Hopeless this country is

December 31, 2019

When did corruption become part of the public system? Today corruption is materially the same thing as government. I believe that as of today the Philippines is beyond redemption and I point to Duterts as the proof for this assertion. He was our last and final hope for reform and then he just gave up. Pfffft.


Exactly what is this "nation" Duterts is talking about? As I see it, here goes. Nation worship. State worship. Worship the Tagalog Republic which is what the country formerly known as the Philippines has been transmogrified into by Marcos and Aquino per the scheme of Quezon. A government run like hell by Tagalogistas sounds like a line uttered by Lucifer in Paradise Lost. Worse still, the inspiration that inspired Duterts' proposed Nazi-Jacobinist idolatrous exercise was China and Winnie the Pooh Xin Ping. How close to zero is the possibility that the president elected in 2022 will possess the qualities of Gloria or earlier version Duterts rather than outright Tagalogistas such as Cayetano, Robredo, Marcos, Binay, Poe or Roxas?

If you are one of those who believe that Aquino rejected Marcos, please stop. Aquino continued Marcos and so did the others who followed the housewife president. The Tagalogistas moved heaven and earth to demolish Gloria because she was the only one to ever possess the capability to reconstruct our perverted and corrupted system. The presidents loved or tolerated by the Tagalogistas were all mediocre individuals.

This government is not the friend of our languages. The Philippine government is the enemy whose purpose is to destroy our languages and replace them all with the only likable language it has ever liked to like for the sake of liking. The text messages bombarded by NTC-NDRRMC to you amount to just another way of saying that this government is all about making Tagalog the present and future of our homeland. The Tagalogista tribalist racist nationalist fascist will pursue this at all costs even if it brings down the country. They seek to win against us without honor and if they lose, it will have been a war without dignity they lost.

This has been a painful statement to make. We have done everything under the sun to salvage what had been as recently as fifty years ago a promising country. The Tagalogistas, Pekinese commie-fascists and the jihadists have made this an impossible task such that if we care for our own survival there might be no other recourse but for the Philippines to cease to exist. That you might still have your language and not that jejemon national "language".

Note: DILA messages on Yahoo Groups from 1 to 29232 are inaccessible as of December 2019. Yahoo terminated all Group functionalities for no good reason yet still I'd like to say I'm grateful for the two decades they'd hosted the contra-Tagalogista forum started by Cabalern.