An Open Letter to the Archdiocese of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, Cebu

In 2016 the National Historical Institute headed by Jesuit trainee Ambeth Ocampo placed a 60-word marker right on the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It is in the Tagalog national language which the government is forcibly imposing on everybody everywhere in the Philipines. More than a kilometer from the cathedral, the same institute in 2009 placed two historical plaques on the front exterior of Museo Sugbo. Tagalog on the left and Cebuano on the right.


At least during the presidency of Gloria Macapagal there was a little bit of respect for the Cebuano language, at least in Cebu there used to be, at least. Today the Tagalog National Language is permanently fixed everywhere you turn and no one in Cebu is doing anything about it. NHI similarly victimized the Holy Rosary Church of Angeles, Pampanga in 2018. NHI demanded a large sum of money when the parish requested another marker in the Kapampangan language.

The use of the Tagalog National Language of Imperial Manila is an insult to Cebuano Catholics. Why do we allow ourselves to be insulted everyday in every moment of our life?

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