It has been observed, as the pandemic claims more victims, that the surge and spread of COVID cases actually favor Duterte. --Federico Pascual (The Philippine Star) July 30, 2020

Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be --Paul McCartney, 1969


September 28, 2020

Education as a blend of disaster and calamity

Before proceeding to the further deterioration of Philippine education that has been lousy since the martial law years, we pause to pray for our government personnel to become less stupider in matters coronavirus and all else. Look this up:

How a Bus Ride Turned Into a Coronavirus Superspreader Event - The New York Times Setpember 1, 2020

I've noticed that a lot of the sealed-environment airconditioned buses allowed by the government in lieu of the still restricted semi-open jeepneys are the same make as the China bus in the above report. We are lucky that the China virus has a harder time proliferating in the Philippines. As someone who has always distrusted the official infection and mortality data sloppily put together by government, let me invite you to look this up using,, or even

Data - Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) - September 17, 2020

Since the start of the insane shutdown forcibly imposed by government in mid-March, we still do not know how real or even existential is the danger presented by the China Virus in the places where we live. Power trip is the one and only thing important to them. Scamdemic managed by populist-nationalist authoritarianism is not a matter to ignore, so before proceeding to the education topic, let's ask whether we should continue pretending to be the most gravely endangered location in the entire coronavirus planet or should we stop preventing children from being properly schooled?

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OA or overacting is the right description for a country behaving the way that ours has when in fact it is not among those seriously hit by the China virus. Twenty-four and a half million minors are starting long-delayed "school" in October even as a few million have failed to re-enroll. Why are the above text blasts from your telecom relevant to online education ambitions of DepEd? Because those two telecoms are the only means for homeschooling households to participate and obviously PLDT and Globe (to a lesser extent) are bent on wasting scarce internet bandwidth on commecialized social media instead of dedicating existing tower capacities to productive business and proper education.

That same Lancet medical report counting us among the not scary instances of countries invaded by the Chinese coronavirus also laughingly mocks us at #66 in terms of effectiveness in pandemic suppression ( even though this government's shutdown and militarization obsession is one of the severest worldwide. OA - overacting. To think that this government craves to mold the behavior of children before they reach the legal age for participation in the vote buying and selling market. There also is the question of user security for those who are digitally committed to Chinese devices and Chinese software/apps.

Business Daily - Africa's malware problem - BBC
04 Sep 2020 Many Africans are buying Chinese-made smartphones that steal their information

The most ideal spot for a spreader to infect others with his China Coronavirus droplets is a small enough confined space where cold air is internally recirculated. Airplane travel is considered safe because fresh air is drawn externally. Trains and ground transport are safer if windows are not closed. And if doubts persist about masks being of questionable protective value then all those legally prescribed plastic shields and barriers must be undoubtedly nil, null and nada. But of course coercive enforcement by government is good for skyrocketing the sale of hand disinfectant and other stuff. Government officials and connected vendors get rich.

That apparently has little to do with the education disaster cooked up by government but this still ties up to the administrative obfuscation of essential and non-essential. If it has the potential to make them money, it is essential so damn the consequences. Government forced the public to buy millions upon millions of those low-reusability synthetic parapahernalia which of course are going to be thrown away after which the activist geniuses will cry about the need to dispose them where our eyes can't see them. And as fake white sand has been dumped into Manila Bay, Cebu is now painting entire lanes of its roads with green enamel elastomer. As kids recite, rain, rain, go away. And as a Tagalog comedian used to say long ago, that's a lot of nonsense. Ditto the Philippine Department of Education centralized unitary curriculum.

Hong Kong embarks on mass virus testing amid criticism - BBC News
When most of Europe locked down their populations early in the pandemic by closing schools, restaurants, gyms and even borders, Swedes kept enjoying many freedoms. Sweden spared surge of virus cases but many questions remain September 20, 2020

Why did Hongkongers resist the puppet administration's attempt to sneakily collect their individual DNA signatures via mass testing ("justified" by a staged outbreak hysteria) so these can be handed over to the communists in Peking, China? Because like the Swedes they are intelligent and not easily fooled into acts of self-harm. In Hongkong and Sweden they chose not to hide from the virus, they fought back with information and collaboration, civilians together with trustworthy public servants.

After the Manila, Makati and Pasig mayors doled out a token quantity of laptops and tablets to some residents, copycats cropped up elsewhere including Cebu. So few are going to get those underpowered devices, so many are either going to have to spend an inordinate amount or do without. Tablets with large screens and uptodate internals are rare while laptops can get disrupted by Microsoft updates. If you go for better hardware, prices listed in computer shops are markedly higher compared to what they were charging last year and are between 25-50% more expensive than OEM international retail. Component selection is disappointingly narrow. I learned from a working class family that the budget they needed for digital equipment of three public school students was around one hundred thousand pesos. This has been the consistent modus operandi of the scamdemic, create artificial demand for China products, enjoy the kickbacks.

Given that pupils do not learn enough useful knowledge in physical classrooms with DepEd teachers, they learn even less in those experimental online sessions, we just do not know how much less is less. In the private institutions that started last August, supervising parents for the most part are drained after running after one or more of their children during "school" hours. In the essence of the essential versus non-essential, DepEd has practically abdicated on education so it should now give up and surrender to parents the task of choosing their own online schooling provider along with the choice for the most appropriate curriculum. Even the low-cost to free state colleges have become unaffordable.

Zoom hijacks, intermittent connectivity and disciplinary issues are only some of the reasons why a homeschool-competent parent should be around for supervision. Those who've stayed in college dormitories remember how not spacious their accommodations were and that if they studied inside their rooms, it was to get drowsy so to sleep better. How is a preteen going to learn anything inside his house under the system deviced by incompetent DepEd? On that day in October 2020 when more than 25 million elementary, HS and college students will be simultaneously accessing the internet, will fixed and mobile connections be firmly subscribed by the two telecoms? Or is the system going to be oversaturated even when just a fraction are fighting for heavy duty online access?

Despair at the hopelessness of the Philippine situation after digesting this inane conversation between its two topmost leaders, both unworthy individuals. It can explain everything that is wrong. Officials who think and act wrongly and plant us in the deep mud of the Tagalog national language. President and vice, admin in power and opposition in office, they are actually the same same.

It's not all bad news. The other day I overheard a parent ask a visiting Fil-Am mother why she talks to her US-born toddler in the Cebuano language. Unbelievable. Bless her.


September 19, 2020

A Country of Our Own

Mel Gibson's Braveheart is a 1995 film that is familiar to many who have been part of the Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelaga or DILA. A Country of Our Own stood out among its many battle cries but we take heed of William Wallace admonishing his folk that independence has no point if there is no freedom, if it continues to be withheld. A country of freedom does not burden its citizens with unattended Jihad terror, suffocating megagovernment and the China menace, all at the same time. You also would never see DepEd personnel costumed in full hazmat PPE gear, photographed unstacking hazardous materials (school textbooks) for distribution in an attempt to scare you into mindless obedience.

Did you know that travellers from Singapore and Thailand will not be quarantined when they enter the UK and that the reason for this is our two neighbors have intelligently put the China Virus epidemic under containment? We have not. The top leaders of "your" country raising their fists and putting us under quarantine shutdown for 18 months supposedly underscores their determination to do everything they can for our good. But what good has come out of it?

Ask democratic Taiwan the secret of their success. Their government exploited world-leading information technology to collaborate with citizens, not for surveillance and not for the evil intent of totalitarian control. They value freedom and do not abuse artificial intelligence tech, they are not China. We worsened because we put humanity at the bottom and the corrupt state on top. We have forgotten the purpose of country and government.

COVID-19 state of calamity extended to September 2021
Duterte extends state of calamity in PH for one more year

3,257 new cases push PHL COVID-19 tally to almost 280k

Increasing teen pregnancy in PH: 40-50 children aged 10 to 14 give birth every week, POPCOM reports.

A Country of Our Own

Thank you for visiting the work of David Martinez on our website. The favorite section of his admirers is usually the piece on blame as some sort of political religion of the corrupt and the ill-educated. See below, the transfer of blame for the sins of the Philippine Government against us. And below that pall of darkness is shimmering light from Christians opposed to tyranny. One more conservative justice coming up for the highest court of the greatest country on earth. (Not your country the Philippines.)

Philippine Star, September 19, 2020
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque lashed out at the European Parliament for threatening to impose more burden on Filipinos already suffering from the effects of the coronavirus disease pandemic.

The San Francisco archbishop is urging Catholics to “Free the Mass” and publicly demonstrate against the coronavirus restrictions on worship. San Francisco Archbishop Calls Catholics to Protest Worship Restrictions




September 10, 2020

The scamdemic of Imperial Manila and the singular theology of Terror

understanding the true terrorist's true motivation 83 kb pdf (Afghanistan The detention centre for teenage Taliban members - BBC News)

8 foreign terrorists hiding in PH – AFP

Increased night fighting and patrol capabilities, together with modern warfare equipment, will again be denied the country’s national defense. P209.1 B not enough budget for military next year -solons September 9, 2020

CDN Digital
Distribution of financial aid of senior citizens in Cebu City strictly house-to-house September 4, 2020

SunStar Cebu
5 village chiefs in Cebu suspended for 6 months over SAP anomalies September 13, 2020
Barangay enforcers in Parañaque will receive 20 percent of fines paid by people who violate ordinances to curb the spread of COVID-19. Parañaque enforcers to get 20% of COVID-19 fines September 12, 2020

$10.9B extended to PH for COVID-19 response _ Mobile

Only 1 person under investigation for coronavirus in Cebu
CEBU CITY, Philippines – There is only one person being probed for the coronavirus in Cebu as of Tuesday, March 17, according to the Department of Health Central Visayas.

Coronavirus: Hong Kong on verge of 'large-scale' outbreak, says Carrie Lam 29 July 2020

DOH: Dengue cases in PH drop by 76%

SunStar Cebu
THE Cebu City Government reports a 77 percent availability of Covid-19 dedicated beds in the city’s public and private hospitals, which means that only 23 percent of beds are currently occupied. Reader Comment: Juancho V Nihinay ang covid kay nasakpan ang mafia

SunStar Philippines
The Department of Health (DOH) recorded Saturday, September 12, the highest number of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) deaths in a day, with nearly 200 fatalities. Philippines sees highest number of deaths in a day

Bacolod, Lanao Sur on strict lockdown

Despite Strict Lockdown, Spain Sees Sharp COVID-19 Spike _ Voice of America September 8, 2020

China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers

Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in Xinjiang
Disney Thanks Chinese Communist Party for Allowing Mulan to Be Filmed in Xianjiang, Near Uyghur Concentration Camps

* . * . *

Item one was the Cebu sand on Manila Bay extravagance and last item is the Disney movie produced per the political specifications of China.

Just this time are we going to look at a bunch of graphical news snippets, references and a document pertaining to the SCAM they have created out of what they call Coronavirus-19, followed by this brief commentary. From the standpoint of engineering logistics, there cannot be any feasibility in the Imperial Manila Government's ambition to fill up Manila Bay with filling materials extracted from Cebu. Beyond the questions of supply quantity and bulk transport practicality, there is the matter of all that coastal reclamation minerals stolen from Manila colony Cebu for the sheer purpose of colonial/imperial symbolism simply washing away either instantaneously in one storm surge hitting the low-level metropolis or by years of natural wave erosion.

No different from those artificial islands dumped by Communist-Fascist China right in the middle of the Philippine-Vietnam Sea which also are bound to wash away some day. Their only reason is their need to project imperial power, China over province Philippines and Manila over colony Cebu. Biden's pet malarkey applies to the alibi of Malacanang that this is for the mental health of Manila's citizens or "environmental nourishment" as one of them says.

Separation of church and state is only a joke. Corrupt officials down from the lowly barangay/village up to the executive branch posts misuse Catholic prayer as a mask to hide their true identity. Thieves. Churches damaged by quakes do not receive state funds but a mosque affected by massive jihad terror invasion of a Muslim city will do. Mostly this is due to ignorance of right and wrong. This is a problem Duterte and the progressivistics have. Refusal to acknowledge the fact that only one religion bears a systematic theological basis (not literary history) for terroristic behavior against competitors. Compare what happened to the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist bomber in present day still Christian America and to a "blasphemer" in Boko Haram land.

What does a Strict Lockdown accomplish? From our recent experience, more money going to corrupt officials/cohorts and more virus infection statistics. It is profitable and it pummels citizens into submission to government power. But why is there still plenty of corruption and meth drugs after the election of a certain Iron-Handed Reformer back in 2016? As Star columnist Pamintuan was previously quoted, China drug operators simply love the circumstances of their Philippine livelihood.

On the first day of the 2020 shutdown quarantine insanity, only sixty-four cases had thus far been counted and most were government personnel infected through frequent exposure to Chinaman visitors. From that number on March 14, the government announced 4,195 on April 11, a span of time wherein the total cases admitted officially by China started not moving from the 80,000 range. By May 12, the cases of positive infection declared for Cebu City started catching up with Quezon City, the original topnotcher. We don't know what has really happened inside China but we know that despite the raising of nominally different quarantine grades all over the Philippines fortnightly or monthly, it's been practically the same lockdown-shutdown applied everywhere the entire time. The figures look fishy the moment you examine these.

As China went on a serious but highly secretive shutdown/lockdown before March, they had to release high case positivity and mortality figures to look partly credible. Shortly thereafter once the home-brewed epidemic was "controlled", the virus figures released by China were noted by external observers to be made up numbers based on its nonconformity to random distribution patterns. There are many who think that China policy has been followed in here and if so, that would mean Chinese operatives have been assigned secret consultants of the Imperial Manila government.

A glance at Wikipedia and Worldometers would suggest statistical improbity in the official case and mortality charts. We also do not know how much they have reduced their dependence on the use of defective testing kits nor the integrity of cause of death determination. Concentrating on Cebu City infections, the weekly swings look not only fishy but motivated by political agenda. Essentially nothing different has been done between June and September yet we've been fed inconsistent scary numbers and self-congralutory flattened digits. The Peking puppet in Hongkong uses the same playbook though unfortunately for her the people there are better educated.

It is not a coincidence that after admitting in August they overspent or squandered whatever little money we had (meaning no more "subsidies", etc.) the officials numbers suddenly are no longer as alarming as before. Of course inconsistencies betray them like the day the entire Philippines recorded the highest number of chinavirus fatalities (200) but Cebu region reported no deaths. Somebody is still trying to fool someone. Sweden courageously refused to shutdown-lockdown and though it quickly resulted in them entering the median mortality rate in the civilized "Western" world, Sweden remains at the 5,000 dead and 80,000 positive cases range for four months now since June. In exchange for economic and sociocultural sanity, I call that acceptable, their partnership of government and citizen a success. And to think that our country is not one of those where the China Virus thrives well and kills hard.

He lets Chinese criminals off the hook so it is just fair that he allow a visiting American military personnel who was a young man when he murdered a young Filipina to now be deported. Or maybe Duterte empathized with the guy who felt violated when he found out that the "Filipina" who enticed him to sexual congress and senate was actually also a young man, a he, one who had been taking dangerous feminizing drugs.

Aside from our dehumanizing barangay gay pageant culture and lousy justice system, our confrontation with reputedly the deadliest disease epidemic in history is managed by a health department that disseminates nonsensical advisories in the Tagalog national language. Do not expect the government to begin taking this seriously until they know that the number of Covid millionaires has already been surpassed by the number of China Virus dead ( 3,875 Deaths).

How much more are we going to accept the expansion of intrusive government (central and local) in the Philippines? This stray FB capture of the Robredo and PNP news reports from September 12 beg this question. There's also one with the president thanking the people for their total obedience and crediting government control as the bestest means to control the virus of his friend China. The national police wants us to spy on each other the way it is done by the communists and Robredo wants you to sign up with her "employment" website. In both cases your online engagement allows them to capture your personal information via Google-FB browserspycode. Too much government. It was conservative politician Ronald Reagan who warned his countrymen there is no problem that government cannot make worse.


September 1, 2020

Black Panther matters

The Black Panther is no longer with us. Here was a man who lived on for the few years he had left as fully as humanly possible. He'd also portrayed men who were real life heroes, a Supreme Court justice and a baseball pro. We should all be so ashamed of our cowardly response to the Chinese virus in contrast to his stoic courage. It also comes to my mind that America is not a racist country, much of the world is racist. Not racist is my explanation why in 2018 Black Panther outgrossed the American box office take of Avengers Infinity War. Not so elsewhere because no other country takes liberty and equality as seriously as America.

Our Lady brought us a critical message last century and last week a movie about her only confirmed appearance in modern times was released in America. The Passion of the Christ (2004) is the only contemporary religious film to make all-time top fifteen and I do not expect that regrettable fact to change. I used to open boxofficemojo weekly to check on how much Hollywood-Disney has disintegrated filmdom to the nirvana of emptiness. It seems theaters are reopened in North America and it will be a blessing for us to also witness on screen our Mother's warning to humankind.

China practices slavery to this day just as in our past it was customary in Philippine regions not Christianized by Spain. We were made better by Spain and so did America. I think you know what country is only going to make us worse because it already has done so much harm.
Senator Nancy Binay slammed the DOH for its pronouncement that it is too early to conclude that COVID-9-infected Chinese tourists, who visited the country this year, helped spread the virus. Binay to DOH: Explain origin of COVID-19 infection in PH
Sen. Nancy Binay rebuked the DOH for twisting facts and sowing misinformation on the origins of COVID-19 in the Philippines and how it started spreading in the country.
217,396 cases August 31, 2020
DOH eyes five hospitals for Sinovac vaccine trials
Metro Manila mayors recommending GCQ for another 30 days
For the first time in the history of the United States census, “Filipino” is included as a choice on questions pertaining to a respondent’s ethnicity. ‘Filipino’ added as ethnicity choice in US census

Your Philippines keeps on getting crazier everyday. I don't how much was expended to lobby and convince the US government that FILIPINO is an ethnic classification that exists outside the delusional imaginarium. Even corrupt pols like the Binays have reached their limits after eating too much government bullshit dispensed in this scamdemic we are mired in. Of course we know why there are people who want to absolve China and the Chinese of blame. They get many rewards for turning us into China's province. Insufficient laboratory monkeys in Wuhan too for the Sinovac biological weapon but there's no shortage of human guinea pigs in Manila-Cebu hospitals to sell to China.

Undanga na ninyo ang tinonto sa virus sa Insik

* . * . *


Could we have overdone this business of across-the-board lockdowns?
We are on record as having imposed the longest and toughest lockdown in the region. Still, we have the highest case numbers among the ASEAN countries.
To be sure, that strategy (whatever its merits might be) produced an economic landscape that resembles Beirut after that huge explosion.
Poverty kills too. --Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) August 22, 2020


August 25, 2020

In 1987 Cory and Marcos begat a bastard

Philippine Star
ONE News: The Philippine National Police and the Department of National Defense assured the public they would not support any call for a revolutionary government while Malacañang said it had nothing to with it. August 24, 2020 NONSENSE: Call For Revolutionary Government Dismissed For Being Unconstitutional; No Probe, Charges Against Convenors

Gerald Ford in an quick quote by conservative intellectual Jay Nordlinger, taken from a NationalReview podcast this year with Kevin Williamson: "Government that is big enough to give you all that you want is also big enough to take away everything you have."

Now what does the above have to do with the alleged plot of the minions, cronies and Pekingese sponsors of Duterte to take over the country as completely as they can this late in the day? First we need to go back to why Duterte was a popular candidate for president late in 2015. The perception of voters was such that he was the only one who had the testicles to dare change the system that politically, socially and culturally decays the Philippines. Based on prior attempts to attack the essentially unchanged system we've had throughout the Cory-Marcos generations, the reality was that only right after his inauguration in mid-2016 could the president have pulled off a revolutionary self-putsch that would lead into system change. And that could have gone either north or south, left or right if his heart back then had been dead set on change.

And now they're contemplating some sort of coup (like the recent one in Mali) or are still rumormongering congressional amendment of the Cory Constitution. The reason this is total nonsense is that there is no more time. And if they force things in taking the illegal path of coercion, the more so we'd have no reason to entrust systemic alteration to a cabal that has proven itself addicted to expanding central government power that had already been too much to begin with. Ford was correct in warning us that big bad government is a threat to life, liberty and property. To trust Duterte and company is suicide. He promised federalism and gave us China's coronavirus.

The Bayan coalition of nationalist communists dismissed revolutionary talk as a diversionary tactic and I really think these hypocrites are on the mark considering that their life goal is revolution as the path to tyrannical power. Let's face it, government of 2016-2022 is more corrupt and more incompetent than the one from 2010-2016 and there is every reason to believe that the next one in 2022-2028 will be marked by worse incompetence and worse corruption. A Duterte-led revolution to avert all that? Not through an admin this corrupt and this incompetent. It has surfaced only now but there is a faction in the military committed to opposing the China-Duterte axis.

Parlade hits lack of gov’t action to stop China incursions, reclamations

Plenty of political will out there in making the public suffer the Chinese pandemic while zero political will against being ruled by the evil communist-fascists of China. It all boils down to the unamendable constitution, the one that makes it easy for officials to profit from the Chinese coronavirus. Coronavirus and constitution, hard to say which one they love better.

I concede the unfairness of calling the 1987 Constitution the Cory Constitution but only because this leaves out credit to someone who should be memorialized properly by calling it Cory-Marcos constitution. It is their BongNoy lovechild. El bastardo invincible.

The fake federalism bayanihan Tagalog supremacist nationalism constitution initiative failed to move beyond the private committee stage because it essentially was the same Cory-Marcos constitution. The constitution that in 1987 replaced the 1972 Constitution was not a copy of the original 1972 edition, in fact Marcos mostly ignored or at times mangled this legitimate constitution while doing his kleptodictatorial thing. I can't even remember a single moment in my life wherein the existence of the 1972 Constitution was perceptible in the slightest.

This constitution we currently have, this Cory-Marcos s.o.b., had the political perversities of the Marcos kleptodictatorship codified in gobbledygook provisions that reward official malfeasance, force on us degrading livelihoods and turn elections into buy and sell wet markets filthier than Wuhan. But it does a good job of pretending to be "democratic" to those who do not know any better.

IS militants claim responsibility for Sulu blasts

DOH logs 2,965 new COVID-19 cases; total now at 197,164

Jihad bombings and domination by China of their province Philippines, is there more we need to suffer or is there a certain national pride in achieving the 200,000 infected mark? While government branches were too busy "working" on their magnificent new anti-terror law, they failed to stop the national police from killing Army Intelligence operatives in Sulu tasked to hunt Islamic Jihad terrorists. Please do not despair too much my friends.

And so we end with the Oratio Imperata for coronaveerusonenine. When will we learn to trust God more than state "solutions" and deal honestly with the true enemy (whether in prayer or in deed)? If one man can get hit by the worst coronavirus in history and then live to be 116 years old, I see not one single good reason to cooperate with the government's plan to have us die in fear. I will never be unsuspicious of a government whose government motto is in government we trust. Wait, it seems that there is a hush-hush treatment for the China virus that is being secretly and selectively administered to VIPs like Bong Revilla. So, there is no cause anymore to foolishly wait for Duterte's vaunted Russian Sputnik vaccine.


August 19, 2020

Appreciating the conservative work of Phyllis Schlafly

Kamala, Hillary, Elizabeth Pocahontas? A far better American woman there was in the 1950s who remained a force in world politics until 2016. FX cable had a series about this conservative hardliner's six decade commitment to her family's cause. Phyllis was a traditionalist conservative role model who'd fit into the FAR RIGHT scaremongering of left-sympathizing BBC and by worse exemplars of the mainstream media.

BBC News 6 June 2020 Coronavirus: Far-right Rome protest turns briefly violent

'Anything they wanted to take, they can take': BLM throws support behind Chicago looters after $60M in damages _
Washington Post accused of ‘sounding like Antifa's publicist’ with glowing feature on Portland protesters _

Anyone holding a public demonstration who is neither genderistician nor socialisticacious is automatically far right according to New York Times, etc. The footage at the conclusion of the Schlafly story on FX turned out to be facially accurate insofar as portrayal of the 1970s feminists is concerned. But not being familiar with our conservative heroine, it surprised me that the real Phyllis Schlafly was more feminine than as portrayed by Cate Blanchett, an actress underrated for her intensive subtlety. For far too many years have showrunners found artistic merit in villainizing sociopolitically conservative men and women.

By my measure more conservative than Reagan himself, she was a girl of uncommon strength, the kind of girl who deserves to be the first woman president. Phyllis Schlafly, Catholic Republican, very highly educated housewife and mother of many, author of books on nuclear arms race and false liberation-rights movements of the left.

Though she fought the communists and gender disruptors, few probably know what she would have said about the Hagia Sophia museum, the great cathedral of Constantinople up to the 1400s, converted once more by the dictator of Turkey back to a full time mosque. But her words would not be words of weakness.

Pope Francis responded by saying that his "thoughts go to Istanbul," adding: "I think of Santa Sophia and I am very pained."
The head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew I, warned that the conversion of the building would "disappoint millions of Christians" and fracture two worlds.
BBC July 24, 2020

The Catholic Church is supposed to be beacon to the world but I do not see the light, maybe just the tail light as its leaders submit to the leadership of "progressivist" governments and tyrants. Witness them bend to the fads of nationalism and trendy maleducation.

Philippine Star
CBCP to gov't: Be open to scientific insights, learn from ASEAN peers' success in containing COVID-19 August 13, 2020

“Ito ang Salita ng Diyos sa language mo.”
After ilang minutes, may nakapansin ulit kay Peter at sinabi sa kanya, ‘Isa ka sa mga kasamahan nila.’ Pero sumagot si Peter, “Hindi po ako ’yun, sir!” After one hour, may lalaking nag-insist, “Sure ako, kasama ni Jesus ang taong ito, kasi taga-Galilea din sya.” (Luke 22:58-59)
“Sobrang na-shock ako sa inyo. Ang dali n’yo namang tinalikuran ang Diyos. Imagine, sobrang bait n’ya at pinadala n’ya si Christ sa atin. Ang Diyos mismo ang pumili sa inyo, tapos ngayon, ine-entertain n’yo ang ibang Gospel?” (Galatians 1:6)

Dear Bishop, my advice in regard to giving science its due regard is that you make up your own mind about the misinformation spread by government since March about the China coronavirus. And may God have mercy on your souls if you make the above sample the unified liturgy. Tagalog is not my language. Ditto your jejemon version.

Mandatory use of face shields ‘overkill’ – Imee “It could be localized or voluntary, but mandatory is an overkill,” she said. “Which other country has imposed face shields and made their use with face masks mandatory?”

Hard to imagine that a family member of the kleptodictatorial Marcoses would be the one to say such a thing. It is a yardstick of how much senselessness has taken over the entire government.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Locsin blames virus surge on health bureaucrats July 20, 2020 health bureaucrats...merchants of death



Gov't names more anti-coronavirus czars as cases rise
By CNN Philippines Staff Jul 13, 2020
56,259 positive cases in the country... 1,534 died

If Thursday and Friday are accurate (the test kits mostly not false kits and death certs mostly not fabricated, big ifs) then we should give thanks to the anti-coronavirus czars for infections tripling and deaths nearly doubling in a period of one month. Also, if you want to know what Hygiene Theater is, ask Tagalogista ex-supremo Ambeth Ocampo. He says it is the theatrical mime-acting of hand spraying, temp scanning, confined misting, and road disinfecting (mostly involving unknown harmful substances), all of which contribute to a false sense of security that all in all does nothing to protect you from the actual modalities of China coronavirus transmission. We have an enemy, we just choose to be blind.

(The Philippine Star) Roberto R. Romulo - July 31, 2020
By Johanna Son (Bangkok-based editor)
It is not just Thailand that is coping better than the Philippines. Nearly every country in Southeast Asia, from Malaysia to Laos to Cambodia, is. Several governments flooded their societies with information, online and offline. No country has seen their police force round up people without masks and pack them in gymnasiums, like the Philippines has done in its security-grounded response. Other Southeast Asian nations have, in fact, gone the other way and distributed free masks. Using lockdowns to wait it out, or wait for a vaccine that is far from a certainty, seems like dancing at the edge of a cliff.

Making China pay for its crimes
Ambassador Albert del Rosario (The Philippine Star) July 20, 2020 August 19

Trump and Duterte were both judged undeserving candidates right here in DILA back in 2016. Neither one has the requisite moral and intellectual qualifications nor were they real members of a political party. Not one of them possesses anything close to high character. Trump however has hewed by and large to the expectations of his party of convenience, the Republican Party.

Schlafly picked Trump as her president and even if she did not live long enough to celebrate his election, she'd be proud of most of what he's done for America. Trump has at least tried to please the Republican Party and many good results have come out of this. I still have no clue which "political" party in the Philippines our president belongs to. There are some who speculate that his sponsor, the Chinese Communist Party, owns him.