in 2020, all of which defied conventional wisdom.

But if you want to be alarmed, let it be the kill order blurted out by Duterte this month for communists. As they did with druggies before, the centralized national police have been given free hand to shoot anyone who for any reason is alleged to be this or that, more kudos if they report somebody fought back. Consider yourself fortunate that many other places in the world need vaccines much more than we do although our crazy eternal lockdown quarantine imposition fabricates the impression that we have the worst situation.

Vaccines of Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca originate from the countries that are in the direst need and while they are outputing heroic quantities these are barely enough for their own requirements currently. It is doubtful Russia can even partially meet external orders for the Gamaleya product while the low quality China variant vaccines are derived from the oldest technology subject to manufacturing unreliability issues.

After their first week wherein they could only manage 4,000 Sinovac daily, they are now boasting that this will soon be in the hundreds of thousands. But in that initial span where less than a million arrived by plane, and after having dramatized so many public simulations, they could only serve 29,000 jabs. If it takes one decade then there will be two incoming presidents who'll see this through. 'Too little too late' was the Cito Beltran column on Philippine Star last March 1 in which he dismisses this vaccination zarzuela.

Pope Francis vowed Sunday to keep Iraq in his heart, as he concluded the largest mass and final public event of a historic trip meant to encourage the country’s dwindling Christian community and deepen interfaith dialogue.
"We reaffirm our conviction that fraternity is more durable than fratricide, that hope is more powerful than hatred, peace more powerful than war," said Pope Francis in Iraq's ruined city of Mosul. _
President Duterte has called on the nation to help free women from the “bondage of inequality,” citing their indispensable role in the country’s progress. Duterte asks Filipinos: Help free women from 'bondage of inequality'

Similarities are aplenty concerning the 2020-21 coronavirus lockdown and 1972-86 Martial Law. Marcos employed the communist bogey and this time around it is virus from China being used to scare us into dog-like submission. When was the year when women were not free, were unequal and oppressed in Christian areas of the Philippine Islands? I don't know but I know that there were two international reports last year that described our school-age children in the worst possible way. Bugo. Putot. The worst underachievers and the shortest in height.

'Too little too late' also applies to the visit to Iraq, one of the last bastions of Catholic-Orthodox Christianity alongside Lebanon and Syria. After Saddam was ousted and Islamic jihad raged, the Christians of Mesopotamia were for the most part driven away or killed. Peace is not more powerful than war. Peace does not seek power, and if it did, that would make it tyranny.

Conservative voices can be heard in America by those who have not been captured by mainstream media while in "progressive" Philippines we are all prisoners of militarized lockdown. The first states in America to discard Fauci regimentation are those led by conservative governors, by the defenders of individual liberty. By opening the economy they restore normalcy and discard the abnormal.

Last month the national-central police commanded Valentine celebrants to divert their horny inclinations to virtual dates aka go online Tiktok YouTube Messenger Zoom, perform porno stunts. Now they have issued yet another selectively enforceable directive disseminated in official modernized standard Tagalog against all intimacy for everyone. Only when I read the Englishized version did I understand this newest act of fascist control. Bangko Sentral has also been blasting Tagalog text messages to you but so very strangely these are about the scammers making hay in the scamdemic fabricated by government.

British pupils had been barred from school almost all winter but are now going back. They were never in any real danger but at least luckily for them it was only for two brief months. Sad if they were enrolled here in the Philippines.

* . *

Education Secretary Leonor Briones said that the Philippines remains the “only country” in Southeast Asia that has yet to resume face-to-face learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Youths are out of school, or not learning in class GOTCHA - Jarius Bondoc (The Philippine Star) February 12, 2021
"The fact that teachers have to stand on rooftops just to get a signal is a condemnation of our state of affairs." Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) February 17, 2021
Senator Sherwin Gatchalian on Wednesday rallied lawmakers to heed calls for a thorough review of the government’s K to 12 Program, and the need to introduce drastic reforms to solve the country’s education crisis. Gatchalian wants review of K-12 program amid the pandemic ­_ February 25, 2021
Teachers urge Duterte to rethink decision on face-to-face classes

The president stated on March 1 that he envisions the country returning to normalcy in 2023 therefore we can expect him to continue the insanity of shutting down schools and the economy as he keeps moving the goalposts of the coronavirus game. Somebody seems to love abnormal a great deal. Education is important and it is not just for educating our undernourished short kids. Normal school operations mean parents can go to work properly.

I had little idea how lousy awful their remote schooling implementation is until I stumbled on a Grade 5 public school paper module asking the pupil to write down his thoughts on how Microsoft PowerPoint can be applied to poster creation. Not that I think there are zero pupils capable of manipulating presentation software but who in his right mind will presume that all families can afford the luxury of a desktop Office suite that costs several thousand pesos? Or that technical writing gifts are superabundant in the ten-year-old population? Nuts, DepEd. Lowest score in the world.

The nation of Cebu needs a leader.

Gov. Gwen Garcia facebook
Governor Gwen Garcia found the recommendations to place Cebu in lockdown on the basis of mutations of the Covid-19 virus detected here to be "strange, if not premature". "Ay mo'g pataka dinha pang-rekomendar og lockdown, sayunan lang mo, no? Wa man gani mo mang-rekomendar og lockdown sa mga Metro Manila cities nga tag-as pud kaayo ang mga positive cases. I wonder why? Is it because ni-announce ko nga Cebu is open for domestic tourism now?" Garcia noted, adding that the lockdown would further hurt the Province's economy. #DontMessWithCebu

But first the Cebuanos should stop selling their votes starting with the 2022 election.

The Freeman
Leni Open To Run For President; Pacquiao, Chiz Top OCTA Senatorial Survey | OneNews.PH
The Freeman
Talisay fire victims receive help from Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go. This time, the office of the senator has distributed assistance to 45 families
The Freeman
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque led yesterday the nationwide launching of Health Assistance on Recover and Rehabilitation for You (H.A.R.R.Y.) Med Assist in partnership with Cebu City Councilor Prisca Niña Mabatid. Roque launches medical assistance program in Cebu

A weak Cebu bows down to the Tagalog national language. We should ban it.

The Freeman
Gullas issued the statement yesterday on the occasion of the worldwide observance of International Mother Language Day. “When it comes to formal learning in schools, we should encourage English as the teaching language as early as possible,” said Gullas.

By the way if you want to understand why food is scarce and expensive, look up the column of Alex Magno:
Shortage _ Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) - February 18, 2021
Spike _ Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) - February 9, 2021
We have a food price regime higher than other neighboring countries. That explains high levels of poverty and malnutrition – along with their secondary effects such as poor literacy and low IQ levels.
There is no justice in putting the survival of inefficient producers over that of poor consumers. Our consumers have been screwed for too long by fake economics of protectionism.

In the Sunday reading's Genesis passage, Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac. God was pleased with the patriarch's absolute willingness to follow Him and he was blessed with the legacy of a great nation that lives on thousands of years later to this day. If you dislike blessings for your nation, just follow the path of China and Hitler. Or be struck like the non-Cebuano archbishop of Cebu who kept silent when Fiesta Senor Santo Nino was cancelled even as Manila's Nazareno feast was just half curtailed. GABA for the cowardice that has become our new faith. See how NBA-Lebron and Francis bend over to China.

The Freeman
Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma and Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino have recovered from COVID-19. March 1, 2020
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) will reportedly “force” Cebu Province to follow protocols...

Gwen posted a European report questioning if covid testing magic had been used to create an illusion intended to hype a supposedly out of control virus pandemic. That of the less than three million deaths attributed to coronavirus #19, a large number did not die of it per se or may never had been adversely infected before dying of other causes. ( _ recommended high cycle count CT for PCR tests would produce an exorbitant number of false positives for COVID)

BBC is a guilty participant in the covid fake news of the century enterprise. BBC is slightly better than others in the mainstream media but their distortion of the Papua status to crisis proportions should be pointed out. Only a total of 5 deaths as of last September and rising to just 12 total this month yet on the first of March their 'Covid map: Coronavirus cases, deaths, vaccinations by country' daily update stated: "Papua New Guinea is currently the worst-affected country in the region after seeing a recent spike in cases." That is a big lie.

Tanzania has hovered in the 20 deaths 500 infections range this year, so it was once again strange yet familiar seeing another alarming headline hyping infection armageddon in an African country that is not one of those colder mixed race (or high Neanderthal strain) places that China's virus favors.

Al Jazeera English
After months of downplaying deadly disease, government officials have urged people to take precautions and wear masks. Tanzania COVID U-turn ‘a good move’ – but is it good enough?
Malacañang announced on Saturday that the government’s Covid-19 task force has approved uniform travel protocols for all local government units. IATF OKs uniform travel protocols; No more mandatory Covid-19 test, quarantine unless…
Metro Manila will be spending another month under general community quarantine along with eight other areas, Malacañang announced Saturday

In this government's covid comedy we saw this laughable episode where DILG threatened Gwen for defying in Cebu their quarantine overkill policy and then the following day going through the motions of lifting travel passes nationwide and then the following day deciding to maintain the extreme quarantine lockdown of the Manila region.

Their enjoyment of unlimited covid powers has been so addictive that they will never voluntarily end the forever quarantine fed psychoactively by their forever coronavirus zarzuela. "Federalism was Duterte’s campaign promise" was the Philstar column of Carmen Pedrosa last January 31 in which she pathetically evaded making the logical conclusion after it has long been clear that nothing is ever going to happen and that we have deteriorated into even worse fascistic nationalist centralism than from the time of Noynoy. Duterte has caused us more harm and so will the next president. Who might also remove more of our old Christian holidays but retain the new Chinese/Muslim ones.

China's virus has to date produced many more covid millionaires than either actual or alleged covid deaths. Scam is the word. Soliven's column (Wretchedness _ Philstar) ragingly thunders "While many countries have learned how to deal with the aggressive virus, we seem to be defeated by it in many ways. Why can’t we conquer the virus? Why can’t we learn to live with it?"


Friendly notice: has a brief piece on Cebuano being wrecked by the China coronavirus.
How fake are the results of coronavirus testing? As Gwen Garcia posted in February, judge for yourself the report exposing COVID falsification. This is a small pdf file.

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