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January 2021

My hero is not Lapulapu

In defense of Carbon _ Freeman by Clarence Paul Oaminal Dec 17, 2020
The Carbon Public Market is a Cebuano heritage site. Its privatization to an entity foreign to Cebu is murdering Cebuano culture and soul.

DICT / DOH / HPAAC: Maligayang Pasko! Huwag kalimutan ang APAT DAPAT para ligtas sa COVID-19 ang pagdiriwang ng Pasko. Kaya natin 'to!

Atty. Oaminal does not detail exactly how the Cebuano is going to be destroyed and who are going to do it so let me be the one to enlighten you. With help from that SMS text message blasted to the Visayas-Cebu-Mindanao nation as well as to the other non-Tagalog nations. It should be obvious to you that if and when Visayas-Cebu-Mindanao no longer has the Cebuano language then the Cebuano ceases to exist. Once he dies the national language, Manila's Tagalog, takes over our land and the imperial government will have won against us.

Imperial Tagalog Manila is not unassisted in this murder conspiracy, China is helping. Our accelerating loss of true Christian faith and its being supplanted by big government materialism makes the conspirators' job easier. Putang Ina and Gago are not words used by Robredo but she is much worse than Duterte in terms of Tagalogizing all manner of speech. At least the Cebuano Duterte occasionally blurts Cebuano phrases while the "Bicolano" Robredo is exclusively Tagalog. But far from becoming better under the Duterte presidency Cebu has never been this bad and is about to become worse and worse. Corruption is many things, one of it is nationalism.

Magellan more than anyone deserves to be our guy, we'd be nothing if not for him on 16th of March fifteen-twenty-one. Plenty of believable material about our savior and hero on Wikipedia, etcetera, but when it comes to the presently much more celebrated Lapulapu, never mind. So I checked out the webinar if they came up with unexpected revelations. Found none though it was a very quick scan of the Youtube stream I had to rush. They make up a lot of things in support of the Virus Scamdemic and very much the same has been done throughout our nationalist era about Lapulapu, faked stuff because historical info was almost non-existent. Mactan has always been one of the most barren spots in Cebu, hard to be a successful warlord there for long.

Lapulapu: The Conqueror of Mactan (2018) by Rolando Borrinaga was something I ran into middle of last year. Strange title about the man the Cebuanos hated so much they asked a visitor from Spain to kill him for them. I did not get much save for references to the Conqueror name suggesting Lapulapu had lived in Leyte or elsewhere. Since he was not Cebuano, he might have not even been Visayan for all we know. He certainly left no descendants ruling Mactan when Legazpi did the actual conquering four decades later. Tupas from the line of Humabon was there in the mainland as were two important objects of Christianity left behind by Magellan, the Cross and the Holy Child of Prague.

The shocking events of January 6 are political violence of the sort that too often mars elections in young or unstable democracies. Was it a coup? No, but siege on US Capitol was the election violence of a fragile democracy

If America is a fragile democracy then what would you call the Philippines? What? Progressive wokes in media, politics and academe are absolutely silly in their insistence on ridiculous notions. I refuse to accept an America that is not strong because they are the one hope of the world. In no other country are there that many institutional conservatives who stand for liberty and Judeo-Christian life. China is bad, America is good, and Europe, they've been astray with woke ridiculousness.

FoxNews had a Facebook comment from William Torpey, "Pelosi is calling Trump a dictator, but, remember, dictators don't get silenced. Dictators are the ones who DO the silencing!" after the internet monopolists kicked out the president from social media. America is not perfect but when it veers wrong, the mechanism for self-correction activates. Trump was a media celebrity fluke (not an authentic billionaire) with disastrous leadership potential but he wisely worked cooperatively with the conservative Republican establishment and America regained some strength. Reagan was less of a celebrity, he achieved more out of being a union leader in Hollywood.

Make America Great Again is dumb, it has remained great and for our sake we can only only hope the weaklings who have electorally edged the Republicans just now will not go back to making America decline while jihad and China rise. Riots beget more riots, Democrats sought profit from BLM-Antifa lawlessness, and look where this led. Certain Trump supporters who'd been frustrated with the antics of progressive wokes thought they could get away with the same but unfortunately for them, they do not have the mainstream media and Francis on their side. Be careful when you chant Power to The People that what that entails is not giving even more authority to the government so it can "give" whatever to the "people". Bigger government is always badder government. If you are in a bad situation, you need the Republican Party.

With Lapulapu, the myth-making started with the machete/sword, shield and his bahag blinging an imagined perfect macho physique. Rizal had that outstandingly excellent Tagalog mastery extolling the tongue of the Malansang whatever, yet for all his documented greatness, they were never quite satisfied and had to elevate him as the equal of Jesus Christ. You can say it's insane or is blasphemy but to them they are just stepping in line with the demands of nationalism. The bad things I lump together, nationalism socialism big government. It is your choice, to reject them or to eat their propaganda sandwiched in MaLing luncheon meat, choco chips with mayonnaise.

Experts in What, Exactly? | National Review by Michael Brendan Dougherty

Expertise in scaring the public no doubt. Over in the US you have Fauci who is an expert but only in a narrow field in medicine and not the total health spectrum. I don't even think he is half as talented as the generals and presidential security guardsmen running the coronavirus show in the Philippines, endorsing China vaccines for the Chinese virus.


Weird virus status of Indonesia-Philippines suggest colonization of their ultra-central governments by communist China

Voice of America - VOA
Vaccine Seen as Potentially Shoring Up China’s Image in Indonesia, the Philippines -January 2, 2021
Chinese supply of a COVID-19 vaccine to Indonesia and the Philippines is likely to strengthen Beijing’s image in those countries, despite current resentment of its expansion in the South China Sea, if the vaccines work, analysts say.
Both countries have moved to order vaccines made by Sinovac Biotech, a Beijing-based pharmaceutical company, according to Asian media reports and the company’s website. China’s official Xinhua News Agency in October had called it “crucial” to distribute vaccines “around the world, not just the wealthy nations.”
People in both countries resent Chinese expansion in the 3.5 million-square-kilometer South China Sea where sovereignty claims overlap. China, with Asia’s strongest military, has built up islands that the Philippines claims and passed ships through waters that Jakarta says fall within an Indonesian exclusive economic zone. The sea is prized for fisheries and undersea energy reserves.

It's a Chinese Coronavirus Christmas around the world -December 26

The Philippine covid crisis is a fake crisis exploited and milked by government officials. The same does not hold true for countries in Europe and the Americas. They coped with actual epidemics and did not go overboard. Any leader in the place of Trump would most likely have taken the same measures he did while if you interchange the varying policy approaches of individual states in supposedly united Europe there would scarcely be any difference in outcomes. China Virus kills who it means to kill. It's just that it does not kill as much in Asia. America knows that Mexico deserves their vaccine.


December 2020

Normal, Abnormal

The worst terminology of one of the worst years in human history is New Normal. It is something to be rejected by anyone who would rather have normalcy return than have this state of imposed abnormality proceed indefinitely. There is nothing crazier than the general community quarantine of this crazy government. Lockdown-Shutdown only made our bad situation worse, it never helped.
The ongoing health crisis, if not properly addressed, may lead to an even bigger economic crisis. Keeping GCQ status is key to reviving the economy July 30, 2020
(a baseless claim made by the government six months after starting the still present lockdowns)

Above is the picture of the year and the reason is all the elements of horrible 2020 are in it and it is a well-composed shot. A military-dressed policeman with his machine gun going through the motions of helping young elementary pupils undertake this remote version of remote learning in their remote mountain village. Is the mask to protect the soldier-policeman from the children or the other way around? Nobody in the Philippines appears to have realized that children are not affected by the China Virus. And the China Virus is not affected by lockdowns and quarantine documentary requirements. After wielding all those extraordinary lockdown powers they have not achieved anything remotely close to Vietnam's outstanding results.

BBC News
France's President Macron, who tested positive for coronavirus, has said he had caught the virus - despite taking great care

What is argued in the Great Barrington Declaration against lockdowns ( That a lot of useless measures are being taken over and over again by too many governments. Macron is probably the most disciplined mask wearer of all but the China Virus made its way to his respiratory system. Fortunately for the young 42-year-old president he is in less danger of dying from it than his elderly French wife. The China Virus, throughout its ongoing mutations, discriminates based on its predilection for victims twice the age of Macron in colder, confined environs.

Fear not, be brave as Christians ought to be, the Papal Nuncio reminds us but that has not been the case with our timid dioceses who kowtow to our pro-China government. The Church has been intimidated by self-serving scare propaganda.

The Manchurian Candidate. There've been two of these movies about foreign manipulators readying a politician for high office. Movies have been a casualty of the China Virus and are in danger of suffering the fate of music which for many years can only be distributed via online streams. The studios have some control over download sales so perhaps quality will not dive down as steeply as in the case when musicians and producers continue to be grossly shortchanged by Youtube-like "services". No more livelihood from live performance to sustain creativity.

If you need ask what country Manchurian comes from, ask the constant buddy of the president of the Philippines. The very Chinese-looking malasakit senator. BTW in the U.S. legislator Swalwell was a Democrat candidate for president alongside fellow Californian Kamala Harris. Imagine the US presidency subservient in following the dictates of the mother of coronavirus.

How the hell do they justify the strictest non-stop Lockdown & Shutdown in the world if on those dates they can only claim so few deaths or in the case of Cebu region, zero? The greatest country in world had just been battered by ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND verified cases in single days. That is not happening here and even if the government here continues to do its very worst, the prevailing conditions here still would not let that happen. America under Trump tried not to go berserk because Americans want to return to normal. And I have yet to meet a person who has not known of a local hospital faking coronavirus cases for financial gain.

China infected the world, it was done deliberately. But even a 107 year old woman could withstand China Virus. Melania Trump could read children's books to hundreds of toddlers in any of the five European languages she knows and none of them would get sick if she did so without looking like a bank robber. It had been several years since I last viewed I Am Legend and I was stunned to hear Will Smith call the apocalyptic infection that destroyed New York the CK Virus.
The Valenzuela City government said the executive order was issued following consultation with cyclists who experienced the hazards of wearing face shields while riding bikes. Cyclists in Valenzuela need not wear face shields December 23

The Verge
People have to get two shots of the same type of vaccine Multidose COVID-19 vaccines will test state tracking systems December 5, 2020

Coronavirus loves stagnant air and recirculated air (Ventilation Is Key to Battling Covid The health experts here do not quite understand what that means otherwise what was that requirement for open air joggers and bikers to wear face shields plus face masks? Or the hanging plastic sheet separators in open-air jeepneys, etc., and their encouragement of weak air-conditioned China-made buses of sizes big and small running in most routes? Tell me of one virus policy that has actual science behind it.

They also force us to obey thousands of "rules" that Sinas, Panelo and Pacquiao are exempted from. On buses, conductors, drivers and passengers often unwear those ridiculous face shields, they are getting tired of it all and they better be grateful this is just a fake pandemic. A scamdemic that victimized a country never in danger of a cumulative yearend death toll in the tens of thousands. If there is any danger it is that all their playacting restrictiveness and actual negligence results in everybody refusing to respond when real threats do strike.

While waiting for them to sort out the scheme for Chinese kickvac, let's not forget that multiple dose jabs are supposed to be programmed and it will be interesting to see how the "health" authorities will handle that without even factoring in the inevitable vast horde of vaccine linejumpers. Middle of 2021 I once heard from a top aide.

Cultural appropriation is today's lesson and it is taken from the land of Koreanovelas and Vice Ganda lookalike K Pop performers. Their kimchi has become yet another grabbing victim of commie China. Palefaces braiding their hair is not CA no matter how shrill the protests of racegendernationality progressivist activists. Woke radicalism is as harmful to the Philippines as the scamdemic is and fascist China promotes that too.

In the documentary The Social Dilemma it is said that the internet companies have suddenly become the richest companies in human history. They, as does the Philippine government, want their status quo to crush us indefinitely. They love their New Normal. It can be impressive to see single posts of Donald Trump on his socmedia page gain millions of LIKES and 123,685 comments. A great number do say something truly significant but it all ends up like the stones in a barren hillside. Particularly loathesome is Tagalog Gmail of Google. If the Tagalog national language has any redeeming value, why is it still not one of the languages used by BBC?

Gmail is in Tagalog even for regular users because responders to its login questions are expected to behave less intelligently and provide all the personal data Google desires to capture. This trick is ineffective with Google search so they have not resumed Tagalog in it. Tim Harvey restored it back to English for us more than ten years ago and then the US bigshots realized that defaulting it in English is more profitable for their search racket. Sorry Tagalogistas, it is not going back to your Tagalog national language because you are a money-loser.
In his latest public address, President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his promise to tender his resignation as president if there is proof he or any of his Cabinet officials are corrupt, adding that if proven he will also ask them to resign. -December 8

Bill increasing public teachers’ allowance to up to P10K gets final Senate nod _ INQUIRER November 9, 2020

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has enjoined the youth to continue believing in the system that the government has established, “as what our national heroes would probably tell us if only they are alive.” Mayor Isko encourages the youth to 'continue believing in the system' -November 30

The ward of Kuya Germs whose seat is in Manila has this year been mentioned as potential next president. Has been better than comparable mayors in projecting an active busybody image and in bundling giveaways/benefits for resident voters like the gifts from City Hall this December. Like everyone else in dirty politics, he loves the present system. And will not want anything changed, which is also the true sentiment of those who were supposedly advocating a "new" constitution just four years ago.

And of course nothing will. When the current president threatens to quit, he is in truth telling us that none of his aides are thieves and therefore since he is not firing anyone, it means he is the perfect president. Perfect for the status quo because by all his failures never will reform be possible with only the least amount of disorder. Particularly worrisome is that younger folk are under the totally wrong impression that the Marcoses had been good before and will be good the next time.

So we're looking at more Marcos-Cory national socialist indoctrination through schools and media. How much actual work have those teachers done this year anyway and if they are essential then why do remote schooling when that is the stuff for robots?


DepEd online education boosts commercialized webcam sex livelihoods

Military-clad policemen are to be mobilized in the streets to threaten with their 1-meter rattan truncheons anyone who fails to obey so-called social distancing. They'll also be budgeting four trillion plus regardless of the fact that the internal revenue bureau has only collected a fourth of that.

Voice of America - VOA
Philippines Parents Pimp Out their Children as COVID Job Losses Mount
Child prostitution is surging this year in the Philippines, where parents have lost jobs during strict anti-pandemic shutdowns and allowed their children to work the sex trade, often through online connections, activists and officials say.
Officials in the Southeast Asian country believe COVID-19 is fueling an increase in online sexual exploitation of children, the government's Commission on Human Rights said in September. UNICEF had already described the Philippines four years ago as “the global epicenter of the live-stream sexual abuse trade.”
International advocacy group End Child Prostitution and Trafficking estimates a 264% increase in online sexual abuse and exploitation of children during the pandemic, the domestic news website Manila Bulletin reports.

By the way thank you mayor for the gadgets with free internet load DepEd distributed to select houses. We owe our easy and sleazy livelihood to you and will vote again for you. May this scamdemic last a few more lifetimes!

Also one reason, as shown below, that the sexwebcambusiness-friendly model enforced for non-school schooling by the authorities is better for us is, quality-wise, the ones doing the teaching are mostly no good if they cannot even pass a proper licensure examination for teachers but are grossly overpaid anyway because of their importance to the vote buy and sell activity sometimes called elections.

Homeschooling is different from mass online ed, it has a dedicated educator at home following a chosen education plan, a rarity. The internet was not intended to be paradise for pedophiles but it is one of the things it has become. According to Lauren Fink in NationalReview's The COVID Kids "Parents don't know all the apps or how to use them, but sexual predators do." Actually she just quoted the FBI but her point is that mass online ed is not education. Elfren Cruz, a national socialist Coryista, even wrote "Technology is not education" in PhilStar.

Before came the China Virus here, sucked had Philippine education. Now even more so. Had stopped being good starting with Marcos and Cory.

Everyone Wants Public Schools to Reopen, except the People Who Run Them
By Jim Geraghty
The editorial board of the Washington Post declares that public schools should reopen and get children back into the classroom. Remote learning has failed to provide anything approaching the quality of education that can be delivered by a teacher in a classroom.

The Shaman of Kidapawan
Schooling is neither a right nor a privilege. It is a colonial responsibility. Schools are the apparati of the hegemonic nation-state imagined from Manila to manipulate the conquered into believing its ideology - in other words a tool of conquest...Schooling is a legacy of cultural conquest. It is high time we start shaking it up.
(If you're some Woke Twitter-twat who likes to don Communist chic apparel but who thinks going on a student strike is 'a sacrifice,' you're an idiot.) November 21

'Youth is the future of the country' being every Tom, Dick and Harry's favorite mantra does sound insipidly banal the more you hear it coming from those who prevent children from getting proper schooling. It is very hard for the China coronavirus to harm a child. Teachers should be prepared to sacrifice their lives if they believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Bad education proceeds online as the world continues to burn (self-harm or self-immolation if you return to your senses).

‘Bawal ang party’: Sinas warns partygoers of arrest

France replaces lockdown with evening curfew. Germany is also introducing a hard Christmas lockdown as infections hit record levels.

Second Covid vaccine nears US approval The analysis by US experts concludes the Moderna jab is safe, clearing the way for approval within days.

DOH DATA Almost 430k tested for COVID-19 in December

Our educational system will be producing graduates nobody needs. It will be creating a swamp of unemployable people and an economy debilitated by shortage of skills. There is no surer guarantee of poverty. Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) - December 15, 2020

GMA News reported December 15 in their "Nearly 430,000 Pinoys underwent COVID-19 swab tests in December" news item that "The 192 testing laboratories across the country have tested over 5.9 million individuals as of December 14, according to the DOH." At a gross average expense of ten thousand for all those test instances, we're talking about 60 BILLION pesos. Masks were in severely short supply last March and then there were the two plastic shields that initially retailed at very high markups. Two other mandatory accessories, ultraviolet irradiators and neck purifiers did not take off so not much money was made from these. What an enrichingly wonderful time to be in connivance with corrupt officials!

Back to those tests, the US allowed over 225 different test products to market. No one has tabulated yet which ones are faulty or are not so it is safe to say that all the authorized stats worldwide are guesswork. We can also safely say that the China Virus has mutated to weaker strains with likely higher communicability. China Virus has been choosy in terms of sex, age, racial genotype and health vulnerability. 'United' States, European 'Union' and 'United' Kingdom, from within them have come disparate autonomous responses to the Chinese-origin virus but if those many policy responses were randomly reassigned there wouldn't be much differences in the results.

Of the 300,000 American deaths attributed to it, over a hundred thousand are from nursing homes for the oldest Americans alone. That is not counting the over-80 elderly Americans residing elsewhere. Winter is coming, as has been feared mortality rates have risen back in the cold Western countries but this time they have Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and Moderna in their arsenal of weapons. They can now write those worthless lockdowns in the past tense.

Elementary school-age victims of China Virus are an extreme rarity. Lucia de Jesus was exposed as a child to the 1918 Coronavirus but was spared unlike her younger friends Jacinta and Francisco, and she lived to be 97. That virus killed nearly 100 million young and old in the few years following World War I. This virus from China has reportedly killed 1.6 million in 2020, of which the great majority should be of advanced age. The Church needs to be reminded that no virus has ever defeated the human beings God brought to this planet.


November 30, 2020

Government killed her

"In a tragic irony, the prospect of another 'life-saving' lockdown has drained some senior citizens of their will to live. Assisted suicides and depression are up." 90-Year-Old Woman Killed Herself To Avoid Another COVID-19 Lockdown

This is something we have not heard of before, an elderly woman who ended her life because her conscience would not allow her to let the government continue using her as an excuse to keep playing with lockdowns on her community. Here's more senselessness and hypocrisy:
Cabinet flew to Davao for Duterte meeting November 24

Time to mention three American officials who belong to the party of big government. Minutes before ordering the city not to travel, the Denver mayor flew with his family to a Thanksgiving destination. And at a time when restaurants are nearly completely shut, the House speaker and California governor arrange separate dine-in affairs at expensive establishments. Back in your uninterruptibly lockeddown country you have the entire cabinet flying yet again to the President's hometown for a 'meeting' that most likely accomplished nothing good.

If they break the rules, and usually they justify it because they 'make' safety precautions, then those rules must be some sort of asinine stupidity that they are forcing on us. Take a guess how many of those 'rules' (that they themselves do not follow when they think no one is looking) are unnecessary.

In the article Feet of Clay by S Soliven De Guzman (The Philippine Star) on November 23 it is said "Let us not rely on government and media to do all these. Duterte's fickle way is not helping us move forward. He is quite confusing. I don't understand how he can appoint questionable people to lead us. I don't understand how he can easily let culprits get off the hook. What is happening to him?" Maybe the text messages you received third week of November offer some clues. If in Tagalog they like to send it twice.

Everything they do is Overacting Showbiz 101 or as Ambeth Ocampo described sanitation rituals and barrier wearing last August, theatrics. All empty and pointless. Texts they send arbitrarily to you are the hallmark of a disrespectful government. DICT, DOH, HPAAC: May Christmas party? Buksan ang bintana at electric fan. Mas ligtas kung outdoor ang venue. Maligayang Pasko? Kaya natin 'to!

It matters not to them if we cannot understand what their message says, if you do not know Tagalog, you die. As if that ain't enough, the persons sending these messages apparently can sometimes be very inventive fakers. We are meant to helplessly sit still as they prepare to poison the population with the China 'vaccine'. Speaking of the true vaccines against the China virus about to be marketed by America and Britain, these are expected to cost much less than the myriad swab tests that have been intentionally overpriced here since March. So many things they have made a lot of money from at our expense, so many reasons lockdowns have been their addiction.

8888 times they keep on hoodwinking you. No one is resisting. The best country a rapist can live in is where rapeable people do not mind getting raped. If you report it to 8888, do you text it in the Tagalog national language?

In one of the Free Facebook news pages was this headline from the other week: "Pro democracy protester in Thailand. We're not afraid to question authority." Their goverment has done so much better than ours in preventing the China virus from going out of control yet the Thais rise in protest. They protest because they have a government that needs to hear something it needs to be told loud and clear: No you cannot do this. They hunger for democratic freedom. Shame on the Philippines.

A word of counsel to Donald Trump. You lost, enjoy your vacation. He was never the lawbreaking tyrant others advertised him to be. The Trafalgar pollsters were the only ones to accurately gauge how close Trump would come to winning again. Trump was the second undeserving president in a row but he brought America back to the path of conservative classical liberalism. The Judeo-Christian world should be grateful to him.


Friendly notice: has a brief piece on Cebuano being wrecked by the China coronavirus.

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