Death is in the Philippines

Enero, Febrero, Marso, Abril 2023


How much did the government profit from its COVID scam, how ignorant has the department of health been throughout the III to Junior regimes? The science geniuses of DOST are recommending to us that alcohol from nipa palms which is much lower in fuel-density than diesel and cannot conceivably be mass-produced here is the sensible alternative to cartelistically overpriced kitchen gas tanks aka LPG? A Luzon storm inflicted disastrous calamities in faraway Negros and Mindanao? Why are the kiddies of today the lowest IQ scorers in the world? It's because they have no mother tongue or rather their immersive exposure at the youngest age to ABSCBNGMA and Tagalogified radio and ingestion of malnutritive Pinoy food has stunted their brain development. Additional damage is added to their addled intellect by Tagalog DepEd, Tagalog social internet and Tagalog text messages from the Tagalog government. Spend more, destroy the economy some more. Rice cannot be improved in the Philippines, not physically possible, and if you desire to improve unity, there are places that specialize in unity: places of communism and jihad shariah.

Matrimony, if you respect the original meaning of language, refers to the formal recognition by their society of the lifetime endeavor of a woman and a man to create new members of humanity. Mama produces baby from her man's seed, and no matter how enviously green a biological man discolors he can never become pregnant under any condition in the known universe. Social media is where you can go to drown in envy. Envy is also your drug or substance of addiction when you watch ABS-GMA television. Envy is the tool of choice government employs to make the provinciano drool in lust for the "richer" lives enjoyed in Imperial Manila and push thenceforth Tagalog as the language of genocide in the Philippines. Once they have embedded greed into your character then envy will be the constant driver of your existence. An exploitative government of nationalist socialism uses it as the recipe for success in controlling entire populations. China combines fear into the brew, the Philippines stirs in the new superstition promising government/state as the replacement for God.

A man who deserves to be envied is E Musk, a true African American, a true man of the year who possesses the gift to handle a handful of multibillion-dollar companies in different fields of business. He is committed to your individual liberty and is not intimidated by hyperactivist wokes and by globally pandemic national socialism. He respects those who respect others, does not disrespect reality or true nature of our world, recognizes all the sides of science and refuses to be taken hostage by those who have abused science. Not perfect but better than them. Gratitude is expressed to the defender of the faith, Benedict. Not one to be envied but a man that all good persons should have the utmost respect for.

If we define literacy as spoken-written competence in the right way for the language that is right for you, it then follows that educators and media are spreading illiteracy, engendering reyp in the iskuls. Giving the worst education in the world to the smallest kids (in physical size, specifically height) is an unimportant matter to our authorities who are eager to spend on free Wi-Fi for public elementary schools instead of providing first and foremost to these kiddos basic know-how. Can't read-write properly, no problem, be a glutton of FB and TikTok free access. Our government freely wastes the money it took from us because in this Cory-Marcos era there is no longer anyone to hold it accountable, it takes care of elections ahead of time by constanly buying votes with our money. They boast about finishing 1 million new houses yearly for six years, the actual cost per unit might be 1 million pesos amounting to 1 trillion annually or a fifth of the 5 trillion peso state budget. Are they borrowing that from communist China?

It had been contemplated that the late Pope Benedict made the mistake of resigning in the hope that a younger pope would deal more strongly with the pedophilia and money scandals suddenly being hyped by media. They'd been highlighting abuse mostly out of anti-Catholic bias disregarding its existence throughout the world in all Christian and non-Christian institutions. Abuse is part of human nature, without the existence of the Catholic church the world would have had much more of it as we have witnessed the Church accomplish beginning later in the Roman empire. We are not living in a world of primitive savagery and you should be thankful for the Western civilization coming out of the Church's emergence in Greco-Roman Europe. PhilStar had been so disgusting in its treatment of Benedict, not unexpected if you recognize how woke the local media is, how self-righteous their hypocrisy is. Hard to believe that the most conservative princes of the Church today are in Catholic-minority USA, but Francis was the only reasonable choice for successor to Benedict at the time, of the ones who are a bit progressivistic, Francis is the one to be disliked the least.

The mayor of Cebu's vision of Singaporistic envy-driven imitation is best illustrated by his astronomical 50 billion budget and the transfer of civic festivities of Sinulog to a reclaimed lot sold by the city to Chinese. Corrupt incompetence is everywhere. Instead of addressing real issues like this, our feckless media keeps promoting woke political gimmicks for environment climate action alongside its other sensationalist populist garbage.

Local media often behaves like US big tech, the Twitter revelations set loose by its no-nonsense owner show that when they're done with being self-righteously abusive they become sycophantic to the deep state or big government. Junior paying personal homage to his Chinese emperor, entry here of China-covid visitors not being curtailed but the tourism department expanding China-Philippines travel instead, wear masks again but let the Chinese come in droves, clearly show they fear their China master more than they fear God. They are nothing but Tiktok dancing marionettes. The Sweden approach plus the judicious application of Euro-Am vaccines would have shortened the destructiveness of the global deployment of China's virus. The US military is belatedly retracting its maniacal mandate for vaccining everyone regardless of dubious benefit and potential risk, the worst thing about China-covid was not the disease itself but what governments did or overdid.

China blocks S Korea and Japan visas over Covid   It's a tit-for-tat move that Beijing says is in response to discriminatory restrictions.

The unmistakable implication of the above report on military unrest and reshuffling (described by columnists as some sort of loyalty check) is that the AFP-PNP is the private army of Junior. In this corrupt philosophy, duty of police-military is not to the "nation" or to the peoples of the country but to personalities of the government. Police personnel in normal countries do not dress up like army combat soldiers. Do you know there are a thousand generals and colonels in the police alone? Those who have proven their worth in the lockdown tyranny are then appointed to high civilian posts which indicates how highly the imperial central authority regards the superiority of instructional quality of military police institutions compared to the education establishments controlled by deped.

What happened in our martial-law-Cory era of 50 years is that voters have been mutated with social welfare addiction, there's been normalization of needlessly strong government and the loss of guidance from a local church that has lost a lot of wisdom. The role of government is not to rule without limit, it should only be there to ensure the proper functioning of society. As a facilitator, a defender, an adjudicator when the necessity arises. Corruption here is the politics of social welfare populism, the opposite of the politics of principle. If the Church believes so strongly in social welfare then it is acceptable for it to be the one to monopolize that role. For, unlike government, the Catholics and some other churches spend wisely and do not waste money.

No one is taking local stats of abortions and separations/non-marriage but it is not far fetched to presume it to be as bad as it is at present in America where these subjects are not constitutionalized. The church is so satisfied these are outlawed in the Marcos-Cory constitution of 1987 that it's so absurdly loyal to that it ignores how prevalent these things are in fact. And what is it doing about social media and their unholy alliance with the telecoms? They who connect us to the self-proclaimed checkers of scientific fact and political truthfulness. Telecom and government have lied to us about the real reason for pre-paid cellphones to be commercially and officially registered while the post-paid minority is to be reregistered. A malicious spam text comes within a minute of a telecom carrier or an NTC message so there is clearly collusion internally. They want your complete information so they can more completely track you with Chinese surveillance tools and then spam you more accurately or infiltrate your online viewing. Their purpose is not to protect you from the source for they themselves are the source or else are in cahoots with China entities.

In the past few years, agencies of the government and certain private establishments had been requiring you to supply information similar to the ones listed below including whateverelse before you can do anything on their websites. All of this collected stuff they have on you most certainly went somewhere in the online storage ecology where we do not know who among the many cyberpredatorcriminals out there have siphoned them.

include the ff:
Complete Name:
Email address used (Valid):
Old email address used (if applicable):
House#: Street: Barangay: Town/Municipality:
Province: Zip code:
Screenshots of 2 valid government-issued IDs for verification of identity.

And just like the Chinavirus masks, there is not one single instance we know of that a human being has been saved let alone helped by a message forced by NTC to your phone. A slight drizzle they blast red alert for calamitous rainfall that reaches even a phone set to airplane mode. In America the FEMA is extremely respectful to the public about these things, here they relish abuse. NTC-NDRM had been instrusively messaging throughout the Duterts regime but did not message a single coherent and useful warning to Cebu before the supercyclone struck in December 2021. They envy the social controls of China so much so that they rush to copy by April 2023 everything the communist-fascist government has imposed in the land of coronavirus and piracy. By the manner they are promoting them so blatantly it should be obvious how greedy the telecoms are for the commissions paid them by their social media partners. Bandwidth is clearly so plentiful now that they give a thousand all-nets texting and unlicalling in exchange for any 20 peso combo. Perhaps to arouse your interest in joining the spam brigade for a day. Others offer free access to Tiktok and the assets of Facebook-Google while you only get standard internet access of 300 megabytes for 20 pesos or a still low 2 gigabytes for 50 pesos. They are in a great hurry to destroy you with TikTok. Imitating the Manila imperial government, they subsidize the wasteful and penalize the useful.

Or in the case of onion, sugar, rice, and tentatively the egg, they program artificial shortages so their trader partners can give your favorite official the usual cut taken from astronomical mark-ups.

Chinese-made Toxins and Diseases   It's scarcely known how many in Cebu have found it curiously weird why these past years herbal remedies have been relentlessly advertised and endorsed almost exclusively in local media. They come in many forms, mostly capsule or syrup but to be included should be the Kulafu beverage (mimicking the Lapulapu guy) which touts undisclosed Chinese herbs. One product could have as many as a hundred herb extracts ingrediented of which at least one could actually be beneficial to your body and mind but it's also akin to Russian roulette suicide wherein you don't know if at least one of them components is toxic to humans. Sales are good though, at least as good as the coronavirus hotcakes marketed by IATF.

If you have a healthy sense of humor then you will excuse the health czars for ignoring the hazardous items they have permitted to be staples in our daily living. Once in whiles they exhort you to read carefully the labels of products you consume in complete disregard of the print being microscopically unreadable or undecipherable or both. The regulators are said to order food supplement classification in the spiel of the advertiser (instructing to mention in Tagalog "hindi gamot") but medical claims are explicitly implied nonetheless for these potentially dangerous pills, etc. They pretend to come to our rescue by adding more agencies upon more agencies like Privacy and also that Anti-Red-Tape thing but the most important thing they care about is expanding the bureaucracy in this crazy scheme to make more money for themselves. Woke stuff inspired the move of proggies to ban cooking with natural gas but thankfully the conservative politicians of America have opposed them. If LPG is to be banned here the only reason should be the obscene overprice of this safe fuel.

Google was the first company to successfully implement and commercially exploit surveillance of online users. Enormous was the envy arising among cyberbusiness players after soliciting ad space rental for example from Pepsi in your website was no longer viable, instead you'd have to let GoogleAd infiltrate your traffic. Someone comes up with an explosive racket now and then that which makes a Facebook panic as to how it can ape TikTok. Strangely the national security stalwarts of America did not thwart the blatant espionage algorithms of Google so perhaps they were tapping into it for information on criminals and jihad terrorists. Please do not blame jihadis for the scary decrease in sperm count, it could be traceable to microplastic ingestion from the time glass baby bottles were no longer used for hot formula.

ICC is prosecuting the wrong crime. It was not an out of control anti-drug campaign from 2016-2017 even if the bungling was phenomenal. It was an exercise to steer oligarchic Imperial Tagalog Manila towards centralist-nationalist totalitarianism directed by Bong Go, the Chinese puppeteer handling Duterte for the Pekingese commie-fascists. Yet the Dutskie Part II officials are invoking sovereignty whereas these hipocritos did nothing or were complicit in Chinese grabbing of the west sea we share with Vietnam, the Philippine-Vietnam Sea. Invocation of national sovereignty whenever international bodies delve into officially-acted criminal conduct smells very banana republic.

They were never serious in confronting the drug and education problems, all of it is playacting no different from the covid playbook. The true intent was betrayed when right at the start they bragged about swiftly eradicating drug abuse; nowhere in the world has this ever proven feasible, control to an extent yes, full eradication is fictitious propaganda. Even more impossible in a country where the fentanyl-dependent president divulged his likely successor was a cocaine snorter. China is the reason for our drug problem but as to education this is a Marcos-Cory calamity.

There is no way the MATATAG Agenda of Sara Assalamualaikum will honestly benefit her 28 million children of heroes cooped up in 327,851 school buildings herded by 226,367 teachers and school staffers. She even seems confused about there being 28.4 million pupils in both 44,931 public schools and 12,162 private schools (less 1,600). While it is not denied that we place last in critical thinking and academic proficiency per the 2018 Programme for International Students Assessment report, the overbudgeted department refuses to examine where it actually went wrong with its uniform national implementation of education which had been going on way before mother tongue semi-restoration and K-12. As faulty as their curriculum content is, belatedly focusing on literacy and numeracy where we are very much behind in Asia today would not make a dent given their Tagalog national language and woke affectations. Their solution is to make DepEd do more. More damage.

Education is meant for ideology if we're talking about Chinese, Russians, Pyongyang despots or Sharia jihadis but there should be no place for state-directed indoctrination in civilized nation-states. Religion i.e. Christianity in the classrooms serves good purpose as in noncoercively offering ethics and moral formation to youngsters. Even evolution can be lectured as long as it's not presented as the last word in science truth as the thing has so many holes in it. But nationalism? It's all about delusional conceits that have stunted our countrymen ever since Marcos institutionalized it in school, media and the state machinery. Public and private education to be practically sensible should produce as its product responsible and productive graduates for the future workforce to achieve excellence. Today we have Philippine educators churn out the worst flunkers in the world. The best thing government can do now for education is to stay away from it and have somebody else handle it properly. Remember the time before Marcos when our economy and education was second best in Asia, we had much less government back then.

The Philippines has a single culture and set of values? Used to telling lies the media is but more often than not it is the influence of academe's Pinoy Tagalogista ideology behind it all. At least one historian has irrevocably established based on written specimen that Rizal never in his lifetime wrote anything in his native Tagalog, especially the stinking malansang isda piece of textbook garbage. If you have memory of 1976 and the economic status back then, that was the time creditors were still eager to throw away billions to crony borrowers in the Philippines. Like the Pyongyang Koreans, we were also trained to love the nation more than anything on earth, mabuhay ang pilipino.

The marker of Satan keeps on defiling our churches. Part of the reason the museum and history agencies of the national government of Tagalog Manila can stamp their ownership plaques on our churches as if they have bought them is that there has never been a Cebuano who's been head of the Cebu church or prelature. When Jesus told us to turn the other cheek and offer it for one more slap this was not meant to be followed literally as blind fools do. We'd all be dead today including the JudeauChristian churches if our history had been one of ignoring and tolerating crimes and offences against humanity. In the reading He described an ideal situation wherein all men accommodated everyone else but close examination of the Bible passage points out the awful acts other humans wreak on you as reminders of the many wrongs happening all the time. The very first thing that will happen once abortion is officially permitted here is that Satan temples will crop up everywhere offering to onlookers this form of human sacrifice as the main attraction in their black mass.

Jesus likes smart people and Christianity had thrived through millennia by being smart. Officialdom that is not smart but also at the same time is corrupt has been our downfall in this Cory Marcos era, especially in times of "emergency" spanning the Dutski-Junior regimes. Here's two extremist scenarios that are hypothetical concerning the question of what is best for the black American. 5 million dollars in reparation payment per head for the slavery and Jim Crow historical events. Second, imagine there's organizational clamor for black descendants to receive justice for the forcible trade by slavers of their captured ancestors from their native Africa to America. All 40 million who are known to have black ancestry (including mullatoes Kamala and Barack) are to be returned or shipped back to somewhere in the African continent where they belong. Both ideas are crazy extreme insane.

Male transgender swimmers in America competing officially in women's collegiate sports is comparable to Manila universities recruiting African basketball imports for the commercially lucrative games. Unnatural but it serves the corrupt motives of the corrupt institutions. Imagine you brought your very young son or daughter to this doctor and after finding cancer plus chinavirus infection he solemnly prescribes the performance of gender reassignment intervention. Regretably accompanying these misfits is our own church which went along with chinavirus derangement played by the state. With no end in sight to special imperata prayers ending Sunday mass, the one going for a year now being cryptic perplexion beyond belief. If they allude to evil staying atop Philippine government they should at least say it plainly. Later part of February 2023 was briefly a new prayer concluding Sunday mass thanking Him for the end of the covid "emergency". It has truly ended if and only if there is no more spacing checks, masking and that be always safe reminder nonsense. Those who truly love the Church miss the masses it'd be beyond full. Going to mass seems to now be optional as a result of self-inflicted covidization in creeping imitation of the near-empty churches the American and European public long have considered to be normal.

The Pinoy racist supremacist nationalist strikes again, this time after the 50,000-killer quake that struck Syria and the country AlJazeera still correctly calls Turkey. When Junior declared that he can attain his goals with the help of the 1987 Constitution he was erroneously using the future tense because this is something that has already happened therefore past tense, the Cory Constitution is the biggest reason he has achieved all his goals. Been over 30 years now they have been pushing and withdrawing constitution amendment/replacement and the only explanation is that nothing on this earth benefits them trapu oligarchs better than the constitution xeroxed by Cory from the first Marcos. It is so delicious.

Humanity will survive on and on in spite of the crazed alarmism of UN and WHO. Movies/serials keep diving to more wokerism filth. Last of Us not excluded from this nonsense but what's notable in the show is a rather familiar sort of military rule in a horrifyingly desperate pandemic emergency. Same kind of militaristic excess has been our experience here for a China Virus outbreak that was in every respect a child's play affair. The dumbest governments either paint themselves to a corner or jump off the cliff. Very few are aware of the population problem of China and even fewer have seen the Philippines follow this same pattern that is ten times worse than overpopulation. Proof is Enrile who is 99 but nonetheless hired to be whisperer to Junior. The aged who avoid Pinoy habits remain productive and healthy yet the government idiots are pushing to put the over 55 to pasture knowing these "seniors" will be receiving paltry sums equivalent to vote buying pocket money that contributes to further economic weakening. Maybe the Philippines will become extinct and maybe that will be a favor to the better countries. Important note, migration not solution because nobody want migrate China, and horrors, only Chinese are migrating Philippines, que horrorrr.

Prayer is the only thing left for us after they threw away our air and sea defenses in the last 50 years? And the chief apparatchik of education is telling you that today's students lack competence in reading and have low desire for learning. It should be obvious that those who do not know how to teach should not handle schools. Over the ages the brains of humans have grown significantly bigger not because of evolution but as adaptation to complex tasks requiring greater and greater thinking power. Smartphone lifestyle is reversing all that and loss of intellect has been suffered more in no other country than the Philippines.

Remember that in the mid-reign of the original Marcos he in a grave tone told the "nation" that the problem of poverty was a concern that he was going to confront using his power. Good grief, for decades before martial rule we were the next strongest economy (and military force) in Asia, he avoided mentioning that he was the cause of the poverty problem in the first place, Marcos is the reason that from the 1970s to today the Philippines became a defenseless country of poverty. He changed the system and this was the fruit, DepEd also changed the way teaching is done and as a result students don't even know how to read anymore.

Social engineering was a favorite implement of the Soviets, the same goes with our celebrity trapu politicians who claim it their right and privilege to reshape minds and bodies in Philippine society per their whims of woke fancy. Republican governor S Huckabee Sanders questions the legitimacy of governments whose intent is to rule the people and not to serve the people. It can actually help you understand why Marcos/Cory desired the dumbification of the school age population. Easier to rule the people if they have the intelligence of sheep and it at no point was hard to do with the help of religionified nationalism coupled with the impoverishing bribery of no-holds-barred social welfare. Their biggest phobia is Cost Benefit analysis, biggest motivator is social media clicks.  Ang Manok ni San Pedro - Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya   Ang Ang Manok ni San Pedro ay isang palabas sa telebisyon sa Pilipinas noong 1977 na ipinalabas sa RPN 9. Isang katangian ng palabas na ito ang pagkakaroon ng nagsasalitang manok

Woke Culture-The Indoctrination in Public Schools   Nate Hochman     A new report shows how students' minds are being shaped by taxpayer-funded activism.

Mea culpa, maxima culpa
If the public compelled me to assume the position of president to make the hard decisions that will arrest our deterioration and after which I failed to improve matters but made things worse I don't think this is a flunked responsibility that's deserving of punishment on my part because I in the first place never asked for it. But the same failure by someone who wilfully candidated himself for president with promises of salvation and paradise in the Philippines should receive the harshest treatment applicable. Marcos and Cory and their successors all failed us (except for one, strangely the most hated one). Immorality is how perverts invert reward and punishment.

Why hate Marcos? Because he and Cory turned the Philippines into the very lousy country it is today. To not hate Marcos and Cory is to love evil. Election is ideally for selecting the party or candidate better fit to serve the people. Today because of Marcos and Cory you are selecting who will next rule the people, the criteria is whose campaign positions the trapu candidate as the one who will convincingly fool the people. There is no accountability, no meritocracy in a Philippines neckchained to the 1987 Cory Marcos constitution. It's been political mafia after political mafia that mutates every three years. Logic tells you to elect a servant leader, our absurdity is selection of monarch-dictators. Fittingly you do this inside the most sinister brainwashing camp in your locality, public elementary schools.

Yours is not a democracy if the government you voted into power has the agenda of changing the nature of the people. God forbid that government has the power and prerogative and impunity of a pagan god, unfortunately it is all too common almost everywhere. The reason culture is important to people is that it is everything that comprises them, one wrong change forced by an external authoritarian can destroy it. You are no longer a Cebuano if you lose your culture, you become a cheap Pinoy. Educated by schools that indoctrinate Pinoy racism-nationalism.

Just as it is that they have never been serious about repairing the defective constitution so is it that they had no intention to deal realistically with graft-corruption and deadly fraternity hazing and murderer politicos. It isn't hard to see how diligently our publications promote frat gangs as much as they do South Korean pop media products (daily they mix Pinoy superstition right next to legit religion). Witness the masked oblarun of a college gang who in reality hires older men from who knows where to display their genitals in motion to Diliman voyeurs. Terrific advertisement for young students to be beaten with wood planks into psychotic submission.

Every single time a trapu populist gets elected he vows to raise the power to fight graft and corruption. Actually the cause of corrupt government is too much power held by it so this is self-serving nonsense whose only solution is removal of government. The problem with half-assed attempts to "reform" this government is that it is structured on a corrupting system, if this was a rotten company the recourse would be to divest and bury it so it can do no further harm. Topping the qualification today for public office is proficiency and dependability as a liar. Djokovic is the most fit athlete of our time but the wokish health expert scientists of the US would rather have unvaccinated illegals and cartel hyenas welcomed to the country. The stupids frantically order you to wear industrial masks because some oil was spilled in the sea. Officials manipulate shortages to their enjoyment. Their governance dictates price whether it's shabu or pork. Look at Djokovic whenever you want reassurance the government is wrong.   March 16, 2023   More than 100 Thai immigration officers are expected to face bribery-linked charges in the coming weeks after allegedly helping thousands of Chinese enter illegally

Google Translate
Ang serbisyo ng Google, na inaalok nang libre, ay agarang nagsasalin ng mga salita, parirala, at web page sa pagitan ng English at mahigit 100 iba pang wika.

Those of us located in the Philippines cannot avoid this because it is defaulted in most websites, these are the ones built using autotools which inject Google and other bloating routines. Google Translate is not good nor is it an altruistic offering that benefits you rather than the search/surveillance company's advertising and AI foothold. The fastest websites contain no Google and no social media spyscripting. Imagine that if governments and companies cut to half all media streaming demand and this reduces 90 percent of wastage of world resources. But even activists have vested interests. Like the celebrities who run for political office, Google cannot be trusted. Very few are like Reagan or Zelensky whose commitment is for the success of their country. Being of service to wokism is flag colored red.

Who to choose to lead a country? There was a time not our time when God sent his servant to pick the handsomest boy of a chosen family. He was blessed in holy oil and and became the first and greatest king of his people. America got extraordinarily lucky the first time around, the greatest first president possible and the best constitution and governance (Washington, Madison-Jefferson, Hamilton). Quezon and the 1935 consti do not pass even at just a fraction of that standard. Osmena though a superior human is a big maybe because as successor he simply continued the Quezonian the way Cory did Marcosian. 1972 would've been the finest constitution of ours had it been synced into our previously democratic milieu rather than brazenly disregarded and misused under a nationalist dictator. 1987 is garbage or per Duterts toilet wipe. It's the height of insanity to be hopeful Junior will become the most capable leader in history after a rapidly passed new and better constitution is generously countenanced by the national socialist oligarchy who has everything to lose if they let go the status quo.

Online mass is not the command of God. Mask is not. Unnecessary vaccining is not. The behavior of the Church is not normal. You suspect it can no longer even hear God. It is irresponsible for it to refuse to protect the people from corrupt government perpetuated by a nefarious system. Neither is there leadership at the local levels to protect the peoples from Tagalog, Seoul and Chinese pollution. It should be noted that the influence of Korean pop is not especially deleterious. There only is too much of it courtesy of the corrupt national media (economic and moral corruption that is). They pretend to complain that Pinoy (Tagalog) culture should indisputably be on top but they are the ones overpromoting K aesthetics, however mediocre or effeminate, they silently approve its distribution to the masses as long as it's translated to the Tagalog dialect Filipino. To them it is of no distress that China will one day own the Philippines as its colonial province as long as today Manila has dominant supremacy of our weakened country. If there are still Russian people who are smart they would reverse course by working for acceptance into the Western fold rather than stay their present course of diminishing into a vassal client of the Chinaman commie fascist. They are so like this country named Philippines, culture and economy retrogressing.

Unfit for office
Donald is unfit to be president, was before and will still be yet the Dem wokieprogs prop up their favored opponent with the publicity he relishes. MAGA delusionistas and WOKE hyperactivistas join in keeping Trump alive in the political scene whereas true conservative libertarians want him gone. Junior stated his solution that will forever solve our energy shortfall is lots and lots of battery storage. To store at huge cost electrical power that doesn't exist? Solve the malnutrition responsible for stunting toddler brains by throwing away scarce public funds instead of removing food supply obstructions put in place by the government-protected mafias? Macoy is one reason why voters voted for Junior, they thought Coymaks was a greatest of the great president even if his only proven talent was in memorized declamation. Junior who has never shown talent is expected to bring us to salvation even if all he has done is rehash inane insanities like Kadiwa. The other reason he is president is that Pacquiao and Robredo were running, fellow trapus who would be repeating the same national socialisms in his place. Maybe Lacson would've tried to be different but he'd be like Gloria who gave up on reform after getting blocked every step of the way and, succumbing to futility, decided her zone of comfort might be the band in the wagon of the trapu oligarchs.

BungSar and who knows how many of those senators ran swearing they were the solution to pandemic crisis, economic crisis and sexual satisfaction crisis. Somebody feels he is Mr. Top Gun riding to the danger zone on a trainer jet because we have no legit fighter planes these past many decades. What the hell is Gwen Garcia trying to prove by resisting the national government's conspiracy to enforce ASF lockdown emergency martial law in Cebu? She hasn't accomplished anything except prevent the government sponsored food commodity mafia from profiteering on 500 peso per kilo pork. Does she not know we who already suffer from sky high prices of meat, grains, veggies and other food items can fatalistically welcome some more malnutrition into our life? Brain drain (educated adults) and nutrition deficiency (schoolchildren) are addressed all too rarely and at least someone is saying something but it is too late in the day and the one doing it is the wrong person. The problem was started by his father. Even if their "solutions" today somehow work miraculously, when the improvements materialize there is no assurance we are not a colonized province of Chinese Party of Communists one generation hence contributing to the glory of China. That same imperialist malefactor of virulogical terror who gains the most from the mandatory SIM registration. Take a look at this easy to find article:

OnePlus, OPPO, And Xiaomi Phones Are Found To Be Filled With Spyware
(enabled by default) The apps found on the OnePlus, OPPO, and Xiaomi phones are responsible for a lot of questionable activity, such as collecting and sending sensitive information found on the device. Some notable information includes device location, user profile, social relationships, device identifiers, app usage patterns, SMS history, and contact numbers.

Now that some of you have supplied them your name, phone signature and number, complete personal details and biometric references, etcetera and etcetera, let me count the ways they can misuse all the above to scam and to harass or surveil whosoever, whenever, wherever. It is the government's own fault that most citizens cannot verifiably register their phones even if they wanted to before the threateningly imposed deadline of April 2023. Nor should anyone want to because since it all began in the 1990s even the most irresponsible users have never been in any actual risk or annoyances outside of gov't and telco nuisances or abuse. It was never and is still not needed nor is it useful to us. They who cannot protect their own computer systems and database are even more incapable of preventing criminals from accessing your devices.

In what way is Zelensky in the likeness of Churchill? Almost always celebrities should not be politicians but Zelensky surprised the world last year when he did not roll over to the Russian invader, something that Biden and most European leaders would in their softness have let be. Churchill embodied the hard will of his people to not give up to the enemy their freedom. It is difficult to see if the people in our time will ever regain the discernment of good over evil, if they will ever unshackle themselves from the imperial oligarchy that has ruled from Manila in our fifty years of Marcosian dictatorship. Ensnared by Wokie Snowflaky trends of sociopolitical fancy that which sees no wrong when a transgender sacred cow murders 9-year-old children studying in a Christian-run school. In opposition to nature they idealize LGBT+++ as the normals. Disregarding the fact that terrorism is terrorism only if such acts are mandated theologically-ideologically, all the rest being the violence of criminality. Yet they think it is cute to impose Islamist holidays on us the 95%-majority Christians/etc. Because Ramadan is their wokist yardstick for cultural diversity, in addition to wikang pambansa derangement.

What reason do they have for being so deferential to Muslims and transexual-gays? ProgWoke minds of the snowflakes operate this way. They apologize without delay if Muslims of the Quiapo area protest an ABS-CBN drama but remain odiously arrogant two decades after the slander of Sakal against Cebuanos. ( By the way there are several times more Cebuanos than Muslims countrywide. We should be alright with Tagalogs and Islamics being themselves where they are supposed to be, imposing on nobody, but not with local/central government insinuating them in our place.

What is the theology of Teves? He cannot possibly be on the side of God/Jesus therefore your guess is as good as mine. Ideology? Most probably the same as his political soulmates Marcos and Robredo, national socialism Nazi Pinoy-Tagalogism. Yet they now tag a terrorist a man who essentially believes in nothing religious or even ideological. You'd think criminals are the goods guys in the country where the killer of Degamo is tagged terrorist. Or ignore the fact that there is so much fraud around because the government or state itself engages in it all the time. Make your government happy, eat the garbage of ESG and DEI (environsocgovern diverequitinclu). Social ills, definition anyone? These are the problems caused by the government of the Republic of the Philippines, 1972-2023 edition.

Government designed for theft   The worst they have stolen so far is your language. Tagalog supremacist ideology is smuggled into the education of children in our province which keeps on getting more and more oversaturated with Tagalog media garbage. Children are reportedly about to be handed out contraceptives in government schools, itching all the time to overstep in its actions as if government's mission is to change society rather than to serve its maintenance and defense. Cellphones had always been the target of its lust for grabbing more power over you these three decades it'd been hesitating. It took this long for a corrupt idea by corrupt officials with corrupt motives to get moving.

Mostly it was Republican governors like Ron DeSantis who rejected the masking-lockdowning fanaticism of Trump-Biden favorite doctor Fauci. It's also Republican governors intervening against wokerist school curriculum insertions because in reality US governors (and state legislatures) are the ones who have responsibility and authority over local education. In the US but not Flippines because here education is centrally dictated uniformly (with the favored exception of madrasah-shariah) by the imperial nationalist government headquartered in Tagalog Manila. Veritably the Republic of the Philippines is a hopeless country with a hopeless system. Drugs and police star in a melodramatic rigmarole. Apply the law they say and you wonder. Constitution of ours says the most volumes of hot air in the warm globe but when the government itself does something unconstitutional it rams ahead with impunity because there is no mechanism to hold it back. The law is subject to interpretational whim of whoever is in power. This is a country that doesn't have a true government, it is ruled by elected mafias.

The most important concept in regard to population management is prevention of government from playing any role and to let nature take the wisest course. China and the Philippines bungled their demographic development after substituting Malthus for God, they thought future survival hinges on killing the population. The scariest thought about bringing up a child today in the Philippines is that on average, by admission of your own president, he gets a weak body thanks to our poor food selection and then a poor mind courtesy of DepEd doctrine. Worldwide we have the kids with the weakest physiques and intellects, thank you Cory and Marcos and the Tagalog national socialism you imposed as the new religion.

Finland right at the very beginning was a self-defended opponent of the Nazi and Soviet aggressors. Nuclear weapons are needed by the Philippines, they would have been helpful to Ukraine, all too obviously. Those useful weapons left us when we foolishly refused to move heaven and earth for the American military to stay and keep the Chinese away. A pushover is what your country of nationalist braggarts has become. A place where the function of those who get elected (approximately 99 percent of them) is to be corrupt and to corrupt.

The question needs repeating. Why is it your civic duty to be skeptical of government power in every instance you encounter it? There are times a citizen has to ask whether a government is deliberately nurturing lawbreaking and criminality in order to increase its role and powers in pursuit of enrichment by corruption. The imperial vanity of the authorities sitting in Manila never ceases to grow with each central administration. Over intermittent seasons is full devolution dangled to thrill once more the seekers of federalism who don't even know what it actually is. But it's not even some diluted facsimile of autonomy, no way not here, it's the imperium giving the local officials more leeway to obey the orders of the central power and to at the same time enjoy greater avenues of pocketing more money.

To hell with the progressivists' fetish for becoming inclusive kuno. Accommodating the fickle demands of loudmouthed fringe nonmajorities is neither liberty nor democracy. The prog wokies have yet to try being expansive instead of "inclusive", to humbly offer yourself as you are for acceptance by all who are willing to. We have forgotten in this country what it means to be human and what it means to be entrusted your time and space on earth by God. To be like the cardinal of HongKong who fights for his people in spite of having been abandoned by the Vatican to communist persecution. Unlike the place where you live, there are places where Catholicism is not treated like a good luck charm.

These snippets tell you how wrong the lockdowner expert authorities were in everything:
Now, a new scientific review suggests that widespread masking may have done little to nothing to curb the transmission of COVID-19. The review, titled "Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses," was led by 12 researchers from esteemed universities around the world...Published by Cochrane Library...comparing the use of medical/surgical masks to wearing no masks...wearing N95/P2 respirators probably makes little to no difference...
WHO backtracking, very belatedly, on overvaccination protocols is confounding the centralist authoritarians of the Flips who are anxious to scrape the last lick of earnings from this enterprise of pandemic scam. Private companies running outsource sweatshops are known to require at least three doses. Their compliance with the unscientific mandate doubles cardiac risks cumulative from graveyard job physiostress and jab side effects.

The April 23, 2023 tally of states Deaths: 6,859,395 of which the 66,444 alleged Philippine deaths are included. An obvious overcount knowing the Philippines' reported total fatality is fictional made-up fabrication. But while the global death count is misleadingly bloated even by the more civilized countries who innocently overcredit covid (or the China disease), it is impossible for it to not be at least partly factual. China covid killed millions worldwide though not so many as some want us to think because the China-developed virus the Chinese themselves disseminated globally wasn't anywhere near as strong as the World War 1 coronavirus. Proof is upper mid-aged survivor Rand Paul, senator, medical doctor, licenced physician, practitioner of the healing arts and sciences who questioned masking and vaccine dictats. For the sake of honesty they should add to the death toll those who died early deaths after unnecessary shots like boosters triggered heart attacks. By the way, Chinese fentanyl has directly killed more Americans than China covid did (whether or not the latter's overcount is the one used for this ghastly comparison).

Some of the more prescient business professionals enlighten us that the measure of a healthy economy is not trade surplus or absence of deficit but the combined total of a country's exports plus imports. Conversely with illegal drugs, if the various agencies report interceptions of contraband it can only mean drug criminality is very much alive and kicking even if consumption itself is unmeasurable.

AI is nothing especially new, there had been Watson of IBM and a few others from many years back and communist-fascist China has resorted to it for some time due to its self-inflicted manpower shortage. AI can indeed be as harmful as the smartest professionals in business warn us today but first we shouldn't be trembling in wondrous awe over something that is essentially a superscalarly processor-driven researcher-dataminer of pick-me-up online storage tidbits in websites responding to you as it'd been algorithmized. It's practically some sort of hit and miss plagiarism souped up to superhyperspeed. It'd be suicide to allow it to make the kind of mistakes that are fatal to individuals, communities and ultimately the world.

Online serving data centers consume an enormous proportion of the world's electricity just for the amusement of TikTok FB YouTube Netflix habitues. Try asking the latest AI entrant when two equinox-coincident solar eclipses will next occur inside of a year. Programmed algorithm constructs similar to spell check in your device which allows an application on your device to check the spelling of words/phrases as you are encoding these on the basis of its accumulated word database stored in the device itself and as prompted by preprogrammed if-then rules, essentially all there is to it. In the chat trend for AI, the prog algos are more sophisticated and online resources served by superprocessing hosts are instantaneously consulted. The race won't be won by Russia or a European country. If TikTok had been under American proprietorship rather than by the China communist party there'd be tolerance on the level of FB and Google because the federales can similarly have their pick of incriminating user data to breach on the proprietors' servers. Functionally or operationally, TikTok isn't really eviler than Goog or Fesbuk. As a self-respecting human, it's no contest who to detest more.

Are you in favor of ROTC restoration? Imposed in the Marcos Sr years was compulsory army training for all highschoolers on top of four terms of military training for male collegians. Former was exclusively mabuhay indoctrination while latter was partly dedicated to discipline and drills, neither contributing materially to military readiness. At present we have even worse instructional competency in combat education very much in the same vein that DepEd cannot be trusted to teach students. Military training of civilians is desirable only as long the ones providing it are not the undesirables. The older ROTC probably yes, the Coymaks version definitely no way.

The government never stops lying to us about its record of near-perfect employment and efficacious environmental interventionism. And how proud would you be if a school shooting occurs in Manila and the top network of Yugoslavia banners the report with the Philippine flag? Bet you gonna be as proud of the pathetic condition all branches of our military forces. And they say they know 3,000 national cops (there are no local cops) participate in crime against person and property. And?

On April 26, day before the deactivation deadline, they predictably extended the SIM zarzuela. Then they threatened the vast majority who reject registration that noncompliers will be stopped from enjoying useless/wasteful FB and TikTok. What a useless government that only does useless things! You can compare it to Harvard adding a little Tagalog to its roster of wokist gimmick merchandise and Biden father of scammer praising Junior son of the incompetent dictator at the Whitehouse as his ideal partner in the Philippines. Phony is the word and harm is what people tolerating it reap. Health and OCTA are desperately trying to resurrect covid but nobody cares what these Fauci imitator clowns are doing. Maybe it's funny that the Anglicans consider it proper to insert wokeyracious trappings to the coronation of their king. Maybe Teves has better prospect for receiving criminal justice in East Timor since it is positioned a hundred places better by the World Press Freedom Index than Philippines. Maybe our language deserves to die because our people have been seduced into living harmful lifestyles that abandon their soul and culture. God protect us from our enemies.


Noviembre, Diciembre 2022

Artificial Inteligencia

Imagine a world where you are looking for work and the job application you send will be received, processed and evaluated by the AI thing of the target company. You knew you'd be dealing with an HR that is AI-run so like most applicants what you did was have it done by your own home/personal AI including the interview that presumably followed. It will surely ace the expected jobseeker parameters and all you'll have to do is attend the Zoom acceptance appearance and later since this happens to be home-based you can proceed to let your AI sidekick perform the work itself, if it isn't payday you won't even notice you're employed.

DepEd has been losing expertise in educating schoolchildren since the seventies, in this woeful Marcos-Cory era of ours. UP being overtaken by Ateneo is more a phenomenon of UP deteriorating as evinced (ironically) by its hundreds of graduating summa cum laude kids. Supposing that the international ranking of schools is based on quality of the graduates as measured per some kind of yardstick, say, output of world-class creators and not just imitators. In a sense the Philippine education system has become a pioneer of artificial or fake intelligence. Nothing natural or intelligent remains of it. Google promises to provide you soon with an AI ghostwriter. When "your work" is published I will have my personal AI evaluate your material before I will let it read it as audio to me as an aid for drowsiness at sleeptime.

Underpaid heroes in the frontline they are not but rather overpaid lazybones who hid behind the curtains of COVID theater. As weird as the arrangement was for who heads education, even more strange is the statement implying that the over hundred thousand teaching employees of the central government are intellectually incapable, past and present. If so, then this government should never have been involved in education given its failures. Even the Red Tape agency has partaken in the education banquet feast buffet. The scandalous Celeron Atom laptops must have been too irresistible to resist. It will be wrong to abolish education but right it will be to enact the abolition of DepEd.

Above can be found the rather nice grades obtained by young student Albert Einstein. Do you think he would have developed into the man now giving us the nuclear solution to the world's climate change insecurities if all he had were flamingly open transgender teachers? Contemporary politics and activism are mostly about deception. Be it welfare, environment-climate-pandemicalism, "equity"... In this the local church behaves as if the state is its master and not God. Where I live the rule of thumb of the trapu politicians is you can break all the laws you want as long as you vote for me. The sweetest reward for all those newfangled regulations and redundant laws is the ease in doing graft and corruption.

Welfare State in the worst possible evidence to show that these dole-outs are helping transform the poor towards self-reliance. by Cito Beltran

The true death toll of Covid-19   Published November 8, 2022, by Dr. Edsel Salvana

How bogus was the 2020-22 pandemic orchestrated by the previous and carried on a bit more mildly by the current? My disbelief rests greatly on there not being one single human being I personally know whose actual cause of death was COVID or the China coronavirus. Strange title the Bulletin editorial page article has seeing that it points out very minimal mortality verification effort but jumps to the conclusion that we should be grateful for the government's insane lockdown because he reached the funny conclusion that hundreds of thousands more actually died here of China COVID. People are so brainwashed by the infallibile might of big government and even the UN wants a piece of the action by overhyping stuff like global warming.

How many progressive wokie liberalistics have you heard preach abortion is the solution to climate change and even inflation? Climate justice is supposedly the fight fought by those environmental extremists for greener, fairer, safer and a more equitable future. Environmentalism has two varieties, in the first one there is the extremist environmentalist and in the second you have the smart environmentalist. Excluded here are the bandwagoners. The extremist nurtures the phobia for overpopulation which is another way of denigrating humanity as a plague equal to Chinese COVID. In this extremism the UN faithfully adheres to the script of non-solutions that as with China covid imposes draconian policymaking based on falsified premises. One example in the Philippines is the haphazard mandating of "biodegradable" bagging for your purchases without anticipating these quickly disintegrating synthetic films are the source of microplastic detritus swimming in bodies of water all over Earth. Or they force paper bag usage which is even more ecologically and commercially wasteful.

COVID should be spelled as only covid because lowercase is normal and though dangerous it was much less so than the World War I coronavirus that killed a hundred million out of two billion humans. As for smart environmental action, consider carefully that your project does not involve paying communist-fascist China to shoot additional industrial toxins and CO2 to the atmosphere. Defense of our natural world requires as much quality from our ranks as the defense of our cultures/languages does. KWF is a murder weapon disguised as a mother tongue solution.

Power to the government. Mask theatricality and vax excessiveness. Pandemic of corruption, criminality and culture genocide.   The departments tasked with spreading fear and panic are essential to fattening central government power. ESG is decadence costumed as activism. Many American megacorporations especially the big tech/internet players have mastered this gimmick, and there are local copycats, most surprising of which was Ayala. Socialist welfarism impoverishes and wastes the wealth of a country. Voters have gotten used to electing trapu politicians who posture as reformers or as benefactors of the masses. The Americans can choose intelligently based on the visible political differences between their two parties, tho Obama, Trump and Biden are sorry exceptions. Our political parties disappeared after the 1971 election because of the national socialist dictator and then the widow. All of them subscribe to national socialism.

Race, gender and ethnicity falsehoods of the woke   The lies have a long history. Before woke became a thing there was mulat of the Diliman nationalist communists. The academic freedom pontificated by Deped is mere caricature version of woke CRT nonsense institutionalized by "progressive" US teacher unions. They are the ones responsible for the growing failure of education by their inculcation of the useless and harmful.

Twitter purge is the prerogative of the company's new owner, if his own engineers and auditors unearth hanky panky by the social media personnel then he has the right to replace the malefactors who when they were in charge behaved like Chinese, Russian and North Korean and Iranian and etcetera. This same sort of purgatory cleanse is painfully required in all branches of the government if we want to change for the better. Philippines definitely requires purging but not America because at the federal level there remains enough professionalism. But here there should be a Twitter-like purge of the entire government. One by one examine if it has become an enabling agency for criminal behavior. One of the best examples of the worst kind is the barrio or barangay. The rest (local and national) range from good to best models of corruption. Wasted vaccines for the China virus is actually good for a billion reasons insofar as the officials and manufacturers who made money are concerned.

So confounding how certification by the state of man-to-man and female-to-female marital status swiftly became a fait accompli in practically all Western Christian civilizations. They officially legalized something that weakens natural family formation while the non-Christians and the commie-fascists have ignored this suicidal rush. Russia may have made a lot of noise about outlawing transgenders and their ilk from public aggrandization but they're not actually serious about protecting humanity from the excesses of a natural occurence of sex deviation. It is a sinister sort of hypocrisy when they have long been producing and hosting internet pornography, most of which is not the heterosexual type. It reminds you of when our sidewalks were plied by Mindanaoan migrant Muslim vendors hawking graphically illustrated homo porno DVD products mass-produced by China piraters. Our Church turned a blind eye to the damage done by this even as they have consented to be the government's sidekick in covid and trapu election management. No separation of state and church anymore, just like in Russia after the Bolsheviks, church has become property of the state. Forgot that its duty is to God and His people, surrendered to woke-mulat.

Before we endure the return of the comeback of Marcos BLISS, Kadiwa and Maharlika (old Tagalog for big penis allegedly), let's accept we are fated for the worst: inflation-recession, shortages, the whole gamut. The only reason those officials ran for public office was so they can con you. Robredo likes it so much that she might be running again. Thankful to this weak political personality should supporters of the son of Marcos be. Robredo is the reason he is your president now. As funny as this is the massage spa raid undertaken by the official goons of a locality. For doing hand jobs was this unsavory establishment closed. We decent human beings ought to be outraged but only because these spas conned men with fake sex.

20,000.00 and unli rice for government personnel   OCTA wants the public to believe in Pinoy government and Santa Claus being the same thing which is ironic because the latter is fictional and the other is scammer paradise. Sometimes a country is lucky enough to craft a constitution that is sufficiently good from the beginning and remains of service to God and man 200-plus years later, what we're talking about is the US and definitely not the Philippines.
The state religion of Chinese communism had its most ardent follower in Sison. His death at 83 proves the correctness of the charts in this blog indicating non-Caucassian Asians are less affected by the China coronavirus, the young almost never. The nationalist fascist commie kingpin from Diliman was presumably baptized in the name of Joseph and Mary, and this brings us to the December 8 statement of his president BBM yammering:
Like Mary may we also strive to resign from our individualistic tendencies...lead us in achieving our nation's aspirations.

Joseph and Mary were obedient to God. They were not obedient to government, in fact they escaped the harm threatened by it. Take from this the message of Christmas every year. True Christianity has always been good for mankind. Nationalist socialism is bad. Social media is mostly bad, seldom good. If you're under the illusion that the thousand Likes your FB post got within the hour meant long lasting success of propagation, this article reveals how fast popularity in social internet is forgotten by everybody.


October 2022

Government is evil, and; Religion is a scam

Intrinsic and inherent. Government is evil unless in contravention to its incontrovertible nature there is a conscious effort by its runners to resist evil. In the same vein is religion scam if commercial and or political gain over its followers is the whole point of it all. A ministry for exploitation of naive sheep and spiritual convenience seekers is all that it is and not an institution devoted to God Himself. Of the few churches that are true none are perfect but at least those few were meant to free man and not to enslave him.

In the Bible you are told that the God of Israel is your God, it does not tell you government also is your god. Give unto Caesar was declared by Jesus only to remind us to be wise and careful in dealing with government, at the same time He also envisioned the Greco-Roman tradition to be instrumental in spreading His faith. Had He been with us in 2022 He might be skeptical of the Tagalog-sounding simbayanihan gimmick of the Manila hierarchs. Their lousy reason for steadfastly shielding the lousy Cory constitution from the slightest modification is that it omits abortion. They ignore the fact that we have more than enough opponents here of death penalty and abortion.

Separation of church and state should be understood first and foremost to mean that church is not below government. At best a government can only be half evil, the more it devours power and your prerogatives the closer it approaches full evil. In many cases has it subsumed the major religion (or it could be the other way around) like in this country where the state conscripted the patriarch who obliges it every way he can, blessing the death of their soldiers who are killed in the invasion of Ukraine. A responsible church will insist the state keep itself separate. You see lots of daily prayer stuff on Flipino social media because this is how they deodorize themselves.

The picture above of a trapu politician's mistress is posted in a sacrilegious manner that is common on Flipnoy social media pages. To the right is an informative graphic that is appropriate in this mostly Catholic country, sadly it gets stuffed there in the infinite scroll of blasphemies that FB is. Forgiveness and forgetting destroys us. What was the worst thing that Marcos did? Stealing our money was not the worst, it was the deterioration of the Philippines to poorest and most socioculturalpolitical failed state as a direct result of his rule. Several days and 50 years into our burial under national socialist governance, he bequeathed welfarism and vote monetization among the pathology of national perversions that most people take for granted. Everything bad is everything Marcos.


Rich and Jim recently observed on the National Review main podcast that the China coronavirus explosion of 2020 brought global activity to a standstill as if the world became North Korea. Yet the usual suspects of climate change parameters remained at the same level, no reversals benefiting mother earth unlike what the ESG activists had been propagandizing. How do we know that hirelings of the Manila Tagalog imperial government were not the ones who inundated us with spam fraud text messages just as we do not know how much of the Chinese corona mortalities had been been faked by IATF-DOH? No one else stands to gain more.

The two local telcos (actually Singaporean and Indon) have been letting street vendors sell their SIM modules for several pesos to us over 20 plus years now without major problems on the customer side. No crying need to mandate an official registry of over hundred million prepaid things sold so far because if there had ever been such a need this would have been done right at the start. Now they force us to register because they care about our security and protection. The alibi is bullshit, their own database servers keep getting hacked by Chinese and Russian operatives. (They mostly buy or contract China spythings.) We've long been used to unregulated prepaid comms and have lived with unwanted incoming messages, majority of which come from Smart and the Republic of the Philippines. The reason for wanting a bigger public role always is the hunger for more kickback opportunities. Who covets the most this master list of personal details and numbers? Politicians, criminals and communist countries.

Integrity and honesty. Honesty and integrity is not broadcasting there has never been a better time to venture a big business investment in the Philippines and for a recent supremo of the court to serve as the right hand man of the next president or for journalists to be the selfie buddies of the same president. The implication is that the courts and reporters are the puppies of the president. Retired judges receive their last salary as their monthly pension to ensure that those presently at work get no temptation to be anything other than independent. If business is such a good thing here because of good national/local management practices, capitalists would be rushing here in the same way they have been rewarding our less bureaucratic but more successful neighboring countries for the past 50 years. 50, yes, the martial law demarcation line of past goodness and current badness. It is hoped that the new leaders of Britain and Italy are not Conservative in name only. National socialism is how you ruin a Philippines.

There is a chart up there that is silently informative about who the Covid-China plague can kill most easily. When did we have an actual pandemic? Not in 2020-21 but there had been a real one that killed almost 4% of our population after America invaded the Philippines. Cholera killed roughly 150,000 here in 1902. That's less than the additional number of Americans killed by China's virus so far in 2022, a year where only the most moronic or most exploitative are hanging on to a senseless emergency. Freaking out the public every which way they still can. They ignore important details like the selectiveness of China-Covid in snuffing the lives of its victims. Age and physical condition are among those.

Even if America overcounts and overcredits Covid fatalities, the high volume and international racial mix make it globally relevant per the life-death stats 2019-2021 which coincides nicely with the Chinese plague. Asians are shown to be less affected than Whites who are better off than "Blacks" and Reds-Latinos. This virus has not killed that many pure Blacks in Africa while we know that in the Americas many had become mixed-race. Also the Asian designation included non-Orientals from India which is Caucasian in great part. Asian-Oriental has the highest invincibilty to the virus released by China and if you are under 30 you have practically zero chance of dying. Doesn't that include all the children now allowed back in school? We should trust the government's health experts. They were hired to screw us.


September 2022

Thanks to expert consensus that turns out to be wrong (phil klein national review editors podcast)

Home school was elucidated nicely by Federico D. Pascual last August 14. When it is decided by parents that education is too important to entrust to government or that by its incompetence it's better to have no education than miseducation, they should first be aware that proper home school is the opposite of centralized onlining fecklessly implemented in the unfortunate places where deranged lockdowner-facemaskers ruled the roost. You take education out of their hands, prevent them from repeating the "expert" mandates that closed schools for two years and lowered the educational level of children. It was a criminal act to cut off the learning process of children in response to a disease from China that does not directly harm them. Force on them masks that damage their communication and emotional growth.

Who are these so-called experts? One is a mathematics guy from UP pontificating on pandemic stuff, there's also generals and named or unnamed know-it-alls who've piled mistake after mistake since March 2020 in the name of science for the common good. They go on pretending authority is always right, on the infallibility of their unscientific pronouncements. At one point the national official fraternity of Covid was itching to sideline the old fake pandemic into a monkeypox scamdemic but it doesn't seem half as sellable. At the height of the ChinaVirus scam they downplayed or diverted instances of common illnesses especially dengue to it, we might call these resurgences weird but they've been there all along. Go away like Fauci you fraudsters.

Comedy of tyranny. Moon Over Parador and The Death of Stalin are the two comedic films you can consider to be most politically instructive. Not for ideological content but for their clarity on senseless tyranny being ultimately pointless except for the tyrant who is momentarily in power. Despotic authoritarianism is no laughing matter, a fact that dear leaders Hitler, Mao and Pot lovingly imparted to millions of their victims. Gorbachev could have had the satisfaction of adhering to the examples of these heroes of national socialism but he had enough humanity left in him to recognize how the system that Sovietized his peoples made them poorer instead of wealthy state citizens of a socialist paradise. He did things differently and ushered in some freedoms but could not sustain change as tyranny crept back in.

Can BM follow the footsteps of Gorbachev who upon assessing the Soviet Union was an economic or otherwise a systemic failure kept his hands off as it naturally self-destructed? The Pinoy-Tagalog system envisioned by role-model Quezon and implemented by father Marcos and enemy Cory is a clear failure in terms of how low we have fallen economically and socioculturally as well as the cancerous explosion of oligarchic political corruption which gifted Bongski, Dutskie and Noysky to us. Problem is that the political class of BM which includes Robreski, Pimenski and the Bayanistaskis suckle so much honey from the Marcos-Cory state, their loyalty to it is everlasting.

To them all this is merely a contest in interventionist official playacting as in the past 50 years our peoples have become so reliant and deferential to government authority and handouts. You enter government "service" and then you buy the people and poor the people. Too much Marcos-Cory and zero Lincoln. It's an incomprehensible situation given that in 1986 the only Tagalogs who still supported Makoy were Iglesia or his regime's direct beneficiaries. In this murky transition from the two decades Makoy nurtured Tagalog supremacy, we were tricked into moving back into the same system of national socialism.

Nations that use race or ethnicity as the organizing principle of politics are often quite unstable, and quite violent (david french god gap). Religion and culture should not be relegated as the casualties of wokeist whimsy to which the Democrats of America have been tethered. Good politics stands on firm ground and not on shifting sands.

Semi-fascist? Biden has been in high political office for 50 years but he doesn't seem to have learned what national socialism is. Either he's geriatrically confused or is downright dishonest by equating conservative and fascist. Biden and Trump deserve each other. MAGA is a silly misnomer, it is not the threat to American democracy that Biden and the wokeists say it is because theirs is a great country not easily destroyed, it's a country whose greatness had already been restored by Reagan.

The US president is supposed to be the dictator of the executive branch and only the executive agencies. Here in the Philippines it's all the branches (legislative plus judicial) instead of just the executive departments that bow down to the father of the holy sacred nation. Our supercentralized government's main occupation being to dispense cash to nonproductive recipients, if we take heed the law of economics, this imbalances the scale of supply and demand. This cash giveaway shoots up demand while nonproductivity depresses supply of goods and services which means price inflation is the result. Bad government led by bad officials is always gonna be very bad. After all their Pantawid cash handouts and other welfare candy like junk food packs and hassle-producing counter (etc.) discounts, nothing in our life has improved or not worsened.

A Queen who worshiped Christ and served her nations

Russia's authoritarian had supposed that his regime had the moral right to invade Ukraine because of their imposed historical unification and language expansion. Most of us had thought Ukraine would be toppled in a matter of days by the vastly superior "mother" country. We forget that the imperialist is never right. Russia never had rightful ownership of the Slavic nations just as much as Manila was never meant to rule the non-Tagalog nations. Both Russia and Tagalog Manila had imperially expanded their political and cultural reach and both use this forced history and false commonality in self-justifying our enslavement. Call it national socialism.

Ukraine was not hopelessly outgunned contrary to common expectation because in the first place they had at least some guns while Russia quickly exposed the top to bottom flaws of its enormous military complex. Remember that the first aircraft carrier of China was bought from the Ukrainian navy several years ago. Even the Ukranians themselves might be surprised at how much more competent and motivated their defenders are compared to the Russians, of whom the many thousands of casualties are likely not diehards of Putin and may be considered to also be victims. Notwithstanding the mostly weak leaderships of the West, the defensive weaponry received by Zelensky has by far been good enough.

Leadership is a significant factor in the success or failure of an institution which is why Marcos Jr. is obvious bad luck. Biden is given too much credit for intellect by those who don't know his past and ignore the fact that he needs to spend almost half his time on vacation to rest his tired brain. Trump actually has little business acumen but has always had vastly more celebrity creds, even back when he and Biden belonged to the same party. Trump was never a good judge of skill and character, think of how much the world would be a better place today if he had not put Fauci in power back in 2020.

"If you want to catch COVID, go ahead, it's a free country but keep your virus to yourself" is what Ana Marie Pamintuan says in This is a persistent residue of IATFDOHOCTA ignorance. Those masks don't do anything. BTW Cebu had its chance sometime around 1990 to catch up with the economic progress achieved by places like Singapore but that has since been made impossible by the choking encroachment of Manila and the Chinese. Nothing dignified comes out of the city mayor begging for investments and pork. They should take care of their filth first before promising a paradise of parks (etc.etc.) and telling residents who disagree with them to relocate elsewhere.

Cebu like the others here has almost no leaders of good quality with the exception of Gwen who is among the finger-handful who possess competence but occasionally do disgusting things like Tiktok dancing with transgender Vice Ganda. In Cebu, as in the Philippines as a whole, almost all local politicians are self-indulgent mediocrities who are in it for the money.

You might have seen photos of the princess Elizabeth laboring in the British military service during World War II, the heiress to the last global empire giving her share dutifully. You might have been one of those forced to attend years of high school and college training for the discontinued citizen military program that the non-weak countries still take seriously. Marcos Jr spent his time wallowing in luxury the entire time, a real soft person. Cebu can be saved only by dissociation from the rut Marcos Sr initiated on a previously healthy Philippines. It is in the interest of the national socialist oligarchs to keep it sick. If we let them have their way, our smallest children will be pumped again and again with vaccines that only some of the most elderly actually need. They and the China virus in 2020 became best friends. Child shots, booster shots, cash cow.


August 3, 2022

We don't need no education

Is it true that the lesbian-gay-rainbow segment intimately games the severest risk from monkeypox? Ramos is yet another one who allegedly has been killed by the China virus, how was he allowed to be lethally exposed and why did his vaxes and meds not protect him? Biden has had multiple infections so questions like these are in order. Does the greed and hypocrisy of liberalistic central-statism prevent them from saying it as it really is or are they monkeys who assume we are like them? Why is Vergeire still in power?

When the time comes for them to hammer the last nails on the ataud of MTBMLE as had been the hidden intent since the inception of its congressional and departamental accommodation, don't think it the end of the world. This just boils down to I told you so, you cannot trust the national government, it had been rewired by Marcos to double cross you when expedient. Put your faith in it as you would on social media whose audience is an intermittently distracted population of cattle and sheep. Life can go on without socmed or DepEd (or even 75% of the entire government). Speaking only your natural language is dignified. Being additionally competent in a useful second language as in English is practical. Knowing some words in other languages is worthwhile when needed. Less is more.

If the DICT or IT agency is desperately outsourcing our internet to Elon Musk then there is no reason for its existence in the first place. Neither should an educ department that cannot educate exist. Tulfo (Star, August 2) accurately identifies our having the lowest IQ as a consequence of Pilipino-Tagalog medium of instructionhood. Myanmar students even score better than us in reading comprehension, math and science. Shame Philippines! You have a system rebuilt and run by the hambugero, and now no one is lousier than you.

There's nothing more hilas and shameless than Tagalog showbiz. No apology and all self-righteousness after they slandered Visayans in Sakal and in another malicious movie depicted Cory gambling in a Chinese tile game with Cebuano Catholic nuns. We can laugh some more after witnessing how the boastful ambitions retained by the new government from the old one end in the same no nothing result. It's because Tagalog is the good for nothing national language. Ang bayan ko'y tanging ikaw, land of nothing.

B(G)agong Lipunan and Pope Tagle is gonna be the wrongest wrong

It was around two decades ago when they felt it inevitable for vernacular co-instruction to return but they planned ahead to have the vernaculars as the designated scapegoats for the identical failures in educational achievement they were expecting anyway. The China virus lockdown was icing on the cake because it exacerbated an already rotten state of educational attainment. Junior and KWF can stage whatever posturing suits them in regard to English but anyone who does not secretly intend to extend Tagalog domination would have supported a Gullas-style English policy from the onset.

You've probably heard that the latest censor to emerge is KWF, the super-agency in charge of the Tagalog national language. Things like this happen in big government systems where progressivist-nationalist mentality pervades. There should be at least some who remember the time of the unscheduled papal visit of Francis to Leyte when Tagle censored the Waray and Cebuano languages. Tagle forced the local bishop and parishioners to use Tagalog so he can be the grand translator. I have admired him immensely ever since. Muslims and LGBT are not discriminated against in the Philippines. Only the non-Tagalogs are and this is mandated by the Cory-Marcos constitution.

Monsod the husband was overheard lawyering for this indestructible constitution he helped create and deflecting blame for the bad situation it has brought the country into. Even had the gall to scold us that it needs even more stringent implementation by the fascist nationalist state for it to truly work its constitutional magic. WOW, unbelievable. He'd like us to be blind to the fact that this thing gave us the worst schoolchildren and the worst economy in Asia. Monsod needs reminding the Cory-Marcos consti doesn't require defenses at his level inasmuch as opposing factions of the established oligarchy know it to be equally advantageous to them. As Marcos sang to us, mabuhay ang pilipino.


July 9, 2022

Profiting from China's virus

Measure how dumb and feckless a government is by how much it fixates on coronavirus at the expense of everything else (borrowed from CCWCooke in an NR podcast).
Being on public ride at the time of his inaugural speech, there were portions I was forced to overhear. Words like national language, race and build back better, then finally some delicious icing on the cake. One of the martial law dictatorship theme songs, my only nation is only you and only you alone can thrill me like you do. All hail the inheritors of Filipino fascism yet again. For someone who had partidu federal ng pilifinash as his fabricated affiliation, he was predictably silent about the constitution. The nationalism stuff was predictably loud, servitude to Tagalogista centralism all too palpable an inheritance.

Makaluluoy kamong katawhan
Kon amaw inyohang pamunoan

Biden said that Americans lost a constitutional right after Roe was scrapped on June 26, correct or incorrect? The old Supreme Court decision invented the idea that abortion is a constitutional right. The new US SC decision corrects it by respecting the actual constitution itself which never stated abortion to be anybody's constitutional right. For something to be a constitutional right it would have to be specifically pointed out there which can only mean Roe is a lie that was forced on America by magicians of law.
America has a good constitution, the best in the world unlike the Philippines which has the worst constitution in the world. Neither is abortion a constitutional right in ours but it bestows a plethora of constitutional rights to the world's crookedest politicians and to those who seek to kill the non-Tagalogs. Cory-Marcos grants Imperial Manila the constitutional right to kill our languages and to colonize the provinces like slaves. Americans ought to thank Madison and the founding fathers for their constitution while we ought to curse Quezon Marcos Aquino.
Killing a baby is not a privilege guaranteed by federal law in the US. The unitary/centralist law in the Philippines that encourages Tagalogista-driven genocide is as abominable as Roe ever was. When they say abortion is healthcare they are also telling us that pregnancy is a disease. When they say national language is unity what they actually mean is that Cebuano is an obstruction to the complete domination of the fascist nationalist socialism of imperial Tagalog Manila. There are certain people who claim that men are capable of becoming pregnant just as there are those who say that Tagalog replacing Cebuano is PROGRESS.

2022 has produced some valuable lessons we must heed unceasingly. The many ways of writing the word scam include Covid, IATF-DOH, protocol, lockdown and booster-mania. For the stronger one's "Covid response" is the less its basis on scientific method and more on business-politics. A grab for money and power. Ukraine has taught us once more that the ultimate expression of nationalism is attacking another country for no good reason. And that patriotism means defending yourself from someone who attacks for no reason. The May results prove that a certain country's citizens can despair of consistently experiencing failure since the start of our dystopia on September 21, 1972 but in the most ridiculous twist they would revert to same old charlatan.

This early in the return of our decades-old fascist oligarchy to Marcos hands it's become clear that the Philippines will remain a dysfunctional underachiever. They will do the same things, the Tagalogistic Department of Education will remain the same Tagalogistic and lazy Department of Overpaid Education, among other identical things. Prior to martial law the function of schools was to help students become intelligent and knowledgeable. Five decades now that we are the bottom worst. Not while the Philippines is enslaved to national socialism is change from the top even remotely possible.

Why do you think slavery is wrong? For over half of the Christian era in the years of our Lord, whites, blacks, browns and yellows alike could be enslaved by folk of higher station and there'd be minimal complaints. Call it evolution, the transformation of some societies that made it unacceptable for a human to be the slave of another human. So perhaps more than 500 years ago it would theoretically have been normal for a Cebuano to be slave to a Tagalog (to clarify, in 450 of those years the Tagalog was never socially superior to the Cebuano). We are modern Christians so there is nothing that justifies slavery to Tagalogs.

The one thing Junior did right while reinfected with China's disease was scrap two offices added by Duterte who'd been dishonest about cutting down the bureaucracy whose cancerous bloat has grown every year since 1972. However reversal of big government means abandonment of national socialism. Chance is fat. How do you rightsize a government bureaucracy that is constitutionally designed to be bloatsized? Quit the lousy constitution first. Not in the table and this should be obvious by the way the names of their political parties are misleading. Federal is a laugher because not one of the top 50 officials yesterday and today know what it is. Noynoy was an illiberal anti-Cebuano and Duts never intended to fight for democracy but long had connived to surrender the country to virus maker Chinese.

Speaking of reinfection with the disease of China, Biden's July 21 affliction with corona calls to skeptical question their idolatrous commitment to protocols and vaccinations. Even monkeys refuse to believe in WHO's virus "science" anymore. Expired and rejected vaxes have cost us billions of pesos yet they are bragging on about forcibly boosterizing everyone and pumping vaccines to the schoolchildren who are going to be permitted back to the classrooms only now. How many are dead really?

By the way why is Bulletin saying our national education system still is in need of a springboard for bettering the future of our studentry and who's this de Vos who finds the educ department to be useless? Betsy headed the department until her resignation in January 2021 and even if it is unintentional on the part of Bulletin/Panorama, it looks like our own department has for two-plus generations served the kind of education that leads to a bad future. It will be fun to discuss the English revitalization airs they're airing when bringing into consideration the constantly demonstrated fact that they are capable only of utilizing the heavily Tagalogized pidgin known either as Taglish or "Filipino". K-12 and mother tongue star as the juiciest targets of the blame game zarzuela. For their sake slap a mask on their little faces and assist them in mastering deep breathing.


Start pimping our women to Chinese opportunists
GOTCHA - Jarius Bondoc - The Philippine Star
May 11, 2022
We elected China's candidates. We voted plundering dynasts. Now suffer the consequence.
We ignored the telltales. He entertains Chinese commissars at home. He rejects sea patrol helicopters and boats. The running mate echoes her father's acquiescence to China's Communist Party. She intends to be Defense secretary to continue it.
Our fishermen will remain unprotected. Chinese maritime militia will drive them away to poach more fish. China warships will occupy more Philippine reefs. Partnering with the presidential crony, China's National Offshore Oil Corp. will take over Malampaya gas field.
Six years of Malacanang obeisance emboldened 3,000 Chinese spies to infiltrate our communities, industries, universities and media. We witnessed Chinese fly-by-nights pillage P42 billion in overpriced pandemic supplies.
Pharmally was prime proof of the infiltration and pillage. Exposed in Senate hearings, it was financed by a Chinese state agent-presidential pal. The Filipina wife of another Chinese principal in Pharmally, she who wakes up to find another brand-new limousine in her garage, ran for Congress. Yet 83 percent of us hailed admin's pandemic response.
Money-worshippers, we sold our votes. Chinese opportunists will take our women as mistresses. They will be their front to own land, utilities, mines and retail shops. We might as well pimp to them our daughters, wives, sisters and young mothers. We can then snort their shabu.

And Tagalog will be national language even more. What could be worser than the worstest? Nada. Scamdemic proceedeth in RP with the dark blessing of our dear leaders' daddy Satan.


May 9, 2022

Who believes in masks, prutukulkul, Marcos or Robredo?

No one

April 6, 2022

The end, doomsday

Sara-Marcos is gonna be the worst outcome of an election presenting to us the poorest choices possible as was also the case previously in 2016. A President Marcos will be the Apocalypse of the Revelation, the end of days wherein the four horsemen of death seal our doom. But when this brings it all to an end, we might actually still survive. How do we survive death at a time we are already dying?

There is no way a carbon copy transition to Macoy Dutski will see them succeed in governing. There can only be ruin after inauguration in June 2022 given that the present dictatorship of Dutski-1 has not only bankrupted the treasury but also crippled the pillars and building blocks of the economy. More failure is the only result that comes out of their enthronement. It will be at this point the blind man will see and do what he has never done in the past fifty years. Declare war on the system.

This system is Tagalog and national socialist, both of which contradict the natural order of our country before the first Marcos president began our path to destruction. To prove that we are not anti-Tagalog, here is an honest political slogan from us in the subdialect Pfhilipino of the Tagalog language that rhymes and meters:
kawawa ang mga tao
kapag gago ang gobierno

Reconciliation is the most unforgivable sin of the local Church whose infidelity to divine justice has enabled Marcos and the oligarchs to persist. They interpret the prodigal son parable to be their cue for forgetting offenses when in fact it does not restrain retribution and instead is an emphasis on the recovery of assets that have turned bad. Forgiveness is most wrong when it produces more wrong. But we should be grateful to the Catholic Church for not stealing ten percent of our money.
Marcos Jr. camp chides Catholic clergy for hateful and negative campaigning     (joke of the year!)

Also in need of better men in leadership is the Church. Its PPCRV election watchdog merely duplicates minor functions of the corrupt Comelec, the least it could have done was force local candidates to politically reveal themselves in a formal presentation disseminated to communities. The IATF and DOH should thank their lucky stars there is no one in sight who will be jailing them all for everything bad they have done since March 2020.

The right way to make policy and regulation, know the wrong way first
Language policy is not right and only one factual truth needs to be cited to prove this. The Philippines today is not a better country after almost 100 years of Pilipino-Tagalog enforcement. Clearly the Tagalog-Filipino national "language" is WRONG. So are our centralized economic policy and the cross-eyed direction of our militarization-crazy nationalisticians (when they militarize it is to target the people). Ukraine would have fallen easily if it had no military readiness but inferior as their arsenal is, it is sufficient. China can pulverize all that we have if it invades and no one comes to help us. The level of negligence which started in the Marcos era kept on downgrading our defense hardware to one of the most laughable in Asia. All because they concentrated on micromanaging everyone's life at the expense of preparedness against enemy attack.

What is a bike lane?
Specifically it is not a paint job on the side of a highway or urban thoroughfare. Otherwise don't call it a bike lane but a reduction of existing road space for vehicles in a street that was geometrically designed by engineers for proper vehicular flow. A bicycle lane is planned and constructed for and by itself. Governance founded on gimmickry is how you explain it, Duterte Dolomite, etc., etc. Oligarch politicians master the broken window technique soon after they have successfully bought their first vote.

It was nothing, Covid that is
Philippines to donate COVID-19 vaccines to Southeast Asian nations   NTF
Authorities seize P34 million worth of suspected shabu in Negros Occidental

It was nothing, Covid that is
Just like the shabu campaign which was all showbiz charade, everything the current government has done about China Covid amounted to nothing. The next government is gonna be a carbon copy so it will be the same things over and over again. Covid of China is known to not be an effective biological weapon. If your army is comprised of 85-year-old and above soldiers and the enemy blasts a Covid bomb on them, only 20 percent of this supersenior army will die after a month or two. Covid is capable of killing less than one over ten of any country's general population. The Western vaccines are good because they decrease the risk of death to the specific susceptible individuals.
But even if 101% of every human in the entire planet is vaccinated with a good vaccine that is not named Sinovac, infections will continue because Covid remains communicable regardless of vaccination and masking and testing and tracking and oratio imperata. Government has forced senseless and useless protective measures on the majority who are not vulnerable to Covid infection. Covid has always been something of a nothing in the Philippines and the day is not too far when it will be even more of a nothing.
What is a ticking time bomb situation? Only that which justifies extreme measures, when there is a visible extreme threat. For example when you are face to face with a handcrafted explosive device outfitted with a timer. That has never been the situation with China Covid here in the Philippines which mindlessly prompted the extreme lockdown martial law imposed by Duterte's generals and unqualified czars since March 2020. There has never been a time bomb here. It was next to nothing but the self-damage is tremendous.
A million Americans died from it, one out of 334 in their country. Reportedly, you know, some misdiagnosis counted in there. Here ours is 1/1780 including the many thousands of fake deaths deliberately certified by the czars and frontliners. If the 2019 China virus had been as strong as the 1918 coronavirus which killed 1/20 worldwide, 350 million would be the death toll today instead of 6,176,195 as reported for Wuhan, China covid. In 1918 the world survived a plague that was sixty times more scary. With the kind of calm the wokers of today call toxic masculinity.

The education of suffocating masks, paper modules and inscrutable gadgets
To begin our examination of the education problem suffered by the Philippines for the past 48 years, we look at this joke posted in the comments field of ABCNews. Jessica Fun_-_Height of confidence: Once many professors were called and asked to sit in an airplane..After they sit, they were informed that the plane is made by their students..All of them ran and got out of plane except one..People asked him the reason..He said, "If it's made by my students it will not even start."
That actually was also just a joke since we are not about to scrutinize the mess created by the authorities of Philippine education. Philippine education dispensed by Tagalogistas is worthless therefore it is a waste of time discussing it. Worthless yes but harmful too.
If the purpose of education isn't the production of students who are informed self driven seekers of knowledge and skill then it is not only useless but it is better not to have education at all. Especially if it is the kind that brainwashes kids with propaganda of the centralized state, the kind that's been so happily successful in north Korea and China.
Before China's dispersal of covid the children were fed education that might have been 20 percent useful but now they have lost three years since the imposed remote curricula delivers zero percent. But of course DepEd proceeds to pocket trillions in payroll for nearly zero work.
If there is one educational lesson of the China virus saga it is that there is no need for DepEd to exist and for it to continue wasting trillions annually. It makes no difference if the children quit school since this system has made them 80 percent illiterate anyway. But there is something better we can do once government is out of the way. Revamp education to local paradigms, substitute home school systems or charter alternatives backed by local school board and community coop entities. Give zero control to a corrupt and uneducated central government.
Lance Izumi The Homeschool Boom - Pacific Research Institute
The Homeschool Boom. Released: Sep 13, 2021. Our guest this week on PRI s Next Round podcast is Lance Izumi, senior director of education. Lance discusses his upcoming book The Homeschool Boom: Pandemic, Policies, and Possibilities. There s been a homeschooling boom during the pandemic, as parents have sought ways to improve...


All the above serves no other purpose than momentary indignation if you do not understand what government is. It is the collection of individuals organized from a mix of bureaucrats and political victors. If you have have an unchangeable defective system that keeps filling it up wth the wrong persons then you are screwed. The sort of candidates we have are diseases who mutate into the coronavirus variants preferred by Comelec and DOH. They mostly possess viral signatures bereft of legibility and comprehensibility. A half-bad system at least allows room for some good men.

Sex Education had one redeeming lesson in all its seasons and it stated only guys with small dicks say penis size isn't important. What is important in practical living is honesty. And if an individual person should not fool himself with dishonesties, then so should a country confront itself with the honest truth. Not with Pilipinas taas noo dakilang lahi ng maharlika (old slang for big penis). Tagalog-dominated Philippines is nothing to be boastful about. Shortest kids with the lowest IQ, bottom dweller in politics and economy. Stop boasting. Enough of the fake problems with the fake solutions when we have real problems requiring real solutions. We were actually reasonably good at the time Marcos boasted he will make the Philippines "great again" when as a matter of fact he turned us from good to bad. Strip away Marcos and Quezon from the Philippines or else we abandon your sinking ship. Be honest. Unlike the nominee for justice who in spite of having been nominated specifically for being a black female, answered she is not a biologist when asked by a senator to define woman.

Trump ain't had been no success in entrepreneurship though he apparently was a fair-handed executive. He had vastly greater success in reality TV entertainment and was extraordinarily lucky to rumble past politicians of the celebrity-starved Republicans. How do you avoid bad, undesirable and destructive leaders like Trump or Biden? Sometimes you can't but in that case it can be managed in the presence of a strong principled party which was what the Republican Party was for Trump. Duterte has the Chinese Communist Party and China virus. Result--you are tucked. Please invert the t. Reformer is just another Duterteesque dirty joke if you happen to be proggie nationalist socialist. Unfortunately that is what almost all candidates are. Federalism, democracy, national prosperity? Only the Caviteno candidate refuses to beguile us with the lies that have prospered since the termination of the first Marcos dictator.

So who should be the next president after the current lousy one? Ron DeSantis would be an excellent choice but John Kennedy also sounds right. Viva Ukraine! Concluding this segment we take up definitions apropos the depravity of Philippine politics, in the land of Tagalog imperialism. Nationalism is when you attack somebody for the ulterior motive of gaining advantage. Patriotism is when you defend the soil of your birth regardless of personal endangerment.

* . *


Alert level zero

Somebody expressed concern that the alert level numbering now used in place of x_CQ community quarantine is unduly alarming to normal citizens because of its connotation of earthquake and storm threats. Not that the sissy-sounding CQ classifications of the martial law lockdown mania had been delightful. Alert level sounds more appropriate for the unprovoked invasion and attack by nationalist Putin of neighbor Ukraine.

Nationalism is the religion Putin inherited from Hitler Stalin Mao Pot & Kim. Formerly an official of the communist Soviet KGB, Putin's designs on the president of Ukraine whose prior profession was comedian, would be contingent only on the intensity of local resistance if the Western response is less than serious. It's become even more ridiculous that the other celebrity, Trump, who'd been framed on his way to becoming US president as a Putin puppet, was actually someone the enemies of America hesitated to challenge. No nice guy was he yet when he called Biden a dumb president it just goes to show that these two old boys better fade away soon so better leaders can emerge to protect the world from jihadists and commie-nazis.

It's long been clear how DOH draws a holding pattern for the chinavirus daily case-death stats in between the crises hype-ups it orchestrates. There consistently is a disproportionately high death ratio in preparation for staging the next variant or whatever emergency theatrical skit. The problem with lockdown government is that this has disrupted the normal functions of both society and individual physiological systems but the only thing that matters to them is what they gain from their scam pandemic. Nowhere else in the world has anyone done a worse job than the Philippines.

Above are FB screen captures reporting house to house distribution of typhoon aid in the city and the warning of the national police to voters to behave unviolently. In other words, vote buying and police-military dictating on elections. This is a country without democracy and without an economy. Thanks to Marcos and five of the presidents after.

Government Spending Is Money Poorly Spent
By Dominic Pino 022422
Not only does government lack incentives to make sure money is well spent, it also has many incentives that encourage money to be spent poorly.

What is the plan of the KikoP-LeniR team as of February 28, 2022? One is to continue talking to us in the Tagalog national language if they win. Two is they want to spend really big billions on remote online "education" once they start being in power. WAIT A MINUTE. They want this Covid Chinavirus lockdown system to go on without end? They wish for the same thing as progressivist nationalist rag Inquirer. If you are to believe Duterts' alert numbering scheme, the worst we've ever been in the past 36 months is Alert Level One and for more than 30 of those months there should have been nada. The ado about nothing was much too overboard. Still is. The less that is done the better is what successful countries like Sweden teach us dummies of coronavirus paranoia-hypochondria-germaphobia.

The realization at this point is a complete surprise given his indelible reputation or notoriety. The least undesirable candidate is Lacson.

Who are worse than him (a Cavite Tagalog who uses more English than the others)? Those who will keep doing as Duterte has done. Marcos junior is a non-starter, literally and figuratively. This is the family tree of bad apples and granting that he might be an average guy instead, he won't produce the miracle we need. The shallow widow will follow the same path as Mr. Fentanyl, her words notwithstanding. Next are a brain-damaged boxer and a minor actor who could not possibly be better than Estrada and is most definitely below the class of Zelensky. As for the etceteras, they're all nationalism and all socialism which are theoretically not bad per se but really bad in practice.

And the Church preaches that voting in the election is a miraculous deed in itself. Without basis in scripture and in science. As a matter of right, the Church should be involved in politics. But not in the wrong kind of politics. To serve and protect its flock, the local Church has first to stop defending a constitutional system to which it has developed an Oedipus Complex fetish wherein it fantasizes and romanticizes such fascist nationalist socialist political construct to be its last line of defense against abortion, contraception and divorce aside from posturing with the usual progressive/libtheo gimmicks. Deluded into accepting the mixmash of fascism-communism and entrepreneural pseudocapitalism of the Cory Constitution is the best deal just because Bernas and Villegas wrote portions of it in 1986. Not even the smallest bit has been changed because every normal procedure fails to go even half the way.

Long have our elections been pointless. There may be a small handful of good-enough politicians like the Cebu and Cavite governors now but the fact remains that they are hamstrung within the central-unitarist chain of command and are by constitutional definition nothing more than only mere functionaries of Imperial Manila who puts limits to how much they can serve their province. As antithetical to liberty as the JFK maxim was, the statists-nationalists of the Philippines pervert it further: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to satisfy your government.

Adolf Hitler was the most accomplished nationalist among the politicians and social activists in all of history. There has been no one better than him. The candidates for Philippine president who cannot stop gushing about nationalism are idolators of him. Nation is not God except that to them it is.

Philippines' 866 COVID-19 cases new record-low this year
Over 6,000 schools ready for face-to-face classes DepEd
Oil tops $110, equities sink on rising Ukraine war fears

Russian Ruble now worth less than the Robux video game currency After international sanctions punished Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the ruble is now worth less than the online equivalent of Monopoly money.

BBM, Sara want more benefits for senior citizens if elected Bongbong Marcos Jr. and his running mate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio have both vowed to provide more benefits for the country's over 12 million senior citizens if elected in the May 9 elections.

• Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine less effective in ages 5-11   New York study

• by Nick Triggle
an average 70-year-old who has received a booster now has a similar risk to that of someone 30 years their junior prior to vaccination rollout. As a consequence, the death rate from Covid has dropped dramatically. Antibodies are present in at least 97% of people across all age groups over the age of 16. Our immune systems are now highly trained to fight Covid. And we have been further assisted by the emergence of Omicron, the variant which caused the winter wave, which is intrinsically milder as well.

• PSA RECORDS SHOW COVID-19 3rd leading cause of death in first 11 months of 2021

Death count is properly counted from the birthday of ChinaCovid here (March 2020) and per official data compiled by Worldometer, it is number five here after coronaries, stroke, pneumonia and tubercolosis. Diabetes and lung disorders are very close in next place. Look up more information so you can see these officials not only make up data but also cherry pick from it to suit whatever scaremongering agenda is ordered. It is not unreasonable to suspect anomalies in the numbers and only a true audit of actual mortalities from this and that can put this to rest. The BBC article states that the elderly are vastly protected from death by ChinaVirus after proper vaccination. They become equally covid-proof as the not elderly who's not vaccinated. Meaning the not elderly has less, less, less need for vaccination. The way it was written was not straightforward but it becomes clear after rereading. The not very old and at the same time still healthy never required it. The Western vaccines are good against ChinaVirus but they should never say One Hundred Percent of the entire whole world needs to have it.

Dishonesty is not the best policy but it helps them justify lockdowns and also to win elections. Duterts' girl and her boy running-mate are trying hard to be funny when saying this government under them will have tons of money to spend for all the needs of 12 million elderly. They are the worst because they represent the best chance for the present system to continue destroying us. Or if they win, it might become similar to Russia violating Ukraine, an act that has begun backfiring on Putin and would probably bring the downfall of his national socialist oligarchy. Maybe for the first time we will find in ourselves the courage and patriotic valor of the Ukrainians (the people or nation Biden called Iranians in his State of the Nation Address). Have faith in God.

Child nutrition and education a national emergency
THE CORNER ORACLE - By Andrew J. Masigan
We must face the uncomfortable truth our children are the region s most unhealthy and most educationally challenged with the lowest IQ among their regional peers.

Some governments just cannot be trusted. One in particular malnourishes children to dwarf size and dulls their minds with Pinoy Tagalog brainwashing. Covid killed so many in America, so much fewer here, and soon CovidChinaVirus will be dead. May our ugly system die with it.


2022 is here and they're gonna make it as bad as the prior
2021 was as terrible as 2020
2020 was the worst in Philippine history

It was unfair that many condemned Cory for bringing bad luck to the Philippines. Duterte has brought us worse. Just you wait until Marcos part 2 becomes reality. It will be so much more worser than Aquino part 2 because it will concurrently be Duterte part 2. More racist Tagalog nationalism plus centralized incompetence, bad luck lives on.

Why we need a political reboot THE CORNER ORACLE - Andrew J. Masigan - The Philippine Star February 2, 2022
We need to reboot our political system if we are to progress as a nation. We will be the region s perennial underachiever until we do. Hence, we must elect the presidential candidate who promises radical political reform.
Marcos Jr. offers unity as solution to country's woes

Fascism is a word and if you are interested in learning what its origin is, it has something to do with unity. Unity by and itself is neither bad nor good for it is just merely a tool in the context of social affairs. You should find it weird if a person like Marcos Jr or widow Robredo promises the platform of unity as the final solution to this stinking mess initiated by Marcos Sr and sustained by the national socialist fascist politicians after him. Unity should scare you once you understand the intent is to unify you under the same dictatorial authoritarianism presently administered and expanded by Duterte.

The Philippines has never been a province of China until now, the one and only "accomplishment" of Duterte. Who we should thank for being the first to expose Marcos Junior as a cocaine user but at the same time we should point out that Fentanyl is a much stronger drug than cocaine. Fentanyl overdose was reported to kill a hundred thousand Americans before winter 2021 in the time span of China Coronavirus outbreak. Though in practice there'd been many thousands attributed among their then 720,000-plus COVID fatalities that likely ignored fentanyl as actual cause of death. Covid and fentanyl are both exported by China.

The purest form of centralism exists in the Philippines regardless of the comical circumstance wherein there is this Pimentel autonomy law that in reality makes the municipalities and provinces helping hands of centralist authoritarianism. Why do you think Marcos Jr is running not under the still famous "party" of Makoy Senior but under the one his family's employees fabricated as Partido Pederal ng Pilipinas? Because experience has taught them the peoples inhabiting this our archipelago are not difficult to fool with the fake machinations of liars. Pederal is the new and shiny Bagong Lipunan of the fascist nationalists. There is a sort of question posed above and it is whether the election in May 2022 will solve anything.

If we carry on the assumption that a competent president (like Gloria) (not another Marcos or Duterte) is elected and this president will not be thwarted by political double-crossers, the system we've had since 1972 is still there and no one has volunteered how to eliminate it. Reform is empty talk, burn it down, tear it apart, demolish it first. To them the Philippines is a Tagalog country they want to be president of. Listen to them talk non-stop in Tagalog. Few political/bureaucrat wannabes are good persons. As a consequence of their unsuitability for normal occupation, they aspire to be politicians and run for election hoping to get lucky with the clueless electorate when it votes for cash or cheap gratification.

Omicron variant no more severe than original strain - WHO ( is a strange headline coming three months after DOH and WHO shrilly told us to ignore South Africa's first-hand advice that omicron is not the doomsday variant. They are often wrong and pig-headed. Even the disease control center of America under the command of liber-proggie technocrats has been accused of hiding details of the China virus and the vaccines for it. Forever mask and forever lockdown is the mantra of their power trip. Clad in superhero costumes they force potentially deleterious vax jabs on children who do not need them in the first place. They never say anything about the percentage of the below-60 demographic categories who require no vaccination for the China virus.

Johns Hopkins study reignites COVID lockdown debate
A recent controversial Johns Hopkins metanalysis reignites a discussion about the adverse consequences of lockdowns after finding they had no significant mortality benefit during the first wave of the 2020 pandemic in the United States and Europe
DOH targets 80% vaccine coverage of seniors, persons with comorbidities before shift to Alert Level 1
"Before ma-deescalate, kailangan 80 percent ng A2 at A3 ay kanilang maabot. Kung hindi makarating sa panukatan na 'yan ay hindi tayo puwedeng mag-deescalate," Duque said on President Rodrigo Duterte's weekly Talk to the People.


Before anything else, the US-Euro vaccines for the China virus are beneficial to those who benefit from them. Doesn't mean you won't get infected and transmit anymore but for many it prevents China virus from killing them. I see nothing wrong with getting it if you are 80 or 75. The queen is alive after infection but no one can say for certain if her vaccine or her prior immunity did the trick. There are many who do require it. However those below 30 derive no benefit from it so what the heck? It's not some magic antinganting for everybody. Letting the populace assess the risks for themselves clearly worked for the non-lockdowner Swedes who fall below the European average in mortalities.

Eighty percent is a number mentioned above that should have you worried very much. Vaccines have rolled out in the islands for twelve months now yet the Tagalog-speaking dictatorial authority admittedly never carried out a dedicated prioritization of the 15 million or so most vulnerable elderly up to this point when maybe 120 million vials in all have landed. Whether deliberate or a consequence of incompetence, it's clearer that the priority was to pocket the maximum kickbacks from this scamdemic.

Policy of the mafia Philippine government is to use their failures as an excuse to impose even more damaging policies. The first real vaccines started arriving from Europe and America last March 2021 and today this government tells us they will continue delaying the renormalization of daily life because they have not yet vaccinated enough of the small portion of the population that is most vulnerable to the killer coronavirus of China. What gall!

The deaths in other countries are real but it is difficult to have faith in the figures. Peru startled us in June 2021 with its abrupt substitution of their death toll from 70,000 to 180,000. Eight months later some statistical curiosity is aroused as to how come Peru's current toll moved up to only 209,000. The early policy in the U.S. includes in their now almost million death toll all positive patients regardless of prevailing condition. Russia is possibly honest about their hundreds of thousands dead insofar as autopsy and count match. In the Philippines they give away prizes.

* . *

As the American campaign against Philippine insurrectionists winded down, cholera in 1902-1903 killed 200,000 out of our population of maybe 7 million. Three percent of your population dead (not from the invasion itself) but they did not even call it a pandemic worthy of ECQ Alert Level 5 lockdown. 4 million here dying from China's Covid would be the death toll comparable to the 1902 cholera outbreak which we simply shook off and moved on from without insane panic. The 50,000+ they claim are Covid deaths today is only a percent of the equivalent 4 million proportioned to the toll cited above so this makes the Apocalyptic Martial Law Lockdown Dictatorship of 2020-2022 all the more deserving of laughable mockery. Totally a scam.

Their Scam-Pandemic is proof conclusive that this government was designed to function not as protector of our peoples but as predator. Lockdowns encompass all non-voluntary and non-pharmaceutical responses such that we're not taking just barricades here but every restriction under the sun.

Mel Gibson tells you all there is to know about Christian righteousness and about Pinoy paganism. Braveheart asked you to look for a country of your own, one you can be proud of and not ashamed of like RP. Apocalypto showed us the hopeless destructiveness of barbaric worlds prior to the advent of Christian Europe. Passion of the Christ lets us hear the language God gave to the nation of his beloved Son. Hacksaw Ridge, the value of religious valor unintimimated by the likes of China virus. Lethal Weapon, the sweetness of just retribution. Duterte and the politicians teach us cowardice and self-harm.

• DepEd: 304 schools under Alert Level 2 ready to participate in expansion phase of face-to-face classes
• 5 presidential aspirants lay down plans for healthcare system improvement
• Why Sweden opts vs vaccinating all children aged 5-11
• Duterte in PPE, face shield goes on car ride with doctor
• U.S. National Debt Hits $30 Trillion for First Time by Caroline Downey _ The ballooning debt is largely attributed to the massive social spending prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
• Fascism with Chinese Characteristics by Andrew Stuttaford _ It pays continuing lip service to China s communist heritage and even uses some of its rhetoric and symbolism.


Review the Tagalog slogans of recent candidates. Estrada/Ejercito - Erap para sa mahirap. Noynoy - Kung walang kurap walang mahirap. Robredo - Gobyernong tapat angat buhay lahat. All of which are lousy, disgusting and insulting campaign gimmicks. But no worse than the shabu-Covid doctrine of China boy Duterte. Nothing the politico-trapos love more than overspending your money.

Tulfo states "the drug problem remains the same as it was before he became president because he has not rid the country of big drug traffickers and their protectors, eliminated were just the streetpushers." That was from the Sayang column where you'd laugh uncontrollably at Tulfo's medical observation on the massive penile erection attributable to the Sinovac poison he and Duterte shot on. So how come the RP pregnancy/birth rate dropped off the cliff if Covid stimulated male sexual potency?

It is ridiculous to call the country's Catholic Church politically influential because in practical truth it is toothless. Only has itself to blame in the loss of its rightful role after allowing authoritarian nationalist imperialism wielded by the state executive under an unchangeable constitution. Are the priests equivalent to the politicians in this Pinoy republic? Some of the priests for certain are, being comparable to the politician in that many who had aspired for the priesthood were thinking chiefly of livelihood for themselves and this kin.

But the Catholic Church is different from the business cults (not the mainline Protestants and the Orthodox), the real churches or non-cults do not use Jesus Christ for business purposes. In countries with honest systems and authentic parties, the politicians who are in it for the money do not thrive in the way the Pinoy does. Our system is dishonest and all the "parties" are fake. We're mired in this situation because of the choice made by certain church leaders to enable government to abuse our life. Church should be strict about the principle of separation, separation from Satan.

Why are you letting this government control every aspect of your daily life? In 2022 it remains as clueless about China Covid as it was in 2020 yet they mindlessly insist on coercing child vax and booster impositions without evidence that these are any more effective or are less harmful than lockdowns and their other insanities. They still get infected or allegedly undergo protocols for exposure to Covid positives who amazingly are vaccinees who follow mandatory safety "practices". So what use are all those official impositions if the fully compliant convey the same risk to others as any Covid skeptic himself does? The Covid of China kills who it means to kill, the vaccines help those that it can help but it is not a CURE ALL for China's killer disease. Rather than continue the futile pursuit of eliminating China Covid, our best response would have been to learn from the start how to live with it per Desiderata. And disappear it will when its time comes.

Nobody is happy to have an ignorant and corrupt government mishandling for the past three years a misunderstood epidemic situation. Except for those in government for obviously obvious reasons. Child abuse or massacre of younglings with the deployment of potentially dangerous vaccines alongside mentally harmful lockdown protocols is not something they think much about. They used to say that teachers did not earn enough and spending a much bigger budget to raise them up, up, up will improve our worst-ranked education quality. Well look now, the education department has the highest individual payroll in the land and education quality still remains worst-ranked wordlwide. Of course they will blame this on Mother Tongue or some other scapegoat before getting rewarded with some more undeserved pay raise.

They used to say that the National Police personnel did not earn enough. What's been said about teachers similarly apply. It is a matter of poor design such that we are the only one in the world with national this and that (education and police). It does not matter to them how terrible the performance is as long as it is centralized. When you read Quiboloy says persecution part of job as Appointed Son (, it goes to show what kind of crooks support the government.

IATF Covid is entirely similar to the self-inflicted hate crime fabricated by Jussie Smollett. Nowadays you are swarmed by activists in academe, media and populist politics proferring to certain biological males the "right" to pretend menstruation and even abortion options, preferably after gatecrashing female bathrooms and sporting events. As fake as the COVID-19 hysteria of Duterte and China has been, the authenticity of criminal court decisions in America for Smollett, Rittenhouse and Arbury were a welcome sight last year. Regardless of the harm still being done to the Philippines, hope from elsewhere is there.


the Bobit Avila is our national hero BLOG
More groups are questioning the national government's continuing strongarm approach towards the unvaccinated, pointing to pandemic task force policies that they said tend to "blatantly flout the constitutional rights of Filipinos and the laws of the Philippines."


Reign of terror - Filipino citizens or imperial subjects?

Are we still citizens of this country or are we slaves/subjects of a centralized republic headquartered in Tagalog Manila? The political-social condition of a country at any given time falls in the range between dystopia and utopia. As an example of utopia let's imagine Sweden during the economic boom 25 years ago with Jesus Christ as king and Paul of Tarsius as prime minister and Luke the Greek as education-health minister. Dystopia refers to the most evil condition a country falls into and that would be Philippines surrendered by Duterte to China. The reason we are being held hostage to the unlimited power of China coronavirus by our national and local political kingpins is that there has never been anything on earth that has been so good to their interests. Later on we'll take a look at the end of the pandemic in America declared defiantly by Gov. Jared Polis but first there is this weird lapu lapu drama below:

National Review
Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin enacted a mask-mandate ban for public schools in the state. Seven school districts have announced that they will defy the order. Seven Virginia School Districts Defy Youngkin s Mask-Mandate Ban

America is one of the few democratic democracies in the world meaning that if Biden-Fauci say there still a pandemic is, fine. Or if smart doctors like Rand Paul say no pandemic, even finer.

Interview with the vampire
Evil is rewardingly easy, good is despairingly hard. Anne Rice studies evil in her greatest novel, of what in its nature separates it from good. It is asked that if God does not exist then this that we have is everything there is, that everything is lost when you are gone. Evil though will remain past you, as it has for the past two generations in our bureaucrats and elected officials by the grace of the national socialist constitution of Cory-Marcos.
Marcos introdued vampires into the government system and now in the time of Duterte they number way past the half mark. Marcos you hated from the beginning but Cory despite her egregious flaws was someone you tried to find excuses for. We deceived ourselves about Cory not being an agent of evil as Marcos was. Only when Cory turned against Gloria and her impending reforms did it become clear that no part of Cory was good.
I take the most important rule in sociopolitical economics from a line in a Nancy Kress novella. The life that is your own has first claim to the resources you earn. This means Government is never to be your owner and master. There are governments that subvert democracy to take away your freedom and liberty. It is the Marcos-Cory constitution that enables the governmet/state to enslave us.

For the most part of the Duterte years has the NTC-NDRRMDC texted messages to your phone in mostly Tagalog, tattling about weather trivia, pointlesss inanities about viruses etc., even a propaganda tweet by Bongbong. They misued it and abused it and had no more than a pathetic line when true calamity was about to strike Visayas last December 16.

NDRRMDC 12/29/2021 Red Rainfall Warning sa Camotes Island. Asahan ang matinding pag-ulan, pagbaha at pagguho ng lupa.

  China Virus is History (or was in December)
  came the storm from hell named odette
  per tagalog weather toilet
  went to who knows where the virus
  back china, there please, take our masks

Presenting ladies and gentlemen the worst poem about the worst situation for people who continue to be under the worst government in the world. Survive this the folk will but not because of resiliency that the nationalist government boasts of. In this case, survival is the mere failure not to die. We live on but as what? Can Cebuanos still be called Cebuanos or should they be called by another name? The children are corrupted by our uniform national education system and by media monstrosity, this is not kind of future that would make Grandpa proud. Scheduled for first month of the new year is the virus scam re-escalated alongside record-high prices of food.


Comprehensive report from the ground on what remains of the Cebuano language and culture in Region 7-Central Visayas
As of December 2021, the storm set loose by first dictator Marcos has stripped down to its barest elements the quality of Cebuano's most vital cultural demographic. Damage mounted year after year once Marcos started the culture war against Cebuano, held at bay only during the Max-Yoyoy heyday, Lito O's defiant leadership, and the restraint on nationalism by Gloria. The children of today in this Noynoy-Duterte generation does not possess Cebuano culture of adequate quality to ensure that the next one will remain so. The 60th generation (wild guess) of Cebuanos vanishing to thin air.
The children are by international calibration, the world's most physically stunted and most poorly educated. Parents do not know how to properly feed them healthy nourishment even as the centralist government mismanages food policy. To these poorly-developed brains the education grifters and the media polluters force-feed crap. The poor things know not right from wrong and by that what is meant is can't use Cebuano properly, and worse, are incapable of thinking morally. Perhaps the Chinese are instructing the government to imbue the kids with the CCP brand of evil. There is almost certainly no one among the alternatives to Duterte approved by Comelec who will not be continuing this evil. The Cebuanos have been conquered and defeated by Tagalog imperialism and when you point this out to them, they tell you they don't mind.


Genocide is the deliberate, systematic, concerted destruction of a distinct group. Cultural amnesia results in your no longer knowing your own language and forgetting the history and traditions of your nation or people. Self-genocide this is not, but the doing of centralist authoritarians or else a rival. Your first step is to recognize that the government of Imperial Tagalog Manila is your problem. Lebanon and Iraq in their own different ways were once stable given how they were balancing the culture groups within. Fracture was achieved by the Philippines ahead of both when its equilibrium was upset. It is easier to destroy than to build, ruefully daunting to rebuild what was destroyed.

In 2022 we begin the "Blog of Death is the Philippines". Do not be fooled again by the elections. Though this 2022 candidate does not exist, even if you did elect the perfect prosident who will be followed by the perfect senate and house presiders, the system itself will not be touched and when their time's up no matter how well they perform, the next batch will retrogress to the dystopia of Cory-Marcos.

There is something negative I have to say about the 2004 book of David Martinez, A Country of Our Own, Partitioning the Philippines. It should be massively republished today for required reading of all the older students but the book title should be changed to Wrongness of the Republic of the Philippines, The Worst Country in the World. A chapter renamed to Religion of Satanic Nationalism Socialism. Like everything else, the Martinez book has imperfections, it has some minor flaws, and it errs on Philip II and on Muslim grandeur. But there is no reading material printed locally more educational than this, if you want to do what is right for us, Martinez is the man to read.



The words of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
These tragic circumstances have been dictated by the State and in some cases they have been dictated by the Church, beyond the demands of the regulations of the State or in conformity with regulations of the State, which are in violation of religious freedom. There has been a failure to make clear that among all of the necessities of life the principal necessity is communion with God. Yes, we need what is required for our nourishment, health and hygiene, but none of these essential needs can substitute for our most fundamental need: to know, love and serve God.



China's virus has to date produced many more covid millionaires than either actual or alleged covid deaths. Scam is the word. Soliven's column (Wretchedness _ Philstar) ragingly thunders "While many countries have learned how to deal with the aggressive virus, we seem to be defeated by it in many ways. Why can't we conquer the virus? Why can't we learn to live with it?"

* . *


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