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How the Tagalogista government of the Philippines endangers us


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National Center for non-Tagalog Languages. Not until May 2022 did we come across this anti-nationalist entity that antedates DILA and Org for Recog and Enrichment of Phil Ethno Groups (REPEL). This is their newsletter from 51 years ago (please use this link to view the 200kb image). The call back then was the same one issued by Cabalern in 2001. Non-Tagalogs unite! Against the Tagalog tyranny conceived by Quezon, imposed by Marcos and perpetuated by Cory ad vomituum.


SandalanKatimawan. Search with Duckduck or Ecosia if you haven't been to their site. Prepare to be edified.
  • Tagalog culture and institutions are a cancer spreading
  • a Marcos win exposes that nothing has really changed in 30 years and people would rather go the dictator's son than continue the Liberal Managerial order
  • ideal Tagalog society of soft men content with idle pleasure and bossy women heading the bureaucracy
  • Tagalog word KALAYAAN comes from LAYAW: to spoil the body with pleasure.


When did the Philippine government become the worst government in the world? It abruptly joined the top ten bad governments during the martial law dictatorship of thief Marcos but is now undisputed number one thanks to the martial law scamdemic lockdown of China puppet Duterte. Worst government in the world that also genocides Cebuanos, Kapampangans and the other non-Tagalog language-cultures. Enforcing martial law impositions to coerce their sissy responses to the COVID exported to us by China. None of this is hyperbole, it's all backed by international assessments for pandemic management and for children's physical development and education. Last placer your country has become.

"Give unto Caesar" is the most important passage in the Testament applicable to us non-Tagalogs and every other victim of government abuse. In it Our Lord Jesus Christ did not mean we should submit to State Tyranny but that we should deal with it smartly.
For ultimately it was not about taxes but for His followers to give Him, peaceably, to be executed most inhumanly by the tyrannical authority so that His believers might live on instead of dying in an uneven fight. And proceed through millennia they did, taking over after the inevitable fall of the Roman Empire and blessing the world with Christianity. You give to God by ensuring the survival of good men and women.
The nationalist fascist socialist government of the Philippines is not powerful enough to suppress us if it is not just individual opposers whom it confronts. It does not have sufficient resources for everyone at the same time but gradually China is creeping in to the assistance of Tagalog nationalism. Arming it with drugs and control-surveillance weapons. The unchangeable unitary supercentralized system of Marcos and Cory has always been ideal for holding us down. That is why we have to recognize China as the same threat to us as Tagalog supremacism is, and that they are joining forces.


Filipino national language is   GENOCIDE   is Tagalog national language

There should be no national language for the republic. The constitution should have nothing to say at all in regard to the 170 indigenous languages of the Philippines. If any law or policy continues to exist, then this is indicative of the state's determination to continue killing the non-Tagalog languages. (June 2018)      FILIPINO IS NOT OUR LANGUAGE 2020 ReVISION  or if you got just one hour, get the 17-page X-rated edition

Linguistic genocide is a specific form of genocide condemned by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The Convention's definition includes "the elimination of people by death," meant strictly as such but also encompassing other acts but not limited to "(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, and (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

YouTube was forced by ABS-CBN to remove this video clip demonstrating Tagalog bigotry against Visayans. For eight years until 2017, over 43,000 viewers had been counted. Sakal clip 9mb video file


an excerpt

Kapampangan language flourished when its people were dissidents, by Marlen Ronquillo - August 25, 2021
The full flowering of the Kapampangan language covered the exact time, a long stretch of history, that the Kampampangans, the people, were at the forefront of organized dissent. By the time the young Kapampangans opted out of roles in the protest movements, deciding they would be better off being basketball stars, models, performing artists and movie actors, the fate of a once flourishing language was sealed - into one stripped of power, vigor and life. And sadly, heading the way of the near-extinct.


It is obligatory to say something about the Tagalog National Language of the "republic" of the Philippines every August. As lifted from elsewhere...

The Shaman of Kidapawan
July 13, 2020 on facebook
The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino is a Tagalog Fascist institution which perpetuates the lie that the national language is not Tagalog. It uses taxpayers' money to facilitate the death of all other languages in these islands. To mask its Tagalog Fascism and linguistic genocide, it comes up with tokenist projects that don't really do anything, and includes sinecure seats on its commission, ostensibly to represent the other languages. If I were in the shoes of Filipinos, I would abolish the KWF altogether, remove this oppressive national language policy.

V M Apostol
July 2020 on facebook
It may be somewhat of a surprise to most of you, especially considering that I am a cultural advocate, researcher, and writer, but I don't hold any pride in being called a "Filipino." If someone asks about my ethnicity, I tell them that my ethnolinguistic roots are ILUKO Austronesian from Northern Luzon.
Excuse me, did I say Asian? No!


a personal statement against the August Tagalog Month

Ramesh Ponnuru of NationalReview wrote on July 17, 2019:
Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens died yesterday. He was a World War II veteran, a public servant, and by all accounts a gentleman. His jurisprudence had many admirers, increasingly liberal ones after his first years on the Court. But not all of his fans are content to leave it there. Slate's obituary says he "fought tirelessly to build an America that lived up to his extraordinarily high standards." If that's really how he saw his job, it's an indictment of him.
You'll have to read that carefully to understand how it can be very, very wrong for a person occupying a high state position toiling with all his might to reshape his country into what fits his personal standards. To adjust the job you have been appointed to in accordance to your subjective personal preferences rather than just be a straightforward professional and adjust to the job in conformity to the job description. In contemporary high jurisprudence this boils down to being a textualist who sticks to originalist legal meaning or to being an activist who bows down to the loudest social fad.
Institutional standards, community standards, historical standards, all of these were stridently discarded by Hitler, Stalin and Mao then buried by their ideological conceit. Dictators may be "forgiven" for what dictators do but not so in a free country if you are a high justice of the law who uses your bench to twist the written word in the direction of outcomes that conform to your own inclinations. The law is no longer the law. You are the law.
Quezon thought that same way when he treacherously nationalized Tagalog via the 1935 constitution. He decided that making the country Tagalog was for the general good based on nothing else other than his personal opinion, bias and prejudice. I'm certain Marcos honestly believed there was betterment for the country in turning Quezonian Tagalog, all at the same time that he was going to make the Marcos family fabulously rich. Davide is a great constitutionalist according to his many admirers. He's the opposite of that to me because he was a drafter of the worst constitution in the world and every interpretation thereof from him thereafter was consistently an exercise in nationalistic self-validation.
Nationalism is why the August Tagalog Month of Marcos-Aquino persists today and it is also why Duterts had a really, really hard time making up his mind about changing the Cory consti into an entirely new federal fundamental law. You end up being an internally confused person if you take up reformism while remaining nationalist socialist. That is why Teresa May failed because she is a Remainer while Boris Johnson is gonna succeed because he is a Brexiteer. Can't be two opposite things unless your name is Filipino (the Tagalogized schizo version).
Anyway I hope the good jurists who I know exist somewhere out there can excuse me for my criticism but no matter how the fidelity of one's interpretation of the law is to the text and original context, not much good in there if you are in the Philippines interpreting a lousy constitution. One that in the most honest remark ever of the sitting president is toilet paper. Now I know where you were sitting down Sir. Perfect meme concept but I am not an artist. (Do you know what TUNGO sounds like? The Cebuano word for CURSE.)


Origin of Tagalog or the Filipino national subdialect
"Tagalog is a fairly young language, not more than a thousand years old. It belongs to the Central Philippine group, bearing more similarities with languages in the Visayas than those of Luzon [e.g., Ilokano and Kapampangan]. Linguists say the Visayan languages are older than Tagalog, so we can conlcude that today's Tagalogs are descended from settlers who originally came from the Visayas. Eventually the settlers' Visayan-based language evolved into Tagalog, new words being coined, others borrowed from the settler's new neighbors, for example the Kapampangan." - Michael Tan on Inquirer 2001, before becoming just another warlock of Tagalogista nationalist wokism


These depictions of Pampanga and Cebu are instructive as to what may or may not work in protecting ourselves from Tagalog imperialism. and




"DO NOT POLLUTE OUR VERNACULAR AND ENGLISH MASSES WITH TAGALOG SONGS" Please have your own message printed on a slip of paper to be dropped with the second collection offering everytime there is a transgression by the priest or choir. Let your parish know you refuse to accept Tagalogization.


Free to download anti-Tagalogista reading materials in pdf format

Hereunder are absolute essentials for the resolute non-Tagalog. Not Filipino is the short name for the DILA book. Himaya employs the kind of sensible translation that does not leave you deprived in the sensory and literary departments, written originally in the Cebuano language as was the Facebook story. The much longer Tribunal was done in English first. Also there is a visual argument for economic and political autonomy for a culturally contiguous Kapampangan nation that has sufficient state powers to protect its language. Or else apocalypse. And stop being shocked into extinction, read Firth's 2019 compilation. In DILA is rhyme and reason.

Spell Cebuano - Updated in 2022 to thwart the government's plot to destroy the language of the Cebuano nation.

The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by CabalErn

Highlighted annotations: FAKE federalism in the Duterte constitution

The case for contiguous Kapampangan statehood by Jeronimo Constantina

Diversity Shock - 2019 compilation

DILA Word List

Filipino is NOT Our Language  -  2014 expanded edition

Sample Grade 2 MTB-MLE textbook (Cebuano) from a public school

Himaya  -  a very short story in Cebuano with English translation

Under the World  -  Philippine political perversities compiled

Ang Tawo nga Anaay Nawong  (Man and His Face)

Tribunal  -  the Cebuano novel abridged


Interview of Tim Harvey by Bobit Avila (September 1, 2014):    Part 1  2  3  4   Youtube 1 hr with ads

45 minute audio podcast Highlights:


Pampanga television interview of Josie Henson


Pinoy China virus corner - our most exciting new blog in DILA

Possibly the most outstanding non-Tagalog creation of literature in the 20th century - The Last Kapampangans on Earth - by the father of DILA (73 kb pdf)

No, no, no national language
a declaration of defiance by Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino

Venture a deep ideological dive into the dystopia that the Philippine republic is mired in. We have obtained from the SnKReader.pdf to freshen up minds brainfreezed by the establishment's propaganda and fake history. (220 kb pdf)

From friends of DILA to our non-Tagalog audience we preview: the gentleintroductionpol_pillarofliberty.pdf 2022 manuscript. (3 mb pdf)

DILA emerged in 2001 fighting against the conspiracy to make Tagalog the national language that dominates our existence. This is a sampler of Atty. Manny Faelnar's work against the Jacobins of language imperialism.

MultiLingual Philippines pdf documents provided by the consortium.

Ethnic cleansing in the Philippines

The United Nations Convention on Genocide drafted in December 1948 mainly defines the physical means by which governments or rogue militia weed out ethnic or cultural communities. With bullets or bladed weapons, separation of younglings from their elders, we've heard it all before from the news and read it in the history books.  Original in Kapampangan and Cebuano

DILA vocabulary sampler
spreadsheet format wordlist
pdf format wordlist
Old Standard Cebuano

BEFORE THERE WAS DILA, we had to warn us about Tagalog imperialism. And there was Organization for the Recognition and Enrichment of Philippine Ethno-Linguistic Groups a decade plus earlier

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REPEL1                    REPEL2

1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7_ 8_ 9_ 10_ 11_ 12 A few samples taken from the discontinued website A Country of Our Own.  David Martinez on language policy Example of bad lawmaking

David C. Martinez grades the Philippines an F

(Actually he grades the nationalists C in history, D in logic and F in spelling.) The country that we call Philippines, that fatally flawed, essentially oppressive, historically venal, and imperially centralized construct that has always encouraged its citizens to submit voluntarily to their own exploitation. - from the 2004 book
Why? WHY?

A Country of Our Own
"The best writing on the Philippines I've read in a very long time."—Dr. Michael Ashkenazi, Regents College, London

"Meticulously researched, coherently crafted, passsionately argued."—Carmen Miraflor, Stanford University, California

"Immensely stimulating."—Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, former Sec. of Education, RP

"Like Alexandr Solshenitsyn, David C. Martinez, writing with the grace of a poet, the acumen of a scholar, and the heart of a patriot, offers the reader two rewards—the unembroidered truth and the priceless gift of hope."—Joseph E. Fallon, author, "Deconstructing America"

"Certain to change crippling misconceptions of 'nation' and 'identity.' Destined to radically, justly, and permanently alter the political landscape of the Philippines."—Nilo Sarmiento, formerly of the Society of Jesus

"Courageously irreverent, scrupulously annotated, and richly rewarding. A must-read for all who wish to comprehend the 'Philippine phenomenon'."—Tim Harvey, Co-Founder, DILA [Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago]

"The Religion of Blame” chapter was well received by Postscript readers. They are encouraged to read the entire book of Martinez"—Federico Pascual, Philippine Star columnist