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August, September 2021

The technology to kill non-Tagalog cultures

In the Bookmonger podcast of National Review, Geoffrey Cain discusses the extreme state power bludgeoned by China on the Uighurs of Turkestan-Xinjiang. It was about five years ago when the technological aspect of communist-fascist tyranny went into full force. We've even imported these tools: CCTV saturation, mobile device surveillance, social media troll farms,... Cain describes it in The Perfect Police State, computerized dystopia made in China, a sight the world has never seen before, the next plague if we do not stop it.

The prematurely ejaculated World Bank report that has so tantrumatized the extreme state power national government was uncharitable in marking the Filipino studentry underachievers of the worst kind. For the K-11 level only 1% are passable in mathematics, 3% in English and 1% in science. Even in the brainwash propaganda subjects you have 13% in Filipino and 10% in Araling Panlipunan. Implication being that if right now you abolish Philippine education you wouldn't need worry about anything untoward because the only thing you lose is nothing.

Preferably the students and citizens ought to have low IQ. This makes it easier for corrupt authorities to govern them. Ignore findings of the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment, 2019 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, and the 2019 Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics, these will all fade into the background as COVID variant scare is hype-ramped over and over again. Per international measurements (and certainly not because DILA is biased) Pinoy kids are the least intelligent and the shortest in height. Our authorities and experts care zero cares.

We investigated whether digital contact tracing actually worked in the US _ MIT Technology Review
Australia has first Covid-related death this year
Andrew J. Masigan (The Philippine Star) - June 23, 2021
The Asian Development Bank published a study within ASEAN, the lockdown stringency quotient of the Philippines was the highest at 83.33 points. Malaysia was a far second at 59.93, Thailand was at 59.26, Indonesia was at 54.17, Singapore was at 53.7 and Vietnam was at 51.85. Malacañang was overkill, but was only marginally effective due to the lack of a science-based backbone.
A Child’s Chances of Surviving a COVID-19 Infection: 99.995 Percent By Jim Geraghty
A new study of COVID-19 cases in England concludes that a child’s chance of surviving an infection is 99.995 percent.
Central Visayas on 3rd wave of COVID-19 pandemic —DOH RESU-7

What kind of science is it that declares churches are gathering places of germs and every conceivable infectious filth? They have never shown any proof so we should ask whose science are the authorities misusing? Is it really science and whose science is it? Science without cross-examination is merely someone's opinion and never is necessarily the absolute truth. "Experts" touting their own version of science should automatically be disbelieved if they refuse to be challenged for veracity. There are too many of them who think there's this political art of social interpretation that allows them to cafeteria pick on science and theology.

The word in Cebu is that one new COVID patient is worth one million pesos in the pocket of a doctor. Freeman even featured an "infectious disease expert" who currently is handling 26 patients. The money is so very good that I fully understand why the medical community there is so enthused in cooperating with the Government's scamdemic. Australia had selectively implemented targeted lockdowns resulting in only a single death this year while we've always had a wholesale much stricter lockdown that produced several thousand more actual deaths. Were the authorities doing something both useless and needless or is it a question of hopelessly dumb incompetents clinging on to self-serving COVID emergency?

We all know that Cebuanos have always been maligned and mercilessly criticized for supposedly being regionalistic. Nothing can be more ridiculously stupid. The top leaders before the republic started were Osmena and Quezon, actually the former was more politically powerful in the beginning than the latter. Osmena had no loyalty to Cebuano Visayan culture, he was a Chinese mestizo who cared mostly for quasinational formation. Quezon was Tagalog in all his bigoted psyche. And yet Cebuanos are regionalistic? If only it was true but the truth is that Cebuanos have never actually fought the good fight against Tagalog imperialism. By the DILA definition if ever a Cebuanoista happens to exist, this animal would single-mindedly seek to impose Cebuano as a national language on all non-Cebuanos. Name one if you can.

Osmena had two notable grandsons. Sonny was the first to call for overhaul of the 1987 constitution, to free us from overcentralization. His brother Lito proved him right in not giving it more than one shot. All I could hear Manilans say in 1998 was that if this promdi was to become president they were in danger of being compelled to learn to talk in Bisaya. Noli berated him in his TV Patrol roundtable of minor candidates, so many haters of his record of competence. These are the persons Quezon-Marcos-Cory coveted, nationalists who are incapable of seeing beyond their tribalism. No one has ever campaigned for Cebuano to be national language yet Quezonites have no conscientious reservations about forcing Cebuanos to use Tagalog.

The "free" man wears a mask on his face because that is how he celebrates his rise in triumph over crisis? You won't see many photos of Gwen wearing that thing. She blamed the death of her two brothers on COVID doctors. The Gatchalian senator wore a mask when he visited her at the capitol office but she wouldn't even put on a mask when meeting the daughter of the president or his police chiefs. She should be arrested and put in jail along with the hundreds of thousands of protocol violators in Cebu. The governor of Cebu should obey the law of Manila. The penalty for not believing Duterte is death by coronavirus. It is made in China so the quality is unquestionable.

We should also be worried sick about the news that an infant died supposedly of coronavirus on his fourth day of life. Assuming he got infected with a super variant of the China virus on day one then it took less than three days for him, the most resistant human to coronavirus in this planet, to die from COVID. We who are all older by many years than him, are weaker and therefore upon infection by it will all die before the day is over, there is no tomorrow, you are doomed sucker.

What is the origin of the anal swab tests for COVID that China eagerly wanted to popularize globally several months ago? It so happened that in 2019 their Wuhan "scientists" were titillating with cotton buds the anus of cave bats in order to stimulate coronavirus collection. That's how they became "experts" and thanks to them we have Sinovac to save our miserable lives from certain death.

Lacson, Sotto tandem to run in Eleksyon 2022, Ping confirms
The Freeman
All vaccination sites in Cebu City are CLOSED today, July 20, 2021 in observance of Eid’l Adha or Feast of Sacrifice.
Al Jazeera English
US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy says cases are increasing among unvaccinated people, in particular. Top US health official warns of rising COVID infections

The COVID preservationists and profiteers want us to live in fear. To be dependent on authority, to be unquestioning. Many Americans question their government, many Americans are vigilantly aware that blind restrictions are justifiable only at the start of an unfamiliar crisis. Insistence on doing it indefinitely with all your coercive power is a sign of permanent incompetence. After eighteen months they continue over-reacting and celebrating their blunders because they answer to no one. In no civilized country is the government almightier than God.

Percentagewise, Britain France Germany have more Muslims than the less than 5 percent in the Philippines where for some funny reason its recent presidents have been personally declaring two Muslim religious holidays yearly. On a Saturday the other month Americans had Juneteenth for the first time to honor black Americans (no more than 15 percent of their population) after Congress passed the law which Biden signed right away. More democratic than us obviously but can sometimes behave weirldy as in Biden issuing a proclamation last May for the National Day of Prayer wherein racial injustice and climate change got mentioned but not one word about God.

At present the top executives of the Philippines are a Manchurian candidate and a snowflake. Should their replacement in 2022 be Lacson and Sotto, there's no reason to expect improvement as these two will retain the Marcos-Cory system just as anyone else out there would. But it is unlikely that Lacson will sell the Philippines to Manchuria. The senators have been accused of homicidal narcopolitics and gang rape in the past so there's no avoiding being targetted like Pacquiao and the Pimentel boy are right now by the PDP usurpers. All the choices in 2016 were really bad. Next time do not choose any of them, choose yourself and be removed from Republika ng Katagalugan or Probinsya ng China.

Muntinlupa to miss out on newly delivered Pfizer jabs after storage woes
The Philippines on Wednesday received 562,770. Philippines gets first procured doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine
Residents who are positive for COVID-19 will no longer be allowed to undergo isolation inside their homes. Home quarantine now prohibited in Quezon City, local gov't says -July 22
Duque, IATF: No kids allowed outdoors for now due to Delta variant -July 23
Biden estimates when FDA will fully approve COVID-19 jabs
Michigan Catholic school argues in lawsuit mask mandates violate religious liberty by hiding 'God's image'
Voice of America - VOA
China is reportedly considering using a foreign vaccine by German company BioNTech as a booster shot for people who have been fully inoculated with Chinese vaccines such as Sinovac and Sinopharm.
China ‘shocked’ over WHO plan for second phase of COVID origins study

Don't ever forget that there still is not one vaccine for chinavirus that has been approved for safe long-term viability although Moderna and Pfizer are most highly regarded for working best against all types. Remember too that Duterte prohibited the early purchase of Pfizer, the jab most in demand everywhere you go. The handful we had gotten so far were donated vials and then we got a small commercial shipment only because greed for vaccines quickly died a natural death in America. Deep cold is a strict requirement though so the possibility of dead doses being jabbed is not impossible in simmering hot Philippines.

US CDC theoretically measured 83 percent of their new cases to be subtype Delta of the China virus. Bright side is the original strain exported by China starting December 2019 has become weaker and therefore whatever it is we dread at the moment will also become so. Humans have always survived all the worst viruses. Looking at American deaths it doesn't look any worse than an ordinary flu situation and is no longer a killer pandemic there. With the right vaccines for greater than 19% of their populations, Mexico Brazil Peru have improved. Truth is almost no child has died from COVID let alone be sickened seriously and of the few million with advanced age and weakened physiologies who were factually killed by it, many would have died anyway. America led the victory against China's virus but Philippine officials don't want to stop making money.

Ergo the 18 month lockdown.

Fake of the nation. From Marcos to Duterte the annual president's address has been nothing but self-serving bullshit. The Philippines has never been a nation, can only happen if it is turned into a Tagalog country. The Republic of the Philippines has two internal opponents, the Duterte kind and the DILA kind. Duterte wants to hand it over to the Chinese and jihadists. DILA wants the republic to fail so it can then regroup and become the federation of equal nations (Ceb, Tag, Kap,...) that it ought to be. It has been said here that America has triumphed over China's COVID. They still have higher daily deaths than we do therefore the only explanation for our perpetual COVID panic is hype wags the tail of crisis manipulation. These were Duterte's talking points in the listening tour he conducted before campaigning in 2016 and winning the election. The results applaud his zero to negative accomplishment:

 Environment  	know nothing Gina Lopez, China fecal pollution in sea, dolomite
 Drugs  	Peter Lim (see June 30 Philippine Star editorial)
 Federal  	cheap gimmick quickly discarded
 Red tape	expand bureaucracy with Anti-Red Tape Authority

Delta variant may have already spread in the Philippines amid ‘serious surge’–OCTA --August 1
Cebu City Health Department: Dengue cases drop from 554 in ‘20 to 35 in ‘21 -
OCTA Research's modeling for making projections is "problematic" since it is based on "incomplete" and "erroneous" data - DOH Techincal Advisory Group

Who is that OCTA from UP that DOH suddenly ostracizes after their one year of connivance in scamdemic tyranny? Come on. Neither of you ever collected necessary relevant data otherwise we would be basing COVID response on actual vulnerability profiles and efficacious prophylaxis. To raise higher the flag of government power, both have dishonestly endorsed lockdowning and worked hard to prolong this scam pandemic which has been profitable only to government officials and their business cohorts. Proof that they are lying is the reported decline in dengue deaths from 2020-2021 which they conveniently project to rebound back to the normal tens of thousands in 2022 when they will no longer be stealing these numbers in favor of COVID. Did our mosquitos migrate to China?

The Cebu cemeteries are overflowing and here you have Duterte blabbering about quality education as his forthcoming donation to the country. Phooey. If we have a truly serious problem with coronavirus mortalities then they should have immediately expanded cemetery and cremation services to handle any such quantitative explosion. But no they did not add to the facilities. Add that to your suspicions. A recent report has been that the Wuhan virus lab of the China Communist mafia had defective airconditioning which led to escape of the gain of function-enhanced coronavirus known as COVID. And which leads us to question why enclosed aircon public utility vehicles were nationally coddled by a government so enamored with 100% useless face shields but ignorant about ventilation.

At least Duterte who is promising good education through the lousy incompetent DepEd is lucky to be receiving three million Moderna vials donated by our real friends, the Americans. Duterte knows (when he's not too heavy with fentanyl) that he's failed to reform the country and is resorting to that nonsensical excuse of martial law being the only way. The fact is that he talked the big talk but he did nothing other than strangle us with a China lockdown.
The highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 has been detected in all 17 cities and municipality in Metro Manila, the Department of Health said Friday.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy director former Biden’s transition team adviser Dr. Michael Osterholm said Wednesday the coronavirus pandemic could get a "worse" variant after the current Delta wave. Next COVID Variant -- Likely 'Worse' than Delta
Study Finds Greater Antibody Response In Recovered COVID-19 Patients Than Vaccinated Ones

Very contagious and deathly virulent in the worst possible way? If we are talking about a more aerosolized mutation then the very least the "authority" should do is issue two N95 masks per person daily. All that statistics fabrication, lockdown protocols and ECQ wolf-boy alarmism are plain and simple showbusiness playacting. The official genome sampling of the national government does not even show the Wuhan original nor the first variant Alpha to be a lesser concern than the currently trendy Delta so they resort to the usual suspicious daily death "counts". More money to be skimmed, kickbacks to pocket. Around 20 million vaccine importations (most of them the useless China brand) but half of the aged (older than 70) population neglected in the vaccination. Less than ten million of them, the ones who need it most, but half unattended in six months of vaccination.

Alpha and pre-alpha have stopped being a crisis in America for some time now. Since the start, survival from non-trivial infection has been 99.99+ percent for teener-toddlers and if Delta brings that down to 99.9+ then we can simply take those chances rather than panic. China's viruses are almost incapable of harming little kids that get INFECTED. Under sixty in age, it's still a small percent. Some action needs to be done but not this sustained extreme lockdown or shutdown. There is too much love on their part for a national emergency. In one year and six months of the same response and same results there is only one lesson. COVID is incapable of killing us even if it does hurt us but what we are doing is killing ourselves. In Duterte's wise words, kill them dead.

So much has been wasted instead of working on useful solutions, even America has failed big time. They spent two trillion dollars in Afghanistan only to abandon it back to Taliban jihad terrorism twenty years later. If only this was spent for technoindustrial investment in the Philippines we'd be better off as a country and immunized from oligarchical national socialist politician scammers. Prog-woke weirdos in America pretend that the worst terror act in history is the so-called January 6 insurrection riot in DC while ignoring the 1954 attack by four New Yorker gunmen on Congress to incite nationalist separation for Puerto Rico. Pardoned for shooting Republican and Democrat congressmen by liberalistic snowflake Carter two decades later.

SunStar Cebu

Gwen of Cebu has been the only official this past year to contradict the excessive virus impositions forced nationwide. Yet she's been hesitant to call the bluff of the national government and was silent for a week on her gwengarciacebuofficial FB page right after the latest ramping up of Community Quarantine martial law. On news pages the only thing coming from her was praise for the Visayas puppy of Duterte for supposedly serving Cebuanos kunohay kintahay. Gwen knows the viruses of China cannot kill that many of us, having seen her "recklessness" and absence of fear, any coronavirus believer will be amazed at how healthy and alive she remains. To hell with the OCTA wolfboy alarmists declaring Cebu the melting pot of virus infestation. Where is it? because I am not the only one who has never seen it.

Let Duque or anyone of the many czars they put in charge select a random person and tell us if that person is in danger of dying from a deliberate Chinavirus-Delta infusion. The factors are the individual's natural immunity and present health as well as the local virulent potency of Chinavirus-Delta. You don't know? After almost two years? Then what are you good for? This is the kind of government that deserves to be told to go to hell. You're not going to mind if the NBA imposes unnecessary vaccinations and protocols to its superhealthy players as long as this means they have no excuse to suspend playing basketball games for us. Otherwise if it is not needed by those who have no need for it then why make life hell for everyone unless you are one of those who profit from coronavirus scam?

The Biden administration will begin shipping half-a-billion doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to 100 of the world’s low-income countries.

Visit your local "health center" if you are worried about Delta? Years from now we Flips are going to be laughed at for mindlessly hitching onto the cult of coronavirus fanaticism. One last time, change for the good was never going to happen under Duterte. He is only slightly different from traditional politicians, the man is a Manchurian tra-po. Observe that full opposition from the critics of Duterte is minimal because somehow they share with him the love for national socialism. Little to no respect for liberty and personal freedom, habituation to unlimited government that self-servingly misuses "science". They're not averse to the authority gaming the daily virus reports in favor of the lockdown regime. Public funded "welfare" dispensed by iron-handed government ever eager to bolster its controlling power. So very China.

CDC Director Walensky Urges 'Pregnant People' to Get Coronavirus Vaccine -Breitbart. It's the most credible government agency worldwide on health matters but it needs to be more careful about its credibility. Pregnant people is the language used by biased woke proggies whose ideology supposes that pregnant women can get competition from pregnant men who presumably want to cancel them. Biden might be giving away their no longer wanted vaccines but his agencies still seem to not know anything definite about infected kids yet spare no efforts crying surge in Florida and surge in Texas, states who've discarded most vestiges of useless lockdowning. Sad if bad habits of the Duterte DOH have infected them.

The Typical COVID Death Rate for the Fully Vaccinated? ‘Effectively Zero’ By Judson Berger

Children and young adults do not die from COVID and the counts of hospitalization and deaths by the regional health authority is an old and rancid gimmick. Money is pocketed every step of the way. America and other sufficiently vaccinated countries that used no Sinovac continue to lower death instances. To really low levels now regardless of variant proliferation and "breakthrough" illnesses. Inquirer recently asked why it took large country Philippines around 100 years to produce its first Olympic gold. It wasn't really taken seriously until Marcos and national socialism came upon us. Now we have, per international measurement, the shortest kids and the least intelligent kids. Taking back the prior recommendation to abolish two of the state's agencies serving the least utility, it might be more cost effective to just rename them department of death and department of ignorance.

AUGUST 16 CEBU DEATHS 82 but NATIONAL ONLY 27 - View full DOH graphics

Cannot count properly, no surprise also cannot govern properly. And then you got doctors and "experts" with their conflicting opinions about the severity of this virus on our survivability from infection and on whether lockdown excessiveness produces more harm than if you just act smartly and be laissez faire. Wrong solution to serious problem equals failure just like in Afghanistan where the "Trump-Biden doctrine of weakness" has now revived the outlaw state enterprise of opium and jihad. "17 vaccines mandated by the US military before COVID-19 shots" explains regarding mandatory vax for military men but it also points out that greater than 20 times more of these men were lost to suicide deaths in the year past compared to China-COVID infection. COVID gets too much love.

Sonny Osmena was first to call Imperial Manila that now familiar name but the correct term is colonial. Manila rules us the way colonies are leashed. Cebu's premiere park is called Independence and I can't understand why that thing is even a thing when we are a colony of Imperial Tagalog Manila (plus the Chinese) and nearly all our elected officials are vote buyers and bribe takers. Gwen ain't perfect but she's exceptional, purifier or otherwise. She's been castigated by Vergeire for this portable purifier necklace inanity but the same Bombay doctora kissed the ass of Duterte last year in October for the exact same thing. If you are Imperial you get away with anything.

Thing is, Gwen's been defeated by despair. She's powerless to serve and protect the Cebuano people or nation, and it's all because of the constitution her now departed father loved almost as much as Davide loves it. The governor being our top official ought to have the necessary power, responsibility and accountability. To the people do Abbott and DeSantis return faith and devotion. Newsom of California and Cuomo of New York were threatened removal by state legislators or directly by state citizens for being abusive. We let it take too much power and leave us none. Months ago I heard George W Bush say government is not compassionate. People are.

National language made its appearance earlier so let's bring back two points apropos the Buwan Wika nonsense trash. Bobit Avila had been more adamant than Wolverine in opposing the national language Tagalog. Bobit and another heroic Cebuano, CP Oaminal also of The Freeman, consistently sided with Cebu and opposed Manila and its IATF. The DILA position to me is perfect. No national language. Some technology is good, some obviously bad but no national language is ever good, it's always bad and never needed. Some technology, you can live without and the proof for this is that there are a few billion people who do not use Facebook. As to the question of good or bad, how does it affect you if you stop using Facebook?

Cyberattacks on red-tagged news sites traced to DOST, Army -June 23 Philippine Daily Inquirer
How your personal data is being scraped from social media - BBC News -
Apple criticised for system that detects child abuse There are privacy concerns that the system will be expanded to scan phones for political speech.
Digital contact tracing apps...why are so many Britons turning sour on the technology? Is the UK’s pingdemic good or bad?
Facebook's problems are part of its very design, built atop Zuckerberg’s narrow worldview, the careless privacy culture he cultivated. Why Facebook can never fix itself - MIT Technology Review
It was the most successful FBI operation in modern times - forcing hundreds of criminals to use FBI's own encrypted messaging platform. FBI used cheap Google Pixels as gangbusting Anom phone honeypots - PhoneArena
Every second you watch or rewatch a video on TikTok, it’s tracking information the app needs to decide what you see. Inside TikTok’s Algorithm - The Wall Street Journal

A gay tech named Zhang formerly employed by Facebook for data analytics warned them about the uncontrollable proliferation of trollers - owners or guests of FB pages manipulating the content or interactions inside in order to influence other owners or guest-friends. (She exposed how Facebook enabled global political manipulation, MIT Technology Review.) They either work individually or are among the thousands employed in a farm of privately or publicly-organized trollers who each wield a few or a hundred enrolled FB identities. Their individual tasks could simply be to retweet, like or spampost in the comments while the more advanced farmers spawn controversial posts or plant malicious hyperlinks or enticements to estafa.

Always FB playacts through the motions whenever its misdeeds are caught, pretends to be the good guy while salivating for regulations by governments that do more to impede potential competitors instead of restricting its abuses and hazards. Google jumpstarted dystopia on the internet. It became dominant in the year or so Yahoo used it as search engine. Curiously when they experimented with spyware on the browser, the American government's response was nil, probably because the worldwide information Google collected could later be grabbed by official or surreptitious means at a time the national security agency desperately needed data about Osama's terror caliphate. Followed the misnomered Arab Spring at which point social media had joined the user data siphoning contest.

The organizational diagram of the Taliban strangely reminds you of IATF, for strange reasons the one in Afghanistan and the one in the Philippines behave similarly. The Taliban with likely help from China is locating non-jihadists through their personal information on FB, etc. Over here, StaySafe and the online Tagalog surveys of DOH may be of practical uselessness to our country but not to China's Ministry of 1984. The spying eyes and ears of China obtain practical use for your details., August 21
The Department of Health spent a total of P11.9 million for 31 units of videoconferencing equipment, spending around P380,000 for each unit, when it retails for just around P120,000 each. DOH spent P380K for videoconferencing equipment that retails for P120K
The Department of Health on Friday reported 17,231 more COVID-19 infections, bringing the national caseload to 1,807,800. This is the highest number of new cases recorded since the start of the pandemic, surpassing the previous record in April. Philippines sees another 17,231 coronavirus infections in new record high

Wow Cebu. 69 deaths and 71 deaths for August 26, 27. Kuno. Allegedly. Statements all over the internet dispute these fabrications, both coming from trolls and from real thinking humans, Gwen is the only one in government siding with us but not much she can do about the scamdemic. Look up Bong Go tells Duque: You can make 'supreme sacrifice' ( This Chinaman puppeteer talks like he is the supreme leader of the Philippine Province. If resigning is gonna be a sacrifice for coronavirus superexpert Duque, then it is implied that he is gonna lose a lot as right now he's been gaining so much for himself. The ratio of overprice above by DOH is worse than three is to one. Does not even take into consideration the overspecification of brand procurement to take advantage of the highest price and secret commission. When they deceive us about China-Covid, it is likely multiplied by a similar factor of three times the actual.

Can you trust mister health expert? If you check this (484th issue of DOH’s Beat COVID-19 Today, the location is surprisingly Google docs. This government uploads the information it collects about you to Google or who knows whatever spy repository there is in China! The first time I opened StaySafe (for the s-pass requirement section) I measured 10 megabytes of data flowing from computer to the server they were using, even before anything appeared on the page. Espionage can be extremely wasteful.

PLDT-Smart and Globe pester you to install their terrific all-in-one apps, tempting you with unlimited data on 5G for a brief period. Of course this adds more Google-like surveillance activities that drain the phone's battery and use up your data budget. At least they're not as sick as DITO. If you are observant, even the old-style phones intermittently activate network location reporting activities secretly reaching a China surveillance receiver. Technology is being used against us and one thought I've thought on the last day of Tagalog Buwan ng Wika is that the man in Peking with whom Duterte was exchanging loving glances on Zoom last week is pleased with how far Tagalog nationalism has pushed us down. Appropriate announcement for the end of Buwan ng Wika is 22,366 China virus infections and 222 "new" deaths.

The revelations of our 2020-2021 covid experience help us learn the most terrible truth about ourselves. The "Filipino people" will accept any regime, even if you substitute Taliban or the Peking and Pyongyang communists to their national government. They have become resilient enough to accept anything short of removing Facebook from their social media life. Marcos would have loved to be gifted this China virus situation during his time as a delicious emergency to be exploited. In the timespan that over 30,000 died (reportedly) in the Philipoines from COVID-19, there were over 6,000 who died from malnutrition (#24), 17,000 from low birth weight (#12) - government wasted funds on lockdowns instead of addressing death by starvation. But it was only an unimpressive Top 8 in our list while at the same time COVID-19 was the top killer in America. Top diseases and other causes of death in America, the Philippines and Indonesia vary significantly per, too strange to ignore. Isn't face shield - sorcery, and, hand sprays - magic potions?

The department of health (with a small d and small h) wants you to pretend with them that they are the experts, that they are Science (with a capital S). Not even the American government is boasting that they know everything about China's coronavirus though they have at least one website that provides useful information. Unlike DOH which can't resist brainwashing children to put on condoms and apply lubricants to genitals, complete with instructions in Tagalog.

Department of Health (Philippines)
2022 Supplementary Call for Proposals for the Advancing Health through Evidence Assisted Decisions with Health Policy and Systems Research (AHEAD with HPSR) Program
Nhie M. Cruz
The higher cases..the highest money to corrupt (September 2 comment)

The health superduper experts are asking for something wildly strange. Proposals from outsiders for evidence-based policies that they will implement next year for coronavirus. Can only mean that for the past two years everything they have done was based on theoretical guesswork, all of that lockdown-shutdowns and back-mounted plastic shields. No wonder commenters online have a field day feasting on their malicious incompetence and incorrigible corruption. And who can be more incompetent than the educ department? They want to have teachers and staff install cellphone apps that supposedly track their vaccination status. What they are saying is that they have no record of their own employees therefore they resort to China-based trackers. No one can match the uselessness of this government. Nobody has any idea why the former personal economic adviser of Duterte was this Yang Chinaman who when summoned to that senate virtual investigation hearing needed an intepreter because he does not know the Tagalog national language or maybe even English.

The "PRC cancels physician board exams in Metro Manila days before" report, which cites dangerous coronavirus surge there, is nothing to worry about because this country is apparently not desperate for new doctors (pushing through the convention of PDP Duterte faction convention was more critically important). The warning of NEDA that school lockdown is crippling the economy for decades ( is self-explanatory. They closed schools and then that blended online stuff has been nothing except nonsense wherefore children who did not get schooled last year lost not only that year but also the entire content of the previous year they attended school. Venezuela is our fellow National Socialist country that is also the only other one in the world not to open the schools. Add this year's disruption and the running total is three years the children of today will have lost the building blocks of education. When they reach employment age, NEDA expects them to be unproductive and fit only for menial. But couldn't they have studied useful subjects on the internet on their own? Not when PLDT, Smart and China Telecom has trained them for social media jedi tricks.

Biden apparently covets the national socialism of Philippines and Venezuela. Trump at least never forced Americans to do anything they did not want to nor did he scheme to use cellphones for systematized spying. America was attacked twenty years ago by terrorists professing Islamic supremacism. Obama in his eight years preferred not to take them seriously just as today Biden'd rather overlook the threats with which China endangers us on a similar scale. China or jihad, take your pick which is worse. The free world can have no confidence in its future if Biden continues posturing so fearlessly when speaking against the unvaccinated but cowers when it comes to the Taliban, jihadists and China pandemicidal genociders. They should stop misleading the free world about forever war avoidance. It is not a war of our choosing but one we need to carry on correctly for as long as it needs to be fought. Iraq was wrongly targeted in 2002 and after 2001 in Afghanistan the US applied the wrong solution. It became a matter of throwing money to the corrupt just like RP is doing in the Pinoy scamdemic.

PROOF OF SCAMDEMIC Exploitation by Government
SunStar Philippines
THE Cebu City Government will give P15 million in financial assistance to the families who lost their loved ones to Covid-19. Labella greenlights financial aid to families who lost kin to Covid-19
#SunStarNews Barangay health workers and the City’s “clean and green workers” will also receive an honorarium of P2,400. City releases cash incentives
SunStarNews A man selling fake Covid-19 vaccination cards along Sanciangko St. in Barangay Kalubihan, Cebu City, Aug. 30, 2021. Man nabbed for fake vaxx cards
Michael Yang to attend Senate probe, requests interpreter--counsel
Unvaccinated 11 Times More Likely to Die of COVID, New Studies Show

Have you ever experienced communism? First let's review the full return of Denmark to fully normal no more coronavirus hassles life and the VOA report on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. The great majority (around 90%) of all adult Danes have been fully jabbed with good Euro-American anti-chinavirus vaccines. The Voice of America report would have been more scientifically honest if it stated instead that vaccination gives adults 11 times improvement on the average against chinavirus mortality. Assuming half of a demographic is naturally resistant to chinavirus, then the other half gets a times 22 improvement. For those who were born immune to it or who may have gained prior infection immunity, vaccination adds no improvement to them. Ignore the fake death statistics and overblown case reports (26,303 on September 11 includes redundant duplicate repetitions). Once the real deaths drop as a result of non-arbitrary vaccination, the job is done. But here all they are concerned with is making the scam go on and on.

If that is not communism then I do not know what is. The only thing that makes Duterte better than Stalin and Mao is that he has not slaughtered tens of millions of Filipinos (or call them Pinoys if you are a Tagalogist nationalist). Vietnam is under a communist party but they never forced Excessive Community Quarantine on the country and Bangladesh closed all schools 543 days, a mistake they now correct by reopening.

Recent graphics posted by the office of the Governor of Cebu stated active coronavirus cases that are fewer by around one third than the health department official stat. Might be her way of saying the national government exaggerates COVID severity. Severely escalates COVID exaggeration. It is quite understandable why someone who's after the one million "reward" would exaggerate grandma's age or why your favorite health department has magically reduced the dengue mortality we've dreaded for years. The ideal Pinoy is a liar and a cheater, onlinekopyahan on FB will gladly confirm and check this fact for you.

Did Closing Schools Enhance Health?
We Will Regret Masking Kids
After Mandating Masks Outdoors, Oregon’s Active COVID-19 Cases Increased 73 Percent -Jim Geraghty

Geraghty also tells us that 94 percent of US seniors have been Pfizered or Modernaed or JnJed. Early on they prioritized vaccination against ChinaVirus of the 70-plus population who are the ones at practical risk. This was not done in Cebu City and other Philippine locales as they codified foolish prioritizations from A-1 to A-99. Now these harebrained IATF experts are aiming to start vaccinating kids this October (kids don't die from COVID-China infection) in a plot to prolong the scamdemic emergency drama. Boosters, variants of the Greek alphabet, anything to stretch this scam.

Tulfo's revelation that he and Duterte are fans of the occult (Advice from an unofficial adviser_PhilStar), just as Marcos was addicted to numerology, comes as relief for those in need of amusement. Science kuno. Kevin Williamson of NationalReview in his 9/11 podcast noted how technology is harnessed for harm or for good. The non-China vaccines are just about the only good instance in the global coronavirus endemic although we still don't know the long-haul side effects. Terrorists and national socialist tyrants will exploit technologies that can be used against us wherever the Chinese virus has exposed our vulnerabilities. Profitable too for the pockets of Grab SM FoodPanda and other deliverers who wish IATF to lockdown some more so everything we need to buy will have to be ordered in the perilous world of online commerce. Somebody really loves China.


The words of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
These tragic circumstances have been dictated by the State and in some cases they have been dictated by the Church, beyond the demands of the regulations of the State or in conformity with regulations of the State, which are in violation of religious freedom. There has been a failure to make clear that among all of the necessities of life the principal necessity is communion with God. Yes, we need what is required for our nourishment, health and hygiene, but none of these essential needs can substitute for our most fundamental need: to know, love and serve God.


July 2021

Malasakit is the Cebuano word for China virus pandemic scam perpetrated by DOH-IATF

But only if you can stomach that "word". DILA's most recent publication is Contemporary Spelling Rules for the Cebuano Language and it can be opened freely at for your guidance on how to fight the constitutionally-mandated drive of the imperial government to destroy your mother language.


June 2021

What the Church can do

Theater has been overused as a metaphor in this DILA blog but you can blame that on the Faucis of this world whose policy misdirections still victimize us needlessly after dispersal of the killer virus by China in January 2020 from their Wuhan lab. Theater is done best by stage magicians, even better than stage actors, it is not real but they make you believe it. How many have actually been killed by COVID in the Philippines and who are those who have really succumbed to COVID infection? We need to know how much of the government's statistics is falsified.

Transubstantiation is real otherwise if this also is just magic the implication for you is no Christ, no Christian, no you. This is why my ears hurt whenever the Oratio Imperata is recited at the end of lockdown-restricted Sunday mass. Old and new version, it is premised on lies peddled by government about the COVID of China. The conference has insisted on this for over a year, heedless that God is displeased at their incessantly asking for the same thing without thinking He has already addressed our predicament. WE ARE STILL ALIVE, God acted in the beginning to keep deaths in the Philippines from the China virus as low as possible, we are the only ones making it bad for ourselves and bringing out greater suffering. Christianity is not weakness but fidelity, courage and strength. Our Mother warned us 104 years ago not to insult God anymore...


China's virus has to date produced many more covid millionaires than either actual or alleged covid deaths. Scam is the word. Soliven's column (Wretchedness _ Philstar) ragingly thunders "While many countries have learned how to deal with the aggressive virus, we seem to be defeated by it in many ways. Why can’t we conquer the virus? Why can’t we learn to live with it?"

Friendly notice: has a brief piece on Cebuano being wrecked by the China coronavirus.
How fake are the results of coronavirus testing? As Gwen Garcia posted in February, judge for yourself the report exposing COVID falsification. This is a small pdf file.

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