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The worst constitution in the world; Forgiveness and Wokeness

In talking about two important legal precepts, separation of powers and separation of church and state, one needs to take a look at a competent constitution, the American constitution of Madison. Not the grotesque progressivistic smorgasbord constitution of Pinoy national socialist Davide, nothing can be a lousier point of reference. Does it mean government not boss of legitimate institutions of religion? A common fault of priests today is the erroneous belief that separation of church and state refers to the main role of government being dispenser of social services without which we lead lives of hardship and deprivation at the same time that ministries are in the business of selling forgiveness potions and blessings of good feels. Silly nonsense. Local governments in America make it optional for their educ funds to be awarded to private charter schools knowing that they are throwing away money if it is all given to inefficient public schools. There are many more examples, a clearer one is that Catholic/Christian charities are many times more efficient than DSWD in terms of money on hand as a ratio to relief/feeding recipients after the operation is audited. Almost one to one while overpaid bureaucracies like GRP and Clinton Foundation barely hit 10 percent in terms of collection against served.
Islamophobia and antisemitism are two curious catchwords that are misused or weaponized by both perpetrator and the feckless. Semitic is a socio-anthro terminology refering to the language-culture branches of indigenous Middle East peoples, by its original meaning the Hamas terrorist and their Jewish victims both are. On the other hand Islamophobia is a propaganda misdirection that holds no intellectual meaning. Inside of their hearts what do the Shariah Hamas Hezbollah Jihadists and the Tagalogista Pinoy Nationalist Socialists desire? The elimination of all Jews and of all non-Tagalog inhabitants of the Philippines.
The reason why good human beings despise nationalism is that the self is supposed to be respected, the self is not supposed to be worshiped. You'd have to be an Adolf Hitler to think so highly of nationalist social engineering but from 1972 to 2023 we have been trained per the tenets of socialist fascism. If Pinoy Adolf Hitler runs for office he would win, especially if he participates in the new normal of vote buying. The Church has persistently fielded its election movement and pastoral vote council thingies so it is more than aware of the sinfulness of elections that are the results of buying and selling. But the Church treats it as if it is the new normal of 1972 to 2023. It stamps its blessing on fraud instead of condemning it and taking no part in the practice of evil. No one can be a good citizen of a bad country but you can work against the tide and remain a good person.

SunStar Cebu
Palma: 2023 a year to be grateful Year 2023 is the time to be grateful for having surpassed the Covid-19 pandemic, Super Typhoon Odette (Rai), and other obstacles from the previous years.

Is he an employee of the Marcos government, to be merrily spouting justifications of incompetent authoritarian excesses that worsened our lives? This is why he, a non-Cebuano, was always the wrong person to be bishop of our Cebuano nation. No loyalty.
Israel should negotiate with the Shariah terrorists for an equitable compromise? Preposterous! As with the Tagalogista constitution of the Philippines, our best scenario is total elimination of the threat. Those who still want to continue dancing for concessions from the enemy offer the worst self-destructive disservice to our aspirations of surviving and thriving.
Unconditional forgivness and ceasefire, Jesus told us nothing of that sort, His words touched on the rottenness of the leaders of a society that has gone astray, where the officials abuse what in our time is known as constitutional law. Jesus was clear about our priorities being God and then humanity. He did not once mention jihading for race-gender-class equity nor the sanctity of environment-climate. In the great temptation presented by the Devil to our Lord Jesus, the trick is clear. The Satanic system has all sorts of inducements for man to worship and obey an all-powerful government in exchange for bread turned from stone and lifetime resuscitation from hyped-up pandemics like China Virus.
Separation of church and state is violated when the trapu regimes impose Muslim holidays on the 96% in the Philippines who are Christian and non-Muslim. It is almost as insane when they make a show of declaring official holidays some of the regular Catholic holidays because we as a Christian-majority corner of the world have always observed these for as long as can be remembered. Is the Philippines a Christian country? Yes. When Magellan came we were not undergoing at that time formation into a pagan or even Hindu-Buddhist country and the jihadists were certainly not our established rulers. We became Christian, a fact hated by progressivists and nationalist socialists. Had Lapulapu been either a native Visayan warlord or Muslim proselytizing warrior, he'd have at least left some traces when Spaniards returned three decades later, but no. Lapu most likely was an itinerant pirate who became too weak to continue preying on the Cebu natives after Magellan was killed in what he did not anticipate would be a lopsided skirmish.
Should be frightened at how much this neoprog pope has undermined conservative Catholicism rebuilt by JP2 and Ratzinger at the hierarchical and catechetical levels. Resilience is a word misused by our ignoramus government but it is one appropriate in describing the twenty-one century longevity of Catholic Christianity. It has the ability to recover when battered by adversity and inferior leadership, apparently America too but obviously not the Philippines.

The Freeman
18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women _ November 25 to December 12. Violence against women or VAW is considered to be one of the Philippines' perennial social problems.

Give me a break you sucking comedians. Woke socially transmitted disease is China's best weapon against the technological and military advantage of America. In the Philippines' case, this is what has diverted burueaucrats and activists to waste time on impertinent stuff like "violence" against women or the environment allegedly committed by our everyday men. Women in the Philippines have always had higher stature than in most of the world and the worst crime against ecology here is done by Chinese or is the ignorant garbage taught to children by the state education system or propagandized by mainstream media.

* . * . *

Incompetence and malice surface alternatingly in normal governments of the world but in the health and in almost all the other Philippine bureaucracies these two malignancies are simultaneously cultivated with seemingly religious zealotry. Covid provided vastly greater profits than dengue ever could. There is nothing more beautiful than corruption enabled by absolute power. Education under the Marcos-Cory system means having the most physically-stunted and IQ-stunted kids in the world. In the past our kids were better than the rest of Asia with the exception of Japan. DepEd dictating its latest diktat on August 10 the MATATAG K to 10 curriculum is an admission of its deep-seated hatred of non-Tagalog mother tongue, now being the time it scheduled for MTBMLE to be the convenient scapegoat. Only a child who possesses a standard mother tongue can be properly educated by personnel who themselves are age/occupationally-competent in that same MT. But it is not a native language that the smallest children have in their possession today, these are idiolects or the personalized mishmash of dialects and languages absorbed from multiple media sources they are incessantly exposed to. Cebuano infused with the contamination of Tagalog is fit only for monkeys. To receive education one has to have the ability to communicate the right way; pointless if the giver of education is similarly deficient in Language #1 and or in an internationally viable medium. Students suck because teachers suck and because government policy keeps undernourishment widespread in all of the Philippines. Anyone who actually believes the native tongue of the parents is crucial for quality education will not close his eyes to media and government sabotaging it from the moment a child is born. Otherwise it is the tongue of the hypocrite speaking. Faulty language and faulty education are equivalent to same sex spouses parenting an abducted child.

National Review
In part, to protect China. Why US Scientists Lied About Possible Lab Leak - Evidence Makes It Obvious They Tried To Hide It: Follett
Philippine Star 08-04-2023
"With this proposed legislation, we hope to get the maximum participation of our voters in the national elections, which is one of the most important activities that they should do as Filipinos," Speaker Martin Romualdez said.
August 5, 2023

Teachers are our best hope for reform? Nyet. It is better to eliminate teachers from government service altogether. Russia has "democratic" national elections too, if you don't know yet. Russia and Philippines are beyond reforms as they have been ossified by self-preserving systems of corruption, are half a stage of cancer better than Pyongyang Korea. Both require rebirth as Christian countries.

The decline of Santa Iglesia Catolica de Filipinas
Towards the passing of 2023 the churches remain below halfway the previous attendance on Sundays, so much less than half filled with just the hardcore and casual massgoers. Remember when was it that the Pampanga nation began shrinking? It was after our July 4, 1946 actual day of independence as a republic. Unity is good but only in a handful of exceptional cases. Obedience wise when the master giving commands is not some dumb fool of a moron or a malevolent cretin. Cebu, Pampanga and the Church are being harmed by the same enemy.
The classical liberal brand of conservatism has as its most important concerns common good on one hand and liberty on the other. Both are to be balanced by following the principles of faith and free market. As it might also be with the other Christian churches, Catholic policy of unmindful acceptance of the state's coronavirus scam permanently weakens religion. Cebuano in the five decades that has passed after Marcos declared the rule of Tagalog national language did not present anything more than feeble resistance, which is why this formerly strongest of all languages is also falling down to its lowest ebb.
What were the three most grievous offenses committed against the peoples of the Philippines? The dictatorship of Marcos, the perpetuation by Cory of the regime of oligarchic Tagalog imperialism birthed by the dictator she ousted, and the coronavirus scam of 2020. Cory was aware she was empowering her fellow Tagalogs and fellow Chinese over everyone. When the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese conquered us it was forces of history at play, not the malice of internal colonizers.
To trust in the wisdom of your oversized government is the most foolish mistake one can do. Is Russia a failed state? Like the Philippines? First of all Chinese is not a failed state, more like a successful evil regime as in the Saudis and Iranians. If Russia is not gonna be blown to bits of Putin-intoxicated corpses by the defenders of Ukraine then it could turn into a Chinese province like what Duts and MacoyJr have made us.
Policy mandated by the incompetents and gaslighters or liars in power are to the benefit only of those who seek profit from society they destroy. There should be limits on government because it is definitely not the perfect machine man has imagined he has invented to replace God. It is prone to making many mistakes of which covidchina is just the tip of the iceberg. Government or the state is most certainly not a substitute for God but voting majorities have their brain washed into thinking it is, having become habituated to its socialist doleout narcotic. If you are for this kind of government then you are against God-given freedom and liberty.
Cancellation of the existing system of the government of the Philippine republic then is absolutely necessary? For the one reason that it's scheduled to destroy you. To move into a normally (by global standards) taller and brighter future we require a replacement system that hues to the balanced achievements of the pre-Macoy past and discards the Bagong Gagong conceited nationalist delusions of the parasites in power. The pinoy was always born to be the worst, let's avoid him for the sake of all that is dear in life. Church should refuse being held inferior to state. A governor can be as militantly feisty as she wants to be but national government holds coercive claim over property owned by province and can enforce ASF assassinations of livestock there much like it went amuck with its wanton implementation of the covid lifestyle. In other words your government has the same DNA as covid. We do not deserve a government that disrespects us and our culture.
Do you know who loves most the neurotic psychosis of gender race climate sociopol activism? Jihadists and Chinese communists, both of whom equally hate Western Judeau-Christian civilization and have equal love for their naive ally who goes by the weirdo name Woke. The mania for antiracist self-righteousness is laughable. Who knows if ten years from now the mainstream spotlight will instead shine favorably on activists who argue that racism in fact promotes diversity/equity? It is the compulsion to injure others we should work against, to make it eschewable. Tagalogistas relish the thought of injuring Cebuano. Does the Church have an antigovernment response to the antiGod behavior of the state? Whose obligation is it to protect the nations of Jesus Christ? May God have mercy on the Church that refuses to protect His people. The pinoy and Rus states relish you the Church as a slave institution but when the commies and jihadists get their turn you will be blown to bits because you serve no institutional use to them. The pinoy though might have amusement value as a pet.
If only half of what remains of the Church this day still has the measure of fidelity to our Lord, then there might still be enough institutional power to challenge the fifty year rule here of evil. Not through a travesty like EDSA. Another legacy of Marcos-Cory is the hoax plus dilemma that politics is the means to push government to becoming better. That's impossible in a country where the parties are fake political parties with zero principles or philosophies driving operations across election cycles confined to the marketplace of vote sellers and buyers. Fueled by the immersion in Tiktok and FB opium of the pinoy stooges, never has tech been misused so wastefully. The current popular version of AI is best described as highly energized plagiarism. Creative originality is never something a machine is capable of, it can only steal from all over the shoplifter paradise of interconnected server-to-device endpoints.
It is futile to work within the system if its laws and rulings are intended for profit of the abusers, if its legal system is so worthy of disrespect for handling plain murderers as terrorists while playing around with activist gimmicks. Our enemy is evil, we have to stop it. Shall we once more be a place enriched by productive entrepreneurs patronized by God-fearing citizens? The other path has you worshiping inside a temple where the cross has been replaced by the Nazi symbol or its equivalent, liturgy becomes rally in idolatry of nation-state. Socialism is premised on the mutual parasitism of government and citizen, mix in nationalism and we start speaking the language of death.   The House of Representatives has called on the Commission on Elections to hold a special election to replace the seat vacated by expelled lawmaker Arnolfo Teves Jr.

A bottomfeeding country like ours will have institutionalized a wimpish legislature that needs to beg approval by a mere agency of the exec branch for replacement of an expelled member. Just as DepEd is starting to decongest vernacular out from its uniformly-imposed curriculum, a Soliven article identifies the single factor that makes it so lousy. Philippine education has been the worst in the world and it's easy to see who's to blame: Marcos and Cory. And then take note how inutile the legislative branch is. So powerless when in a regular democracy it is meant to be stronger than executive and judiciary since legislators are the direct representatives of locals. Here for the last 50 Marcos-Cory years the executive has been in full control of ruining the land. Resiliency is not defined as the ability to withstand bad circumstances and pathetically adapting your nature to image the badness itself. This is the rotten resiliency we've long been mutated into in the Philippines. We are unlike America where despite Trump, Biden, BLM and Transgenderphilia the American retains strength enough to rebound easily to his better past. It is not that we are completely hopeless, there could be a one in a million chance of a lifetime we can still recover the previous goodness of our old system.

Philippine basic education curriculum - not up to par   POINT OF VIEW - Preciosa S. Soliven - The Philippine Star   August 22, 2023
There are six spring-bound curriculum books of the Bureau of Elementary Education, Curriculum Development Division funded by the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) that I tried to study. Reviewing Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, Sibika at Kultura (Hekasi) gave me such a headache since Geography, History, Civic and Culture were all bundled in one book - in Tagalog. All subjects, except Science and Health, Elementary Math and English, are in Tagalog, like Edukasyon Pangtahanan at Pangkabuhayan (Home Economics and Occupational Skills), Edukasyon sa Kagandahang Asal at Wastong Pag-uugali (Good Manners and Right Conduct) and Musika at Sining (Music and Arts) and Pagpapahalaga (Values Education).

The Freeman September 7, 2023
BUY A BOOK DAY Formalized in 2012, Buy A Book Day enjoins people of all ages and different walks of life to buy a book, in a bid to invigorate the book-reading culture. As a bespoke holiday, it draws attention to the importance books play in education and the preservation of cultures and traditions.
Philippine Star
During the Senate public services committee hearing into the proliferation of text scams in the country on Tuesday, Sept. 5, NBI cybercrime chief Jeremy Lotoc showed a video of his agents registering a fake PhilHealth ID bearing the picture of a monkey in the registration site of Globe Telecom Inc.
Sen. Raffy Tulfo said on Wednesday, Sept. 6 that he supports the idea of increasing the confidential funds of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), stating that P1 million is not enough for the agency.
September 7, 2023
NTC Warning: Registration of SIM cards using false information or someone else's identity is illegal. The SIM Registration Act (RA11934) provides a penalty for violators of up to P300k or imprisonment of up to 2 years, or both.

Among the social media feeds of Philippine newspapers, MB posts the least amount of sanctimonious hypocrisy aka prayer exploitation. They all accommodate LGBTism, big gov corruption and shariah-jihadism. If the logic of our retarded government is correct then the grant of either miniscule or gigantic intel cash pork outlay means agencies like HR have no reason to exist while as for the VP there should be many more individual vice presidents for the sake of enjoyable fun. If books are indeed indispensable then you should know where you can still buy one but even textbooks now are sold directly by private schools to the enrollee, stores have disappeared. And if you have a pet monkey then you can enroll a SIM card for it. Proves how uselessly pointless SIM Registration coercion is. Unchallenged by the meek and "resilient" as was the mask foolishness and manic overvaccination forcibly imposed by the lockdown dictatorship of a fentanyl-fed China mutt.

NTC PSA: Simula na ngayong Setyembre ang 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) na isinasagawa kada 10 taon. Magpabilang na! #CAFarmerCAFisherTayoAngBida   09-13-2023 11:36

If you have the slightest idea why for the past several years the assholes in Tagalogista government have kept on texting spamscam messages like the above to all of us, tell us please. Masagana99 was bragged by the incompetent Marcos father of Junior that it will immediately make us the food-richest country. Worked the opposite because before him we were domestically sufficient instead of the scrounger we've been the last 50 years. It used to be successful but they changed it - the Philippines is not the failure. Government is.

Las Pinas City Vice-Mayor April Aguilar led the conduct of simultaneous medical missions and feeding program in celebration of President Marcos' birthday on Wednesday, September 13
Pateros, national government distribute P15,000 ayuda to rice retailers
Philippine Star, 15 September 2023
President Marcos admitted that the Philippines is not there yet in terms of achieving its food supply goal.
Laging Handa, an hour-long program that serves as a platform for government officials to discuss their policies and to answer questions about pressing issues, will go off the air as part of PTV's reprogramming.
From Wall Street Journal Opinion: The census data show how a gusher of unprecedented and unnecessary social-welfare spending helped to produce the highest inflation in 40 years that has made Americans poorer. The Census Exposes Bidenomics


     Virus Scam Ph 22mb pdf full compilation of first blog, 254 pages


National Center for non-Tagalog Languages. Not until May 2022 did we come across this anti-nationalist entity that antedates DILA and Org for Recog and Enrichment of Phil Ethno Groups (REPEL). This is their newsletter from 51 years ago (please use this link to view the 200kb image). The call back then was the same one issued by Cabalern in 2001. Non-Tagalogs unite! Against the Tagalog tyranny conceived by Quezon, imposed by Marcos and perpetuated by Cory ad vomituum.


SandalanKatimawan. Search with Duckduck or Ecosia if you haven't been to their site. Prepare to be edified.
  • Tagalog culture and institutions are a cancer spreading
  • a Marcos win exposes that nothing has really changed in 30 years and people would rather go the dictator's son than continue the Liberal Managerial order
  • ideal Tagalog society of soft men content with idle pleasure and bossy women heading the bureaucracy
  • Tagalog word KALAYAAN comes from LAYAW: to spoil the body with pleasure.


When did the Philippine government become the worst government in the world? It abruptly joined the top ten bad governments during the martial law dictatorship of thief Marcos but is now undisputed number one thanks to the martial law scamdemic lockdown of China puppet Duterte. Worst government in the world that also genocides Cebuanos, Kapampangans and the other non-Tagalog language-cultures. Enforcing martial law impositions to coerce their sissy responses to the COVID exported to us by China. None of this is hyperbole, it's all backed by international assessments for pandemic management and for children's physical development and education. Last placer your country has become.

"Give unto Caesar" is the most important passage in the Testament applicable to us non-Tagalogs and every other victim of government abuse. In it Our Lord Jesus Christ did not mean we should submit to State Tyranny but that we should deal with it smartly.
For ultimately it was not about taxes but for His followers to give Him, peaceably, to be executed most inhumanly by the tyrannical authority so that His believers might live on instead of dying in an uneven fight. And proceed through millennia they did, taking over after the inevitable fall of the Roman Empire and blessing the world with Christianity. You give to God by ensuring the survival of good men and women.
The nationalist fascist socialist government of the Philippines is not powerful enough to suppress us if it is not just individual opposers whom it confronts. It does not have sufficient resources for everyone at the same time but gradually China is creeping in to the assistance of Tagalog nationalism. Arming it with drugs and control-surveillance weapons. The unchangeable unitary supercentralized system of Marcos and Cory has always been ideal for holding us down. That is why we have to recognize China as the same threat to us as Tagalog supremacism is, and that they are joining forces.


Filipino national language is   GENOCIDE   is Tagalog national language

There should be no national language for the republic. The constitution should have nothing to say at all in regard to the 170 indigenous languages of the Philippines. If any law or policy continues to exist, then this is indicative of the state's determination to continue killing the non-Tagalog languages. (June 2018)      FILIPINO IS NOT OUR LANGUAGE 2020 ReVISION  or if you got just one hour, get the 17-page X-rated edition

Linguistic genocide is a specific form of genocide condemned by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The Convention's definition includes "the elimination of people by death," meant strictly as such but also encompassing other acts but not limited to "(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, and (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

YouTube was forced by ABS-CBN to remove this video clip demonstrating Tagalog bigotry against Visayans. For eight years until 2017, over 43,000 viewers had been counted. Sakal clip 9mb video file


an excerpt

Kapampangan language flourished when its people were dissidents, by Marlen Ronquillo - August 25, 2021
The full flowering of the Kapampangan language covered the exact time, a long stretch of history, that the Kampampangans, the people, were at the forefront of organized dissent. By the time the young Kapampangans opted out of roles in the protest movements, deciding they would be better off being basketball stars, models, performing artists and movie actors, the fate of a once flourishing language was sealed - into one stripped of power, vigor and life. And sadly, heading the way of the near-extinct.


It is obligatory to say something about the Tagalog National Language of the "republic" of the Philippines every August. As lifted from elsewhere...

The Shaman of Kidapawan
July 13, 2020 on facebook
The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino is a Tagalog Fascist institution which perpetuates the lie that the national language is not Tagalog. It uses taxpayers' money to facilitate the death of all other languages in these islands. To mask its Tagalog Fascism and linguistic genocide, it comes up with tokenist projects that don't really do anything, and includes sinecure seats on its commission, ostensibly to represent the other languages. If I were in the shoes of Filipinos, I would abolish the KWF altogether, remove this oppressive national language policy.

V M Apostol
July 2020 on facebook
It may be somewhat of a surprise to most of you, especially considering that I am a cultural advocate, researcher, and writer, but I don't hold any pride in being called a "Filipino." If someone asks about my ethnicity, I tell them that my ethnolinguistic roots are ILUKO Austronesian from Northern Luzon.
Excuse me, did I say Asian? No!


a personal statement against the August Tagalog Month

Ramesh Ponnuru of NationalReview wrote on July 17, 2019:
Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens died yesterday. He was a World War II veteran, a public servant, and by all accounts a gentleman. His jurisprudence had many admirers, increasingly liberal ones after his first years on the Court. But not all of his fans are content to leave it there. Slate's obituary says he "fought tirelessly to build an America that lived up to his extraordinarily high standards." If that's really how he saw his job, it's an indictment of him.
You'll have to read that carefully to understand how it can be very, very wrong for a person occupying a high state position toiling with all his might to reshape his country into what fits his personal standards. To adjust the job you have been appointed to in accordance to your subjective personal preferences rather than just be a straightforward professional and adjust to the job in conformity to the job description. In contemporary high jurisprudence this boils down to being a textualist who sticks to originalist legal meaning or to being an activist who bows down to the loudest social fad.
Institutional standards, community standards, historical standards, all of these were stridently discarded by Hitler, Stalin and Mao then buried by their ideological conceit. Dictators may be "forgiven" for what dictators do but not so in a free country if you are a high justice of the law who uses your bench to twist the written word in the direction of outcomes that conform to your own inclinations. The law is no longer the law. You are the law.
Quezon thought that same way when he treacherously nationalized Tagalog via the 1935 constitution. He decided that making the country Tagalog was for the general good based on nothing else other than his personal opinion, bias and prejudice. I'm certain Marcos honestly believed there was betterment for the country in turning Quezonian Tagalog, all at the same time that he was going to make the Marcos family fabulously rich. Davide is a great constitutionalist according to his many admirers. He's the opposite of that to me because he was a drafter of the worst constitution in the world and every interpretation thereof from him thereafter was consistently an exercise in nationalistic self-validation.
Nationalism is why the August Tagalog Month of Marcos-Aquino persists today and it is also why Duterts had a really, really hard time making up his mind about changing the Cory consti into an entirely new federal fundamental law. You end up being an internally confused person if you take up reformism while remaining nationalist socialist. That is why Teresa May failed because she is a Remainer while Boris Johnson is gonna succeed because he is a Brexiteer. Can't be two opposite things unless your name is Filipino (the Tagalogized schizo version).
Anyway I hope the good jurists who I know exist somewhere out there can excuse me for my criticism but no matter how the fidelity of one's interpretation of the law is to the text and original context, not much good in there if you are in the Philippines interpreting a lousy constitution. One that in the most honest remark ever of the sitting president is toilet paper. Now I know where you were sitting down Sir. Perfect meme concept but I am not an artist. (Do you know what TUNGO sounds like? The Cebuano word for CURSE.)


Origin of Tagalog or the Filipino national subdialect
"Tagalog is a fairly young language, not more than a thousand years old. It belongs to the Central Philippine group, bearing more similarities with languages in the Visayas than those of Luzon [e.g., Ilokano and Kapampangan]. Linguists say the Visayan languages are older than Tagalog, so we can conclude that today's Tagalogs are descended from settlers who originally came from the Visayas. Eventually the settlers' Visayan-based language evolved into Tagalog, new words being coined, others borrowed from the settler's new neighbors, for example the Kapampangan." - Michael Tan on Inquirer 2001, before becoming just another warlock of Tagalogista nationalist wokism


These depictions of Pampanga and Cebu are instructive as to what may or may not work in protecting ourselves from Tagalog imperialism. and




"DO NOT POLLUTE OUR VERNACULAR AND ENGLISH MASSES WITH TAGALOG SONGS" Please have your own message printed on a slip of paper to be dropped with the second collection offering everytime there is a transgression by the priest or choir. Let your parish know you refuse to accept Tagalogization.


Free to download anti-Tagalogista reading materials in pdf format

Hereunder are absolute essentials for the resolute non-Tagalog. Not Filipino is the short name for the DILA book. Himaya employs the kind of sensible translation that does not leave you deprived in the sensory and literary departments, written originally in the Cebuano language as was the Facebook story. The much longer Tribunal was done in English first. Also there is a visual argument for economic and political autonomy for a culturally contiguous Kapampangan nation that has sufficient state powers to protect its language. Or else apocalypse, the kind we were warned about by DILA founder E.Turla in the 1990s. And stop being shocked into extinction, read Firth's 2019 compilation. In DILA is rhyme and reason.

Spell Cebuano - Updated in 2022 to thwart the government's plot to destroy the language of the Cebuano nation.

The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by CabalErn

Highlighted annotations: FAKE federalism in the Duterte constitution

The case for contiguous Kapampangan statehood by Jeronimo Constantina

Diversity Shock - 2019 compilation

DILA Word List

Filipino is NOT Our Language  -  2014 expanded edition

Sample Grade 2 MTB-MLE textbook (Cebuano) from a public school

Himaya  -  a very short story in Cebuano with English translation

Under the World  -  Philippine political perversities compiled

Ang Tawo nga Anaay Nawong  (Man and His Face)

Tribunal  -  the Cebuano novel abridged


Interview of Tim Harvey by Bobit Avila (September 1, 2014):    Part 1  2  3  4   Youtube 1 hr with ads

45 minute audio podcast Highlights:

  Pampanga television interview of Josie Henson


The Tagalogista scamdemic, a 22 megabyte overview of the deleterious effects of China virus propagation by abusive authorities and false experts in the Philippines.

Switcheroo by constitutional fraudsters Recto and Quezon to estafa the 1935 national language imposition, revisited by Aurelio in an old post to the original DILA.

Pinoy China virus corner - our most exciting new blog in DILA

Possibly the most outstanding non-Tagalog creation of literature in the 20th century - The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by the father of DILA (73 kb pdf)

No, no, no national language
a declaration of defiance by Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino

Venture a deep ideological dive into the dystopia that the Philippine republic is mired in. We have obtained from the SnKReader.pdf to freshen up minds brainfreezed by the establishment's propaganda and fake history. (220 kb pdf)

From friends of DILA to our non-Tagalog audience we preview: the gentleintroductionpol_pillarofliberty.pdf 2022 manuscript. (3 mb pdf)

DILA emerged in 2001 fighting against the conspiracy to make Tagalog the national language that dominates our existence. This is a sampler of Atty. Manny Faelnar's work against the Jacobins of language imperialism.

MultiLingual Philippines pdf documents provided by the consortium.

Ethnic cleansing in the Philippines

The United Nations Convention on Genocide drafted in December 1948 mainly defines the physical means by which governments or rogue militia weed out ethnic or cultural communities. With bullets or bladed weapons, separation of younglings from their elders, we've heard it all before from the news and read it in the history books.  Original in Kapampangan and Cebuano

DILA vocabulary sampler
spreadsheet format wordlist
pdf format wordlist
Old Standard Cebuano

BEFORE THERE WAS DILA, we had to warn us about Tagalog imperialism. And there was Organization for the Recognition and Enrichment of Philippine Ethno-Linguistic Groups a decade plus earlier

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David C. Martinez grades the Philippines an F

(Actually he grades the nationalists C in history, D in logic and F in spelling.) The country that we call Philippines, that fatally flawed, essentially oppressive, historically venal, and imperially centralized construct that has always encouraged its citizens to submit voluntarily to their own exploitation. - from the 2004 book
Why? WHY?

A Country of Our Own
"The best writing on the Philippines I've read in a very long time."—Dr. Michael Ashkenazi, Regents College, London

"Meticulously researched, coherently crafted, passsionately argued."—Carmen Miraflor, Stanford University, California

"Immensely stimulating."—Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, former Sec. of Education, RP

"Like Alexandr Solshenitsyn, David C. Martinez, writing with the grace of a poet, the acumen of a scholar, and the heart of a patriot, offers the reader two rewards—the unembroidered truth and the priceless gift of hope."—Joseph E. Fallon, author, "Deconstructing America"

"Certain to change crippling misconceptions of 'nation' and 'identity.' Destined to radically, justly, and permanently alter the political landscape of the Philippines."—Nilo Sarmiento, formerly of the Society of Jesus

"Courageously irreverent, scrupulously annotated, and richly rewarding. A must-read for all who wish to comprehend the 'Philippine phenomenon'."—Tim Harvey, Co-Founder, DILA [Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago]

"The Religion of Blame” chapter was well received by Postscript readers. They are encouraged to read the entire book of Martinez"—Federico Pascual, Philippine Star columnist