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Tagalog is not superior to Cebuano
Do not believe the government

What is the use of having a useless government? If this government did not exist during the two years of covid the results would have been the same or even better for all of us, this is a government that has in the last 50+ years done nothing good for us, the only thing it's been successful in doing is killing our Cebuano language.

Matag higayon nga manghilabot ang pamunoan (gobierno), mosaka ang atong galastoan, pagahulgaon niini ang atong tawohanong kagawasan ug ang kinabuhi sa atong pinulongang Cebuano Bisaya.  
Isalig ninyo ang inyohang kinabuhi sa AI (inteligencia artificial)? Isalig ninyo ang inyohang kinabuhi sa gobierno? Isalig ninyo ang inyohang kinabuhi kang Satanas?
In 2024 you are the luckiest person alive if you have encountered even one Cebuano child who is not a mongrel talker just like millions of others are. A pure speaker you will not find even in the remotest hinterland as Pinoy Tagalog media has polluted everything everywhere.

Who helped make Cebu the worst it can possibly be? Your local officials, the ones who are in office because you sold your vote to them. Some of the most brainless councilors are even suggesting putting up laws like 1/2 rice serving in order to save our unredeemed souls from high prices of the pure carb low-nutrition staple that the extraordinarily-multitalented agri tsar Marcos Junior has utterly failed to protect from racketeering predators. In 2023 you voted for more of the same kind at the barrio level. You granted once more to them the power to steal. Gidaganan nila mao ang gahum sa pagpangawat. Wa nay lain pa.

As if the rise to 1000 pesos of the vote purchase price eagerly paid by barrio captain candidates on the average is not bad enough. The city has upped its budget by 1000 percent in the last 5 years meaning the tax burden of residents is 10 times higher. This expansion of government power has never benefited the population, the sidewalks in downtown still are the most shameful in the world. The more money you put in the hands of these government officials, the more bountiful their fruits of corruption. Wala sila masayod ni magpakabana kon unsa kanang ilang gibuhat apan gisunod ra nila kon asa sila gitukmod sa ilang kadaotan.
* . * . *


Hilabihan na gayud nimong tiguwanga kon sa dakong bahin sa panuigon nimo niining kalibutana taliabot pa lang ang corrupcion kon pangsoborno nga gipatigbabaw nila ni Marcos ug Cory sa pangagamhanan. Bisag si kinsa pa kanang oficial nga imong pilion ang sangpotan managsama ra nga bati. Tawo ba kana nga tarung o kaha tawo nga kawatan, walay mangausab gumikan sa kadaotan sa panistema sa gobierno nga gipakatay.

Dili na ko mobaligya sa akong voto? Undangon ko na ang pagvotar sumala sa ipanghatag sa candidato nga cuarta ug favor? Hugaw nga eleccion hinungdan sa hugaw nga gobierno, katilingban ug economia. Wala kiniy pulos kanatong Cristohanon ang pinalitay nga piniliay. Yawa. What happens when you participate in a corrupt election designed for buying and selling?

Your participation makes you the condoner of corruption, its perpetuator. You're probably very old if a large chunk of your life experience was before the corrupt system brought by Marcos-Cory. In this rotten political system it makes no difference who are the officials chosen, all elections are futile in a grotesquely blundered constitutional setup. A Christian does not accept this evil regime wherein incompetence has imprimatur of the devil himself.

Do Cebuanos want Cebuano to stop existing? If not, if Cebuanos want Cebuano to remain alive, then they should fight domination by the Tagalog and the Chinese. Why not include the English speaking American? Our ally is not the one harming us. Jihad and nationalist imperialism constitute the threats feeding on the gift of sustainability by means of the Marcos Cory constitution.

Sa ikauunlad ng bayan bicicleta ang kailangan.
Kuymaks shouted to us in Tagalog on KBP radio that discipline was the very thing we lacked to make the great leap forward to progressive nation. This was the biggest lie of his New Society. Our Old Society had already been the second best economy and cultural habitat in all of Asia. And of course the announcer who cracked the bicycle joke was disciplined by the corrupt martial law regime.
Question. If SMNI can leave Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), why can't the locally-owned media stations of Cebu do the same? KBP and DepEd were intended by Marcos to be the monopoly agencies for assassinating the Cebuano language.

SunStar Cebu 12172023 #SunStarGoodVibes
Unsa ang pinakakataw-anan nga message nga imong na-send?
SunStar Cebu
Hmmm... when kaya dadating?

Ever wonder why in Cebu no one knows anymore how to read, write and speak CEBUANO anymore? Don't need PISA report to convince you that Tagalog policy equals illiterate nation.

Inferior minds of contemporary Cebuanos make them more at risk and vulnerable to imperialization by Tagalog nationalist supremacists. The top priority of Marcos Sr. for the centralized education system was to make Cebuanos less intelligent.


Octubre 2022

Sa tibuok kalibutan dili ka kakita og gobierno nga makalabaw kabati sa iyaha sa Filipinas.

The problem with permitting governments to have lots of power to dictate on us is bigger than you think. One, we do not have an honest election system that lets us choose the most deserving and most qualified political candidates. Two, the non-elected officials and public workers who are appointed or hired by those elected are either as bad as they are or worse. Because of their generally poor human qualities, the elected make shitty laws or policies and the employees do their job incompetently, and we haven't even mentioned yet if they are corrupt or corrupted. The mayor of the locality next to Rama's is a perfect sample.

Rama was quite decent back when his boss was Tomas. Now he is just another garbage burner whom we should tie up the top of the smokestack of his dreamt incinerator monstrosity so he can smell the toxic fumes. He's even stolen the cable car comic skit of genius actor Robin Padilla. Cebu is doomed regardless of it having a strong governor because you can never say when the voters will do a Maguindanao and approve a 99 percent ethyl alcohol content buak Cebu. With blessings by a smiling Manila and its Imperial Tagalogs who desire nothing more than the weakmost possible Cebuanos, prideless subservients and clueless citizens of a failed republic they rule thanks to the Cory-Marcos constitution.

It is okay for the barrio capitanes to be corrupt as long as they pretend to be environ-eco warriors? If he was a member of a genuine political party, no mayor would hire as his consultant Cimatu of the masker-lockdowner national mafia whose school closure for 2 years is the world record for learning catastrophe. If we still had real parties, the politicians would be accountable to the voters instead of them being master and lord of the voters. They wouldn't be making hilarious claims like the students enjoyed low infection rates because of blended education. Those kids are invulnerable to China virus but not to the foolish mistakes of government. By the way, how many teachers are there who try their best and how many have provable teaching ability because as far as we know these overpaid public employees spent the past 2 years (including 100 days paid annual vacation time) doing practically nothing? They should work full time for the Comelec so more trapu mayors and trapu capitanes can be elected. As for those who seek to fragment the Cebuano nation, F Y Ms.


pakaulaw lang ang sunstar tilap lubot sa tagawug
It was fake historians who invented the stinking Rizal quote on fish language. Never said anything like this, in fact never ever even wrote anything in Tagalog in his entire life. They teach it in school because they profess fake education.


Nganong daotan man ang pagtinagalog?
tungod kay sa wala pa kini gipamugos nilang Marcos ug Cory isip nasudnong pinulongan nga atong tunlon human nilag tingal, ang Republica sa Filipinas maanindot, mauswagon, dalayegon, matinahuron ug takos ikapasigarbo.

Nganong daotan man ang Covid-Covid?
tungod kay gamay ra niini ang tinuod, ang kasagaran bakak, ug gigamit kini nilang escamdemia alang sa paghukhuk sa cuarta natong molupyo, kining daotan nimong gobierno.


You too can defend your country.
Cebu against the enemy.


walay pulos nga anak

sa way pus nga ginikanan


A message to the pisot Mayors of Cebu enforcing mandatory vaccination cards

All your actions from March 2020 to today have been failures. Masks, shields, community barricades and passes, vaxxing, every single crazy protocol has failed to contain Covid because you never learn. The Chinese virus spreads wherever and whenever it decides to, it infects and kills only those individuals it is capable of victimizing and in all truth that is only very few of us. Vax cards will also have no effect on covid because covid is not scared of your vax card. And one more thing you fuck shit mayors. May God have mercy on your soul when you die because Satan will be there waiting to claim you. Mga kuwanggol.


November 24, 2022
How many cities are there in Cebu province? The same number as the mayors who fanatically overimplement the martial law lockdown dictatorship of Duterte without using any part of their brain. There is little danger, never been anything serious beginning March 2020. The weirdly strange restrictions they impose out of the blue imply they were criminally negligent in protecting us from China COVID before they did so. They are all taking advantage and they do not want to stop. They are only pretending that vaccination is the solution.


Mga bakak sa nasudnong gobierno bahin sa China-coronavirus
Kamatuoran, dili ingon niana kadaghan nangamatay

August 27, 2021
By Atty. Frank Eduard C. Dinsay V, Chief of Staff, Office of the Cebu Governor
IN response to SunStar Cebu s editorial dated August 26, 2021, it is not The 123 that died from Aug. 9 to 22, 2021, in the Province died of Covid-19, period. It is either Covid-19 is the proximate cause of a person s untimely demise OR it is not, then, period. If it were otherwise, as period-stressed by the editor, how then are we supposed to make sense of a person dying due to drowning or kidney failure but declared Covid-19 positive post-mortem? And yes, this is data from the ground.
From an epidemiological point, disaggregation of Covid-19 deaths is valuable in that: (1) We better understand those who died purely from Covid-19 to check on the category and classification that can guide us in terms of our containment measures; (2) For non-Covid-19-related deaths, most of the comorbidities are lifestyle-related where public health measures can be improved to address them; and (3) The public is given a transparent, precise, and unadulterated data of Covid-19 cases, deaths, and other diseases to enable them to intelligently appreciate the situation.

* . * . *

Genocide against Cebuano
Hard to quantify this component of government policy when you don't know how many Cebuanos comprise the Cebuano nation of Visayas-Mindanao. An existential threat to us, the existence of which is proven by ignorance of the majority of their very own Cebuano nation.

* . * . *

(Introductory note: The Tagalog-speaking Chinese puppeteer of Duterte, who is the one rightfully criticized by Atty. Oaminal below, had insincerely apologized by saying that he will learn more about Lapulapu from historians. Let me tell you something about those historians. The only thing they know about Lapulapu is nothing other than what little the credible chronicler of Magellan could gather in 1521. Imagined fiction you bet, curatable fact unlikely to the extreme.)

OPINION: Quincentennial theme song must be in Cebuano.
by Clarence Paul Oaminal, CEBUpedia, freefacebook.com/TheFreemannews

Cebu is the seat of the Christianization of the Philippines. Cebu is also the only place in the country where we celebrate the victory that is the Kadaugan sa Maktan .
The organizers from Manila decided among themselves to choose Bagani as the commemoration theme song, with Tagalog lyrics. CEBUpedia on May 7, 2018 wrote an article on Bagane , a novel written by a Cebuano, Emiliano C. Gabuya in 1952. Presumably in order to evade issue of plagiarism, they changed it to Bagani .
The irony and perversion of the 500th-year commemoration is that the theme song is in Tagalog when the main characters, Humabon (for the first baptism, April 14, 2021) and Lapu-Lapu (son of Hari Mangal and Rani/Hara Bauga, born in Opon and not the twisted claim that the King of Mat-an (Maktan) was from Sulu) were Sugboanons. Then why is the theme song in Tagalog?
The song must be in Cebuano, for easy reference it may carry an English or Tagalog translation but it must be in Cebuano. It is also comical for people from Luzon to come to Cebu and go on stage lecturing us about the life of Lapu-Lapu when these officials from Imperial Manila were only able to arrive at the Mactan Shrine because of their escorts, as they were entirely ignorant of where the historical site is.
It is insulting that 500 years later, the commemoration of the victory of the Cebuano race who fought Magellan, a foreign invader, is desecrated by the neo-imperial seat, which is Manila. The city of refuge of the evicted governor-general, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, via the Battle of Fort San Pedro led by Haring Tupas on September 1, 1569. Manila was given the title, Distinguished and Ever Loyal City , a reward for its virtual surrender and servanthood to Spain.
Just like in Philippine history, there are those Cebuano officials who choose to be silent when Cebuano pride and honor is being trampled, because of political convenience and to avoid courting the enmity of the gods of presidential palace, but the true Cebuanos will never be silent. We may be civil and cordial, for we are a proud race, slayers of foreign invaders and not slaves of dictators.
Long live Cebu, God bless the Cebuanos. Ug mabuhi ang bantugan nga Bisaya.

* . * . *

FREEMAN, Marso 22, dunay gipadagyag nga lima ka salawayong binuhatan mahitungod sa Virus-China.
Pagdumili sa gobyerno pag-angkon sa tinuod nga mga panghitabo
• Pagpalabi sa mga tagduma sa personal kay sa nasudnong interes
• Dakong tentasyon pagpamakak ug pag-doktor sa mga numero
• Pataka nga mga lagda nga wa magtugkad sa yuta
• Pagdumili sa mga opisyal sa gobyerno sa pag-angkon og responsibilidad, labihang dalia hinuong makatulisok sa uban, sa ilang mga bulilyaso.

Kon Iningleson: Government covers up the truth while exploiting avenues for personal interest by faking data and imposing dubious requirements, blaming all their blunders on us.

* . * . *

Mr. Piramide this accursed problem you call Chinese virus will not get better by continuing to entrust our lives to mayors and other officials whose corrupted habits produce only repetitions of their mistakes. End the scamdemic now.

It looks to me that leadership is the answer to the surge of this Chinese disease. For a while, our city was without a leader strong enough to do what had to be done...I believe that when we do his bidding, we can defeat this virus from Communist China.
-March 11, 2021

* . * . *

What do you call persons who refuse to learn from their mistakes?
Tagalog and the China virus today are what harm us the people of Cebu nation the most. Almost all our elected officials abet these pernicious threats.

No one is keeping count of how many deaths are scam deaths, how many cases are scam positives or fake kit positives, and how much of the economy has been destroyed by the scam lockdown. What is certain is that if they did nothing we would still have the same situation with the virus from China that they did not stop from coming. Maybe we'd have been even better in terms of infections and mortality. But the temptation of scam is hard to resist.
* . * . *


Miss Governor, you stated in January 2021 that government is exaggerating covid in Cebu and that this error has done harm to your province. You have to do more than just that. Your duty to your province and the entire Cebuano nation was to fight back for them. Your family has been grievously harmed, why do you not act?

(Update on this first day of March)
Compared to how she started in 2020, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has this year increasingly become an opponent of the scamdemic lockdown addiction of the China-puppet government of the ultracentralist Republic of the Philippines. She is now on our side.
* . * . *


There are very few Cebuano institutions that are older than Freeman. That is why it is so ugly when you look at the Tagalog word below it has habitually bannered.

Pagarpar sa mayor didto sa Facebook gabii sa Sabado Noviembre 14:
"Buot nako nga ipahibaw sa mga Sugboanon nga sugod 5:01 a.m. sa lunes, Nobyembre 16, 2020, atong pahugtan ang border control sa tibuok syudad aron atong malikayan ang pagdaghan pagbalik sa kaso sa COVID-19 dinhi sa syudad. Dili na kita buot nga mobalik sa enhanced community quarantine mao kinahanglan nga magmatngon gihapon kita samtang anaa pa ang virus. Importanti alang kanako nga luwas ang tanan batok COVID-19 mao nga akong gihangyo ang tanan nga tabangan ang City Government pinaagi sa pag-cooperate. Kadtong mga dunay mga LEGITIMATE CONCERNS, NAG-PUYO ug NAG-TRABAHO sa Cebu City ug kadtong mga Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) lang ang maka-sud ug gawas sa Cebu City sugod sa lunes ug ato usab nga ibalik ang coding sa quarantine pass. Usa ka executive order unya ang akong ipagawas may labot sa maong kalambuan. Ako usab nga gihangyo ang tanang barangay nga striktong ipatuman ang mga lagda sa syudad labi na ang mga health protocols. Magpadayon kita sa paghiusa sa pagpakigbatok sa COVID-19."

Diglossia is defined as the mental impairment that prevents speaking straight in your own language, you mix words. Dishonesty is stating a falsehood. The mayor is lying when he claims that he is avoiding ECQ or lockdown because what he is doing is in reality still a lockdown, the kind you won't find in a civilized country. In fact the shutdown of the Cebu region has changed tiny, small, miniscule, little, diminutive, piddling, hardly or barely at all from March to November. These officials cannot save us from the hell they created for us. And they demand our unity in obedience to their senseless impositions. Cagayan de Oro is an unrestricted area, shame on the cities that are not.


August 31, 2020

Undanga na ninyo ang tinonto sa virus sa Insik

Niadtong Junio 23 usa sa upat ka tenista si Novak Djokovic nga natakdan nianang coronavirus nga kon buot hunahunaon Virus China ang angayang ipangalan. Sa hulagway ibabaw masuta ninyo nga ang kinamaayohan nga manunuwa sa tenis apil sa minilyon nga positivong gipangtaptan sa virus Insik apan wa mangamatay. Kawhaan kapin (23,000,000+) sumala sa BBC ang buhi pa hangtud karon. Kanang giingon nilang tulo ka libo kapin nga gipatay na kunohay nianang virus sukad sa Marso sa tibuok nasud nga Pilipinhon menos pa gani kana sa sagad kamatyang molupyo sa usa ka igo kadako nga ciudad. Pagpanghadlok alang sa panguwarta ra kining ilang dugay nang gibuhat sa atong katilingban.

Igo na kanang covidcovid ninyo. Wala ba kamoy mga ulaw? Gihisgot ni Alex Magno sa Agosto 11, 2020 nga retiradong general sa kapulisan ang ulahing gipapuli dinhi sa mga inutil natong mga local nga nangatungdanan tungod kay kasaligan ang katakos niining mga tawohana gumikan sa profesion nila sa militar kaniadto. Aron ipatuman ang tanang matang sa quarantina ug kon unsa pa man dinhang buot ipaguinadili. Kon mao kana, wala diay pulos nga magpiniliay kitag mayor, gobernador ug kon si kinsa pa dinhang walay pulos nga politico.

Luoy man tuod lantawon ang katawohan nga pinugsanay pasul-obon og masqara ug duha ka taming, atubangan sa nawong ug luyo sa bokoboko. Inamaw lagi apan ang labing daghan hilabihan sab katalawan mobuhi sa makatarunganong mulo batok sa pagpanamastamas sa atong mga katungod. Sa tibuok kalibutan walay makatupong sa kapakyasan nato pagsagubang sa kadaot nga gihulga sa Virus China. Sayop ug gasumpakiay nga kasayuran ang gihatag nila sa publico ug ang gisangpotan niini mao ang pagsamot kabati sa kinatibuokan natong kahimtang.

Suyopa ang tuob, itaod ang KAPA, ug lupad!

* . * . *


Bayanihan lockdown finds a home in Cebu

There are many bad words in Tagalog, bayanihan is one of the worst. I guess this plasticky gimmick is what spurs copycats in many sub-villages in Cebu to put up unauthorized checkpoint barricades. As of April 18, 2020 there are only 6,000 confirmed Chinacoronavirus infection cases in the entire Philippines. Yet I haven't received any report that the great majority of that small number is concentrated in the big province of Cebu. This foolishness started by the governor and mayors will only worsen our five-decade-old abusive system of misgovernment.

Philippines' COVID-19 recoveries continue to widen lead over deaths as infections reach 6,087 https://gmanetwork.com/news/story/734588



The decline and downfall of Cebu and the Cebuano nation

December 14, 2019 saw the most ludicrous headline story printed by SunStar Cebu. In it the heads of LUDABI and of the province of Cebu debated English. One claimed English is the enemy of our people in response to the other's proposal to make English the people's salvation. Blind dumb ignorance is the driver of both standpoints. English is not the language bringing harm to Cebuanos and other peoples. Nor should we foolishly believe in Save Our Languages through belated re-Englishization. To completely recognize that the Tagalog national language is the enemy of Cebuano, that is the way to prevent Cebuano from becoming a murder victim tomorrow. Also the Philippine Constitution is the enemy because it is the one that made Tagalog the enemy of Cebuano. Zaragoza and Garcia play into the hands of Almario and his Tagalogista mafia illuminati who want us to remain oblivious to how harmful Tagalog is.

I know the reason why MTBMLE failed in Cebu. The 6-8 year-old students made to undergo it do not even know what proper Cebuano is because they never had. The parents today do not use it with their children and the secondary parent of these small ones, ABS-CBN, talks to them in loud and clear proper Tagalog. They all suffer from linguistic incoherence after being carelessly (mindlessly) (irresponsibly) (arbitrarily) exposed to three languages left and right and any time of the day since birth. You should not question why the students in our country are at the bottom lowest last place in the worldwide evaluation of reading comprehension. There is not one language that they properly understand. It is the fault of DepEd and ABS-CBN.

We did a whole lot better before Marcos boosted the propagation of Tagalog everywhere. At the height of the reign of Marcos, Cebuano culture was no longer greater than or equal to Tagalog culture. In those many, many years when Cebuanos were spontaneously creative, these were times when Tagalog did not exist in Cebu. I will dismiss anyone who says the right way is to either raise efforts for popular usage of Cebuano or the reinstatement of English as the sole language of education. I doubt their sincerity in stopping the death of Cebuano or their non-acceptance of the national government's intent for the children of Cebu to remain uneducated. There is only one solution that will work for us. It is not to compete against Tagalog. It is this. Ban Tagalog.

It's been stated in DILA that ethnicity follows language or, as in one clear example given in support of this, there is no Cebuano Culture if there is no Cebuano Language. But some social scientists also indicate that there is no strict one to one correspondence between the two. It might be that your ethnicity is this but your language is that. In such a situation amounting to an anomalous joke, you are a Cebuano whose language is Tagalog. To me however, the language of the Cebuano is Cebuano and none else. This is because I give proper credit to Spain's conquest of the archipelago after 1521. Spain did not just discover the Philippines, Spain discovered the Cebuano language. There were Arabs, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucian Taoists who were here before but none of them recorded that the language of central and southern Philippines was Cebuano and or the other Visayan tongues. If you respect your language then you will not refuse to respect Spain as well. Our existence is owed to Spain.

In brief, this is the language policy scheme of the government for total domination by Tagalog. No to multiculturalism and multilingualism for the Philippines. Yes to multiculturalism and multilingualism for places like Cebu. Confuse them by forcing a life confronting many languages that compete against their now impure Cebuano. Continue sabotaging English in school and media. Victory belongs to the language of Manila.
Every Tagalog word transplanted to a Cebuano child results in one Cebuano word amputated from him. Government is not going to stop until this systematic subtraction achieves the irreversible reduction of Cebuano to zero.

List of Tagalog words to be purged by those who still have pride in the Cebuano language and culture

Ate Kuya Pinaka
Babae Kabataan
(the Tagalog version is youth, not children)
Binibining Ginang/Ginoong (Tagalogized merchandising of flesh)
Sayang Kapamilya Kababayan
Palaro Pantawid Panawagan
Kaltas Gilas
(Hilas is more appropriate)
Daw (the Tagalog version which does not ascribe similarity)
Kagawad Lakas Probinsya (referring to rural)
Barangay Lunsod Sanggunian
Palpak Patakaran Bawal
Ingat Kaya Na
(instead of Nga)
Pindot Dapat (instead of Angay)
Kapit Sabit Damay
Pag-ibig Pag-asa Alaylakad/kapwa
Pulutan Malunggay Toyo
Pasalubong Balikbayan Lipatbahay
Isa Bastabasta Barya
Karma Ninong Ninang
Sarisari Bagoong Barong
Buntis Bakla Bugaw
Pinoy Pala (the two other Tagalog meanings apart from spade)
Lumad (not meaning indigenous but refers to tribal minorities)
Undas Halohalo Abang (instead of Atang) + + + + + + +

Fortune smiles on the child who never hears any of the above.

The corpus of words computationally compiled by Binisaya.com reflects usage in real life situations, even if it's wrongful usage.

Selfie and "Woke" are two of the worst words in the English language but at least they did not circulate in the world of English speakers because of something like the government-imposed Tagalog dominance we have in the Philippines. Fortune has not been kind to us since September 21, 1972.
Ignorance. Laziness. Lack of self-esteem.
These are a few of the reasons why the above Tagalog words pollute the everyday vocabulary throughout the twenty Cebuano provinces. Indisputable that most Cebuanos today, for two generations now, are hopelessly incompetent in the proper construction of straight Cebuano, both written and spoken. Something rather basic like this would be beyond their capability:

Kanang butanga gimugna ni Mark Sucker alang sa mga unggoy. Nan pag-FB kamo.

When Tagalog borrows from Cebuano (seldom actually), Tagalog becomes stronger because being the nationally prominent language it is then perceived by others to be expanding inexorably and that such growth makes Tagalog a closer family member to all the others in the Philippines. When Cebuano is the one borrowing words from Tagalog (and substituting its old ones), Cebuano becomes weaker because Cebuano being of lower status than Tagalog will seem even more inferior to Tagalog, Cebuanos having no resistance to borrowing because they perceive themselves to be inferior. No one looks down on a rich man who borrows but as for a poor man, he sinks even lower when he is a borrower. Worse than that, Cebuano loses one by one its old vocabulary, becomes more similar to Tagalog, eventually is absorbed into this ugly language, and then there will be no one to remember that it ever existed on earth.


An Open Letter to the Archdiocese of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, Cebu

In 2016 the National Historical Institute headed by Jesuit trainee Ambeth Ocampo placed a 60-word marker right on the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It is in the Tagalog national language which the government is forcibly imposing on everybody everywhere in the Philippines. More than a kilometer from the cathedral, the same institute in 2009 placed two historical plaques on the front exterior of Museo Sugbo. Tagalog on the left and Cebuano on the right.



At least during the presidency of Gloria Macapagal there was a little bit of respect for the Cebuano language, at least in Cebu there used to be, at least. Today the Tagalog National Language is permanently fixed everywhere you turn and no one in Cebu is doing anything about it. NHI similarly victimized the Holy Rosary Church of Angeles, Pampanga in 2018. NHI demanded a large sum of money when the parish requested another marker in the Kapampangan language.

The use of the Tagalog National Language of Imperial Manila is an insult to Cebuano Catholics. Why do we allow ourselves to be insulted everyday in every moment of our life?

Posted on https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/DILA/conversations/messages/29014

*  *  *

*  *

And here are more fucking markers commissioned by Tagalogista bureaucrat and vandal Ambeth Ocampo.


Above are the only road sign and mall notification (it was inside a urinal area) in the whole of Cebu I could find that are in Cebuano. The urinal notice sang in very sophisticated poetic Cebuano: To all, ayaw mo pataka ug labay sa inyong mga sagbot like candy wrapper, bubble gum, papel ug uban pang sagbot.

Which is partly why I am appalled that know-nothing persons are handling the Magellan 500 commemoration. They celebrate not Magellan nor the Philippines he discovered, they celebrate insanity: "The Quincentennial celebration will highlight the milestones of the 500 years of the victory of Lapulapu and his warriors in the Battle of Mactan, an event that serves as among the inspirations for our heroes and martyrs during the Philippine Revolution of 1896. One of the goals for the Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines is to reinvigorate Filipino nationalism, unity, and international comity through history and culture. This will also highlight the rich cultural heritage and the world of our ancestors prior to the coming of the Spaniards."

Fake, false and fabricated history often fill many textbooks and Wiki pages. One who uses his brain correctly will know these to be untrue narratives of our past. The truth had been chronicled by observers of the actual events, they who had no reason to lie or make things up. March 16, 1521 was the date Magellan landed in Visayan soil. That specific date is the one we should remember because it is the one 500 years ago that made us who we are. I do not want that disregarded by those who'd rather focus on revisionism inspiring silly acts of public masturbation.



When I chanced upon a FB group with the name MAGHISGOT KITA'G POLITIKA SA SUGBO, BAY !!!, the naive thought that I would be browsing a page in the vernacular never crossed my mind, thanks to previous experience with "local" message boards. Not even 10% of what is written there is in the Cebuano language. A lot of it is reposted Tagalog content, same with practically all other Cebu-identified FB locations.

Excerpts from the quarrel of two rivals from the same “party” who vied for the Cebu City council (Niña accuses Jun of threat (The Freeman) - June 5, 2019):

In my definition of proper Cebuano no one in his right mind would deliberately pollute it with Tagalog and English words. Julio and uno are perfectly acceptable by virtue of our Hispanic heritage therefore we should avoid all words from all other foreign and local languages if there is a Spanish equivalent for something we don't have in Cebuano. Strive to be a competent speaker who can be trusted with straight Cebuano and straight English. Fight the government's conspiracy to replace our cultural inheritance with 200-proof Tagalog.

Non-literate writing in Cebuano is what you get from the likes of Leo Lastimosa of ABSCBN. To many, ABSCBN is their hero. They are unaware that the ABSCBN corporate mission and vision is to destroy Cebuano. If there is anyone who has interest in quality Cebuano writing, the first thing you look at is the proportion of non-English and non-Tagalog words before examining adherence to normative Cebuano Visayan construction. I think the example below is better than what 99.5% of us are capable of. That it is palpably substandard makes it all the more sadder than the saddest.



Death penalty ang tukmang silot sa mga Ampatuan!

Llyod Suarez - CDN Digital | December 22,2019

Kudos ngadto kang Quezon City Regional Trial Court Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes nga wa mahadlok pagkonbikto sa mga salbahis ug prominente’ng sakop sa pamilyang Ampatuan nga apil sa plano ug may direktan involvement sa linoog nga pag-masaker sa 58 ka mga personahe didto sa Maguindanao apil na ang 32 ka mga kaubanan namo sa media niadtong Nov. 24, 2009.

Kini maoy huwes nga angay’ng hatagan og promotion ug ibutang sa Supreme Court! Salamat sab sa mga lawyers sa prosecution team ug sa tanang mga testigo nga nibarug gyud sa kamatuoran nga wa magpadala sa mga hulga nga pangpatyon ug wa patintal sa kuwarta. Pero with all due respect, ambot lang pud kaha kung wa pa gibalhin sa Korte Suprema ang venue ning maong kaso gikan sa Maguindanao paingon sa Quezon City.

Makasustiner ba kaha ang prosecution kung didto sa Mindanao unya gipanghurot og patay ang mga testigo o ba kaha nadala sa haylo sa kuwarta sa mga Ampatuan? Sa tinuud wa gyud ko matagbaw sa sentensiya nga ipahamtang batok nilang Datu Andal Unsay Ampatuan Jr., Zaldy Ampatuan, Anwar Ampatuan Sr. ug uban pa’ng principal accused. Ang angayan niining mga salbahis hutdon pag firing squad unya ipulig lubong didto sa crime scene unya gamitan og backhoe ug pison aron dili kahungaw ang ilang kagaw sa pagka demonyo.

Nagka onion-skinned naman ni si Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama kay nahalangan sa akong negatibong komentaryo sa iyang pag-insister nga iyang ipa-observe ang due process ug ipa-confirmatory test sa dili pa taktakon kadtong duha ka mga kawani sa City Hall ubos sa iyang opisina nga nag-positibo sa drug test.

Si Rama nga usa ka abogado nagpadala og suwat sa among manager sa estasyon DYSS Super Radyo GMA sa tuyo nga mangayo siyag kopya ug ipa-preserve ang akong broadcast niadtong Disyembre 13 gikan sa alas 9pm-10pm. Well, iya manang katungod ug ako na’ng gi-respeto. Pero kung ang tuyo ni Mr. Rama nga patak-omon ko butang kini nga mangayo kog despensa kaniya.

Nabag-ohan lang ko sa iyang style rong bag-o. Kung wa motaas iyang edad sa panerbisyo sa katawhan ning atong harang dakbayan, dili siya mag-iningon niana? Mao ni ang nakaporke sa ubang politiko nga sawayon lang og gamay isipon na nila ang media nga kontra na niya. Wa lang gyud huna-hunaa nga kining akong komentaryo makatabang sa iyang political career.

Dihay usa ka residente sa Mabolo ang nangahas pagtext kanako ug nagbutyag nga dunay pinili ang mga operatiba sa Cebu City Traffic Office (CCTO) sa pag-clamp sa mga sakyanan nga naka illegally parked atol sa ilang operation. Sumaa sa nag text nga sakyanan sa anak ni Mayor Edgardo Labella gi-exempted pag-clamp sa taga CCTO kay sumaa pa hadlok sa mayor.

Akong gitawgan si Mayor Labella aron makatubag sa isyu apan pakyas siya sa pagtubag sa iyang telepono. Kung tinuud man kini, kinahanglang silotan ang mga traffic personnel kay akong nahibaw-an nga dili ingon ani si Mayor Labella. Kinahanglan sab tingali nga mosakripisyo ang pamilya sa Mayor kung tinuud man nga motuman sa atong mga lagda aron paglikay og isyu. In fairness ni Retired Col. Andres Bayarcal, operation chief sa CCTO, iyang giklaro nga andam nila kining subayon. Apan sumaa pa niya nga wa siyay nadawat nga impormasyon bahin niining negatibo nga isyu batok sa Mayor.

*  *  *

Gikahatagan na ba natog pasidunog si Roman Tesorio Villame?


Ug ang nahibiling buhi nga Sugboanong Bisaya kansang katakos dili katupngan sapagkaadlawkaron 30 Abril 2020?


*  *  *

Capitol to continue Bisaya singing of national anthem - SUNSTAR October 21, 2019

Was this headline proof that the "Bisaya dialect" had been healthy in Cagayan de Oro as of late 2019? Actually I thought at that time that capitol referred to Cebu capitol but the story in fact was about the negative reaction of Misamis provincial officials against meddling by the National Historical bureaucrats over their morning rendition of the anthem in what is called in their place "Bisaya dialect". Props to these guys in Misamis for not forgetting what in reality is the Cebuano language. For in Cebu itself it seems to have been forgotten by its elected officials.

The mayor of a city there was once asked by a visiting Mandarin from communist China if they already had a Chinese museum. The mayor apologized for there being none but supplicated for the commie-fascist Mandarin's merciful understanding by claiming that the city itself was a living museum to Chinahood. I hope that did not make you sick to the stomach. Cebu hardly has institutional spaces alloted to its own authentic cultural heritage yet here is someone happily boasting that you're gonna find China here.

There had been a time when Cebuanos never boasted. They just did their best, and when allowed by the governing power, they often did very well. But now you do not hear these songs anymore.

Kon ikaw nagmahal sa atong pinulongan...Panggaon ta'ng pinulongang Binisiya.



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