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How the Tagalogista government of the Philippines endangers us



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No, no, no national language                 a declaration of defiance by Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino

Farce is when the bayanihan "federal" constitution proposal sanctifies nationalism and national language (as if nothing on earth is more essential to life itself) but its drafters wrote it in English because they couldn't do it in unintellectual Tagalog. This piece by Manny Faelnar absolutely demolishes the myth that national language has even the slightest reason to exist anywhere.
Ethnic cleansing in the Philippines

The United Nations Convention on Genocide drafted in December 1948 mainly defines the physical means by which governments or rogue militia weed out ethnic or cultural communities. With bullets or bladed weapons, separation of younglings from their elders, we've heard it all before from the news and read it in the history books.  Original in Kapampangan and Cebuano

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  BEFORE THERE WAS DILA, we had     ColonialRP to warn us about Tagalog imperialism. And there was Organization for the Recognition and Enrichment of Philippine Ethno-Linguistic Groups a decade plus earlier
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A few samples taken from the discontinued website A Country of Our Own.  David Martinez on language policy Example of bad lawmaking

David C. Martinez grades the Philippines an F

A Country of Our Own
"The best writing on the Philippines I've read in a very long time."—Dr. Michael Ashkenazi, Regents College, London

"Meticulously researched, coherently crafted, passsionately argued."—Carmen Miraflor, Stanford University, California

"Immensely stimulating."—Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, former Sec. of Education, RP

"Like Alexandr Solshenitsyn, David C. Martinez, writing with the grace of a poet, the acumen of a scholar, and the heart of a patriot, offers the reader two rewards—the unembroidered truth and the priceless gift of hope."—Joseph E. Fallon, author, "Deconstructing America"

"Certain to change crippling misconceptions of 'nation' and 'identity.' Destined to radically, justly, and permanently alter the political landscape of the Philippines."—Nilo Sarmiento, formerly of the Society of Jesus

"Courageously irreverent, scrupulously annotated, and richly rewarding. A must-read for all who wish to comprehend the 'Philippine phenomenon'."—Tim Harvey, Co-Founder, DILA [Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago]

"The Religion of Blame” chapter was well received by Postscript readers. They are encouraged to read the entire book of Martinez"—Federico Pascual, Philippine Star columnist


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