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How the Tagalogista government of the Philippines endangers us

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Superstitious Cebu newspaper prays protection from dangerous rain
The parish churches for whom our Lord sacrificed His holy flesh and blood continue their all-time low attendance. Sunstar had that FB post couple weeks after the Tagalog-named weather bureau hastily proclaimed the end of the worst drought in living memory and priests a bit earlier concluded Sunday with missa oratio for heavenly precipitation. You can see this as punishment of a faithless people by God. Fauci himself is now forced to admit all those covid lockdown dictations had no scientific basis, were all directed by personal whimseys. He and Duterts were monkeys who imitated the covid stupidities of the Chinese communists for their made-in-China virus.
Remember when government convinced the subliterate: I am boss, I am science, I am omni; and the clergy chorused Amen. Two years of covid scam convinced many Christians put faith in power of goverment as it has much greater relevance than some church you might only have need for occasional blessings of the nonspiritual variety. FB and TikTok also make satisfying substitutes in our province of dry faith.
Philippines prior to Magellan and chronicler Pigafetta was obstinate in its indolent comfort with the lifestyle of paganism; Hindu, Buddha, Confucius and Mahomet were all nonfactors, simply sprinkles of fleeting transit in terms of overall impact. It was Christianity that fit us and nearly got universally adopted here but is endangered today by the proliferation of "religion" scammers and ascent of materialism in Catholic dioscesan communities. And do not believe the pinoymoviemakers, chinesepoliticos and fakehistorians who decorate Lapulapu as the greatest noblestmost Cebuano ever ever even if not one of them can disprove that he was not descended from our ancestors and who more than likely was a "Japanese" pirate temporarily taking refuge in the barren islet of Mactan. How fast would Cebuanoland and Humabon have moved forward if not for the bad luck visited by double L?

• pcworld.com/article/2343263/facebook-wants-to-use-your-posts-for-ai-training-how-to-object.html
• AI Fake Nudes Are Now a Frightening Reality for Teens. The Wall Street Journal on.wsj.com/4bERv6b
• Philippine Star   The Department of Justice (DOJ) is coordinating with the Office of the President to put an end to the illegal selling of babies on social media. https://tinyurl.com/2fcsrp9x
• BBC News   The former president joins President Joe Biden in using the platform, Donald Trump joins TikTok despite previously wanting ban. bbc.in/3X5SrMk   bbc.com TikTok users being fed misleading election news, BBC finds content promoted to young voters' TikTok feeds. bbc.in/3yTm5KE
• Cebu Pride Movement is kicking things off with an official calendar to keep everyone in the loop for Pride Month. sunstar.com.ph 060124 sunstar.com.ph/cebu/guide-to-pride-month-with-the-cebu-pride-movement

Chinese Tagalogista imperialists endeavour to entice the Cebuanos to distort their true history and culture, to take PRIDE in transforming into Pinay transgenders. As believers in the righteousness of freedom we should just let them engage in all of that inside of FB, TikTok and GooTube including of course the sale of infants/toddlers and abortion drugs. People who think nothing of respectability should be free to do whatever their itch commands.
Independence Day was a classic Will Smith motion picture masterpiece, there was an alien but sadly it wasn't Lapulapu. Revolutions are commemorated in many countries as holidays for indepedence or something else with the Philippines doing two of them, both actually having been inconsequential to anyone not a Tagalogista oligarch. The French, Russian and Iranian revolutions did have consequences but the outcomes were undeniably evil. Only in the American Revolution did something good immediately come out for even more good to follow and we should be proud of the fact that the date our republic started is July 4.

CO2 and covid are not the same thing but they can be thought of as identical twins, of having been turned to mercantilist gimmicks from which communist China profits the most with the connivance of woke ESG DEI progressivists. Manipulative bribe and bot ops magnify the Canlaonic "eruption" of pandemic and warming hysterics so they can sell "green" energy and other expensively inconsequential implements which they happily produce by burning more and more fossil fuel themselves each year, strip mining the surface of the planet, extracting beach sand... CO2 and covid are not the same thing, they are different scams sold by the Chinese cheat to the Pinoy dupe.
3 Muslim holidays decreed by the Marcos boy as of June this year, will there be a fourth? "Bagong Pilipinas Hymn and Pledge 2024" is the newest toy distributed by a fascist country not satisfied with its sadofetishistic flag herald code. How different is it from the China project of aligning artificial intelligence to the majestic glory of Xinping socialist totalitarianism? Tagalog supremacism was institutionalized in government by Marcos the dead father, the ism retained by Cory etcetera whose shallow anti-Marcos agenda had always been exclusively personal. Junior seeks to rehabilitate the heavily embalmed daddy because like Cory etcetera he is a believer of the Church of Bagong Lipunan. Junior is a better human being than Duts or his father Koymaks, Junior probably is same level as Noy which is another way of saying he is yet another wrong person taking up six of our years as president of our ever worsening country. Thankfully, the Tagalog public text messages ordered by Duterte to incessantly pester us is apparently terminated at eight years this 2024. Useless garbage like the plastic bag ordinances.

• Ars Technica   unwanted, buzzy, generative AI-related features into consumer Tech brands are forcing AI into your gadgets—whether you asked for it or not   arstechnica.com/gadgets/2024/04/ai-marketing-hype-is-coming-for-your-favorite-gadgets
• arstechnica.com/science/2024/05/mutations-in-a-non-coding-gene-associated-with-intellectual-disability

Repeatedly called scams here in dila.ph are covid and Filipino, some clarification due there. Not for one second should there have been roadblocks/quarantines and not one school should have ever been locked down. The Chinese virus was never fatal to us native residents, the few who actually died from it were from tiny demographic minorities. Know that if the communist Chinese fully invade this country they will face the most extreme hardship in human history. 95-percent scam and 5-percent pandemic it was and so is Pinoy Tagalog national language. Only 5-percent authentic at best so maybe it should be applicable to an area like Metro Manila for the sake of proportionality. We should move away now from the scam of Duterte and Fauci. There are matters of urgency to wit the shrinking brain power of a once above average population who now call themselves that silly name Pinoy. Another effect of something Marcos did most probably. Soon they will once again presume to elect a political savior who knows the answers to all the questions but for that the prerequisite is you have to have a pool of intellectually and morally qualified men. Practically zero in the country with lowest education achievement rating, worst physical stunting and with a Catholic church that no longer knows how to teach. Conditional blessing anyone? Cardinal Sin gave that to the poor who give in to vote buy and sell. Pope Francis gives that to fans of nonheterosexual "marriage".
An investigation of words. The ones used in recent times reflect the nefariousness of Tagalog schools and media henceforth the indispensability of abandoned Cebuano words in evaluating societal decline. Flood used to be lunop but baha is the one more common today, implication therein is flooding in our past was a sporadic issue but later on the negative impact of greed-driven reclamation projects infected us with Manila's usage. Ate and kuya? Marcos taught the children to be more respectful of the government than their elders so we forgot our traditional honorific nomenclature and eventually the Tagalog equivalents took over. We held true respect in the past while today it is more of false status for show.
Scam, woke and fascist/nationalist have been adequately defined here so let's also make oligarch less of a generic flower word. Let's limit our range to just the big corporations and then you can expand from that if you wish, keeping in mind what Lincoln said about government being by-for-of the people, not an entrenched few. SMC is a "public" corporation governed by a Chinaman whom the stockholders would be incapable of removing if they so wanted to do. Meralco could theoretically have a different manager outside the Lopez clique installed by united shareholders but in practice this too cannot be done. Oligarchs dictate our econ and pol life, are responsible for the bad turns in both but evade blame for all they have bungled. We were a different country in 1971, the changes Marcos forced back then we're very risky even if the one in charge instead was a competent and honest leader like Lee Kuan Yew. But Marcos was not a man who possessed any real and useful talent, the only result was going to be catastrophic failure of a promising country. 52 years and counting, the number of years Marcos has destroyed the Philippines and that the nationalisticacious oligarchs kept it from recovering. By his errors have nationalist cultures of public-private corruption and indolent welfarism entrenched.
"Progressive" is given a negative definition, is understood to be bad in terms of its vision of ruining JudeoChristian civilization. The scientific priesthoods of gender/environment feel all too euphoric in their being entitled to quash all that contradict their dogmas of the moment. Get what they want when you presume along with them that it falls within the regular power or role of government to undertake extreme measures for pandemic or "welfare" issues or whatever. Isn't it supposed to be what martial law is for so that society can be protected in the actual time of an actual emergency such as war? Much of big tech especially those who make their money on the internet from spycraft and pyramiding subscribe to proggie behavior given that often the ultimate beneficiary of government regulation is their operational foothold. If as harmful as the Biden dog, sentence it to a Trudeau euthanasia, if toxic like a Trump ignore it en masse.

• The Verge   The proposed social media labels would regularly warn users that social media platforms have not been proven safe for their mental health. "The mental health crisis among young people is an emergency."   U.S. Surgeon General: Social media needs a warning label   mashable.com/article/surgeon-general-social-media-warning
• Philippines has landed in the bottom four of student performance, one of the worst in the world, according to results of the Program for International Student Assessment - philstarlife.com/news-and-views/511866-students-philippines-among-lowest-creative-thinkers-pisa-20
• Instead of eliminating text-based phone scams, the SIM registration law allowed the proliferation of fraud. SIM registration law failed to curb scams - philstar.com/nation/2024/06/21/2364394/sim-registration-law-failed-curb-scams-group
• The White House’s order for federal agencies to install thousands of signs along the nation’s highways praising Joe Biden is “public financing for the president’s own campaign.” Daily Wire https://bit.ly/3RBpiFm   Biden Ordered Fed Agencies To Install Nationwide Signage Praising Him Before Election - dailywire.com
• The Economist - Iran is a hub for sex-reassignment   economist.com/middle-east-and-africa/2019/04/04/why-iran-is-a-hub-for-sex-reassignment-surgery

Our students still have not regained the smarts to comprehend issues like surgical mutilation of genitals having become the brilliant solution of the Iranian mullahs to cure the evil of homosexuality or the very fresh adoption of Pinoys' shameless electioneering tactics by some American politicians. Schools in Pinoybayanistan do not liberate the mind of the child unto the freedom of knowledge and creativity, they imprison him in conformity to a corrupt system where he sells his vote to the buyer of votes. The reason Philippines is a shameful failure is its inability to leave the political system emplaced by Marcos and its insistence on electing trapu officials as in vice president Asaramalaykum the educator who flunked. Pisa's yearly embarassments is an instruction to the Pinoy government to quit the education business.
You are certified as progressive if you're one of those who denounce as terrorist the prolifer spraying graffiti on an abortion clinic but praise the Hamas suicide bomber as freedom fighter. One thing in common with the woke person and an A.I.bot is their algorithm for twisted judgment per fickle nutpicked data. Specially trained like social media mods or googlesearch massagers. Woke person MLK certainly is not, today they would even deride him a homophobe and sexist based on the great man's history. Reverend MLK believed in the equality of all normal men regardless of skin color, he'd never consider anyone who blabbers in Pinoyisticated Tagalog to be a superior person.


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The worst constitution in the world; Forgiveness and Wokeness; Scam as political lifestyle of Pinoy racists

In talking about two important legal precepts, separation of powers and separation of church and state, one needs to take a look at a competent constitution, the American constitution of Madison. Not the grotesque progressivistic smorgasbord constitution of Pinoy national socialist Davide, nothing can be a lousier point of reference. Does it mean government not boss of legitimate institutions of religion? A common fault of priests today is the erroneous belief that separation of church and state refers to the main role of government being dispenser of social services without which we lead lives of hardship and deprivation at the same time that ministries are in the business of selling forgiveness potions and blessings of good feels. Silly nonsense. Local governments in America make it optional for their educ funds to be awarded to private charter schools knowing that they are throwing away money if it is all given to inefficient public schools. There are many more examples, a clearer one is that Catholic/Christian charities are many times more efficient than DSWD in terms of money on hand as a ratio to relief/feeding recipients after the operation is audited. Almost one to one while overpaid bureaucracies like GRP and Clinton Foundation barely hit 10 percent in terms of collection against served.
Islamophobia and antisemitism are two curious catchwords that are misappropriated or weaponized by both perpetrator and the feckless. Semitic is a socio-anthro terminology refering to the language-culture branches of indigenous Middle East peoples, by its original meaning the Hamas terrorist and their Jewish victims both are. On the other hand Islamophobia is a propaganda misdirection that holds no intellectual meaning unless you are the plagiarist president of Harvard. Inside of their hearts what do the Shariah Hamas Hezbollah Jihadists and the Tagalogista Pinoy Nationalist Socialists desire? The elimination of all Jews and of all non-Tagalog inhabitants of the Philippines.
The reason why good human beings despise nationalism is that the self is supposed to be respected, the self is not supposed to be worshiped. You'd have to be an Adolf Hitler to think so highly of nationalist social engineering but from 1972 to 2024 we have been tutored per the tenets of socialist fascism. If Pinoy Adolf Hitler runs for office he would win, especially if he participates in the New Normal of vote buying. The Church has persistently fielded its election movement and pastoral vote council thingies so it is more than aware of the sinfulness of elections that are the results of buying and selling. But the Church takes it for granted as the new normal of 1972 to 2023. It stamps its blessing on fraud instead of condemning it and taking no part in the practice of evil. No one can be a good citizen of a bad country but you can work against the tide and remain a good person.
Yet no one can be a good person if he does not have Jesus Christ in his life. I would prefer as a friend an atheist whose social behaviour is that of a cultural Christian rather than one who displays religious practice but whose demeanour is not informed by Christianity. Ironic that a non-believer can be a bit like Christ but that a "worshiper" can actually be in tune with the other guy. It would be counterproductive to outlaw Satanic worship and communist political organization otherwise they would just infiltrate the legitimate institutions that dedicate to good rather than to these deviants' pursuit of evil. But Satanism should never be allowed in schools, neither should TikTok. And at all levels should we keep reminding everyone how evil Shariah Jihad is.

SunStar Cebu
Palma: 2023 a year to be grateful Year 2023 is the time to be grateful for having surpassed the Covid-19 pandemic, Super Typhoon Odette (Rai), and other obstacles from the previous years. www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/palma-2023-a-year-to-be-grateful

Is he an employee of the Marcos government, to be merrily spouting justifications of incompetent authoritarian excesses that worsened our lives? This is why he, a non-Cebuano, was always the wrong person to be bishop of our Cebuano nation. No loyalty.
Israel should negotiate with the Shariah terrorists for an equitable compromise? Preposterous! As with the Tagalogista constitution of the Philippines, our best scenario is total elimination of the threat. Those who still want to continue dancing for concessions from the enemy offer the worst self-destructive disservice to our aspirations of surviving and thriving.
Unconditional forgiveness and ceasefire, Jesus told us nothing of that sort, His words touched on the rottenness of the leaders of a society that has gone astray, where the officials abuse what in our time is known as constitutional law. Jesus was clear about our priorities being God and then humanity. He did not once mention jihading for race-gender-class equity nor the sanctity of environment-climate. In the great temptation presented by the Devil to our Lord Jesus, the trick is clear. The Satanic system has all sorts of inducements for man to worship and obey an all-powerful government in exchange for bread turned from stone and lifetime resuscitation from hyped-up pandemics like China Virus.
Separation of church and state is violated when the trapu regimes impose Muslim holidays on the 96% in the Philippines who are Christian and non-Muslim. Their rationale must be the same for funding the introductory study of terror theology in madrasa settings. It is almost as insane when they make a show of declaring official holidays some of the regular Catholic holidays in disregard of our being a Christian-majority corner of the world where we have always observed these for as long as can be remembered. Is the Philippines a Christian country? Yes. When Magellan came we were not undergoing at that time formation into a pagan or even Hindu-Buddhist country and the Wahhabi jihadists were certainly not our established rulers. We became Christian, a fact hated by progressivists and nationalist socialists. Had Lapulapu been either a native Visayan warlord or a Muslim proselytizing warrior, he'd have at least left some traces when Spaniards returned three decades later, but no. Lapu most likely was an itinerant pirate whose band of gangbangers became too weak to continue preying on the Cebu natives after outfighting Magellan in what the latter did not anticipate would be a lopsided skirmish.
Church should look at the Darwinian survival of the fittest memetic differently considering that Catholicism is our finest historical example of that sociological concept. Two thousand years as an institution is beyond mere resilience, a word misused by our ignoramus government but one that is appropriate in describing the unmatched longevity of Catholic Christianity. It has the ability to recover when battered by adversity and inferior leadership, apparently America too but obviously not the Philippines. Tho you should be frightened at how much this neoprog pope has undermined conservative Catholicism rebuilt by JP2 and Ratzinger at the hierarchical and catechetical levels. Fear is that Catholic might follow Cebuano in leveling down to not anymore fit to survive.

The Freeman
18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women _ November 25 to December 12. Violence against women or VAW is considered to be one of the Philippines' perennial social problems.

Give me a break you sucking comedians. Woke socially transmitted disease is China's best weapon against the technological and military advantage of America. In the Philippines' case, this is what has diverted burueaucrats and activists to waste time on impertinent stuff like "violence" against women or the environment allegedly committed by our everyday men. Women in the Philippines have always had higher stature than in most of the world and the worst crime against ecology here is done by Chinese or is the ignorant garbage taught to children by the state education system or propagandized by mainstream media. Biden must be faking his administration's environmentalist posture if exploited child Greta is openly criticizing him at global green carnivals. Over here they have even greater expertise in exploiting environmental "issues" for either moneymaking or posturing or both.

• Al Jazeera English   Climate activists say Manila's massive spending on climate-related initiatives is poorly allocated and inadequately accounted for. Philippines' Marcos faces greenwashing claims as climate spending soars   aljazeera.com/news/2023/12/19/philippines-billions-in-climate-funds-face-scrutiny-over-green-credentials
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To cover its budget shortfall...Gov't to borrow P585 B locally in Q1 next year   mb.com.ph/2023/12/20/gov-t-to-borrow-p585-b-locally-in-q1-next-year
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• 2022 Program for International Student Assessment for mathematics, reading and science, Philippines scored 120 points less than the average. PISA: Phl 5 To 6 Years Behind   OneNews.PH
Philstar.com 12082023   According to the Philippines' PISA scores, boys trail behind girls by nearly two years' worth of schooling.   PISA scores show Filipino boys are being left behind
• Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty   Sexual violence was weaponized and used with impunity against women, men, and children. Rape, Sexual Abuse Used Against Iranian Protesters, Says Amnesty International   rferl.org
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• A retired police general has informed a Muntinlupa City court that he intends to disavow his testimony against her. More recantations: Retired cop says raps vs De Lima 'pure hearsay'   newsinfo.inquirer.net
• Philstar.com 12152023
The Philippines deported 180 Chinese nationals on Thursday after they were detained in a raid on a suspected sex-trafficking and online scam operation in the capital Manila, officials said. Philippines deports 180 Chinese detained in anti-trafficking raid
GIBO Teodoro PH December 13, 2023
We won't back down against China's aggressive moves in our waters. The Philippines will not be pushed around.

2023 has been a year of the geriatric debilitated (Biden, etc.) that also saw the technological landscape dominated by so-called Artificial Intelligence. Tim Scott is more authentic and is brighter than Obama bin Biden, shame there won't be a Pres. Scott in January 2025, the best the world can hope for is Trump also gets rejected soon. How mentally deranged is this department whose undersecretary was a retired lockdown general who died in November of an undisclosed reason? Health is the polar opposite of Defense whose leadership is the only one mobilizing us against the evil of China. Do you include in your prayers the deliverance of the hundreds of millions suffering under Jihad Shariah? Also the poorly educated kiddos who flunk even the simplest reading tests?
For our shameful last place in school performance of countries, the most creative excuses made so far are absenteeism and coronavirus but how about the low quality of teachers and defective curriculum from 1972 to 2023? Gilbert Teodoro is probably the only positive in the team of Junior. No one will help us if we keep bending over with our bare ass to amuse the Chinese. The previous government sent to prison the detestable De Lima and then the replacement, an almost identical regime, is about to absolve her which clearly shows that government does not follow its own twisted rules. Why make laws when they are not going to be followed anyway, why have a government if its code of practice is the reign of perjury and chaos? They say they will make the law more perfect by employing AI in the schemata of court justice. Add further elements of malice copy-pasted from the web to the persistence of dysfunction. Intelligence funding is supposed to be given only to a CIA or an Mi5/Mi6, not to grafters of educ, etc. The Philippines is no longer viable, it is no longer livable.
Shabu methampethamine is alive and smiling in 2023, a testament to the competent performance of our Presidents Fentanyl and Cocaine. Can only happen in a country that has gone bad. The unavoidable reputation of the Catholic Church is its supposedly forgiving nature. Truthful Christianity maintains balance, does not deviate from its understanding of the natural state of humanity, remembers that redemption and justice cannot be more essential than the other.

Social media business exclusively thrives on ad revenue that user engagements drive to their domains. What gimmicks produce for you the most Likes or gross traffic volume? Tragic events that spur commenters to robotically fill the blanks with thoughts and prayers. Or prayer snippets themselves which as the regular staple of local media on their FB feeds never fails to titillate the pseudoreligious. Someone commented thus on such platform:

Katie Lynn   free.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=743776594280875&id=100059456233501
No, prayers aren't "nice and all'. Prayers are dangerous. Prayers are a way for people to convince themselves they've done something, when they've actually done nothing. Prayers seem to absolve people of taking on the responsibility of demanding change. Prayers pass the buck... ensure that the problem will persist.

Facebook prayers are not prayers, they are staples of antiproductive distraction that has its equivalents on TikTok and YouTube. It is scary to contemplate that Satan is the one who answers selfish or wokish intentions of a prayer. AI is not a gift from God. AI is artificial yes but intelligent?, not really. It's just rules and algorithms for scraping an expansive pool of data swimming in the entire internet. The source for the automated response to your AI query is not one curated library but a virtual garbage megadumpsite. The mistakes of generative artificial intelligence are called hallucinations. Those generative AI tools we are enticed to adopt compose writings, drawings or sounds patched up from individual items that the AI provider picked up from onsite storage banks containing your FB posts or somebody's Google emails. A supercomputer works differently in that it is fed tangible data exclusively and independently from which it produces new stuff for its operator. AI is like Harvard and its copycats who've made plagiarism the new normal practice. AI is China, supercomputer is America, Pinoy Pilipinas is TikTok-FB.
SIM registration was never sensible in terms of benefit for cellphone owners, nothing is enhanced, not functionality, not security and our usage became less economical after. PLDT even brought back to life only weeks past the second final deadline the service-deactivated SIMs. Since August these millions of reactivated units have been receiving messages from PLDT pestering them to register online which is possible only if you connect thru WiFi to their website for which they promise to give you 21000 megabytes of free data and other freebies. However even if you obey this unnecessary ceremony, you ain't getting no freebie goodies unless you indenture your phone to their all-purpose smart app. This is clearly in compliance with the government's desire to escalate its surveillance and tracking of all your personal daily activities. We are China! The biggest Chinese bank in the Philippines is gradually switching clients to facial recognition in automated and online transactions, presumably per the wishes of the Chinese Communist Party as it proceeds to complete the enslavement of its Philippine province. Count the months before these Chinese will totally own you financially and politically.
Vaccines benefited by not even the slightest amount the general public, ayuda was also of no real help at all to them during the artificially orchestrated covid emergency when the virus was airlifted here by China. So is Tagalog policy only helpful to the instigators and of zero practical utility to the people these stuff are forced on. Earlier WHO castigated China for, again in 2023, covering up a respiratory disease outbreak after which their investigation came up with the surprisingly honest conclusion that this epidemic of common illnesses was stimulated and exacerbated by nonstop COVID-19 protocol shenanigans adversarial to natural immunities. World Health is a white elephant whose equivalent in the Catholic Church are its portions who ejaculate that forgiveness is the panacea or cure-all for the world's problems.
There is no way to stop the jihadists, Tagalogista imperialists and China criminals other than to reciprocate their intense commitment to subjugating or obliterating your kind. Bullying? Only wimps who graduated from the substandard Philippine education system would call the arrogance of Chinese trespassers in the westward sea bullying. It is imperialism of the same variety as how Manila treats its weak provinces. Only by stroke of luck had we escaped the fake pandemic of 2020 with only a few deaths in spite of the blundering protocols forced on us by the screwballs of Imperial Manila. In a real pandemic those aircon "modern" PUVs or minibuses that proliferated in the scamdemic year and are still multiplying today would be very helpful in ensuring 100% nose-to-nose dispersal of an honest-to-goodness killer virus regardless of how many masks you put on. Nothing funnier than those plastic barriers the expert authorities mandated for open spaces and open jeepneys.
Some may have noticed that on recent years the most endangered species in the Philippines has been infants, you almost just don't see or hear them anymore anywhere. The Cebu City local gobierno is as bankrupt as the Pinoy national yet it gave exorbitant December bonuses to employees to be covered by tax burdens raised in 2024 and by added debt financing. Can't do nothing good when a growing population is no more even as retirees burgeon. China has been shrinking, all that talk about China surpassing the US economy was pure exaggeration now that you've seen late last year the Chinese fascist dictator begging for business in woke California. West is better, remember in the past how Soviet military might was also exaggerated. The rise of China to economic ogre was allowed by Westerners who tolerated China stealing their tech, etc., with misplaced expectations of democratization resulting from a totalitarian regime turning glutton for riches. Naive.
Prices that skyrocketed in the precovid years of Duterte remain sky high. To keep our attention from whoever was making hay from this anomalous situation, they distracted us with shabu and vaccine hype, etc. If tomato growers are throwing their produce halfway on the road to market upon learning they are about to lose money or if poultry raisers stop the next batch because there will be no profit again, then the question to ask is who is screwing them and the consumers? Undoubtedly the highest officials know the supersecret identity of this untouchable profiteer because a cut of the loot goes to them. It is simple arithmetic of kickbacks that even the most recidivist flunker of PISA can compute.
We ignore why many Cebuanos today favor the spread of Tagalog and choose to be odebient to an oligarchic government that buys votes and whose only competence is in destructive profligacy. Cebuanos fail to see that Tagalog gives no better value in our life, Tagalog in fact keeps sinking us to lowest intellectual capacity and poorest child physical growth in the world. Tagalogs do not have individual culpability for the negative consequences of the Tagalogization policy initiated by Marcos and carried over by his successors for our impoverishment but they should feel enough guilt for the damage done by the harmful imposition over 50 years of Tagalog to the overwhelming majority. All have suffered including Tagalog themselves who too were part of what used to be one of the better-off countries in Asia until their Tagalog was misused to poison our economy, politics and culture. By simple logic and not the convolutions of expert "science", the aftermath of hypothetically imposing Cebuano speech on Luzon is detrimental to Tagalogs. If in this world there are only two necessary/useful languages to the non-native, neither Cebuano nor Tagalog is one of those, if you are not a native you can live a happy life without either Ceb or Tag as neither is essential to the non-native.

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Threads, Meta's rival to X/Twitter, may be developing a major hate speech problem... pro-life and transphobic posts   mashable.com/article/threads-transphobia-anti-abortion-posts-hate-speech
• Chronic disease and death, a group of hormone-disruptive plastic chemicals is costing the US health care system billions, a new study found. Plastic chemicals linked to $249 billion in US health care costs in just one year   cnn.com/2024/01/11/health/health-care-costs-plastic-study-wellness/index.html
• National Review   What the Covid inquiry has demonstrated is that the "expert science" relied on by leaders in Britain and the US was often disastrous. Years After Americans Paid Impossible Price   nationalreview.com/2024/01/officials-now-admit-the-disaster-of-their-covid-policies

The voters who were attracted to the Trumps and Dutertes are the kind who like to ogle freak shows. Biden and Obama make many voters comfortable because neither is extraordinarily intelligent or accomplished like a Gloria who can be intimidatingly threatening to plain ord folk. Entertainers and mediocrities get elected despite incapability for official duty. Social media and AI assist in their election success. In our perverted democracy the elections stopped involving persuasion through political debate and underwent devolution into auction campaigns of bribing the vote sellers with stolen cash and with welfare handouts that bankrupt the treasury.

Country Change   Lito and Gloria both winning separately in 1998 would have been our last chance to reverse and correct the Marcosian deviation. In 12 years time Presidents Osmena and Macapagal were the only ones who'd have successfully introduced a different system, one similar to but also an improvement to the not bad at all state-apparatus we had more than 52 years ago. Too late adios mi patria adorada. Cory and Duterte were the wrong persons to replace their predecessors as both facilitated enhancements to Tagalogista centralism and criminality contrary to conventional presumption. Assuming a suitable constitution can actually be drafted under present circumstances, the oligarch cartel will employ all the tools of national socialism to retain the present constitution as there ain't nothing more profitable to their mafia. Charter change in 2024 is a big fat lie. Their only agenda has only ever been to keep it all as it is, best situation for those who are like them. For this they need to divert our attention with controversial diversions, Marcos was the first to master this, helping son Junior is malcontent Duterte with his newest joke, this time secession.

Cost Benefit   A hater is somebody who dislikes the economic dividend of Tagalog aborting Cebuano or of them gender affirming carers cutting the penis of a young boy. 50 Pesoses will soon be the fare for the shortest ride on them freakin modernized jeepneys. Previously we had some of the lowest fares and least expensive tuition. And then they had that Universal College Education or that Universal Health Care Act promising the paradise of free/subsidized largesse from the bottomless generosity of our noble elected leaders. These are the ones who won proclamation after outbidding the other candidates on socialist spending sprees that Marcos institutionalized to train the addiction of voters.
Discount sale is intended to recover some salvage value from an expiring or non-moving item. If done for something regular then something else will have to be jacked up to higher price tag. All those student, senior, disabled and etcetera discount entitlements have provided no actual good, it's all about the illusion of officials having magical powers to help the needy kuno but that in reality escalated inconvenience/hassle to worker and customer alike. Pricing is distorted, there is failure to defend the buying power of workers, the opposite is done. As with the Tagalog national language, benefit zero, cost hell. All they've done amounted to distortion of pricing in the products and services market upward to our overall economic detriment and inconvenience. If they are indeed serious in their insistence on bearing responsibility for public health, the way to go is not selectively-dispensed free medications (a lot of which are commercially motivated misprescriptions) but at least the alleviation of recently exorbitant medical exam/consult.
Prevention of intake of everyday poisons is the best medicine money can buy. The best freebie that this useless government can provide is low cost testing (non-intrusive, no data collection, no record hoarding) for the basic killer conditions. Screw you if you suggest giving it online for the data breachers to feast on. In spite of multi-trillions for education budget, etc., the only thing they can show for it is lowest academic achievement in the world. Everybody loses except the Chinese owners of labs, hospitals and the few non-public schools.

/2024/01/29/2329326/baste-duterte-calls-president-marcos-resignation /2329332/president-marcos-slams-toxic-politics /2024/01/28/2329186/sara-duterte-attends-bagong-pilipinas-rally-supports-action-vs-charter-change ..kick-off rally for President Marcos’ governance branding “Bagong Pilipinas” yesterday in a show of force amid political bickering within the administration.
Daily Tribune   Former President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged current President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to undergo a public blood test in Luneta Park to prove that he is not a drug user. Duterte admits Fentanyl use, asks PBBM: Does cocaine have a prescription?   tribune.net.ph
Galvez issued a statement days after former President Rodrigo Duterte put forward the idea of a Mindanao secession from the Philippines through a people’s initiative signature campaign. Duterte-appointed ex-AFP chief urges Filipinos: Reject calls for Mindanao secession   philstar.com/headlines/2024/02/02/2330409
Put an end to the People's Initiative. Imee Marcos urges PBBM to have a clear stand, halt PI   snstr.co/jrh sunstar.com.ph
Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines CBCP warns of deception in people's initiative on Charter change   philstar.com February 2
• Philippine Star   expansion of its euthanasia laws that would make mentally ill patients eligible, saying more time was needed to prepare the health system.   philstarlife.com/news-and-views/806689-canada-delays-euthanasia-for-mentally-ill-until-2027
• Philippine Star   President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. promised on Saturday that Filipinos would not experience hunger under support from the government. Marcos says no Filipino will go hungry under 'Bagong Pilipinas' February 4
• GIBO Teodoro PH   decentralized regions offer tailored and efficient targeted response to diverse local needs, collective strength, overall progress and well-being. Decentralization is key to effective governance #GiboPH #GiboTeodoro January 31 at 10:30 AM

Fentanyl or Cocaine or both?   Pinoy racist is ever shedding crocodile tears over our fellows overseas who risk the same risk as other human beings who live thereabouts yet these nationalist hypokrits do not actually care about the reason why millions seek livelihoods that cannot be provided inside our own country. Coke Junior is probably a slight improvement over Fentanyl Digong but them trapus are all alike in that they contradict themselves whenever it is in their interest to turn back and forth on their very own campaign scams like Partido Federal or slimming bureaucrat bloat, eliminating korapshun etsitira. If you can only ask George Floyd what the sainted hero of the Black Lives Matter scammers know from experience of fent plus shabu-meth cocktail abuse. When the real scientists say that fentanyl is several times deadlier than coke what's meant is snort it to your addicted heart's content but with this fentanyl the tiniest milligrams are enough to kill after swallowing. So far the inner circle of users of the still exotic drug is a select few. The Chinese will only start promoting it here once the meth trade eases from decades of fabulous market leadership aided largely by tobacco and alcohol taboofication courtesy of the intelligence-starved do-gooders.

Law enforcement first and foremost needs to itself be lawful, compliant with due process. Business that is not at the mercy of consumers is called monopoly or oligopoly, worthy of suspicion. Government that rules arbitrarily on a public with utter or else condescending disregard is totalitarian tyranny, all too familiar to us for far too long. In 2022 the US Supreme Court decided it had made a blatantly mistaken ruling in the 1970s (Roe Wade) yet today many Americans still fantasize that abortion is a constitutional right even if it exists nowhere in the original and amended consti.
What to call the declaration coming out of UP Diliman prior to the 1986 Cory Consti that out of the blue Filipino emerges as the lingua franca of Batanes to TawiTawi, a shiny brand new language that looks suspiciously like it is 100% Tagalog? Sorcery performed in the sanctum of woke nazionalist academia by sorcerers of Diliman. 2022 SCOTUS affirmed conservative faithfulness to law and word. The opposite of intellectual/political conservatism is reckless destructive "progressivism", the kind that invents a nonexistent lingua and subverts the centuries-long balance prevailing among 169 equal native languages, each thriving according to innate competitiveness rather than state/government favoritism as ordained by sorcerers and witches for the benefit of one.
Marcos was an enemy of conservatism, he wanted the kind of "progress" that discards what worked in the past for our God-fearing peoples and he led them instead to worship of Nazi false idols. Separation of exec-legis-judi powers has been breaking down dangerously in America but not yet so near as the dysfunction Marcos wrought here. Congress even without its partylist infestation only functions as the circus arena of senators, lawmaking being done mostly by unaccountable agencies while jurisprudence is tilted on a personal basis to what would be most convenient to every other agency of the unelected. True separation of powers has the lawmaker you elected have the means to represent the interest of your community, not delegate it to a mere regulatory agency as intentionally vaguely provided by "law". Multi-role, multi-task, multi-powers do not belong to persons in government position unless you really like multi-abuse.
Most would consider Iraq a terrible country but it's actually an improvement that surpasses the Philippines. Their consti may have inconsistencies starting with Islam as state religion but it also outlaws anti-democratic acts while emphasizing their factual multireligiosity and multi-ethnicity and even leveling Kurdish alongside Arabic as co-official language nationwide. They also do not have parties that masquerade as federal, they are in fact semi-federal in operation. They'd be second best in the Middle East if not for 21st-century jihad terror disruption. Given choice of the least evil to lead your country: Saddam, Duterte or Marcos? Prob'ly neither of latter two since at least the former would've meant changes in our parasitic democracy. Neither would the Iraqi dictator have done a Hakbang Ng Maisug (step of the brave) Tagalog prayer rally that Duterte (who is self-avowed anti-Christian) is doing in Cebu against the very same charter change he was selling to the same clueless public back in 2016, and ironically on the black day of the EDSA Cory commemoration. Gabaan mo unta, tanan ninyo. Saddam was at least better for the Christians of Iraq, most of whom have now left.

AI will destroy the writing and composition crafts not because of competition but by discrediting creative output through automatic suspicion of artificiality. A smart mind would know the difference, a few still know how to write without AI being involved. Here's another short piece, a book you can read in less than 5 minutes. A Tagalogista AI Future for the Republic of the Philippines


Mother tongue. Seriously?
For how many years running now have we had, per international mensuration, the least intelligent and the most dwarfish schoolchildren in the entire world? They put Sarasalamaykum in charge of schools because it is in their interest that we have a population of physically and mentally underdeveloped FB-Tiktokers. Bad enough as it is that the children of our regions have been abandoned to Tagalog-dominated television and social media-centric cellphones, you also keep hearing parents talk to the littlest ones in some sort of pidgin English, at best it might be broken Cebuano mixed with many Pinoy Tagalog corruptions.

• BBC World Service   Why speaking more than one language might help you make better decisions. 022224   https://bbc.in/49JkRie
• MANILA BULLETIN   19th Congress seeks to keep Philippine's BPO edge, bill seeks to ban Filipino dubbing of English language films and television programs   mb.com.ph/2024/2/26/to-keep-philippine-s-bpo-edge-bill-seeks-to-ban-filipino-dubbing-of-english-language-films-programs
• unesco.org/en/articles/international-mother-language-day-why-multilingual-education-key-intergenerational-learning

Key words above are Mother Language, Multilingual Ed and Intergeneration. The Spanish thinker has a different view of the world from the Ilocano thinker so it would probably be helpful now and then to switch languages in making evaluations in life. Parent generation to child generation infers the handing down of traits from the older, multilingual education works against that because it dilutes the old with too many others. One is enough. Second language English is best. In school. Don't need third or fourth or more but if ever you really do then just do it on your own. Our Marcos-Cory schools are incompetent anyway.
No one converses anymore in the pure native tongue of the parent to their kids and this is bad because into adulthood this carries on into laughable English and shameful inproficiency in Cebuano. The only exceptions would be the few who are born with language talent, they will manage to become good in either of the two regardless. But you might ask, does the average Cebu kiddo who can instantly blurt spurts of Tagalog lingo possess the requisite linguistic talents for surviving the above multilingual jungle? Do not forget that the greater proportion of the child's daily exposure is to Pinoy Tagalog audio and visual inputs, that's the only reason why.
The Pinoy government started promoting Pilipino in earnest in the 1970s but children absorbed almost nothing because the elementary teachers were capable only of making Pilipino the most detestable subject. The purpose then was to introduce Tagalog as a subject to bridge the pupil into becoming Tagalog in the future. Perversely, the detour they took much later was to make Cebuano the bridge into mutating to Tagalog. The embarassment of academic fiasco remains an embarassment whereupon the path to Tagalog gets redirected once more under VP and secretary Asaramaluykum.

Work on the Wolff dictionary (dila.ph/WCED-complete.pdf) started in 1963, if you have doubts about a Cebuano root word, locate it in its 1,290 pages; for example, no entry for titik therefore titik is a doubtful "word". This is their sample usage for LINTUNGANAY. The original and native Visayan is fast disappearing. Nagkahanaw na karun ang pinulungan nga lintunganayng binisaya.
UNESCO and its mother organization favors the nation-state therefore it promotes the naive version of multilingualism which works to the detriment of the native. Indiscriminate acceptance of multiple languages results in something like saksaksinagol CebTagIng dislodging clarity in your train of thoughts, communication/writing processes get corrupted. They now purport to pass laws that restore English conversational adequacy but AI is set to displace offshore call agents and besides it's all more than 30 years delayed. They mock us because they disrespect us. Once there was an overwhelmingly voted assemblyman who was serious about language that is not Tagalog. Natalio Bacus Bacalso (December 1, 1908 – March 30, 1984).

If you are not satisfied that things aren't bad enough, let the government step in and make it worse. A little heat becomes an overblown problem. Educating children endangers their lives on a comparable level as Mr. China Covid or Ms. Summerheat Climatechange? What do you call someone who finds solutions to problems of society: an intellectual. What do you call someone who seeks to profit from problems of society: government official. They still want us to ignore the fact that remote distance online module learning accomplished nothing and set back pupils by several additional years. We should go back to no work no pay instead of the business as usual of milking the scams they dress as education or public "service". Thank the moronic officials who lockdown the classrooms because the weather is supposedly too hot but do not suspend a single sports event for schoolchildren.

• SunStar Lifestyle sunstar.com.ph   Staying cool is crucial, especially for our furry friends like dogs. The heat is on: How to keep your dogs safe during summer.
Philstar.com   DepEd: Distance learning for public schools on Monday   philstar.com/headline/2024/04/07/2345985
Class suspension due to extreme heat ‘could delay students’ progress’   sunstar.com.ph http://snstr.co/jEP
The Freeman, SunStar Cebu sunstar.com.ph   Several LGUs in Cebu ordered the suspension of face-to-face classes due to intense heat. Classes will continue via online or modular methods on Wednesday April 3 2024 mandating blended learning due to increasing heat...suspends face-to-face classes amid extreme heat
Philippine Star   "Rather than open up our schools to foreign ownership, the Philippine government should be reminded that improving the quality of Philippine education is a state obligation," a teachers' group said.   onenews.ph/articles/teachers-oppose-100-percent-foreign-ownership-of-schools
• Philippine Star   Environment Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga said all structures at the Chocolate Hills will likely be demolished to restore the protected area. https://bitly.ws/3gBg5
• The Freeman 040724   Yogi Felimon Ruiz took his oath as the regional chairman of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s political party, Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) the party's ideology and political positions society that is free of illegal drugs, corruption, crime, insurgency and poverty.
The Kilusang Pagbabago Pilipinas (KPP) national leadership expressed its manifesto of support for Vice President Sara Duterte...provide medical assistance, hospital bill assistance and burial assistance
• MANILA BULLETIN   President Marcos has renewed his commitment for Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Marcos renews commitment in preserving inclusivity, respect for BARMM   mb.com.ph/2024/3/28/marcos-renews-commitment-in-preserving-inclusivity-respect-for-barmm
Philstar.com Philippine Star   Araw ng Kagitingan and Eid'l Fitr.   philstar.com/headlines/2024/04/05/2345344/employers-urged-comply-holiday-pay-rules-ahead-araw-ng-kagitingan-eidl-fitr
Ramadan Mubarak! Today, our brothers and sisters in the community celebrate the start of the holy month of fasting. READ: https://fbook.cc/5Ay2
• BABAE KA. HINDI BABAE LANG. National Women's Month is not only a celebration of the wins and contributions of women to society but a reminder to tackle persisting issues they continue to face and promote efforts toward gender equality and an inclusive community for women. #WomensMonth inquirer.net
"A woman who gives birth to a child without a father…gives birth to an orphaned child"   rferl.org/a/kosovo-ivf-religious-social-conservatives-block-bill/32854191.html
• National Review   Is ‘Long Covid’ Even Real? - Research Says It Might Actually Be In Your Head. This affliction is especially prevalent among those who are prone to anxiety, and observational studies of its manifestations cannot discern post-viral complications.   nationalreview.com/2024/03/is-long-covid-real

How do you know that somebody has stolen something big? For one you can ask experts like Ferdinand Marcos for their monetary opinion or you could personally look mindfully at the background. MCWD is the definitive proof of corruption that is constitutionally institutionalized in the Philippines. In Cebu are trapus of the same political stripe camped against each other fighting for control of the water monopoly. Fattest mayor pitted against the governor and many of the lesser mayors who protect the thieves they helped appoint more than a year ago to the government-owned water monopoly. Thieves who had consistently displayed their visible incompetence in municipal water management therefore making it clear as the blue sky of El Nino that official corruption is the game played by those taking sides for no good reason. And why is the province dealing with mutant subsidiaries of Manila Water to supply a local responsibility, is there a monkey-brained plan to pipe water from La Mesa Dam all the way to us?
(Despite Duterte’s endorsement the support of Garcia and Daluz was critical to secure victory for Rama and the pair did not appear very enthusiastic - sunstar.com.ph/cebu/malilong-into-the-dustbin)   Does this imply water is a signficant source of money the Cebu trapus steal to buy votes?
A fourth party here is the utilities administrator of the national government whose much delayed entry into this money-grabbing squabble of the warring local government factions is motivated by its sloth and laziness. Poor are the local people who have absolutely no say in what to them is a matter of existential concern inasmuch as they also have no clue what to think of this and other issues of government malaise. That last word is a step or two away from unfit, a word that applies to Biden and Trump.
Putting on a covid mask is deranged and so is putting on your Cebuano face a Tagalog mask. Adam Smith told us in Wealth of Nations that the state is not the creator of wealth. But it is more than capable of destroying wealth just as it is liable to cause education to deteriorate continuously. Government should be there to protect business and education, it does the opposite by micromanaging and microcontrolling. But if you are happy to have the corrupt-incompetent do it for you, so be it. Little there is you can do with the great majority who've far too long been brainwashed into accepting and or justifying the rotten government. Been whispered there's this hush-hush gimmick in the localities providing 20 peso rice to select employees and voters while for the rest of us it is 60 per kilo. Who is the reason we have the lousiest economy in SE Asia and the shortest, least intelligent schoolkids? Marcos. He started it all in 1972 and this permanent system remains to keep us down. In this cycle of self-perpetuating evil, election day is the fiesta of buy and sell. Selling your soul to the devil is not the most grievous sin? Anyone who has sold his vote loses the right to talk reform or propose alternatives to corruption, anyone who has bought one vote or traded favors for political advancement should permanently be barred from candidacy. It is beyond repair so where does that leave us? The system has to be incinerated to ashes. Start new, exclude the corrupt beneficiaries and participants of the national socialist oligarchy.

* . * . *

     Virus Scam Ph 22mb pdf full compilation of first blog, 254 pages



a personal statement against the August Tagalog Month
Ramesh Ponnuru of NationalReview wrote on July 17, 2019:
Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens died yesterday. He was a World War II veteran, a public servant, and by all accounts a gentleman. His jurisprudence had many admirers, increasingly liberal ones after his first years on the Court. But not all of his fans are content to leave it there. Slate's obituary says he "fought tirelessly to build an America that lived up to his extraordinarily high standards." If that's really how he saw his job, it's an indictment of him.
You'll have to read that carefully to understand how it can be very, very wrong for a person occupying a high state position toiling with all his might to reshape his country into what fits his personal standards. To adjust the job you have been appointed to in accordance to your subjective personal preferences rather than just be a straightforward professional and adjust to the job in conformity to the job description. In contemporary high jurisprudence this boils down to either being a textualist who sticks to originalist legal meaning or to being an activist who bows down to the loudest social fad.
Institutional standards, community standards, historical standards, all of these were stridently discarded by Hitler, Stalin and Mao then buried by their ideological conceit. Dictators may be "forgiven" for what dictators do but not so in a free country if you are a high justice of the law who uses your bench to twist the written word in the direction of outcomes that conform to your own inclinations. The law is no longer the law. You are the law.
Quezon thought that same way when he treacherously nationalized Tagalog via the 1935 constitution. He decided that making the country Tagalog was for the general good based on nothing else other than his personal opinion, bias and prejudice. I'm certain Marcos honestly believed there was betterment for the country in turning Quezonian Tagalog, all at the same time that he was going to make the Marcos family fabulously rich. Davide is a great constitutionalist according to his many admirers. He's the opposite of that to me because he was a drafter of the worst constitution in the world and every interpretation thereof from him thereafter was consistently an exercise in nationalistic self-validation.
Nationalism is why the August Tagalog Month of Marcos-Aquino persists today and it is also why Duterts had a really, really hard time making up his mind about changing the Cory consti into an entirely new federal fundamental law. You end up being an internally confused person if you take up reformism while remaining nationalist socialist. That is why Teresa May failed because she is a Remainer while Boris Johnson is gonna succeed because he is a Brexiteer. Can't be two opposite things unless your name is Filipino (the Tagalogized schizo version).
Anyway I hope the good jurists who I know exist somewhere out there can excuse me for my criticism but no matter how the fidelity of one's interpretation of the law is to the text and original context, not much good in there if you are in the Philippines interpreting a lousy constitution. One that in the most honest remark ever of the sitting president is toilet paper. Now I know where you were sitting down Sir. Perfect meme concept but I am not an artist. (Do you know what TUNGO sounds like? The Cebuano word for CURSE.)

Origin of Tagalog or the Filipino national subdialect
"Tagalog is a fairly young language, not more than a thousand years old. It belongs to the Central Philippine group, bearing more similarities with languages in the Visayas than those of Luzon [e.g., Ilokano and Kapampangan]. Linguists say the Visayan languages are older than Tagalog, so we can conclude that today's Tagalogs are descended from settlers who originally came from the Visayas. Eventually the settlers' Visayan-based language evolved into Tagalog, new words being coined, others borrowed from the settler's new neighbors, for example the Kapampangan." - Michael Tan on Inquirer 2001, before becoming just another warlock of Tagalogista nationalist wokism

From Dr. Jes B. Tirol to Manuel Lino Faelnar on DILA-fb
"Filipino language, like Esperanto, is an invented language and no particular group of people speaks it. Filipino language is actually a scam."


These depictions of Pampanga and Cebu are instructive as to what may or may not work in protecting ourselves from Tagalog imperialism. dila.ph/pampanga.html and dila.ph/cebu.html



"DO NOT POLLUTE OUR VERNACULAR AND ENGLISH MASSES WITH TAGALOG SONGS" Please have your own message printed on a slip of paper to be dropped with the second collection offering everytime there is a transgression by the priest or choir. Let your parish know you refuse to accept Tagalogization.


Free to download anti-Tagalogista reading materials in pdf format

Hereunder are absolute essentials for the resolute non-Tagalog. Not Filipino is the short name for the DILA book. Himaya employs the kind of sensible translation that does not leave you deprived in the sensory and literary departments, written originally in the Cebuano language as was the Facebook story. The much longer Tribunal was done in English first. Also there is a visual argument for economic and political autonomy for a culturally contiguous Kapampangan nation that has sufficient state powers to protect its language. Or else apocalypse, the kind we were warned about by DILA founder E.Turla in the 1990s.
And stop being shocked into extinction, read Firth's 20-19 compilation, in D I L A is rhyme and reason.

Spell Cebuano - Updated in 2022 to thwart the government's plot to destroy the language of the Cebuano nation.

The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by CabalErn

Highlighted annotations: FAKE federalism in the Duterte constitution

The case for contiguous Kapampangan statehood by Jeronimo Constantina

Diversity Shock - 2019 compilation

DILA Word List

Filipino is NOT Our Language  -  final expanded revised edition

Sample Grade 2 MTB-MLE textbook (Cebuano) from a public school

Himaya  -  a very short story in Cebuano with English translation

Under the World  -  Philippine political perversities compiled

Ang Tawo nga Anaay Nawong  (Man and His Face)

Tribunal  -  the Cebuano novel

  Letter from Archbishop Fernando Capalla published in the 2013 column of Bobit Avila in Star.   messagefromarchbishopcapalla.pdf

  Interview of Tim Harvey by Bobit Avila (September 1, 2014):    Part 1  2  3  4   Youtube 1 hr with ads

45 minute audio podcast Highlights:

  Pampanga television interview of Josie Henson


The Tagalogista scamdemic, a 22 megabyte overview of the deleterious effects of China virus propagation by abusive authorities and false experts in the Philippines.

Switcheroo by constitutional fraudsters Recto and Quezon to estafa the 1935 national language imposition, revisited by Aurelio in an old post to the original DILA.

Pinoy China virus corner - our most exciting new blog in DILA

Possibly the most outstanding non-Tagalog creation of literature in the 20th century - The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by the father of DILA (73 kb pdf)

No, no, no national language
a declaration of defiance by Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino

Welcome to the Hall of anti-Visayan bigotry.  Samples from Tagalog showbiz in mp4 clips.

DILA emerged in 2001 fighting against the conspiracy to make Tagalog the national language that dominates our existence. This is a sampler of Atty. Manny Faelnar's work against the Jacobins of language imperialism.

MultiLingual Philippines pdf documents provided by the consortium.

Venture a deep ideological dive into the dystopia that the Philippine republic is mired in. We have obtained from sandalankatimawan.wordpress.com the SnKReader.pdf to freshen up minds brainfreezed by the establishment's propaganda and fake history. (220 kb pdf)

From friends of DILA to our non-Tagalog audience we preview: the gentleintroductionpol_pillarofliberty.pdf 2022 manuscript. (3 mb pdf)

Ethnic cleansing in the Philippines

The United Nations Convention on Genocide drafted in December 1948 mainly defines the physical means by which governments or rogue militia weed out ethnic or cultural communities. With bullets or bladed weapons, separation of younglings from their elders, we've heard it all before from the news and read it in the history books.  Original in Kapampangan and Cebuano

DILA vocabulary sampler
spreadsheet format wordlist
pdf format wordlist
Old Standard Cebuano

BEFORE THERE WAS DILA, we had philippines.com/ColonialRP to warn us about Tagalog imperialism. And there was Organization for the Recognition and Enrichment of Philippine Ethno-Linguistic Groups a decade plus earlier

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REPEL1                    REPEL2

1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7_ 8_ 9_ 10_ 11_ 12 A few samples taken from the discontinued website A Country of Our Own.  David Martinez on language policy   Example of bad lawmaking

David C. Martinez grades the Philippines an F

(Actually he grades the nationalists C in history, D in logic and F in spelling.) The country that we call Philippines, that fatally flawed, essentially oppressive, historically venal, and imperially centralized construct that has always encouraged its citizens to submit voluntarily to their own exploitation. - from the 2004 book
Why? WHY?

A Country of Our Own
"The best writing on the Philippines I've read in a very long time."—Dr. Michael Ashkenazi, Regents College, London

"Meticulously researched, coherently crafted, passsionately argued."—Carmen Miraflor, Stanford University, California

"Immensely stimulating."—Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, former Sec. of Education, RP

"Like Alexandr Solshenitsyn, David C. Martinez, writing with the grace of a poet, the acumen of a scholar, and the heart of a patriot, offers the reader two rewards—the unembroidered truth and the priceless gift of hope."—Joseph E. Fallon, author, "Deconstructing America"

"Certain to change crippling misconceptions of 'nation' and 'identity.' Destined to radically, justly, and permanently alter the political landscape of the Philippines."—Nilo Sarmiento, formerly of the Society of Jesus

"Courageously irreverent, scrupulously annotated, and richly rewarding. A must-read for all who wish to comprehend the 'Philippine phenomenon'."—Tim Harvey, Co-Founder, DILA [Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago]

"The Religion of Blame” chapter was well received by Postscript readers. They are encouraged to read the entire book of Martinez"—Federico Pascual, Philippine Star columnist